The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 16, 1904, Image 1

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    WV-I.U Society
Official Publi
cation of Box
Butte County.
Largest Circu
lation of any Al
liance Paper.
!-s & j i . -ofrvA- n
Next Thursday
This store was started September 22,
1900, and we take this method of
thanking: the people of Alliance for the
liberal and considerate patronage. It is
needless to say that our four years have
been marked by progress and the tone
of the store has been constantly upward.
These facts are of themselves apparent.
It has been our constant aim to offer good
goods at fair prices and when they are
the newest.
While our method of rectifying all errors and
making1 good unsatisfactory merchandise has
oftentimes won for us the name of being
"easy" it has made a "Bogue Guarantee"
as good as gold. We have endeavored to
win the confidence of our customers and hold
hold it. Our advertising has paid because we
not only had the goods but were anxious to
sell them, and that a Bogue Bargain is a
bargain is proven by the success of our
Special Sales.
For this Fail we have open for inspec
tion the largest and most complete
stock of Dry Goods that it has been our
pleasure to offer. We have the latest
Novelties of the New York market, in
Dress Goods, Trimmings and Fancy
Goods, and are anxious to show them to
you whether you are ready to buy or
: id :e asr t x s or I
v -I...I. ..- i
In Alliance 16-30 of every month.
Office over The l'amous . . . J
Phone 391. o
1 c
1 e
Business Local Column.
Advertisements in this column will be
charged at the rate of 10 cents per line
first insertion and 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion.
Advertisers should remember that The
Herald's circulation is much larger than
any other Alliance paper and has the lar
gest circulation in the city and county.
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Dr. Koons, dentist. Olfice upstairs
Norton block.
Forest Lumber Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C. Humphry. 7-10-tf
, -"ijUK Sack Units, designed according to a:v.u..
J? for Fall and Winter, are here. The accom
faithful illustration cf three styles cf particular cut and elegance
rnade by Crouse , r-ance. Notice the length cf ccal t!ie distinctive cut
cf the three-button I v.-prt a!:o in our Normandie the rame regard to detail
rsh. 1 jsM-
-' ,.
S ' I
sr ,.'i''R,t?i
J - H
tonwciro m titra t mmrn, rnci, k y.
VI f
U '-bell $$.z ircA
Wf -qrf -
the short -man extra inches in appearance. We have these styles
in the NEW BROWNS in beautiful and choice materials, those new
patterns of slight over-plaids almost indistinct. These cost what you would
c;;pect, glO.OO to &5.00.
-U-'- ;.
' V
jg M'e Order
! School Books 1
1 ? Get them for vou
W A . 1 " J
Any kind you want
et them in a week
We carry a
Full Line of
Tablets, Pencils, Inks, Copy
Hooks, Composition books,
Rook Keeping blanks, etc.
Coll at our store when ou
need them.
S Prescription Druggist
Q Sticcetor to .1. S. McKlney. a
1 -..-..
The accompanying d.v.vyjng- fc u
of style and finish. Ve
t'.:c fact that a tail man can.
not wear a suit that a short
nan should vcar. This i
the satisfactory' feature on
both the Newport and Nor
mandie. They are absolutely
correct ia every and all
requirements. Dut the man
who h r.ot over six feet tall
ii r.ot overlooked; the same
careful attention has been
g'ven "n1, Tie result is our
elegance of make and gives
The Ihirliiujton Sulfcrs by Tire.
About itjo ViiltHMly inominc
our citizens were startled by the otm
ding of the fire alarm, and upon invos-
tiKdlitiK it was loomed that the Hurling
ton ice house was in Humes. In a vorv
short space of time the fireman wore
nt work with two or three streams of
water playing on the doomed building,
am' on nccount of the high wind pie
vailing at the time, ami the headway
the llamas had made it wan a hard fight
for the hoys, and although they fought
bravely it was impossible to f vo tha
building, however it was not until the
middle of the afternoon that the depart
ment left the scone of the lire. The
building contained considerable ice at
the lime which can possibly be saved
but the building is a complete loss as
nothing remained but the inside linings.
The supposition prevails ntnongtlic of
ficials that the cause of the conflagra
tion was set by a spark from an engine.
A force of workmen are engaged in
cleaning away the charred debris.
Mnrshnl Unit ally Murdered.
The night marshal at Sidney was
murdered Saturday night. A huge
gang of hoboes boarded a Union 1'acific
train leaving Cheyenne and the train
ctew were unable to put them off till
reaching Sidney when the services of
the watchman wcie asked and during
the melee he was knocked down and
brutallv kicked to death. Three men
were arrested for the ciiinc and a
special to Tin: IIkkai.u yesterday
staled that they wore given a trial and
sentenced to, the penitentiary.
Mrs. G. ll.Clnyton Injured in Runaway
Thomas Rubottom came in from his
raiich twelve miles northwest yesterday
to summon a doctor for Mrs. G. H.
Clayton of Liberty precinct who sus
tained injuries in a runaway accident
near his ranch. Mrs. Clayton was on
her way homo from Alliance when her
team ran away, throwing her out of the
buggy and bruising her fpiitc badly.
Mr. Kubottom did not know whether
she sustained internal injuries.
II. N. Cliiford Passes Away.
II . N. Clifford died in the hospital at
Grand Island Monday after his foot
had been amputated the second time.
Mr. Clifiord's fiiends Had despaired of
his life before he left Alliance and were
not surprised when the end came. lie
was an old settler in the county and a
good citizen.
The indications are that Alliance will
lose some of her best citizens. At any
rate four of them have taken home
steads and it will be necessary at least
that their families shall reside on the
new possessions. We refer to Sam
Smyser V. A. Manchester, I. H. Gray
and G. D. Woods who filed to-day on
homesteads eight miles from' Scotts
bluff, under the survey of the new
government ditch which will be the big
gest in the world. The Denver News
of yesterday says that the government
will commence work on this canal next
March and there will be sufficient water
to irrigate 500,000 acres. The canal
will terminate at Bridgeport. There
has been a great scramble lately for
land under the survey of the proposed
ditch and Thk Hukald believes that
our citirens have lands which inside of
three or four years will be worth S75
per acre.
Hroke His Leg.
The twelve-year-old .son of James
McLain living north of Alliance had
his leg broken Tuosday night. The
boy was trying to stop a horse from
caving a corral when the animal run
over him with the rosult stated.
Ancnt Stock Inspection.
The editor of our Hemingford depart
ment scoies the government stock in
spector this week for alleged discrimi
nation in passing on stock offered for
shipment at that point and says "the
way it is managed at the presont time
is so notoriously inefficient and childish
that the people have cause to think
that the inspection, as now conducted,
is to give a few men fat jobs." The
writer would not like to make such an
assertion. However, we do bolicve
that if the stockman were subjected to
as many inconvenioncos undor a demo
cratic administration as they have ex
perionced under the present one, a
howl would have gone up from some of
our republican brethren that would
have jarred the earth. The rules by
which the inspectors are govcrened ap
pear in another column.
Al Wiker is among thoiw attending
the during leunion this week.
The roller skating link will open for
the season Satuiday night. Ive;
boily invited.
Postmaster Tash went' to Got nig
Wednesday to spend a oouplo of days
at the leunion.
The next regular meeting of the
board of county couuuimiouers will be
held October ..
Mrs. Thos. Regan and daughter, Miss
Mid, returned to Alliance hut Sunday
from Chicago, where they spout several
davs buying now millinery goods.
C. I!. McFall and daughter, Miss
Minn, and MisB Mastrud, are up from
Lakosido today. Mis Mina will soon
begin a tonn of school and onmo here
for teachers examination.
W. D, Rumor and son, Hud, left for
uic cii Monuay. 1 noy will meet a
couple of fiionds at lldgcmont, and to
gather they will go to the Indian reser
vations in Montana for a few days hunt.
Elsewhere in this ismie of Tiiu IIuu
ai.u will be found a program of the e
eicises of the county Sunday school
convention which will convene in the
M. K. church, at Alliance on Friday
and Satuiday September 24 and 25.
Stanley Krajicck, who has been
spending his vacation out at the Lots
peich ranch leturncd to Alliance the
first of the week. Stanley expects to
resume his studies in civil engineering
kat Lincoln before the week has passed.
Mrs. C. A Newberry, Mrs. John
Q'Kccfe and Miss Mary wont to Hot
Springs last Satuiday remaining till
Tuesday night. They spent llioir time
there althe sisters hospital. Mr. New
berry accompanied them up, returning
here Sunday night.
R. C. Knox, who has bean employed
at Alliance as a machinist, for several
years, and during the past year as air
brake man, resigned bis position last
Fiiday and on Saturday left for Liv
ingston, Mont., where he has accepted
a better position with the Northern Pa
cific. Mrs. Knox will join him soon.
A pleasant patty was giyen at the
home of Mrs. E. A. Hall Saturday eve
ning in honor of Miss Pearl Shuiiff, of
Elwood, Kansas, who departed Monday
morning for Pueblo, Colo., for a visit
before returning to her home. Miss
Sheriff has made many fiiends among
the young people of Alliance dining
her visit here.
County Surveyor Hazard loceived a
telegram Tuesday front a man at Lex
ington, Kentucky, asking if there were
two sections of government land left
upon which himself and a friend could
file, and if so to hold the laud for him.
Mr. Hazard wired the gentleman that
theic was still government laud hcie
and the answer came that he would
start for Alliance on fitst train.
Dr. G. W. Mitchell, after an absence
from Alliance covering a period of nine
months returned here last Saturday,
and has decided that the climatic con
ditions of Box Butte county arc much
more favorable for his health than the
low altitude of Pennsylvania, so he will
desiring to he near his sons, here and '
in Donvct. He was accompanitd
on his return to Alliance by his two '
daughters, Misses Mary and Bessie.
They are now at the home of William '
Mitchell. The, Doctor will again o,rn
an office in this city for practice, and
will have rooms tip-stairs in the hart '
block, south of the poetoffice. Dr. I
Mitchell's friends aru phutscd to luic
him return lice to become a permanent
Mrs. Hoskins entertained the B. l
R. T. at the home of Mrs. GrotheTut" 1 being 'tho occasion of
the regular bi-monthly social a goodh )
number of the uiumbotship were pics- '
out. Progtossivo high five waB the
order of the evening's ontertainiiirnt. '
Mrs. Hoskins won the ladie' prize and
May Reod socurod the ladies' boob
prize. Messrs 1 om Harris and Charlie
Moats cut for the gentleman's prize
the former being the luck one.
Mr. Grothe won tho gouts booby prize. '
The evening's entertainment concluded
with a big water-molon feast and the
swiftness with which the molons disap
peared was a caution. At a late hour
all betook themselves homeward feeling
that they had spent a very pleasant
When they are
New they are here.
There is only one word we know of that fully ex
presses our l-all and Winter line of Hen's Ready
to Wear Clothing and that is MAGNIFICENT.
The Choicest productions ot New York, Chicago
and Cincinnati Markets are on our tables.
Every new Fabric and Style is here When its
new its here
Our New York agent, Mr.
Butler, made another
bought 85 Suits of the Just
ly Celebrated Leicester
Worsteds way down below
the Price. These goods are
nice genteel patterns - Hard
finished Worsteds made
substantially Full of Snap
and Style - Square Cuts and
Round H a n d m a d e and
Sewed Collars
$i2.5o and $115.00.
These are better values
than the so called made to
measure clothing and fit
better at half the price of
fhr nt h rr K'ltirl
20 Doz. Hen's Overalls Blue Denim at the re
diculously low price of 39c
For Men and Boys 50c and T'ESc
50 Pairs of 1 1 a nan's $5.50 and $6.00 Shoes in Vici
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(j?J TJ during this sale. The Denver and
P '? s Omaha Agents get $5.50 and $6.00 a
pair for these line goods
Men's 75c Summer Shirts - "C
all sizes AT a'Cl TIMES
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Get Your tickets with EACH one Dollar purchase on
that $75.00 in Gold that we are giving away,
ia j An up-to-date Store
II J for Men and Boys.
is now ready
,, -'
A line line of Uoy VSuits
AH boy's suits from $2.50 s
up we will give an Extra
Pair of all V O O L
Bov ' , Shirts attached Col--lar
made of Percale, and
dras cloth at " ! lcr. w
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Dtawers, sillc trimmed
.11 h 19c"
Hn s Cowboy Plats trim
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nov. 39c
A splendid M. D. Wells
Shoe for boys worth $1.50
now $1.10
Douglas Shoes $3.50.