The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 07, 1905, Image 7

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Tl - I
Twice as
One Third
Every day is
Wave Circle.
at one-third
for anywhere
ounce can eotls
Can you make money any easier ? Get
it to-day. The grocer returns the
price of can if you ore not satisfied.
Jon. I!.;.
Jill Grocers
Send postal for the beautiful
"Book of Presents."
Winchester Rifle and Pistol Cartridges of all
calibers are loaded by machinery which sizes
the shells, supplies the exact quantity of
powder, and seats the bullets properly. By
using first-class materials and this up-to-dato
system of loading, the reputation of Win
chester Cartridges for accuracy, reliability and
excellence is maintained. Ask for them.
W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas 94.00 Cllt Edge Lino
cannot bo equalled at any price.
Htr I- .Ar.
mZyVGt ."'S v
II EitsblLheia 55ss. ,
i w.L.nnimiAs makes amu sells
$1fl nnfl REWARD to anyone who can
0 1 UjUUU disprove this statement.
W. L. Douglas $3.50 hoe have by their ex
cellent style, easy fitting, and superlorwtarlair
qualities, achieved the largest ale of any 93.50
hoe In the world. They are Juft a pood a
thoie that cost you $5.00 to $7.00 the only
difference li the price. II I could take yo Into
my factory at Brockton, Mui.. the largest In
the world under ono roof making men' fine
shoes, and show you the care with which every
pair of Douglas shoes Is made, you would realize
why W. L. Doutlas $3.50 shoes are the best
shoes produced la the world.
Iff could show you the difference between the
hoes made la my factory and those of other
makes, you would understand why Dowlas
$3.50 shoes cost more to make, why they hold
their shape, fit better, wifer longer, and are of
greater Intrinsic value than any other $3.50
shoe on tfce market to-day.
W. L. Douglas Strait Mails Shorn for
Man. S3. BO, S2.00. Boy' SaAeaf at
Ore Sha9,$2.BO, 93, S1.7SrSf.BO
CAUTION. Insist upon having W.L.Dong
las shoes. Take no substitute. None gennlns
without his name and price stamped on bottom.
WANTKIX Ashoedealerlneverytownwhexe
W. U Douglas Shoes asfrnot sold. Fall Una of
samples tout free for Infection upon lequest.
fatt Color Cytleti ud hiy will not unar Irany,
Write for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Styles.
IV. I DOUGLAS, llrocktou, Mass.
'Follow the Flag'
South and Southeast, one faro plus
St Louis, Mo., daily 18.50
Richmond. Va., Sept. Stli to
11th. Incluslvo 33.75
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept 14th
.. to ICth, inclusive 32.75
Long limits, stopovers and other
features offered in connection with
the above rates.
All Agents can sell you through
tickets and route .you Wabash.
All tickets reading over the Wa
bash from Chicago east are op
tional with passenger via Lake or
Kail, either or both directions.
Call at Wabash City offlce, 1601
Farnnm St.. or write and let me
give you all information, maps, de
scriptive matter, folders, etc
Q. A. P. D. Wabash K. R., Omaha,
aW ft.1 swltti till fAUttl1lt
their sex, used as a douche Is nurvelously suc
cessful. Thoroughly Cleanses, kills disease germs,
stops discharges, heals inflammation and local
soreness. . . , , . ., . . .
raxtine I In powder form to be diuolved la pare
water, sod Is far more cleansing, healing, germicidal
and economical than liquid antiseptics for all
For sale at druggltu, CO cents a box.
Trial Box and Boole of Instructions Free.
Ths R. Paxtow company boston, mass.
When answering advertisements
please mention this paper.
W. N. U. Omaha.
No. 361905.
S bunco wnutt ALL tlot lailo, EjI
Beat Cough Syrup. XaateaGood. Use H
In time. Bold by drussUts. W
i ssktzssiw ,m i mi c net v-s .co-r-ss-
usKrccnHSt.'Stjrw i
TBsaRVsaa u
1 w lAwkmmmm all 1 1lBisS r
9 WL 1 1 1 rjfUlJlsaaaal & AWw
the Cost
bargain day in the
Come in and get ac
quainted. K C will help you cut
down the living expenses and make
doctor's bills a thing of the past. Do
you realize that you can get tho best
and purest baking powder in the world
what you've been paying
near K C quality. A s$
a$c. Think of the savlngl
vii 'uaKui
The First Worsted.
Worsted was flrat Bpun at "Worsted
In Norfolk, England, In tho year 1340..
at first worn only by tho common
Beautify Your
Walls and Ceilings!
A H9Csi Gemini and beautiful
tints. Does not rub or scale. Destroys dis
caso germs and vermin. No washing of
vails after onco applied, Any' one can
brush It on tube with cold water. Other
finishes, bearing fanciful names and misod
with either hot or cold water, do not
havo tho, comontlnjjr property of
Alabastlne. They arostockon with glao,
or other animal matter, which rots,
feeding dlaoaso garms, rubbing,
scaling and spoiling trails, cloth
rnjj, etc Bach Finishes must bo washed
off. every year expensive, flltfcy work. Buy
Alabaatlno only In flvo pound pack
ages, properly labeled. Tint card,
pretty wall and celling design, " Uinta on
Decorating" and ur artists' serrlcos In
making color plans, ftroc.
Onsd Rcpldf, Mich., or 105 Water St. N. Y
If you have cream to separata a good
Cream Separator la tho most profitable in
vestment you can possibly make. Delay
means dal)y waste of
time, jaDor-ana proauci.
f 10.- per cow per year
every year of use. over all
gravity setting systems
and to.- per cow over
all imitating separators.
Theyreeeivorl tho Grand
Prizo or Highest Award
as at. ixuis.
Buying trashy cash-in-advance sepa
rators is penny wise, dollar fooli&h.
Such maehines quickly lose tholr cost
instead of eavlnQ it,
If you haven't tho ready cash
DB-' LAVAL machinea may bo bought
on such liberal terms that they actually
pay for themselves.
Solid today for now catalogue and
name of nearest local agent.
The De Laval Separator Co.
Rudolph & Canal Stt. i 74 Cftrilaedl Strtst
Jfek I
! B6lS
CArAtooucs rste
In Elegant New College Building,
66x132 Feet, Four Stories High
All department enlarged, two new one added. Au
ditorium and Ojrmnuium. fiplendJiI coure In
ItmlneM, tjtiorvhtnd. Tj pewrltint; and TelegTaphjr.
Anjoiie writing tor a CatsloKue, will be tent tree
oiutt Kletrant specimens ot ennuuuhlp. Address
R0IIRB0L0H BROS , Omaha, Neb.
uirs,c.Vi.2i.fTh0mp-M't Ey Wttwr
. xr ttnx
pr-mMMMwmmwr' .a
O v
C i
Positions of Emolument Ever Open to
tho Right Person.
Tho business world is looking for
men who can nchtovo results. All
others nro hurriedly pushed aside. Tho
keen competition among employers
for high grado men Is shown by tho
froquont changes that nro always be
ing mado in responsible positions. No
sooner docs a man mako a oatlsfactory
record than rival employers begin bid
ding for his sorvlccs. Tho market
valuo of such men has risen with tho
demand, and there nro now several
men in the United States who aro
rocelvlng over $100,000 per year,
scores who aro receiving $50,000 and
better, and hundreds who nro earning
$25,000 or more, whllo an unaccount
able host aro earning over $10,000,
writes II. J. Hapgood in Harper's.
To thoso who havo not mado a
study of this question tho great de
mand for high grado men and the
thoroughness of tho search that Is
constantly being mndo for -thorn aro
surprising. For tho past eighteen
months a Chicago concern has bcon
trying to find tho right man for a posi
tion that will pay from $15,000 to $20,
000 a year. It is a common expression
among largo employers, "I would
rather pay $10,000 than $1,000 to a
man," nnd they mean It. They want
men who can handlo men, men who
can discover and stop business leaks,
men who can abolish unnecessary
moves, find short cuts, consolidate
plants, mako a market whero nono ex
isted before, overcome competition
men who can mako their year's work
yield tenfold on tho yearly balanco
shoet. Tho mnnagor of a largo Now
York department houso stated recent
ly, "Wo aro looking for flvo execu
tive men, to whom wo aro willing to
pay from $3,500 to $10,000 a year.
Theso positions aro filled at present,"
ho added, "but they aro not filled sat
isfactorily, and wo aro anxious to find
bettor men."
Only Three of All the Monarchs Visit
Ing Paris Attacked by Them.
It would bo interesting to know by
what logical process If by any logical
process at all tho Paris anarchists
make selection of thoso kings whom It
is attempted to do away with on their
visits to tho gay capital, and pass
others by.
Within tho last ten years slnco
the death of President Carnot at tho
hands of an anarchist assassin, which
event occurred, however, In Lyons
more than a dozen reigning monarchs
havo visited Paris and attempts have
been mado upon tho Uvea of but throe
tho czar of Russia", the flhah of Per
sla and tho king of Spain. In October,
1897, there were present in tho city ol
light no less than four sovereigns, all
at ono gladsome time, thoso of Bel
glum, Servla, Bulgaria and Slam.
Tho first-named. King Leopold, has
beon for years a frequent visitor and
ho is a familiar figure In tho streets,
often with a slnglo companion, on foot
or driving an automobile. Edward
of England has also mndo many ex
cursions to Paris as Prjnco of Wales,
and has only recently paid his second
visit since his accession to tho throne
Tho lato Queen Victoria would havo
been an easy mark for anarchists dur
ing her memorable interview with
President Fauro in tho Paris suburbs
In 1887. To none of theso has the
Paris anarchist paid hostilo attention.
Harper's Weekly.
A Panacea.
Last fall an Englishwoman of let
ters was staying as the guest of an el
derly lady, at a country houso in
Western Massachusetts. Whllo they
wero driving ono afternoon they had
the misfortune to met tho omnipresent
automnbllo at a sharp turn of tho
road. Tho horses, being spirited,
shied, dashing tho carriage against a
treo and throwing IU occupants out
into the road.
Tho Englishwoman picked herself
up uninjured, but was horrified to see
her agsd hostess lying on tho ground
unconscious. Running to a nearby
farmhouse, she knocked for somo tlmo
beforo she finally succeeded in bring
ing a cunbonneted woman to tho door.
"A lady has been hurt thrown from
a carriage. She Is lying down there
fn tho road. Can you glvo mo somo
whisky for her?" cried tho visitor in
breathless anxiety.
"Well, no, wo don'ti never keep no
whisky," said the native-born after
somo deliberation. "Wouldn't tho lady
llko a piece o' pie?" Lipplncott's.
Down whero tho reeds bend In the
That Eio.Hy flows upon Its way.
The lark still sings and still the gleam
Is golden at the close of day,
And still tho thrush that sang In May
Trills blithely In the young thorn treo,
But through the tail top of the pine
The wind blows sadly and tho Rlee
That Hope once promised should be
Is lost, and lost forever now
For, dear, since you are silent, how
Can gladnefes como to me?
Tho doleful cricket from tho grass
Proclaims Impatient summer's wane;
Our shadows lengthen where we pass.
And crooked-bucked old men complain
Of aches that presage coming rain,
And where, llko billows of the sea.
The tall grain seemed to ebb and How
The yellow stubbles are! Dut, free
From any sadness man may know,
I'd hall the autumn's haze and sear
If you might break the silence, dear,
And whisper back to me.
S, E. Klser.
German University Students.
Consul Liefeld reports 41,928 stu
dents in German universities, against
39,581 in tho summer of 1904, 29,107 in
the summer of 1895, 27,231 in 1885 and
10,441 in 1875, or an increase of 150
per cent in thirty years. Tho number
of women matriculated In tho South
German universities, In" all of which
women are admitted, If not welcomed,
was 127. Beside? these 1,049 wero
registered as in attendance at certain
Except Getting Salaries Raised.
Tho successful business tnnn's mot
to: Novor nllow nny of your em
ployes to put off till tomorrow what
they can do today. Somervllk) Jour-nal.
Ask Your Dealsr for Alton's Foot-Eaio
A powder. ItrosU thofept. Curos Swollen.
Sore, Hot, Callous, Aching, Sweating Foot
and ItiRrovrliiff Nails. At all Druggktr. tuid
Shoo stores, Sit cents. Accopt no subAtlluio.
Ssmplo msllod FKKE. Address, Alloa S
Olmsted, LoKoy, N. Y.
Famous Haddon Hall.
Tho world-renownod Haddon hall,
tho finest baronial hall In England, Is
In tho vicinity of Bakowcll, Derby
shire. Storekeepers report thnt the extra
quantity, together with the superior
qunllty of Dellancc Sarcli, lniikcs It
next to Impossible to sell any other
A poop Into tho futuro would prob
ably bo as unsatisfactory to most peo
ple as a backward glanco at tho past.
Dealers say thnt as noon as n cus
tomer tries Defiance Starch It Ih Im
possible to sell them ttny other cold
water starch. It can bo used cold or
Only an expert shopper can visit
Bovcnteen stores In ono afternoon nnd
cscapo without spending a cent.
Lewis' " Slnglo Binder " straight lie cigar.
No other brand of cigars Is so popular with
tho smoker. Ho has learned to rely upon
Its uniform high quality. Lowls' Factory,
Peoria, 111.
Bad luck Is reasonably suro to como
to thoso who trust only to luck.
- payments. J. MUL1IALL, Sioux City, Iu.
You cannot blamo tho world for be
ing weary of a religion thnt Is dreary.
Don't you know that Defiance Starch
besides being absolutely superior to
uny other, Is put up 16 ounces In pack
ago and sells at same price as 12
ouncc packages of other kinds?
Thoro i3 no raco so easy for tho
bookmaker as tho human race.
Hundreds of dealers say tho extra
quantity and superior quality of De
fiance Starch is fast taking place of
all other brands, others say tney can
not sell any other starch.
It Is better to sot ono man to work
than to mako a hundred wocp.
If you don't get the biggest and best
Us your own fault. Dellnnco Starch
is for sale everywhere and there is
positively nothing to equal it In qual
ity or quantity.
Physicians Recommend Castoria
rASTOBIA has met with pronounced favor on the part of physioians, pharma-
ceutical sooieties and medioai authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. Tke extended use of Castoria is tmquestionahly the
result of three faots: nr The indisputable evidenpe that it is harmless:
Second That it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves, but assimi
lates the foods nird 1 is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safe, It doeB not contain any Opium, Morphine, or other narcotic
and does not stupefy. It is unlike Soothing Syrups,3ateman's Drops', Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say. Our duty, how
ever, is to expose danger and record the means of advanoing health. The day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end. To
our knowledge, Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health, by
regulating the system not by stupefying itand our readers are entitled to
the information. Hall's Journal of Health.
Afeee tabic Preparation fyr As
similating the Food and Regiila
ling the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes DigcsHon.Cheerful
rtess andRest.Contalns neither
Opium.Morphine nor Gneral.
Not Narcotic.
jlrvi Sttd
HUmSiid -Clanfud
Sufr .
Apctfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea.
andLoss OF SLEEP.
lac Simile Signature of
rvirr rnm no irt. nnvn
Color more good, brighter and latter colon than any
JUk dealer or ill send post paid at 10c a package.
WMii 1 1 gi I IJftillPt TMrt Si -
Shapes the Destiny of Men The Influence of a
Healthy Woman Cannot Be Overestimated.
Seven-eighths of tho
men In this world marry
a woman becauso uho is
beautiful in tholr eyes
becauso shohas tho quali
ties which Inspire admira
tion, respect and love.
Tliero Is a beauty In
health which Is rqoro at
tractive to men than mere
regularity of feature
Tho lntlucnco of women
glorious iu the possession
of perfect physical health
upon men nnd upon tho
civilization of tho world
could never be measured.
Becauso of them men hnvo
attained tho very heights
of ambltton: becauso of
them even thrones havo
been established and de
stroyed. What a disappointment,
then, to see thu fair young
wife's benuty fading away
beforo A year passes over
hurhcadl A sickly, half-dcnd-and-allve
especially when uho is
tho mother of a family,
is n damper to all joyous
ncss In the homo, and a
drag upon her husband.
Tho cost of a wlfo's con
stant illness is a serious
drain upon tho funds of n
household, and too often all tho doc
toring docs no good.
If n woman finds her energies aro
flagging, and that everything tires her,
dark shadows appear under her eyes,
her Bleep Is disturbed by horrible
dreams ; if sho I103 Uackaehc, head
aches, bcarlng-down pains, nervous
ness, whites, irregularities, or despon
dency, sho should tnko means to build
her system up at onco by a tonic with
Bpeclllo powers, such ns Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
This great remedy for women has
done more in tho way of restoring
health to tho women of America than
all other medicines put together. It is
tho safeguard of woman's health.
Following wo publish, by request, a
letter from a young wife
Mrs. Bessie Alnsley of 011 8outhl0th
Street, Tacoma, Wash., writes :
Dear Mrs. Hnkham:
" Ever slnco my child was born I havo suf
fered, as 1 hope low women over have, with
Inflammation, femalo weakness, bearing-down
nnJns, backache and wretched boudacboo. It
affected my stomach so that I could not en
joy my nicou, anu nan my umo was spent
n uou.
Ly4te E. PlnkhRA's YeictaMe CmymA Succeeds Where tMkers FH.
Letters from Promlnint Ptiystiiins Addrtssed to Gkartis H, Flitchfir.
Dr. D. ITalstead Be ott, of Chleajro, Ills.. ay : "I have prescribed yonr Castoria
often for Intents during my pactlce, and find It very satisfactory." -
Dr. William ndmont, of Cleveland. Ohio, says: "Yonr Castoria stands flret In
lts i!?1!' Jn By tn'f'y J'" of practice lean say I never Uve found anjtnlnir tnat
so filled the plate."
... Dr' J,u- Ta,t of Brooklyn, N. T says : "I have used your Castoria and found
It, an excellent remedy Ja my household and private practice for many years. Tlio
formula Is excellent." .
Dr. Wn, Ij. Ilosserroan, of nnffalo. N. Y.. says : "I am pleased to speak a good
word for your Castoria. I think so highly of It that I not only recommend Ft to
otlKM, but have used It In my own family' i
Dr. It. J. Hamlen, of Detroit, Mich.
icuiiveij, as i duyo never louna
aware that there are Imitations
t' letcnee'f."
Dr. Wm. I. McCann, of Omaha, Neb., says : "As the father of thirteen children
I certainly know something about your great, medicine, and aside from my own
family experience X have in my yeara of practice found Castoria a popular and .
efficient remedy In almost every home."
Dr. J, It. CLsnsen, of Philadelphia. Pa., says: "The name that your Castoria
has made for Itttlf In the tens of thousands of homes blessed by the presence of
children, scarcely needi to be supplemented by the endorsement of the medical pro
fession, but I, for one, most heartily endorse it and believe It an excellent remedy."
Dr. Channlng IT. Cook, of St Louis, Mo says : "I have used your Castoria for
several years past in my own family and have alwavs found It thorough! rtnMmt
h and never objected to by children, which
mm uiuzi uicuiciucb ui mis cuuracier are ouauxiuus ana mereioro uimculc of ad
ministration. As a laxative, 1 consider It the peer of anything that I ever pre.
Dr. n. M. Ward, of Kansas City. Mo., says : "Physicians generally do not pre
scribe proprietary preparations, but In the case of Castoria my experience, like that
of many other physician, has tatisht me to make an exception. I iiit-sim-iiia i.
JJU Castoria In my practice because I have fouud It to be a thoroughly reliable remedy
rM for children's complaints. Any physician who has raised a family, as I have, will
Hi Join mo In heartiest recommendation of Castoria."
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
'wi ww.ii.i.111 i mmmwn .. ......
other die. One 10c package colors silk, wool and cotton jquallr well and Is guaranteed to ole nerteel rtiults.
Write lor tree booklet-Hew to Die. bleach and Mix Cvtors. MUX hum: VUCu CO., Uulonvilu, MUiouri
"Lydla E. Hnklmm's Vegetable Compound
mado mo n well woman, nnd 1 feel so jrrato
ful that I am glnd to wrlto and tell you of
my marvelous recovery. It brought ma
health, new life and vitality,"
What Lydla E. rinkham's Vegetablo
Compound did for Mrs. Alnsley it will
do for every woman who is in poor
health and ailing.
Its benefits begin wlicn ltsuso begins.
It gives strength and vigor from tho
start, nnd surely makes side womon
well nnd robust.
llcmcmbcr Lydla B. rinkham's Vego
tablo Compound IioIiIh the record for
tho greatest number of actual cures of
woman's ills. This fact is attested to
by tho thousands of loiters from grate
ful women which nre on filo Iu tho
Plnkhnm laboratory. Merit alone can
produco such results.
Women should remember that a euro
for all female diseases actually exists,
and thnt cure lfl Lydla t3. Pfnkhnm'a
Vegetable Compound, Take no substi
tute. If you have symptoms you don't
understand write to Mrs. Fhikham,
Lynn, Mass., for special advice It is
free anu always neipiui.
r Detroit, Mich., says: "I prescribe your Castoria ex
found anything lo equal It for children's troubles. 1 am
itlons in the Odd, but I always see that my patients get
Is a great consideration In view of the fact
wren i w Trnns