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t'opyiiglit, 19T. by 1'. Tpiiiimoii Swl
The War of the Elements.
Immediately .luck was oh his feet.
"When danger threatens lie Is not the
:ninii to dream.
"You want to tell mo something, old
3iian something dmicedly unplonsant,
unless I'm very much mistaken. Now,
have It out, without any neology. Tho
sooner these things are known tho
quicker they can bo met."
That Is tho greeting .lob Smtthors
rocolvcs. Ho la unable to repress his
"You're n quick one to get on to
'trouble, sir. Hut there's no use in dis
guising matters. Theso solriers
haven't found out anything wrong yct
but It will soon burst on them like n
thunderclap, and then you'll see tho
wildest scurrying around hero Imag
inable." "By Jove, you nro right, Smlthers!"
Is what Jack Instantly exclaims. "Tho
wind has changed."
"It Is even so. Presently it will
-grow stronger, and nothing can pre
vent that raging forest lire from com
ing down on us by another route."
Senor Jack Is not naturally despond-
ent, and ho as a usual thing does not
let a loophole that promises results
escape him.
"If it camo to tho worst, perhaps wo
might lot the carriage swing over to
' the old stand again. There tho flro
has burned everything possible,, and
wo might be nblc to stand It," suggests
Smlthers, though ho advances tho Idea
dubiously, as though having little faith
in it himself.
"Not with a ton of ammunition In
tho car," declares hl companion,
quickly; "that would bo inviting death.
A single spark, and away we would go,
every man of us."
"Well, of course, before tho run was
made that would have to bo removed,
and scattered about, since It would no
doubt kick up quite a neat little circus.
I can seo no other plan, unless wc all
made for tho river."
"Six miles away. Wo would never
reach It If the wind grew Into n gale,
as is possible, and the flro swung
round, cutting us off."
"Ah, sir, you arc so quick to punch
holes In my poor plans, I am sure you
liave one of your own to submit,"
laughs Job' Smlthers.
Jack shakes his head and resumes
"All I can suggest Is that we sit
quietly down and resign ourselves to
tho Inevitable." '
"Not give up the ship that isn't
your way, sir. There's something
back of it. You have made a discov
ery. You believe tho situation is
robbed or its terrors; hence your se
rene manner. Tell me what It Is, that
I may Join in your satisfaction."
"The same old story has gone on
since the world began that eternal
warfaro that will never cease to be."
. "Eli?" gasps Smlthers, dimly, sus
pecting his employer's mind may
liuve been affected by tho many
strange experiences that Have of late
crowded upon them.
"Tho war of the elements between
flro and water a vendetta that can
never cease so long as nature exists.
Now you grasp the idea?"
r Smlthers does. He turns his face
upward to view the forbidding heav
onb, and as ho doe so n drop of rain
splashes in one of his oes. Never
was such more tlcvoutly received.
"Sir, ou nro right, it Is coming.
The clmngo of wind may precipitate If.
sooner. Yes, we can hope for a deluge
in time.".
Just as they have calculated, the
wind, having changed its course, be
gins to increase its force. Presently
"Now, have It out without any apol
ogy." things show a new phase. Up to this
time the fire has had a hard time eat
ing up ugainst the breeze, hut now
it begins to jump.
Tlio boldiers have bon made aware
of tilts new danger. They nro on the
qui vivo, and stand ready to meet
Mm emergency. If the fire draws too
aloha botnie the rain comes it is their
intention to dispose of the ammuni
tion nnd try Smlthers' plan, dosfer
iilo though it seems.
Tho drops of rain fall faster that
hofort). but as yet without the least
bonefit. This is not what Jack wants,
what' he expects, having scou tropical
n)uijs ore now. Only a deluge will
1,11 i i !
7 1 1 O- W
i up) right. W.I. by Strict Hint Smith.
satisfy his aspiration under theso clr
uunstnnccs. Tho lattllng, roaring sound in
ct oases In volume. It is like n can
nonade now as the masses of water
pitch down upon the burning forest.
Another mlnitlo nnd tho Hood gates
of heaven seem to "he oponcd,
A tropical storm bursts upon them
without the slightest warning. Thuu
dor crashes, and vivid lightning
flames about them.
Tho forest lire Is extinguished In a
jiffy, for In tho everlasting wnrfaro
between theso rival elements water
usunlty proves tho victor.
All are relieved, since they hnvo
been-saved from another grao dan
ger. The rain ceases aftor a time, almost
as suddenly as It began, though tho
electilc glow continues for quito a
period. '
Jnck, stnnding In the door of tho
carriage, sees a singular spectaclo
whenever the lightning illumines the
scene. Tho Spanish soldiers who wcro
unable to find shelter still stand there,
dripping wet, growling anathemas at
the fickle .fortune that threatens to
roast them one minute nild almost
drowns them tho next.
Of course, the expedition can go no
further, and their one hope Is a safe
return to Hnvnna. Betrayed, they
have fallen into a snnro, and will bo
lucky Indeed to bring half of their
number safely into port.
One thing Trnvers Is sincerely sorry
for. In asking questions ho finds that
tho gallant Gen. Toledo, to whom they
are indebted for a very great favor,
has not been seen since the disaster
at the bridge, and as he was on the
engine at tho time, the chances are
he will never cnll upon Jack In Ha
vana to claim tho generous euntrlhu
lion which the American promised In
return for his kindness.
The night wenrs away slowly.
Tho day brertks with a rather dis
mal prospect ahead, sinco thcro is
nothing to eat within many miles of
tlicm. Travers remains In tho com
partment of tho guard. He hardly
cares to face the others, slnco tho
senor has undoubtedly seen beneath
his disguise, and of course informed
his dear friend Spencer.
About nine lo'clock a whistle is
heard, and when smoko over tho out
er hill announces the coming of a
train, tho Spanish soldiers burst into
a vociferous cheer that no doubt con
siderably startles the driver on the
engine just coming Into view.
Of course their troubles are now
at nn end, so far as reaching Havana
io concerned. Since the bridge Is de
stroyed, there can be no forward
movement of the train; and when tho
soldiers have climbed aboard, the
stianded carrlago Is taken In tow, nnd
tho crab-llko journey begun. Senor
Roblado, having been baffled In tho
outset of his grand coup to secure pos
session of tho famous Cuban leader,
will doubtless think twico before again
starting upon such a desperate under
taking, which, if known to tho secret
sympathizers of the rebels in the
capital, would placo his life In dan
ger. About the middle of a hot day the
train arrives in Havana, and tho
whole city Is electrified by the start
ling Intelligence that the expedition
was ambushed, the train dynamited,
and but for tho good fortune that
placed unlimited ammunition in the
hands of the soldiers after the rebels
had exhausted their stock, not a man
of the military force might have re
turned to tell the tale.
"Dolce Far Niente."
When the train lias drawn up In
the shed that good Havana citizens
term n station, Jnck hovers round,
eager to have a parting gllmpso of
tho woman ho loves.
Senor Roblado gives -himself away,
now that the danger is a thing of
the past. Ho Is reserved and haughty,
his very manner tolling more plainly
than words the fact that he has dis
covered tho truth concerning Jack's
Ho thanks the foreigners for their
assistance, and does not forget to con
vey tho respects of the ladies, excus
ing their non-appearance on somo
specious plea.
As for Spencer, that worthy also
keeps religiously Jn the background
since he lias learned tho astounding
truth from' tho old don.
Jack pretends to depart, but hovers
near, and is rewarded by seeing the
ladles escorted to a carriage by their
Ho has his eyes glued on tho sym
metrical figure; there is a yearning in
his Intense gaze, Perhaps in somo
subtle, mysterious manner it is com
municated to the object of his mute
adoration; for Jessie without warning
turns her fair head and looks straight
at him.
His very heart ceases to boat, but
not by the slightest sign does he be
tray himself. That hateful promise
ghon in Edinburgh stands bolwoon
a deadly barrier.
Ah, what cuuscs tho blood to leap
like mad through his veins? A little
web of laco has been Umken toward
him. Sho has seen she lecognlzos
him! Heaven Is kind indeed. Now
nothing stands in the way of his rais
ing his hat gallantly, and loturnlng
her salutation; and that ono smile Is
orough to haunt Jack Travers, for he
i iy audi in love ,vith his own
The are gone.
.lack discovers, that tho dingy stn
Hon Is no longer illumlnod. Ho seeks
Smlthers, nnd-flnds- Hint worthy has
had nn eye on tho parly, for the first
thing ho does Is to congratulate his
employer on tho progress mndo.
At tho house of Loin Montcz they
find a cool retreat, and do ample jus
tice to tho muni that is soon set he
fore thorn.
Jnck is endeavoring to study his
companion, but when such a human
sphinx Is concerned, it requires con
siderable acuniou to penotrnto be
neath the mask ho wears.
Tho mysterious connection he has
with tho remarkablo senorltn under
whoso roor they hnvo found bholtcr
arouses Jnck's deepest curiosity, and
ho hopes tho time will soon conio
when Job Smlthers will take him into
his confidence,
Then, again, it scorns so singular
that Lola Montoz should turn out to
bo the sanio girl whom he was en
abled to servo long ago In quaint old
Santa Fe. nnd thus severed the cor
dial relations then existing between
Spencer nnd himself.
Really, It would appear as though
thcro might be nn unrolling of tho
scroll of destiny in nil this, nnd Jack
can only wish, tho spinning sisters ot
He Is very much In love with his own
Fato would display a little moro of
tho future to his eager eyes.
Will ho win her hero in old Havana
Heaven grant it!
All other things all alms In life
sink Into utter Insignificance when
compared with this. Ho is by degrees
building all his castles in Spain on
the foundation of a responso to his
wooing; nor will he deny the hope
that dally and hourly grows stronger
In his heart tho belief that In good
tlmo his probation will come to an end
the rewnrd of Jacob bo his portion.
Slowly tho afternoon passes away.
Jack has not retired to his room; the
court, with its rippling fountain, Is
better; for the light breeze passing
through makes a cooling current of
air. Indeed, drowsiness overcame
him while he sat there smoking, nnd
hence he hns yielded to the somnolent
god without conditions.
The sound of music greets his car
as his senses" return. The day Is fad
ing. Already shadows begin to crawl
along tho stono walls enclosing tho
court, nnd through tho arch he can
seo them gathering in tho garden,
where the myriad of flowers send out
their intoxicating perfume, and the
larger fountain splashes its scented
water unceasingly.
Jack Is wide uwake now.
Ho listens, nnd hears a voice hears
a Spanish melody that onco before
greeted his ears. The voico Is no
strango one; ho remembers Its deep,
rich contralto cadence.
And as he sits there and hears tho
scng from beginning to end, there
comes into his mind a picture that
seems in startling contrast to the
peaceful one upon which his eyes nro
resting at the present moment.
(To bo continued.)
Colored Gentleman's Time of Slumber
By No Means Wasted.
"Hit's strange," said Brother Dick
ey, "dat I dreamed er you all night las'
night, en you do fust man I meet
dls mawnln, kunnel."
"Well, what did you dream?"
"I gvvine tor toll you; I dreamed dat
I met you right whar you standln
now, en lookln' des ns well en happy
ez what you lookln' now, eu what you
rcckln you said tor me?"
"Go ahead and toll It."
"You put yo' ban' In yo' pocket
Ink dli you turned yo' head sideways
lak dis; en you spoke out In meetin'
lak dls: 'You looks lak yo' house
rent is due. Heah's do money for it!
I well knows dat you ain't got no flro
wood. Heah's do money fer it! You
got a hungry look In yo' eyes. Heah's
$2 fer do grocery sto'! Dem closo you
wearin' Is highty raggedy. Heah's a
warm overcoat fer you! En tako dls
dollar en buy you a good dram!'"
Hero Brother Dickey paused for
breath, and then said;
"Dem's de very words you said ter
mo in my dream, kunnel sho' cz you
Mandin' whar you is!"
"But," said tho colonel, "suppose I
should do all that for you where
Houhl I be."
"Whar would you be? Why. you'd
ho fconslbler en soberer dan over you
wuz slnco de day you raise en bo'n
ntor do worl'J" Atlanta Constltu
'ion. " IPIII ! 1
The Consequence.
"My undo thought he owned me,
body nnd soul, but I wouldn't have It"
"And then?"
"Why, h dlsownod me."
A Synopsis of Proceedings of (he Twenty Ninth Guv
dral Session.
'SENATE Tho senate on tho 7li
tmnnt Mm nnflt-A limruliiir In tmautnfr I
these bills: S. F. DC Allowing rom
plnlutH against opening of roads to h"S
filed in district court nnd giving that
court original jurisdiction. S. F. D7
Fixing the 'term when mill sites shall
revert to original owner. S. F. 22
Allowing tho laying of sidewalks In
villages without regard to grades. S. J
F. 70 Allowlirg cities of the speoml
class to own and operate electric light
plants. S. F.- Legalizing osteopathy
nnd prescribing examination of those
who Intend to practice such n profes
sion. S. F. ISO To make state his
torical society custodian of public rec
ords ot n historical nature. S. F. 108
Providing for the selection ot 'jrand
nnd petit jurors. S. F. 105 To estab
lish n stuto board of veterinary medi
cine. S. F. 1117 Making it lawful to
servo n summons on nny ngent ot a
foreign corporation doing business in
the stnte, and making tho summons
binding on tho corporation. II. It. 44
Any person who shall deposit refuso
in any drainage ditch shall bo llablo
for damages. H. It. 108 Making flro
cscnpo laws applicable to three-story
HOUSE In the houso on tho 7th,
IL R. 23, by Parker of Otoe, prohibit
ing a saloon within 400 feet of a pub
lic school, was recommended for pas
sage. Leo ot Douglas objected to the
bill because It did not include all
schools, saying the state was as vital
ly Interested in tho meals of private
school children as thoso of public
schools. Governor Mickey submitted
a bill to the house to transfer $800
from the clothing to the repnlr fund
at the Geneva girls' school. The bill
points out Hint repairs aro greatly
needed nnd while there Is $1,770.08 In
the clothing fund, tho repair fund Is
exhausted. The govcrn&r snys tho
Board of Public Lands nnd Buildings
ngrees with him In this matter. Tho
hoise passed S. F. C9, by Jones of
Otoe to provide for annual correction
by county boards of evident nnd gross
errors in thp valuation of real prop
erty. The present law makes this once
in four years. H. R, 154, by Ernest of
Johnson, limiting the number of sa
loons In towns of 1,000 or less to
three, and more than 1,000 to four,
was Indefinitely postponed on recom
mendation of the committee. II. R. 0.
by Warner of Lancnster, occupied
much time. It provided originally an
appropriation of $100,000 for a subex
perlmental station at North Platte and
the purchase of laud for tlio univer
sity. As tho bill did not state what
portion of this sum might go to each
liurpose the bill was amended, appro
priating $18,000 for the purchase ot
land ndjacent to tho University
campus, $20,000 for tho BUbstatiou,
$15,000 lor library purposes and $7,500
for poultry culturo, cutting the total
to $82,500. In this condition Iho meas
ure was recommended for passage.
SENATE-The following bills wero
pnssed in tho senate on ttic 8th: Sen
ate flic 22(1, a bill limiting the number
of proxies ot building nnd loan stock
to the actual number of shares held
by the member who wished to vote
them. Senate file No. 19G, creatlug a
state railway commission. Senate fllo
No. 157, a dralnnge bill. House roll
No. 172. transferring $20,000 from the
Norfolk to the Hastings asylum. Sen
ate fllo No. 33, by Senator Griflln.-n
bill to provide for a prosecuting at
torney system In the state, was killed
In tho committee of the whole of the
senate by a decisive majority. Sen
ate file No. Ilj0, a companion bill was'
lso slaughtered. , Tho state prison
committee reported that tho peniten
tiary was in excellent condition, tho
damage done by tho flro hnvingbeen
repaired and tho administration of
Warden A. D. Beemer was most ex
cellent. Tho warden was compliment
ed on his manner of conducting the
institution. Sennto fllo No. 17. by Sen
ator Gibson, was indefinitely post
poned on tho report ot the standing
committee. It provided for the care
of dependent children.
HOUSE In tho houso on the 8th
tho following bills wero read for tho
third time and passed. Houso roll No.
188, by Douglas, eliminating the coun
ty clerk arid county assessors as
members of the county board of equali
zation. Houso roll No. 214,by Ander
son, to protect labels nnd trademarks
of union labor organizations. House
roll No. 229, by Parker, to prohibit
tho granting by county boards of
licenses to sell Jlquors within 400 feet
of country school houses. The railroad
committee reported to the general
file, with a favorable recommenda
tion, house roll No. 282, by Hill, re
quiring the running of at least ono
train dally on every line of railroad
nnd fixing a minimum speed of twenty
miles an hour for passonger trains,
ten miles for freight trains nnd twelve
miles for mixed trains. At 2 o'clock
Dodgo moved that tho house go Into
committee of tho whole to consider
bouse roll No. 297 and other bill3 on
tho general file. Houso roll No. 297
provides for tho submission of a con
stitutional amendment for the creation
of an electric railway commission of
threo members, which commission
shall have tho power to estnbllsh,
modify and enforce reasonable freight
rates and prevent discriminations and
abuses. Mr. Dodgo spoko forcibly In
support ot his motion, calling attention
to the importnnco of tho bill nnd tho
lateness of the session and nrgulng
Hint unless1 the bill be considered at
once it would have but littlo chance of
passage. Porter objected to tho ad
vancement of the bill over tho rnto
hill, nnd Penhody of Nemaha moved
Hint the bill bo not considered nt. this
lime, which motion prevailed bya ris
ing vote of 34 to 10.
SENATE Upon tho persounl re
quest of Governor Mlckoy tho sennto
on tho Dili allowed the Introduction
ot tho county engineer bill, which tho
governor vetoed because of defects in
the bill recently passed which Invalid
nted 11. Thp salary hill Introduced by
Good otjNemnhn to maUo tho pay ot
all deputy stnto officers $1,800 a year
was killed, the voto being 15 to 1.1,
not a constitutional number hnvlng
voted in tho nfllrmative. S. F. 87, pro
viding for the payment ot costs In
misdemeanor cases, was passed. S. F.
170 apd S. F. 184 were rocommended
for passage. The former fixes tho
length of a school term according to
tho number ot pupils, making tho
shortest term flvo months. S, 184
provides Hint when n district falls to
levy a tax for school purposes the
same may bo done by tho county clerk
upon the recommendation of tho coun
ty superintendent. Tho morning was
spent, by tho sennto in Hie committee
of tho whole, with Slireck in the chair,
in a discussion of S. F. 112, wUlch
was finally recommended for passage.
Tho bill reduces the salary of bank
examiners from $1,300 to $1,500. An
amendment by Qllligan was adopted
to cause the discharge of examiners
when a bank falls within six mouths
after having been reported solvent by
the examiner. These bills wero recom
mended for passage: S. F. 174, allow
ing cities of the second class to mako
a levy for tho purpose ot Improving
tho roads leading into tho towns, upon
the petition of a majority ot the free
holders nlong tho road, nnd to make
tho poll tax $2 when paid in cash. S.
F. 152, to compel railroads to carry
stock at a rata ot eighteen miles' nn
hour on the main lino nnd fifteen miles
an hour on branch lines and to allow
the roads to designate three days in
the week as stock shipping days for
the branch linos; the law not to apply
on branch roads other than on these
three days. Tills designation of ship
ping dnys was an amendment put on
by Gould, the Introducer of the meas
ure. 1JOUSE On the 0th the committeo
on revenue and tnxatlon reported for
indefinite postponement house roll No.
cities nnd towns locally to assess, for
municipal purposes only, railroad ter
minal property within their limits.
McElhiuney of Burt moved Hint tho
report of tho committee indefinitely
postponing tho hill bo adopted and Me
Leod seconded the motion. Clarko vlg
oiously protested agnlnst any such
summary action on n bill which means
$250,000 to $300,000 moro railroad
taxes a year to the cities and towns
of Nebraska. The vote for Indefinite
postponement resulted, yens C5, nays
34. Wilson ot Pawnee, chairman of
Hie finance, ways and means commit
tee, moved that the two big appropria
tion bills yet pending house rolls
Nos. 342 and 302 be made a special
order for Friday, at 10; 30 a. m., and
continue such until completed. The
motion prevailed. The following bills
were read for tho third time and pass
ed: Houso roll No. 12, by Horton, to
allow counties of less than 5,000 to
assess property at 33 1-3 per cent for
purposes of local taxation only. House
roll No. 250, by Wilson of Pawnee,
'cairying the salary appropriations for
nil tho state departments and lnstltu
UjHS for the ensuing biennlum; total,
SI 091,280, Houso roll No. 247, by
Koiit-o, requiring liverymen to post
p:Icc schedules In n consplcuom place
and to punish by flno and Imprison
ment failure to pay livery bills. Houso
roll No. 231, by Marks ot Fillmore,
C'3;iiblishlng tho yay of deputy county
nstestors at $3 per day for tlmo act
ually employed. House roll No. 215,
by Dodgo of Douglas, to transfer freo
High school funds now in county
trensurles to school districts main
taining such free schools. House roll
No. 233, by Hoare of Platte, Invalid
ating salary loans unless made with
tho written consent of the employer,
and reqlrlng tho assent of the wife,
if the borrbwer be married. House roll
No. 2C1, by Perry of Furnas, to outy
law mortgages' In ten years after ma
turity and In fifteen years when con
taining an indorsement. Houso roll No.
:.G7, by Hill of Hitchcock, establishing
r. fee system for tho compensation ot
the secretary of the state board of ir
rigation. Houso roll No. 189, by At
wood of Seward, Axes tho salary ot
road overseers at $2 per day for time
actually employed, not to exceed $50
a year. House roll No. 2C2. by ho
frefe, a curative insurance act to al
low foreign mutual companies with
assets of less than $50,000 to do busi
ness In Nebraska, House roll No. 2U8,
by Hill of Hitchcock, giving tho state
board of Irrigation an otlkial seal.
House roll No. 271. by McAllister of
Deuel, limiting the amount of war
.ants to be Issued by irrigation dis
tricts. SENATE Th&se bills wore passed
In the senate on the' Iflth: S. F. 184.
by ailligan Whluh provides that
when a school board at Its annual
meeting" mnkos no provision for a:
term of sohool the lev crtn be main
by the county clerk nftnr Mil fuunty
superintendent has estimated. Hie mat
S. F. 50 and 52 Two ot the Cadv do
codenco bills. S. F. 101. by Motkett
Making the statutes conform to tho
federal statutes Innimtters pertaining
to tho flllng of transcript of judgment
S. F. 197, 1y Mcserve Fixing tho
boundary lino ot Dakota Pounty to
conform to tho agreement between
tho Nebraska nnd South Dakota com
mlsslonors. S. F. 1?0, by Epperson -Proscribing
tho length of a term of
school under which a district can so
euro n part ot tho state school ap
portionment. S. F. 174. by Gould -Providing
that cities of tho first class
can mako a lovy to Improve roads
leading Into tho city and providing
that tho poll tnx when paid in cash
shall bo $2 Instead ot $3. S. F. 2i)R by
Dlmcry Giving the Stnto Board of
Public Lands and Buildings power to
rent buildings owned by the state S.
F. 112, by Good Cutting down tho
salary of bank examiners to $1,500 a
yenr nnd making It a cause for dis
missal should n bank fall within six
months nfter It is reported solvent by
tho examiner. The vole was 17 to 10.
just barely enough to carry. Six wero
absent, Tho senate went on record as
absolutely opposed to nny Increase In
salaries of state employes, but rather
a reduction, and expressed Its disap
proval of tho liberality of the houso
In tho matter of allowing claims in
dlecrlmlnutoly, by Indefinitely post
poning, with only ono voice oproslng.
Hint of Mockclt of Lancnster tho
clnlnf ot Tom Kennard for $10 000 It
refused by a voto of 10 to 15 to re
consider Its action In turning down
tho Good bill providing that all da
Ijuty state officers bo paid $1 800. A.
resolution ot sympathy to Senator Glf
fin becauso-of tho death of his brother
was ndopted and the senate adjourn-,
cd out of respect to the bereaved sen
ator. J,
HOUSE Committee reports wero
read on tho 10th, showing the?- bills
Indefinitely postponed: S. F. 70 by
Brosee of Sheridan A judicial reap
portlonment bill. II. R. 417. by Bur
gess of Lancaster Providing for a
weather signal sorvice through tho
state superintendent to warn eachrs
and pupils of approaching storms. On
motion of .Leo of Douglas S. F 44,
by Gibson, tho South Omnha sower
bill, was ordered for third reading.
"With Jackson of Antelope in the chair
tho house vVcnt into committee ot tho
whole nnd took up H, R. 347 and 11
R. 302, Hie deficiency and general ap
propriations bills, ok special order.
Clarke ot Douglas made a fight for
nn amendment providing for a salaried
deputy game warden nt, Omaha, but
failed. McMnllen of Gngo submitted
nn amendment nddlng $4,000 for al
lowances to tho National Guard. It was
adopted. McLeod's amendment to
strike out the $50,Q0Q item was lost
by a vote of 21 to 42, Tho approprln
Hon for junior normals was raised
from $12,000 to $15,000. The statutes
appropriation goes to Cobbey Instead
of Wheeler. Tho house cut out Wheel
er nnd put In Cobbey. The general ap
propriations, a total of $1,800,000, ap
proximately, was not vitally altered,
The deficiency bill had an orlglrnl
total of $40,1G0 and tho committee
brought this up to $55,560, which Hit
house did not change. Both bills. wem
then recommended for passage, the
houso having concluded consideration
of them at 4 p. m. II. R. 235, by Per-y
of Furnas, the biennial election bHI.
making tho term of all county anil
state officers two years, was recom
mended for passage.
Easily Settled,
There was onco In New York n poor
tailor whose eccentricities threatened
to bring troublo to him, but whoso
wit always saved him. Ono morning 11
Mrs. Murphy came into his shop and
found him working laboriously wltu
a pencil nnd n piece of paper. She ash
ed him what he was doing, and lin
replied that he was making out a list
ot the men on the block whom ho
could wU p. 'Is Murphy's name there?"1
inquired that man's wife. Tho tailor
confessed tlm llko Abou Ben Adem's,
Murphy's nnmo headed tho list. Wher
Murphy heard of this ho came to tho
shoj) with belligerence in his eyes H
inquired If the report was true. "Siri
an It's true. Phwat of it?" retnrnel
the tailor. "You little grasshopper
said Murphy. "I could commit sulcldt
on yez wld me little finger. I caul I
wlpo up de fluro wld yez wld ma
hands tied!" "Are ye sure about that?"
asked the tailor. "Suro I'm sure abo it
it." "Well, then," sighed the knight
of the shears, regretfully, "I'll scratch
ye off tho Hsht."
The ' oor stood open as I pacsed
and therein I beheld silent groups nf
women sitting around tables, the'r
hands before their faces, their eyes
rlvited upon a sheaf of cards whl'h
they seemed about to devour. "What
Is Uils?" I asked. "Why this appalling
silence and lntcuse demeanor?" 'Oh,
that Is a bridge whist club," was the
response. "It's a matter of llfo or
deolh with all the players." Ex
change. A tiny fellow was receiving his flrt
lesson In physiology. The subject waa
bones. Touching the little neck so
satin-soft in texture that It requirei
a great deal of faith to believe them
were any bones In it, his auntie fal'
"This MIm', is your collar bone " 'U
It?" he cried eagerly. "Well, where Is
my necktie bono?"
Southwark Eel Market
London possesses a curiosity in th
Southwark Eel Mnrket, w,hlch Is m'I
to have been hld regularly for ovr
300 years. It is little known ev-e t
In the neighborhood where it is held.