The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, December 09, 1904, Image 5

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and m
Also Purifies thc Blood.
All DUe&aes of the
kidneys, bladder, and
urinary organs.
Abo catairh, heart
disease, gravol, dropsy,
rheumatism, backache,
femala troubles.
Don't become dlscouraced. There Is a. cure for vou. If iipcivisarv wrllo Dr. 1'ontior.
He has spent a lifetime curing Just ouch cases as yours. All conviltrUlons FREE.
Suffered for 10 Years with
Backache and Kidney Trouble
Omaha, Neb., Feb. 4, 1903.
Dr. M. M. Fenner, Fredonia, N. Y.
Dear Doctor : I have suffered for the
past ten years with backache and kidney
trouble, and have tried a great many of
tho most prominent physicians in Boston
and Omaha and all tho patent medicines
I heard of in hope of receiving relief.
Finally seeing your ad. I purchased a
bottle of your Kidney and Backache Cure
I wish to thank you for the benefit
received for after u.'ing only two bottles
I am entirely cured, having no pain or
ache of any kind. Sincerely Yours,
Miss Alice McDonald.
2954 Harney St.
Sold by Druggists, 50c. and $1. Get Cook Booked Treatise on
the Kidneys FREE. M. M. Fenner, M. D., Fredonia, N. Y.
For Sale bv F. 1. HRENNAN & CO.
' Zr J&M t 4 fc tfl J
I F. J. Brennan & Co....
Drugs, Perfumes
-"Toilet Articles.!
;: Paints, Oils and Wall Paper it:
S'arnskt BNLAoTiAL Alliance, Nebraska.
Palace Livery jBsurn.
S. II. DICSCII, 1'rop.
ONI', iii.uck W'KST or Good turnouts, strict attention to our business,
the ni: zhindkn . , ami courteous treatment to all has won for us the
uuiI.niNG. 'Phone Ti excellent patronane we enjoy. Trv us.
Nothing is more interesting than the
manufacture of high grade lumber. We
buy only of the best manufacturers and
hence can assure you the best of every
thing in the line of Building Material.
Forest Lumber Company.
Best Quality
Special Prices onLarger Lots at Holsten's.
For that small repairing we
have the fixings, Boards for
sidewalk laying, fencing and
the like, can be had from us
at reasonable price.
Dierks' Lumber 5 Coal Co.
Also agents for Nebr. Central Bid. & Loan Asso. Phone 22
Were You Thankful?
Well! Now make some one slse feel thankful. How? Just
go to Newberry's and purchase a few useful novelties for
ISo High Holiday Prices
Just straigt every day values. Ilest goods at lowest prices.
Do people complain of dull times? Just drop in at Newberry's.
No dull times here. The reason is obvious.
f vy"Viwuwi."U".'wwrti
- X
X C -A.. 3TEl"rBEI2KE3"Sr.
An AppctUIn 1)1 alt Thnl la n KnYor
llr In Jnpnn,
Not bo well known union ;; the occi
dentals n soj muice. but of equal
hut It ha 1111 nppetlzer, N wasabl. Its
use Is lu .lnpnn. It nerves
the siuno purpose that hoiKCtndMi
does on occidental tables, but is less
My own Introduction to wnnntil wn
unique. I count oniony my most plena
Inj,' experiences lu tills sunrise land
my meeting with Tiiiulo Yuno, novel
ist ami dlplomnt. And not the least
Item In my debt of gratitude to him
Is that ho taught me to appreciate iny
raw llsh and wasabl. Mr. Yano has
boon the mikado's ambassador to
China and other lands. One night nt
thc Nippon club he led up to a delicate
subject on the menu with much diplo
macy. He Dually got my assent to the
statement that a cosmopolitan appe
tite Is one of the distinguishing marks
of cultivated travel. Then ho passed
mo taw llshl
I confessed that I was willing to be
a stick In the mud or any other variety
of sllurlan rather than take place with
the International elect by eating such
a dish. My host, however, was pain
fully insistent, dually adding that with
raw llslt they, of couibe, ate wasabl.
Now, 1 did not have even a vague
notion of what this might be, but with
that raw proposition before me It was
comforting to know that at least It
was to bo diluted with something. I
conjured up an experience lu tuklng
castor oil ambushed under Bherry and
snrsapnrllla, which, while not a bever
age one would grow to crave, might
have been worse. I figured out also
that with my gaucherlcs with chop
sticks I might manage without ex
citing suspicion to drop the llsli before
the fatal moment, and eat only the
mysterious wasabl. Hut whether
through cowardice or courage I can
not say, flHh and relish made quick
and simultaneous journey to my ie
luctant palate, and In the never to be
forgotten Instant there Hashed Into my
consciousness the undeniable truth
that in all my occidental years I had
been denied one of the most savory
dishes In the world. Charles Lamb's
Chinaman had Jubilant delight over his
first taste of roast pig, but that Is a
degraded passion compared with an
Anglo-Saxon's initial ecstasy over an
oriental morsel of raw namdsu gar
nished with the uppeth'.lng roots of
Eut renin wasabl. All honor to tri
umphant agricultural Japan, and may
this far eastern member of the mus
tard fundly take deep root and spread
and llourish In my native land! Har
old Boice In Ilooklovers' Magazine.
Scrkc9 will bo held nt the church
next Suuda an usual, Suudnv school
sen ice nt 10. n. in. Preaching nt it;
n. in,, and 7:30 p. 111. Morning sub
ject: "Power of Love in Dailv life,
livening subject; "Is There a Chance
to be saved nfter Death d" Junior
League will meet in the basement of
the church at 2:30 p. 111. Epworth
League meeting nt 6:30 p. in. All nic
cordially invited to attend.
The Sunday school teachor's meet
ing will he held nt tho homo of Miss
Wilson, 320 Wyoming Avo. Wednes
day cvouing at 7:30.
The Ladies Aid society will meet
with Mrs. L. R. Dewey next Wednes
day afternoon at 2. o'clock. As this is
the last meeting hefoie the holidays
the ladies wish to have a large atten
dance. Hible study class will meet nt the
home of Alex Mueihead next Tuesday
evening at 7:30.
School Report.
To the Hoard ol Iulucation and patrons
ot the Alliance City schools.
Find herewith appended a partial list
for the month ending November 25, itjo .
lolul ntiMilicrof uupHs enrolled this
Niiitilieruf Ikivs .. .
NmnlxTot ulrN
Total ciii'iiIIimI ui (Into . ...
critKo dully nttcnilmirn.
A itiiku ntiinbor IhIoiikIiik. ,
IVr ccnt.of ilully iittiMiiluiiru
NuialKir nf tiinlics
lVr cent, of liunctiiidlt.v. .
.."Oil 15
.. 'T..
Mids byKalamitoo Cortet Co.
Alto Solo MaVtrt ol
American Datuty and f. C. Cortala
maiei nan uuauiy iajii oct
e 689
Now e (ended hip model wide lace at
top lino quality sateen with lioe uup
porters, size 18 to 30 for
Style 416
Medium short oxtendod hip, A ncw
model for 05C
Style 1089
A medium straight front girdle, very
dainty model, wide lace trimmed rt
for 50C
Style 123
The prldo of American ladies. Low
front, long hip. hose supporter side.
and front best cloth neatly trimmed. . .4'5
Fred Mollring,
Field Arrlvei!.
After Kugene Field's, return from his
first trip to Kuropo, where he "upent
his patrimony like a prince," and be
fore he went to Denver, he had n little
close personal experience with hard
times. One day he walked Into a lend
ing St. Louis hotel and, squaring him
self before the register. Inscribed his
name in his well known copperplate
chlrogriiphy. The clerk had never
heard of him. but he read the name
with a quick glance and said:
"Do you wish n room, Mr. Kldld?" '
"No," was the answer.
"Then may I ask what you do
wautV" continued the clerk.
"I Just wanted to arrive." replied
Field solemnly. "I had not arrived at
a good hotel for many mouths. I feel
better. Thank you," and he stalked
out with long, heavy strides.
A writer on flamlntroes, which he
has studied In their haunts lu the Ba
hamas, says of them: "They are prob
ably as near to the geese us to any
other oiilor of birds, having a similar
structure of bill and feet and some
what similar feather character. They
are unique, however, In their curiously
bent bill, which, though gooselike in
general economy, Is constructed lu
every detail upside down, as the bird
lu feeding reaches down to the bottom
and places tho top of tho bill down.
The tongue Is also constructed In the
same Inverted way. Tho webbed feet
are for sustaining the birds In the soft
ooze they love to feed In, actios: like
snow shoes."
Neither aliment nor tuiily fur tho month r.'.'i
Nell her absent nor tartly to ilnle jjgi
.Number prevent every day .... . AID
.NumlxT of visitor..... ... H
Minuets lost by tiintlnus Wl
'I'eiiehers tunly nt seliool . . I
Ti-nehers inrilj at Teacher s Meeting . a
Teachers absent with substitute -
luilfilnys i.
Teachers ulisent from teachers inctliiire I
Tent hers' visits to utrons in
The second room in tho Fmer.snn build
ing secured the llag this month.
1 lie loiiowing rooms were perlcet in
punctuality In the Kmerson, room two;
in the central, second primary, third pri
mary, third grade, fourth grade fifth grndo,
sixth grade, eighth grade, and high school.
The total enrollment to date is just one
groater than it was for corresponding time
last j car, and the per cunt of attendance
is one better than that of last year.
It is the intention of the schools to have
a public exhibit of thc work of the differ
ent rooms about the last of February or
the fore part of March.
Kcspectfully submitted,
V. II. Hakiz, Superintendent.
Use New York Drafts
To Send Money Anywhere.
They are cheaper, as safe, and better
than any other method of sending money,
Mail order house; always want NEW
YORK drafts. They arc better than
money to them as their banks will issue
them drafts free to an amount equal to the
New York drafts they deposit.
1 lie reason some bouses do not want
drafts is that many banks write them a
draft on some other city than New York
and it costs them to collect it. 1 here is no
charge anywhere on a Now York draft and
we always issue them when the money is
to go out of thc state.
Thqy are cheape"rthan any other way of
sending'money. They'cDst.
Under $5.00, 3c. I 'm!er $15.00, .5c.
Under $100.00, 10c.
(her $100.00, 10c. per $100.00.
We also send small sums to any country
in Europe direct and issue drafts in large
Wo sell traveler's checks good anywhere
without identification.
Notary Public in the bank. Insurance
written. Steamship tickets sold.
Open a small account and see how con
venient it is to do business through a bank.
fp novaC jw FIItST STATE BANK.
A. C. JOHNSON, Proprietor.
Wanted New Ilnblta.
Sad Looking Man I see you have
a sign out, "Maker of Women's Hab
its." Do you mean It? Ladles' Tailor
Certainly I do. Sad Looking Man
Well, since my wife's been going to the
dub she's lost all the good onefl aba
had, and I wish you'd make her a com
plete new sel regardless of expense.
And please Include the habit of staying
at home once In awhile and mending
my clothes.
Practical Flaaaeiertnar.
Rayuor There's a dangerous new
counterfeit II v dollar bill announced.
Better look through your roll Sad eoe
If you have one of 'em. rJMMfc"Ctot
much! I'll look at every tf WUJU MU
I' take -lhthmtgh, -7011 eta
AAiyst rPi-lt.l.nA . t
vwv .. .a. Mini. ..j.
Accounted For.
"Phlsszer hus started up a wda water
"Why, how could Phlzzer do that?
He hasn't a penny of his own."
"Well, I heard him say he had the
fountain charged." Cleveland Plata
The Konndntlon.
"That's the new mansion of one of
our wenlthy sugar refiners."
"Ah! Another house built upon sand."
"No; rather upon tho rocks he made
out of hand." Philadelphia Ledger.
It Is human nature to hate those
whom we have Injured. Tacitus.
First Door South International Harvester
Company's Office
Having purchased the People's Cash fleat
Harket, I desire to announce to the good people
of Alliance and vicinity that I will be prepared at
all times to supply their wants with everything in
Fresh, Smoked and Salt Meats, the very best that
money can buy. I have inagurated a strictly cash
business and everyone from prince to peasant will
be treated alike and you will get the best and most
for your money.
When you are shopping call at the People's
Meat Market for your meat or telephone and your
order will be delivered promptly. Our meats will
always be found the best and prices the lowest.
Phono 207.
A. C. JOHNSON, Proprietor.
mm MM KtW
We've just received a line of
Burnt Leather
Just the thing for holi
day presents. They're
going fast. Better buy
thctn now while the as
sortment is good.
Nebraska Hide and Leather Co.
Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Furs,
Cow and Horse Hide Robes,
Leatherand Saddlery Hardware
L. C. BURNETT, M'gr.
Nebraska City. Nebraska.
Liverpool, London mill (itolw ln. Co.
Gcriimn Aniuilciin Ins. Co., New York.
I'm mere mid MetvlmiitH Int. Co . Lincoln.
Columbia Fire Insurance Coniinny.
1'IiIIikIi'I)IiIii Underwriter,
I'IiociiI.n Ihs. ( 11.. Hartford. Conn.
Hartford 1'ire Iusurancn Coiapuuy.
North American of Philadelphia.
Phoenix of lllooklyn, Nut York.
Oonllnuatnl of New York City.
NluKiiru fire lusuruncu Company.
New York Underwriters, Now York.
Commercial Union Assurance Co., London
Office L'p-Ktnlrti,
llctclior lllock.
Alliance, Nebraska.
Dray and Transfer Line.
Phone 139.
about what to do with your Household Goods.
. S. A. Miller will take charge of them; atoro thew
in a nice, dry and cool place and pack and ship
them wherever desired. Charges reasonable.
The only spring dray line in the city.
S. A. Miller.
Prescription Druggist
306 Box Butte Are.
J. Rowan
Celebrated Ravenna Flour
At PPUingtou'a old
stand, 'phone No. 71.
ID iamonds, Watches,
Gold Jewelry,
Souvenirs .
Repairing in all its . Hail orders promptly
Branches. attended to.-
A. O. Barnes,
Jeweler and Optician.
has. E. Ford, President S. K, Warrick. Cashier
C S. Reed, H. M. Hampton, Vice Presidents. G. Hampton, Ass't Cashier.
First National Bank,
Capital, $50,000. - Surplus and Profits, $20,000
Ch'as. E. Ford, A. S. Reed, R. M Hampton. H. G. Warrick, S. K. Warrick.
i ,
1 thrown from a wagon.
--"""ux,3 ms nom i us to l a Oldbuck Noneaense! The women
' wee- were using It before yon were born.