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CopyrljrhtMSSt, by F. Tennyson New.
CHAPTER IV Continued.
Jack steps upon tho platform ot tlits
car adjoining that which constitutes
the rear of tho train. Ho 1b bent upon
finding out Just how matters stand,
so that .should tho expedition proceed,
giving cvldenco that no suspicion of
tho danger ahead has entered Into
tho calculations of the Boldiers, ho
may bo able to carry out a bright
thought which has entered his head,
"I bcllevo It can bo done without a
doubt," Jack mutters, after bending
down and making a hasty examination
of tho connection between tho two
"Tho samo thing has been accom
plished on numorous occasions. Rail
road men In your country call it
'making a flying switch,' " says Smlth
ers, almost in his enr Smlthers who
scorns to havo Intuitively guessed
what Jack's bright thought has been,
and Indeed must havo been figuring
himself on tho same thing.
"See, there is room enough for nil
of us to cling to the end of the other
coach at tho timo wo separate. Tho
only f danger will be the chanco of dis
covery on tho part of tho soldiers."
"Well, Blr, In that wo aro lucky.
Note the fact that tents and a certain
amount of luggago havo been piled up
at thiB end of tho car."
"Yes, you aro right."
"It not only serves to darken tho
platform In a degree, but will, I be
lieve, prevent any of tho men from
noticing that the last coach Is cut
"Thea let us pray that luck will fol
low ue. If It wasn't for that prom
ise "
"Ah. sir, if I hadn't tho utmost faith
in your word of honor, I never would
have betrayed their secret no, not
even to savo the ladles. But no more
on that subject, please. Wo are here,
and our work Is cut out for us. It re
mains to bo seen what Anglo-Saxon
wit can accomplish against the min
ions of Spanish tyranny."
Bold words these to bo uttered, even
In a whisper, within sight of several
hundred Spanish soldiers, who would
tear the speaker limb from limb did
thoy hut overhear.
"Look, tho conference is over."
TraverB has kept one eyo upon the
group of officers all tho while, and
when ho sees them separate ho hnows
tho subject that has been debated be
tween them Is settled.
Ak, the officers hasten to tho train.
Will they order tho men to turn out,
or make themselves comfortablo for
tho night, since further progress has
been abandoned?
Alas! this Is Just what they do not
carry out. Instead, loud orders In
Spanish of "All aboard!" are heard,
and tho soldiers can bo seen scram
bling to enter tho cars.
Tims tho station platform, which
but a minuto beforo bustled with llfo,
appears empty and almost forsaken.
Tho man In charge of tho train
glances up and down, and seeing
everything In readiness, waves his
As immediate response comes from
tho engine In tho way of a shrill
shriek then Is heard a puffing sound,
tho long train begins to move they
are off!
And tho bridge at which tho fearful
"Now!" he cries hoarsely.
disaster is planned to tako place lies
Just eight miles beyond.
Jack knows they are now reduced
to this dernier ressort. Should it fall,
in all probability thoy will be In at
tho death, if they can find any satis
faction In that thought.
Smlthers has learned one thing that
may havo a bearing on tho question.
This refers to tho train guard who an
swered the questions ot Don Roblado.
This Spaniard has leaped into a
compartment of the rear coach while
the train was In motion tho section
nearest tho platform upon which
stand, or, rather, crouch, tho three
friends. Thus It 1b settled that they
have someone to look after, and who
must not be forgotten In the grand cli
max, lest ho bo the means of over
whelming them with disaster.
The speed Increases. At this rate
they will not bo moro than half an
hour, perhaps only twenty minutes, In
reaching tho fatal spot
Jack and Smlthers talk It over In
quick sentences, while Ah Sin stands
ready to te just whatever ho s bid
den. No danger of their being over
heard out there, with tho rattle of the
cars and the clang 'of the wheels over
the rails.
One thing favors their plans the
Copyright', WJ9, by Street ana Smith.
night Sbb swooped down upon them
with black pinions, And so lntcnso hns
Ihe gloom become In this mountainous
reglpn that but for tho lights stream
ing from the car windows It would bo
Impossible -to seo the length ot half
tho train.
Jack points to tho horizon, whero
somo low-lying clouds nre tinged with
a glow.
"Possibly wo aro near tho camp
fires nloug the trocha," ho remarks,
nt which tho other says, with grim
'I would bo moro Inclined to bellovo
that Is tho handwriting of Maceo on
tho sky."
"Oh, moro canoflelds destroyed.
This Is a sad day for poor Cuba, throt
tled on both sides. But wo must bo
halfway there, Smlthers."
"At least that. A few more miles
and tho blow will fall. To work, then."
"Look ahead. We are Just descend
ing a low grade. Boyond appenrs a
gentle nscent. It Is hero wo must sink
or swim. Everything Is planned. If
the execution turn out as well, we
need have no cause for complaint. Let
us chnngo quarters."
This Is readily done, and In a very
brief Bpaco of timo they find them
selves cllngin' to tho ledgo at the ex
treme forward end of tho rear coach.
Jack Is on his knees groping for the
coupling pin that holds tho two ve
hicles together. If thoy wait until
tho ascent begins, no single man's
strength mny drag It out, because nt
that timo tho Btraln will bo wholly
upon It. Smlthers ls'on tho watch.
"Now!" ho cries, hoarsely, as they
reach thq bottom of tho descent and
begin to run along a very limited level
stretch, with the rise closo at hand.
Jack half rises from his crouching
position; ho hns given a tremendous
try, and Is now seen to hold something
In his hand.
"It Is done," ho Bays, tossing tho
iron pin into tho darkness of tho
Almost Immediately tha car begins
to drop behind; a gap appears that
quickly widens, and tho military train
speeds on toward doom, leaving them
A Little Affair Concerning 8enor Rob
lado and the Guard,
, It is, as may bo naturally supposed,
a minuto of intense suspense. Wheth
er they will succeed in their desper
ate enterprise depends on tho perfect
alignment of numerous facts, each
bearing on the others.
At tho samo time, our three friends
do not forget to act.
As tho carriage, upon tho forward
end of which they cling so desperate
ly, decreases Us speed, their eyes aro
not wholly taken up with watching
the train draw ahead.
The business has been shrewdly,
though hurriedly, planned, and' each
ono of the trio has his work laid out
for him.
Thus, Ah Sin, having secured a
spare coupling pin that lay upon the
platform of tho last car of tho retreat
ing train, only waits for the lone car
riage to about come to a stand, when
he intends leaping to tho ground and
placing this piece of Iron behind one
of tho wheels, so as to prevent any
backward movement when tho mo
mentum already acquired shall. havo
Smlthers has In mind the guard In
tho nearest compartment.
That railway man, accustomed to
the different motions of a carriage,
will speedily l;now by instinct that
the rear carrlago is traveling along
on its individual responsibility, and as
this Is a freak hardly within the or
dinary repertoire of trailing cars In
general, Involving considerable dan
ger In Its way, liko a faithful employe
ho will bo likely to show somo deslro
for an investigation.
This is what Interests Smlthers.
Should tho guard discover that they
aro" being deserted by the train ho will
naturally give tongue and endeavor by
all means to attract attention to the
fact, not knowing, ot course, what a
beneficent fate it Is that has thus
guarded his Interests, for ho can bo
aware of no danger ahead.
Possibly tho voico of a single man,
no matter how resonant, may not be
heard above the rattlo and roar ot a
train under full speed, and especially
by the passengers.
Smlthers does not mean that he
shall havo the opportunity to try.
There are other times and places moro
oropitlous for testing tho resounding
qualities of a man's lung capacity, and
since it concerns their fortunes acute
ly, tho detectlvo la bound to throw hlB
lnfluenco against it.
Thus he begins to mako his way In
the direction of the guard's door.
Smlthers has already discovered one
thing of interest. There is a light In
tho end section of tho carrlago where
all was dark at the last station.-
Posslbly tho fellow has lighted a
"amp In order to read, or It may be to
better accomplish his regular duties,
'f a guard on a train out of Havana
may be supposed to have any such.
At any rate, this fact suits Smith
T3 to a dot, as he may now discover
what course to take, and can In his
own way Intimidato the railway man.
Once his feet havo found tho plank,
and ho no longer has any difficulty.
Half a dozen times his hands seek
i now hold, and then Smlthers has
reached n point where ho enn look
Into the Interior.
By this lime tho speed of the di
vorced car has been sonslbly slack
ened, nnd oven a very obtuso oinployo
ot the road can hardly help realizing
that something Is wrong.
Even ns Smlthers reaches tho open
window of tho compartment door and
crouches underneath it, tho head and
shoulders of tho Spanish guard are
hastily thrust Into viow, ns tho fellow
endeavors to look up tho lino ahead,
It so happens that tho train, hav
ing completed tho gentle ascent of tho
hill, Is just nt this particular moment
In full view Outlined In sllhouetto
ngalnst tho heavens.
Thero Is henco no posslblo excuso
for tho guard not immediately discov
ering It, and that ho fully grasps tho
situation la evident) from tho startled
oxclamatlon that escapes his lips:
"Madre do Dlos!"
Smlthers' mothod of procedure Is as
emphatic as it Is effective. As yet tho
man has not noticed tho dark figure
crouching under the window, since his
attention is wholly taken up with
what goes on ahead.
A hand suddenly plunges upward
and fastens upon tho guard's throat
with a tenacious grip, nnd tho hoarso
yell which is just on the point ol
bursting forth is stlflod In the act.
"Sllenclo!" says a voico In his car.
Tho admonition is qulto superfluous,
since there is not the slightest chanco
of tho follow giving even a whisper
while thoso fingers closo so affection
ately upon his throat.
Tho carrlago has almost ceased to
climb tho gentlo acclivity, its momen
tum having become very nearly ex
hausted, and already tho train has
vanished entirely from view, bo that
all danger from that sourco .8 past.
(To bo continued.)
Sklnn-d Out.
When It bocamo known that the
best shot In tho regiment was going
Into tho Junglo to compass tho death
of a terrible tiger, the surgeon-major
of the regiment, an enthusiastic curio
collector, at onco buttonholed him.
"Remember, Atkins," said he, "I bo
speak the skin at your own price."
"All right, sir," said Atkins.
Tho surgeon-major was netting but
terflies on tho outskirts of tho junglo
that evening, when he saw Atkins
running toward him.
'Shot him?" shouted tta surgeon
major. "Yes, sir!" breathlessly replied tho
flying Nimrod.
"How much for the aklnf
"Flvo dollars, sir!"
Tho doctor gavo Atkins the money.
"Where's tho skin?" ho cried.
'Behind you, sir!" came tho reced
ing answer.
The doctor looked, nnd saw tho
skin, with tho tiger In It, coming open
mouthed and bleeding from a scratch
where Atkins had "shot" it. Tho doc
tor didn't get tho tiger's Bkln, but tho
tiger nearly got tho doctor's.
A Waste of Time.
Health Commissioner Darlington, of
New York, wbb talking about tho wa
ter supplies of tho world's great cities.
A foreign city was mentioned that, af
ter a great deal of expensive Investi
gation, had decided not to Improve its
notoriously Impure water service, and
tho commissioner said:
"That reminds mo of a magistrate I
heard about tho other day.
"A man wad arrostod and brought
beforo this magistrate, and tho case
was argued pro and con for a long
while. Tho maglstrato listened intent
ly, and ho made numerous notes. To
tho eloquent arguments of tho lawyer
for tho defenso ho would nod vigorous
npproval. A llttlo later tho passionate
periods of tho lawyer for tho prosecu
tion would cause him to murmur low
phrases of assent and oncouragomont.
"Finally, exhausted, tho lawyers
ceased to talk. Thoy had said every
thing they could think of. They had no
moro ideas left
"Then tho magistrate, looking, down
over his spectacles, said heavily:
'"Dls gaso has been ferry ably
argued on both sides, and dero hat
been somo ferry n'lco points of law
brought up. I shall dako dree days to
gonslder dose bolnts, but I shall event
ually decide for the blalntlff.' "
Tent Life In Colorado.
Tent llfo is much In vogue at tho
International Printers' homo nt Colo
rado Springs, Col. Thoro aro ten
eteam-heated canvas houses, cqulppod
with electric lights and having electric
bell connections with tho drugroom ot
the hospital. These probably are tho
only steam-heated tents In the world,
and thoy are occupied tho year
For whereas any author In the
world who- f aches such beauty as a
woman's eyes. Shakespoaro.
Creditors Want Large 8um from New
York National Bank.
Archibald G. Loomis has resigned as
second vice president of tho National
City bank. Now York, because ot tho
disclosures growing out of tho Mun
roe & Munroo scandal.
Mr. Loomis withdrawal from the
bank does not end tho connection of
tho Standard Oil Institution with tho
Montreal and Boston stock-washing
Tho bank got $CO,000 from Munroo
& Munroo on tho day of tho falluro,
and Samuel Untermycr, counsol for
Recelvor Work, claims tnnt this money
should go Into tho genorat fund for di
vision among all ot tho creditors. Un
less tho bank voluntarily makes resti
tution ot tho $60,000, suit will probably
bo brought for Its recovery.
This may make necessary tho call
ing of James Stlllman, president of
the Rockefeller bank, as a wltuess.
When Mr. Loomis goes on tho stand
he will not bo connected with tho
bank, and tho dlroctora aro anxious
that none of tho officials or oraployeB
shall bo callod to tell ot tho bank's
dealings with tho Munroos.
The creditors aro confident, how
over, that tho full relations of tho
bank with tho enormous washing of
Montreal and Boston havo not yet
been disclosed, and somo of them do
claro that tho books of tho bank
should bo produced In open court and
closely examined.
Frank Brower, tho broker who got
30,000 shares of Montreal & Boston
Rtnck from tho Munrocs on tho day of
tho failure, but was only charged on
tho books of tho firm for 15,000 shares,
is said to havo been tho personal
broker ot Mr. Loomis.
Why Brewer Bhould havo been made
tho gift of 15,000 shares, worth at
tho timo $52,G00, is ono of tho many
mysteries of tho scandal not yet
cleared up. Mr. Loomis will bo ques
tioned about this phasV) of the case.
British Government Offers Large
Tract for Settlement
Three commissioners representing
tho Zionist movement have Juat start
ed to British East Africa to Inspect a
tract of land as largo as Wales, which
tho British government has offered
tho Jews of all parts ot the world as
a place of settlement preparatory to
tho realization of their ultimate object
of occupying Palestine
The tract is described in a recent
lecturo by Sir Henry Johnston to "tho
Friends of Jewish Freedom" as a fer
tile, well watered country, with a cli
mate "liko a perpetual mild summer,"
situated somo twenty miles from tho
Uganda railway. This Jewish colony
is to bo under a Jewish administrator,
subject to British rulo, with a large
degree of autonomy. It will be a place
ot asylum tor tho distressed and op
pressed Jows of eastern Europe.
Tho government's offor has been
provisionally accepted by tho Zionist
committee, and commissioners, as
already stated, havo been sent to as
certain tho feasibleness of the pro
posal to build a nov Jewish state In
this region.
Knew the Crowd. -
A street preacher In a west of Scot
land town called a pollcoman who
was passing and complained about
being annoyed by a certain section of
tho audience, and asked him to ro
movo tho objectionable ones.
"Weel, yo bcc," replied tho cautious
officer, "it would bo a hard Job for
mo tao spot them; but I'll tell yo
what I'd dao If I were you."
"What would you do?" eagerly in
quired tho preacher.
"Just gao round wl' tho hat!"
Ram's Horn.
Preparation and Combat Brought to
Scientific Bails.
In splto of all that tho military
critics may say, war as a romantic oc
cupation 1b doomed. Tho killing of
mon on tho field of glory In days long
past is still pictured as a "pretty
pastlmo," ns Napoleon snld. But tho!
favorite old figures of tradition nro
fast disappearing before tho steady
advanco of science.
To-day Browning's boy rider who
was shot In two whllo bearing nows
of tho capture of Ratlsbon to tho em
peror would bo a matter-of-fact teleg
rapher Bitting quietly at his Instru
ment, and Berangor's grizzled veteran
ot tho gunrd returning to dlo with
tho colors, would bo barred at tho re
cruiting office bocauso ho could not
tell blue from grcon without glasses.
Gen. Greoly grow enthusiastic tho
other day whllo describing beforo tho
Military Servlco Institution at Gov
ernor's Island how tho Japaneso had.
"wired" a wholo army spread out be
foro tho enemy. Ho quoted approv
ingly a war correspondent who said
that tho clicking of tho tolegraph In-.
struraonts at his headquarters meant'
moro to Kurokl than tho Bound of the
guns. What room will bo left for
romanco when tho general command
ing tho army of tho right can tolo
phono to tho commandor-ln-chlef'B of
fice forty miles nway to havo ten rogl-
monts and four batteries expressed to
him by special train? Ho might as
well bo ordering dry goods or hard
ware, for all tho sentiment to bo got
out of such a situation.
Kuropatkln's headquarters railway
carrlago and touring cars for Bide
trips aro only Indicative of what may
bo done when his methods nro per
fected. When that timo comes, tho
dashing cavalry loader brevotted for
gallantry on tho field of action wlir
have nothing to boast ot excopt that
ho burst seven tires whllo charging
across tho tack mines of nn enemy
two counties away. Thero will bo no
moro Sheridan's rides.
When a lookout officer stationed In
an impregnablo bomb-proof with an
automatic range-finder shall direct by
wireless telephone tho firing of
smokeless gunB of hidden batteries
against an invisible enemy will
degenerate Into a mere scientific test
betweon rival lens-makers and olectrl-.
cal-supplles concerns. The last' step
will be a herolcss war and a pension
less retired list.
International Animosities.
In his reminiscences of diplomatic
llfo Andrew White tells a pleasant an
ecdote ot Empress Frodcrick, tho Ger
man emperor's mother. The Ameri
can ambassador had mentioned a cer
tain pathetic picture of George III to
the king's great-granddaughter, and in
talking of tho long-ended bitter feel
ing between the United States and
Great Britain ho said: "It Is a re
membrance of mine, now hard to real
ize, that I was brought up to abhor
tho memory of George III." At this
tho empress smiled and answered
and all who have known her will
Imagine tho note In her volca-"That
was very unjust, for I was brought up
to adoro tho memory of Washington."
Chicago Chronicle.
His Own Pronunciation.
When congress resumed business
the other day the house did not re
main in session very long, an adjourn
ment being taken on account ot tho
death of Representative Mahoney of
"Mr. Mahoney," said a Washington
man, "was a quaint character In many
ways, one of them being in the man
ner ho pronounced, his name. Ho put
tho accent on the first syllablo and
used tho long sound of 'a In tho bar
gain. And he was a very good Irish
man at that."
Back aches all tho time. Spoil
your appetite, wearies tho bddy, wor
ries tho mind. Kidneys cause It all
and Doan's Kidney,
nils rcllovo and
cure It.
H. B, McCarver,
of 201 Chorry 8t.,
Portland, Ore., m
specter of freight
for tho Transcon
tinental Co., says:
"I used Doan'a Kid
ney Pills for back
ncho and other
symptoms of kid
ney troublo which
had annoyed mo
for months. I think
a cold was respon
sible for tho whole trouble. It seemed
to settlo In my kidneys. Doau's Kid
noy Pills rooted It out. It la several
months Blnco I used them, nnd up to
date thero has been no recurrence of
tho troublo."
Doan's Kidney Pills for salo by all
doalers. Price 60 cents por box. Fos-ter-MUburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
8panlsh Bridal Customs,
In Spain a brido hns no girl at
tendnnta to stand at tho altar with
her, but Instead a "madrlna," or god
mother. Neither does sho hnvo a
wedding cako or any fostlvo departuro
after tho ceremony. Tho wedded pair
go quietly to their now homo, whero
thoy rcmnln until tho following day,
when they etart on their honoymoon.
Before leaving thoy pay a formal visit
In their reapectlvo relatives.
Professor's Atrocious Pun.
Professor Strunk of tho English do
pnrtmont of Cornell university ts a
fond papa, as well as a dospcrato pun
ster. Hlfl fnvorlto form ot oxorclso 19
trundlng a bnby carrlago along tho
campus walks. On day whllo ho wa
so omployed a friend hailed him with
tho query: "Giving your son an air
ing, Billy?" "No," replied tho profos
sor with dignity. "I'm giving my heir
a sunning."
Victim of Necessity.
With her husband in tho hospital,
Mrs. Wood, wlfo of n London dray
man, sold her fireguard for 25 cents
to buy lood, and soon afterward her
thrco-yoar-old child was burned to
That Dodd'a Kidney Pills will cure
Bright'a Disease. Remarkable casa
of George J. Barber Quick recov
ery after years of suffering.
Esthcrvllle, Iowa, Jan. 23d. (Spe
cial) Tho oxperlonco of Mr. George
J. Barber, a well known citizen ot this
placo, justifies his friends In, making
tho announcement to tho world
"Bright'a Disease can bo cured." Mr.
Barber had kidney troublo and It de
veloped Into Brlght's Disease Ha
treated it with Dodd's Kidney Pills
and to-day ho Is a well man. In an
lnterviow ho says:
"I can't say too much for Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I had Kidney Dlseaso
for fifteen years and though I doctor
ed for it with the boat doctors hero
and In Chicago, It developed Into
Bright'a Disease. Then I started to
uso Dodd's Kidney Pills and two boxes
cured mo completely. I think Dodd's
Kidnoy Pills nro tho best la tho
world." ,
A remedy that will euro Brlght's
Disease will euro any other form ot
Kidnoy Dlseaso. Dodd's Kidnoy Pills
never fall to cure Bright' Disease.
It Is very difficult for a man t be
lieve that a girl with goldon hair and
blue eyos would ever toll a fib. Balti
more American.
10,000 Plants tor 16c.
This is a remarkable offer tlm John A.
B&lser Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., makes..
Salter Seeds have a national reputation
ss the earliest, finest, choicest the earth
produces. Tbey will send you their big
plant and seed catalog, together wita
enough 6eed to grow
1,000 fine, solid Cabbages,
2,000 rich, juicy Turnips,
2,000 blanching, nutty Celery,
2,000 rich, buttery Lettuce,
1,000 splendid Onions,
1,000 rare, luscious Hadishrs,
1,000 gloriously brilliant Flowers.
This great offer is made in order to In
duce you to try their warranted seeds
for when you once plant them you will
grow no others, and
providing you will return this notice, sad
if you will send them 26c in postage, they
will add to the above s big package of tha
earliest Sweet Corn on earth Sailer's
Fourth of July fully 10 days earlier than,
Cory, Peep o' Day, etc., etc. YV. N. UJ
When Vanity enters at the front
door Reason steals out tho back way.
A Rare Cood Thing.
"Am using ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE, and
can truly say 1 would not have been without
It so long, bad I known tho roUef It would
giTe my aching feet. I think it a rare good
thing for anyone having soro or tired f eot.
Mrs. Matilda Holtwert, Providence. R. L"
Bold by all Druggists, 25a Ask to-day.
A good reputation is a fair estate,
but thero are others on which It ts
easier to get a mortgage.
ItcMag, Blind, DUedlng or I'rjtruilln rile. V
druKStVt will refund iuob.t If t'AZO OINlttU.'?
StUt to car you in t to 14 days. AOc ,
The best way to avenge ourselves
is pot to resemble thoso who have ln
Jured us. Amlel.
Smokers find Lewis' "Single Binder"
straight 6o cigar better quality than most
10a brands. Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Rattle brains always make he most
Efctt'ki jflHV
I i i