The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 25, 1904, Image 6

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Oil Llttlo Used In Russia.
Notwithstanding tho largo produc
tion of petroleum In lUissIa tho use of
Illuminating oil In tho country is
small. It has been llmtcil by a tax on
refined oil. Iteccntly tho Baku ro
flnors have potltloncd tho government
to nbollsh this tax on refined oil for
homo consumption and to subalttuto
for It a tax on all crudo oil produced.
About the Wedding Dress.
A host of superstitions center about
tho wedding dress. Somo stitches
should bo set In It by tho bride her
isolf on hor wedding day sho should
"sow her own Joy In It." But tho
groom should novor bo allowod to boo
tho bride In her wedding dress until
he mocts her at tho nltar.
Trap Gun Kilts Man.
A. E. Chambers was klllod at Santa
Nora. Cal., by a load of salt tired from
& spring gun tho owner of a cabin nad
placed at his door for the purposo of
discouraging tho visits of burglars.
Money Versus Experience.
What do you caro If you haven't any
moncy7 You are rich In experlonco.
Good News for All.
Bradford, Tonn., Nov. 21. (Spe
jlal.) Scientific research shows Kid
scy Trouble to bo tho father of so
aiuny diseases that news of a dis
covery of a sure euro for It cannot
fall to bo wolcamrd all over tho coun
try. And according to Mr. J. A. Davis
of this place Just such a cure Is found
in Dodd's Kidney Pills. Mr. Davis
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are all that Is
claimed for them. They havo dono
mo moro good than anything I havo
over taken. I had Ktdnoy Troublo
very bad, and after taking a few boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills I am com
pletely cured. I cannot praise them
too much."
Kidney Complaint dovolops Into
Bright's Disease. Dropsy, Diabetes,
ltbeunmtlsm, and other painful and
fatal diseases. The safeguard Is to
euro your kidneys with Dodd's Kid
ney Pills when they show tho flr6t
symptom of disease.
Men With Feminine Tastes.
Whcnovor n man Is found to havo
tastes commonly considered fcmlnino,
ho Is almost sure to bo a distinguished
porsonage. For Instance, Sir "Walter
Scott, Mohammed, Dr. Wolsoy, Itlcho
llou, Montaigne, Plerro Lotl and tho
let Gray wero all excessively fond of
Every nouseucopor snould know
that if they will buy Doflanco Cold
Water Starch for laundry uso thoy
will savo not only time, because It
novor Btlcks to tho Iron, but bocauso
each packago contains 1C oz. ono full
pound whtlo nil othor Cold Water
Starches aro put up In -pound pack
ngOB, and tho prlco Is tho same, 10
cents. Then again because Doflanco
Starch Ib froo from nil Injurious chem
icals. If your grocer tries to sell you
a 12-oz. packngo It Is becauso ho has
a Block on hand which ho wishes to
dispose of beforo ho puts in Doflanco.
Ho knowB thnt Doflanco Starch has
printed on evory pnekago In largo let
ters and figures "1G ozs." Demand
Doflanco nnd savo much tlmo and
money and tho annoyance of tho iron
ticking. Doflanco novcr Btlcks.
Irish eggs are richest of all, better
than English or Danish, and British
pastrycooks always try to buy them,
as thoy go further.
, Insist on Getting It.
Some grocers pay they don't keep
Defiance Stnrch. This is because they
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 oz. in a package,
which they won't bo able to sell first,
because Defiance contains 16 oz. for
the same money.
Do you want 16 ox. Instead of 12 oz.
for same money? Then buy Defiance
starch. Requires no cooking.
Londoners aro singlarly well cared
for in the matter of recreation. Thoy
havo flfty-threo theaters and forty
three music halls.
You never hear any one complain
about "Deflunco Starch." There is nonu
to equal It in quality and quantity, 16
ounces, 10 cents. Try It now and save
your money.
Small roon do not gain great truths
and great men do uot retain them.
Mr. YTImlows Soothing Byron.
For children tf tMntt, softens tlia euros, reduces to
UnuuaUoo,allajs pain, euros Indoull l&oabotUo.
Moro enemies havo been slain by
mercy than by malice.
!TCr,raaneotly eared. No fits or nervousness site
rllv first day's um of Dr. Kline's Oraat Nerve Krstor
or. (fend for FllKK 3.0O trial bottle and treaties, lOux, tut, Ml Arch Street, fhlUdslpula, 1
A man's title to glory does not de
pend on tho glory of his title here.
Write. MUMNK KYE KEMKDT Co.. Chlciiro. If
jour eyes are sore ur tnflauird, and get ucullit's
advice and frrcramr-leMVIttXK. It cures all eje-llls
Men who are always on tho make
novcr mako much of anything.
Defiance Starch Is guaranteed big
gest and best or money refunded. 16
ounces, 10 cents. Try It now.
He lias made no great gains who
has never lost anything.
"Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy,
lLOQilout.N. Y., cured my Mrloui ktdnsr trouble I gained
itpoiiBdj." N. Wardell, UutiutllU, N J. HouImIUO.
Chanco is ono of tho most profane
words in our language.
Important to Mo thorn.
Examine carefully every bottle- of CASTOHIA,
a Ml o and wire remedy for Infants and children,
and tee that It
Bears tho
Signature of
la TJso For Over 30 Tears.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
An open denial of God may be bet
ter than an empty definition of Him.
New Musical Instrument.
It Is rather strango that of tho nu
merous dovlccs patonted so fow re
late to musical instruments, and this
particularly so ns tho piano, violin,
guitar, banjo and mandolin aro so old
that they havo grown common and as
yet no other Instruments to All their
plnces havo been Introduced. A new
musical Instrument suitable for par
lor entertainment Is Bhown here. It
Is mndo of wood and tho Inventor
claims that It will givo forth sounds
differing from thoso produced by any
Instrument In tho nature of a horn,
lluto or whistle, being very simple and
ensy to learn.
Most of tho novelties that havo
horetoforo been Introduced havo been
suitable mostly for outdoor use, but
this ono can be played In tho houso
without Jarring on tho nerves nnd car
ns much ns a beginner's work docs on
tho plnno. Tho body of this Instru
ment Is a thin metal tube formed
with tho sound opening having a fea
ther edge, so that when tho player
blows Into tho mouthpleco tho body
vibrates and produces pleasing tones,
tho length of tho vibrations being de
termined by the position of a piston
rod, which can bo moved to mako any
noto within tho rnngo of tho Instru
ment. In using tho Instrument tho
player grasps tho mouthpleco with ono
Plays Like a Trorrbone.
hand and presses tho end ngalnst tho
lips, whllo with tho other hand ho
grasps tho hnndlo which operates tho
piston nnd at tho sumo tlmo supports
tho body.
Frank II. Falrchlld of Dotrolt, Mich.,
Is the patentee.
Combine Telephone and Telegraph.
A now complication of tho telephono
and tolograph with a now complication
of their names Is (ho Idea of an Italian
electrician, E. Malcottl, who makes a
trlplo proud boast of his Invention;
firstly, that tho apparatus Is susceptible
of being used on any existing telephone
lines without any previous alteration
of tho latter; secondly, that secrecy
is warranted of any communication;
and, thirdly, that tho construction Is
slmplo nnd tho prlco of tho Instrument
low. Tho distinctive featuro of tho
apparatus Is tho fact that there Is
no necessity of installing any special
exchanges and special lines, but that
any existing telephone plnnt Is ready
for tho telecryptograph, for thus the
telephonic Innovation has boon christ
ened. Tho apparatus Is worked by
currents analogous In every respect to
telophano currents, nnd, thereforo, In
no way interfering with tho ordinary
tolophono service. Tho secrecy of tho
dispatch Is warranted by a dovico al
lowing of nny two apparatus being
timed for n flguro established before
hand, bo as to keep tho telophono se
cret throughout tho lino ns well as at
tho receiving station, tho messagos ar
riving as ciphered telegrams. Tho re
ceiving apparatus may bo caused to
decipher automatically tho dispatch,
either aftor roceptlon or during tho
samo. Tho number of ciphers tho ap
paratus is susceptlblo of is upwards of
0,000,000,000, which is practically in
finite. Expect Valuable Discoveries.
A good deal of secrecy has been
observed ns to Just what of scientific
valuo was learned by the recent voy
ago of tho British Bhip Discovery Into
the antarctic regions. Tho geograph
ical results of tho exploration arc well
known, but tho scientific results will
tako a long tlmo to work out. It is
said, however, that a secret has been
brought back which will shako tho
foundations of mnuy a scientific be
llof. Certain fossils havo been lound
which provo beyond doubt that onco
no ono yet can tell how long ago
mammals, and perhaps even men,
lived upon tho land whero now aro
ntter desolation and llfo-destroylng ico
and snow. Theso treasures wero
packed into tin boxes nnd brought to
Ix)ndon under special escort to tho
British museum, whero they will
nwalt Inquiry by specialists. In speak
ing of the matter Sir Clements Mark
ham was most guarded. Still, ho ad
mitted that the fossils must In any
caso mean much. The) may upset all
'.ho theories as to tho ?olar system
and the geographical origin and age
of the world.
Rapid Track Layer.
A new railway track layer, with a
crew of forty men, will lay two miles
of track a day. The track layer has
a hugo crane, sixty feet long, which
projects forward over tho road and
hauls behind it a train of sixteen flat
cars loaded with tics and rails. A
continuous lino of the latter move
constantly over rollers and carry the
ties with it. Both rails and ties aro
seized at tho propor tlmo by machin
ery and placed on the road In front
of tho train, whore thoy shortly form
part of tho track over which it passes.
This device Is said to be tho most ex
peditious as well as economical tract:
layer In tho world.
i jpBrJgm
Will Furnish Motion for Many Experi
mental Purposes.
A source of power lies In tho town
and city wnlcr service which can fur
nish motion for a multltudo of experi
mental purposes. Tho lmpulso wheel
hero describes developed 0.28 brako
horsepower, nnd 1,000 revolutions, on
n pressure of fifty pounds. But llttlo
water Is consumed, slnco tho Jot Is of
only 3-lC-lnch diameter. Tho cost of
materials Is $1.05.
Cut a flat sheet of 1 10-Inch brass
Into a circle 10 Inches diameter, nnd
in tho center bore a -lnch holo for
I ho shaft. With a hack-saw cut In
tho circumference 1G radial slits
Inch deep. Tako sixteen pieces of
brass 1 Inches by 2 Inches, and on
tho thickness of tho hnck-saw, each
making ono cup. Shaping tho cups is
easy. A pleco of broom-stick, with
tho tip rounded, serves for half tho
die, while a piece of iron plpo of 1
Inch Instdo dlnmctcr serves as tho
other half. Lay ono end of a brass
strip on tho plpo and hammer tho
rounded end of tho stick into it (sco
drawing), whereupon tho cup Is
formed. Trim to shape Indicated in
tho drawings, and hammer out any
irregularities by fitting again upon the
broom-stick. Solder tho cups In the
radial silts, best dono over a Bunsen
humor. Tho bowls of tho cups musl
como tight against the wheel, and alsc
run In good alignment.
Tho wheel Is attached to tho shaft
by clamping between pulley collars
Get tho size for a -Inch shaft, by
special order If necessary. Let the
shaft bo 'a-lnch In diameter and 1C
inches long. Polish with emery
Home-Made Water Motor,
cloth. Slip It through tho wheel and
mount a collar on each sldo, pressing
them tight together, and fastening
with tho sct-scrowB in tho collars. A
pulley can bo mounted on cither end
of the shaft.
In making tho Jet, fill a piece of Mi
inch galvanized pipe, 3 Inches long,
with Babbitt metal. When cold, boro
a 3-16-inch holo through tho center
leDgthwlse. Mako this holo conical,
tapering from 3-lG-Inch to tho full Ms
Inch. Tho box Is mnde In two parts. Tho
lower carries tho wheel, tho bearings
nnd tho Jet, tho upper serves to pro
tect against spray. Use seasoned
Inch stuff. Tho outsldo dimensions
aro 17 Inches long, 11 Inchos high, E
Inches wide. Screw securely and
braco with cast-Iron angles. The bos
has no top nor bottom.
Midway on each side, with its ccn
ter 3 Inches from tho top, boro a 1
Inch holo for tho Babbitt box, and
from the upper edge of tho box bore
with a Vi-Inch bit down through the
larger holes well Into the wood below
To prepare for casting tho bearings
first wrap tho shaft with two thick-
Section of the Water Wheel,
nesses of tissue paper, serving ulti
mately to givo a llttlo play between
tho bearing surfaces, then run It
through the holes, centering It care
fully. Tho shaft is held in place and
tho holes aro covered to permit cast
ing, by mounting tho pulloy collars
and shoving them tight against tho
wood on the inside, and by snugly fit
ting cardboard to the shaft and tack
ing It on the outside. Tho metal Is
poured through tho ',4-lnch hole In
ono steady stream until It overflows.
When tho shaft Is withdrawn and tho
caids and tissue pnper removed, an
oxcollent bearing wlli be found. From
tho top boro out -inch oil holes.
Mount tho wheel, and oil the bearings,
when, it the shaft is true, it will run
easily and smoothly.
In tho end of the box bore a hole
with Its center 2 Inches from tho
lower edge, nnd 21 inchos from each
side. Tho diameter of this holo should
bo such as Just to permit tho Jet to
bo hammered In. The Btream of water
will thus hit tho tipper quarter of tho
lowest cup, when directly beneath tho
shaft, nnd the center of tho cup next
following. As tho Jet is apt not to bo
absolutely true, slight adjustment can
bo made by turning it upon its long
Screw tho box to a stout plank, hav
ing a 3-inch holo directly under the
center of the wheel. Tho board
should bo long enough to reach the
length of tho sink and be attached to
the woodwork at each nd. This Is
simple and firm. Tho Join', can be
mado watertight by a wash of thin
sheet rubber. If tho wheel is used
to drlvo a dynamo, both mny be at
tached to the samo base-board.
Tho spray guard Is separato for con
venience In casting the Babbitt boxes
and subsequently for oiling. It Is con
structed of zinc, G Inches high, and
long and wide enough to Blip snugly
Into the lowor section for about 1
inch. Four screws will keep it In
place. Tho machine Is now complete.
H. F. Swartz, In Scientific American
ii i
Vftft I
In common geese tho males and
females differ In plumage, but this Is
not tho case with tho puro-bred gocse.
In their case tho males and females
aro alike. Tho largest geese aro tho
Toulouse, and theso aro popular with
men that havo n fancy for largo fowls.
If a man wants layers, however, ho
will choose tho China. Thoso that
ralso tho geeso largely for feathers
will choose tho Embden, becauso their
feathers aro pure white, and henco
tho market valuo of them is greater
than with thoso geeso whoso feathers
aro multi-colored. If a man morely
wants to produce birds that can be
marketed to good advantage ho will
find a cross of the Toulouse with the
Embden give good results.
Where geeso havo access to a pond
or a river they will derive much of
t.iclr subslstenco from the water. Tho
writer know of a man that lived on tho
banks of a river and had a largo flock
of geese. Across tho shallow river
was a starch factory, and from this
a largo amount of soaked corn datlv
ran from tho sluices Into tho river.
The geeso mado their living off this
corn, which they fished up out of the
water. It mado a perfect food so
far as softness nnd digestibility weri
concerned. They bulanced their ra
Hon with tho seml-aquatlc plants grow
ing In tho river and along its margin.
There are many like situations where
a flock of geese would savo what
would otherwise go to waste.
Shallow ponds in summer teem with
fish, water beetles, worms and other
forms of llfo. A flock of geeso shows
great enjoyment In hunting their own
food in such places. Cccse aro also
consumers of some of tho bugs that
disturb tho peace of tho farmer. One
man told tho writer how ho used to
use them for tho destruction of po
tato bugs. Tho geeso would travel
down tho rows, darting their heads
now to this side and now to that.
They consumed In tho course of a
day a very largo number of bugs.
Tho fault to ho found with them was
that thoy did not do their work per
fectly, hut loft colonics of bugs here
and there, which later had to be des
troyed by other agencies.
Tho goose lays from twenty-flvo to
fifty eggs nnd If sho could bo bred
up to lay more would become more
popular on tho farm. Perhaps It Is
posslblo to ultimately develop geese
to lay as many eggs as hens, but that
result Is a long way in tho future
at tho present time.
Frjshness of Eggs.
Thero are many old ways of test
ing tho freshness of eggs. Somo of
them may bo of llttlo value. Hero
Is ono that is going the rounds, but
for which wo cannot vouch. It may
bo all right: Eggs are placed In a pan
of water, giving each room enough
so that its motions will not bo Inter
fered with by tho others. Tho air In
tho egg will bo governed according to
tho ago of tho egg. If tho egg has
been kept In a moderately warm state.
If tho eggs aro Just laid thoy will be
motionless. If they aro more than a
week old they will partly stand on
tho llttlo end. This Is becauso the
air chamber is in the other end of
tho egg. This air chamber grows
larger as the egg becomes older and
tho molsturo In It evaporates. When
the eggs get still older they will stand
up straight In tho water and when
very old will float.
This test of course would be of no
valuo In the caso of pickled eggs or
of eggs kept In cold storage whero
tho tompcraturo was so low that the
evaporation of molsturo from the eggs
would he very small.
Fowls for Market.
Tho farmer should not wait till he
is ready to market his hens nnd roost
ers beforo separating them from the
rest of tho flock. Thoso that aro to
bo so disposed of should be separated
from tho rest at this time. If they
aro to bo Bold for the Thanksgiving
market they should bo placed on fat
tening food at this time. Chickens
for market should bo made as fat as
posslblo, as tho buyers want them that
way. Tho fat Is not Indeed eaten, but
It In somo way makes tho flesh of
tho fowls tenderer and tho buyers
realize that. Moreover, they aro will
ing to pay for tho tenderness that
comes from the fattening process. The
birds will also bo tender becauso they
havo beon deprived of exercise. Fowls
that exercise aro naturally tougher
than those that, do not. Four weeks
feeding will sometimes add two
pounds each to fowls and this mnkes
quite a difference with them when
they are marketed.
Don't Market Unfattened Stock.
Wo have seen tho traveling buyer
of chickens drive up to tho farm
houso and ask for poultry. Wo havo
seen the farmer get out a pan of
corn and toll the hens and roosters
about him, then draw them Into the
henyard and tho work of selecting
begin. Tho cockerels wero sold with
out an hour of fitting. They wero
gaunt and lean shanked. They
weighed light when put on tho scales
or hung on tho steelyards. Tho farm
er got out of thorn very little for tho
caro bo had bestowed on them. Theso
birds Bhould not havo been sold with
out being fitted. Shut them up anf
give them at least threo weeks of goo
As a general thing the grape vino
yard should be given clean cultivation
every year.
The Prairie Dog Nuisance.
Pralrlo dogs havo been declarod to
bo a nulsnnco by the laws of Nobraskn
and other states. Tho Nebraska law
goes so far as to dcclaro that any
ono having land Infested by pralrlo
dogs and not getting rid of them Is
maintaining a nuisance. The harbor
er of theso animals is made liablo
for damages committed on other land.
Highway commissioners are Instruct
ed to sco that tho law Is enforced.
In the discharge of his duty connected
with the extermination of pralrlo dogs
the commissioner Is allowed $3.00 per
day and expenses and instructed to
add tho amount to tho taxes of tho
laud where the work of exterminating
pralrlo dogs Is done.
This makes it necessary for tho
owner of lnnd to be vigilant in tho
extermination of tho nuisance. The
quickest nnd cheapest way to get rid
of the dogs Is to poison them, and
this is generally resorted to. In mak
Ing up the poison three ounces ol
strychnine and half a pound of potas
slum cyanide are put into one quart
of boiling wnter. To this two quarts
of molasses and a teaspoonful of oil
of anise are added. Then a bushel ol
wheat Is placed In a tight receptacle
and tho mixture Is poured over It.
It Is then stirred, while four pounds
of finely ground corn meal Is poured
Into It. The molasses ninkes the liquid
adhesive, so It will stick to tho grains
of wheat. Tho object of uslnc the
corn meal Is to absorb the superfluous
liquid or syrup and thus enable the
grains of wheat to carry a larger
amount of the poison. This poisoned
grain Is sown about tho places In
nablted by the dogs. They eat It and
dio In largo numbers.
There is, however, a decided scntl
ment against the uso of tho poison.
Ranchmen and farmers hate to handle
it and birds are frequently poisoned as
well ns the dogs. There is also some
danger to live stock nnd children.
Carbon bisulphide has been used foi
many years in the extermination ol
burrowing animals. It Is costly, but 11
Is effective and is still being quite
generally employed. It has tho ad
vantage of reaching all of tho anl
mals; for there are always some pral
rlo dogs that will not eat the poisoned
grain. The chemical mentioned In put
Into the burrows and changes to a
gas that kills the animals.
The Soy Bean in the North.
The soy bean Is being more exten
sively grown In the North now than
ever before. It Is found that it will
do well further north than tho cow
pea, and, In fact, that It can be grown
as far north ns dent corn thrives
Tho tanners of Maine who grow large
ly only flint varieties of corn alsc
raise tho soy bean In a small way. It
is believed that this can be mado cue
of the principal crops of the North
Its value for tho feeding of cattle Is
unquestioned, as it Is very rich In
In tho growing of this crop success
Is posslb e only when the soil contains
tho bacteria that form tho nodules
on tho roots. In that case tho land
will only need to have potash and
phosphorus added to It, if it needs
nny fertilizers at all. The Medium
Early is found to be one of the best
varieties for forage. The land should
bo thoroughly prepared before the
crop Is sown and the soil should be
kept cultivated. Drilling is of course
necessary if the crop Is to bo cultl
vated. Under such methods a crop Is
regarded as about eight tons.
The forage may be fed green, made
into hay or used In tho form of silage.
The silage Is preferred by sheep ovei
corn silage. It Is not probable, how
ever, that It will over tako the place
of corn In tho making of sllnge, ns If
can bo advantageously used as a hay
In some places whero both cow peas
and soy beans are being raised the
soy beans aro preferred for the reason
that they are much easier to be made
into hay.
In tho West, as in the East, the
great need of tho farm is to havo a
cheap source of protein. Whero a
man has hogs that need a protein
feed In winter it Is easy to bellovo
that tho silage mado from soy beans
would be better than tho silago mado
from corn, as It would contain moro
of tho protein so necessary to build
up tho muscular system of tho swine.
The soy bean has been less adver
tised than the cow pea and Is there
fore being grown leas extensively. It
seems, however, that it has a wider
range of growth, at least towards tho
north, than has tho cow pea. It will
be wlso for our farmers to try a
small plot of soy beans next spring.
Farm buildings should be given a
"going over" before tho cold of tho
winter comes. Too many cracks in
the barn may givo abundant ventila
tion, but thoy givo more too many
drafts. Ventilation is health, but
drafts are tho opposite. It does not
cost much to stop up cracks, and if
ono kind of material cannot be se
cured for this work another can.
There aro now Innumerable varie
ties of potatoes and they are increas
ing in number every year. Withal,
there is an improvement, but it is dif
ficult to say how long this improve
ment will go on.
If potatoes aro planted on land con
taining much humus thero will be lit
tle occasion for tho application of
nitrogen. This Is why new land Is
I frequently very good for potatoes.
Tralte of Futuro Typical American.
Patriotic, religious, dovoted, poeti
cal, industrious, artistic, literary, hon
est, enduring. From tho Irish, pa
triotism; from tho Scotch, religious
fervor; from the Jew, family devo
tion; from tho Scandinavian, Indus
try; from tho Italian, art; from tho
Gorman, honesty; from tho French,
quickness; from tho Indian, endur
ance. Chicago Journal.
"Meanest Man" Again.
A man of Wexham, England, was
given $5 wherewith to buy a wreath
for tho funeral of a friend of tho per
pon who hnd given tho $5. Instead
of buying a wreath, tho fellow went
out to a cemetery, stole a wreath
thero, loft It with the mourners and
pockoted tho $5. But his act was
discovored later.
Decides Bridal Question.
The important question, When does
a brldo cease to bo a bride? is decided
by tho London Queen, which says sho
oecomes a "wife" at tho expiration of
six weeks after tho wedding.
Indian Never Forgives.
Tho Indian never makes up aftor
falling out with any ono. Ho may
peak to an enemy as ho passes, but
lies with tho hatred In his heart.
Of the 4G7 savings banks In Japan
only one Is foreign. Of tho 1,799 or
dinary banks only four aro foreign.
One hundred million bushels of
grain aro sent every year to tho mills
of Duluth and Minneapolis.
And What They Mean.
When Old Mother Na'turo gives you'
& "whack" remember "there's a rea
son," bo try and say "thank you,"
then set about finding what you havo
dono to demand the rebuke, and try
and get back Into line, for that's tho
happy place after all.
Curious how many highly organized
pcoplo fall to appreciate and heed tho
first little, geritlo "whacks" of tho
good old Dame, but go right along
with tho habit whatever It may bo,
that causes her disapproval. Whiskey,
Tobacco, Coffee, Tea or other unnat
ural treatment of the body, until seri
ous illness sets In or some chronic
Some people seem to get on very
well with thoso things for a whllo,
and Mother Nature apparently cares
but llttlo what they do.
Perhaps she has no particular plans
for thorn and thinks It little use to
waste tlmo In their training.
There aro people, howover, who
seem to bo selected by Nature to "do
things." Tho old Mother expects them
to carry out somo department of her
great work. A portion of theso select
ed ones oft nnd again seek to stimu
late and then deaden tho tool (tho
body) by eome ono or moro of tho
drugs Whiskey, Tobacco, Coffeo,
Tea, Morphine, etc.
You know all of these throw down
tho same class of alkaloids In Chemi
cal analysis. They stlmulato and then
depress. They tako from man or wom
an tho power to do his or her best
After these people havo drugged
for a time, they got a hint, or mild
"whack" to remind them that thoy
havo work to do, a mission to perform,
and should bo about tho business, but
aro loafing along tho waysldo and be
come unfitted for the fame and for
tune that waits for them If thoy but
stick to tho course and keep the body
clear of obstructions so It can carry
out tho behests of the mind.
Sickness Is a call to "como up high
er." Theso hints como in various
forms. It may be stomach troublo or
bowels, heart, eyes, kidneys or general
nervous prostration. You may depend
upon It when a "whack" comes It's a
warning to quit some abuso and do
tho right and fair thing with tho body.
Perhaps it is coffeo drinking that
offends. That Is one of the greatest
causes of human disorder among
Now, then, if Mother Nature is gen
tle with you nnd only gives light, little
"whacks" nt first to attract attention,
don't abuse her consideration, or sho
will soon hit you harder, sure
And you may be sure sho will hit
you very, very hard If you insist on
following tho way you havo been go
ing. It seems hard work to givo up a
habit, and wo try all sorts of plans to
chargo our ill feelings to somo other
cause than tho real ono.
Coffee drinkers when 111 will attri
bute tho trouble to bad food, malaria,
overwork and what not, but they keep
on being sick and gradually getting
worso until thoy aro finally forced to
quit entirely, even tho "only ono cup
a day." Then they begin to get bet
ter, and unless they have gone long
enough to set up somo fixed organic
dlsoaso, they generally get entirety
It is easy to quit coffeo at once and
for all, by having well mado Postum,
with Its rich, deep seal brown coloi
which comes to tho beautiful golden
brown when good cream Is added, nnd
the crisp snap of good, mild Java la
there If the Postum has been boiled
long enough to bring it out
It pays to bo well and happy for
good old Mother Naturo then sends
us her blessings of many and various
kinds and helps us to gain fame and
Strip oft the handicaps, leave out
tho deadening habits, heed Mother
Nature's hints, quit being a loser and
become a winner. Sho will help you
sure If you cut out tho things that
keep you hack.
"There's a reason" and a profound
Look in each package for a copy ot
the famous llttlo book, "The Road to