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Official PublU
cutio'ii of Box
Butte County,
Largest Circu
iation of any Al
liance Paper.
JL JL Jl xtl jl
N m
Circus Money.
Of course cvorybody wants to go
the circus. Tho question will arise,
"Can I spare the money ? I hayo go
to lmvd a wrapper and tho children
have got to havu now dresses or aprons,
and if I go to tho circus I'll have to
-take my liusbunii along so that he can
keep tho boys straight, nnd thiit'tnemiB
at least one dollar. That is, if the boys
get in free, which of course they will do
if thoy are boys." Hero's how I can
help yuu to your Circus Money. All
day Saturday I will ncll ioc percnle for
8c and 7cjcalico for 5c. This moans
that on a wrapper for yourself and a
dress apiece for the girls you will
save enough to go to the circus. That's
In Alliance 10-300! every month.
Office over The Famous . . .
'Phone 391.
Business Local Column.
Advertisements in this column will 'be
chnrged at the rate of 10 cents per line
first insertion and 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion.
Advertisers should remember that The
HbrauVs circulation is much larger than
any other Alliance paper and has the lar
gest circulation in the city and county.
or hay stacki:i) with tin-: hay-
.MAK'ini'S riilKXl)
Dou't buy a stacker until you see this
stacker, at Acheson & Joders'.
' -This is the easiest li.fting utacker pn the
market., ' " . ..,-.
It is the shortest pull of any stacker.
We will bo glad to put it' in the field
with any stacker.
29-4W A. F Snvdkr A Son, Inventors.
Owing to the fact that the services of a
United States Land Commissioner have
been greatly in demand since the passage
i of the new homestead bill, I have decided
to again attend to all kinds of business
befoie the United States land office.
Having had several years' experience in
the work, all matters will receive proper
and prompt attention. Homestead filings,
final proofs, contests, etc., can be made
. before me at any place in the land dis
tricts in which the lands desired are
located. I will also visit points between
Broken Bow and (.'raw ford upon request.
Any violation of the land laws or irregu
larities of governmental acts will receive
the proper a'.ten:ion when reported to
me. T. J. O'Kkcfk,
United States Commissioner
for the District of Nebraska.
Second Call.
As 1 desire tc buy another roll of Sum
mer California Oak Harness leather
which proves most satisfactory, those in
debted to me are requested to call and
settle. Geo. A. Hills.
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Old papers for sale at this office.
Dr. Koons, dentist. Office upstairs
Norton block.
See Humphrey for picture framing; up
holstering and furniture repairing.
For Sale Carriage and phaeton, for
cash or on time. J, C. WIlson & lino.
Harold B. Miller, M. P., physician and
surgeon, office and residence 321 south
Seventeenth street, Lincoln, Neb,
Taken Up.
Stray steer, at my ranch near Lawn,
about two years, Hereford stock, branded
VT (connected) on left side. Owner can
have steer by paying all expenses. Sec.
Free Trip to St. Louis World's fair.
Trade at Norton's and get a free ride
and 3 day's admittance to the Big fair.
We give a ticket with each Si. 00 cash
or paid on acct.
We guarantee to sell goods as cheap and
in most things cheaper than any other firm
in the county.
Persons desiring to enter homesteads or
make final proof in other land districts can
do so without going to land office. Address
or call on T. .1. O'ICeefe, U. S. Commis
sioner for the district of Nebraska, Alliance.
Forest Lumber Co, make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
Strayed from Alliance one cow branded
IX on right hip, Keystone brand on side,
white face. Please leave information
with M. A. Standen, Alliance. 2o-tf
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C, Humphry. 7-10-tf
General nnd Personal News of Alli
ance and Vicinity.
W. M . Fotiket was down from "Spud
ville" Tuesday.
The little "son of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Head is quite ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Tho. Higgiusof Lakeside
were in the chy Tuesday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Itehder Just Sunday.
Grandma ISImore has Iieen under tile
doctor's care the past week. ,
Karl Fostrom and August Drew wure
down from Hemingford Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. liiknar were Atliance vis
itors yesterday, returning on 41.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Banks of Box Butte
were Alliance visitors Wednesday.
Henry Armstrong was down from Shpri
dnn this weel: returning yesterday.
A marriage license was granted Wed
nesday to Geo. W. Kulper and Iiva Kim
ball. Li.,
Miss Mary Wavadn returned to Ilem
ingford Mouduy after a few days visit at
the home of Will Reed.
T. M. Lawler went to Grand Island
Sunday morning to see his wife who was
taken there to a hospital.
Mrs. S. Alhro will leave Sunday night
for a visit with relatives and frieuds in
Omaha and Council Bluffs. .
Passenger No. 42 came in yesterday with
tivo locomotives, the long train of cars be
ing too much for the regular engine.
Miss B. Man gun lett, Monday moruiug,
for St. Louis and St. Joe. She will pur-
chase a stock of fall millinoty while away
Rev. Father Barry, accompanied by
Rev. Father Lecker of Crawford, went to
Hot Springs last Monday for a few days'
Mrs. A. L. Shipley and two'little daugh
ters returned Sunday from the Platte river
country where they had been visiting rela
tives and friends.
Robert Graham has buen busy this week
out on his ranch delivering a consignment
of cows and calves he sold recently to the
Spade Cattle company.
Col. Wisner of the Bayard Transcrip
was in the city Wednesday, The colonel
wants a printer and has a steady job for
some one willing to work.
Mrs. W. S. Ridgell went to Crawford
last Mo'nday to visit her husband who is
engaged on a painting contract for the
government at Ft. Hioinson.
The Misses Mary, Mid and Alicia Kegan
returned yesterday from the World's fair
and also from a pleasant visit with rela
tives at Omaha and Council Bluffs.
Mrs. Will Acheson and daughters went
to Fort Morgan, Colo., this morning to
visit the family of G. W. Duucan and at
tend the Duncan-Cogswell nuptials.
J. B. Miller has been appointed general
agent of the Old Line Bankers Life In
surance company of Lincoln, Nebraska, a
fit recognition of past service for the com
pany. Miss Frna of Ked Cloud arrived in the
city Tuesday and will visit at the Hagerty
home for a few days. Miss lima will visit
Colorado Springs before returning to Ked
Henry Brus, John Maravek, Louis Barta
and W. A; Randall were some of the stock
men from the west part of the county who
transacted business at the 'county seat
this week.
Horace Bogue will lease the first of the
week for the east to purchase a stock of
fall and' winter goods. Mr. Bogue will
visit New York and other sea board cities
while on his trip.
' There is a scarcity of help for the hay
fields and the enormous crop in this section
is keeping the ranchmen busy from early
morning till dark. "Hay Men Wanted,"
is a familiar sign about town.
R, F. Bellamy, specialty man for Don
ald & Porter, Grand Island, arrived in the
city Sunday from the south and left with
J. B. Gray the same day for a trip to
Sheridan, Buffalo and other points, 1
The little daughter of Fireman Itehder
got hold of an antiseptic tablet Sunday
and it came near ending the little one's
life. Prompt attention overcame the
poisonous dose and she is out of danger.
In the first day's drawing for lands at
the Rosebud agency yesterday, of the 100
lucky numbers, 20 were residents of Ne
braska. The first number drawn was held
by William MacComack of Lancaster, Pa.
Rev. C. II. Burleigh came down from
Hemingford Monday afternoon to meet his
brother-in-law with whom be had land
business. Mr. Burleigh also had other
matters to look after. He brought down
the telephone receiver of G. L. Taylor,
living northwest of Hemingford to have it
doctored up if such a thing was possible.
The instrument was burned out during an
electrical storm and rendered useless. Mr.
Burleigh also took nu electrician with him
from here to fix the switch board at the
Hemingford exchange, which has been"
out of order tecently.
ltd Wildy returned . from New Athens,
Illinois, on 42 last Sunday niter nn absence
of several months in that locality, ltd is
pleased to get back to wbsteru Nebraska,
sway from the humid heat and mud of the
middle west..
J. B. Burke, publisher of the Harrison'
Press-Journal, is in the city today. Mr.
Burke says that James Connolly was taken
to tliu penitentiary by the sheriff of Sioux
county last night to serve a term of eight
years for manslaughter.
A. D. New returned today from mis
worth where he has been for several days
making improvements on his homestead
which he recently filed on. Mr; Now lifts
diiposed of his express business hers and
yvill move to Kllsworth soon.
Miss Itiioe MeCurkle is home from a
plunsiiu visit at Sheridan, where she has
been for several weeks, Miss McCorkle
will leave, Sunday, for Ft. Morgan to be
present At the forthcoming nuptial of Miss
Lulu Duncan and Mr. Percy Cogswell.
T. J.,0'leefe, U. S. Commissioner, wljl
go to Bridgeport next Tuesday to .-execute
homostead papers for a number of persons
who desire to enter land in the"Sidnoy
district. Those who have business to
transact are requested to come in the
forenoon, " ,
Among those here to attend tho Worfey
Thompsou trial, which wets to have taken
place Inst Tuesday, wore Attorney and
M rs.' Fanning of'Crawford, Mrs. .Fanning
is a daughter of Mrs. Worley's.. ' Owing to
the postponement of the trial fur thirty
da;) t))u). ralllrnedxto ,nt5tr ll0me,
A children's service, will be held at the
First Presbyterian church next Sunday at
11 o'clock a. .111. Exercises by the Sunday
school with a a short sermon to the chil
dren by the pastor. An offering will be
taken for Silnday" school missions. Sunday
j school at 10 a. in
No u wiling services.
New 'potatoes are finding their way to
the ninrket. Tho crop is already assured
and indications point to a productive yield.
The,' grocrers are payiug from Co to 75
in trade. New corn is alio beginning to
tempt the cityitesand Sunday's dinner will
Jind the toothsome vcgatable on many
tables.' .
The family of L. S. Mastrude, who
moved to the state of Washington some
time last spring, expect to return to Box
Butte in the near future and again make
this county his home. Since going to the.
coast state their health has not been gooa
and hence theirjreturu to the invigorating
atmosphere of western Nebraska.
In the list of committeemen elected at a
meeting of the Parker nud Davis club 'of
Box Butte county leceutly organized, the
name of P. II. Zobel of Box Butte precinct
was omitted. This was entirely uninten
tional. A democratic club in this county
without Mr. Xobel's name would be like
the play of Hamlet with Hamlet left out.
Sheriff Rued loft for Perry, Iowa, Tues
day evening with a car of horses which he
will dispose of. He will also visit with
relatives at Boone and other places. Clay
ton Reed wjll return to this city with his
lather in a few days, He has been attend
ing Boyle's college in Omaha the past six
months and went to Iowa recently for a
visit. !
Congressman Kinkaid passed through
Alliance Wednesday on bis way south,
taking the Guernsey branch the same day.
The good looking representative of the
sixth district is taking care of his
political fences in this neighborhood and is
losing no opportunity to. cast "de-light-fully"
coquettish smiles on every voter he
The meat question is not ouly confined
to the big cities and packing centers, but
the situation has to lie met iu the smaller
towns as wull. In Alliance the agitation
is being taken up by the hotels and restau
rant keepers who are also affected by the
soaring of prices as a result of the indus
trial trouble. This is an instance where
an ill windsH doing no body cood.
While out on a drive one day last Week,
Robert Graham and James Devlin had a
lively encounter with a badger. Devlin
chased the plucky little animal for a mile
or less, and it was not until Robert came
to his assistance that the victim was dis
patched .ith the butt of a buggy whip.
Devlin's description of the advunture is
interesting and exciting, but he gives Gra
ham all the credit for bravery in the fierce
Three strangers whose behavior was not
up to the standard requited by the city or
dinance for the Sabbath found themselves
in the county qaay that day. Monday
Marshal Boon took them before Judge
Berry who after hearing the evidence con
sidered a fine of $15 each sufficient to
cover the cost of the preceding day's in
dulgence. The prisoners were about town
Saturday disposing of the time-honored
solid gold ring and n few other trinkets. Of
course the amount 'of the flues exceeded
the deposits in the treasury of the trio nnd
as a result they are compelled to satisfy
justice by "grafting" on the streets for
several days.
Charles Hlliott, who has lieen in the
employ of the Burlington at this place as
a machinist for several years, secured a
like position in the shops at Cliadron and
has been employed there for about a
month. Mrs, Klliott nnd the children de
parted for that place Tuesday. We reflret
exceedingly the change winch takes this
family from our midst.
A very religious man ran a store. He
always told his clerks lo do nothing that
was not warranted by the Bible One day
he learned that n clerk- had clmrgod a cus
tomer f3 00 for u $1.30 article and look
him to task. "Can you think of a Bible
quotation" he asked, "tlmt will warrant
such conduct?" The clerk said he could
and quoted this, "Behold he was n
stranger and I took him in."
Mrs Dan O'Keefe arrived in the city
from Hemingford Sunday afternoon to
visit with her mother, Mrs. Grandma
111 more who has not lteeu in (ho bust of
health of lAiu. These hot summer days
weigh heavily on one the ego of Grandma,
but there is one favorable feature about it,
they are of short duration and we will soon
be enjoying the cool atmosphere of the fall which western Nebraska beats
oilier parts of the world.
The son of Dairyman Etl Young, who
lost his eye recently and of which mention
was made the day it happened in this
paper, underwent an operation last Satur
day for the removal of the injuted opfic by
Oculist Cook of Lincoln. I'he sliver of steel
that destroyed the boy's sight was found in
the eye ball. The other eye began to
show signs of defect and the occulist was
summoned at once to overcome the danger
of greater complications.
Mrs. Abel Hill has decided Upon one of
the finest pastimes for the summer months,
when humanity is anxious tcseek cool
places and enjoy the pleasure of the open
air. The lady left last Sunday lor Sheri
dan, where she was' to meet a'compnny of
relatives and frionda bound for the Big
Horn basin, 011 a fishing trip. It is said
dint section of the country abounds
in excellent trout fishing and no doubt Mrs.
Hill, in company with those wno make up
the party, will have a grand time.
The Lakeside ball team has announced
its intention of meeting the Alliance club
next Sunday on the grounds in this city,
and they will be hsre rain or shine. Our
neighbors have Wan playing some great
ball this summer and scores of 3 and 4 and
4 and 5 are. a common thing with" them.
Well, it's a good thing the Lakeside boys
are accustomed to such, high-grade work
for it will stand them in hnud vhun they
meet the local team next Sunday.
Tomorrow will be circus day lor Alli
ance and no doubt there will ba a gather
ing of humanity from near and far and
perhaps it will not come amiss for the
newspapers of the town to warn thouc who
wiU mingle with the crowds to keep their
hands on their pocketbooks and also to bo
sure they know where their watches are.
This is no reflection on Golmar Bros',
show, but we all know of the 'element
that constantly follows such nggrugatious
to ply their nefarious games. Look out
lor them; aud another thing, dou't bet you
can tell under which shell the little rubber
ball is hidden. In the spur of the mo
ment you may feel confidant you can pick
it out, but take a fool's advice, (lout try it.
Geo. Darling makes a special announce
ment in this issue of 'ins 1Jiik,li of the
addition to his excellent furniture stock of
other household goods such as ranges, cook
stoves, hunting stoves, tinware, enameled
ware, lamps, dishes, glassware, wooden
ware, and all other necessary goods to fur
nislua house completely. This new stock
will be here in a few days and will be the
best that can be secured nnd at prices that
will make competitors hustle to pan old
stocks off at. Intending purchasers will do
well to bear this in mind and wait for Mr.
Darling's large stock to arrive, which will
be with in short time. Just read his an
nouncement on the last page and you will
learn what he has to say.
For Sale Folding beds, good values;
nothing wrong; we used the room and
money. Geo, Darling. 32-tf.
The Sterling Democrat comments as
follows on the recant gams of ball played
at that place between the home team and
Alliance Juvenilies. Of cocr- the editor
of that paper favors his home cum but
nevertheless he is generous enough to give
a little praise to the visitors: '"I he 'kid'
nine of Alliance, Nebraska, came to Sterl
ing Tuesday and tackled thu Sterling kid
nine. The visitors woro for the most part
several years older than our lads and yet
they went down to defeat to thu tune of 5
to 4, ten innings being played. The features
of the game were the pitching of Floyd
Ernst, the work of Louis Camplan at
short, he accepting the nine chances with
an error, and the base running and work
of Sterling's first baseman, Chnrlle IVttll.
The Alliance lenm made some sensational
plays in the seventh inning, the second
baseman and catcher each winning sbewurs
of applause from the small audienco of
Old Settler's Snrious Illness.
11. N. Clifford, the well known
bnltur of this city, in laying at dentil's
door with an attack of blood iwieoiiing.
Ho Imd Imsun troubled. with a uorn rind
whilu trentltig it the blood diorder ap
pealed, A 'physician was called and it
wna thought advisable to send tho sick
man to thu lionRit! at Grand Island
last night, lint he disconraged this
proposition in ths hope of his recovery
nt home. Mr. Clifford has been a rosi
detil of jlox Butte county and Allianre
for many years and is a quiet, pleasant
man whom all tognrd. His wife died
here suvernl years since, nnd he has
one sou living; in thia county who is at
his Ittdslde. A married daughter, iu
siding iu Marshall county, Iowa, has
been notified of her father's condition
but u reply received to the labgrRm
scut states that she loo is ill aud un
able to make the trip.
Suspension or Sentence.
Woid has been recved tlmfn suspen
sion of sentence, pending the appeal of the
case lo the supreme court, hasbeei) fcfanled
by Judge Sedgwick to James Connelly of
Sioux county. Connolly was sentenced to
eight years in the penitentiary for man
slaughter, having killed Jlwry'ilUlr last
March iu a dispute bvar'ft str, The
condemned man's attorneys deoiat 'that
the sentence is excessive aud the evidence
given does not justify it.
Subject to L'nlry.
The local land office was in receipt of tho
following letter from the general land office
nt Washington this week, which authorises
thu oponing of additional tracts in this
district to. homestead. The lands in
question have Ittth&rtO been withheld, but
uow that the matter ha been settled ilie
same are subject lo qutry fifty arc spsdflcd
as follows. - ;
WAuitHi'roR,,D. C.
July 21, J904.
Subject; Partial revocation of suspension
of oirtries Jn Tjsj. ai. 2. aj Und 14 of
N. Tt. 47 W., Nebraska
Sirs; Referring to telegram "E" dated
July 0, 1903, directing you to allow no en
tries in Tps. 21, 22, and 23 N. R. 47 W
Oth P. M, pending settlement of quostions
regarding school sections, I huve to state
1 1 Kit thu question of relieving said town
ships from susfieubioii having been pre
sented to tills olhce, I have upon consider
ation concluded that those sections in said
township which will not be affocted by a
projHJsed resurvey of the school sections
may be relieved from suspension.
The suspension ot sections 10 .and 30
nnd the sections immediately adjacent
thereto willed continued, order of
July 0, 1903, is hereby revoked as to' sec
tions 3. 4, 5, (I, 7, 11, is, tj, m, i8j 19,
23, 24. J7, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 3j, and 34,
in Tps. 21 and 22 N., R. 47 ., and sec
tions i. z, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, u, ia, 13, 14, 18,
9. 5. 24,7. 28, 29, 30, 31, 82, 33 and 34
m 1. 23 is., U. 47 W leaving still sus
pended iuTps. 21, and 22 N., R 47 W.,
sections 1, 1, 8, 9, 10, 15, 10, 17, ao, 21,
2, 25, 20, 35, and 36 nrul in T. 23 N., R.
47 W., sections 8. q, 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21,
22, 25, 20. 35 anU 36.
You will make proper annotations upon
the records of your office, referring to this
letterby initial and date at your authority.
Northeast Alliance.
Wiuuie Spncht is on the sick list,
Chas. Murphy is entertaining a nephew
that he has not seen for some time.
Mrs. Moses Wright and children have
gone to Brokou Bow to join her husband.
Bertie Gregg is staying with her sister
Mrs. Briukinau aud attending tne Normal.
Mrs, I. B. U fiord aud daughter have
gone to Iowa to visit Mrs. Ufford's mother
and sisters.
The Roach family are making prepera
tions to go out on the Hampton ranch.
They may be gone a year or probably
Conductor Granger has bought the
Cramer property east of the school house
and expects to build a fine residence in
the near future.
M. E. Church Notes.
The services will' Iws held at the church
ia the morning as usual beiog conducted
by Rev. Dr. A. P. George. Sunday
school at 10 .1. in. Song service at 7 p. in.
"Next Sunday's Lessou" by Cspt. W. R.
Alters at 7:30 p. 111, Address by Rev. A.
P. George D. D. at 8 p. M. All are
cordially invited to attend these services.
I'rajer meetiug will be held in the base
insut of the church Thursday evening at
8 p. in.
Ladies, Aid society will meet with Mrs.
C. IS. Wills next Wednesday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
The Sunday school teachors' meeting
will be held nt the home of Miss Delia
Reed next Wednesday evening at H.
"Irish Mail"l Do you know what it is?
Your boy does and he wants one. Geo.
Darling. 32-tU
Russian Minister Assassinated.
M . von Plnlive tho RiiMiiin minister
of tbt interior was assitiatetl yestmhw.
A bomb was thrown under his car
ringo coniDlotolY shattering it and
mangling tho minister terribly. Tho
assasin 1ms been arrested.
The Great Strike Continues.
All hopes of an nmiclaul settlement
of tho packing honso strike ha dissap
penred nnd since last week' issue of
Thk Hbhai.k it has only grown worse-,
The strike hns spn-ad throughout
nearly every department of the pirk
ing plants and thousands of other
laborers have joined the unginal mini
her who quit work over r week ago. It
soeina to be a lmtlle to n fiuhdi and
whut tho outcome will bo is indeed
problonmticnl, So far there has been
little rioting or trouble. Iu one uieuo
in Chiongo ;t strike breaker was killed
and several other injured. The nu n
are out iu nil the packing centers, ami
with tho uxcuptiou of small Wees who
ato doing a little work, tho pnektm
hoitsea are compurtiv6ly idle.
. Contest Notices.
All persons contesting lands have tin
rjght to publish notices in auy newspaper
they desire provided sich paper is pub
lished in the county in which the land is
Uig Show Cominrj.
Gollmnr Bros. Big Railroad Show 1 in
the city today, and the city has presented
an unusually lively appearance. Large
crowds gathered Along the streets to wit
iioss the big street parade ot 10 o'clock tit
forenoon, nnd none were dissapoitited.
The performance this afternoon was first
class, and was greeted by a crowd winch
taxed thu seating capacity to the ring suir.
livery part of the program was excellent
and tnflny now and wonderful feats i r.
introduced which won npplause from all
the audience. The big menagerie wa ut
as advertised by the Gollmar Bros , and
thu numerous specimens of wild animals
attracted much attention, including th
blood ouidiug hippopotamus. Tonight
they give another performance, and with
out doubt will again fill their big tent It s
a big Show nnd n good show and well
deserves the liberal patronage accorded it.
Vindicator, Khinelador, Wis. Will ex
hibit nt Alliance, Saturday, July 30.
I'rom my place, sixteen miles uurth ul
Alliance, about the middle ot April, one
yearling steer branded C. W. either on
left hip, shoulder or side.
Alliance, Neb.
Mere s a fine jio?ne
Do Yo:s Want li'
The beautiful residence built b j.
P. Lynch and now .occupied by bun;
located three blocks west of the court
house iu Allinucc, is for sale or trade
for cuttle or horses. This uropertv is
modurn: has electric lights, telephone,
pluto glass windows, honso ncntlv and
finely finished throughout, good bain
aud coal house, city water, two lull
lots. Those interested will please ccr
teKnd .with J. II. Kdmistln,
Jnly-4W, Lincoln, N'eb
Strayed or Stolen.
l-'roni my premises 12 miles north aud r
mile west of Alliance Friday, juue .14 lui
head of two-year-old colts, described as
follows; 1 sorrel gelding white face .1 nt
white hind feet; black gelding; bav ..'!
ing, wire cut on breast; blaek mare. ImO
feet white; bay mare with smnll -:ar it
forehead, Liberal reward for information
leading to recovery of same-
Thos. Collins.
Alliance, Nro.
HH--1(HH(M- -- V-
I Comfort and Ease
nnd wouldn't be
without one
Iron Frame
Lawn I
Chairs I
At Lockwoods' f
Also Porch Seats
and Lawn Goods
From Kitchen
to Parlor
Undertaking a Specialty.
K"A jKt9K)CjCjC)((jCja't .