The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, August 17, 1905, Image 3

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Tho grocery, tlnwnro and crockery
Btoro of Richard Wltto at Pender was
practically destroyed by flro.
S. N. Taylor, sheriff of Hall county,
resigned his ofllco last week. J. W.
Ely has boon appointed to fill tho va
cancy, effoctlro September 1.
Miss Margaret Kail, lato principal
of tho Wost Point High school, has
accepted a position In the Lincoln
High school for tho next year.
Ford Qulnby, of Yutan, was arrest
ed under tho now dipsomania law and
tho exnmlnlng board found him guilty
of tho charges, committing him to the
asylum for treatment.
Flro destroyed tho barn and nil tho
outbuildings of Charlos Engeles, who
lives In tho outskirts of Schuyler. Two
cows and a calf that wero in the barn
woro burned to death.
A completo rural delivery sorvlco Is
now In operation in Johnson county.
Fifteen carriers from seven postofllcos
go ovor tho different routes each day,
eervlng every farmer within tho bord
ers of tho county.
Almost tho entire colored popula
tion of Fremont, numbering nbout 100
persons, celebrated tho anniversary of
tho signing of President Lincoln's
emancipation proclamation by a pic
nic on an island In tho Platte.
Fred Brlnkman, a Johnson county
farmer, harvested and threshed a nine
teen aero field of wheat which yield,
ed 800 bushels. Ho sold tho grain for
75 cents per bushel, realizing over
$30 per acre from tho land this year.
Linn Huntington, a rormcr State
university student, who left less than
a year ago to accept a position as
civil engineer on tho Panama canal,
-writes that tho work is progressing
fast. His hoalth Is good.
State Treasurer Mortensen has Is
sued a call for $25,000 state general
fund warrants running up to and in
cluding number 123,567, for August 1C.
This call brings tho romeption up to
warrants issued February 19, 1904.
Sheriff Boll of Cripple Creek, Colo.,
was In Grand Island with requisition
papers for Frank Martin, alias Frank
Buster, wanted on a charge of murder
at Victor, Colo. Martin was held in
Grand Island until Sheriff Bell ar
rived. While stacking hay, It. Tappan, liv
ing one mllo north of Hyannls. was
struck by a stacker and nearly killed.
Tho accident was duo to tho breaking
of a cleviso, allowing tho stacker to
fall on him, completely scalping him
from eyebrows to neck and dislocat
ing his right shoulder, breaking his
nose, right arm and leg.
Sweet Water Is tho newest Buffalo
county town and begins business with
tho brightest of prospects for a pros
perous career. Heretofore tho town
of Sweet Water has been located In
Sherman county, but County Surveyor
Edwards has just finished the task of
planting a new townslto across tho
lino In Buffalo county.
J. E. Albee, who for six months has
been mourned for as dead by his
.friends In Vermont, called at tho office
of a local paper in Fremont and as
sured them that ho was not the man
whoso poAy was found with a bullet
holo in the skull near the depot at
Ames last January. His resemblance
to that Individual, however, was start
ling. Governor Mickey Gave John Clark
of Madison county, sentenced to three
years for statutory assault, a pardon.
Tho action of the governor was based
on the recommendations of Supremo
Court Justice J. B. Barnes, County At
torney Mapes of Madison county, the
trial Judge, and tho members of tho
Jury, who assort their doubt as to tho
man't guilt
County Clerk Tyson has been au
thorized by tho State Board of Equali
zation to make a number of changes
In Cass county's assessment In the
valuation of horses a 5 per cent In
crease Is made; pianos, 30 per cent;
threshing machines, 40 per cent; sew
ing machines, 10 per cent A 10 per
cent incroaso is made in tho valua
tion of mules.
During a severe electric storm tho
six-year-old granddaughter of Marshal
Towsloy of Broken Bow was struck by
lightning and badly burned. Tho bolt
first struck tho liouso and the child
who was standing in tho doorway re
ceived a portion, It running down the
left side, burning her clothes off and
passing from her body through tho
toes of her loft foot
Deputy Attorney General Thomp
son advised County Asessor Miller of
Lancaster county that stockholders In
lsebraska Insurance companies must
list their shares for taxation. Miller
went to Secretary Bennett of the
state board in the first instance and
by him was referred to tho deputy at
torney general, who told him that the
statute is explicit in Its requirement,
that the stock be listed for taxation
and advised him to institute perjury
proceedings who had filed their sched
ules without Including this property.
John N. Kerr, a brakeman on the
Burlington, was arrested at Lincoln
and brought to Seward to answer to
tho charge of breaking into a car at
Seward on April 16 and taking there
from twenty boxes of cigars valued at
At a meeting of the Village Board
of Leigh a special election was called
for the purpose of voting water works
bonds. Tho election will bo held on
Tuesday, September IE, and tho bonds
will be in the sum of $8,000. At the
same time the voters will have a
chance to express their preference as
to the kind of a system desired.
Secretary Dennett Malls Out Certifi
cates to tho Various Counties.
Secretary Bennett of tho Stato
Board of Equalization and Assess
ments has completed his work on tho
assessments and prepared tho certifi
cates of tho stato board's action for
mailing to tho counties, thus bringing
tho work to conclusion In record
break time, much to tho surprlso of
tho mombors of tho board, who had
feared that It would be unablo to do
the work by August 8, tho statutory
The total rovonuo on tho valuation
of $304,419,340.02, tho rovlsod and cor
roctod flguros for the grand assoss
mont roll is $2,130,933.33, of which
Douglas county contributes about
ono-tonth, $208,935.11. Tho total revenue-
for tho general fund on tho 4
mill lovy is $1,369,887.01, while for
tho schools, dorlved from tho -mill
levy It Is $152,209.68. In the univer
sity fund nnd floating debt funds each
will get $304,419.32 from a 1-mlll lovy.
Tho following table gives tho as
sessment roll of each county as equal
ized by the stato board, and also the
amount which each county will con
tribute under tho 7-mlll lovy:
AsscsRcd Total
Counties. Vnluntion. Stato vy.
Adams C173.936.27 36,217.06
Antolopo .. 2,!28.019.35 20,496.70
Hnnncr- .... 200.379.00 1,402.65
Hlnln.0 239,511.90 1,676.58
Uoono ..... 3,Rlf.8,1.04 26.718.24
Hox Hutto . 999.856.22 6,998.08
Hoytl 1.69C.234 50 11,866.64
Urown 789,170.70 5,524(23
Buffalo .... C,376,03l 45 37,632 22
Hurt 4.445.173.6G 31,116.21
Butlor 5,734.694.90 40,142.86
Cuss 7,227,301.60 50,591.63
Cedar 4,502,813.60 31.G19.69
Chase 495,708.21 3,469.96
Cherry .... 2,182,191.08 15,275.34
Cheyenne .. 2,081,036.52 14,567.24
Clay 4,695,632.90 32,868.73
Colfax 3,924,011.35 27,468.08
Cumlnsr ... 5,728,409.62 40,098.86
Custer ..... 4,160,958.03 29,120.71
Dakota ... 2,100,280.40 15,121.96
Dawes 1,384,605.43 9,692.24
Dawson ... 3,632,338.22 25,426.37
Deuel 992,300.08 0,946.10
Dixon 3,402,232.94 24,235.03
DodRO 7.094,858.98 49,034.02
Douplas ... 29,819,301.80 208,935.11
Dundy .... 5.850,324.33 5,952.26
Fillmore .. 4.900.600.45 34,304.20
Franklin .. 2,300.122.89 10,620.85
Frontier ... 1,240,935 4G 8,686.50
Furnas .... 2,370,069.44 10.594.02
GaRO 9,113,440.39 03,794.08
Garfield ... 379.557.75 2,056.91
Gosper .... 1,133,912.20 7,937.38
Grant 481,855.23 3,373.00
Greeley .... 1,703,364.75 12,343.54
Hall 4,814,728.40 33,703.10
Hamilton .. 4,782,519.60 33,477.02
Harlan .... 2,330.459.10 16,313.22
Hayes 432,907.17 3,030.75
Hitchcock . 1,089,544.08 7.G26.80
Holt- 2,793,889.14 19,557.22
Hooker .... 274,907 02 1,924.35
Howard ... 2,252,475.80 15.767.34
Jefferson .. 4,603,898.45 32,227.20
Johnson ... 3,724,095.24 20,008.68
Kearney ... 2,744,453.74 19,211.17
Keith 1,188,117.36 8,316.83
Keya Paha. 582.944.00 , 4.080.G0
Kimball ... 884,264.34 6,189.84
Knox 3,765,498.8s. 20.358.49
Lancaster .. 16,685,479.82 109,798.36
Lincoln .... 3,087.880.09 21,015.19
Losran 186,246.75 1,303.73
LOUD 201,553.13 1,410.87
Madison ... 4,557,518.20 31,902.63
McPhereon . 143,960.70 1,007.77
Merrick .... 3,406,339.09 23,844.38
Nanco 2.418,728.98 16,931.10
Nemaha ... 4,829,760.62 82,408.32
Nuckolls ... 3,760.565.58 26,323.97
Otoe 7,798,606.10 64,569.24
Pawneo ... 401.894.18 28.013.25
Perkins ... TJ23.S73.33 4,367.11
Phelps 2,053,552,12 18,574.85
Pierce 2,43,359.90 20,003.52
Platte u n94.505.12 41,961.54
Polk 3,509,006.95 24,567.25
Rod Willow 1,803,921.21 12.627.45
Richardson 6,226,471.25 43,578.30
Rock 687,370.71 4,811.60
Saline 5.44,473.82 38,461.31
Sarpy 3.336,G66.54 23,366.67
Saunders .. 8,064,240.05 66,449.78
Pcott's Bluff 769.928.60 6,389.60
Seward .... 5,387,748.68 37,714.24
Sheridan .. 1,665.534.81 10,831.58
Sherman ... 1,547,369.08 10,831.68
Sioux . 003,277.47 4,642.95
Stanton .... 2,799,036.85 19,593.27
Thayer .... 3,997,308.37 27.981.16
Thomas ... 314,388.97 2,200.72
Thurston .. 774,974.40 6,424.81
Valley 1,190,403.35 29,374.82
Washington 4,190,403 36 29,374.82
Wayne .... 3.893,555.20 27,254.90
Webster ... 3,081.020.16 21,607.19
Wheeler ... 340.362,19 2,424.40
York 6,103,866.04 43,147.06
Totals ..$304,419,340.02 $2,130,935.33
Young Woman Burns to Death.
MINDEN A shocking accident hap
pened at tho home of Clarence Wol
cott, a farmer living about eight
miles northwest of Mlnden, In which
Agnes Schultz, a girl about 18 years
of age, lost her life. She. was light
ing a flro, using coal oil, when the
accident occurred.
Remedy for Cabbage Worm.
of this city has discovered what he
claims to bo a sure remedy of tho
pest known as Ihe cabbage worm.
His method is to sprinkle common
flour over tho cabhago heads while
tho dew Is on them.
Find Marked Pigeons.
OSCEOLA A day or two ago a
pigeon or dovo came to the home of
Im Farrls, and his young son went
out and captured the bird. It had a
sliver ring on Its leg. On the ring
wero tho Initials, "V. B. W., 1903 and
No. 2332."
County Commissioner John H. Ben
nett of district No. 3, Bed Willow
county, has resigned, to take effect
September 1. Mr. Bennett will move
to Omaha to engage In tho cigar and
tobacco business.
Junkln Law May Be Valid.
The Junkln nntl-trust law may bo
valid. Attorney Howell who was first
quoted as having some doubt as to Its
validity on the ground of discrimina
tory exception of local corporations
and railways, stated that ho had been
given new light on tho subject and'
rather Inclined to tho belief that it Is
valid. He stated that the act would
not bo conceded to bo unconstitutional
until It Is held to bo so by a court
of last resort This is regarded as
nn Indication that tho statute may be
It was November, 1814, that tho fam
ous Committee of tho Eight Powers
Austria, England, France, Prussia,
Russia, Spain, Portugal and Sweden
mot at Vienna under tho presidency of
Pronco Metternlch to draw up a treaty
which was to bo henceforth tho writ
ten law of Europe Tho necessity for
such a treaty was pressing. Tho mo
ment seemed propitious. In tho law
less grasp of Napoleon Bonaparto
Europo had become a conglomeration
of states without fixed boundaries or
acknowledged rights to political ex
istence. The old landmarks had been
swept away, tho balance of power des
troyed, a strong state had becomo
weak, weak states had becomo strong.
Tho armies of Russia won In occupa
tion of Poland. Austrian troops held
all of Italy except Naples, English
and Swedish troops held Holland and
Belgium. English and Portuguese
troops held a largo portion of Spain,
tho Prussian troops hold Saxony, tho
troops of Wurtomborg and Baden
hold tho Rhine provinces. At length
tho hand which had wrought all this
confusion was bolloved to have been
effectually paralyzed. Tho sooner tho
normal Btato of things could bo re
stored tho better. Such was tho train
of Ideas which Jed up to tho Congress
of Vienna.
It was Poland that formed tho first
stumbling block in tho way of con
cord among tho Powers. That unfor
tunato country had been torn Into
threo fragments in 1772 and divided
between Austria, Germany and Rus
sia, tho latter having tho lion's share.
Russia was now In martial possession
of tho ontlre country. It was tho chlv
alrlc dream of tho Russian Emperor
Alexander I. to repair tho partition
and to replace tho Poles In their con
dition as a free and constitutional
kingdom under Russian suzerainty.
But all tho other Powers objected to
tho proposal. Their combined weight
won. Finally a compromise was ar
rived at. It was agreed that a por
tion of the Duchy of Warsaw should
bo divided between Austria and Prus
sia, and the remaining portion, savo
Cracow, which was to be a freo city)
receiving a constitution, and being
united to tho Russian crown as the
kingdom of Poland. Thus the sanc
tion of a great European treaty was
given to a great European wrong.
Tho Italian quostlon might have bo
come tho subject of a prolonged dis
cussion but for a hostllo movement
mado by Murat, then King of the two
Sicilies. This simplified matters.
Naples, with Sicily, was delivered over
to tho house of Bourbon. Austria re
tained all her possessions in Italy but
Piedmont and Genoa, which, with Sar
dinia, were given over to the house-of
Savoy, while Tuscany and other north
ern provinces wero distributed among
petty princes, dependent, some upon
Austria, some upon tho house of Aus
tria. It took 1859-18C0 and tho com
bined efforts of Napoleon III., Charles
Albert and Garibaldi to begin tho
righting of this third wrong.
With Switzerland tho conference
wbb more successful. An agreement
between the Swlqs deputies nnd the
plenipotentiaries at Vienna establish
ed a confederation of twenty-two can
tons, and their relative strongth and
Influence wore so constituted as to
secure the preponderance to tho party
which adhered to tho old customs and
form of government.
Tho negotiations an tho subject of
Germany wore equally amicable. All
tho German Btates wore united Into a
confederation, whoso capital, Frank
fort, was made a freo city. In this
arrangement England, by her connec
tion with Hanover, and Russia, by
her influenco with tho petty German
princes, took a prominent part.
Tho treaty of Berlin was concluded
in 1878, between Great Britain, Ger
many, Austria, France, Italy, Russia,
and Turkey for tho settlement of af
fairs in tho East after tho war be
tween Turkey and Russia. Ijts chief
provisions were that Bulgaria should
bo an autonomous and tributary prin
cipality under the suzerainty of tho
Sultan to bo ruled by a Christian gov
ernment and that Eastern Roumanla
should remain under the direct mili
tary and political authority of the
tsar. Bosnia and Herzegovina wero
to bo occupied and administered by
Austria-Hungary. Tho independence
of Servja, Roumanla and Montenegro
were recognized, and portions of Ar
menia wero ceded to Russia.
Lord Beaconsfleld made his greatest
diplomatic hit at tho Borlln Confer
ence. He always addressed the con
gress In English, and Uie combination
of dignity and power which marked
bis best Btyle In speaking seems to
fc e VSiTvtu-" yf i? MHURhHHS?I4l S.9Bvi!EIik JP t vim
Dr. Gcorgo Ernest Morrison, London
Times correspondent at Peking, Is
England's unofficial ambassador to
China. His knowlodgo of oriental af
fairs is so intimate and his sources of
information so suro that his dispatches
to the Times aro accepted and acted
upon by tho governments of Europo
as if they camo from a legation. His
knowledge of. tho Inside workings of
Chlnoso politics has several times en
abled him to glvo tho world informa
tion of sensational Importance which
have made a profound impression on
tho group of Continental statesmen.
It was largely duo to his Influenco
that tho congress simply tore up tho
preliminary treaty of San Stcfano ox
torted by Russia from Turkey, which
would virtually havo annihilated Tur
key in Europo. Rather than consent
to this Beaconsfleld would havo fought
Russia In nlllanco with Turkey, and
Frederick Greenwood, tho Journalist,
assures us from "personal k-nowledgo"
that ho had gono much further In
maturing a schemo of attack and de
fense than is commonly known. Ho
believed that not to throw back tho
Russian advanco thon was to lose Eng
land's last chanco of postponing to a
far future tho predominance of a groat
rival power in tho East It was largo
ly duo to Beaconsfleld that Russia was
compelled to content herself with a
moderate acquisition of territory in
Asia, with the extension of her fron
tiers to tho mouth of tho Danubo and
with tho formation of two Bulgarian
vassal states.
Two treaties of Paris aro famous In
American history. Tho first, mado In
1803, ceded tho province of Louisiana
to this country. Tho second, mado be
tween Spain and tho United States
after the war of 1898, ceded to this
country all Spanish possessions la tho
East and the West Indies.
The Spanish and American commis
sioners, five from each country, met
at Paris on October 1, 1898. Tho
American commissions were William
R. Day, chairman; Senator Cushman
K. Davis, Senator William P. Frye,
Whltelaw Reld and Senator George
Gray. Spain was represented by Eu
genlo Montero Rlos, chairman; Buen
aventura d'Arbazuza, Jose do Garnlca,
Wenceslao Ramirez do Villa Urrutla
and General Rafael Cerrero.
The Cuban question was tho first
to como up for consideration. Tho
Spanish commissioners contended that
sinco thero was no Cuban Btato sov
ereignty over Cuba must pass to tho
United States and that tho latter was
responsible for tho Cuban debt se
cured on tho customs of the Island.
Tho American commissioners- refused
to accept for their government tho
capacity of sovereignty over Cuba,
representing that the war avowedly
had not been waged for territorial
aggrandizement, but for liberation and
order. It was not till Oct. 27 that tho
oven tho legations at Peking did not
havo. Ho was tho first to discover
tho treachery of tho Chinese govern
ment in tho boxer uprising flvo years
ago. His dispatches during tho Russo
Japanese war have given tllo most
comprohenslvo idea tho public has re
ceived of tho Chinese government's
attitude toward tho belligerents.
Dr. Morrison Is now in America aa
representative of tho London Times,
watching tho negotiations for poaco
now taking place at Portsmouth, N. H.
Spanish commissioners accepted tho
uuban articles. Tho demands of tho
United States in rogard to tho Philip
pines and other Islands In tho East
and West Indies wero presented on
Oct. 31. Thoy included tho cession of
tho entiro Philippine archipelago, as
well as Porto Rico and Guam, tho
United States agreeing to relmburso
Spain to tho oxtent of her pacific ex
penditures for permanent improve
ments. To this Spain domurrod on the
ground, among others, that tho capitu
lation of Manila on tho day subse
quent to tho signing of tho protocol of
peace was void. She offered to sub
mit tho question to arbitration. Tho
United States refused to reccdo from
Its position, and on Nov. 21, announced
its final offer to pay $20,000,000 in a
lump sum as compensation to Spain
for all improvements. Tho commis
sioners further agreed that the United
States would maintain in tho Philip
pines an open door to all nations, a
stipulation which carried with It tho
admittance of Spanish ships and Span
ish merchandise on the same terms
as those of tho United States. Fur
ther, thoy agreed to tho mutual relin
quishment of all American and Span
ish claims, either individual or na
tional, for Indemnity that had arisen
since the opening of hostilities. Nov.
28 was named as tho final day for tho
acceptance or rejection of theso terms.
On that date the terms wero acceptod
by Spain. Tho treaty was finally
drawn up on Dec. 10 and was signed
tho same evening.
Revolting Cruelty of Frenchman.
A stir has been caused in Paris by
the news that M. Llegot, the Froach
representative of Thekaw, in Indo
China, has committed suicide in order
to avoid an Inquiry into his method
of treating tho natives. Tho allega
tions mado against him wero of tho
most terrible character. It Is said
that ho often ordered men to bo strip
ped and then wrote his name on their
backs with a red hot poker. If a
Chinaman refused to answer any ques
tion ho was trussed like a fowl and
hung with his head resting on tho
point of a bayonet fixed in the ground.
If ho still refused, ho was struck over
tho head and gradually forced down
on the bayonet For flogging, Llegot
used a rope of woven silk, into which
sharp spikes bad been knotted.
SJvory housekeeper should tenon
that if thoy will buy Dofianco Cold
Wator Starch for laundry ubo thoy
will savo not only tlmo, because It
never sticks to tho Iron, but because
each package contains 10 oz. ono full
poundwhllo all other Cold Water
Starches aro put up In i-pound pack
ages, and tho prlco Is tho same, 10
cents. Thon again because Defiance:
Starch Is freo from all injurious chem
icals. If your grocor trios to soil you
a 12-ob packago It Is because- ho has
a stock on hnnd which ho wishes to
dlBposo of beforo ho puts in Dofianco.
Ho knows Uiat Uoflanco Starch has
printed on ovory packago In large lot
tors and figures "1G oza." Demand Do
fiauco and savo much tlmo and monoy
nnd tho annoynnco of tho iron stick
lng. Dofianco novor sticks.
A young woman whllo In Pittsburg
lost her railway tlckot Sho offered
to bcII her pretty petticoat to a wo
man nt tho station for tho prico of a
railway tlckot homo, and tho bargain
was promptly offcotod.
Charity that begins nt homo soldom
passes tho kindergarten offort -Timothy.
Hay in Tho Pilgrim.
Whit to Dt if CiRstiMfid.
Summer Bowel and Stimach Trouble.
Q. Want Is tho beginning of Bloknoss
A. Constipation.
Q. What la Constipation
A. Failures of Ue bowels to carry off tho
wasto matter which lies Id tho alimentary canal
where It docnys and polsous tho entire, system.
Kventu.tly tho results aro death under tlio
name of noma other disease. Nolo tho deaths
from typhoid fever ana appcndioltls, stomach
rod bowel trouble at the prooont tlmo.
Q. What causes Constipation?
A. Neglect to respond to the ooll of naturo
promptly. Lack of exercise. Excosslvo brain
work. Mental emotion and Improper diet.
Q. What aro tho results of neglected Consti
pation T
A. Constipation causes moro suffering than
any other disease. It causes rheumatism, colds,
fOTCrs, Btomacli, bowel, kidney, lung and heart
troublas, etc It Is tho one dfneaso that starts
all others. Indigestion, dyspepsia, diarrhea, loss
ol sleep and strength are Its symptoms plies,
appendicitis nd Ustula.aro caused by Constipa
tion, its consequences aro known to all phy
sicians, but few sufferers roallto their condition
until It Is too lata. Women becomo confirmed
Invalids as a result of Constipation.
Q. Do pnyslolans recognize this?
A Yea. Tho first question your doctor asks
you Is "aro you constipated" Thntlsthosocrot.
Q. Can It be cured
A. Ys, with proper treatment. The common
error Is to resort to pbysles, ffuoh as pills, Baits,
mineral water, castor oil, Injections, etc, evory
ono of which Is Injurious. They weaken and
lnareaso the malady. You know this by your
own experience.
Q. What thon should bo done to cure It
A Uso tho tree coupon below at onco. Mull's
Grapo Tonlo will positively euro Constipation
and In tho shortest spsco of time. No other
remedy has beforo been known to euro Consti
pation posltlvoly and pormanently.
Q. What is Mull's Grapo Tonic?
A. It la a Grapo Compound that eiortfl a pe
culiar healing lufluenoo upon tho Intestines,
strengthening tho musoles or tho alimentary
canal so that they can do their work unaldou.
The proceRS is gradual but suro. It Is not a
physio. It Is unlike anything else iyou novo ever
used, but It oures Constipation, Dysentery and
Howel Trouble. Having a rich, fruity grupo
flavor, It Is pleasant to tuke. As a hot weather
tonlo it Is unequalled, Insuring the system
against diseases so fatal In hot wcathor.
Q. Where can Mull's Grapo Tonic bo bad?
A. Your druggist sells It. Tho dollar bottlo
contains nearly three times the SO-cent slxo, but
If you wrlto to-day you will receive tho first
bottle free with Instructions. This test will
proro Its worth.
Sted for Alilag CMldraa aad WbisIej Xotbtrs
Send this coupon with your name and ad
dress and your druggist's name, for a freo
bottle of Mull's Grapo Tonlo for Stomach
and Dowels, to
148 Third Av-nue, Book Island, Illinois
" Qlv Full Addritt and Writ Mainly
The 11.00 bottlo contains nearly three
times the COo site. At drug stores.
Tho genuine hns a dato and number stamped on
the labol take no other from your druggist.
Special Offer
Tho name and address of your
shoe dealer and 15c to cover
costof malHnjr.etc., willsecuro
one of the handsome rolled
cold pins illustrated above.
Enameled in colors and will
wear for years. These pins
wero secured by thousands of
World's Fair visitors.
Only a few hundred left
Write Quick.
Roberts. Johnson 6I?and
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stops discharges, heals Innirnmstioa and local
Putins U In powder form to bo dtuolved la pore
water, and U far more cleaning, healing, rumlcldal
and economical than liquid Mtluptic for all
For role at drufgUti, CO cents a box.
Trial Dos and Book of Instructions Free.
TH& R. Paxton Company Boston, Has)
Beat Cough S,
In time.
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