The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, March 23, 1905, Image 7

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News in Nebraska
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This Statement Has Been Unjustly Made, Because
Modest Women Evade Questions Asked By
Male Physicians.
B .bbveA Mft3HBBL.4nk -bbLv aaB aB ia i tJiBanwjlkBaBaBJkiaBu w VaWaBaW
An Pmltionf 1tTctitnV Ai I
'Women tire not truthful; they will lie
to their physician " This statement
should bo qualified; women do toll the
truth, hut not the wholo truth, to a
male physician, but this is only in re
card to those painful and troublesome
disorders peculiar to their sex.
There can be no more terrible ordeal
to a delicate, sensitive, rcilnedvoman
than to bo obliged to answer certain
questions when those questions are
asked, oven by her fumily physician.
This is especially the case w'lUi un
married women.
Is it any wonder, then, that women
continuo to suffer and that doctors
fail to cure female diseases when they
cannot get the proper information to
work on ?
This is the reason why thousands and
thousands of women are now corre
bpouding with Mrs. l'inkhnm. To her
they can and do give every symptom,
bo that she really knows more about
the true condition of her patients,
through her correspondence with them
than the physician who personally
questions them.
If you suffer from any form of trouble
peculiar to women write at onco to
Mrs. Plnkhpm, Lynn, Mass., and Bile
will advise you free of charge.
The fact that this great boon, which
is extended freely to women by Mrs.
Pinkham, is appreciated, the thou
sands of letters received by her prove.
Many Mich grateful letters as the fol-
ij""H mis tuuai.iiii.ij pouring in
Ask Mrs. Pinkham's Advicc-A Woman
I There are Many Imitations of
I Baker's Cocoa
Baker's Chocolate
Don't be
titled to
uokfonUTrwieMuk Cocoa" or
tfafet YV
1 1
, ,11
Our handsomely illustrated recipe book
sent free.
Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.
Established 1780 Dortrhester, Massachusetts
45 Highest Awards in Europe and America
ArOtind the "World A small stone has been lodged In
"I have ued your Flh the British museum; it is somewhat
Snufe mSSuiMaESS of " mystery. It has been named the
2iH0U.l!.1.the?J Vteionly semakulr. It Is a native of Finland,
'SEwIn thu count"? and the Finns tell tho weather by it.
'iui,o"lyourtco2u."'gret Tho exPlan"tiQn Is that tho stone
(nutton jpuctw) changes its appearance through ab-
The world-wide reputs-
tlon of Tower's Water- Mnn The Handy Encyclopedia.
ESUrVStfiftFS SESmZl "" houBohold ought to have an
the potltlve worth of liT- encyclopedia," observed the profes-
ttto EiK thVFUlu WWm1 sor. "I think so. too," responded Miss
a i TuvKD m n it c i Flutterhy brightly. "They are so
A. J. lUWtKtu., uosion, U.S.A. handy t0 a crumpled riubon3 anil
TOWER CANADIAN CO., LIMITED flowera and lettera and tWng8
Toronto. Canada. Putsburg post
St. Jacobs Oil
Tho old monk cure, strong, strigd, Sure, tackles
Hurts, Sprains, Bruises
a jrv. mmtmmm
ii jAniwi-tiiiiiW
The muscles flex, the
the soreness dies out.
1 t ii ii iiiii i
Mrs.Ella Lee, Frankford.Ind., writes;
Dear Mrs Finklinm:
" I want to t limit you for what your niedN
cino has doiio for me.
"Throe yenrsnpol had Inflammation of the
ovaries and ulcers on my womb. I wiw under
the doctor's care for about tlireo months, and
tho only time I Mas not in ikiIii -nos when
under tho lnllupnco of morphine. Tho doctor
finally said 1 never Mould lx better, mul
would be an invalid the rest of my life. I had
given up in despair, but ono evening I camo
across ono of your advertisements and decided
to write you for advico. I did so and com
menced to take Lydla E. I'inkham's Vego
tnblo Compound. 1 began to improvo at onco,
and to-day I am a well woman, and I know
it is all duo to your adt ice and medicine
Mrs. J. II. Farmer of 2809 Elliott
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
"I cannot thank you enough for what your
advice and medicines havo dono for mo.
They havo dono me more good than all the-dot-tore
I ever had.
"For tho lturt eight years I have suffered
with fomalo troubles; wag very weak; had
nervous prostration, and could not do my
work; but I am happy to say Lydla E. I'ink
ham's Vegetablo Compound has mode a
different woman of me. I am in perfect
hoalth and have gainod in weight from 03
jwuuda to IS3 pounds."
No other medicine in tho world has
received such widespread and unquali
fied endorsement. No other medicine
lias such n record for actual cures of
female ills as has Lydia E. Pinkhain's
Vegetablo Compound.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
to Avrito her for advice. She has
guided thousands to health. Address,
jynn, mass
Best Understands A Woman's Ills.
misled by them j
Our trade-mark is on every
of genuine goods.
Under the decisions of several
United States Courts, no
other chocolate or cocoa than
Walter Baker &P Co.'s is en
be sold as "Baker's
"Baker's Chocolate"
kinks untwist,
Price 25c. and 50c.
An nntl-saloon ticket will bo put up
nt Falls City.
Somo now cases of smallpox havo
developed at Beatrice.
Lands In nil pnrts of Soward county
Is increasing in value.
A new lodge of Hen Hur hag hcoc
organized at Kenrner.
Indonendent tolonhnno conin.inleR
are seeking tin entrance Into Omaha.
Sumuol Damon, the oldest oxsoldior
in Mtullson county, being 90 yenrt
old, died last week.
The Norfolk asylum Is now ready
for occupancy nnd patients are about
to he romoved there.
Thieves entered the hftrdwnro storo
of Fritz Kees nt Boatrlco and slolo
$100 worth of goods.
In n wreck nt Overton Conductor
Herln was fatally injured and Biako
man Codollo seriously.
City Nlv;ht Watchman Tom Ham
ler of Geneva, fell nnd broke a leg
while attempting to board a moving
freight cnr.
Lars Olson llviinr near Chndron.
slid off of n load of hay In such a
manner that the hack wheel of tho
wagon crushed his head and arm.
By order of the couit the York au
ditorium nt Yorlc Is to bo sold nt sher
iff's sale on Anrll 21. Tho building
has been In tho hands of a receiver
for sovornl years.
IS. F. King has tondored his resign
ation n3 sheriff of Stanton county, and
Omer Van Ilousen Iiub been appointed
to fill out his term. Mr. King is re
moving to North Dnkota.
Tho village hoard of Shelby haT
passed an ordinnnco fixing liquor
licenses at $1,500 per year, $1,000 for
tho benefit of the village fund and
$500 for the school fund.
There was no loss of stock, snys a
Chndron dispatch, In this part of tho
slate, to mention, during tho sevcro
weather. The frost is out of tho
ground nnd tho farmers are beginning
to plant smnll craln.
At Nebraska City a range exploded
at tho home of It. B. "Wclier nnd
wrecked tho kitchen. Fortunately the
girl who had lighted the fire went out
In tho yard nnd thus escaped boing
killed. The range and tho kitchen woro
a total wreck.
Senator Millard has word from tho
war department that men will bo sent
to disinter the remains of soldiers
who were burled nt Fort Atkinson
now called Fort Calhoun at tho timo
that tho post of Fort Atkinson was
in existence. 'The hones will ho taken
to Fort McPhorson for final inter
ment, Thomas Williams, a well known
farmer of Gage county, was severely
injured while working on the farm of,
his brother. He was sorting seed corn
near a cornshelier, nnd caught his
"arm In the flywheel of tho shcller,
which threw his hand between tho
cogwheels of the machine. Tho hand
ivas badly lacerated.
The women of Falls City met and
organized themselves into a woman's
club. Tho club will bo divided into
different departments, such ns litera
ture, music, art, household, etc. Mrs.
William Wilson was chosen president
and Mi3s Sallle Schoenheit was
chosen secretary. The departments of
music and art are all that have been
taken up as ret.
Tho twelfth annunl session of tho
Southeastern Nebraska Educational
association will be held in Beatrice
March 29 to 31. An Interesting pro
gram has been arranged. On Wednes
day evening. March 29, the Inter-
high school debate will be held, par
ticipated in by the schools of Paw
nee City, Wilber, Falls City, Hum
boldt. Crete, Wymore, Nebraska City
and Beatrice.
George Craig, of Omaha, who as
saulted E. It. Morgan because ho saw
the latter talking with his intended
bride, was taken to tho penitentiary
by Sheriff Power to finish out a flr-teen-year
term, of which ho had
served five. Craig was out on parole,
and after his assault on Morgan his
paroio was recalled by Governor
Mickey. Ho was convicted on, a
charge of statutory assault.
At Chndron County Judge C. Dana
Sayers married Lewis Jones, a full
blooded negro, to Mary Lamotto, a
full-blooded Indian of tho Sioux tribe.
The bride is a relative of Black Horse,
White Cow and Red Cloud, honce bo
longs to the nobility. The braves ore
an disgusted, and ono of them claims
Mary is already his squaw, so there
may bo a "war of tho races" in that
County Superintendent Arnot of
Dodgo county has made arrangements
for a corn growing contest to bo con
ducted under tho auspices of the
schools throughout tho county tho
coming summer. Ho will furnish se
lect seed corn and tho, pupils will
plant this. In tho fall district con
tests will be held. The winners at
these will exhibit at a county contest
held in connection with tho county
farmers' institute In tho winter. A
number of prizes ranging from $5 to
$50 in value will bo awarded.
Ed Hughes, a young farmer from
northeast of Humboldt, had a small
piece of steel embedded in his right
eyo and tho same was removed with
difficulty. Tho splinter camo from n
file which Mr. Hughes struck with a
hammer while at work.
Georgo Cramer nr Snrcae has been
oonf-cj H ihc count Jnll at Lincoln
for many woeks on Jie complaint of
his wife, who declared that hor huB-'
band threw plates at her because shd
nto pork. The mantis thought to bo
insane, in spito of his reiterated de
clarations that he is ooL
The Population of
ihc Earth is
One Million
Die Annually of
' Catarrh.
Jt. known and used for catarrhal
disotiBcs. Tho rerun a Girl has
travolcd 'round tho globe.
Hor fiico is familiar ovory whero that
civilization reaches.
Ualvcnalty Praised.
Prom Africa to Greenland, from Man
churla to Patagonia, tho face of tho
1'oruna girl Is familiar and tho pralsos of
Peruna as a catarrh remedy aro heard.
Succetiful la North and South.
Poruna crossed tho Equator soveral
years ago, to find in tho Southern
Homisphcro tho samo triumphant suc
cess that has marked Its carcor in tho
Northern Hemisphere.
A Standard.
Poruna Is a standard catarrh remedy
tho world over.
It cures catarrh by eradicating It
from tho system.
Permanent Cure.
It obviates tho necessity of all local
treatment and Its reliof is of pormanont
Without a Peer.
No other remedy has so completely
dominated tho wholo earth as Poruna.
la Every Tongue.
In all languages Its glowing testi
monials aro written.
in all climes tho domanda for Poruna
Let Common Sense Decide
Do you honestly boliove, thaf; coffeo sold looso (in bulk), exposed
tt ts opened in your cilcieti.
Millions of American Homes welcomo LION COFFEE duily.
There is no stronger proof of merit than continued and incrona-
ing popularity, iuuaiiy wiuvivuo u(iucm.u
(8old only In 1 lb. packages. Lion-head on every package.)
(Bave your Lion-heads for valuable jiromiums.)
..Tonfe Qua.lity..
pure and mellow. UlgllriKUlsh our hnnd
made "Mueller" pianos from tho ordin
ary makes.
in built on the violin principle, ullowlnir
free vibration. Other Items of interest
In our new catulog, sent free for the
Address tho Makers,
Kstabllshed I860.
1313 l.'AHNAM ST., O.IIAHA.
Tbo laricoit and oldest importer In all the
went of lVrcberon, Hhire. Belgian and G rruan
Coach Htalllons. ProepectiTu buyers Hhould
vUit our barna or write iw for llluatratod cat
lour of our latest Importation Itumeinber. we
iiay buyer's It K. fare and can veil you a atall
Ion at our Iwrna fqr one ht tl.e riionny It
would cwt j-oa If we uhlppud hlin out and or
iranUed n comiMiny Wedofy iwnivj'-ltli" '
In ijuality and prif"- 'i-ti tuttu at car ruua
(' l r . i ' . tiarn. TltU ad onl v mni one timo
feO cut It out" A. I., t'L.I.IVA.N, .llgr.
FARMS or Sale gsifts!
toloj mora good brlchler and Inter color thin anr
felt teller or e -nil tend pott paid at 10c a MCUB.
v....v.-7,rai'i r V-..-.V.V 'AJfcf itKmiZiH & vuftCV
V..I..11. . m i ! . - mo r'.iT.'n'.i . f .
lsllf v&r ?k mr$mf 7
:".; v-yr v kSS'EI CLl ''' -cV 0 ff
WW4 J:!ih
.-vvWilw -Tr.ov:o:o jfFfflmm
Aa Extensive Laboratory.
To supply this remedy to tho wholo
world (axes to the utmost ono of tho
host laboratories in tho United States.
A Word Prcta Australia.
Waltor II. Woodward, Bomadior
Royal Australian Artillery, Hobart,
Tasmania, writes:
"I Suffered for several years with a
distressing condition of tho head and
throatcaused by continual colds.
"My head and nostrils wcro slopped
up most of tho timo nnd thcro was a
discharge, and my sonso of smell was
affected badly.
"After two wcoks ubo of Poruna I
found this condition qui to changed, and
so I continued to uso this romarkablo
medicino for over a month.
"I am very glad to say that at tho ond
of that timo I was cured and felt in
flno health gonorally, and am pleased
to give Peruna my honest endorse
ment." to uuat, germs ami JiiKOcts, passing
through many hands (somo pf
them not over-cloun), "blended,"
you don't know how or by whom,
is lit for your use 1 Of courso you
don't. But
ts another story. The green
berries, selected by keen
Judges at the plantation, arc
skllllBlly roasted at our fac
tories, where precautions you
would not dream of are taken
to secure perfect cleanliness,
flavor, strength and uniformity.
Frovi the time the coffee haves
the factory no hand touches it till
"WOOLSON 8PI0E CO., Toledo, Ohio.
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
aE la Tll Li-fllttlllllIffCj ' 4
aH AJ ' ' inn-u'FT-wM ri-"M '-f I
B( I 'Villi.111 I ' l '
oth r ijt. Ona 10c pnekao celort silk, wool and cotton euuallr well tnd Is ouaranlf d in ni.o n..i ..,(.
Wri lor tree booklet- Kui to Oje. Bleach and 1uMoVtMHwiSitl!iSSlSSl
" ;7 ft it if
Prom Hawaii,
Prlnco Jonah Kalaulanaole, delegate
In Congross f rom Hawaii, writes from
Washington, D.C., as follows: , .
"I can choorfully recommend your
Peruna as a very offectivo romsdy for
coughs, colds nnd catarrhal trouble."
A Cuban Minister.
Scnor Qncsada, Cuban Minister to tho
United States, writes from Washington,
D. C, as follows :
"Poruna I can recommend as a very
good medicino. It is an excellent
strengthening tonic, and is also an
oflleacions euro for tho almost unlvorsal
complaint .of catarrh." Gonzalo Da
Prom All Quarters o the Qtobe.
Wo havo on fllo thousands of testi
monials like thoso given abovo. Wo can,
givo our readers only a slight glimpso
of tho vast number of grateful letters
Dr. Hartman Is constantly receiving
from nil quarters of tho globs in behalf
of his famous catarrh romedy, Poruna.
National Oafs
Grratrat oat of thd Mnwrr.
il.iuni in wmu ,oi. in aiivu.
11. In &1o.2A.aridIii N. IfcikntA
31U ba. per acre.
You can beat tuat record In MB.
For 10c aad this sellec
we mall yoa frt lots o f farm iffd
am pits ana ooi uu cawiog, iriu
log an aixmi una oat wonaer ana
toouaaaaaoi Dinar anaa.
... CfM,
Kaniai City, Ho., OmabaHtb., Eioux TUi, B.D,
Sea aearett dealer or writ for circular.
to the:
Free Grant Lands
Western Canada.
Purine the month of Murch and ApiSl. thera
will bo fxcurhlont on the various liiu-sof rail,
way to tho ( anudtuu Wot.
Hundreds of thousands of acres of the best
Wheat and (inizlnt; Lands on tho Continent
free to the aettlcr
Adjoining landB may bo purchased from rail
way and and compunIe at reasonable prices.
- J-'or Information as to rouU cost of transpor
tation et , unnlr to Superintendent of Inunl.
i ration. Ottawu, Canada or to authorized Can
adian Government Agent W. V. Ilenuctt, Ml
i New York Llfo UuilJiut', Omaha, Nebraska.
I Th nfTITBllBTV l.
cubtor ale mtila by
' JutitnoD. tbe lnruliilor
, JIari, KliotiiaJefiuuuiibr
( fiiru ImentlUK LI OLD
A pay f.i
tr. Forty d
)7 furlltelt batch-
ojt ir trial
: .uu 9 1110 yvmr m icnaran
' tji. Kor blif frfe cata-
l.'nue. M puuiiry iliu-
uniiiias, auurrsB
O. T Clay Center. Kob.-
iSPlNAL CtftV'ATURECanbe Cured
4 IWriteo. rail at officoforfisolnforaia
iiuii. iiunoiiawiuuiniaitirouiproui
fit i4n.Mnen. aim pnyticiau. Con.
I( )oue I aimlvOoclnr Nn Iu.m.m
ri-iMpiuiicrauMU, treated sc(iul;j
I!.'?'!!."1 J"'tar''jiiUiie.
.-i - - wwY.
la-ci aaim&ToN air. . omaha. neb.
yvvvT'i frapjj
r VTE.,ucr
4ui I inn vjj
. i Twin
:-LslU3taJ A-jfcrf