The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 18, 1904, Image 7

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-Wpyrlght, 1S97, by P. Tennyson1 N'ccly.
W CHAPTER" IV Continued
Undoubtedly sp'oncer know In somo
fny the full particulars qf. tbo innt
texaud hna conceived n gigantic plan
whereby lie may palm himself off as
Jqck Travers, marry the girl, como
Into tbo property, and Btriko a big
And he has corresponded with this
guardian . of Jcsslo Cameron, this
Spaniard or Cuban, who posoa as the
gjrl's stepfather, so that the game
lias all been cleverly arranged.
Jack can look back to an adventure
lie had recently, when ho waB waylaid
by unknown men, robbed of money
and papers and thrown Into a deep
canyon to die; but In somo almost
"miraculous manner ho caught lu a
treetop and managed to savo hlmseir.
'Without a doubt Spencer was the
c'auso of this nttunipt on his life, made
lioforo the. London lawyer found him.
With this brief but necessary ex
planation the reader can appreciate
jack's feelings as he enters tho room
where he is to meot for tho first time
tho girl who Is destined to play such
an, Important part In. his life.
'c'.'Wlll you shake hands with me, for
Iam, after all, your kinsman, Miss
Jessie." be says, upon meeting her.
.She takes the proffered hand, and
her eyes, which have been searching
hlis faco in such an earnest, beseech
ing manner ever since his entrance,
drop before his ardent gaze.
, "As I understand It, after tho cere
niDny that makes us man and wlfo is
completed you.pass from my sight for
ever?" "Forever," she echoes.
"Unless nt some time In the future,
should you relent "
"I shall never do that. You under
stand, this Is merely a business ar
rangement, and sentiment does not
enter Into It at all." she interposes.
"Jack only smiles quietly. That was
what ho himself thought, only to find
out his mistake; and ho has strong
hopes that she will also In time.
"Let me change the wording, then
1 am not to seek your piesence
again without somo desire on your
part to see mo. That Is cruel. But
I give you my word as a man to abide
bjr'the provisions; only I would like
you to promise me In return that If at
tfotno future tlmo you need a friend's
tiolpybtuwlll can upon Jack gravers.
Can' you will 'Voti -'make ' mG that
promise. ?"
"There Is no reason I should refuse,
elnce I cank. appreciate your. motive.
Ves, I promise- yoU thatCousln Jack,"
isho replies, looking directly into his
eyes with her clear grey orbs.
."Let's shako hands on it that's
"the way thoy ratify bargains In the
stages. I believe wo understand each
other now."
- "1 am glad " and she halts in
"'"""What?" he asks curiously.
v"To havo found you such a gentle
man. Say no more. Hero are the
"others coming up?"
-'""Remember your promise." he adds,
Jack is more than satisfied. He be
"Ifeves ho can conscientiously sacrifice
ilmself on tho altar of matrimony'
when the other party to tho contract
Is Jessie Cameron, and deep down
'In his heart he has strong' hopc3 that
if will not be a great while ere a
.sweet message reaches, him, calling
film to keep his promise and come to'
"Her assistance.
Wedded. Yet No Wife.
JTho picturesque old gcntle'man.
.jvhom he now knows to, be ScnJorlJta?
"Forever," she echoes,
ffsel Roblado, Jesslo's Spanish step
father, comes up, his face beaming
with unctuous smiles, and rubbing his
hands together after tho manner of a
man well pleased.
"Well, Senor Jack," exclaims tho old
hypocrite, believing all the while it is
a baso counterfeit and not the gen
uine Travers who has como to keep
tho contract, "you are of the same
mind still you do not deslro to back
"Not I," answers Jack, sturdily.
''The papers which passed between
us' aro binding there Is no need of
-t. duplicating them. This fortune will
be divided as agreed upon one hnjf
to each. You understand the arrange
ment? Now let mo introduce you,
cenor, to these few peoplo who are to
witness the ceremony In order to con-
: ti.1
Copyright, jlS99, by Street and Smith,
form to tho law, all other provisions
ot which ,1 havo carefully prepared
First,, thero Is the minister, a gen
tleman In tho black garb of the Pres
byterian church. Only one other gen
tloman Is present, a Cuban evidently,
from his name.
There aro two females ono of thorn
a Scotch lady, and possibly a neighbor
or owner of tho house; the second -a
character upon which Jack Is Incllnod
to spend moro than a casual glance.
She Is only a girl, with a dark faco
and n deformed figure a girl who
could perhaps Only recelvo jcorlng
attentions from cruel boys In the
Her face It is that attracts Jack;
one forgets her deformity when look
ing into that, it is so strong, so
changeable in Its emotions. Hero 1b,
Indeed, a character worth studying.
In lovo or hate she would bo a for
midable antagonist. Ho wonders what
relation she u,enrs to Jesslo Cameron,
and seeing a soft look come ovor her
faco as her eyes fall upon tho fair
girl, guesses that the daughter of
Sonor Roblndo worships tho Scotch
lassie, which somehow gives him
great relief.
With such a guardian Jessie Cam
eron need never bo quite helpless.
Quick as a flash the dark-faced
?lrl gives him a frowning look as
3uo advances a look that may mean
many things, but which Jnck rightly
Then and there he knows absolute
ly that ho has no need of going fur
tl er In 'order to find the author of
his strange letter; if sho had signed
hoi name Juanlta to tho scroll he
could not bo more positive.
At first Jack wonders why sho
frowns and darts lightnings at him
out of her sloe-black eyes, until he
suddenly romombers that undoubted
ly the daughter, as well as tho father,
believes him to be that miserable Im
postor of a Howard Spencer.
Come, this will never do. He mnt
and a chance to whisper the truth to
the scnor's daughter and jiuako her
Is friend.
When one really desires such an op
portunity,, it Is not so difficult to cre
ate it as might be supposed; and
while somo of the others were engag
ed in a little discussion concerning
ihe particulars of the ceremony, Jnck,
In a few words tells the girl the truth
concerning his identity.
Then her-dark fhco for the-first tlmo
lights up with a smile, and sho gives
him a little brown, slender hand.
"Then it is better than 1 thought.
IJut you will keep your promise Just
tho faame? Perhaps circumstances
may arise that will make It necessary
for jou to clnlm my sister. Who can
say? If they should, I am glad for
her sake that you are what you ap
pear to be a gentleman."
"Thank you,' ho replies. "I havo
already told her that should she need
assistance at any time, not to forget
me as a distant cousin."
"Wo are ready, Senor Jnck," calls
out tho genial old gentleman.
Jesslo Cameron no longer blushes,
but looks very pale. Sho will not meet
Jack's eye, but stands there at his
side with downcast head.
it Is a strango marriage possibly
as singular a ceremony as hna ever
been celebrated within the limits of
"Edlnbro" town."
Jack's, responses .are made bojdly,
whllo tho ' bride's voice falters, as
though sho realizes how poorly con
structed for a marriage pf convent
enco'are tho forms of a' religious cere
mony. Then it Is over.
Jack Travers, bachelor exeunt
enter the benedict, receiving the con
gratulations of the happy senor.
Tho next act In the drama promises
to be of an altogether different na
ture, and Just as likely as not war
will follow lovo.
Ho has Indulged In the hopo .that
he may have a chance to say good-byo
to his wife, and even counts on a last
touch of that shapely Ilttlo hand; but
looking round presently, ho discovers
she has left the room.
A look of disappointment comes
over his face, which being noticed by
the shrewd eyes of tho bluff old gen
tleman, start him Into a fit of laugh
ter, much to Jack's discomfiture,
since ho knows his secret has been
"She has gone, Senor Jack; the
bright star has dipped behind the
horizon. There was a penalty at
tached to tho contract, you know.
Carraralja! I am really sorry for
you; but women are capricious, and
the dear girl may yet relent. At any
rate, hopo on, Senor Jack."
"Oh, I intend to," declares tbo new
made Benedict, with a significant
Senor Roblado plucks him by tho
"Ah, my dear Jack, when shall we
havo our final settlement." he asks
"When you please say to-morrow,"
replies tho other, indifferently.
"Good. Where will I find you?"
"I put up at Stevens' Crown hotel,
not moro than ten minutes' walk
from here, In Princess street."
"I know It well, Senor Jack."
"I have apartments on the third
floor above tho street, Call about
four.'' r''; -? V -M "
"At four it !r; you will be roady?
If necessary, we can call In a lawyer."
"Yes, or n doctor, If yott dJalro,
I'm tho easiest mart In tho world to
get dh with, ami always roady to
accommodate'.' If' thero Is nothing
clso to detain mo, I shall now say
good night."
So Jack bids them all ndlou, shaking
hands with each In turn, and whon ho
reaches tho' ownnr of tho black oyoa
ho bends low enough to whisper:
"If danger threatens her I bog of
you lu heaven's namo to let mo
"I promise, If sho will allow," Is
what ho hears In return, and with
that ho must remain sntlsflcd.
Tho "buonos noches" of tho sunvo
Castlllau Honts after him llko a ben!
son as ho leaves tho houso of tho
seven gnbles.
Tho moon, now having climbed to a
higher point In tho bluo arch, looks
down benignly upon tho sceno aa
Jnck, having struck a wax vesta, ap
plies the flro to his weed and stalks
along In tho direction of High street,
followed by his shadow, Ah Sin.
Tho recollection of Jcsslo Camoron
haunts him as might the sweot per
fumo of a flower after It has been
lost to sight.
His wife! Will he over get used to
"I believe you."
tbo startling fact? That lovely girl
beiong to him by reason of a legal
chain! Ho heaves n sigh as ho re
members his word pf honor nnd tho
Blender chances of their meeting
Jack's Is a buoyant nature. Noth
ing daunts him, and ho has a deep
rooted conviction that this is all but
a beginning to an end.
"Somo day," lio muttors, as ho slta
in his room at tho Crown hotel, look
ing up at tho Castle, "who knows
but what I may find that same sweet
face smiling at tho other sido of my
breakfast table? I have faith to be
lieve. .And now. to sleep, percbanco
to dream it has all como but llko tho
novels do."
(To bo continued.) i
Incident Proves Women Are Not trie
Only Curious Creatures.
Wo had been married Just a month
and my Inquiries as to all his doings
during tho day had begun to draw
forth remarks about woman's prover
bial curiosity, when, ono evening af
ter tea was on tho table, I picked up
tho evening paper and found a recipe
for "prune whip," which I cut out and
laid away for future use.
After tho head of the house had
changed his coat, donned his slippers,
eaten and made himself comfortable,
hoasked, "What did you cut out of
my paper?"
"Oh, something that would not oo
at all proper for vou to read," I re
plied. "Well, I guess I'll read what I
choose. Please get It"
I refused, and things grow uncom
jfqrable, and when I returned from
tho kitchen I found an empty chnlr,
empty slippers and a discarded pa
per. About an hour after tho hood
of the house returned and with a
particularly Jubilant air opened a
brand new newspaper. Ho scannod
column after column eagerly until he
found a recipe tor "prune whip." Now
when the head of the house becomes
any way domineering I feed him on
"prune whip." Elizabeth Ogllvlo in
Good Housekeeping.
He Couldn't Cure 'Em.
The man sitting besldo the minister
was, somewhat showily dressed, but
quiet enough in manner. They had
struck up an acquaintance and were
chatting affably on various subjects.
Perhaps it was because they were
tho only two men In the car who wero
not reading newspapers. Tho minis
ter noticed this, and noticed also that
It was sporting news which chiefly
Interested hts fellow passengers.
"It Is deplorable," he Bald, "that
horse racing has such a fascination
for all classes of people. One would
think that sad experience would cure
most of them of their Infatuation, but
apparently It does not. I fear this
form of gambling is on the Increase."
"I think It Is," said the other man,
"and I don't see how it is going to
bo stopped. I know I've done all I
could to cure peoplo of tho betting
"Indeed!" said tho minister, eagerly.
"May I ask how?"
"By winning as much of their mon
ey as I could. I'm a bookmaker."
Explodes Scurvy Theory.
Tho Antarctic voyago from which
tho Discovery has Just returned is
said to havo exploded the old theory
about tho efficacy of vegetable acd3,
In scurvy. Tho scdrvybrokdbut when
canned goods were used and disap
peared when fresh meat penguin and
seal in thl3 case was substituted.
If Lower Branch Stands Ninety-one Re
publicans and Nine Democrats
Congressional Vote In the Six -Nebraska
Districts. ."
Senate. House, bullot.
Republicans 33 91 124
Fuslonlsls 0 0 9
Total 30 ICO 1S3
DIM. l-E. A. Tucker. Humboldt, rep.
Dlst. 2-K. li Good. Peru, rep.
Dint. 3 It. W Jones. Dunbar, rep
Dlst 4 (Juorgo 1, Sheldon, Nuhawka,
DSt. E Alex. Liivarty, Ashland, rep.
Dlst 61.. C. dlbson. South Onmhn,
rep.: u. v TIw!im., Omahu, rep.; C. 1..
Haundere, Omaha, rep.
DlJt 7-K. C. Nelson, Rancrort, rep; W.
A. Meiervc. frelchton, n?p.
Dint. 9-Kdwln n. Gould. Wolbach. rop.
DIM. 10-V. t). llnller. Hlnlr, rev-
Dlst. 11 J. J AVIIIIams, Wuyno. rep.
Dint. 12 Hiifjh 1IurIh, ColunibUK, rep.
DIM. IJ-Dr. J. I Gllllcaiii O'Neill, rep.
Dlst. 14-C 1 llroce, UtiRhvltle. rep.
Dlst. lR-.Martln I.. Krlcs. Arcadlu, rp.
Dlat. 10 An rem Willi, J.oup City. rep.
Dint. 17-A K. Cnily. rrp.
Dlst 18-W. 11. Whalf-y, Clnrkfl, rep.
DHU 19-M D Dlmciy, Grousing, rep.
Dlst. 80-J. H. Moekntt, Jr., Lincoln,
rep.; 1. 1'. UcRhtol. Uennott. rei.
Dlst. 21-11. 1. W. Juckaon. Wtrjco,
Dlst. 22 Andrew Vorc, Crete, rep.
Dlst. 2J W. II. JunuliiRH, Davenport,
Dlit. 24-GcorRo W. Phrock, York. rep.
Dlst. a-c, 11. Kjipcrson, Kulrlleld, rep.
Dlst. 2G J. l. Pficrrton, Campbell, rop.
DLst. 37 David linrt, lliiatltiKtf. rop.
Dint. 2! A. V. Harsh. Lowell, rep.
Dlst 29-Albert WlUey, Moorelleld, r-(P
Dlst. 39-W". D. Glilln, GothonbuiR, rup.
Dlst. 1-W It Uouiefe, rep.; J. S.
I.Jird, Werden, fun., llenry OerdcH, ll(ir-i
nda, ftiH. s
Dlst. 2 J M. Cravens. Armour, rep.; V.
11. Wilxuii. Tnlilo Iloek, m.
Dlst 3-11. 11. Jltiwc. Auburn,-rcp. U. V.
Peabody, Amklmwill. icp.
Dl-t. 4-J. V. William. Cook, rept
Dint 5 William Kinat. Ginf, roi.
Dlst. C J. V Cnel. Nebraska City,
rep.; a. M IMrkor, l'almyta, rep.
Dlt. 7 W. DillenDernfcr. Klinwood,
rtp.; W. 15. Hand, Clioenwood, rep.
Dlst. b It. U. Wludhuni, I'lutlHinouth,
Dlst. 9-John M. Ward, Springfield, rep.
Dlst. 10-C J. Anderson, Omaha, rep.;
8. C. Uarncs, Omaha, rep.; 11. T. Clarke,
Jr., Omahu, rup.; N. 1. DodRe, Omaha,
rep. J 1 J. Kltle, Honth Omaha, rep.; Dr.
11. A. K'OHtor, Omaha, rep.; Mlehael,
Omaha, rep.; M. K. Muxen. Omaha, rep.;
K. S Tucker, Plon-iu-v. rel,
DlDt, 11 Prank Jahnel. Kcnnard, rep.
Dlst. 12-Hobcrt A. Hmlth, Tekamith,
Dlttt. 13t-J. C McKIhnnny, Lyons, rep.
Dlst 14 Joseph HobertH, Fremont, rep,;
HUKh Hellley. J.cavltt, rep.
Dlat. l5-l-"ied 11. lluukc, West, point.
Dlst. 10 Oscar Thompson, Wlsner, rep,
Dlst, 17 Charles McLeod, Stuntpn,, rep,
Dlst. 18-J. O. MllllRan, Wakctlekl, rep,
Dlst, lik Vj I. Voter, I.aurH, rep.
DUt. 20-M. T. Post, MouonJ, rep.
Dlst. 21 N. D. Juckaon. Nullsh, nrp.
Dlst. i'- Frank Jouvenat, Petersburg,
Dlst. 23-F. ' "W. Klchardson, Hattle
Creek, rep.
Dlst. 21-J. AV. Urnder. Creston, fus.
DIM. 25 Fred Tloaro, Monroe, rep.
Dlst. 2tt Otto Zuelow. Schuyler. iep.
Dlst. 27 W. J. llaaiman, Fremont,
rep.; J. J. Posplsl, Weston, rep.
Dht. 2S-J. M. Itolen. fus.; Peter F.
Fenlon. fus.
Dlst. 29 Joi'in 11. McLaln, Seward, rep.;
S. S. Atwood, Heaver Crossing, rop.
Dlst. SO II. C. ,M. llurKtisa. Lincoln,
rep.; Joseph Hums. Lincoln, rep.; James
C. Holllet. Havelock. rep.; Charles C.
Warner. Waverly. rep.
Dlst. 31 Del. A Stetson, Western, rep. J
J. J. Ilohwor, Friend, rep,
Dlst. 3J , K Rabbin. Cortland, rep.;
J. J. Caiebeer. llluo Springs, rop.; Adam
MrMullcn, Wymore, rep.
Dlst. 33 Robert Kydd, Beatrice, rep.
Dlst. 31-W C. Linos. Dlller. ron.
Dlst. 35 Thomas Jihniera, llelvldi-re,
Dlst. 24 Dan II. Cmnsy. Falrbury, rip.
Dlst. 37 GeorRP Perkins, Fulrmont,
rep.; Robert A. Marks, Ohlowa, rep.
Dlst. 38-H. M. Dietrich. York, rep.;
William Meredith, Voik, rep.
Dlst. 39 W. U. Jcnes, StromsburR, fus.
DlMt. 40 W. W. Ulirrouglm, Central
City. rep.
Dlst, 41 A, V. Cunningham. Gillner,
rep.; Charles Anderson, Marquct, rep.
DIM. 42 P. A. Caldwell. VAgax, rep.; G.
C. Flshback, Harvard, rep.
Dlst. 4311. F. llowman, Lawrence, r("P-
Dlst. 4j W. G. Hudtlnr, Red Cloud, rep.
Dlst. 46 Krlc Johnson, Juanltn, rep.
Dlst. 44-C. W. Kuley. Roseland. rep.
Dl?t. 47-11. L Ferrer. Grand Island,
rep.; Georpe L. Rouse, Alda. rep.
Dlst. 48 Nela Hermansou, Xysted, rep.
Dlst. 49 Thomius Damn, Stuart, rep,;
W. II. Bedford, Week. fus.
Dlst. 61 J. A. Douglas, Hassett, rep.
Dlst. D2 W. 11. Horton, SprliiRVlew, rep.
Dlst. 63 Frank Currle. Crawford, rep.
Dlst. 61-George C. McAllister, Chap
pell, rop.
Dlst. 65 A. li. Ilarton. Arcadia, rep.
Dlst. 66 H. Cropsey, Westervllle, icp.;
C. Mackey. Aiwlcy, fus.
Dlst. 67 Horatio Swelser, Ashton, rrp.
Dlst. 6&-J. IL Davis, Gibbon, rep.
Dlat. 69 George K ltncon, Over ton, rep.
DUt. W-A. C. Christiansen, Mlnden,
Dlst. 61-H. C. LIveiiKOOd, Franklin, rep.
DUt. 62-C. A. Lute, Republican City,
Drt. C3 P. G. Ihigstrom. IloUlrege, rep.
Dlst. 6413. H. Perry. Cambridge, rep.
Dlst. 05 Philip Gllem. Danbury. rep.
Dlst. M George C. Junkln, Smlthlleld,
Dlst. 67 J. C. Hill, Imperial, rep.
First District
Uur- Io- Hur
kett. Master. Well. Hanks.
Cass 2.256 1.697 2.173 1,703
Richardson .. 2.241 1,946 2.212 1.703
Otoe 2.450 l.MiC l.bVi ,3
Nemaha 1.740 1.120 1.671 1.2M
Lancaster ... 7.124 2.S78 6.867 3,124
Totals 15,811 9,619 13,711 8,753
Second District.
Ken- Hltch
nedy. eook.
Douglas 12.014 11.304
Washington 1.473 1.361
Sarpy 839 956
Totals iTsia nxi
Kennedy's majority, 701.
Indian at Civilized Work.
Purcell Powless, a full-blooded Onei
da Indian, grandson of a former chief
of the tribe, has just been given a po
sition as motorman in the St. l-ouls
Btrcet railway service. Ho is the sec
ond full-blooded Indian to be employ
ed by the St. Louis Transit Company,
Follx Scott, a Sioux, having been in
tho service six months. Powloss Is 23
years old. Ho was born In Wisconsin,
whoro the Oneida trlbo has lived for
years. His Indian name Is Soda-Wah.
He was educated at Haskell institute,
Lawrence, Kan.
Third District.
.. 1,02.1
. 2.016
1 143
.. 2,179
Me- Robin
canny., ron
liurt . ,
Dodgo .
. .
1 420
1 err
i mini
1 ,TK!
Cedar 1,M1
Stanton 7M
Dakotn 00
Wavno l.XKi
Dixon 1.407
Cuming 1.2S1
Totlai 13.373 UiM 42,7 M.t6t
FouKh District.
lllnshnw. Gilbert, llhishaw. Stark.
Thayer ..
, 3,477
0.290 ,
llutler ...
Totlan ..13,3ir, 9.4SS 10.S3 10,700
Fifth Dlatrlct.
' . 1.459
Norrls. burger.
011 .
' 233
Phelps' 1,329
Perkins fm
Kearney 1.117
Adams 2.011
Haves .10!
GptjMr 617
lieu .willow.. l,x5
l'lirnus ..... 1.432
Hitchcock ... 972
Totah 14.657 10.62S 11.401 11,003
Sixth District.
Klukald. McNcol. Klnknld. Barn.
lllnlnn 130
2C9 '
371 l
Kimball ...
Sherman ..
Wipes Out Albanian Chiefs.
Tho Subllmo Porto, tlreij, apparent
ly, of continuous fighting with tho Al
banians, without obtnlnlng nuy' result,
Boema to havo adopted tho' "moro In
sidious plan of weeding; out tho chiefs.
Osman Pasha, ono of tho most power
ful chiefs in Albania, has just arrived
at Scuturl, ostensibly on n visit to
tho governor of tho provlnco. Ho Is
stated to bo really, howovor, "In a
condition of glided oxllo, and 'many
other chlofs aro believed to bo threat
ened with similar trcntmoiit.
Women of Unclvllzed Races.
Among many of the unclvllzed
races of mankind tho Inferiority of
women is consecrated by usage and
sho Is not permitted even to cnt nt
tho samo tlmo as her husband. This,
condlton Is found principally In Afri
ca nnd India. Somo tribes plnco sor
tnln prohibitions upon women. For
Instance, thoy nro prohibited from
mounting a horso and from eating dor-,
tain klndB of meat or drinking cer
tain beverages
Trivial C.i
auses of War.
Borrowing a tobacco plpo and fall
Ing to roturn It kindled. olvlUwar for
i ruuun n luuuiuu.uivii tiir tur
umong thownvalWacc ln? tlrb'
B and Afghanistan. A" dlBputo
as to tho relative attractions of snails
and vipers as food gavo rlso.ito fifty,
years of lighting botweeu lllanVAndf
Pisa, and It Is said two Gernin stntesrl
fought for years out of rivalry as to,
their respective powers of beer drink
ing. Stray Stories, "'"
Oldest American FOrt. jfy,
Tho ol'dost. fortress (n tho Unltetl
Staros,iBFor( Marlon, on (ho Matari
zn8jjjf' Floj-lav t bus een pitny
blodtly frays fh the opcnIng""Hp ot
what Is now the paraillso of tho south.
The land nround this ancient placo
has been watered by the blood of men
who have fallen In conflict, but today
It Is a peaceful, spot, fu)I
of cnarrh 'and serenity. ' '
"Ifimyhusbnnd's caso BcriouB. doc
tor?" ''It Is very grave, madam. I
havo left an opiate." "How often Bhall
I glvo it to him?" "Ho needs absoluto
rest and quiet. Don't glvo It to him.
Take It .yourself." Colllor's Weekly.
Clock Drought High Price.
Tho record price for a clock 1b 33,
f.00 paid for tho timepiece made by
Iouls XVI of France. It was pur
chased by one of the Rothschilds.
Shark Aids Fisherman.
On the night of Sept. 27 n ton-foot
shark chased 30,000 herrings into tho
neUi of n Dublin trawler and wrb
caught himself.
Tho power of Ilttlo things has so of
ten been noted that wo accept it as
an axiom, and yet fail to seo, In each
beginning, tho possibility of treat
events. F. P, Edwards.
Tho slander Inflicts wrong by cal
umniating the absent; - and ho who
gives credit to tho calumny before he
knows ItM truth Is equally gulKy.
It doesn't always make a young man
happy when a girl returns his love
especially if t is returned because
she has no use for It.
Even the one-legged man may havo
a pretty good standing In the com
munity. A landlord says a month's rent In
hand Ib better than a dpen promises
to pay.
Found Fortune In New New Zealand.
Albert Winter, an Englishman work
ing In the Grannlty Creek mines. New
Zealand, picked up a stone to throw
at a pigeon ope evening while on his
way home. Something In tho stone
nttracted his attention, nnd on ex
amining it bo found gold-bearing
quartz- Winter quietly took out
miners' wrlghts and with a mate
pegged out a claim. This was n couplo
of months ago. He has Just sold his
Interest for $500,000 and has gone
homo to hlB parents, who bad not
beard of him for ten years.
1.033 1.129
1,811 1,111
1.KA 1.739
2,629 l.BSl
8,259 735
1.368 1.30S
2,2i3 1,648
Had Learned to Save.
FatherHalloa, whero did you get
all thoso toys?
8onI bought 'om with tho monoy
you gavo mo.
Father Hut I gavo you that money
to teach you how to save.
Bon Yes, bnj I kout It for thrpo
weeks, until I lenrned nil about .Sav
ing, nnd now I am learning howlto
Bhop. Stray Stories. fl
Sarcasm. ''-
"Why, John," said BubbubB, return
ing from a month's vacation, ''the
lawn Is all dried up." T
Can't understand It, sir," replied
tho lazy caretaker; "I worked liitd
on It nil tho tlmo ypu wns gono.'V$
"Ah! You shouldn't work bo har1.
You probably ran tho lawn mow0r
over It so vlcorouslv that viu
scorched it.'
Tho Golfer Aro you laughing, at
mo, boy, becauso I missed tho '.ball
again. ' r
Tho Caddy No, I was Just thlriitJn'
what a cinch It would bo to bo your
bad Ilttlo boy. Philadelphia Teto
graph. It'
Sizing Him Up. f
"Pon my honor!" complained JH1
Trngcrdy, with an air of great dis
gust, "that railroad la positively atro
cious. It took mo thirty-two hourslo
como from Chicago."
"What nro you talking about?''ae
manded Lowo Comordy. "Thatfs
mighty gdod tlmo for a freight trali."
Laid It to the Sermon.
nip Van Wlnklo wakened rathor
(flustired ', from''- his Jtwonty years'
Bleep. p-..
"Yes yos.' ho mUttered bajrUly,
thOJ5crmjonKwn3 very mio. ,
icrcoll'In' however, that J-IjgjaB
no' in!"churt:h in time, hoffcot&Kd
dtrvvn tbo bill. MJL
Some Relief In the Situation.
"I)on't you sometimes fool fHpcour
aged ab6ut"tur political ajstom?"
"tio,' ans,worcl Former? Corjalpssel.
"I kind o' like It. It's a great relief
to havo a man come around .shakln
your hand nn' tellin' you stories with
out tryln' to sell you books or Hghtnla,'
A False 'Alarm.-
Hotel Guest What's that, boy?
Hell Boy A clean towel, sir.
Hotel Guest Oh! all right. I
thought it Was gme reporter sending,
up lils card.
Before and After Taking.
Askltt, Say,, do you believe It la
possible or two peoplo to live u
cheaply aB one? '
Knoitt After reading alllho stalls
tics I- could find on tho subject before
L maYrled I was convinced that they
could, but
Askltt Well? . ,
Knoltt After I "had been marrleg
threo months I lost all faith In statis
tics. How He Got Even.
Sbe hail just -worked .the. 'Tll-bc-i
slster-to-you" degree on him.
"Excuse me, . Miss .ChUUhglon." ,b
said, "but a,a I am already well sup
plied with elder sisters, would yon
Tilnd bolng a grandmother to me In
stead?" A Bachelor's Queas.
"Thero Is a boy in London who can,
nnderstand three different languages.
"What aro they, baby talk, grandmn
-Ik and English?"
Couldn't Touch Him.
t.j?T a. .fn
Muurti fuitw an
-wt3a wy "