The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 30, 1908, Image 5

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John Dickinson's
' Narrow Escape.
Car Inspector John W. Dickinson
came near being killed last Sunday
afternoon while in discharge of his
duties for the Burlington. He was in
specting the cars on train 43, from the
-east, on its arrival, when the switch
engine drew up thr coaches on the
south line, just opposite Dickinson,
who feared that he might be too near
the passenger train from the east which
lie wa3 inspecting. Not realizing the
switch engine's movements, Dickinson
arose and turned face forward toward
the Denver coaches just in time to be
struck with great force and hurled to
the ground unconscious. By great
luck that would not occur once in a
hundred times, he fell in a position
that left him unharmed from the fast
moving coaches on 43, not more than a
foot from his body. Switchman Al
Woods came to rescue, and with help
of other trainmen, he was carried under
the viaduct near where the accident
happened. Dr- Slaglc was soon on
hand and cated for Mr. Dickinson,
who remained unconscious for a half
hour. His injuries consisted of a brok
en nose, three or four broken teeth and
a scar over his right eye. He was
carried to Dr. Bellwood's office and
his wounds dressed.
Mr. Dickinson lives in South Al
liance. He has been one of the com
pany's trustworthy employes, and it is
to be regretted thai he will be laid up
for several days.
Wyoming Cow Boy
Base Ball Club
A new organization, known as the
"Wyoming Base Ball Club" has been
organized in this city and on the 10th
of August will leave for the east on a
tour of ball playing, the first stop to
be made at Broken' Bow. Chas. Huss,
who recently sold his confectionery
stand, will be manager of the aggrega
tion. The club is composed of several
local players, two or three of the
"Bloomer aggregation" and others from
abroad and in a stiong team. It is
the intention, of the "cow boy" team to
play the balance of the season in east
ern Nebraska and Iowa. Good luck
to the boys!
Don't forget the Country Fair at
Phelan Park, Friday, July 31st.
Magnificient Display.
Everyone turns out to see a circus
parade, and the crowds that gather to
watch the grand spectacular parade
given by Campbell Brothers Big Con
solidated Shows when they exhibit in
Alliance, Monday. August 3, will wit
ness one that is unexcelled anywhere
Horses are always a leading feature
with everv circus, and Campbell Bros,
have spent years in raising and train
ing their hundreds and hundreds of fine
horses that are exhibited both in the
free street parade, and in the various
ways under the big top.
The horses are. attractive, but we
must not fail to mention their riders;
scores and scores of really beautiful
women, gaily and magnificently cos
tumed and all exhibiting'different feats
of horsemanship and daring. Then,
there are the almost ungovernable hor
ses and bronchos that are mounted by
cowboys; and the troop of Russian
Cossacks, whose services Campbell
Brothers have secured direct from the
Steppes of Russia, at enormous ex
pense, and who are famous the world
over for performing the most wonder
ful and reckless feats on horseback
with their horses going at full speed.
Don't fail to see them; also many other
features too numerous to mention that
are always a part of every circus, as
groups of beautiful women posed as
various characters ou the huge glitter
ing wagons, bands of music and clowns,
to say nothing of the valuable menag
erie that is carried with these shows.
Campbell Bros, are from Fairbury,
Nebr., and the people of Alliance
should boost home products.
"Uncle Zeke" Laid to Rest.
The fUneral of Ezekiel Mabin was
held at Hemingford last Sunday after
noon, the services hoiug held in the
Congregational church, Rev. C. H.
Burleigh, the M. E. minister, preach
ing an eloquent sermon. The church
was crowded with friends of the de
ceased who came to pay their tribute
of respect to the old soldier who had
lived among them for the past twenty
years or more, during which time he
had endeared himself to his neighbors
for his kinduess of heart and good fel
lowship. 'The six pallbearers were
comrades of the civil war and the
ritualistic service of the Grand Army
of the Republic was hold at the ceme
tery. The funeral procession was one
of the largest that ever marched to the
Hemingford cemetery. Those who
attended the funeral from Alliance
were Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Tash, Mr.
and Mrs. John O'Kecfe, Sheriff Wiker,
Smith P. Tuttle, C. R. Clapp, J. B.
Denton, T. M. Lawler, F. H. Mollring,
C. W. Brenuau, Eugene Burton, Ray
Kutitz, T. J. O'Koefc and sister, Chas.
Brinkiuau atid C. A. Newberry.
Crystal Theatre
Abreast the Times
The engagement of a well known singer.
R. Harriett Johnson by Mr. Lockwood is
surely a move in the right direction. Miss
Johnson is a singer both of classical and
popular music, but her singing of "The
Rose Song" and "Absent" last evening
impresses one that she is making a mistake
by handling popular songs, she should de
vote all her efforts to classical alone
The management stated, last evening
that Miss Johnson would some evening
during the week sing "The Holy City"and
"The Rosary," which will undoubtedly be
a treat for Alliance theatre goers.
Miss Johnson's stay with us is indefinite
and no one should miss an opportunity of
hearing her. Her tones are sweet, clear
and strong, made so by years of hard
study. She just recently closed an en
eagement with a song publishing house.
Prior to this, she was with Whitney in
"A Night or a Day," giving 400 perform
ances. Miss Johnson will soon begin re
hearsals for her new act, to be played over
the Orpheum circuit this fall and winter,
and from the description of some of it will
be an elaborate affair. As the curtain
goes up Miss Johnson will be seen posed
as "The Madonna" in a large picture
frame, studded with electric lights. In
the distance one can hear the strains of
a church organ playing "The Holy City,"
which is taken up and sung by Miss John
son. At the fiuish of the song, she step's
from the frame, the white robe falls from
her and she appears in a black velvet gown
outlined with 2-candle power electric
lights, with great large medalions worked
out with colored lights.
All told there are 300 electric lights
used on her dress which are operated by
concealed wires along the lloor of the
stage to the switch board.
In this elaborate gown she will sing
"Carirsima" and "Absent."
Later in the season Alliance theatre
goers may see this act put on for a try
our prior to her going on the road.
Don't forget the Country Fair at
Phelan Pack, Friday, July 31st.
Mascot for Battleship.
The crew of the monitor Wyoming
has been limiting for a mascot from
the state after which the vessel was
named, and now that crying need is
about to be satisfied. An article re
cently published in this paper concern
ing some young wolves that were
caught by the Boots boys was widely
copied, and in some way came to the
notice of the crew. Here was just the
chance they were looking for. Mr.
Boots has received a letter from the
gunner's mate of the vessel inquiring
whether one of the animals could be
had for the purpose. With commend
able state pride, he answered that he
would be glad to donate the best one,
and that if the Wyoming is as good a
fighter as the young mascot promises
to be it will be all off with the Japs in
a naval battle.
Arrangements for the shipment of
the pet have not yet been completed,
but Dewey for thus the cub has been
appropriately named will be forward
ed at no distant day. A native Wyo
ming wolf is about the best selection
that could be made for a fighting mas
cot for a war vessel bearing the name
Wyoming, and if it comes to a battle
on the seas no one need fear but the
name of this state will come through
with honor. Thermopolis Record.
No Equal.
Campbell Brothers Consolidated
Shows will be in Alliance August 3rd
and today these shows take their place
as the leaders. Money, time, patience,
perseverance and travel have all been
devoted toward placing their circus be
yond competition, . New and startling
features have been added to every line
of their entertainment; and in the rings,
ou the stage, in the air, and all about
you new and wonderful feats are per
formed by trained experts in their vari
ous lines. Hundreds of horses have
been added; all decked out in their glit
tering harnesses, numberless artists in
magnificent costumos, trained ele
phants, funnv clowns an J in tact every
thing that is new will be seen when
Campbell Brothers Consolidated Shows
exhibit here Monday, August 3. Big
street parade at 10 a.m. and two per
formances will be given at 2 and 8 p.m.
under water-proof tents, raiuor shine.
Mrs. C. R. Witham is visiting rela
tives in Seneca.
J. G. Beck is visiting friends and
relatives in Lead.
Miss Frances Nolan is on an extend
ed visit with friends in Lead.
Miss Leila Reed is visiting with rela
tives and friends this week in Phillips.
Engineer W. A. Bennett and family
are visiting relatives in Sidney for a
few days.
Fireman W. W. Moulton is spending
a few days with relatives in Dcadwood
this week.
Mrs. J. L. Overman and children
arc spending a few days in Denver, this
week with relatives.
Mts. G. W. Johnson mid children
nte on an extended visit with relatives
and friends 111 Ravenna,
Mrs. D. Fitzpatrick and children nte
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Han
cock of Spearfish this week.
Fireman Jay Carr left a few days
ago for his home in Broken Bow. It
is teported that Jay will soon become
a benedict.
Engineer 1. U. Hager and family
am sojourning in the Black Hills near
Rochford this week for a few days rest
and recreation.
Mrs. M. F. Nolan depat ted for Sher
idan on 41 Wednesday. She was ac
companied by her daughter, Ethel,
who has accepted a position as a sten
ographer in the store department at
that place.
Railroad Notes from Edgemont
Edgemont Express.
Engine 636 pulled the Garfield spe
cial to the Black Hills this week.
Machinist Ed. O'Donnell has left the
service and has gone to Livingstone to
F. S. Mahoney was a visitor to Hot
Springs this week and took in the big
plunges there.
P. S. Eustis, general passenger
agent of the Q system, was a passen
ger on Saturday to the National Park
along with a part'.
T. L. Berryhill, storekeeper at Al
liance, has been in Edgemont this
week on business for the company.
P. F. Wilson, an engineer on the
Deadwood line, has been transferred to
Alliance and will run out of there on
the main line.
Special car No. 84 has been here for
a week with J. C. Birdsell, superinten
dent, who has been looking after com
pany business.
Engine 313, which was sent to the
M. R. & W. Ry. compativ, has been
returned to the Burlington and will be
placed in commission on some of the
stub lines out of Lincoln.
Sunda at the Baptist church, G. C.
Jeffers pastor. Sunday school at 10
o'clock. Subject of morning discourse,
"From A to Z." The Lord's Supper
follows, when the hand of fellowship
will be given all new members. Young
peoplh's meeting at 7 o'clock. Even
ing sermon, "Old Testament History,"
illustrated with stereopticon, the last
in the series. Midweek prayer service
Thursday evening. A welcome to all
Mrs. Julia Turner is on the sick list.
Walter Langford visited at Frank
Vaughn's Monday.
Miss Amy Hashman visited in Alli
ance last Monday.
Mr. Damcie was a caller at Cal
Haslunan's Monday.
Mrs. A. W. Joy called at Calvin
Haslunan's last Friday.
Carl Hashman will complete his
house in a couple of weeks.
Preaching at the Unity church Sun
day at three o'clock sharp.
Carl Hashman was a guest of Miss
Ethel Hembey Sunday evening.
A fine old bachelor has been seen in
this neighborhood picking up junk.
J. W. Hashman while loading some
barrels of water hurt his foot quite
We are pleased over 1 the fine im
provements in this vicinity. There
are so many large dwellings being
Master Frankie Lester Hashman
visited at Mrs. Bessie Vaughn's last
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vaughn attend
ed Mr. Mabm's funeral at Hemingford
last Sunday,
It is a common occurrence to have a i
horseman ride up to your door and
order you to give him a drink and then
thon say:
Uph! Your father is an
Old ranchman, hay?
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
Following is the amount of money
received for the Sisters' Academy and
by whom paid. Much of this is only
part payment of subscriptions. The
committee is now out collecting and the
amount received will be published
Previously acknowledged $10,840.05
Cash....... , .. 10,00
M. P. Dalley 5.00
A. 1. Hrennan 25.00
C. G. Slagle 25.00
1 otal $10,905.05
New line of work shirts at the Com
missary. 3 t-tf.
For a pleasant evening's entertain
ment go to the Crystal Picture Parlors.
Wanted To buy a five or six room
house, or vacant lot. in the northwest
part of thecity.-W. II. Iloltz.
Stop on the corner by the Alliance
National bank and look southeast. Sec
the Commissary 6ign above the tree
tops. 205 Box Butte avenue. 3i-tf.
Girl Wanted at Alliance Steam
Laundry. 31-tf
Fresh bread ijt the Commissary, 205
Box Butte avenue. Phone 519. F. W.
Sciibner. 31-tf.
We always have money to loan on
farm'land and city property.
iS-tf F. E. Reddish.
Look for the Commissary nd in this
issuo and all other issues. It will do
us all some good. 3i-tf.
Try Pardy's Cottage Bread.
See F. E. Reddish for loans on real,
estate. 27-tf
Go to Pardy's Bakery for your Pics
and Cakes.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk
Do you wish to increase
your earning capacity
from $30 to $100? Cor
respond with Chadron
Academy, Chadron, Neb.
Are you behind in certain
branches of study? Come
to Chadron Academy and
let us even ou up.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Reduced prices on women's and
children's oxfords at the Commissary,
205 Box Butte avenue. 31-tf.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Pardy's Bakery is 114 We3t Montana
Less than a carload of tablets at the
Commissary. They are for sale. 31-tf
New line of so-cent dress shirts at
the Commissary. 3 i-tf.
Automobiles to Trade for Land
I have three automobiles to trade for
land. P. J. Clattehhuck,
28 Marsland, Neb.
L. Mantor, Chiropodist, Hotel Char
ters, Alliance, Nebr., removes corns,
warts und lupids without cutting.
Treats successfully bunions, ingrowing
toe nails, foeter, black heads, etc.
Young ladyl Do you want
to be a teacher or become
a better teacher? Write
to Chadron Academy,
Chadron, Neb.
Want to exchange some Omaha
properties for Kinkaid relinquishments
improved and stocked, near Alliance.
W. G. Vati Ness, Fort Morgan, Col. '
3- 2w
If you want to rent a
house, flat, store, or barn,
see S. . niller. He has
them. 30-tf.
For Rent.
Two nice furnished rooms.
Sweetwater Ave. Phone 559.
The John Hague Co., hardware, heat
ing and plumbing, also tin and galvan
ized work.
For a pleasant evening's entertain
ment go to the Crystal Picture Parlors.
New Machine Shop.
C. C. Tash & Co., practical machin
ists, have opened up a general repair
shop in Gadsby's carpenter shop, back
of Bogue's stote. They will give spe
oial attention to repairing automobiles,
guns and all kinds of machinery.
Reasonable charges and satisfaction'
guaranteed. Give him a call. Tele
phone 395. 32. tf
Pray for the thing you want, but
work for the thing you. must have.
You can flatter almost anyone (man
or woman) by saying, "You luvvc tem
perament." Complaining of the folly of fashion
is a's useless as complaining when the
weather is bad.
Nevor tell a friend anything that
would not look well in print with your
name signed to it.
You didn't have tho right kind of a
good time if you arc not good naturcd
the next day after you had it.
Working after you have had a few
glasses of beer in the middle of the day
is like trying to work after dark.
There are lots of men who seem
worthless until compared with n girl
who has just returned from n vacation.
One reason men do not tnko kindly
to prnying is, that when many women
pray, they "tnlk about" their husbands.
At sixteen a girl starts out to look for
a fairy prince, and nt twenty she mar
ries his valet, and thinks she has found
Talking with some men is like read
ing a patent medicine almanac; they
niako you think that everything is tho
matter with ou.
A boy soon loams that he can got
anything he wants from his mother by
asking for it out loud in his prayers,
but that he can't work his father that
It is surprising how many people die
at poor fnrms. And every one of them
fooled' his money away as you do, and
imagined he would be rich some day.
Life may be compared to traveling
on a railroad train and running the
risk of accidents, you finally reach the
station where you got off.
Once I miw tliN pom-ufal city through tlio
kIbmiiw lout by Jmvu,
A nillilor, softor suiishlnu stwiuod to Hood It
from u1mvi,
A cloml of roiimmv 'round It, iiuule Its bounty
far more fair,
IjIIjo a hihIiIi'Ii'm I'lmtms liulf hidden bylicr
llowtni; Koldmi Imlr.
Like 11 Mlont lioiu-dlutloii, blow tho i'ooIIiik
wimtorn brvue,
Whim my day of toll wasovor, and I rental tit
my uasu,
Now within snmu Minded cardun nowliuneuth
Mime friendly o:il;;
Ah! the 0110 who strolled beside iut, nnd the
thoughtless words wu hpoku.
ltift the hky grow dark with wnrnhiK and I
know thnt I must leave,
For tho first lime In my lonely life. I'd double
eiiuso tOKrlevu;
Tho heart wlihlu my Ikjsoiu and thu one thnt
lat for me,
ScvtntMl to love (heir mutual bonditKe, nor do-
hlro to o'er be free.
I .Vow my exile duys muovor; I've returned to
dwell 01100 more
In tho iMMicurtil little city where I found con
tent before
Hut tho dlllerenee-oli, how ghostly
I t'.iu senieo lielluvo roy eie.
l'ur without tho uhiss that lent il color, all Its
beauty dies.
It has lout Its cloud of romance, which was all
that made II fair,
StrlpiMsl now of its tlentt of fancy mid the
bones of fact laid bare;
Juat it uliUNtly, Krlnnlmr skeleton of my Ionic
dead desire,
MUe n nmoitlderlnt; ln?ap of ashes left of some
Kit'at forest lire.
Three companies of Wyoming mili
tia from Sheridan, passed through the
city today on their way to' Cheyenne,
where they will take part in the state
Take Notice.
All persons indebted to L. E. Bye
are requested to pay at once. Accounts
not settled by August 20 will be placed
in the hands of a collector.
Ees Tested and Glasses Fitted.
Of Interest To You
If you have a fine house or a fine horse, you try to
keep it in first class condition all the time, don't
you ? You know that the better its condition, the
longer it will serve you.
Why not treat your roof the same way?
If you have Ruberoid Roofing on your house, you
have unquestionably the best roofing made. It may
have been on your roof for years, untouched and un
cared for, because it has never given you any trouble.
Why not keep it In good condition? It will serve
you all the longer. A coat of
1 iliMuRi! I b. fuOJ.
will revitalize it and greatly prolong its life. Ruber
ine is the greatest preparation ever compounded for
this purpose. It restores, rejuvenates and revitalizes
the roofing and adds years to its term of service.
C. -&.. 3iTE:'XrBE!23E3"2"
Primary Election Notice.
Notice U hereby jjIvimi that ou Tuesday, tho
IVrst, dnyofSoptenilier. niH. n Primary Elec
tion will bo hold forltox lltittf County. Neb
raska for the purpose of numltiitlliiit candi
dates for the following ollh'es: and mnoml
nients: Klitlit Presidential Klectnrs.
One Oorenor,
One Lieutenant Governor.
O110 Secretary of Htute,
One Audltorof Public Account.
Onu Mute Treasurer.
Ouu Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Om Attorney Uencriil.
Ono Commissioner Public Lands nnd Utillil
InKH. Clio ltallwny Commhisloiier.
Ono CoiiKrensmuu for tfltth District.
Ono Stale Jtoremtntlvo for Mrd Ilepre
sentatlve District
One County Attorney.
Ono County Commissioner for 'Jml District.
Onu Itoad Overseer for each Koad Dlatrlct.
Alio, for or iiKuhist 11 proMed amendment
to section nine t), article ctnlit (8), of tho
Constitution of tlib State of Ncbranhii with
reference to the Investment of tho per
manent school fund. Also, for or attains! a
proposed amniidment to sections two Oil, four
U), Ilvo (5). six ((I), and thirteen (l.i) of iirtlclo
six ((l)of the Constitution of tho Htatoof Ne
braska with reference to nn Increase In tho
number of .IimIkos of tho Supremo Court, pro
ldliiK for their nppolntmoiits, terms, reM
deucoand compensation of tlio.ludK'os of tho
Supremo and District Courts.
Whloh election will bo opened at It M and
wilt t'ontliiiio open until it o'clock In the oven
Imk. Dated this loth day of July, IPOS.
W. 0. MOUNT.
33-nw County Clerk.
ij' Noncii.
lleforo T, A. ltorry, County .twlgo In nud for
Itox Ilutto County Nebraska.
State of Nebraska 1 u
Itox Ilutto county V
In the Mntter of the Kstato of Joseph U,
Oram, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested In the Kstute of
.loseph II. Oram, Deceased!
Whereas Carrln I' Oram of Washington.
District of Columbia, has (lied Inmyotllceu
petition with it certltled and authenticated
copy of the last will und tostamoiit of nl
Joseph H. Oram and a certllled und authenti
cated trunsoi I pt of tho probation of said will
by tho Huproinn Court of tho District of Co
lumbia ullacbeo. praylilK to huvo tho sauio
admitted to probate and for tho Issuing of let
ters of administration with tho will annexed
to John U'Kvefn of Alliance. Itox Ilutto Conn,
ty, rsebruska. which will relates to both per
sonal and real estate.
I Ituvo thoreforo appointed tho 17th day of
AiiKiist ipo at 0 o'clock a.m.. at the county
court room In said county, as tho time and
p aco for hearinif said will at which time and
place you und all concerned may appear and
contest tho allowing of tho same.
It Is rurllior ordered that said petitioner Klvo
nolleo to all persons Interested In Mild estate
of tho pendency of this petition, mid the tliim
11ml place set for tho hearltiK of tho same, by
i'iiuhIiiu a copy of this order tfbo published In
the Al lance llorald, a newspaimr printed and
published In said county, for three weeks i'
cesslvely previous to tho day set for tho
In witness whureof I have hereunto sot my
hand and olllclal seal (Ids ,'Mtli day of.luly
WW. I.. A. Heiiitv.
SKA 1.1
'p July :i0-3w
County . I udtfe
Man and wife wanted for
work on ranch. Inquire
at The Herald of f ice. 31-2
Husic adds happiness ev
erywhere. Chadron Acad
emy Conservatory of Mu
sic, Chadron, Nebraska, is
near at hand and can
really help you.
svksv -st -
Krug extra pale beer, $4.50 per ca3e,
pints or quarts; $1.20 back for empties.
Luxus, ?5.25 per case, S1.20 back for
empties. Good whiskev, S3 a gallon:
better whiskey S4 per gallon. F. O. B.
Bridgeport, Neb. Addtess 1. I Fowl
ston, Bridgeport, Neb, 284
Have you seen that washing machiue
yet? Easiest running machine made.
Only S7.00. At A. D. Rogers. 23-tf.
" -r. -W-s (4
Let thejohn Hague company figure
on your tin and galvanized iron work;
also plumbing and heating.
House and Lot for Sale
New house, just completed, situated
in the northwest part of Alliance. For
particulars, inquire phone 28q. 39. tf
Have you tried Nohe's bread? 26-tf
The John Hague Co. Windmills,
Pumps ataJJIardware.
A bath at home should take as well
as one at far "Cathay." You can get
it at Nation's reservoir south Alliance,
so get your bathing suits and hike for
there. It will only cost you a quarter
to swim as long as you like. Ready
August 1st. Water will ha Hiri tn
six feet deep. 33-it.