The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 17, 1908, Image 8

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Alumni Graduates
Meet and Feast
The annual meeting of the Alliance
high school almnni association took
place At the Drako hotel last Friday
evening and nhout thirty-five member
participated. This was the organic
Uod's first meeting, hut it is safe to
predict that it will not be its last. The
occasion was one that appealed to the
heart of each member, for it must be
said that in all this life there are no
days looked back to with the sensu of
genuine, unalloyed pleasure as those of
our school years. Thev seem to be
the sweet periods in life's journey.
Supt. D. V. Hayes, ot the city school,
presided as toastinaster and lie as
suihcd his position with the same inter
est that ho takes in all matters pei
taming to education.
Following is the program as pre
sented. The Alliance High School
(hi A It Was Mrs.CC. Harkor. W
it.iAn.niB I. Vincent Taylor,
(c) It's Future Alice AoIkmou, 'Oi
Urvelltigs Kroml,iirmma...Halpli II. Smith, 'W
TIhw Wlm Pell by tlio Wuyslde. .............
In),. IC. llewltl, OS
Tho Alumni AmooIaUou , ............
, Howard JnineKun, 01
Tii Duties of Our MomlxTM ..Karl .Mnllory. 'OH
The banquet was an elaborate affair
and the menu embraced all the good
things one could wish.
The association held a business meet
ing prior to the banquet and among
other matters voted an appropriation
of f 50 for the benefit of the gymnasium
of the Alliance high school.
Sanford Dodge in
Goethe's Master Drama
The universal dramatic favorite, Mr.
Sanford Dodge, and a remarkably tal
ented compauy will play an engage
ment in this city of Goethe's "Faust."
This is Mr. Dodge's tenth annual tour
during which time he has produced all
of the popular Shakespearean, classic
and romantic dramatic masterpieces.
He is one of the. few actors now living
whose aim is to keep and maintain the
best traditions of the stage by pro
ducing only such plays as improve and
enohle those who see them presented
rather than demoralize and degrade,
in other words, the influence
Dodge's dramatic work has been al
ways for good rather than evil and for
this reason he should he supported bv
those who desire to see the stage up
lifted and elevated, rather than de
graded. Mr. Dodge and his excellent com
pany will appear at the Phelan opera
house on Wednesday evening, Sept.
23, See ad elsewhere.
have the citv vacate Railroad street as
a thoroughfare from Toluca avenue
west to the county road. The proposi
tion was thoroughly discussed by many
present and on standing vole the same
granted, the company desiring to make
extensive track improvements in the
yard and surrounding the fine new de
pot. It waB necessary that the com
pany have this tract of laud and hence
the same was given over to their use.
Other questions were discussed and a
resolution passed asking the county
commissioners to confer with the rail
road officiate regarding a suitable cross
ing over or under the tracks west of
town, something like the one at the
east end of the citv. This will provide
ample roadway over the railway tracks
and very likely do away with further
perplexities in this respect.
Debs will Visit
Alliance Tomorrow.
illinsc of Jas. Keith
At Bridgeport
A special dispatch today states that
Eugene V. Dobs, socialistic candidate
for president, will arrive in the city
some time tomorrow in his red special
from his trip to the coast und his train
will be transferred to the Denver branch
on his way to that city and eastern
points, The exact hour oi the arrival
of the special is as yet not known hut
it is stated that Debs will make a short
talk here,
Graybill & Chopin
Purchase Restaurant.
The Star restaurant, which has been
conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip
Nohe, who came to this city from Col
orado Springs several months ago, has
been purchased by Messrs. Graybill
and Chopin from Mr. Nohe, who will
devote his time to conducting a bakery.
The- gentlemen who have assumed
charge of the Star arc excellent busi
ness men familiar with the restaurant
business and will, no doubt, sustain
the high standard created for the place
bv Mr. and Mrs. Nohe.
High School to
Open Monday.
Request of Burlington
Granted by City Council
The special meeting of the citizens
of Alliance together with the citv
council and commercial club was held
at the council chambers of the city hall
last Friday night to consider the ie
quest of the Burlington railroad to
The new high school will open next
r - ' niunuuy mm 11 is uusiicu unit muse
OI iMr. "
' who intoiui to enter snail euron at ine
I beginning of the term. While the
building is not yet completed, tempor
ary stairways are being arranged and
I me worn win lie piibiieu so nun me
structure will be finished in a short
time. rwwwww
y IIKI-OUTIill 11V
$ A. I". IJAMUUMJi:, lloiiiletl Abstracter
Harold B. Miller et al to Daniel W.
Hayes w'i of sw1 of 6-26-49, ?Soo.
Edwin G. Kirk to Wesley J. Fickey
lots 3-4, c)i of sw'4 of 30-25-50, ?i
and val.
Equitable Land Co. to Mary John
son s.)i of nw'i of 13 and s'A of neJi
of 14-25-50, Si and val.
Jacob L. Hotaling to John Walbrecht
nw'4 of 2-25-48, ?220o.
Win, F, Black, to Bessie E. Ashley
lot 4, hlk 6, orig town of Alliance, St.
, Thoroare many conflicting reports re-
garding the unfortunate killing of las.
Keith by M. H. Hagerty at Bridgeport
last Thursday afternoon and as The
Herald is not familiar with the circum
stances, we produce the following from
the Bridgeport News-Blade, which is
probably as nearly correct as any. j
Bridgeport is the only town in the val
ley that has saloons and residents of j
that locality predict that they will not j
be licensed there another year. '
''The shooting and killing of Jas. Keith
by M. H. Hagerty on Thursday afternoon
had the effect of marring the pleasure of
what promised to he the most enjoyahe
day of the reunion, and another blot has
been placed upon the fair name of this
enterprising little city.
The News-Blade will refrain from com
menting on the tragedy at this time, con
tending itself to give the facts in the case
as learned from eye-wituesses. Mr. Hag
erty is under arrest and will be placed on
trial for his life. Whatever justification
there may he for the crime will be brought
out at the trial and we believe it is not the
mission of a newspaper to attempt to in
cite prejudice at a time like this.
From Mr. J. L. McFerron, who had
just arrived in town a few moments before
the trngedy, and who was an eye-witness
to the sliooting, we learn the facts here
given. Mr. McFerron and his son had
driven up to J. W. Lee's livery barn and
were unhitching their team when their at
tention was attrrcted by a noise inside the
barn. It proved that Mr. Keith, who was
under the influence of liquor, was having
Mr. Hagerty's horse Intellect up, and
when he got into the buggy the animal
plunged and reared. It was caught by
by-standers before it had proceeded more
than a couple of rods, when the occupant
of the vehicle jumped out and caught hold
of the animal's bit. Mike Hagerty came
out of his saloon and ordered Keith to let
go of the horse. A few words followed
and Keilh struck at Hagerty over the
Thereupon Hagerty turned and walked
hack into the saloon, returning in a mom
ent with a revolver. He walked around
to where Keith was standing and when
within about six feet of him, pointed the
weapon toward Keith, who still clung to
the horsei and again commanded him to
let go. Once again he repeated the com
mand, and as the drunken man, whether
from bravado or fright, failed to loosen his
hold, Hagerty fired.
The bullet entered the victim's abdo
man at the left side, passing through the
lower bowels and out at the right side.
Keith dropped in his tracks, and lay there
on the street until the arrival of Dr. Pal
mer. The doctor made an examination df
the wound, and realized at once that
nothing could be done for the wounded
man. In fact Keith was breathing his
last when Dr. Palmer reached him, and in
I about thirty minutes after the shooting.
the heart had ceased to beat, and the
spirit of James Keith had returned to the
God who gave it. It wus a solemn mom
ment and the crowd of men, who had been
attracted by the news of the shooting,
stood silent and awe-stricken in the pres
ence of death,
Mr. Hagerty, who had returned to his
saloon, was placed under arrest by Mar
shal J. W. Lee, who started at once for
Sidney with his prisoner. Shortly after
ward the village hoard held a hasty meet
ing and revoked Hagerty' license, and
Bridgeport now has two saloons instead of
Appropriate Clothes
In making this announcement of the fact that our Fall Stock
of Men's Clothes is now complete and ready for your in
spection, we feel confident that we have a showing of the
finest ready-to-wear clothing made in America today. In
making the selections for this department we have spent
ample time and made a diligent study of the many features
which combine to make the finest appearing, best fitting,
best tailored and best wearing Men's Clothes that money will
buy, and at a price withm the reach or
every man. '
When you come to this store you get the
style, color and pattern appropriate for you.
We make it a point to know how to do this;
use our fund of experience and clothes know
ledge to make clothes add to your presence
and appearance.
"w,a YOU'LL find the fityou like in these hand;
tailored suits at
15, 1S SLiad $20
There are so many of them, so many variations
of style and model, that it's easy to match your
taste and please you perfectly. The prices
will fit best of all, especially after you see the
quality, smartness and tone.
EXCEPTIONAL value finds expression also
in the magnificent styles at
$22,50, 325, 27-50 and $30
There is not another such stock of fine suits
to be found in town. Soft weave worsteds or soft twist worsteds
1 weeds and cheviots, in the new Zebra Stripes, Sages and Smoke
See this exceptional showing of Men's Clothes
f'M 3
l a' if? I i22i'2-S)!Swa
ni lIPxCLflll I 11 Hlv l
A Westerner's Letter to Tagg Bros.
Those who know Mr,
Hagerty best can
We've poked iinmml from town to town
To sell our stock to .tunes ami Brown,
Ami wore our clothes ulmoKt to r.ig.
Until wi -old our stuff through Tagg-.
Now. wife I, we iliil oifr lx-t
Aim worked n- hunt us all the rt.
Hut j't no price for steers or stags
until we -old our stuff through Tugg-.
Wh got tut lung before 'twas lny
not believe he ever intended to shoot his 1 -- feed the -took and make thu Imy,
friend. They insist that the weapon must
have been discharged accidently or that in
the excitement he pulled the trigger with
out realizing -what he was doing. Both
men were regarded as peaceful citizens
when sober, and it is safe to say nobody
regrets the death of James Keith more
than the man, who in a moment of passion
or excitement, fired the fatal shot."
Cattle For Sale 1 have twenty-eight
head of mixed cattle, cows, heifers,
steers, calves and one Durham hull for
sale. W. A. Spiinger, Residence one
mile southwest of Herea.
Protect your couch
Cash Cut Price Sale
Begins Wednesday and lasts balance of the week
Hut every deal was full of -nags
Until we sold our -tulT through Tuggs.
Wtj'rw In thl- game now thirty years
Qt fuelling I log- and sheep und steers,
Hut did no good-It Is my brags
Until wo -old our -mil through Tuggs.
Now Arthur Tagg will -ell you rows,
Anil William Tagg will deal jour -ows.
While Harry Tagg on thu steers will brag.
Pay, why not sell your .-lull' through Tagger
You'd get a ileal iliut't -quart- awl right
And eiery cent that i- In sight;
Ami you will Mini thivc are not gags
If you will ull jour stuff through Taggs.
It ou're through working foryour health,
And waul to gain a littlo weullh
To till your empty money bug.
You've got to st-ll your stuff through Tng.
1'or folks art henrlng nil around
Some Joyous Mil ier' vocal sound,
Which eehoe- Itaek from rock toorag-:
"Hurrah: I've sold my sliilT-th rough Taggs.
- II. O. Wilson, Alusworth, Nchr.
Hev. Geo. . Schmidt, the German
Lutheran church pastor, shipped his
I household goods to New Windsor.Colo.,
I where he has assumed the pastorate of
a church. Rev. Schmidt is a capable
young man and we regret to see him
j leave our city.
will have a
Horses, Cattle, Farm
Machinery, Buggies,
Wagons, and many other things
A I ornro Qtnok and Prottv Pattornc.Cnmo Ufochahlo Pnunrc
n ...Bu utUU u ..oiv, .u,o wu.uu u,u uuwo.o
Prices range $1.35 and
on up
Watch this
Space for
everv week
The Btuteof Nebraska, In th County
Hox Hutte County, i Court
In matter of the estate of Ijiv In hi A. Merrick,
To the creditors of salilestute:
You uru hereby notified, that I will sit ut
tliocouiity court In Allluiice. In said County,
on tho 5th day of .Miireh, 1KH, at ton o'clock
, in tho forenoon of stild day, to receive and
exuiuiiiw all claims against suld eMiite. with a
view to their adjustment nod allowance. 1 he
time limit for the pienentatluu of cliiims
against suld estate In six months from the Urd
day ot Sepwinlier. IIW8 and the time limit for
tho payment of debu Is one year from the 3rd
dayof Seutemlter. IIHW.
Witness my hano und the ceal of unidCouuty
Court tills :."Vlii tiny- or August, iwo.
'BKAl, A. JltUIU.
p SHll 3-tW ,,tiuillj iiuii.
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.
Two miles east of Hemingford, Neb.
On the farm of S. D. Lack
notici-: to cin:iuToits.
Tho Sflite of Nebraska
Hox Hutte county, i '
In the county
In the matter of the e-tlite of Joseph II.
Omni, decd-ed.
To the creditors of said estate:
You arc hereby notified, that 1 will -It at
the county court room In Alliance, In -aid
county, on the 1st da of March , YMK at
10 o'clock a m.. to receive and examine all
clulms against said estMto. with u view to their
adjustment mid allowance, 'lhotlnia limited
for the iiresHiitatlon of t-latum loiiilnst said e
state IbsIx montlis.f rom the -ith day of August.
A 1) 1WK und the lluit- limited for payment
of debu is one year from said '.'Ttli day of Aug
ust. ms
Witness niy hand and the seal of said county
court, this i'tith day of August, Mis.
fp Au S7-4w I.. A. Heukv. County Judge.
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
Crawford Courier: C. C. Tash, the.
automobile expert, was in Crawford
Wednesday making arrangements to
open a machine repair shop here.
Captain Jim Cook, of Agate Springs,
was in Crawford Wednesday to meet a
delegation of Scientists from eastern
colleges and accompany them to his
1 Htuteof Nebraska,
Previously acknowledged n,723-5
F.M.Broome 50O
T. HiRgins 5
1. Yont 25-
Hagerty Bros 2-
r. DeYillufuerte 5-
Total J11.84S.50
Millinery opening next
Saturday, at Regan's.
I . Ill the (?ouritv
, .......- . ... .
iu nuiiu iiuiiijr , isourt
lit the mutter III the estate oftiiislnf Jensen,
To thu creditors of suld estate:
You lire hereby untitled, that I will sit ut
the county court room In Alliance, in wild
IJouuiy. on tho 5th day of .March, lum, at ton
o'clock lu the foieuoon of -aid day. to recnlre
ami oxntnlne nil claims against said estate,
with 11 vIhw to their uJjiiKtmuut mid allow
ance. The time limit for the prusuiitutlon of
claims against said estate Is six inuiiths from
the 3rd day of Foiiieuibor, IHos. und the time
limit for the iKiymeut of debts Is one year
from the 30th dayof March, IitlH.
Wltnivs my hand and the -oal of the sulci
County fourt. thi- :11st duy of August, idol
lKA.l I, A llKIUIV.
fp et t 1 outity Judge.