The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, August 06, 1908, Image 6

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I'ctnmsttir W. P. Waltur. Udltflr.
Mist Apnea Moravelc was In town .Mon
day. Ward Norten and Cladd McDonald paid
home folki a visit Sunday.
Mr. Burleigh onme up Irom the home
stead near Lakeside Tuesday.
, ?. T. Carey was down is Denver lnut
j week, bffn callsd there us a wilnoM.
' Min Marie Madwn spent Sunday and
Monday with (Hands in (he country.
Andy f)Iion and Chat. Loctnvood ware
Cantonileg in town the past few days.
The Misses Bertha and Glndya Burleigh
went down to Lakeside last week to ruv
tunlo for awhile amid the sand hills.
Art Wjker was up from Alliance the lat
ter part of last week to help paint the in
terior of O. T. IludRecock's barber shop.
Mrs. A. D. Millett went to Crawford
Saturday, returning Sunday. She went
up to visit a few hour with her son,
Misses Dollie Pierce and Mayme Miller
,went up to Crawford Friday, returning
Sunday, They took in the big show there
Mrs. Tash and daughters Emma and
Nellie spent the greater part of last week
in and around our city, returning to their
home Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. H. K. Jones and family
nccompnnied by Miss Lois Wildy and
Dent Piper autoed to Alliance Monday to
see Campbell Bros.' big show.
Lawrence Ford stopped over awhile be
tween trains Tuesday, lie was on his
way to Marsland where he expected to
meet his father. Lawrence was looking
1 fine
Mrs. Wm. Foskct has been under the
' doctor's care for some time with rheuma
tism. At this writing she is somS better
and is visiting in the country, a guest at
her son's home,
Miss Anna Hennings and brother John
worn visiting over in the Southwestern part
of the county Friday and Saturday last,
thi' gucal of their sister and brothor-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Mailey.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leavitt came up
, from Alliance and spent Sunday with Mr.
George Loer. Mr. Leavitt returned home
, thai evening but Mrs. L. remained for a
visit witi her friends and home folks.
: On last Tuesday Mrs. H. R. Olds en
i tertained in honor of Mrs. Ina Leavitt the
following ladies: Mrs. F. 1J. Olds, Mrs.
, J. Grommet, Mrs. Hikncr, Mrs. C. W.
Brown and Mrs. Leavitt.
Our kid nine drove to Marsland Sunday
S100I13S 33N3aN0JS3Ha03 IVNOtlVHHaiNI . ,0 cross bats with the Crawford kids. ,.,
- was a little late so there was only time
for six innings before 43 came along. The
The Man With
A Millstone
About His Neck
The millstone is lack of
sfirctal training. It holds
ono mnn down to lmnl wort;
nntl small wiikcs while
others, properly trnined, go
ahead, Hut every ninn unci
woman who is laboring;
tinder such a burden enn
easily rise to n better posi
tion and increased earnings
and can find out how for
the asking.
To find out how, simply
write the I. C. S., stating
the position you wish to
gain In return, an institu
tion with 15 years of suc
cessful experience in train
ing thousands of others for
ndvonccment will tell you
how it enn lit YOU for a
better-paying position. No
risk to run. No books to
buy. Isn't such a chance
for advancement worth this
much to you t
Box 799, Scranton, Pi,
cripple and consequently confined to her
room nearly all the time. This was her
first visit to Marsland in seven years.
The Hemingford base ball nine met the
Crawford nine on the Marsland diamond
Sunday afternoon, the former driving
down, the latter coming over on 44. We
hear that the game was a close one, Hem
ingford winning by a score of 6 to 5. All
seemed to have a good time and the best
of feeling prevailed. A large number of
spectators were present, Whistle Creek
coming down en masse to see Crawford
get skinned and they did. We might say
tnat Whistle Creak is a little sore over a
drubbing Crawford gave them at the Mc
Coy diamond two weeks ago
A train load of cattle, consisting of 16
cars, where shipped from this place Sun
day. Stock Solicitor F. L. Crone of Oni
aha, who has been in this vicinity for
some time, superintended the loading.
The following ranchers contributed to the
shipment; Louis Hood, J car, G. H Clay
ton, 3 cars, J. C. Mickey, 0 cars; John
Herlein, 4 cars; Otis Mass, 1 car, L. T.
Poole, 1 car. The following persons ac
companied the shipment: N. G. Poole,
John Herlein, John Mickey and son Clark
Mickey, Prof. Hayes and Co. Supt. O. R.
Phillips, the two latter coming up from
Alliance. The stock yards at this place
have been remodeled and enlarged and are
in fine condition to corral stock and load it.
Speaker at Bellevue Chautauqua De
clares Wall Street Is Real Thing.
Omaha, Aug. 3. Dr. Frank Dixon
of Washington, in ut- addross before
the Chautauqua assembly at Bellevue,
declared that the Socialist clotnont tu
the country was growing rapidly. He
Bni.l that it only polled 80,000 votes
ten years ago, but Hint It could poll
5fto,u0 today. He declared before he
began his lecture that he was nut
himself a Socialist, ami then entered
upon a discussion of what Socialism
Is and what Its followers utoud lor
He said that In theory Wall street
was Socialistic, and that It really rep
resented the true idea of Socialism tn
that It stood for monopoly. He said
Socialism would pauperize any man
and that self-reliance was the supreme
vlrtuc. Ilu said it would cost
$2,000,000,000 to build the Panama
canal uml take twenty years to do It.
He declared twenty years more would
be used by congress to investigate the
graft and crookedness which was, he
stated, Inevitable in the completion
ot such an Immense work through
government supervision.
Mrs. Julia Turner is on the sick list.
Frank Vaugh finished cutting his grain
Little Milton Nichols and Orma Nictibls
are on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Leishman visited
at James Skinner's Sunday.
Miss Amy Hashman and Mrs. Iiertha Jatures to enact a law providing a
Drops Its Membership in National
Fraternal Congress.
Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 1. The Modern
Woodmen of America has withdrawn
Its membership from the National
Fraternal congress, a federated organ
ization with about fifty alllllated so
cieties. This action has been con
templated by Mead Consul A. R. Tal
bot and other officials of lite Wood
men for several months, practically
since the last session of the congress
at Buffalo, in August, 1U07, when by a
close vote a resolution was carried
which committed the affiliated socle-
ties to the policy of asking state legis
jtiiif anions
iuu;i -1103 -n
i9.11llf, UVUlJO,
'PIIM! V K'UViiuoj
Btiii)ivjfi ivjnunJis
jAultaj jtimanjiti
I1'U iinulipiv
dng onIS-n.l
juumn it9iiiu
)iipW imiiji,
urtntMj t3uvtiM
Jd?ut3!ujf t?9Uq39M
miiii 3JS(; H3
J0iuiujx fpiAl
ll'A J0 miii1S
"ll'.tt I'V
X patiiui
:DTAit pa
lf U AW BO
tiAtu 1 qslqM aJo0l nonitotl oqi ! loam
at AJtltl J9S,Kt '"I A'Hnl tic 1 Atoq
uoutAljflo 4qun innqilm'uil'lriia tia,
i 'uoiutos 'tit fl
result was a victory for our boys, score
0 to 5. .
Mrs. Faulkner and daughter, Marie, ar
rived Sunday from Hnvnna, III. They
were mot here by Mr. Faulkner and nt
present they are housekeeping in rooms
over Uhrig's store. The Faulkners are
old time friends of the writer.
Miss Gertie Bresee returned to her home
1 Monday. Miss Gertie has been the guest
j of her sister, Mrs. Little, the greater part
j of the summer and has made a host of
friends here who were loath to see her
leave and hope that she will return ere
long for another visit.
I Mesdames C. W. Brown and 11. R.
Olds returned from Chadron Sunday
where they had spent the week very pleas-
1 autly with their numerous friends there.
Daily low round trip r.TteS, Tmjy were accompanied home by Mrs. F.
to Portland, Seattle, Ta- l-ua,B' n.""; ' v's" "me tolk
' 1 1 and friends for awhile.
coma, ban rrancisco, Los1 ,, ,
. , 1 r ,-- Monday afternoon a phone came from
Angeles, and San Diego. , lha horae of Daddy Fenner for a doctor
Slightly higher tO include j saying the entire family and all of the hay
both California and Pllget , hands had been poisoned by eating pressed
Sound. chicken K. L. Pierce took Dr. Little
One whole business davou,,m 1,,s . . y fouml Mr IJ,ssel
.tun tin. rcuuu m i cuumiioii.
At this writing they are still in bad shape.
1 We sincerely hope that all will recover in
a short time and that there will be no
serious results.
Moore visited in Alliance today.
Mr. Turner's horse, which was struck
by lightning, is improving some,
minimum table of assessment rates,
to bo charged by all societies alike
Talbot opposed this resolution at the
time niul he was supported by nearly
J. B. Johnson and Daniel Zimmerman ' half of the societies in attendance,
visited at J. Skinner's Sunday. j Head Consul Talbot declares that
I !... .... t I.
Not very many attended the show in ' "" -" -" "
,. ,, . . , is contemplated would require the col-
Alliance Monday, only a few stray ones. . wUm ()f ni,8eBBinentH nt leMt 20 er
Mrs. Bertha Moore and Rollin Ross cent higher than the death rate di
were Sunday callers at Mr. Stoifer's. ! mauds at this time.
Miss Ethel liembry is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Norman Leishman, for a few days. Conference of County Chairmen.
! Lincoln, Aug. 3. Chairman Hay
Letters were received from Mrs. Hash- j wiml ot tlR. nepubllcan state central
man which reported she was having a 1 committee has Issued a call and re
fine time. i celved favorable responses from
What's the matter with our autos when I (3V(-'1' county chairman In the stato
they try to mount the Hashman hill. Some I f"r a conference or these chairmen to
..... , discuss and devise wiys and means
go backward and some do not. , , ,. .. , ,
" j for carrying- on the stute campaign
Our Sunday school has increased tor He will meet the llrst delegation of
thirty-nine. Our intentions are to liayetfycga chairmen today In Lincoln
some'newsong books in the near future. 'They come from counties adjacent to
m: - i-.i 1 it .i t, 1 I Lancaster. Following these confer-
Miss hthel Hembrey, Amy Hashman, , . , , ,,,,,,
,, ... ..... . , onces, most of which will be held
Mrs. lurnerand Mrs. Moore are intend-, durng ,he prc8enl Wl,ekf ft h()t flght
mg to attend the association at the Car- wm ,, .., ,mC(, ..i-niirurnteil bv Chair-
THE man who makes the best progress Is the man who
does more than he is told. Some men think they have
done their full duty when they perform certain routine
work. They consider that they are betng paid fifteen dollars
a week for fifteen dollars worth of work and they measure
out the correct amount with as much care as the grocer meas
ures out rice, putting In and taking out a few grains until the
scales balance.
But the progressive man goes about his work with the
spirit 15 f the athlete. The satisfaction of accomplishing a feat,
and the knowledge that with each trial more skill is devel
oped, form one of the best incentives to good work. The ath
lete does not confine his practice to a certain number of runs
and Jumps, but keeps at it until he has achieved some greater
degree of skill than he ever had before. He delights In at
tempting harder and harder feats because it means more and
more skill.
Thus does the truly progressive man love his work. He
does not consider that he is working merely for his salary,
nor for the house, but for himself for the development of his
individual capacity and skill. He delves Into things not re
quired of him, because he wants to gain power to do more
because that Is the normal Impetus of a progressive mind.
(IVrjrftrM, 1V07, bj Jottph D. Bowie!.)
"TV V v "vV
Celebrated i
pouter church Wednesday.
Papp wishes that everyone would please
shut the gates behind them because it
makes him pasture his own corn and that
does not look well for his neighbors.
mnn Haywartl all over the state.
Missouri Pacific Protests.
Lincoln, Aug. 1. The Missouri Pa
cific railroad has filed a protest
against the application of the Union
One day last week one of our prominent Stock Ynrtls company for permission
farmers was ou a riding cultivator and he to increase its switching charges The
became frightened and fell and hurt his railroad declares that the switching
nose. No damage was done to cultivator, charges now in effect have been those
. 1 of the past twelve years, which is
i.i.cai. Minoi:. ' prima fade evidence that they are
compensatory. It is also pleaded that
this is most too much of a hardship
to impose upon a road after it has
been compelled to 1 educe Its passen
ger and some of Its freight rates.
saved by our new schedule
10 the Pacific Northwest.
Daily low excursion rates
to Canada, Michigan, Min-i
liesota, Wisconsin, MaSSa- J. M. Tollman has erected an Eclipse
chtlSettS and New York , wind mill on his east range.
tourist resorts; also low e.X-' Elmer Fleet is iu the employ of the B.
cursion rates to tourist re- M at tl,is Place as mail "anger.
SOrtS in Maine, New llamp- S. Albro and family of Alliance were
. visitors ai 1 . u. uenamie s aaturuay ami
I Mrs. Dumon returned Sunday from
' Crawford where she had been visiting
shire, Vermont.
For newlv irrigated lands friends
in the Big Horn Hasill, N. G. Poole left Sunday for Omaha
Wyoming. No CycloneS Or where he will take in the Aksar-ben
floods. ' Water vour land ''.
as needed. Soil is rich
lie-fore U A. Ilerry. County .liulue in uml for
Dux Hullo County Nubntikii,
Htnto of Nt'braika j .
Ilox lluttu county a
In tlin MutUT of tli( Kstntu of .hwnli II.
Oram, DwummI.
To All lVrsoii! Inturus'fd In the Kitute of
JOM'jili 11 (Jillin. Decrnsou;
Wliere Csirrlo I' lfsini of Washington, .. , , .-, sn,,Wo ci.uu.
DNtrk-t or Columbia. 1ms tiled In my utiieo u Nebraska Farmer Commits Suicide,
petit Inn with 11 certified mid authenticated Falrbury, Neb., Aug. . George
ropy of the lst will uml U'Stiunelit of unld I n,.ol,ll n u-ii1lliv nml nrnmliipnt
Joseph H. Oram mid ueerlllled uml uutlienll- ucnu, 11 we.lllll) nnu prominent
eute.i transcript, of Uih probation of Mild will ' farmer, aged sixty years, committed
by the Supremo Court of the. District of Co- Q11i,i ,.,, ui,ntln,. Iilmuolr thrnnrli
lumbla utbiclieti, prayliiK to have tho hiitnu , suicide by sliootlng liimseir througll
ndmttted to proiiutu and for the isstilni; of let-, the head. Iluchli lU'ed near Powell
tersof udtiiilitxtrutlon with tho will annexed .,,, ,,, ,.,,.11 ,. ,,.,, in llm rnrnl .11
to JolmO'Keefoof Alliance. Ho HuttoCoun- ' antl WUH w,jM known In tile rural Uls
ty, NuliniHku. wlileh will ruintex to imth per-, trlcts. He owned a large farm, which
TSLretiSre&a'niioiiiteii ii... mi..iuv..r, w"s unincumbered, and his family re-
Aiiut UHis, ut ti o'clock a.m.. ut the countv latlons are said to have been the best
court room In Mild count v. as tho time mid
pliico for lirariiiir Mild will ut which time mid
place you and ull concerned may appear and
contest tho allowing of the suiiih.
It Is fiirthrordHrt(l that -vild petitioner kIvo
notice to all persoiiH Interested iu Mild estate
of the pendency of this petition, mid tho time
mid place set for the hearing of the. siuno. by
eiiilsfni; a cojy of this order to he putilislied in
tho Alliance Herald, n iiewMpupcr printed ami
piililiNhed In Mild county, for threo weeks hmc
cesslvely provions to tlio duy m1 for the hear
In e.
In witness whereof I huvo hureuuto set my
hand and olliciiil .seal this Itutli day of July
1IHW. I,. A. llKIUIV,
IsKAi.l Comity .Indue.
fpJiily KI
The funeral occurred today.
Tel Jed Sokol Tournament Opens.
Omaha. Aug. 1. A big Tel Jed
SoUol tournament opened this morn
ing III Turner's hall mil will continue
two days. Owing to the non-arrival
of delegates who were expected fiom
Sclo, Ore., and Oklahoma and Kansas
City, the tournament is purely a Ne
braska affair. Sunday there will be
a big parade, followed by an addtess
by Mayor Dahlnian and John Hosicky.
I. Tho name of tlio -orporut lou shall lu the
tlrvillo Cattle Company.
-. Its principal place of huMiics shall be at
Ktlswortli, Sheridan Count) .Nebraska.
1 ho irenural nature of the biisiues to be
Sheridan Count .Nebniskii.
transacted sluill ho tho buytiiK mid stilllni: of
Beatrice Opera House Leased.
Ilea trice. Neb.. July 31. The Pad
dock opera house has been leased by
Fulton & Powers, a local (ompan.
and will be reopened October 1, after
helnsi closed for nearly a year. It was
1 Ralph Pettie of Eldora, Iowa, who is
taking orders for the Model Portrait Co.
of Chicago, was canvassing in this vicinity
this week.
Landlord Richie was the busiest man in
town Sunday. With the cattlemen, ball
players, traveling men, etc., he dined
W- r 1 t about one hundred persons.
rir vrMir tn,ilc m-iL- '
ttvs twi.i 11 i.oii ifiirv
east about these lands and
Timber and coal plentiful.
Price $40 to $50 per acre.
Personally conducted ex
cursions first and third Tues
day of each month.
Fireman Rowland of Alliance relieved M, nn lht CZirr-tl niM
Send their names tO D. Clem j helper Sunday, the latter being transferred
Denver, General Agent, I to the east end of the division.
Landseekers' Information Regina Cramer of Alliance, who has
Bureau, Omaha.
W. L. Wakklky G. P A.. Omaha Neb
' been spending the past month with her
graudparents, Mr. and Mrs. 1-. Snow of
' this place, returned home Friday.
Mrs. Octave Harris and mother, Mrs.
Abler, came down Thursday, the object of
their visit to town was to have glasses fit-
. ted for the elder lady. Mrs. Abler is a
enttleiinil other live stock and the produc- ,,tie j the finest small city theaters
iJi tri nit -auiu 1111 11m iiiarhi'l .iiiti suit:. .M,
to hold, purchase, suit and iiioMkhkc real
in the stato. It will be remodeled
and modernized during the next two
4. The aiiioiiut tit cunltal stock aollmriwl
isfuUMO.mdUlded into shams of ilou.Ui ouch,
of which ut leas' ; 1,0110 .00 Ls to be paid in al
tlio time of IhocoinUHMiccmcnlJf hitidmiss.
,i. The Corporation hnll boln business on
the 1st day olJuly. lWs. and .shall cinitlnuu for
a eriod of'iiei-s milo-iit sooner disaohed l)
a majority of riiree-l'itihs of tliu sttw-k,
il. The (ifKliest amount of Indebtedness fm
wlileh IIiIh Corixiratloii shall lie liable at any
0110 time shall not esi-tvil Two-Thirds t the
capital Htock.
7 'l'h a Hal is of this l'orx)ratlon shall Ih
iimnak'cd bj a Hoard ot Directors, consUtlm;
of three nursoiis. wliu shall lie stiH!kbolders In
mis i.orporauon, an.l wno stiall servo ror a ,,,,,,. . ihcv will refuse to nv it
term ofonejeiir, or until their sucivssors lu ' Bal1' hU '" ' '" ren,8t lo 'a' u-
oiucoareupvtisi lUUTi.BTr Kiciunns,
Oavn.i.K Co.v.soit.
tp July M-lvt Wu.r, fl. Oomstock.
Levies Occupation Tax.
Uralnard, Neb.. Aug 1. With $2,000
In the village tieasttry. the board of
trustees has levied nn occupation tax
against nearly eery business man in
the town There Is strong opposition
among the men engaged In active
business In Draiuanl to the tax and
i.i::.i. NOTiciv
Eight Poisoned at Banquet.
Beatrice, Neb.. Aug 4. Right mem
bers of the family of John B. Collier
were poisoned while partaking of a
ToJukSaiups)ii,noii.reduiitdefeiidunt: 1 banquet spread In honor or a family
You are liuruby notllled that 011 tlio -Jllrd . ,, ,., ,, .,,
dayof July, mis, XetiloBumpMin tiled u o- j reunion. They were ull critically ill
tltiouaplnst you lu the district court of Uo for u tme an(l onjy the quick work of
llutto (Jtiuiity, Nebraska, tho object uml pray. , , , ,' ., ' , ., ..
urof which are to obtain u divorce from you physicians with emetics saved their
on the ground of extnuio cruelty, on the part ' lives
of said defendant toward said plaintiff, with
out Just cause, uud that said defendant Is an
habitual drunkard: and that ehe bo restored
to her former name of Nettle llortoii.
lou are required to answer said petition on
Prince of Wales at Covves.
Cowes, Aug. 4 The British cruiser
Indomitable, with the Prince of
For Full Particulars
The Machine You Will
Eventually Boy
or before Monday, the Dlsldav of August. I(h)s.
. NkttikSmmox, l'lniiitm. Wales on board, arrived ber from
ai-4 by r ugene Hurton. tier utKirnej ' .
Do yon know that for Corresponds. ice, Statement
Work for Billing and for all other classes of work
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The UNDERWOOD is best because of its visibil-
it, durability and absolute reliability under all
Underwood Typewriter Co J
1617 Farnam St.
Omaha, Neb. S
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