The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, May 07, 1908, Image 3

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Spring Has Come
and now is the time to get busy
We have a large assortment of
in packages
Sweet Corn
also Onion Sets in large quantities
We want your trade
of Hemingford, Nebr.
Our first consideration The safety of the funds de
posited with us.
Our next To take care of the legitimate demand for
money to carry on business in our territory. Wo want well secured
conservative loans from ranchmen, farmers and merchants, all the time.
Our depositors, whose balances are good, receive spe
cial recognition when they become borrowers, both in the length of time
given and tha rate of interest charged. A deposit account iu some good
bank is a business necessity.
No one conveniently located to Hemingford can afford
not to be a customer of the First State Hank.
We have a savings bank for every boy and girl
in the county. $1.00 opens an account. Write
for particulars or call in person.
Owing to the fact that our patronage has increased
nearly one-third in the last 30 clays, we would kindly
ask patrons to give us their orders as early as pos
sible. Phones 131a and 131b.
Palace Meat Market
S. H. DESCH, Prop.
Oil Magnate Avers That He Bought
No Railroad Stock for Conspiracy
Purposes and Asks That He Be
Granted Damages,
Stilt Lake, May 5. H. H. Rogers
and James Stlllman, named as defend
tints with the Harriman and other
railroads in the so-called merger suit
of tho government, filed their answers
In the federal court hero. They, with
13. H. Harriman, Jacob Schlff and oth
ers, and the Union Pacific, Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fo, Southern Pa
cific and other railroads are charged
with unlawful conspiracy In attempt
ing to gain control of othor railroads
and rostraln and control commerce be
tween tho states. Mr. Rogers makes
a swooping danlal of ovary allegation
and deuiandit that the caso against
him be dismissed because ho Is not
a resident of tho Utah district and
therefor not within tho jurisdiction of
tho court. He also asks that he bo
granted oosts and damages for Injury
to his character by reason of the al
legations made against him.
He denies Umt ho Is or aver was a
member of any body of men who at
tempted to gain control and restrain
commerce and tram o betwocn tho
states or that ho ovor bought Into
any railroad to gain oontrol. He acV
mlts that us bought hMTlly into tha
Atchison, Topekn and Santa Fo, but
says that ho did so purely a an In
vestment, aven though tha purchase
was heavy anough in soma oases to ab
sorb half the stock, and thoro was not
the slightest latent to conspire or gain
control to an unlawful an. Mr. Rog
ers gives as his belief, through Infor
mation and observation, that no one
of tho defendants in tha big mergor
suit had any Idea of creating a com-
bln for the unlawful control of tha
Southern Pacific. H denies acquaint
ance with all deals made prior to Oct
S, 1901, the data he became a director
and before which time the government
claims that all tha attempts to gain
control wore made. St&ca that time.
Uogor avers, aelthor ha, Harrlmau,
Stlllman, Kuan. Ifrlck or W. A. Clarke
have mado In aayway an efTort to got
control of tha road'. Similar adnila
slons aad denials are mado concern
ing the purchases of Ualoa Pacific
stock through Kuan, Looa & Co. and
tha Oregon Short Lino.
James Stlllman, whoao answer was
also Mod, follows tint lines laid down
by Mr. Rogers, admitting Invostmonts
of money, but donylng a monopolistic
or other unlawful purpoao. Mr. Stlll
man became a director of the Union
Pacific Dec. d, 1907.
Adjourns Without Reaching Conclusion
on Currency Question.
Washington, May 6. Tho Republic
an members of the house of repre
sentatives wore In caucus for throe
hours last night In an effort to agree
upon a plan for currency legislation,
but adjourned without achieving any
doflnlto results. Tho meeting was
early resolved Into a conference and
proceeded with the understanding that
tho result, whatever It might be.
should not bo binding upon members.
There was a largo attendance, hut no
very tuarkod enthusiasm, except of a
personal character, when Sponkor
Cannon took tho floor. It was ovldent
from thu boglnnlug that there woro so
many mombcru who would desire to bo
heard that it would ha Impossible to
reach a conclusion at ono Bitting, and
it was unanimously agreed to adjourn
until S o'cloak tonight. A number of
speeohes for and against tha resolu
tion wore heard, notably ono by
Speaker Oannon warmly supporting It.
Bennett (N. Y.) offered a resolution
that the cauoua approve the underly
ing prtuclplo of tha Vreeland bill,
namely, the use of commercial ptipor
as a currency basis, favor tho creation
of a curronoy commission and declare
for tho appointment of a commtttoo
of the house to drnft a temporary cur
rency bill for present consideration,
that committer ta report within flva
Watson (InU.) proposed a rule giv
ing ono hour nud twenty minutes for
debate, to bo divided equally bctweon
Fowler amd Vreeland.
Prince (111.) offerod a resolution de
claring the meeting to be a confer
ence, not a caucus, and stipulating
that thoso present should not be bouad
Individually In future by anything
that might be agreed to or reject la
the conference.
Speaker Cannon roso and was warm
ly applauded. Ha eald tho question
raised by Prlnca had often been
raised beforo. Ho said that a majority
or a minority may rofuso to ha bound;
that thoro waa no way to coerce any
member; that each member had tho
right to glvo such weight to tha con
census of opinion as ha thought tight;
that a caucus ana a conference rvre the
same, because no one oould be held' to
the action of either.
Vroeland saw ao objactlou to
PTluce'a resolution. He said that If a
member did not want to be bound by
the action of his party associates ha
did not have to be.
The Prlnca resolution was thoa
adopted unanimously, as was tha time
resolution offered by Watson.
Townsond (&lch.) moved that o
Thursday evening tha Republican
members meet In caucus to decide tho
attltudo of tho majority on nn antl
injunction bill. Tho motion was ruled
out of order.
Hartford Flro Insuranco Compnny.
North American of I'hlladulpliia.
Phoenix of Hlooklyn. Now York.
Continental of Now York Olty.
Miiparu Klro Insuranco Company.
Conuocticutt Klro
Commercial Union Assurance Co., London
Liverpool. London nnd Globe Ins. Co.
Herman American Ins. Co., New York.
Now Hiunpuhlro
Columbia Fire Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix lus. Co., Hartford, Conn
Office Uo-Stairs.Flctchcr Mock.
JfflJJi JJ if (
mamtomBtfgtiiGJmtzzg3ik -ma m i
Transfer Line
Secures Release from Asylum Until
Case is Settled.
Poughkeopslo, N. Y., May 5. Tem
porarily, at least, Harry K. Thaw 13
out of the Mntteawan asylum for tho
criminal Insane. As a result of the
proceedings on the writ of habeas cor
pus brought in an effort to havo him
declared sane, ho will remain In
Dutchoss county jail until tho final de
cision on the writ 1b handed down.
Tho formal hearing In tho case will
como before the supreme court hero
next Monday." Tho adjournment was
taken upon the requost of a represent
ative of tho district attorney of New
York county to glvo District Attorney
Jerome an opportunity to appeur in
person to oppose Thaw's roleaso from
tho asylum. In tho meantime Thaw
will remain In the county jail here in
stead of being returned to Matteawnn.
Thaw appeared to bo In excellent
health, having gained fully twenty
pounds In weight since his transfer to
the asylum from the Tombs.
One of the Interesting features of
the proceedings was an announcement
that Evelyn Nesblt Thaw, although
she has brought suit for annulment of
her marriage, will appear If necessary
as n witness in her husband's behalf.
4Uiilj3Zf-XUti!eilCk& ' '- J
Household goods
mnvprl nrnmnHu
:SrMJ and transfer work
&Li& solicited. Phone i
Frank Wallace, Prop'r.
Palace Livery Bsurn.
C. C. SMITH, Prop.
(Successor to S. II. Dcsch)
Good turnouts, strict attention to our business,
and courteous treatment to all lias won for us the
excellent patronage we enjoy. Trv us.
Checkered Front
OSCAR BRAMAN . Proprietor.
Battleships Leave Santa Cruz for San
Santa Cruz, Cal., May 5. The Atlan
tic battleship fleet was united onco
more when tho ships of the second
squadron arrived from Monterey and
the flotilla of six destroyers joined it
from San Pedro, the latter after one
of the stormiest voyages of the cruise
The second squadron, headed by the
Alabama, flying the flag of Rear Adml
ray Sperry. came across Monterey
bay, arriving at 5:30 p. m. yesterday.
The flotilla came In at 1:30. Admiral
Thomas moved from the Connecticut
to the Minnesota. The Connecticut
will proceed to Monterey and take on
board Admiral Evans, who returns to
resume command of the fleet. No
ceremonies whatever will attend tho
return of Rear Admiral Evans.
The fleet will sail for San Francisco
this afternoon, arriving off the light
ship at the entrance about 9 p. m.
They will anchor there until the morning.
Cleveland Steadily Gains.
Lakewood, N. J., May 5. Former
President Grover Cleveland continues
steadily to recover from an attack of
digestive trouble, which has prevented
him from returning to his Princeton
home All reports from the Lakewood
hotel were to the effect that he cou
tinues to improve and that his condi
tion Is not alarming
Ten Inches of Snow In Wyoming.
Cheyenne, May 5. About ten inches
of snow has fallen here The precipi
tation Is general throughout the state
and is of great benefit to the farmers.
State Troops Ordered to Burley To
bacco District.
Columbus, O., May C Threats to
burn tho towns of Abor"dcen and Hig
ginsport, emanating from unknown
sources, but resulting from the bitter
warfnro In the burley tobacco district
of Ohio and Kentucky, are largoly re
sponsible for an ordor Issued by Gov
ernor Harris to Adjutant General
Crltschfleld to dispatch troops to tho
towns montloned. Troop B of Colum
bus felt for the scene of threatened
troublo this morning at 5 o'clock. Cap
tain R. W. Knauss has fifty cavalry
men In his command. Compnnlos F
of tho First regiment of Cincinnati
and Batavia are also said to bo await
ing orders.
Tho request for troops was mado by
Sheriff Randall of Brown county. A
mass meeting of tho tobacco growers
of Kentucky across tho Ohio river
from Brown county Is to bo held to
night. Tho meeting Is said to bo
planned to induce the growers to Join
in the movement not to rniso any to
bacco this season and the Ohio Inde
pendent growers, who have refused to
join the movement, fear that there may
be an invasion of the state following
the meeting.
Connecticut Will Be for Taft.
Hartford, Conn., May C The Re
publican state convention, when It
chooses fourteen delegates to Chicago
today, will instruct its delegates to
vote and work for the nomination of
Secretary of War William H Taft for
the presidency. This instruction will
be Incorporated In the platform and
means the throwing aside of a prece
dent. At the same time tho conven
tion probably will override the do
sires of United States Senators Bulk
eley and Brandege and refuse to send
them to Chicago, because their atti
tude toward Mr. Taft has been non
committal. Big Bond Issue Is Authorized.
Salt Lake. May 6. At a meeting of
the stockholders of the Union Pacific
railway, at which 7C per cent of the
stock was represented, the directors
were authorized to Issue $100,000,000
in bonds for Improvement of the sys
tem and for the purchase of tho Kan
sas and Western and the Topeka and
Northwestern roads.
Frisco Employes Laid Off.
Springfield, Mo., May 6. Two thou
sand' employes of the Si. Louis and
San Francisco railroad shops here
were laid off for an Indefinite period.
The reason assigned by the company
for the shutdown is financial depres
sion. Mount Etna In Violent Eruption.
Messina, May C. The erup'tlon of
Mount Etna continues, accompanied
by numorous earth shocks. The deto
nations have terrified the people llv
Ing In tho villagos in the vicinity of
the volcano and they are camping In
the op:n air.
Railroads Seeking Aid o Business
Men Meet Dilemma.
York, Neb., May 4. Tho employes
of tho Chicago nud Northwestern rail
road of this city, who circulated n pe
tition to bo signed by business men,
shippers and citizens of York and York
county, asking for it let-up In antl
rntlroad legislation and that no more
petitions be mado for lower freight
rates on the ground that it meant u re
duction of salaries to employes, did
not mcit with tho reception nor bo
cure the number of signatures tho ofll
dais of the rallrond hoped it would
get. The rsprcBontntlve of tho com
pany wu asked' to change tho word
ing of tho petition and havo it read,
"that If the present rates bo main
tataod tht railroad company lncrcaso
the wages 'of all employes at least 20
per coat," and ho was promised thnt
if tale was douo the petition would bo
It 1 understood tho railroad com
panies havo employes In overy city
nnd twn in Nebraska circulating pe
titions of this kind, hoping to havo
Influence with tho statu railroad com
ruliiloft wS probably to bo usod when
thu next Nebraska legislature con
Former Residents of Nebraska Give
Tourists a Plcnlo at Long Beach.
Long Oeach, Cal., May 4. Almost J,
000 former residents of Nebraska gath
ered In Long Beach for the annual pic
nic U the Nebraska society of Lee Ajv
geles. The feature of the occasion
was the visit of Governor Sheldon, his
staff and a big party from that statu.
A meeting was held in tho Auditorium
immediately after the arrival of the
distinguished visitors, at which numer
ous speakers toasted Nebraska aud the
state of their adoption, California, nnd
showered greetings on Governor Shel
don and bis officials.
The reception aid exercises wero
conducted by Judge W. It. Morris of
Ios Angeles, president of the society,
and M. M. Davidson, secretary Ad
dreises were delivered by Messrs.
Richardson, Binyzer, Ludden, Senator
McKesson antf Governor Sheldon. A
quartet of women from the Long
lltich Nebraska society sang several
"Surprise" Teats on Harriman Llnoi
Prove That They Are Alert.
Omaha, May 4. A summary of the
results of "surprise testu" on the Hues
of the Union Pacific and Southern Pa
cific railroads for the month of March
shows aa efflctoncy of 08.8 for tho en
glnemon. During tho month 1,258 tests
wero made.
Tho "surprise tests" consist of flash
ing all kinds of signals upon unsus
pecting englnomeu. At dozens of
plnccs, at all times df tho day and'
night, the testa aro made. They must
be obeyed absolutely, else severe dis
cipline is meted out. Running pust a
danger signal means dismissal for tho
culprit. In the March tests the small
number of violations, amounting to
nbout 1 per cent, were not of tho
kind thnt might havo caused serious
Almost Half Million Dollars In Hands
of the Treasurer.
Lincoln, Mny 2. Tho roport of Stato
Treasuror Brian for tho month of
April shows a balanco on hand of
$184,090.17 in nil funds, of which all
but $14,301.09 is on dopolt In Btato
depository banks. Tho bulanco on
hand April 1 wnH $510,1G3.G8. Tho re
ceipts during tho month wero $180,
966.54, and tho disbursements amount
ed to $507,013.05. Tho lnrgest balanco
In any fund Is $31f.,731.0C, in tho tem
porary school fund. This runu win
be disbursed tho lattor part of May
for the support of school districts
throughout tho state. Tho recolpta
from the 1 mill levy for tho redemp
tion of state warrants woro $22,919.55,
and the payments, $1,720.17 t tho bo
ginning of tho month tho variotw stato
institutions had on deposit in tho Btato
treasury as cash fundh, $9,798.20. Dur
ing tho month $6,S23.GC was added to
this and $4,323.05 drawn out by tho
various Institutions, leaving a balanco
of $12,99t.S7.
Tho state now has $8,099,388.05 in
vested In Interest bearing flocurltios,
of which $7,083,687.59 is in bonds and
$1,105,700.46 is in Nebraska warrants.
Site Selected for Warehouse and Work
Will Begin at Once.
Omaha, May 4. Arrangements wore
completed by Charles II King, bnnker
and promoter of tho wool market of
Omaha, for a location for tho first
storage house nnd work will begin to
morrow on a houso 100x300 feet, with
a capaqlty of 20,000,000 pounds, half
way between Omaha and South Oma
ha, and accessible to all tho railroads.
The first season's clip, which Is al
ready bolng sheared, will be stored in
Omalin, four railroads and the Com
mercial club of Omnhii usklng the in
terstate commerce commission to
grant special permission to put tho
wool rates in force May 5, Instead of
May 27.
Protest on Rate Reduction.
Lincoln, May 4. Representatives of
railroad labor organizations havo been
holding conferences in this city dur
ing tho week and concluded their
work. Tho meeting hnd to do with
wage scales, and a protest will ho
mado to tho stato railroad commission
against any further reduction In rati
roniL rates, bocauso the loss will event
ually fall on the employes.
Hotel Clerk Tries Suicide.
Bontrlco, Neb., May 2. John Kerr,
employed for the last threo months as
night clerk nt tho Paddock hotel here,
attempted sulcldo by shooting hlmsoir
behind the left ear nnd is lying In
the ganltnrlum with slim hopes held
out for his recovery. Domestic trou
ble Is supposed to have been the In
centive for tho act, as Kerr and his
wife had separated but a few weeks
ago and since the separation Kerr has
appeared morose.
Burglars Busy at Weston.
Weston, Neb., May 2. Burglars
broko into the safes of the Weston
Grain and Stock company and the Chi
cago Lumber company. From tho lat
ter place they got about $25. A cash
ier's check for $400. received too lato
for banking, was loft untouched. They
made their escape.
Nebraska Railroad Commission Pre
vents Issue of Street Railway Stock.
Lincoln, May 6.By ruling that tho
Citizens' Street Railway company of
Llncola may not Issue additional stock
or pay any dividends on stock alrendy
lmued until it puts more money into
tho plant In operation, tho Nobraeka
railway commission takes Jurisdiction
of the stock issues of common carrier
of the state. The question la one of
great Import to Nebraska citizens uud
Application has beon mado by tha
company to add to tho stock issue.
which is $336,762.50. City Mtornoy
John M. Stewart filed hia objections
beforo tho railway commissioner nnd
after . long hoarlng, tho ordor wnrf
promulgated. The board holds no ad
ditional stock may be Issuod at pres
ent and that until tho sum of $15,000
la Invested In the plant no further
dividends may ho paid' on tho stock al
ready out. Tho company Is ordered to
devote Hi resources to payment of all
obligations outstanding March 31, 190U.
Kearney County Board Offers Fiftecp
Hundred Dollars for His Arrest.
Mluden. Neb., Mny 6. Tho county
board offered $1,500 reward' for tho ar
rest of Bert Tnylor, who brutally as
suulted his sisters-in-law. The hoard
met In rogular session and tho offer
has the county treasury behind it.
Pearl Taylor, who wob most Borlouu
ly injured, is slightly bettor, though
thoro is little hope of her recovory.
Sho was ablo to take two tabloapoonsful
of milk, one of tho most encouraging
symptoms, alnco sho has been con
Btuntly In convulsions and Buffering
from extreme nervousnoss. Sho has
nt no time been rational enough to
mako an ante mortem statement.
When approaching consciousness, sho
constantly calls for her parents. No
further trnce has been found of Tay
lor. Tho search made at Atlanta,
proved fruitless,
e . i. in w ""'
Coon Case May 25.
Lincoln, Mny 5. Tho trial of Will
lam Coon, charged with manslaughter
for having run down nnd killed Nellie
S. Smith wltli his automobile, ima
been set for May 25. Coon Is now un
der bond, having waived preliminary
hearing. Tho killing of Miss Smith
has had an effect on automobile own
ers, the result being greater care is
exercised in running machines.
Burglars Carry Away Sixty Watohes.
Omaha, May 0. Burglars hurled a
bucket through tho Douglas street
show window of the Mawhinney&
Ryan Jewelry store, at Fifteenth and
DouglaB streets, seized nbout sixty
watches valued at $600, and escaped.
Tho glass door at the Miller, Stewart
fz Beaton furniture store, at Sixteenth
nnd Howard streets, was also broken
In, nnd tho store ransaqked, but tho
burglars secured nqthlng there.
Bryan Introduces Lecturer.
Lincoln. May C. Professor John U.
Lloyd of Cincinnati delivered a locturo
here last night, under the auspices of
tho Lincoln Medical college, on "An
Evening In tho 'Orient." He was in
troduced by William J. Bryan, who re
lated their experiences In quarnntino
at Suez, two years ago this month.
Mr Bryan and Mr. Lloyd met at that
time and were companions in forced
exile for several days.
$5,400 Verdict for Mrs. Bond.
Lincoln, May 2. A jury in the fed
eral court lias awnrded Mrs. Rebocca
Bond $5,400 in her suit against Her
man Schaten of Nebraska City, in
whose saloon sho alleged that her hus
band, Frank Bond, bad been made an
habitual drunkard.
Kearney Can Advance 'Phone Rates.
Lincoln, May G. By a ruling of
Stato Railway Commissioner Williams,
tho Kearney Independent Telephone
company Is permitted to advance its
present rates of service. Tho ruling
sets a precedent in that it is the first
time such a concession has bcea
granted since the commission assumed
Jurisdiction over tho telephone lines.
Shoots Self Through Heart.
Harvard, Neb., May 5. H. O. Fletch
er, manager of the brokerage houso of
II E. Gooch ,& Co. of Lincoln, Is dead
at his home hero, as a result of a gun
shot wound through the heart, thought
to be self inflicted'. His wife found
him dying on her return home, No
cause Is known
L. H. Korty Resigns.
Omaha, Mny 2. Louis H. Korty, for
twenty-ono years Buporlntoudout of
telegraph for tho Union Pacific system;
has resigned on account of 111 health.
J. B. Sheldon, who has beon manager
of the headquarters' telegraph' office,
has been promoted to succeed Mr.