The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, January 27, 1905, Image 12

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(Keith L. Tierce U fully authotltefl ton
Melt subscription una Jot work mad collect
ami receipt for mime, and trnnsart fcll oilier
alnrii In connection with hl ptmltlon m tin
accredited wirruutWe of this paper-1
, Ham Graham
this week.
a valuable stallion
Revival meeting are (till in progress
this week.
Henry Shimek has sold a bunch of
colts recently.
Melvin Cheney has been quito ill with
4 pneumonia recently.
Mrs. Wm. Dclsing has Rone to New
Hampton Iowa to bo with her, who is very
' James Watson from Waunetta, Neb. is
visiting .ith Pete and Dan ' Watson his
Mrs. Mario Carey was up from Alliance
the first of the week. She returned from
a trip east about tho first of the year.
John Coy an aged man living with Rev.
Kirklc died Sunday and was buried Tues
day in tho Uemingford cemetery.
1 B. L. Fennor's little daughter. Hratrice,
wits quite sick with the grip while Mr.
and Mrs. l:enner were visiting in flie
sand hills.
Mrs. H. II. Funk is reported as very ill
having recently had nn operation per
' formed. She is said to bo very low and
with small hopes of recovery.
The meeting of the Telephones Co. will
begin at 10 n. tn. on Feb. 2nd. Every
member should bo present at that time to
take up tho business of the dny, '
Jambs Barry, President.
o A danco will bo given in Green's Hall
Friday evening Feb. 3rd. A supper will
bo served in connection with it. livery
' ono invited to como and enjoy himself or
herself as the case may be.
W. J. Brilton suffered a stroke of par
alysis Saturday evening and has been very
sick since. It Is the 'second stroke he has
had in the last few years. At the last re
ports he was getting along nicely.
S. D. Lack received news of the death of
his mother near Hillsboro, Ills., the first of
tho week. She was 8G years old and had
been well until a day or two before her
death. She took cold nnd died of lung
fever- Tiik HxkaLD readers sympathize
t with Mr. Lack.
Sam Graham, Ham Hall, II. II. Pierce,
Vf. J. Dritton. I). L. Fenncr, L. Neoland,
J. ,A. Hunter, Henry Lichte, Jno. Barn-
stead, N.-Frolinapfol, Peter Annen, Bar
; 'riey Pitts, T. L. Hopkins Jr., E. Mabin
nnd Thomas Katen are new members of
- the Hemingford Telephone Co.
1 no wnuy Drnncn 01 ine railroad is
., being built this week, It consists of an
extension of tho mill spur for over half a
' block. It will give Mr. Wiidy access to
to his potato cellar and will also give him
room to unload or load several cars of
merchandise at the same time.
It is planned to have a wolf and coyote
hunt on St. Valentino's day in this end of
the county. It will be pulled off if there
is a sufficient number to take nn, interest
in it. A good place for the final round up
t is in a canyon about four miles north of
i town or a little northwest about a mile
or two north of Britton's ranch. It has
h ticen suggested that thoe interested meet
on the forenoon of Feb. ind the day of
theTelephouo Co-'s meeting and make
the "necessary rules and provide for the
stakingjjoiTt of tha circle usually about a
; a mile in diameter where the final
shooting is to take place. The usual
thing is to drive all the coyotes and wolves
Snd other game into this central place be-
fore killing thfem and then to shoot only
those who try to break thru the driving
JJme before arriving at said place. The
west lino will start probably -from the
county line, the north lino from a couple
pf miles north of tho river, the east line
from. Dunlap running in a southwest
i direction to llerea, the remainder nf the
distance to the point of beginning as may
ijbe arranged for. The idea is to start a-
Rbout 7: a. m. and form as complete a line
as possible nnd to drive tho wolves into
fig. rrttnf nnraaaii rin All 4n wm1. r1
point about 3:00 p. m. Some one has
suggested that a couple of leaders be ap
pointed in each precinct at the meeting on
Feb. 2nd already spoken of. At the meet-
'if f 1 a
ng we ruies coma oe lormuiatea and a
synopsis of them published. Every one
Seems interested in the hunt and it will
do doubt be pulled off on the 14th of Feb
ruary. Coyptes are, reported to be thick
K& f V"VA,3?L . HwaEoocK.
C. A. McGogy shipped a car of hay to
Alliance. -
fV Sullenberger Js hauling lumber from
"Wendt's mill. (
m Neal Evans who qualified as constable
bas had one case already.
' Mr, and Mrs. A. McLaughlin attended
the funeral of Lewis Larson last Sunday,
r ! -j r
'Henry Shimek sold nineteen head of
horses recently which brought him near
r $80 per head. ,
t .y4Mrs. M. McCoy and Mr. Frank Honey-
! man, both living northwest of town are re-
porte'd as being very ill.
Dewheret & McBeth, horse "buyers from
the eastern part of the state shipped a car
load of horses from this place last Mon
day to Indiana.
.-Lewis Larson, one of the old settlers of
fius valley, but late of Crawford, died on
".; -i. .n-r. . .."'.''
Thursday last after a somewhat lingering
- . - -, ... -- ... .
illaess and was buried from the, Congre-
ioiM churcfa :;Sund. Mnu-LatBotf:
man'y friends are' sad"to learn of her be
J. G. Cooley of Mullen, Neb., was In
town recent! canvassing for a splendid
publication, The book contains ten vol
umes tn one.
Mrs, Cheney of Sioux county and Mrs.
Roland of Hemingford have been here
some lime nursing Mell Cheney, son and
brother to the two ladies.
Mrs. L. snow who went to Alliance a
fortnight ago to superintend the arrival of
a little grandson at E.V. Cramer's home,
still remains in the metropolis.
The Misses Anna and Nora Niece, the
accomplished daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Niece, came in on 41 Saturday
having been down tho lino visiting.
T. T, Pool, who had partially recovered
from his recent illness has had an atiack of
the grip besides two serious gatherings in
the head which has given him great pain.
Marsland has need of more hotel ac
commodations. Two traviling men sat in
tho depot wailing room all night Wednes
day becauso there was no room at the Inn.
Henry Brundage came down from the
Allison ranch on Saturday to meet his
twin brother, who is enroute from Wis
consin to Idaho and stopped off for a
Mrs. II. F. Mooro and son Harry tarried
in town a short timo Saturday having
been out to the poultry farm of Will Dc
Wift where they purchased several fine
Miss Anna Niece is having a month's
vacation of her school in tho Hughes dis
trict, and is spending the time on her
homestead, which is a valuable hay claim
near Bell.
Mr. and Mrs. Orvil Wilson of Sioux
county and P. L, Wilson of O U ranch
have been in town several ilays 'recently,
having como to assist in the nursing of
their mother Mrs. James Wilson.
Dr. Richards of Crawford, and Dr.
Eikner of Hemingford wero in consulta
tion at the bedside of Mell Cheney last
Friday. We aro glad to state that a
change for the better has taken place.
Frank Branch of Casper, Wyo., writes
to parties here to know if he can get a car
or two of Rood heavy horses. The exten
sion of the F. K! & M, V. R. R from
Casper to Thermopolis no doubt causes
the demand for grading teams.
Henry Hunter left over the B, & M.
Sunday night for Ft. Dodge, Iowa, to
bring back George Barngrover who has
been taking treatment at a hospital there,
his wife having received word that he is
failing fast. Mrs, Barngrover and family
live on a homestead nine miles west of this
Arthur Bass was trading in Hemingford
Wendall and Kvcrct.lohnson are on the
sick list this week with lagripp.
Mis3 Mnry Hickey's saddle horse fell
with her a few days ago and gave her
quite a shaking up, that's all.
Owing to tho absence of conductor J,
W Broshar Arthur Bass had charge of
the over-land flyer and mail between Gnn
ton and Lawn l.ibt Saturday.
Henry Shimek. of Lawn precinct, was
in this vicinity a few days ao to buy one
and two year old steers, and aside from
this would buy some good young horses.
Roy Hickey is having some new frame
houses built on some homesteads for his
friends, nnd JG. II. Clayton and W. A.
Randall are the contractors and builders.
Friday is Fresh Trent Dny a
Glenson's Delicacy Store. Nov. n-tf
Persons to buy first-class
mining stock, sure prof
its. Par value, S5.00.
li nr
belling $i.oo per share. Writu to
branch office Lacota Gold Mining and
Redu ction Co. , Crawford, Neb. Box -57.
High Grade
Shoe Making
is an art.
J ability to origin
ate smart creations
for men in durable,
footwear has won
popular favor for
the "Florsheim"
There is a
vast differ
ence in shoe
making. Atrialofthc"FLOR
SHEiM"SnoEwillconvinceyou of its excellent construction.
We are desirous of con
vincing you.
W. W., Norton.
i.. i
v 3 EjEuC JR
e Interest In Tktn, bat Kar9
cea to CarloaItr.
If you would have frlcndg be Inter
ratal lu them.
There Is n difference between Interest
tnd curiosity. Never bo curlqtis.
Interest r.sks nothing, but Is glnd of
ethers' Joys nnd orry for others' mis
fortunes. Curiosity seeks to Ami more
thnn Is written upon the surface, necks
It for the purpose of distribution, for
Innocent slander.
One's friends like otic to be interested.
They detest one who Is curious.
To be Interested In those one meets
needs but to wish them well.
To see the best of those about us will
cause us to wish them well.
To our wcllwfshers we pour out our
Joys nnd sorrows. They arc Interested.
They undcrstnnd.
Tho interested friend nlways under
Btnnds. The curious acquaintance nev
er sees through' motives. The curious
one Is blinded by his own Interpretation
of causes nnd his prejudiced view of
Don't, therefore, seek to know what
Is hidden. If your friend conceals
something from you he hns a reason
for doing It. Prove your interest nnd
your lack of vulgar curiosity by trust
ing him In spite of tho coucenlmcnt.
Those who nro truly Interested nnd
never curious are surrounded by
friends. Detroit Tribune.
All Km ExpiMifien Arc Pnlil lr ho In
come" Kroni ItH 1'ropcrtr.
In tho Blnek forest of Germany Ib the
llttlo city of Freudenstadt, with about
7,000 Inhnbitanto, n busy lndustrlul
placo with Iron and chemical works of
some Importance.
Small as it Is, Frcudonstndt Is n full
fledged city, with a mayor, nldormen,
hnlf a dozen policemen and a tiro en
gine. The public business Is conduct
ed on un economical bnsls, nnd the to
tnl expenses do not exceed 5,000 in a
Frcudcnstndt has the distinction of
being tho only city in Germany nnd
perhaps In the world which does not
tax the citizens n shilling for munici
pal expenses. The yearly not revenue
from the public property covers all tho
This property consists of about 0,000
ncrcs of flue forest, which, being man
aged under tho best forestry methods,
Is a permnnent source of Income. One
or more trees nre planted for every ono
that is cut down. No tree Is cut till it
can yield the maximum profit.
After deducting nil the expenses of
the lndustiy the annual profit to tho
acre i(j about 1. Pearson's Weekly.
At the Eqnntor It I.nntn Only n Little
Over nn Hour.
As twilight Is cnused by tho refrac
tion of the atmosphere, without which
we should be Instantly In darkness t
sunset, all parts of the earth hnvo twi
light, though of varying duration.
When the sun has sunk eighteen de
grees below the horizon no more light
can be refracted nnywhere.but tho path
of tho sun at the equator Is so nearly
vertical that its disappearance Is pro-
porlionnlly rapid.
Tho shortest twillrbt at the equator
is ono hour and twelve minutes at tho
equluoxes lu March and September;
the longest Is one hour and nineteen
minutes nt the solstices In .Tune nnd
In London from May 22 to July 21
it is twilight all tlirougu uio nigur. rio
wonder, with n disparity so great,
peoplo speak of night In the tropics
as coming on almost suddenly. Farther
north still, In tho Shetlnnds nnd Nor
w:,.v, wo speak of the midnight sun,
Wl to men never lose sight of tho orb
of u.,- and twilight Is unknown. Lon
don i pectutor.
Enrly Action In Tuliercnloals.
The whole secret of success In tho
treatment of tuberculosis Is to so
increase the resistance of the patient
as to bring about fho arrest of the
tuberculosis process and to prevent
secondary Infection. Early recogul
Uon and proper management In tbo
beginning of the disease arc tho chief
elements of cure. If tho family physi
cian encourages the hopeful patient to
believe thnt "It Is only a bad cold"
and that It "will wear off," or whea
warm weather comes ho will bo "all
right," be not only seals the patient's
doom, but falls to take advautngo of
the opportunity presented today for
tho euro of consumption. Suggestion.
The Demand Waa Granted.
A certain city in England sent a dep
utation to Charles II., who was very
111, soliciting some favor, The orator,
without any mercy to the sick man,
made a long, tedious discourse. "Ilavo
you anything more to "-ly?" asked the
merry monarch liap- uently. "Noth
ing," replied the orator, "except that
If you do not graut our request I am
Instructed to recite my speech over
again." Cbarlos ordered that all bla
demnnds should be freely and instan
taneously compiled with. ,
An I2xioanre.
"Johnny," said tho teacher, "a He
can be" acted as well as told. Now, if
your 'father was to put sand In bis
sugar nnd sell it be would be acting
a lie and doing very wrong."
"Thafs what mother told bin," said
Johnny impetuously, "but he said he
didn't cnre."-London Tit-Bits.
The Orlfttnnl Muclnfoah.
"Macintosh boasts a good deal about
his family, doesn't he?" "Yes, I thinlc
;bo claims that the head of his, family
jwaa the original Macintosh that Noab.
hacf jwlib'him during tbaVrainy'sM
r"r-PWladlphla Pjesji, " ' VS
RwfKftgtea Ewttclifl.
ifornia, the Gulf Country, Cnba, Florida,
the South and Southeast.
first and third Tuesdays of January, Feb
ruary, March and April to Southeast
points beyond the Ohio River.
In the Big Horn Basin, North Platte
Valley and eastern Colorado several big
irrigation enterprises are practically com
pleted and will be prepared to deliver
water this year. They are offering spec
ial inducements in the way of low priced
lands and water rights to early settlers.
Buy land now ahead of the water and
reap the big increase in value which will
surely follow. It is the best investment id
the world for your son if you want to
start him out right. In a few years he will
be independently wealthy.
Wri'.e me for reliable information.
L. W. Wakely
General Passenger Agent, Omaha Nebr
.. -
One 31 nut Hire 11 Nntlvc Servant or
L3 ml u re KnillvhH Trouble.
Every one who goes to India to travel
or live at hotels, fays the Chicago Ucc-
ord-Ucrald. niltst have n personal serv
ant, a native who performs the duties
of vnlet, waiter and errand boy and
whatever else may bo required of him.
'l'hls Is 11 Used custom of the country,
to resist which brings endless trouble
to tho traveler.
Many of tho Indian hotels expect the
guests to bring nil their own servants,
both chambcrmnlds and wallers, und
aro consequently so short handed tliat
the traveler who conies without them
has usually to wait upon himself.
On tho railways n native servant Is
quite indispensable, for travelers are
required to carry their own bedding,
make their own beds and furnish their
own towels. The company provides :t
bench to sleep on similar to those in
American freight cabooses.
Each car has also a washroom and
sometimes water. But If the traveler
wishes to be sure of washing his face
in the morning and If he Is wise he will
send his servant to the station master
before4 the train starts inyl nMc to hove
tho water tank filled. Then a Hindoo
with a goatskin full of wnter will
climb to the roof of the car and fill it
and, having descended, avIH stnhd be
fore the door and touch his forehead
every time the traveler looks toward
him till he receives a penny.
At the eating houses along the road
the bcrvnnt "will have to raid the ta
bles and shelves for food and bring it
to the car for his master, since no wait
ers are provided. In addition he will
biro baggage carriers and will nttend
to all the details of catching trains and
engaging rooms.
A good servant can be hired for $15
a month. Poorer "bearers," as they are
called, can be engaged for 52 or $3 a
month nnd expect to ''find" them
Belvcs, but the traveler must pay roll
way fare for them.
Cowper read only
his Bible and bis
1 prayer book
Chopin rarely read anything heavier
than a French novel.
Voltaire's favorite classical author
was Juvenal, the satirist
Itosslnl for nearly thirty years read
nothing but French novels.
Jean Paul Ulcntcr uau only flvo or
1 Blx books, all philosophical.
Lord C.lve said that "Robinson Cru
soe" beat any other book he ever read.
Franklin read all he could Dnd re
laUng to polltlcnl economy and finance.
Michael Angelo was ondest of tho
books of Moses and the psalms of Da
vid. Bach was no great reader, but much
enjoyed books of Jokes and funny sto
ries. Do you like
Oriental Pan Cake Flour
will suit vou
Oriental Coffee & Tea Co.
Call at Davidson's Feed store. Orders
delivered anywhere.
Phone 448 Alliance, Nebraska
Wm. James,
Dealer in
... WOOD
' Phone
ISo. 5.
For Fine Boot and Shoe
Also has in stock a new line of GENTS'
SHOES of the best manufacture and at
prices that will suit. Call and examine
the stock before you buy and you will
save money,. .
At R. Madsen's old stand, first
door south of Cigar Factory,
Dray and Transfer Line-
... -
Piane 139,
iUrtford Klro Insurance Company.
Korth American of Philadelphia,
l'lioenlx of lilnoklyn. Now York.
Continental of Now York City.
Niagara Klro Insurance Company.
New York Underwriters, New York.
Commercial Union AsMirunco Co., London
Office Cp-Stnlrs,
I'lctchcr Illock.
Also Puimfics tub Blood.
Don't becoma discouraged. There is a cure for you. If necessary wrlto Dr. Fcnner.
Ho lias spent a llfotlmo curing just such cases as yours. All consultations ITEE.
Diseased Bladder and Kidneys
for Twenty Years.
1 1 y
Sold byDruggists, 50c. and $1.
the Kidneys FREE.
:: Undertaking and . .
:: Embalming- Company
Calls answered promptly day or night.
Claude Humphry,
Tlrs. Humphry,
Lady Assistant
Residence phone 269.
Contractor ami Builder.
Turning and Scroll '
Work and all
Kinds of Shop
Estimates Furnished
Itrlck Shop West of AUlnnco NittIo..ul
Hank, Alliance, Nob.
PHONE 400,
Flour 1 Peed.
44 Home
Comfort" i
Is Our Leader. Try It
'PHONE tos.
J. Rowan
CelebratedjiRavenna Flour
Ui fcwAtuPllklngton's bld' if.
stand, 'phone No. 71.
WHEN YOU liU TU J-fcAVli lUWll, uuu i
about what to do with your Household GoodJ.
S. A. Miller will take charge of them; store the
g in a nice, dry and cool place and pack and ship
0,6 them wherever desired. Charges reasonable.
The only spring dray line in the city.
S. A. Miller.
...... . A .,,V 1AI. ..M
Liverpool. Loudon and Glolw Ins. Co.
German Amorlcan Ins. Co., Now York.
Partners und Merchants Ins. Co., Lincoln.
Columbia Flro Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Ins. Co.. Hattford, Conn.
Alliance, Nebraska.
All Disoases of tho
kidneys, bladder, and
urinary organs.
Also catarrh, heart
disease, gravel, dropsy,
rhoumatism, backache.
female, troubles.
Dr. II. M. Fenncr, Fredonia, N. Y.
Dear Sir: I have been troubled with my
Madder and kidneys for tho last 20 years,
having doctored with many different physicians
in that timo, with no results. I was told to
try a bottle of Dr. Fenner's Kidney and
Backache Cure, which I did and which is
the only medicine that ever gavo mo relief. I
am 71 years old and am in tho best of
health today. I will heartily recommend Dr.
Fenner's Hemedy to any one suffering from
their bladder or kidneys. Besides it is not a
moan doso but pleasant to take.
Muncio, Ind.
Get Cook Book and Treatise on.
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Line of...
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on provisions of all
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see us before buying-.
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r ymmt.