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Visitors Come from Near and Far to
Enjoy the Festivities of the Day
in Alliance Other Places Also
Tell of Large Crowds and Inter
esting Events.
The glorious Fourth of July with its
patriotism and red fire has come aud
gono aud another year is added to the
government's age. Wo can say that as
Alliance figured in its observance and
celebration, it was one of great pleasure
to all. There were two disappointments
in the program. The balloon man and
the Ravenna balteam failed to come.
Aside from this disappointmentDthe big
time went through as advertised. In
place of the Ravenna team, whose
manager wired late Friday that on ac
count of the illness of three of its play
crs they would be compelled to cancel
the date, the Morrell team was secured
and perhaps as good a game took place
as would have with Ravenna.
The Fourth was a glorious day, to
say the least. The gentle breeze that
wafted over the land was cool and re
freshing, and nature seemed in most
pleasant humor for the day's celebra
tion. At sunrise and even long before,
the booming of cannon and monster
firecrackers aroused the inhabitants,
reminding them of the anniversary of
'76, when the American people for the
first time were able to throw off the
shackles of an oppressive nation and
assume their independence.
At 9:30 o'clock a. m the grand par
ade formed just east of the Hila Grand
hotel. There Were many attractive
features in ths display, one of the most
noticeable .being the automobile line-up
which included more than twenty ma
chines. There were several handsome
displays, among: Iheoii being that of Dr.
Bellwood, whijSn was artistically decor
ated with bunting and flags, winning
first prize.
A pleasing feature of the parade was
the float representing the states, with
Mrs. John Wiker as Goddess of Liber-'-"ty."
The!HttleJfblksdid Well and de
serve much credit.
Miss Inice McCorkle won the prize
for the most handsomely decorated
buggy. It surely was a dream of
beauty, the white and red contrast.
The "Merry J'ane" combination was
a great attraction in the parade and
the fact that they
the genuine stuff
most ridiculous.
Dickinson's sweet
were advertised as
made the situation
Kelly's smile and
feminine voice im
pressed the audience all along the line.
Pierson's creamy complexion gave
an artistic contrast to the lovely gown
he wore. Ray Dietlein, too, came in
for much applause in the stub nose so
lovingly poked out from the bonnet he
wore. George Darling's real red, red
attire caught the gang and Dear
George became a favorite from the
start. At last reports Monday night
Guthrie was still a "Jane." While
some of the girls were quite homely
and there were evidences of unusually
big feet they nevertheless ought to
have had a prize, even if it was only a
leather medal,
James Graham seemed to be the fav
orite in the trades display and was
awarded a prize for the same.
The business houses of the city made
some very artistic displays on the
Fourth, among them being Horace
Bogue who won the $15 prize. The
design represented Uncle Sam in one
of the large display windows and the
Goddess of Liberty in the other, both
life size. The decorations around the
figures were emblems of liberty and the
like. At the toot of Uncle Sam were
fruits of the soil that signified wealth
and prosperity, with words on a pla
card which read, "The World at His
After the parade the people gathered
at the Rumer building where the speak
ing and singing took place. Capt.
W. R. Akers was introduced and in a
most interesting manner defined the
spirit of the occasion that inspired the
American people to remember the an
niversary of the nation's freedom. The
music too was of a patriotic nature and
the large audience expressed its ap
preciation by hearty applause.
The noon hour found all ready to do
justice to a full feast and nearly every
place in the city was liberally patron
ized, besides many private houses were
the scenes of happy gatherings.
At one o'clock the races took place
on Box Butte avenue and drew forth
a large crowd of spectators.
In the 75-yard foot race for boys
under 12 years the winners were: First
prize, Wm. Beach; second, Michael
Nolan, Ross Putjnan, 4
In place of the girls' race a boys'
race for contestants under 18 years
was substituted, which resulted as fol
lows: First prize, Na,tc Taylor, col
ored; second, Wm. Putman third,
Cecil Blair.
100-yard dash open to all first
prize, Wm. Connors; 'second, , Frank
In the so-yard dash Jud Laravic
won first prize and Frank Connors
second. .,
The 120-yard hurdle race attracted
the greatest interest and was won by
Jud Laravic and Will Connors.
The relay taco was won by Frank
and Will Connors aud Jud Laravic, the
Lukchardt team second.
The three-legged race created great
laughter and the way the boys stumbl
ed over each other in their efforts to
win the prizes was interesting. The
winners were: Elmer Reed, first; John
Armstrong, second; Cecil Blair, third.
The sack race elicited great laughter
and was most exciting. The winners
were Richard Young, Max Thornton
and Phillip Putmau.
Next the interest centered iu the po
tato race, iu which several urchins
hurried to beat the band trying to out
do each other iu the contest. The
winners were: John Armstrong, first;
Tom Richards, second; Jas. Washing
ton, third.
The fire dcpaitmcnt next took an in
ning interesting the spectators with a
hose cart race that showed the boys to
bo as active as ever in getting over
ground and making hose couplings.
The races at the track west of the
city was the next attraction and the
crowd was soon transported to that
place to witness the contests and cheer
the winners. Following were the con
tests and the winners:
Relay horse race, Homer Wilson, T.
V. Richards.
Half-mile dash, Ben Froeshla, Ar
thur Roach, George Roach.
Saddle horse race, Putman, Peer,
Joder. '
Half-mile pony race, King, Ross
Putman, H. Worley.
Half mile trot, Cook, Koons, Owens.
Quarter-mile dash, Zediker, .Wesley,
Umbrella race, T'hurston, Lester,
Girls' saddle horse race, Miss Under
wood. Sl'l
The Morrill base" ball team put in its
appearance in the afternoon of the
Fourth and proved to be a hugky lot of
players. The game was called at 3
o'clock with Morrill at the bat. It was
evident from the start that the Alliance
team had game that was their size. A
large audience both in the grand stand
and on the bleachers assisted the play
ers with tremendous applause and when
the first inuing was over Morrill had
rolled up seven scores. During the
inning a dispute arose over the umpire's
decision aud several of the visitors left
the field and went to town. It was a
critical moment for the management
and what to do was the rub. Finally
the ill feeling was overcome' and game
resumed. But the Morrill team did
the business at the bat sending the ball
in every direction, over the fence and
far out in the field and made the score
look like a mountain when the game
was finished, it being 23 to 8. Sunday
afternoon a second game was played
by the teams. This time the story was
different. The Alliance players were
in better trim and defeated Morrill by
a score of 8 to 2. Dr. Copsey did the
The fireworks exhibition took place at
the Rumer building in the evening and
hundreds of people enjoyed the demon
stration which was fully up to expec
tations. The dance at the old Rumer building
was carried on during the afternoon
and evening and the young people trip
ped the light fantastic to their heart's
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
Following is the amount of money
received for the Sisters' Academy and
by whom paid. Much of this is only
part payment of subscriptions. The
committee is now out collecting and the
amount received will be published
Previously acknowledged ,$10,365.05
National Live Stock' ... ' 50.00
Rosenbaum Bros. & Co... .'.... ' 25.00
A. Hill, Jr........ .., , 500
Alliance Electric Co. ...... .., 5000
t. E. Tash 50 00
Total $10,545.0?
Attempted Wreck of
Passenger Train 42
Engineer Mike Nolan Saves the Lives
of His Passengers by Timely
Passenger train No. 42 which was
quite late Tuesday morning came upon
a lot of tics and other material piled
and nailed across the track near Bird
sell. Engineer Mike Nolan discovered
the obstruction just in time to avert
serious results. As it was, tho pilot of
the engine was almost torn off in strik
ing a go-pound steel rail at a rate of 35
miles an hour. Eight ties and other
articles of obstruction along half mile
on the track east of Birdsell showed
the determination of the culprits to per
petrate an accident that would have
meant awful destruction and heavy loss
of life.
Who are guilty of this work of at
tempted destruction is not known, or
the motive therefore. The railway
company is working on the case. For
tunately, the train was so late that it
was daylight when Birdsell was reached.
In the darkness of the night the result
would doubtless have beeumore serious.
It is said that there was a shipment of
gold on board from the Ilomestcak
The high-speed brake used on the
passenger engines of the Burlington
was most effective in this event for
with it Engineer Nolan was able to
bring the train down from a speed of
45 miles an hour to 35 in a distance of
less than 250 feet. When the heavy
steel rail was struck it was snapped in
two like a thread. One part was hurled
from one side of the track while the
other was sent with such force as ,fo
drivo it into the ground at a distance of
six feet. This high-speed brake was
adopted by tho Burlington about three
years ago and is a great source of
protection for the safety of its patrons
and especially when men like Miko
Nolan are at the throttle. '
Who attempted this terrible wreck is
, . . i ., ..1
uukuuwu, uui wua ever mey are, b
the universal sentiment that they in ay.
sdbn tic apprehended and brought I to
justice, and let every officer of the la'-vV
in 'flfe "state lend a hand in
Arrested on Charge
of Attempting Rape
Volley Wilson was arrested at Merna
last week and brought to ths city Friday
where he is wanted on the charge of at
attempting rape on the person of Mrs.
Daffron Miller, the wife of Brakcman
Miller, who has been working out of
Alliance, It is alleged that Mrs. Miller
was overcome by Wilson at her home
in the east part of the city where Wil
son also resides. This occurred on June
20. The screams of the lady attracted
some women who came to her rescue.
Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Miller arranged
for a trip to St. Joe and Kansas City
together and Volley went over to as
sist Mrs. Miller with her grips.
Volley Wilson went to Merna where
he was taking part in the horse races
being held for several days.
Wilson had a preliminary hearing
beforejudge Berry last Monday and now
placed under bond of $5,000 to appear
for trial August 3.
J. C. Wilson, father of Volley, went
bail for his son.
Screw Loose in
His Upper Story
' A stranger appeared at the county
treasurer's office Monday afternoon
with the story of woe and no money to
relate. To Miss Madaline Carey, the
deputy treasurer, he told of having
come from California to Denver where
he was looking for a money order from
relatives in Chicago but he was not
able to make his way to that city. He
wanted money enough to telegraph and
Miss Carey accomodated him with 60
cents. The stranger then went to the
postoffice and asked for a money order
for ?36 and after the clerk had pre
pared it he told her he could not give
her the money till the following day
and of course the deal was off. The
man with many troubles then returned
to the county treasurer's office and
asked for more money with which to
eat and secure a bed. Sheriff Wiker
was in the court house at the tjme and
the stranger was referred to him. The
reply he received from the sheriff was
ttf the effect that he would soon have a
bunk in the county jail if he, did not
make bimselt scarce. This be did and
ho has not been seen since. Evidently
the stranger hnd a screw loose in tho
upper story. When Miss Carey re
fused to assist him the second time ho
threw back the Go cents sho gave him
aud felt sorely offended.
Collar Bone Broken.
Geo. Williams, who is employed on
the Barber ranch, near Kcnomi, was
brought to tho Boy Butte hospital Mon
day night suffering with a broken col
lar bone, tho result of bciug thrown
from a horse in a race at that placo tho
Fourth of July. Williams suffered
considerable paiu during the long trip
to tho hospital but is now rcstiug easy
and will recover in duo time. Tho
collar bono was broken in two places,
The Bloomers Coming.
The Bloomer base ball team, com
posed of women players, is advertised
to play two games in this city, Tuesdav
and Wednesday of next week. Tho
girls put up a good game of ball and
there is no doubt will make the Al
liance team scratch gravel to win,
The Alliance team will go to Bridge
port next Sunday for a game with tho
club at that place. It is likely a special
train will bo chartered for tho occasion
and a largo crowd of Alliance pcoplo
will attend.
Musical Entertainment
and Lecture' July 13th
An pntertainment to take the place
of the Peru State Normal institute
which was scheduled to appear Juno
23, will be given at the Phelan opera
house Monday evening, July 13. The
entertainment will consist of vocal and
instrumental selections by the best
talent Alliance affords, and a lecture
by State Superintendent McBrien.
Emile Sandose Shot
in Sheridan County
Ralph Newman shot and badly in
jured Emile Sandose, sr., well known
in Alliance where he often comes,,, in
the sand hills south of Ruehville last
Friday! Newrfian had 'som'trouble
vvih the younger Sandose and went to
his house to have it out. The elder
Sandose came out to try to dissuade
Nowman when the latter turned and
fired. . ,
Sandose has since died and his
murderer is at large. Stories arc con
flicting aB to the cause of the shooting.
One is that young Sandose had circu
lated reports that Newman was seen
bathing in a stream near by in company
with a woman, and homestead filing
troubles is assigned as a cause.
Fred Young Goes to Boise-City, Idaho.
Fred Young surprised his friends iu
this city last Monday morning with the
announcement that he would leave
Tuesday morning tor Boise City, Idaho,
where he bought a jewelry store recently
conducted by J. T. Evans, who was a
resident of Alliance several years ago.
Fred left at once to take charge of his
new purchase and he leaves behind a
host of warm friends who will wish him
well in his new location. Mr. Young
has resided in that city for two years
and is not a total stranger to the cap
ital city or the surrounding country.
What are you doing with
yourself? Classical, sci
entific, normal, business
and musical courses. Ex
penses light! Teachers
fine !! Near at hand !!!
Send for catalog. Chad
ron Academy, Chadron,
Bitten by a Snake.
Joe Carey, who lives just south of
Btonco lake, was bitten by a snake
this morning, while at work about a
plow he was hitching to. The ser
pent was under the plow and when
Mr. Carey reached down to lift it the
snake bit him in the right arm. He at
once came to town and Dr. Bowman
displelled all danger of serious results
from the poison. While his arm is
quite badly swollen, Mr. Carey will re
cover without doubt.
Do you wish to increase
your earning capacity
from $30 to $100? Cor
respond with Chadron
Academy, Chadron, Neb.
Prisoners Break Jail
and Make Escape.
Tho Fourth of July should bo christ
ened jail delivery day. At least this
seems to bo the popular holiday for
escape of this kind in Box Butte county.
Last Saturday night or Sunday
morning tho prisoners in the county
jail succeeded in making their escape
from that coop by prying holts and re
moving the brick work. Thosa who
escaped were:
Ben Roberts,, awaiting trial for
forgery of a check on Chas. Tully.
Ed Hardin, burglarizing Dcsh's meat
Harvey Rcnswold and Harry Hass
who recently broko into tho safe at
Gregg & Wright's feed store.
Billy Suowdcn who was captured last
week at Girard where he broko into tho
box car depot.
George Rowland, who was to bo sent
to tho reform school for stealing at tho
junior normal.
Besides these thoro woro iu jailVollcy
Wilson and Paul Wood who did not
make their escape, Wilson was sit
ting on tho fence near tho jail when
Sheriff Wiker camo down the morning
of the jail delivery.
Just how tho delivery was dono is
not known, hut it seems as if one of
the men who escaped had an accom
plice on the outside. It is thought that
Snowdcn was released first and that
he secured a shovel or some other in
strument, pried open the cell door and
removed the brick from the outer wall.
Later on the other four prisoners wero
released by Suowdcn who weut to the
railroad and secured a heavy bar with
which the escape of the others was
Rensvold, Hass and Rowland went
west and turned up at Hcmingford the
next day where they applied in the
evening at the livery stable for a place
to sleep. They wero at once appre
hended and brought back by tho officers.
But Snowdcn, Roberts and Hardin,
however, have made good their escape.
Officers Lang and Cox in company
with Sheriff Wiker began an active
campaign at once Sunday for the cap
ture of the escaped prisoners with the
result as above stated.
, Jt wquld seem as something ought to
be done in the way of more security.
This 'is becoming all together too com
mon. We need a new jail, lets build
Master Mechanic L. Bartlett spent
Tuesday in Edgemont.
W. A. Dayis is on an extended visit
with relatives in Lincoln,
Mrs. Hlavacek and children are vis
iting relatives in Chadron.
Fireman Joe Bogan is spending a
few days at his old home iu Sutton.
Mrs. D. Fitzpatrick aud children are
visiting friends in Denver this week.
G. L. Hartman and wife are spend
ing a few days in Bridgeport, this week.
G. J. Burke, of the superintendent's
office left today for a brief visit to
Brakeman Thos, Berckhemer left
Tuesday for a short visit with relatives
in Omaha.
Mrg. A. J. McCue left Monday even
ing for a weeks visit with her parents
in Falls City.
Mrs. M. E. Garrison and children
will leave in a few days for a visit with
friends iu Marsland.
Trainmaster M, O. Joder and familv
arrived today from an extended visit
with relatives in Michigan.
Mrs, E. E, Gleason and children are
on an extended visit with relatives and
friends in Lincoln and Omaha,
W. T. Schlupp and wife arrived on
belated 43 Tuesday evening1 from a
very pleasant trip to St. Joseph.
E. A. Lukehardt, C. A. Johnson,
Ed Dcmpsey, P. Hogan, L. H. Hutton,
Ed Smith and W. B. Stevens are new
employes as brakemen.
J. L. Overman of the shop force has
been transferred to Deadwood as night
roundhouse foreman in place of F. C.
Wood who will return here to resume
duties of engineer.
Lawn Social.
'The ladies of the Catholic
will give a lawn social on the
age lawn, Thursday evening,
Eyerybody invited.
Are you behind in certain
branches of study? Come
to Chadron Academy and
let us even you up.
Have Colo photograph your homo
while tho grass is green to send to your
relatives and friends from back cast
and tako advantage of tlie cheap rates.
20-2t r.
Jordan sharpens lawn mowers. aStf
Wanted To buya five or six room
houso, or vacant lot, in tlie northwest
part of tho city. W. H. Holtz.
Wo always have money to loan on
farm land aud city property.
i8-tf F. E. Rnnmsli,
When you want a carriage or vehicle
of any kind repaired remember that
Jordan & Son of Alliance is the only
firm in the city that is doing first-claBS
work in this Hue, 28-tf
Try Pardy's Cottage Bread.
For Rent Four-room houso on Mis
souri aye Christian Matz, 28-4t
Go to Pardy's Bakery for your Pies
and Cakes,
Seo F. E.
Reddish for loans on real
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk'
Just received, a car of famous John
Dcero & Velio buggies that will ho sold
at a sacrafico or will trade for horses.
5i-tf J. R. Joudan.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Don't forgot that Jordan Be Son do
first-class carriago painting, and car
riage and wagon repair work, 27-tf
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
Pardy's Bakery is 114 West Montana
The Denver Times delivered to your
house every day for 65c per month.
Leave your order at tho Bee Hivo store.
Have you tried Nohe's bread? 2G-tf
The John Hague Co. Windmills,
Pumps and Hardware,
Havo you Been that washing machine
yet? Easiest running machine made.
Only S7.00. At A. D. Rogers. 23-tf.
For a pleasant evening's entertain
ment go to the Crystal Picture Parlors.
Don't forget that Jbrdan & Son do
first-class carriage painting and car
riage and wagon, repair, work. 27-tf
Krug.extra4JaJfl.bcr, $4. 30 per case,
pints or quarts; 1.20, back for empties.
Luxus, J5.25 per case, $1. 20 back for
empties. Good whiskey, $3 a gallon:
better whiskey $4 per gallon. F. O. B.
Bridgeport, Neb. Address J. P. Fowl
ston, Bridgeport, Neb. 28-4
Lost, on the Fourth of July, hand
satchel containing a child's gray dress
skirt and white waist. Finder will
please leave at this office. 30-tf
Forty acres of hay laud to lease.
Fpr further particulars inquire of P. J.
Let the John Hague company
on your tin and galvanized iron
also plumbing and heating.
Cook Wanted
Wanted Cook or second girl. In
quire at The Herald office. 29 tf
For Sale at a Bargain
A good two-seated family carriage,
rubber tires, full .leather top, leather
spring cushions and backs, never been
used very much. Phone 16 or address
Lock Box 677, Alliance. 2g-it
Housb and Lot for Sale
New house, just -completed, situated
in the northwest part of Ajliauce. For
particulars, inquire phone 28q. ag-tf
B. E. Johnson of Hem
ingf ord returned this week
from Omaha, where he
purchased two cars of
mowers and binders of the
Johnson and Acme manu
facture, also a large supply
of twine. It will pay those
in need of such machinery
to call and inspect his line
and get prices.
If you want to rent a
house, flat, store, or barn,
see S. . niller. He has
them. 30-tf.
For a pleasant evening's entertain
ment go to. ithe Crystal Picture Parlors.
For Rent
Two nice furnished rooms.
Sweetwater Ave., Phone 559.
Wanted GlrJ for general housework
on ranch, or dould use man .and wife.
Inquire of Nebcaskfc Land company,
Alliance, or address E. C. Pringle,
Berea, Neb. 3o-2t