The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 11, 1904, Image 2

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Popular Crepe do Chine,
Tho way that lashlunublo folk lmvo
adopted tho crcpo do chlno crnzo Is
really something to tnnrvol at. Ono
booh It In tho smartest of shirtwaist
suits for morning wear, with tho skirt
that clears tho ground and just shows
tho tip of tho Bhlny black leather
Bhoo. Ono socs It In tho moro clnbo
rato luncheon and afternoon frocks,
whoro frills and laces nro cnllcd upon
to add to tho dressy effect. And ono
boos It In all of tho nowest tonos, In
tho novol coral and geranium pinks,
tho now almond, ollvo, and hronzo
KTOOn; In tho shot, tho printed, nnd
tho damasso effects for tho r.nudsom
eat of dlntior ami hall gowns; and
thon Uioro Is a wealth of elaboration,
hand ombroiderloH, real laces, em
placements that gllston with tiny
pangIo3 and mock Jowols, and with
emplro sashes of chiffon and 'aco that
bring out tho dull lustor of tho crepo
to perfection. For any and "all oc
casions tho crcpo do chlno gown Is
tho correct thing; tho only thing to
know is how to tashlon It to meet tho
special requirements of each. And
this Is what tho smart girl prides her
Bdf that sho can do, with tho rosult
that sho presents a distinguished ap
puaranco in every gown of her crepo
do chlno rcportoiro.
A Fashionable Fur.
Caracul maintains all of Its voguo
as a faahlonablo fur, and when
touohed up with a ltttlo crmlno for
color rollof, ns shown In this nttrac
Uvo modol, It takes on n very dresBy
appearance. Tho coat Is cloverly fit
ted to tho figure, tho fronts rolled
back and faced with ermine, roveallng
a V neck vest of tho carncul. Tho
Dlcovo Is ft looso puff, plaited to the
shoulder and gathered Into a drooping
circular puff. Tho llttlo turban Is In
tho chinchilla with a, plumo at the
left sldo showing tlo novel troflo in
caruat or red clover shadings.
Round Yoke Night Gown.
Cool weather brings tho demand
Cor night gowns high nt tho throat
and which porfoctly protect tho shoul
dors. This ono is admirnblo In every
way and can ho mado from wash flan
sol aa well as cotton matorlals, but is
Dcslcn by May Manton.
nhown in long cloth combined with n
fancy yoklug material and frills of cm
broldory. Tho gown Is comfortably
full bolow tho smoothly fitted yoke
and Is finished with a frill that gives
a becoming bortha ofToct. At tho nock
Is a turn-over collar and tho wide
bIcovcb nro gathered Into bands that
nro finished with frills. The qunntltY
of matorlal required for tho modium
slzo 13 7?i yards 27 or bVi yards 30
inches wide, with & yard 18 inches
Wide for yoke.
Pear Dessert.
Cook one-half cup of rlco twenty
minutes in plenty of boiling salted
water. Drain and put In tho doublo
bollor, with a half cup of rich milk.
Cook until tho rlco la soft and tho
tntlk absorbed. Sweeten lightly and
season with a fow drops of vanilla,
two toaspoonfuls ot preserved glngor
juice and a fow drops of lomon Juice.
Turn into n mold to cool. Drain a
uuarter of Btcwed pears free from
Juice, fill tholr centers with preserved
ginger chopped lino nnd moisten
wttli a tcaspoonful of orange juice.
Turn tho rlco Into n low glass dish,
arrange tho pears about It and gar
nish with ginger and whipped cream.
Muffs Change Shape.
Muffs are a very Important Hem In
tho fashionable girl's winter outfit,
and Uio now ones nro just as quaint
nnd old-tlmoy as aro tho smart ef
fects they accompany. Thero nro
tho famUlar flat couch shapo, tho
round pillow, blggor than evor, and
nowadays they term tho Victorian
wltat used to bo called tho granny
A very fascinating novelty com
bines a hand bag and muff; the bag
1b mounted invisibly In tho top of tho
muff, just a Jewolod clasp pooping out
to Indicate Its whoronbouts. Others
In the same stylo show merely a
purse, but olthor form Is in tho
height of fashion.
3BSKl '--flfflB
Corset Cover.
Corset covers mado on slmplo lines
nro nlways tho best and enn bo made
as tasteful as may bo liked by the
use of flno material and dainty work.
This ono Is full at tho front, plain at
tho back, whoro It Is drawn down in
gathers at tho waist lino, nnd Is fltto.l
by means of shoulder and undor-arm
aenms, thero bolng an extension below
tho waist which sorves to keep It In
place. As Illustrated tho material is
flno nnlnsook, tho trimming Gormnn
Vnlenclonnes lnco and beading thread-
cd with ribbon, but all tho materials
apd trimmings in voguo for under
wear nro available
Th,o 'corset covor consists of tho
fronts and tho back and Is finished at
tho front with a box plait at tho cen
ter of which tho closing Is mado. At
both tho nook edgo and tho waist lino
bands of beading nro applied which
aro threaded with ribbon that serves
to draw tho cover up to tho requlrod
slzo. v
Tho quantity of material required
for tho medium slzo Is 1 yards 30
IncheB wldo, with 3ft yards of bead
ing and 3 yards of lace.
8ugar burned on a gas fiamo Is
death to mice.
Mud stains on dresses may bo re
moved with a cut raw potato.
Lubrlcato a "noisy" hlngo with
glycerin Instead of oil, and It will
silenco tho squeak very effectively
Soap shavings or a small lump of
yellow soap tucked Into n mouseholo
will prevent tho reappearanco of tho
mouse most effectually.
Marks that havo been mado on
paint can be removed by rubbing wMh
I n lemon, thon with whiting, and wash
ing with soap and water.
If stovepipes aro woll rubbed with
lard and tied In several thicknesses
of newspapers, they can bo safolv
stored without fear o' ntst
About Earrings.
No matter what vory many think of
tho piercing of tho car and decoratlns
it with tho earring, tho earring Is en
ovldonco. It Is at tlmos mado to ex
ploit a Blnglo pearl. At others It is
londod down with a gypsylike burden
which was a sartorial featuro ot
Quoen Victoria's rolgn.
Now n fair ono has nppcarod in car
rings which look oxnetly llko link but
tons. Theso particular earrings aro
of turquoises, two stones to an car.
They aro oxnetly llko thoso somo men
wear In tholr cuffs. In this caso ono
of tho stones rests flat on tho ear
nnd tho other droops a bit. Each
Is edged with a rim of gold. Whcthor
this be tho mere fad of ono Individual
tho earrings in question may havo
associations or a coming fashion is
not as yot clear.
Dolman Shapes.
Dolman shapes, kneo longth, prom
ise to bo popular for afternoon wear
with visiting gowns. Most of thorn
nro of brondcloth. wldo enough to bo
mado without seams.
Tho latest Is a dull red sliitdo called
Ruy Dlas.
Cuffs may be of ono kind of velvet
and collar ot another.
Tho rufilo voguo makes It easy to
lengthon a too brief skirt.
Trottolr Bklrts may bo nnywhoro
from three to flvo Inches from tho
Fringed Venlso laco mednlllons aro
nmong tho Importod trimming novel
ties. There Is a lovoly now crepo do
chlno embroidered with llttlo flowers
and gold spots.
Detnil must be wrought by a roaster
hand If it is not to result In a merely
fussy gown.
Just tho reverse of daytlmo shades,
very delicate, monotone tints will bo
la mode for evening.
For Throat and Shoulders.
Tho fancy for transparent effects
around the throat and shoulders Is
r-t '- ii n vfry firm place In
tho affections of tho smnrt drosser.
There Is simply no othor offect that Is
" l -vming that will lend
a dressier effect at a moro moderate
cost than this samo yoko design.
TTiniiv it q carried out In lace, nvt
a chiffon lining Is placed undornsath
.-.- " ' '" - Mn or Pli"'Jtlnri
ot bareness. Almost any kind of lace
Is used. Thero nro tho coarso laces,
tho Russian guipures, tho TTrlsh cro
chot and other weaves of bold nnd
striking design. Tho Italian filet
lacos, with their quaint figures darned
and Interwoven on a square mesh, and
tho modern reproductions of tho con
vent laces aro In high demand; whllo
tho flno meshes, tho point do gaze, tho
point d'Alencon nnd tho like, with nil
of tho flno mnchlnc-mado nets, tho ro
pousso, tho boulo do nelgc tho lat
est fancy, which shows a chenille
Lnllo on a net background any and
all of theso aro delightfully appropri
ate with the crepo do chlno gown.
Suggestion for Dressing Table.
Women who llko cretonne draperies
for boudoirs and dressing tablos will
bo interested in tho following sug
gestions for keeping tho cretonno-cov-erod
dressing tnblo clean:
A pleco of beveled glnss, tho exact
slzo of tho top of tho dressing table,
Is laid over tho cretonne. This not
only protects tho fabric, but adds
greatly to tho appearanco of a dainty
pleco of furniture.
If Inrgo roses aro used In tho pat
tern tho glass will bring out every
beauty and onhanco tho coloring.
Separate Coats.
For thosb long nnd looso separato
coats that aro so much admired, and
which when woll chosen can bo mado
becoming to any girl, tho broad-tail
velours Is a marked favorite. This
Imitates tho markings of tho broad
tall or baby lamb to such perfection
that ono almost Imagines a furry look
to tho velvet. Tho Irish chochot trim
mings nro simply stunning with this
material; and tho looso designs car
rapidly bo copied by tho girl who
knows how to sow, for thero Is no
8omblnnco of a fit to thorn. Tho
only thing Is to got tho sleeves big
enough and puffy enough; nnd to havo
Just tho correct shawl point In tho
bnck. For tho voguo of tho shawl
point Is ono of tho coming season's
Deviled Kidneys.
Slice nnd tako out hard centers and
fat. Havo roady, beaten to a cream,
a tablcspoonful of butter, nn oven tea
spoonful of mustnrd. a pinch of pap
rika or cayonno, a llttlo salt, and a
tcaspoonful of lomon Juice. Molt
without really heating tho mixture-;
coat each sllco with It, roll In cracker
dust and broil, turning often. They
Bhould bo dono in eight minutes. Put
a few drops of tho deviled sauco upon
each, and send to tho table.
Child's Long Coat With Shield.
Long coats, mado looso nnd amplo
and with wldo slcoves aro hotter suit
ed to young children than any other
sort and aro much In voguo. This ono
is adapted to tho entire rango of
shield which can bo used or omitted
as may bo proferred. As Illustrated
tho material is dark red cloth stitch
ed with cortlcolll silk, trimmed with
nppllquo und closed with hcndso'mo
carved buttons. Tho big collar is al
ways becoming to childish figures and
tho wide sleeves mean comfort as
well as style.
Tho coat Is mado with fronts nnd
back and Is fitted by means of shoul
der and undcr-nrm seams tho collar
serving as a finish for tho neck, tho
shield bolng separato and attached
benonth, closing nt tho back. Tho
sleovcs aro mado In ono pleco and
gathered Into straight bands which
are concealed by tho shaped cuffs.
Tho quantity of material require 1
for tho medium size (2 years) is 3
yards 27 inches wide, 1 yards 44
inches wido or 1 yards D2 inches
Smart Evening Wear.
Buttons, both velvet-covered and
metal, ivory and porcelain, will bo
used on tho smart velvet suits; and
tho girl who can paint on china can
havo somo exquisite sets that would
cost qulto a smart sum In the Bhops
for a fraction of what her less skilled
sister has to pay.
For thoso beautiful evening opera
wraps tho smart set has adopted tho
molro antique volvctc with a rush.
These nro as sheer and stipple as can
be, and yot there Is richness to them
thnt throws up into high rolief tho
hnudsoino and exponslvo trimmings
which so appropriately acompany
thorn. Tho shawl shapes aro vastly
modish In theso; nnd all of tho moro
dellcnto tints orchld-mauve, prim-roso-jollow.
alraond-green. and such
are doenrated with real laces and
lined with much pllsse chiffon.
(SIf il)
New Oil Engine.
A now oil englno is tho recent and
fruitful development of tho Uternal
combustion motor and Its adaptation
to tho uso of crudo oils or oils of a
specific gravity that precludes their
uso In motors of tho ordinary typo.
Llko all engines sullablo for crudo oil
tho latest Innovation has provision
for tho Injection of water Into tho cyl
inder before compression. This has
tho effect of allowing a much higher
compression without prelgnltlon than
Is qrdlnarlly possible, and it has other
Important effects. Tho builders say
that tho water vapor prevents tho de
composition of tho petroleum to nn
extent, enabling tho englno to run
long periods with crudo oils without
leaving nn excess of deposit on tho
vaporizer's walls. It Is not easy to
understand why water should prevent
decomposition of tho potroloum. Tho
englno works on tho four stroke cycle
and uses tho heavy black petroleum
plls and tho semi-refined or Inter
mediates, as well as tho ordinary re
fined lamp oil. Thero Is a cylinder
lourteon Inches In diameter, giving
fortj -seven brako horso power with
horso power with crude oils. On tho
suction stroko of tho nlstnn air Is
drawn Into tho cylinder through tho
main air valvo, and oil Is pumped
through tho oil sprayer Into tho va
porizer, which receives a further sup
ply of nlr through a shifting valve. At
tho samo tlmo water Ib pumped
through tho water sprayer and ontors
tho vaporizer. This chargo Is then
compressed, nnd, ns tho crank of tho
englno passes tho Inner dead center,
Is ignited by tho hot igniting tube,
giving tho working stroke. Tho ex
haust valvo then opens to allow tho
burnt chargo to escapo, completing
tho cycle of operations. Tho Ignitions
aro continuous on all loads, and tho
ignition tube Is therefore retained at
tho required temporaturo without tho
aid of a lamn excont when startlnc
tho englno. Tho speed of tho machlno
wnter and oil Injected, so that on
heavy loads full charges of oil and
water aro delivered, whllo on light
loadB small charges aro given.
Automatic Railway Signal.
Misreading of signals and falluro if
execute them aro tho most potent
causes of accidents on railways and
It has been tho work of many in
ventors to lessen theso dangers by
Introducing automatic Blgnals, which
shall relievo tho human mind of tho
responsibility ns far as possible. Thus
the block systems now show signals
which aro supposed to provent tho
train next following from running
into tho ono which has sot tho Blg
nal. But theso signals depend on tho
Stops Engine Without Aid.
vlgllnnco and action of tho engineer,
nnd so it may bo wlso to go a Btop
further and mako the block system
not only set a signal against a train
following on tho samo track, but also
operato a mechanism to bring the sec
ond train to n standstill should tho
slgnnl be unheeded.
How this may bo dono Is shown In
tho Illustration. Thero is a levo?
depending from the englno on tho
small forward truck, with a cord con
necting with tho throttlo and also
with tho boll and whistle. Besido tho
track Is a long, light rail, which Is
elevated or depressed after tho man
ner oi tno signal arms. A revcrso
lover Is provided for uso when tho en
glno Is backing and, seemingly, thero
Js llttlo chance now for a train to run
past the block sot against It.
Tho Inventor of this system is Orr
C. Fisher of Delphos, Iowa.
Electric LauncKes In Venice.
Tho Italian ministry of posts anl
telegraphs has received authority in
parllnment to establish telepnono con
nections between Brescia and Ber
gamo, Lecco and Bergamo, Cremona
and Plaonzn, Genoa, Pisa and Leg
horn, Naples, Foggia, and Bnrletta,
Naples, Regglo, Calabria, and Messina.
The authorities of tho province of
Homo proposo to build an electric
railway between tho city ot Rome and
CIvItp Castellana. Tho city council
of Venice has decided to purchase a
number of electric launches for use
on tho canals of that city. Tho gen
eral Inspector of tho Adriatic railroad,
whoso offlco Is In Rome, has received
permission to purchaso 150 electric
accumulators. Tho Adriatic Railroad
company is planning to build an elec
tric road from Chlsso to Como and
A Pocket Umbrella.
An umbrella Bmall enough to go In
side a pocket Is a recent invention. It
Is designed on the prlnclplo of tho tele
scope, and consist of a series of tele
scopic slides, a carrying caso and a
piece of silk covering. On opening tho
caso in which It is contained tho con
tents resemble a bundle of steel rods
In a wrapping of silk. Theso aro, wltn
a llttlo manipulation, converted into
an umbrella of tho orthodox shape,
the short handle of which draws out
Into a stick of tho req"ulsito length.
Tho covor ia described as bolng quite
as stout, tight nnd rnln-roslstlng as a
first-class umbrolla of tho old style.
Royal Wit
Wolsey was snylng: "Farewell, a
long farewell to all my greatness."
"I hope It's not a Patti farewell."
added Honry VIII., with coarso humor.
Well-Bullt Concrete House That Will
Defy the Cold.
F. V. Q. I would llko to learn how
to proceed to build" a concreto liouso
for llttlo chickens In winter. I usual
ly keep about 200 chicks on hand, sell
ing them at about three months old.
I havo no placo to keep them In win
ter. Please show how to build a suit
able houso ot concreto nnd give nn
estimate of tho probable cost
Tho chicken houso represented in
tho accompanying cut is 12x24 feet;
It is 5 feet high on tho south side and
8 feet high on tho north sldo. It Is
built of concrete, tho walls being
six inches thick, with 2-Inch strapping
and Is lathed and plastered. Port
Front View of Concrete Poultry
land cement being used Instead of
llmo in tho plaster. By using Port
land cement In tho plaster tho chick
ens will not pick tho plaster off. The
floor is of concreto and a wooden
floor is laid on top of it. This will
keep the rats from getting under tho
floor or troubling tho chickens in nnj
The cost of tho concreto wortt would
bo 10 barrels of Portland cement,
making tho concrete ono of cement to
nine of grnvel, 9 days' labor for ono
man and 12 yards gravel. Tho other
matorlal and labor would amount to
about i for lath and plastering and
?27 for windows, door, roof and labor.
Tho insldo can 'be sheathed up with
matched stuff If desired instead of
being lathed and plastered, but tho
walls can be moro easily kept free
from vermin If plastered. In order to
get tho sunlight Into tho chicken
house, tho windows should not bo
moro than ono foot from tho floor, It
higher than that tho rays of tho sun
will not strlko tho floor as It should.
Tho walls aro built between planks.
This Is dono by standing 2x4 Inch
uprights every three or four feet, both
Section of Ground Plan Showing Con
struction of Wall.
A.2 by 2 In, strapping; II. lnth and
plaster; O, 2 in. hollow space; D, wood,
brick; IS, concrete wall.
on the out and inside of wall, and op
posite each other, leaving twelve
inches between tho outside and in
sldo uprights. A 2x12 inch plank Is
now placed on edgo both on Insldo
and outsldo of wall with an inch
wedgo between the planks nnd up
rights. By using a small spread stick
six inches long between tho planks
It will keep them In their place. In
raising tho planks loosen the wedges
and raise the planks allowing them to
lap down on tho concreto li-2 or 2
Inches, drive In tho wedges and pro
ceed as before.
Poplar Shoots.
S. W. M. How may the roots ot
poplar trees In a neighboring garden
bo prevented from throwing up shoots
In my garden?
Tho poplar shoots which como up in
the yard may be prevented ny sinking
a strip of galvanized Iron along the
edgo of the garden. Tho roots from
which tho shoots spring aro usually
within a fow Inches of tho surface and
a strip of galvanized iron one foot wido
should suffice. If this is not found
practicable, tho roots should be pre
vented from ontorlng tho garden bv
means of a ditch, or in somo other
way. Onco tho roots aro prevented
from entering tho garden tho shoots
may bo gradually eradicated by dig
ging them out.
Jaundice. ,
S. B. What Is tho cause of a hen
turning yellow In tho head? Wo lost
ono fiom this cause- this summer and
another is going tho samo way.
This is undoubtedly a caso of jaun
dice, which Is a form of liver derange
ment brought on by Improper feeding
of unsuitable food In too great quanti
ty. It would much simplify matters
If you had stated tho age of and kind
of fowls you havo, on what was fed
and In what quantities. Very often
such complaints are tho result of tho
feeding of too much soft food In the
shape of mash. As a result tho giz
zard Is not exercised enough, and dls
easo follows. Tho mash should bo
varied from time to tlmo and not fed
too frequently or In too great quanti
ty. A healthy gizzard means a healthy
bird, and no bird can be In proper
health without Its gizzard getting work
to do. How. By feeding a well-balanced
Rust on Iron of Machinery.
X. Y. Z. What is a good prepara
tion to put on Iron wotk of machinery
to keep It from rusting?
As good a preparation as any
which can bo usd Is ordinary cart
groase. This Is smeared thinly over
the exposed parts.
n-.'. la ui j j-1-1 miJ- "" N
I fS g:3h::E::l
. -1,
W. J. Hill, of Con-
N. C Justice of
tho Peace, sayat
"Doan's Kidney
Pills proved a
vory efficient
remedy in my
case. 1 u s o d
them for disor
dered kidneys
and backache,
from which t
had experienced
a great deal of
troublo and
pain. Tho kid
ney secretions were very" irregular,
dark colored and full of sediment
Tho pills cleared it all up and I havo
not had an actio In my back slnco
taking the last dose. My health gen
erally is improved a great deal."
N. Y. For salo by all dealers, price CO
cents per box.
Sho was telling tho experiences of
Husband Had Presence of Mind,
herself nnd her husband In a railway
accident. "Wo were suddenly pitched
clear out of tho car. John said to
me, 'Are you hurt?' 'Not a bit,' said
I. Then ho up with his fist and gavo
mo a black eyo and wo claimed ?500
damages. Now I call that real pres
ence of mind."
Pennies Bother Car Companies.
What to do with tho copper pennies
taken In by street ralway companies
la getting to bo more and .more of a
probcin In Engtsh cities. In London
many of these coins aro disposed of
in flvc-shllllng packages to hotels and
other places whoro change Is needed,
but much remains to bo disposed of
Monkey of Brilliant Hues.
One of tho most brilliant colored of
all monkeys is to bo found In Tibet
It Is known as tho orange snub-nosed
monkey. It lives in troops among tho
taller trees. After its color the next
conspicuous feature about this animal
Is its tip-tilted nose.
Best In the World.
Cream, Ark., Nov. 7. (Special.)
After eighteen months' suffering from
Epilepsy, Backache and Kidney Com
plaint, Mr. W. H. Smith of this placo
Is a well man again and thoso who
have watched his return to health
unhesitatingly give all tho credit to
Dodd's Kidney Pills. In an interview
regarding his cure, Mr. Smith says:
"I had been low for eighteen months
with my back and kidneys and also
Epilepsy. I had taken everything I
knew of, and nothing seemed to do
me any good till a friend of mine got
me to send for Dodd's Kidney Pills..
I find that they are tho greatest med
icine in the world, for now I am ablo
to work and am in fact as stout and
6trong as before I took sick."
Dodd's Kidney Pills euro the Kid
neys. Cured Kidneys clcanso tho
blood of all Impurities. Furo blood
means good health.
Trick of Photography.
If you are an amateur photographer
and have a negative of somo friend
whom you would llko to seo locked
up for a long term, put yoOj printing
framo Just Insldo a wire mosquito net
ting when you print the next picture
from the negative. Tho rosult will bo
a print Bhowlng your friend behind
tho bars. The effect will bo almost
Every housekeeper snould know
that If they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will savo not only time, because it
never sticks to tho Iron, but becauso
each package contains 10 oz. one full
pound whllo all othor Cold Water
Starches aro put up In -Ti-pound pack
ages, and the prlco Is tho same, 10
cents. Then again because Defiance
Starch is freo from all Injurious chem
icals. If your grocer trie3 to sell you
a 12-oz. package It is becauso he has
a stock on hand which ho wishes to
dispose of before ho puts in Defiance.
Ho knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package In large let
ters and figures "10 ozs." Demand
Defiance and save much time and
money and tho annoyance of tho iron
sticking. Defiance never sticks.
Perhaps He Couldn't.
"Whllo lunching a fow days ago
with a friend," said Paul A. Bonwlt,
"I mentioned that I understood a mu
tual friend was not drinking any
more, to which he replied: 'No; may
be Jack Isn't drinking any moro; but
I guess he is drinking about as mucb
as he ever did." New York Times.
Too Much for Duck's Digestion.
Recently ono of the St. James' park
(London, Eng.) lake keepers found a
duck lying on the bank dead. It was
discovered that the bird had swal
lowed a penny toy clock and a small
rubber ball, evidently thrown Into tho
water by children.
Sensible Housekeepers
will have Defiance Starch, not alone
becauce they get one-third more for
the some money, but also because of
superior quality.
Manchurian Pagodas.
Of tho ancient pagodas of Man
churia thoso of tho first class havo
soven, nine orx thirteen stories, while
second-class ones havo from three to
five. Thoy aro still erected occasion
ally. Tribute to Tobacco.
What a quiet world this would ho If
every one would sraoko! I suspect the
reason why the fairer sex decry thea
is that thou art the causo ot silence.
Captain Marryat