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the Peace Conference
Japan Sets forth
Her Demands
PORTSMOUTH. N. H. Relmburso
ment for tho expenses sustained In tho
prosecution of tlto war nnd the cos
elori of tho Island of Snkhnlln constl
tuto tho main features of tho poaco
conditions handed by Daron Komura
lo M. Wltto nt tho conclusion of tho
morning session of tho plenipotentia
ries In tho general stores building of
tho Portsmouth navy yard. Tho word
"Indemnity" Is carefully avoided, tho
trm employed being "reimbursement
for tho cost of tho war." No sum Is
fixed, tho amount bolng distinctly ad
journed for mutual adjustment bo
twoon tho two countries after the
Japancso expondlturo has been ascer
tained. Those aro tho two all Important
conditions nnd those which tho Rus
sian plenipotentiaries find absolutely
unacceptable. Inacccptablo an thoy
aro, howovor. It can bo statod that
theso two principal conditions did not
como as a surprlso to tho RusRlan
Vlcnlpotontlarlos. Tho friendly fash
Ion In which Daron Komura explained
tho conditions before handing them to
M. Wltto and tho nvoldnnco of tho uso
of tho word "Indemnity" In tho pre
sentation of Japan's bill for tho cost
of tho war leaves tho way open for
negotiations and constitutes tho main
hopo that a final agreement Is possi
ble. Certainly tho danger of a sudden
rupturo, no matter what tho ultlmato
result may be, Is precluded by today'3
Tho other terras aro substantially
what tho world expected, and with
ono or porhnps two exceptions could
probably bo entertained as a basis of
negotiation. Thoy tncludo tho follow
ing: "Tho cession of tho Russian loascs
10 tho Llao Tung peninsula compris
ing Port Arthur and Dalny. Tho evac
uation of tho entire province of Man
churla, tho retrocession to China of
any privileges Russia may havo In tho
province and tho recognition by Rus
sia of tho principle of tho 'open door.'
Tho cession to Japan of tho Chlncso
Eastern railroad below Harbin, tho
main lino through northern Manchu
ria to Vladivostok lo romnln Russian
property. Tho recognition of the
Japancso protectornto over Korea.
Tho grant of fishing rlghtB to Jnpan
In tho waters of tho Russian lltoral
northward from 'Vladivostok to tho
Dohrlng sea.
"Tho relinquishment to Japan of tho
Russian warships Intorned In neutral
ports. Flnnlly a limitation upon tho
naval Btrongth In far eastern waterB."
As a wholo tho terms nro regarded
as exceedingly hnrd by tho Russians.
In addition to tho two principal con
ditions which cannot bo accopted
under M. Wltto's Instructions, those
relating to tho limiting of Russian
naval power In tho far cast and the
granting of fishing rights upon tho
Russian littoral aro considered par
ticularly offenslvo to tho amour propre
of their country and of such a humili
ating character as to be Inadmissible.
Russia's statement will bo glvon
Saturday or Monday.
Court Rules That the 8o-Called Ham
ilton Concession Is Void.
OYSTER BAY, N. Y. President
Roosovclt has been Informod through
tho Dopartment of Stnte that the fed
oral court of Venezuela has rendered
a decision against tho Bermudez As
phaH company In tho ntso Invo.ving
tho so-called Hamilton concessions,
annulling tho concession,
i What nctlon may bo taken by this
government regarding the matter can
not be announced at this time, In fact,
so far as can bo ascertained horo, no
determination of tho question has
boon reached. It Is quito probablo
Hint will not bo dono until Secretary
Root, who la now on a vacation in
Labrador, shall havo returned and
considered tho subject with tho presi
dent '
Fe are Entertained for Safety of Four
Who Strayed Away from Camp.
MISSOULA, Mont.- Mrs. Harry
Thompson, wife of Sheriff Thompson;
Mrs. William Wallaco of Now York,
Mrs. Samuel Waltora of Missoula, a
girl cook and a little boy nro lost in
tho Lolo mountains, forty-five miles
south of MlBsoula, and posses nro now
searching tho hills In an endeavor to
locato them.
Tho party loft Lolo Springs Thurs
day morning to pick huckleberries
and enjoy an outing. Thoy had not
returned to camp late in tho after
noon, and searchers wer.o sent out
after them.
Entitled to Further Pay.
WASHINGTON Tho firm of Cal
houn & Sizer, attorneys-at-law of this
city, received notice from the auditor
for tho War department that tho offi
cers and men of the First and Second.
Nebraska regiments, which served in
tho Spanish-American war, have been
allowed the sum of $8,012.85, bolng the
amount duo them under a recent tost
caso. Governor' Mickey believed tho
troops wero entitled to additional pay,
and asked tho firm of Galhou &
Sizer to look Into the matter.
Many Persona Burled In the Falling
ALBANY, N. Y. Tho mlddlo sec
tion of tho big dopartment storo of
tho John O. Myers company In North
Pearl strcot collapsed early Tuesday
carrying down with It over 100 per
sons. Caught in a chaos of brick, plaster
and wooden beams, between twenty
and thirty men, "women npd children
met death, Twolvo hours of frantic
work on tho part of an army of res
cuers disontanglod fifty people, six of
them doad and many of tho rest badly
Injured. Three moro bodies wore In
sight at a lato hour, but many hours'
work will bo required to got them out.
Anything llko a complolc list of tho
killed nnd Injure 1 will bo unobtain
able until tho workers have mado
tholr way to tho very bottom of tho
mnss of wreckage.
With few exceptions, those caught
in tho ruins were employes, a major
ity of them girls. Tho collapse oc
curred shortly aftor tho opening hour,
whon barely a acoro of shoppers woro
In tho store. A clock found in the de
bris had stoprcd at 8548, showing
when tho crash came. Tho best ac
count of what probably caused tho
ruin Is given by tho head of the crock-
ory, glass and drug dopartment, which
occupied tho bnsoment Ho said:
"Workmen woro sawing at a wood
on flour beam which runs under tho
northorn end of tho central pillars In
tho mlddlo of tho storo. Excavation
for a collar was going on about tho
baso of this pillar, and I bellovo
that tho Jarring of tho beam
beneath tho pillar displaced tho
foundation of tho pillar. Tho
first thing I know two of tho
counters near tho place where tho mon
woro working began to sag and sev
eral pieces of glasswaro slid oft or to
tho floor with a crash. I yolled to my
clerka to run for the front of tho
store. Tho words wero not out of my
mouth whon thoro camo a creaking
and ovorythlng around us began to
fall. Tho wreck camo slowly, how
ovor, and I think overyono In my de
partment escaped, as woll as tho
ALBANY, N. Y. Tho collapso of
tho John O. Myers company depart
ment .storo which resulted in tho
death of thirteen persons, nnd prob
ably tho fatal Injury of two othors,
will bo Investigated by a special com
mission. To avoid tho possibility of a pre
judiced Inquiry, Mayor Clans decided
thnt all tho Investigators shall bo out-of-town
Tho discovery that tho thirteen
bodies nlrondy taken out will account
probably for all tho victims of tho ac
cident Is a surprise to Albanians, who
until yesterday expected that at loast
a dozen moro mangled forms wero
burled beneath tho ruins. So sure aro
tho wreckers that no moro bodies aro
thoro that thoy havo suspended their
Postmaster. General Promulgates
Rules to Govern.
WASHINGTON Tho postmaster
general promulgated regulations gov
ornlng tho Installation, custody and
maintenance of mall chutes In busi
ness or office buildings, npartment
houses, railroad stations, hotels and
other places. Although such chutes
havo beon In operation for twenty
years, no regulations heretofore have
beon propared pertaining to them.
Tho regulations In tho main provldo
as follows:
Mailing chutes, subject to tho ap
proval of tho postmaster, may bo
placed In public buildings, railroad
stations, hotels of not loss than flvo
stories In height, biiBlnoss or office
buildings of not less than four stories
in height, and apartment houses com
prising not less than fifty residential
apartments. It Is expressly provided
that no receiving boxes with which
a mall chute is connectod shall bo
placed moro than fifty feet from tho
main entranco of tho building in which
located, nor olsowhero thnn on tho
ground floor. It also Is specifically re
quired that mailing chutes shall not
run through any part of a building
to which tho public la denied access.
Tho balanco of the regulations re
late to authority to Install mall chutes,
dotalls of construction, collections,
It Proposes to Build West Ac rots the
Big Sioux Reservation.
SIOUX CITY, la. Confirmation
was obtained of tho report thnt tho
Northwestern railroad had purchased
tho right-of-way of tho Rapid City,
Missouri River & St Paul railroad.
When tho Dakota & Wyoming rail
way excitement was at Its height
eighteen mlle3 of grade was construc
ted, from Rapid City to Spring, Creek.
Tho Rapid City citizens who hold
stock In this road supposed their
money hod been sunk beyond redemp
tion. Unexpectedly they received an
offer of 110,000 for tho grade and right-of-way
to Cheyenne river last week
from tho Northwestern and the deal
was concluded
Typhoid Jrtver In Washington.
WASHINGTON Thero were 25
cases of typhoid fover reported to tho
health offlco Thursday, the greatest
number for any one day during tho
present outbreak of typhoid In this
city. Tho District of Columbia com
missioners have directed tho pollco of
the city to join the health officials In
making a house to houso canvass to
aoo that all promises are kept In a
sanitary condition. Aa an extra pre
caution for the protection of tho
health of numerous employes of tho
I War department -,
The Outlook for Coming to
an Agreement Does (Not
Look Encouraging
gress has been mado with tho poaco
negotiations over Sunday. They
stand exactly whore they did Satur
day night Tho session of the pleni
potentiaries which was to havo beon
held Sunday aftornoon wob postponed
by mutual agreement out of reverenco
to tho fact that It was tho holy Sab
bath, which is universally observed
In Russia as a day of rest. Tho Rus
sians had not beon anxious for a ses
sion and In tho morning tho Japancso
took tho initlatlvo and through the In
termediary of Mr. Pelrco It was de
cided to postpono tho Bitting until
Monday morning.
Tho situation thereforo remains tho
samo. It would porhaps not bo too
much to say that tho general feeling
Is moro hopeful In splto of open pre
dictions mado by personages connect
ed with both sides of tho negotiations
that before noxt Sunday tho plenipo
tentiaries will reach an lmpasso pessi
mistic vlow is based upon the fact
that so far as known the two big
barriers to an agreement indemnity
and Sakhalin remain as high and in
surmountable as evor.
Tho real strtigglo Is only postponed.
Tho mnln problems nro no nearer so
lution thnn when tho plenipotentiaries
met. Tho principal reason for optim
ism lies In tho fact that confronted
with absolute refusal of tho RusBlan
reply to admit the discussion of either
indemnity or tho cession of Sakhalin
tho Japaneso proposed to tnko up the
consideration of the conditions sorl
atum. It is assumed that tho Japan
est ore prepared to yield, or have rca
con to bellovo a way will be found to
ovorcomo tho objections of their ad
versaries whon the crucial test comeB.
An Intimation comes from a high
source that very strong outside Influ
ences are at work on both eides and
that for the moment tho effort 1b to
gain tlmo. Tho plan of having Rus
sia practically satisfy Japan's claim of
reimbursement for tho cost of tho war
by tho purchase of tho Japaneso mili
tary ovacuatlon of Sakhalin continues
to be advanced. Such a solution
would permit Russia to say that it had
neither indomnity nor coded a foot of
territory. '
Tho dobnto in yesterdny's confer
ence over the first condition, tho
recognition of Japan's preponderating
influence ovor Coren, Involving its
right to control the administration of
tho Hermit kingdom, uso tho littoral
for strategic purposes, etc., was of a
remnrkablo character. Indeed, tho
position taken by M. Wltto was sen
Entlonnl In tho extreme. His attitude
reveals plainly tho Russian tactics.
Thoy proposo to raise before tho
world tho specter of tho "yellow
peril." Russia claims that Japan's
presont purpose is to get a foothold
on tho Asiatic continent from which
to oxtend its Influence and dominion.
Passenger Train on Nickel Plate
Crashes Into Freight.
CLEVELAND, O. A fast east
bound passenger train on tho Nickel
Plato road collided with a westbound
freight train early Sunday morning at
Kishman, O., near Vermillion, result
ing in tho death of twelve porsons,
while at least twenty-flvo others wore
Injured, eight of whom will -proabably
die. The wreck, according to tho offi
cials of tho company, was caused by a
misunderstanding of orders or neglect
to obey them ou the part of tho crew
of tho freight train.
Feeding In Transit Rules.
WASHINGTON Secretary Wilson
and Dr. D, E. Salmon, chief of tho
bureau of animal industry of tho de
partment of agriculture, left on Sun
dny for Chicago to attend a conference
with tho traffic managers of rail
roads entering Chicago and represent
atives of tho National Llvo Stock as
sociation noxt Tuesday. The confer
ence relates to rules recently made
by Dr. Salmon as to "stablo cars" in
connection with recent legislation to
protect cattle in transit
MANILA The Rough Riders now
residing here, headed by Colonel Alex
ander Brodlo, ex-governor of Arizona
and now attached to tho military sec
retary's department, and Governor
Gonoral Curry of the Island of Samar,
called upon Miss Roosevelt and dis
cussed tho tlmo Berved under her dis
tinguished father. Thoy presented
her with a photograph of Manila's po
llco launch, named tho Ducky O'Neal.
Rear Admiral Train and Represen
tative Foss, chairman of the house
committee on naval affairs, who is nat
urally Interested In naval matters,
paid a visit to the Olongapo, and tho
university club held a recoptlon.
New Treaty with Germany.
WASHINGTON -r- Tho Post on
Thursday says, on the authority of a
high government official, that In view
of tho prospect of heavy losses from
tho Chinese boycott and tho decision
of the German government to end the
tariff arrangement under which this
governmont and Germany now oper
ate, President Roosevelt has partially
decided to negotlato an entirely new
treaty of nmlty and commorco with
Germany and to submit it to the sen
ate at the next session In December
for ratification.
All Are Opposed to Accepting Japan's
ST. PETER8BURO Tho now of
tho speedy completion of M. Wltto's
reply camo as a surprlso to the Rus
sian public, ns a delay at least until
Monday was anticipated to permit a
consultation at Potorhof.
Though M. Wltto had ample power
to draft n reply nt Portsmouth, the
foreign offlco shared the viow that the
rosponso would bo withheld until Mon
day. M. Wltto'a initiative and decision
havo evoked tho admiration of tho
Russians, accustomed as they aro to
delays In matters of a similar nature.
Japan's demands, as prodlctcd, have
served to array tho Russian govern
ment and tho people under tho same
banner for tho first tlmo since tho
boglnnlng of tho war, and It Is evi
dent that M. Wltto will And almost
solid support a his back in whatever
answer ho may make to Baron Ko
mura's communication. Tho govern
ment permitted and encouraged tho
publication of tho full Associated
Press dispatches containing tho Ja
panese conditions, which, like a fiery
cross, rallied Russia's disunited clans
reactionary, conservative, liberal
and radical, With scarcely an excep
tion, every, volco Is raised In urging
tho government to hold out against
Japan's principal demands.
Tho Associated Press talked with
leading men of various classes, law
yers, doctors, merchants and journal
ists, and all declared that a continu
ance of tho war would bo better than
tho accoptanco of such terms. Tho
samo spirit is manifested in almost
every newspaper office, tho radical or
gans rnnglng alongside tho Novoe
Vromya, while thoRuss today do
dares: "If theso aro Japan's conditions, all
hopo of peace has vanished."
Steamship Owners Make Appeal to
Chairman Shonts.
COLON Before sailing for the
United States on tho steamship Mex
ico, Theodoro P. Shonts, chairman of
the Panama Canal commission, gave a
hearing to tho steamship agents, who
urged him to uso his best efforts to
secure better docking facilities hero.
Superintendent H. G. Prescott, repre
senting tho Panama railroad, and Mr.
Garland, of tho Pacific Mall Steamship
company, also woro present at tho
conference. After listening to tho
statement of tho agent relative to tho
detention of steamers, Mr. Shonts ox
pressed his regrets. at tho present In
adequate dock accommodations, which
ho confessed was primarily duo to tho
filling of large orders for canal pur
poses. Ho said that an adequato
numboriof derricks would not only be
built, but proper housing of tho canal
omployes together with modern sani
tary arrangements would all bo at
tended to.
A Very Serious Condition of Affairs
MADRID The situation in tho prov
inces arising from tho semi-starving
condition of many farming communi
ties is becoming alarming.
Dispatches from Malaga report that
3.000 laborers aro overrunning that
district and threatening property. In
tho communes of Junguera, Alolzana
and Plzara the authorities are power
less to copo with tho rioters.
Tho agricultural population around
Cadiz Is Increasingly turbulent and
beggings is tho only means of liveli
hood In tho province of Seville.
Reports havo been received of seri
ous outbreaks to Osuna and Carmona,
where 4,000 laborers attacked the
farms, carried off cattle and supplied
themselves with food.
Believed at Rome Russlu Will Eventu
ally Accept.
ROME Much surprise was felt
horo today at tho Japanese peace
terms becoming known and high com
pliments wero paid to tho Associated
Press for Its exclusive dispatches on
tho subject Tho opinion Is expressed
In Rome that tho terms aro rather
severo on Russia, but that if the
Japanese are sufficiently firm Russia
will end by accepting, as thoro Is
nothing In them, It Is thought, deroga
tory to Russian prldo .although both
"reimbursement" and territory aro de
manded. Tho view In military circles Is that
Russia Intends to do tho best possible
for herself, but will accept In the end.
In general, the Japaneso terms are
less exorbitant than expected here
and tho hope is expressed that an
agreement will bo reached.
Russians Retiring.
TOKIO It Is reported that tho Rus
sians are retiring across tho Tumen
river and that they will avoid a battle
In Northern Korea. Confirmation of
tho rumor Is not obtainable.
No More Banana Trains.
CAIRO, III. Secretary Egan.of the
Illinois Stato Board of Health an
nounced that Surgeon General Wy
man of the United States navy had
ordered tho dlrcontlnuanco of banana
shipments from Now Orleans.
Sugar Rate War Still On,
feronce of traffic officials representing
western trunk and gulf railroad lines,
was held hero today to Bettlo the
sugar rate war. Tho gulf lines de
clined to make any concessions
An Outline of the Policy of
the Government To
ward the Filipinos
MANILA -A banquot given by na
tives to tho Taft party attracted great
interest an it was expected that Sec
rotary Taft would outlino tho policy
of tho prosent administration. For
somo tlmo past tho feeling among tho
natives has been that the administra
tion was deviating from tho. McKInloy
policy, nnd us a result thcro has been
a noticeable disaffection among poli
ticians with tho Insular government
and also much unrest.
This attitude was met fearlessly by
Secretary Taft, who upheld tho ad
ministration policy. When he finished
his address he was loudly cheered.
Ho said In part, in response to tho
toast, "Tho Present Administration In
tho Philippines:"
"On my part It is duo you that if I
do nothing elso tonight, I should make
clear tho views of tho administration
upon tho present and future of tho Isl
ands. "Tho American peoplo aro divided
upon tho question I am to discuss, Into
threo parties.
"Thcro is a considerable number'
who havo the real Imperialist idea of
extending tho Influence of America, by
purchase and conquest Into tho Orient,
enlarging tho power of tho American
government for tho purpose of con
trolling tho Pnclflc and securing tho
largest share possible of the Oriental
trade, yet undeveloped, during tho
noxt 100 years.
"Thero Is a second party, and this
Is much tho largest, who regard our
taking over tho Islands from Spain
aftor tho war with the gravest reluc
tance, and who would havo been grati
fied in tho extreme if the assumption
of tho burden could have been avoid
ed. Tho issuo has been under consid
eration by this party, and, indeed, by
tho wholo American people, and the
attitude of mind they now hold re
specting tho Philippines may bo stat
ed with somo accuracy.
"They havo como to tho conclusion
that, however reluctant they were to
accopt tho fate thrown upon thom, It
1b their duty to meet tho responsibil
ities imposed upon them with prompt
ness, courage and hopo. Thoy bellovo
that they havo become tho trustees
and protectors of tho whole Philippine
peoplo and must prepare that peoplo
to maintain tho stablo government
now there.
"There is a third party which fa
vors giving tho Islands Immediate In
dependence. This party may bo di
vided Into two classes, having differ
ent motives. Tho first class is anx
ious to rid tho United States of tho
burden of governing the Filipinos for
tho benefit of tho United States. The
second class Is anxious to rid tho
Philippines of the government of the
United States, on tho ground that the
Filipinos can make their own govern
ment. This third party has been
twice defeated In an election on that
"Tho second party has for Its chief
exponent President Roosevelt He
believes that It Is tho duty of the
United States to prepare tho Filipinos
for self-government This will require
a generation and probably longer and
the form of self-government will be
left to tho Individuals who will con
trol the two nations at that time. It
follows that the president, and he,
himself, desires mo to say this to tho
Filipinos, feels charged with the duty
of proceeding on this policy and main
taining hero tho sovereignty of tho
United States as an instrument for
the gradual education and elevation
of the wholo of the Filipino people to
a self-governing community."
May Follow New York In Insurance
NEW YORK Insurance Commls
missloner R. E. Folk of Tennessee,
who with the Insurance commission
ers of five other states is in this city,
said that investigations of tho Insur
ance business similar to the ono about
to begin In Now York may also bo
commenced In the states represented
by tho visiting commissioners. Bo
sides tho Insurance commissioners of
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky and
Tennessee, there were also present to
day Commissioners Plerco of Ne
braska and McGlbney of Louisiana.
Bonaparte Will Help.
WASHINGTON - Secretary Bona
parte has authorized tho uso of his
name as a member of the advisory
board of the Bennington Memorial as
sociation of San Diego, Cal., which
proposes to erect a modern Bailors'
club house at San Diego as a memo
rial to those who lost their lives as a
result of the explosion on tho Ben
nington. Bureau of Animal Industry.
Cabe, solicitor of the Department of
Agriculture, has been placed at tho
head of tho Investigation of the bu
reau of animal Industry by Secretary
Wilson, with full authority to probe
matters thero to tho bottom. Inquiry
into the affairs of that bureau not
only Involves the charges concerning
tho tags attached to tho meat Inspect
ed by the government, but also It Is
charged that meat Inspection as now
administered redounds to tho benefit
of the co-called Beef trust
J. Plerpont Morgan Makeo a Call on
OYSTER BAY, N. Y. J. Plerpont
Morgan had a conference with Pres
ident Roosevelt lasting nn hour and a
hair. The president himself Is au
thority for tho statement that it re
lated practically entirely to tho caso
of the Hankow railroad of China, a
controlling interest In which is owned
by J. P. Morgan & Co. Incidentally,
and as relating In a measuro to tho
railroad Interests held by Americans
In China, tho ponding peace negotia
tions formed a topic of conversation
by tho president nnd Mr. Morgan.
Mr. Morgan came to Oyster Bay un
heralded. While his visit was by ap
pointment, nothing concerning it was
permitted to leak through official
sources untl lafter he had gone. Short
ly after noon Mr. Morgan's big steam
yacht, Corsair, anchored In tho lower
bay about three-quarters' of a mile
from the dock of tho Seawankha
Corlnthlan yacht club. When observ
ed from tho Bhoro she was flying the
absent flag, Indicating ordinarily that
her owner was not aboard. Never
theless ho was there, and In a few
minutes entered a steam launch and
was taken ashore. Ono of tho presi
dent's carriages was in waiting for
him. Ho was driven directly to Saga
more Hill, reaching thoro about 1
Ho remained for luncheon with
President and Mrs. Roosevelt and for
somo tlmo after. Tho suggestion was
mado that Mr. Morgan's visit nnd that
of Secretary Shaw a llttlo earlier
might bo moro than a coincidence, but
It can be said authoritatively that
thoy had no relations with each other.
Secretary Shaw and Mr. Morgan did
not meet and the purposes of their
visits wero entirely different.
Consul General at Washington De
clares He Is Powerlet-3.
WASHINGTON Consul General
Rodgers at Shankhal has cabled the
Department of State that tho Chinese
Chambor of Commerce Is powerless to
stop the boycott against American
products, and that tho Chinese stu
dents really control tho situation.
Chinese officials are Inactive in tho
matter. Mr. Rodgers adds that other
nationalities at Shanghai aro becom
ing apprehensive lest tho boycott
movement extend to thom.
Tho American charge at Bangkok
cabled tho Stato department today
that 3,000 Chinese in that city havo
communicated by telegraph to their
agents at Singapore and Hong Kong
orders to ship no moro American
goods to Slam.
Archbishop of New Orleans Succumbs
to Attack of Yellow Fever.
NEW ORLEANS, La. A sudden
change In his condition Thursday
speedily culminated in tho death of
Archbishop P. L. Chappello of the
diocese of Louisiana. Tho end camo
at 12:50 In tho afternoon. The newB
of the archbishop's death created a
profound shock.
Monslgnor Chappello was taken ill
with yellow fover last week. Ho had
returned to the city threo days before,
having Just completed a tour of
Louisiana and announced on his ar
rival his intention of co-operating in
the efforts then in full swing to stamp
out tho fever. Tho archbishop, how
over, loft his house only on one' occa
sion before he waa taken Blck. That
was to take a drive with his nieco. On
Friday ho complained of the symp
toms which aro tho forerunner of yel
low fever. Dr. Larue, the arch
bishop's physician, was immediately
called. On Friday ho diagnosed the
case as a genuine attack of yellow
Secretary Root Severing His Connec
tion with Corporations.
NEW YORK Secretary of State
Ellhu Root, who recently entered
President Roosevelt's cabinet, has sev
ered, says the Times today, all con
nections with a number of financial
institutions of which ho has been a
director. Mr. Root recently resigned,
it became known yesterday, from tho
boards of the Morton Trust company,
the National Bank of Commerce, tho
Continental Fire Insurance company,
tho Title Guaranty & Trust company,
and several other corporations.
Rough Riders Pay Re&pect to Presi
dent's Daughter.
MANILA Thousands of peoplo at
tended the reception given to Secre
tary Taft, Miss Alice Roosevelt, and
the otuer members of their party by
the army and navy club. Rear Admi
ral Enqulst, of the Russian navy, and
his staff, were present Tho reception
was the most brilliant In tho history
of Manila. During the morning tho
party, In automobiles, Inspected new.
Fort McKInley, and reviewed the
From Santa Fe to Galveston.
LOS ANGELES, Cal. Announce
ment is made that tho route for a
now. trunk line of tho Santa Fe to
Galveston has been definitely decided
on. Surveys havo been completed and
the right-of-way is being obtained. Tho
gap to be closed is 250 miles long
over a prairie Bectlon almost aB flat
as a table. Active construction will
begin in a short time. At present tho
Santa Fe has a lino from Weather
ford to Galveston. From Mexico tho
trunk lino, it is stated, will follow tho
Belen cut-off to Belen