The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 10, 1908, Image 8

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    Chse of the
Jaynes Meetings.
The concluding speooh ol tlic sotics
Riven by Prof. JoyiioS of the Municipal
League of Chicago was hold Friday
night and iho rosult wns most satisfac
tory. Ho took special intcrost in il
lustrating the local conditions and pos
sihilitics of Alliance. Views of the
trading buildings of the city were pop
traved by the stercopticon machine
and brought forth vigotous applause
from the crowded house. The views,
however, of the alloys and highways
were different, and there is room for
radical improvement along this lino,
said the speaker, a fact we must all
admit. There is nit kind of complaint
about the filthy condition of our alleys,
but the same old filth ib allowed to re
main in spite of it all.
A banquet was tendered Mr. and
Mrs. Jp.yne8 at the conclusion of the
mceti'jg Friday night and was held at
Northwest cafe. Those present wcie
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Phclan, Bernard
Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Barker,
Mr. and MrB. F. W. Harris, Mr. and
. . . ., .I
I, i Mrs. v, ai. uroomc, mr, uuu mrs. v,,
O. Aspenwall, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C.
Thomas. Mr. Jaynes nnd wife ex
pressed themselves as being more than
pleased with the interest shown in'thcir
work here and hoped to visit our city
Geo. L. Wilson, president of the
Municipal Service League, arrived here
from Chicago last Monday and in com
pany with the entertaining committee
made an automobile visit about the
city to investigate the resources and
possibilities of the situation.
The same old question at once pre
sented itself to Mr. Wilson's mind and
he urged the immediate establishment
of a sewerage system, stating that it was
almost a criminal neglect to let the
matter lag as it is being done. It is
easily constructed from nn engineering
standpoint, said Mr. Wilson, who is a
civil engineer, and the plans already
drawn and held by the city administra
tion are practically correct. After sev.
eral other suggestions of features that
will be dwelt upon later by the presi
dent of this league, lie departed for
Denver and other (daces in which the
league is interested.
Fireboys Return
From Tournament.
The Alert hoso team, which attend
ed the firemen's tournament at North
Platte last week, returned Sunday on
43 via Grand Island, and report having
a pleasant journey and enjoyable time.
The attendance was quite large and
great interest taken in' the races.
Thursday was the first day of the
tournament and the opening was in
terrupted by a heavy wind which pre
vailed. The first race, class A, was a
6traight-away hose race, 250 yards.
Three teams entered the contest.
North Bend won first money, f6o; Al
liance second, 40; Fullertou third,
Grand Island won in the hook and
ladder race the same day; North Platte
The class B hose race, 250 yards,
was won by Friend with Noith Platte
Thursday's class A hose race, 250
yatds, was again won by North Bend
with Alliance second and Fullertou
third, with money at $00, $40 and $30.
The hook and ladder race ol 250
yards was also won by Grand Island
and North Platte second.
Class B hose race, 250 yards, was
won by Friend; North Platte second.
The 100 yard running and coupling
race was captured by North Bend,
with Alliance represented by Owens
and Luft, second. $25 and $20.
The grand parade also took place
Thursday, and Alliance took first place
in the largest delegation which was
awarded a $25 prize. Friend drew u
fio prize for the best uniforms,
Friday morning a water fight took
place which caused great interest and
was witnessed by a large crowd of peo
ple. The wet hose lace that followed
was won by North Platte. The state
championship hose race was a lively
ariair and resulted in a victory for
North Bend, followed by Alliance and
Fullertou. Prices, $75, $50 and $15.
This race was iu class A.
Grand Island won the hook and lad
der race which followed and North
Platte second.
In class B, state championship hose
race, North Platte won first; Friend no
Thi &u-foot running and coupling
contest, tree lx all, was won by Nwth
A storm of appUuie aroe from the
large audience when the free-for-all
hose race, open to the world, was pull
cd off, in which three teams, Alliance,
Nortti Bend and Friend tied and di
vided the prize money, S83.30 each.
Now that Alliance has always been a
liberal patronizcr at the state tourna
ments and has won a rommendahtc
place among the fire teams of. the state,
it seems that wc should have the noxt
state tournament and we believe the
iiiombors of the Alert fire department
should not be backward in asking this
favor which is duo the city. We be
lieve, with the co-operation of our bus
iness men's club and citizens generally
this can be secured for next season, so
let us go after it at once. Yon know
the old bibical quotation, "Ask and
you shall receive."
Pinched in Car
Loaded with Lumber
Two strangers, brothers, were en
joying a sleep in a car of lumber Sun
day afternoon in the yards at this
place, when the switch engine rolled in
on the side track on which the car
stood nnd gave it a bump sufficient to
shift the lumber in one end in which
one of the boys was located and the re
sult was that tie found himself hem
med in very close quarters. His cries
brought help but before the lad was
rescued, rescuers almost caved in his
head with the tools they were using,
not being aware of his position in the
car. After almost tearing the end out
of the car they dragged the little fel
low, who was no mote than fourteen
years of age, from his crowded posi
tion and he was taken to the city hall
where he wbb cared for by Dr. Slagel.
No bones were broken and his injuries
were confined to.flesh wounds.
Republican Fire
Blank Cartridge
A republican rally was announced
to take place at the opera houce last
evening. The rally, if that is what
one may term it. came off but there
was a noticeable lack of enthusiasm.
W. W. Wood acted as chairman of
the meeting, and in introducing the
speaker, John J. Rvder, deputy state
labor commissioner, spoke most com-
nlhnentary of Alliance and westerp
Nebraska, concluding with the state
ment that Mr. Rvder would file the
first gun of the campaign for the ie
publican party in Alliance. The speak
er is a young man of pleasing address,
though a poor sample oi political cam
paigner. He attempted to make his
address appeal to the union labor vote,
but tiis line of argument was so dis
connected and without point that i is
conceded by most all who heard him,
that it would have been better for the
party had he never come to Alliance to
try and persuade the laboring men to
acain favor the republican party with
their votes, and one prominent citizen
made the ussertion, immediately after
the meeting, that if another such speak
er was sent here, chances were good
for the democrats to carry the state by
a million majority. But Mr. Ryder's
praise of Alliance, its schools, western
Nebraska and the fine alfalfa grown
here was sufficient reason for the 100
or more people attending. Captain
W. R. Akers of Scottsbluff concluded
the meeting with a few lemarks in
which he showed more of a partisan
spirit than did Mr. Ryder. Mr. Akers
admitted the gieatness of W. J. Bryan
as a leader among men and admitted
that he was a man of noble character,
but when he got down into politics he
forgot for awhile these admissions and
branded Bryan as an insincere, unieli
able demagogue, who was not to be
trusted, and in fact blackened his char
acter a dark hue. tt 'was the expres
sion of several of his tiearers after the
meeting that the speaker was evidently
led away by partisan feeling when he
got warmed up and entirely foigot the
manner of man lie was describing.
But the Captain must be excused, for
lie has been well treated by the repub
lican party in the past and hence is
faithful to his supporters. The Cap
tain's talk on alfalfa and how luxuriant
ly it grows over in the Platte valley
under the republican admistratiou was
most interesting and well leceived.
Fats and Leans Sunday.
If you want to see the funniest
game of the season go out to the ball
park next Sunday when the fats and
leans will have it out. We don't
know on which side Bud Betzold is
going to play but we'll hot the cigars
that if he is umpiie wo can guess who
will win the name. The game will
take place at 3:30 and will be one of
the closing attractions of the diamond
for the season,
Old Soldier Dies Today
Win. Mumper passed away at his
home in the east part of the city at
1:30 this afternoon after a chronic ill
iicsb with which he has suffered for
sometime. Docoascd was born in
Gettysburg, Pa., December 5, 1S42.
He sorved in the First -Pennsylvania
Reserves, settled in Nebraska in i860
and has resided in this locality for the
last twenty years, moving from his
ranch to Alliance. A devoted wife
and a son, Chester, who has served in
the navy for nearly four years and now
stationed at Hong Kong, China, sur
vive him. Mr. Mumper was a man
highly esteemed and owned consider
able property here. The funeral will
be held Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
Rev. Jeffers of the Baptist church con
ducting the services.
Will Initiate Class
September 20th
Arrangements have been concluded
for the final steps in organizing the
council of Daughters of Isabella in
this city on Sunday, September 20th.
The initiation will take place at the
Knights of Columbus hall in the after
noon, followed by a banquet at the
Northwest hotel which will be an
elaborate affair. The name of the new
court will bear that of St. Agnes, a
most beautiful selection, which has for
its patroness one of the most prominent
saints in the lives of the light of the
church. The team conferring the de
gree wilt come from Dawson, Nebr.
Alliance to Have
Roller Skating Rink
Al. Dierdorf, the well known roller
skater and moving picture operator of
Hot Springs, has leased the W. D.
Rumer building now occupied by Mr.
Rumer's remnant stock, and will con
duct a roller skating rink in the same
in a short time, possibly by the last of
the month. Mr. Dierdorf is a capable
manager of resorts of this kind as his
popularity has proven at the spiings.
Exhibiting Car
Collects Specimens
The Burlington exhibit car under the
management of the company's laud
man, D. Clem Deaver, was in the city
Sunday on its way south and west to
collect samples for the coming exhibits
in the east. The car will be here
again eaily in October when our coun
ty exhibit will be added. George Dong
las, as usual, will have charge of this
aad will accompany the same on its
eastern tour.
September Nuptials.
The murriage of Percy Jahnke and
Miss Basil Underwood occurred yester
day afternoon at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Renswold, Rev. J. J. Val
low of the M. K. church officiating.
Both parties to this union are pioneer
residents of Box Butte county and well
known. The groom is one of the pro
pi ictors of the Checkeied Front livery
barn in this city and his bride the
daughter of Cal Underwood, one of our
old-time ranchers living southwest of
Otto W. Matz, son ol Mr. and Mi.
Christian Matz, of this city, and Miss
Ella Suoddy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Snoddy, also of this city, were
married yesterday afternoon at ttie
Baptist parsonage, Rev. G. C. Jefleis
officiating. The happy young people
left this morning for Grand Island
where they will reside. Mr. and Mrs.
Matz will take with them the congratu
lations of many friends as well as their
-$2--j-; m-j5-i--5" j"-;-;-; i;M---!"l
A. V IIALDItlDOK, Honded AUstrueter $
. ;..... ) ; .;. .x-t-v-fr-X--i"HM"2"?-X- -J-
T J O'Keefe to John Bayer ne 33-25-48,
Seagtread Krzyzauooski to Hphraim G
Kibble nw 29 25-47. $3,200.
U G Smith to Wm Delsing W2 of nw,
neof nw and nw of ne 2-2-49, $50.
John Bayer to B CIreteman ne 33-25-4"
Lincoln Land Co to Forest Lbr Co Its 12
I J. 14, 15. 16, blkio Orig town af Alliance
Itoht U Hold wo to John
C McCprkle
nwl4 of 7-2U.-iS, Jr. boo.
Mary 1 Hrln to H E Jones neV of
7-5. $1,050.
Book Racks Music Racks
On Sale, to close them out,
Saturday, the
Do you
special cut price tor casn
Geo. D. Darling
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
St. Agnes Academy is fast nearing com
pletion. The sisters who are to take
charge of the academy are expected in a
few days. The pastor, Father McNamara.
desires to thank those who have contribut
ed. He also asks us to urge those who
have not paid their subscriptions to do so
at the earliest possible date. Father says
there can be no doubt at this late date as
to the completion of the academy in time
for the opening of school Sept. 5th. Now,
let all who subscribed to the fund pay up
for these three reasons- 1st, you promised
to do so; 2d, the committee needs the money
now, not a year from now; jd, you all
want to keep your word and help the good
work. Below is the statement to date
Previously acknowledged $1 1,583.50
J., Keeler 5-00
. Hager 5-"
Thos. Kuten ' 75
I.. Baschky 5-
M. Dailey 5
1. Tliu uame of UiK corporation shall Im the
llaiiKeii Valley uallin company
The principal place of bUHine shall be at
I'lUmirtli. Sheridan CotltitV.
n. The ireneral nature of the business to lie
'1I1UII luumy, .suorusKu.
nature of the business 1
it shall tie the buyiug una selling oi
yiiix and selling of
cattle and other live stock, and tho produc-
lion of the same for market and sale, also
to hold, purchase, sell unit mortgage real
estate. . . , . ,
1. Tliu amount of capital utoek authorized
i $10,000.00 divided into share of $100.00 each,
of which at leust ."0,000.00 shall bo paid in in
money or property on or before the time of
commencement or business.
5. The Corporation shall liegln business on
the 1 Mi duy of August, Ikw, und shall continue
for 11 period of So jean, unless sooner dissolved
by majority of three-lift lis of the stockholders.
0. The highest amount of indebtedness for
uiili-h this Correlation shall be liable at auy
onetime shall not exceed two-thirds of the
capital stock.
7. The affairs, of this Corporation shall be
managed b 11 Hoard of Mrectors. cousihtliig
of three persons, who shall lie stockholders In
the Corporation. unJ who shall servo for a
term of one jear after theuiiuuul meetliitc of
stockholders or until their successors In
ottlce lire elected Wii.i.iam O Comstock,
fpAugJ7-lw IIans.I IIanskn
When You Buy
The Borne Meicbastl merit your support,
tber aie tbo mainstay of toe community,
and whtn you buy of Homo Keicbauti,
buy of thoie wbo adYtitiie.
Not Before nor After
want one at a 7
Suite nf Nebraska, 1 In the County
llox llutti) t onnty f Com I
In tlui mutter In tho estate of (iostuf ,U-iiscii,
llt'CVilHCll. .
'I'ii the creditors of said extute: ,
You uie hereby nntllled, Hint 1 lll sit nl 1
tlui county oonrt room in Alliance, in sum
County, on the. "itli duy of March. Iiwi. at tun
o'clock In the forenoon of said day, to receive
nnd c.Minilne nil claims against suid estate,
with 11 view to their adjustment and ullow
ailce. The time limit for the presentation of
claims against said estate Is six months from
the 3rd day of September, lPofl. und tliu time
limit for the payment of debts Is one year
from the 30th duyof March, 11)08.
Witness my hand und the seal of the said
County Court, this 31st day of August, 1008.
NEAl.l .. A. IlKUHY,
fpsVpt:i-:iw County .Indue,
Stale of Nebraska I . In County
Hex Hutte County f M Court
In tliu matter of the estate of K. Walter Der
rick, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby not I lied, that 1 will sit at the
county court room In Alliance. In said Coun
ty, on tliu 5th duy of March, lliOfl, at ten
o clock In the forenoon of said day, to receive
una examine 1111 Claims UKinnsi sain estate,
with u view to their adjustment und allow
ance. The time limit for the presentation of
claims against said estate Is six months from
tho 3rd day of September, lt0S. and the lime
limit for the payment of debts is one year
from said 3rd day of September, 1!KH.
Witness my baud and the seal of said Coun
ty Court, thls-J'.ith day of August, ISWs
I.. A. Iltliuv,
lKAI.l Count Judge,
f p. Sept. !l-3w.
The State of Nebraska I .
llox Hutte county, I
In the county
In the matter of tli estate of ,ljcpli II.
Oram, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that 1 will sit at
the county court room In Alliance, In said
county, on the 1st iln of March , 1H00, at
10 o'clock a. m., to reecho und examine all
claims against said estate, with 11 view to their
adjustment und allowance. The time limited
for the presentation of claims uxulnsi said es
state Igslxmonths.fromthe'.'itbdu) of August,
A. 1). l'.KW, and the time limited for payment
of debts is one year from siihl i.Tth duy of Aug
ust, 1P08.
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court, this -0th day of August, IPOs'.
fp An. -7-tw 1.. A. llKinn. Comity Judge.
Wanted To buy a five or six room
house or vacant lot. in the northwest
part ofthe city. W. H. Holtz.
Oa-lifbrrLia, Osun.xa.ecL CS-ood.s
Standard l'eaches, per can.. 20c I Gallon Pumpkin, per can .55c
Better Grade 25c I Pure Tomato Catsup, pints,
Standard Pears 25c llt ',er b,ott!e 5c
Masons lruit Jars, pints,
Jam in 25-0. glass, per jar., jsc per dozen 55c
Fancy No. 1 Baked Beans, Masons Fruit Jars, piarts,
Tomato Sauce 10c 1 per dozen .. . 70c
Fancy No. 2, Baked Beans, Masons Fruit Jars, half gal.
Tomato Sauce. . . . 15c Ion, per dozen,... 85c
Fancy No. 2, Baked Beans
Tomato Sauce. z for 25c 1 1 Hany Other Bargains
Mrs. Simmons' fall opening of new
millinery will commence September 15.
Miss Josephine O'Donnell, the well
known trimmer, is now in Denver get
ting points on the new fall styles and
will assist Mrs. Simmons during the
opening. Miss O'Donnell is an expert
milliner, aud Mrs. Simmons' patrons
are assured of the best the market af
fords. A fine line of pattern hats,
also tailored and children's hats.
Painting, Paper Hanging
and Kalsomining
Phone 641
Office at Geo. Darling's Store
Phone 139. ..A
Residence Phone 570.