The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 05, 1908, Image 5

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Moncybak Silks. Cogues.
Norton's always the largest, best and
M. C. Beaumont of Hcmingford is
in Alliance today.
A number one, second-hand bicycle
for sale cheap. G. C. Jeffers.
Mrs. Ella Haines is in from her
ranch in the west part of the county.
Fred Abley and son, Emery, of Non
pareil precinct were in the city yester
day. The next meeting of the Daughters
of Isabella w ill be Wednesday evening,
Nov. nth.
Chas. Wallace of the Times force
went to his home in Sioux county to
cast his vote.
Mrs. R. G. Holden and Miss Mary
Regan returned this morning from a
trip to Chicago.
Miss Mary Basse left Saturday morn
ing for Sidney, where she will begin a
six months term of school.
Bert Carr and D. W. Butler came
home last Sunday from Hcmingford to
visit with relatives and friends.
E. L. Baschky is a new fireman em
ployed ou the Burlington, arriving here
Sunday from his home at Crawford.
Good specialties between acts at the
Ruth Craven Co. at opera bouse three
nights starting Thursday, Nov. iath.
Miss Ruth Craven in a fine repertoire
of plays at Phelan opera house three
nights starting Thursday, Nov. 12th.
Everett Eldred and Mrs. Belle Bren
an came up from Orlando yesterday
and are guests at the Newberry home.
R. J. Westover of Hyannis is in the
city today on business. He is a broth
er to Congressman-elect W. H. West
over. Adolph Nikont and Jos. Moeller,
well known stockmen of Laun pre
cinct, are in Alliance today .on busi
ness. Mrs. J. W. Reed will entertain the
Cheese and Cracker club thi3 after
noon in honor of her mother, Mrs. M.
Frank Lenahan came up from Al
liance Sunday for a visit with relatives
and friends in this city. Crawford
Mrs. Isaac Rockcy and Mrs, E. M.
Sniijer and little daughter of Heming
ford were shopping with our merchants
Harry Ketchum, formerly an em
ploye at the Times office at this place,
came down from Crawford Sunday and
spent the day with friends.
John Pedersen, the cement sidewalk
manufacturer, expects to leave in a
day or two for Omaha, where he will
spend the next two months.
Mrs. John Brennan and little daugh
ter, Margaret, left Sunday afternoon
for St. Paul, Minn,, where they will
visit for a couple of weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cunningham
are occupying the rooms of the M c
Whinney block since the removal of
Mr. Hill of the Star store.
Capt. W. H. Corbin arrived from
Excelsior Springs last Sunday morning
and of course was on hand to rejoice
over the election of Mr. Taft.
Mrs. Winnie Boals, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. Zehrung,
returned to her home at Springfield,
Mo., the latter part of last week.
Miss Pearl Copsey has resigned her
position as bookkeeper at the W, W.
Norton store and accepted a like posi
tion with an establishment at Lincoln.
Having decided to return east on
account of my wife's physical condi
tion, all of our household effect are
offered for sale at a bargain. Rev. G.
C. Jeffers.
Miss Eliza Spearman, who is one of
the "hello" girls at Crawford, arrived
here on 42 Sunday morning and visited
until Monday with her friend, Miss
Ida Posvar.
A baby girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. P. H. Barber last Monday night
and the little one was christened Mable
Bryan in honor of the democratic
The talented actress, Ruth Craven,
well known to the theatre going public
of this city, will open a three nights
. engagement at the Phelan opera house
Thursday, Nov. 12th.
Miss Ruth Craven will open her en
gagement in this city with a beautiful
four act comedy drama, "Bess of Ida
bo," a play abounding with good come
dy and heart interest.
Messrs. Gray and Guthrie will leave
Monday for Denver to attend a con
vention of Equitable Life agents call
ed to meet at that place. Paul Morton
and other high officials will be present
and the inviting of both Messrs. Gray
and Guthrie from here shows a good
business for the Equitable.
The Herald haB devoted much space
to political matter during the catnpaigu
but after this week the usual attention
will be given to local and general news.
Messrs. W, G. Comstock, C. C.
Jameson, C. A. Newberry and C. O.
Aspcnwall visited Rushvillc Monday.
The trip was made in nine hours with
an International auto.
Judge Bullock was interrupted long
enough csterday from rejoicing over
Taft's election to unite in marriage Al
bert Jensen and Miss Nettie Smith,
both of Whitman.
Walter Kent was in the city last
Monday from Long Lake. Mrs. Kent
is now at Hay Springs aud gradually
recovering since her return from St.
Joseph's hospital in Omaha.
A ride over the Briggs-Patutore
ranches and" a dance were indulged in
by Mrs. Jerry Rowan and Mrs. Roy
Beckwith last week. The ladies joined
the round-up outfit and enjoyed the
strenuous outing greatly.
The hunting season still continues
good and among those who recently
enjoyed a campaign against the web
footed birds were Dick Allen, Chas.
Tillet and Roy Beckwith, who return
ed Sunday from tho Avery ranch.
Rev. Anderson will preach in the M.
E. church at n a.m., the pastor being
absent. In the evening the subject
will be "Man vs. Environment." All
the services of this church are open to
the general public and a cordial wel
come waits you.
It is rather chilly for some of the
three-to-one betters on general results,
but the republicans who saw victory in
Nebraska and Box Butte county be
fore the 'ballots were counted are
mourning more than their misguided
democratic brethren.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bogue enter
tained the store force at their home on
Cheyenne avenue Thursday evening at
dinner. The ones present were Misses
Eaton, Baker and Bowles of the first
floor and Misses Roberts, Cox aud
Chapman of the second floor.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Broome re
turned Monday from their visit at Om
aha and Des Moines. They were ac
companied home by Mrs. James
Newell, of Omaha, who is visiting
Alliance friends this week; also by
Miss Annette Eidndge, a cousin of
Mr. Broome, who will be their guest a
few days bctore going to California,
where she will spend the w inter.
Sunday at the Baptist-church, G. C.
Jeffers, pastor. Sunday School at 10
o'clock. The morning sermon will be
a farewell discourse to the church.
Young people's meeting at 6:30, sub
ject for discussion, "Commending Our
Society by Missionary and Evangelis
tic Zeal" and the meeting will be led
by Miss Lillian Brown. Subject of
the evening service will be "The Lord's
Benefits." Midweek prayer service
Thursday evening. A welcome to all
services, ji.
Wanted Private board and room or
rooms for light housekeeping. Inquire
at Herald office. iw
Piano tuning and repairing, phone
Dorothy Dodd Shoes, Bogue's.
Handsome rugs at city prices at
Wanted to buy small house in north
or west part of Alliance. Inquire at
The Heiald office.
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
Previously acknowledged $13,315.00
P.J.Nolan 50.00
II. F. Carey t 25.00
F, D. Cody 15.00
H. H, Uellwood..., 74.00
T. Ktlleen 5.00
A. Hill, Sr 5.00
M, Brennan... ,. 25.00
Total $13,515 00
G, G. Gadsbi
T. J. Threlkeld
Funeral Directors
and Embalmers,.
P. Clatterbuck has two autos to trade
for land.
Marshal Gooch ot Crawford was down
for a duck hunt last week.
James Grey, one of the solid republi
cans of Alliance, was in town Tuesday
Fred Vargason ot Hazteton, Iowa is at
B. H. Miller's cutting wood for sale.
George Gregg and family have moved
into the upstairs rooms at Grid joralemon's.
C. H, Richey cought the building fever
and erected a commodious new hen house.
B: H. Moore of 33 ranoh had teams
drawing his winter supply of coal last
Lee Gregory and family have moved to
Belmont Mr. Gregory will engage in
railroad work again,
T, E. Hunsaker has moved his family
to town and occupy rooms in the Jorale
mon house near the track.
Mrs. Bellomy and daughters accompan
ied Mrs Kennedy and Miss Nation to Al
liance on Saturday, returning Sunday
Burt Richardson and W. H. Thomas
came up from Alliance on Monday, the
former to visit his family, the latter on
Fred Tollman and family of Belmont
were down to visit relatives Wednesday
and to show the new boy that arrived at
their house recently.
Mrs. Clatterbuck, mother of our real es
tate man, who has been visiting here for
three weeks, returned co her home at
Council Bluffs, Iowa Friday.
E. T. Gregg's children have moved to
the house near town to be more conven
ient to school. The icing cook has ar
rived and is at present cooking for the
Ed. James, of Hamburg, Iowa, whoso
family, has been here for some time visit
ing at the Tollman homes, came out to ac
company them home. They left on 44
election day.
A. A. Mailey, of Pawnee county, Nebr.,
was side tracked here last week with a car
load of apples. Another car was also on
the track at the depot, accompanied by a
gentleman from Richardson county, whose
name we did not learn
The school board in the Trussed dis
trict unloaded a car of lumbar last week,
which they purchased of Geo. Adams of
Crawford. They will begin the erection
of a school house at once.
E. T. Gregg has been hauling lumber
from the Wentz sawmill with which to
ereot a large and roomy bunk house for
his ice men. There will be rooms for
forty men and a large sitting room.
"Silent as Clams" is the head line to a
little editorial paragraph which appeared
in last week's issue of The Herald atfd
which was directed to The Times editor
and the writer of Marsland items. We
feel sure that The Times man is able to
speak for himself, and as for the writer we
will say that early in life we were taught
to reverence and respect grey hairs and
bald heads, (no personalities intended in
either clause, Mr. Editor,) and further
more we feel sure that we voice the opin
ion of many when we say that our friend,
Capt. Akers, shows to much better advan
tage in his lecture "To the Holy City"
than he does in open campaign letters.
The Heratd seems to have a fondness for
reproaching letters, for the years ana not
so far removed that its readers have for
gotten the nauseating ''Pilkington" letters
whose vituperations were hurled at this
same Capt. Akers, who was then running
on the city ticket for mayor of Alliance
with a pronounced temperance platform.
We try, always, to give praise where
praise is due, but reserve the right to
keep "silent as clams" when we choose to
do so.
The largest number of votes were polled
since the first year of this polling place.
Election in this place passed off quietly,
only a small amount of "lithiawater' be
ing in evidence.
John Sullenberger left Wednesday for
Chadron carrying the ballots which help
to decide the destiny of many.
Precinct officers elected were. L. Snow,
justice of the peace, F. R. Bellamy, con
stable and N. G. Poole, road overseer.
James Butler, Albert Parmer and Thos.
Lyttle, all octagenarians, were in to cast
their ballots according to the dictates of
their conscience. Mr. Palmer has voted
at fifteen presidential elections and missed
Father Butter came down from the ex
treme west end to cast a straight demo
cratic ticket, with the exception of con
gressman. He said he was here to vote
for "that man Kinkaid " Father Butler
must have missed getting that copy of the
Heratd which contained the Akers letter.
The republican ticket carried with the
exception of county attorney. The demo
crats rallied nobly to the support of their
candidate, young Edwin Crites of Chad
ron, and it is said they even influenced
some republicans to vote for him, and as a
consequence he ran far ahead of his
ticket. www.
Don't buy your rugs until you see
Bogue's line.
Wooltex garments. Bogue's.
Wanted, Stock to Winter.
Wanted, 150 to 200 head of cattle or
horses to winter at my place, oj miles
northeast of Alliance. Plenty of feed
UUU ttlCl ill ! UAMlUbl,. 44-UtT
rB 1 1
e9 EizB
KsB CM t
5j3 ' '' " ' 1
f&lf h I
SkA f O
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Try Pardy's Cottage Bread.
See F. E. Reddish for loans on real
estate. www. 27'ff
Go to Pardy's Bakery for your Pies
and Cakes. .,xwwww.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk
Pardy's Bakery is 114 West Montana
street. ,
If you want to rent a
house, flat, store, or barn,
see S. . niller. He has
them. 30-tf.
For Tfccnt A .large' east front room,
close in. Inquire at Herald office.
Wanted Auyone having a car or
more of potatoes to sell, write us best
prices; smooth, screened, matured
stock. Johnson Bros., Nebraska City,
Neb. J
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that no hunt
ing will be allowed on premises of the
undersigned near Reno.
J. C. Berry,
fp Sept. i7-8w W. G. Wilson.
Far Sad
Two story dwelling, eight rooms,
with furniture. Corner Niobraria and
Dakota street. Apply to F. B. Dismer.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that no hunt
ing will be allowed on the premises of
the undersigned.
p. H. Briggs,
Mrs. M. H.Patmore
No one allowed on premises with gun
and dog on all land owned and con
trolled by undersigned.
T. L. Briggs,
W. H. Brick.
Mason fruit jars, too cheap for com
fort. ScRinNER, phono 519. 42. tf.
HOUSE FOR SALE Ou Yellowstone
Ave., six rooms. Price, 51300. Call
on Geo. Pauley. 4W
Furnished rooms for rent at 404
Wyoming avenue, or phone 205.
Complaint having been made that
railroad crossings have been obstructed
by trains for an unreasonable time, in
some instances for one hour, trainmen
and switchmen are hereby notified that
henceforth when crossings are closed
for more than ten minutes and com
plaint is hied, those responsible for
such obstruction shall be arrested and
srosecuted. The law is that crossings
shall not be obstructed for more than
ten minutes on public highways.
County Commissioner
Wanted to Winter 300 to 400 cat
tle, plenty of hay and range. D. W.
Albright, Keuotni, Sheridan Co., Neb.,
or Hall & Graham, Alliance.
Tell Us About It.
This paper can glvo all the local
rows only as our friends lend us their
co-operation. If anyone visits you, it
you contemplate leaving town, It you
tee or hear or do anything out ot the
ordinary day's routine, tell us about
J It, that we may tell the public.
Stallion sale
The undersigned will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder at Smith's Jivery barn in
Alliance, Nebraska
Thursday, November 19
AT 2 P. M.
One of the best.stailions ever brought to western
Nebraska. He was shipped here with the inten
tions of selling to a stock company but after
climating a year we have decided to give every
body a show at public'auction : . : : :
Registration fio. 5577 '
This horse is one of the world's famous Shire breeders, bred by
Bilbo & Wilson, of Creston, Iowa, sired bv Clinton No. 1016-5890
and his dam is Creston Daisy, No. 4480, both imported animals.
Major has passed the examination of the Iowa Department af Agri
culture. He also received first premium at the 1907 Southwestern
Iowa Fair Association.
Major is a handsome dark bay, six years old, and weighs
1700 lbs. We guarantee him sound in every respect and
a sure breeder. Gan be seen at Smith's barn in Allia'nce
one week before sale : : : : : : ; : : :
Come and look at a good horse for once,
whether you want to buy or not.
HpfctttlC Nine months' time, 10 per cent. ; 5 per
I CFITl. cent. off for cash.
C. L. DRAKE, Auctioneer.