The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, February 09, 1905, Image 1

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you aro in need of house furnishings Lock
wood's store is the place to go. Prices are
right and so is their stock. No mailer
what vou want they nave it.
Have No Doubt About It "Is Simpkins
sure his wife's poodle is dead?" "He must
be. I see he is offering $50 reward for it."
those pieces of furniture repaired or up
holstered to look like new? Bring them to
Lockwood's: we have an expert upholster
er and repair man.
Nothing in Comparison Ada (At Jen
nie's wedding) She had to wait thirty
minutes for the bridegroom. Wasn't that
perfectly awful?
Lilly Languishingly That's nothing to
waiting thirty years.
SEE US. No Remnant sale at Lock
wood's, our Christmas trade cleaned us
out. In all departments you will see at
once on entering our store, a bright, new
stock, just received. We have no old
relics or eye-sores left. Everything just
the latest designs, unpacked and waiting
for your inspection.
US. We have no tag sale, but everything
tagged at prices that will make competitors
BLANKETS. Our blankets are so cheap
that it don't pay to buy coal, Keep
warm with a pair of our blankets.
Honeymoon Cookery "And so my lit
tle wife cooked this all herself? What
does she call it?"
"Well, I started it for bread, but after
it came out of the oven I concluded I'd
better put some sauce on it and call it pud
ding." GET
a piece of our new Bird's Egg blue enamel
ed ware and you will use no other. Hand
some and durable. Look in our window
and see Jem.
"Bronson is very ill; he's got to have
his teeth extracted." "What are you talk
ing about? Bronson's teeth are all false."
"I know it. He's swallowed 'em."
Friday is Fresh Fruit Day at
Glcon's Dclicacyas Store. Nov. 11-tf
Lost: Watch fob with locket at
tached, containing picture. Finder
return to Clayton Reed and receive
Valentine day next Sunday. Miller
Bros, have the finest collection in town.
See'them. 8-1.
For Sale: Cheap: Four room brick
residence. F. C. Reeves. 409 West
Boulevard, -So. Alliance. 6-tf
For Sale: House and two Jots, two
blocks east of First National bank.
Enquire at the house or saloon W.
N. 'Corneal. 6-tf
For Sale: Bakery and confection
ery in good Colorado town; Cooo peo
ple. Steam heat and light. Two
wagons. Sales last year 14,256.32
price Si, 800. 00. For full particulars
call at Tan Hrrald office.
"For Sale The Pearson residence
property, opposite High school build
ing. T. J. O'Keefe.
Burlington February Bullcton.
Very cheap one way rates to Cali
fornia, Puget, Sound and the North
west country, March 1st to May 15th.
Cheap rates east to Washington, D.
C, for the Inauguration.
Send for printed matter and write
for information, Describe your trip
and let me advise you the least cost.
L. W. Waxeley,
General Passenger Agent.
L. A. Sage, Ticket Agent.
St. Matthews' Church.
St. Matthews' church, Fob. 12th,
1905. Sixth Sunday ofter Epispanry
Holy Communion at S o'clock a. m.
Morning prayer and sermon at 11 a. in.
Sunday school at 10 a. in. Evening
prayer and sormon at 7:30. All are
cordially invited. D. Cokrr,
At the M. E. Church.
The Rev. Dr. W. C Huntington,
Chancollor of the Nebraska Wesloyau
University of Lincoln will preach next
Sunday morning and evening. Dr.
Huntington is one of the most talented
and eminent ministers in this country
and you will be well paid in hearing
Ira Reed will ship a car of horses to
Perry Iowa, next Tuesday to fill an
order he received recently.
Modern Woodmen Celebrate.
Nineteen New Members InltlntcJ. .Mount
ed foresters Pnradc
Tuesday was Woodmen day in Al
liance. The city was gaily decorated
in honor of the occasion and some
two hundred Woodmen with thpir
wives and sweethearts attended, and
much credit is due District Deputy
Hamilton for the success of the afiiair.
The only thing to mar the pleasure
of the occasion was the weather which
was too cold for out door music or
Before the noon train arrived the
mounted Foresters' delegation of local
Woodmen and the "goat" all went to
the station to meet Head Consul Tal
bot and the visiting delegations, and
they came, all but Talbot who was de
tained on account of illness in his fam
ily. In his stead came Hon. Ralph E.
Johnson, of Lincoln supreme organizer
of the order, and Special Deputy John
A. Burgess, and delegations from Hem
ingford, Bridgeport, Lakeside and
Whitman arrived.
Headed by the Camp goat the
parade moved through the principal
streets and at 3:30 Zbinden hall was
comfortably filled to hear the oratory,
and no one was disappointed.
From 6 to 8 the ladies serve! supper
to a host ih tho handsomely decorated
assembly room of tho city hall.
Promptly at 8:15 the candidates, 19
in number rode tho goat; they were as
sisted by the speaker District Deputy
Hamilton, H. J, Ellis and the uni
formed Foresters, interspersed with
music by the Bridgeport uniformed
band. The candidates were:
W. S. Ridgell Martin E. Young
Tlios. Stoops James Strosak
A. Baumgardner Carl Rohrman
Jules Zbinden Ed Slim
Chas Trenkle A. C G. Raemfles
Bruce Kohrman J. F. Hollaway
Fred E. Johnson E. G. Rouse
Herman Frederick W. H. Willis
Wllford Grifleth ' "Th'omas TshmaeT "
The officers were so well pleased
with the Bridgepoit band that an effort
will be made to take them to Milwau
kee next June, as all but one are Wood
men, and Deputy Hamilton says ho
will get hand leader Clyde Snanoglc
j'ct. Photographer S. A. Wilvert suc
ceeded in 'getting some excellent pic
tures ol the affair.
Passing of Pioneers.
Death has claimed two of the pio
neer settlers of Box Butte county dur
ing the past week in the person of Mr.
W. J. Britton, whose funeral occurred
Sunday, mention of which is made in
our Hemingford department, and Mr.
Patrick O'Mara who died Monday eve
ning and was but ied yesterday.
Mr. O'Mara was eighty-four years of
age and had enjoyed good health until
a few days ago when he contracted a
severe cold and the final summons
came suddenly. He resided about
eighteen miles north of Alliance, where
he settled on a homestead twenty years
ago, being one of the first settlers in
the county. Mr. O'Mara was a man
who has seen much of the world and
was universally esteemed by those who
knew him. He leaves a wife, daughter,
Mrs. Joseph Manion, and two sons,
William and John, to whom Tub Her
ald extends sympathy.
Senator Millard Replies,
One of our representative merchants
wrote Senators Millard and Dietrich
protesting against the passage of the
Parcel Post Bill has rcceiyod tho fol
lowing reply:
United States Senate:
Washington, D. C, Jan. 31.
Dear Sir:
Your letter of the 25th in
stant protesting against passage of tho
parcels post bill, this day received and
referred to the Senate Committee on
Post-Offices and Post Roads for favor
able consideration.
Yours, truly,
I. H. Millard.
For obvious reasons the merchant
addressed requested that his name be
Stock Growers Association Meet.
On Thursday afternoon of last week
the executive officers of the Nebraska
Stock Growers association met with
Dr. W. A. Thomas, stale vetenarian.
The object qf the meeting was to ar-
tangc for a modification, or harmoniz
ing of the national and state laws with
regard to stock dipping before ship
ment. The picscnt state law provides
that all stock shall he dipped before
shipping regardless of any previous
dipping. The association's request
was to aUdw stock to bo cleared for
shipment that had boon previously dip
ped, say any time during the spring
or summer season, to prevent the ex
pense of duplicate dipping as well as a
saving of time.
Dr. Thomas assured the association
that their icquest was just and that ho
would endeavor to arrange for such a
joint national and state order. Among
those present were: E. M. Scarle, Jr.,
state auditor; A. M. Modisctt, of Rush
ville; E. E. Lowe, Hyannis; W. H.
Comstock, Elsworth; A. S. Reed, R.
M. Hnmpton and John IJrennan of
Unlisted Here Last Week for Service on
l S. N.ITrntntnR Ships.
The following list of Alliance boys
left here Saturday morning to assume
iew duties and become a part of
Uncle Sam's Navy:
A. J. Wilson.
C. N. Matsingcr.
I". H. Burris.
C. M. Ewlng.
W. W. True.
A. F. Tuttle.
,W. V, Kennedy.
C. A. Mumper.
D. Ramsdell.
Carl W. Corn well.
A class of twenty were examined but
ten of them failed to pass the rigid ex
aminat.on of the naval officer.
The first five will go to Norfolk, Va.,
where they will ship on the U. S.
Steamship "Galveston." The others
will go to San Francisco where the)'
board the U. S. training ship "Pctisa
cola." Carl Cornwell was in chargo of
the San Francisco contingent, while
the Norfolk delegation will be piloted
to their destination by Frank Burris.
Lieutenant Schofield 'and Dr. D.
Dabncy arrived Saturday morning tp
assist the other officers who came
week ago. All were highly pleased
with their work at Alliance and prom
ise to return here occasionally during
the coming year.
City Council Meet.
At the monthly meeting of the city
council Tuesday night; present: Mayor
Bowman, Councilmen Mollriiig, Frank
lin and loder. v In the absence of
Clerk Harris, Police Judge Berry offi
ciated. Petition of Zbinden and others for a
crossing across Box Butte Ave., from
Zbinden's to Watson's corner was
Petition of Rev. Bogite and 250
others for the suppresion of gambling
was read and discussed b- Rev. Ray,
McConnell, Mclntvre, Johnson
and others. It was disposed of by
the adoption of the following resolu
tion. "Resolved: that city Marshal
be instructed to report infraction of
city oj state laws to the Mayor and
council." The ministers threw a
number of boquets at Mayor, Bowman
for the progress made in enforcing the
laws under his administration. The
petition and signatures were ordered
Police court fines , ...,$isi.3o
Marshal fees t 50.40
Water Commissioner water
rents 2oG.4o
Collected for sidewalks 35-oo
Poll tax collected .12.50
r. uazaru city map.
Fred Mollring bedding for
jail ,
S. C. Boon, Chief police salary
A. Cardwell police salary
Able Hill, water com. salary..
E. A. Feather, meal ticket....
W. N. Corneal, hurrying 5 dogs
Frank Jerrott. labor
L. J. Lawrence, pumping
water and electrict lights. .380.12
B, F. Gillman, 3 mo, salary
fity attorney 2500
TOTAL $62G 87
Committee on rail road crossiug to
South Alliance had no report and City
Attorney Gillman was added to com
mittee with instructions to act.
In Alliance, Feb. 2, 1905, by the
Rev. Charles T. Coerr, Rector of St.
Matthew's church, Mr. Robert L.
Yarbrough to Miss Estelle Basye, both
of this city.
St. Valentine's Day next Sunday.
Mrs. W. A. Hood returned the first
of the week from a visit nt Lead, S. D.
The Foresters nvo a ball at Zbin
den's hall last night that was a swell
Dr. Clough went to Lincoln Tuesday
morning to attend a meeting of the
State Medical association.
II. L. Stirklc, employed in the Bur-
Jington tinner shops, is on the re
lief as n result of mashing his hand.
Mr. Mumper, of north Alliance, who
has been laid up with a complication of
tomach disorder, is able to ho out.
. Miss Elizabeth Wadutn, one of the
Alliance teachers who has been on the
sick list for sometime, is slowly improv
ing. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas But
ler, a daughter on SundayFcb. 5, 1905.
Mr. Butler is foreman for contractor
Mis. J. R. Phclan, accompanied by
her mother Mrs. Davis, returned from
an extended visit in Chicago last Sat
urday. C. O. Aspi'iwall was called to Har
rison, Sioux county Monday on busi
ness for the International Harvester
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lot
speich a son, Feb. 6, 1905, and Alvia
is one of the proudest fellows you ever
saw since he Iwcame papa.
Billy King is basking in the sunshine
of southern Nevada at present, having
gone to Goldfield to look over the
situation in the new gold camp.
Mr. L. Weaver and Mr. J. Maninch,
both of Whitman, were guests at Dr.
Barr's Tuesday they having come up
to attend the M. W. A. meeting.
s. Ella Phillips arrived from Duj
das, 111. today and is the guest of Mrs.
C. B. Leech. She is enrouto to her
home in Casper to meet her husband.
Miss Bessie Stuart, a niece of Mrs.
Dr. Barr, who has been visiting Mrs.
Barr since Christmas, returned to her
home at Deadwood, So. Dak., Sun
day. Dave Lee an old time city marshal
of Alliance, but now of Sheridan,
Wyo., was in town Saturday. He
lons to return to hib first love, Al
liance. Contractor S. C. Reck who has
just completed his work in building the
court house at Rushvillc, is in Omaha
consulting physicians as to a physical
defect which local physicians call ap
pendicitis. M. C. Beaumont, H. F. Goodenough,
Fred Davison, Ed. Mabin and Chas.
Shindler were among those who came
from Hemingford to attend the M. W.
A. rally Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Keane are happy
over the arrival of an eight pound boy
at their home on Feb. 0 1905. John
is wearing one of those large smiles
nnd is passing tho cigars. 1
Mr. Mumper who has been danger
ously ill is rapidly recovering under the
careful treatment of Dr. Hand who
performed a surgical operation which
is restoring him to health.
Forty recruits for the regular army
went through town Sunday enrouto
to Ft. McKenzie, where they have
been assigned for duty. They wore
recruited at Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. E. E. Barr, of this city, was
called to Whitman Sunday night in
consultation with Dr. Ames of that
place, to perforin a surgical operation.
Dr. Barr was formerly of Whitman. .
C. A. Nowberrv loft for Omaha Sun
day to attend a mooting of tho retail
hardware dealers and will go to St.
Joe and Kansas City before rot. lining
to make additional purchases ! pie
pare his slock for the spring trade
Harrison & Boycr the new bottling
firm placed an order this week for the
latest improved automatic carbonater,
and about ?2,ooo worth of machinery
and apparatus for their new bottling
works to be shipped immediately. A
Chicago firm got the order.
County Attorney Mitchell, N. C.
Sutherland and others interested in
the establishment of nn Elk's lodge
hero have hoard from District Deputy
B. W. Taylor of Omaha, ond they now,
feel that very little doubt exists as to
the establishment of the order here,
which means much for Alliance. Thu
Elks keep open house tho year loiind
and a largo number of traveling men
make their headquarters over Sunday
in u town with an Elks club. Various
other reasons could be advanced whv
Alliance should have an Elk club that
will develop later.
Every young man or woman who
wants to prcpato for .1 bank or Office
position of any kind should write tho
Grand Island Business and Normal
College at Grand Island, Neb., for a
catalogue. We understnnd that every
student of this school Is placed in n
position as soon as he or she graduates
and those who prefer may graduate
from the College and pay expenses in
monthly payments after a position has
been secured. President Hargis has
been at the head of this school for
twenty years and under his manage
ment it has grown to be one of the
most important institutions in the
Western States.
The Rev. E. P. Hammond, of Hart
ford, Conn., for many years a success
ful evangelist both in this country and
Europe, will begin a brief series of
meetings in the First Presbyterian
church, Tursday evening Fcbiuary 16.
As Mr. Hammond will bo hero, but
three or four day3, the people should
prepare themselves to give as much
time to these meetings as possible.
There will be afternoon meetings at 4
o'clock .for the children, Pnrents
should bear this in mind and encourage
their children to attend.
Jules Zbinden and others have peti
tioned the city Council to have a cross
Trig puf"in"'on tlurndrtlrsldc- ofDakotaP
sheet across Box Butte Ave. Just
here The Herald would suggest that
the time to continence to lay perma
nent crossings is here. A concrete and
cement crossing costs a little more
now, but it is permanent and never
needs repairs if properly put in. This
spring is the time to begin permanent
Mr. C. F. Tierney, sister and niece,
ol Broken Bow, aro Alliance visitors.
The report is current that they came to
attend tho wedding of Simon Spry and
Mrs. R. E. Mobrc, of Englowood, S.
D., who is here with her sister. Tier
ney denies this, and Spry pleads not
guilty to tho charge and laconically
replied:."! wish it were true."
drville Owen, one of Alliance's hust
ling progressive barbers is distribut
ing a handsome leather wallet bill
and note hook in convenient pocket
size to his friends and patrons. He is
tho Alliance agent of the Louisana
State Loan and Trust Company of
So many applicants aro still calling'
at The Herald office to answer an
advertisement in this paper a few weeks
ago for an apprentice, that wo wish to
announce that Mr. Earle Enyeart has
seemed tho position and has been ap
prenticed here to learn tho printing
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baxter an mi
tertaining their Grand-daughter Miss
Ethyl Calkins this week. Mint Cal
kins is an accom"Hshed violinst and. Is
enrouto from bet lratne in Cody, Wyo.,
to Omaha whore she will roaume her
musical studios.
R. W. Sporry and wife havo gone to
Canyon City, Colorado, whore Mr.
Sporry will be employed on tho Record.'
Ilohas been employed on Tun Herald
for somo timo past and has secured a
merited promotion. He is a sobor,
lionost, up-io-dato printer.
Mr. ai d Mrs. Ira A. Gripp, of Thay
er, Iowa Trivedoii4i yesterday and
will visit seoral weeks with' Mrs.
Gripp's sister, Mrs. I. E, Tash.
Milton Logan and wife, of Boone,
Iowa, are hore to make final proof on
hit homostaad, east of Alliance.
Tlic Horace BogucSlorc
. T P
Sj&JXSHl On gents
bUiro closet 11 p. m. cxcopl Tuesdays
ami i-atimluys
Business Locals.
Caps toe at Norton's.
$10 overcoats $5. Norton's.
See Norton's new dress goods Satur
100 pounds Bran 90c at the Alliance
Grocery Co.
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Good 4 room house for rent. P.
J. Nolan. 2-3t.
Seven bars best Soap 25c. Alliance Gro
cery Co.
"It's it" Tho Town and Country
ladies' waist. Sold only at Norton's.
Dr. Koons, dentist, Office upstairs
Norton block.
Four pounds bulk Raisin Prunes 25c,
Alliance Grocery Co.
Wanted: something we can't re
pair. Lockwood.
Norton's first shipment of dress goods '
will be on sale Saturday.
Go to the Alliance National Bank to
deposit your money. Oct. 7-tf.
Fancy sweet Naval Oranges, 25c, 35c,
40c per dozen at the Alliance Grocery Co.
Just received a new car of Lexington
Flour- Geo. W. Young.
Forest Lumber Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
Pianos and Organs sold 011 easy
payments at Lockwood's.
B, & M. Patent flour $1.05 per sack,
bast in town, try it Alliance Grocery Co.
See Humphrey for picture framing", up
holstering and furniture repairing.
W. W. Norton has a few 'good rooms
for rent over his store.
Have your furniture repaired and
pictuics framed at Lockwood's. ,
Skinned Ham 14c; pound Bacon 14c,
other cured meats as cheap at the Alliance
Grocery Co.
Three packages Pancake fiour, Cero
Fruto, Norka breakfast food 25c, a snap.
Alliance Grocery Co.
Hurold B. Miller, M. D., physician and
surgeon, office and residence 321 south
Seventeenth street, Lincoln, Neb,
Bank drafts aro cheaper and more
convenient than post office orders.
When you want to sond money awav
go to The First National Bank, 3-tf
Those Town and Couutry ladies'
shuts arc making a grout hit. For salo
only at N01 ton's.
Nearly all the ailments of the human
race in those days are caused by the Blood
Stomach and Kidneys being out of order
There is not a case on record than Co-Lon-Co
hasn't cured. Ask your druggist.
Dr. Harneu, of Omaha, will visit
Alliance with office at tho Charters
Hotal, Thursday the 23d. Dr. Barnes
has treated eye in Alliance for years.
Call early if convenient. Open till
10 p. in. - ' 8'2.
Wo pay 4 per cent on monev left for
six months and 5 five per cent on monev
loft a year. $5,00 will open a savings
account. Begin 1905 right by opening
an account with us and saving some
money. The First Nat'l. Bank.
King No. 512 for full information.
We want your trade, Deliver prompt
ly on time wav beyond the street car
line, South of bank 3rd door. The
new Flour and Feed store. Call to
day; I want to see you. W. D. Day
dson. 6-tf
iJt, ut'J? t ipi,',i