The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, May 27, 1904, Image 1

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State Historical Soilctr
The Alliance Herald.
Official Publi
cation of Box
Butte County.
Largest Circu
lation of any Al
liance Paper.
Have you tried
Up To Date
Best In town at price.
Call an see us. We want
your trade. A full and
complete line of
always on hand.
Alliance Grocery Co.
O K. Itt,10A.IVi:iC12, O
1 3D Ei isr zn x s or I
a ... , .. a
2 In Alliance 1G-30 of every month.
? Office over The Famous ... 2
e 'Phone 391.
Buftets, China Closets
Sideboards, Bookcases
Extension Tables
Being closed out at cost at
B. F. Lockwood Co.
Everything from kitchen to parlor,
going at cost prices. Lockwood's
A beautiful set of Blue dishes, gold
lined. Former price S20.00 now selling
at S12.50 Lockwood's.
Lockwood's are selling out every
thing at cost.
B. F. Lockwood Co's.
Dr. Cook, eye and ear specialist of
Lincoln, will be at Dr. Bellwood's office
June 11.
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Dr. Koons, dentist.
Norton block.
Office upstairs
Drink Coors Golden Beer for nourish
ment and health. Wm. King, agent.
For Sale About forty head horses some
of which are splendid drivers. Simon
For Sale Pure blood Hereford bull.
Jos. Manion, Alliance; residence, Sec.
1-27-48. .
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C. Humphry. 7-io-tf
For Sale Cheap Refrigerator, good as
new. Phone 388.
For storm windows and doors see Forest
Lumber Co
See Humphrey for picture framing-, up
holstering and furniture repairing.
Harold B. Miller, M. D., physician and
surgeon, office and residence 321 south
Seventeenth street, Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs- Zehrung will do all kinds of sewing
and guarantees satisfaction. Located first
door west of Lockwoods.'
For Sale My horse, good single or
double driver or saddler. Also runabout
and harness. Mrs. G. L. Fernald, 603
Laramie ave. ,w
The New Homestead Low
provides- (a) That the homestead rights
shall embrace 640 acres of land, (b) that
those who had taken a homestead may
take another to complete said area, (c)
that those now holding and residing upon a
homestead have first right to their share of
vacant land joining.
We are prepared to assist in finding de
sirable locations and, also to furnish re
liable information as to how to secure the
land you ant. See J P. Hazard, surveyor
and land attorney. Office on second floor
of, court house. 21-tf.
The Spring Season
Is here.
So are We
With Special Prices
on provisions of all
kinds. Call in and
see us before buying-.
Lee Acheson
'Phone No. 4.
Annual Convention to be Held in This
City Next Week.
W. B.Tagg arrived in the city last week
to make arrangements for the forthcoming
meeeting of the Nebraska Stock Growers'
association, which will be held Thursday
and Friday of next week. Mr Tagg repre
sented E. M. Searle, secretary of the as
sociation, who was unable to be here at
this time. The work of arrangement and
program are completed and everything is
about ready for the big event. There is
every indication of a profitable, instructive
and pleasant gathering. The attendance
promises to be large and among those who
will bo here is counted a contingent of cat
tle dealers from South Omaha will enliven
the occasion with a quartette of male sing
ers who will accompany them in special
cars amd perhaps a special train. Hon.
M. P. Kinkaid and E, C. Harris are among
the distinguished guests invited to partici
pate in the meeting.
The citizens of Alliance will leave noth
undone to make this affair a complete suc
ces and one that the stockgrowers and cat
tlemen of Nebraska will recall with profit
and pleasure. In the evening of the clos
ing day the Uusiness Men's club will give
a grand ball in honor of the occasion, which
will be but one of the many important so
cial features of the occasion
Following is the program of the two
day's iieeting
TIU'ltsnAY, JUNK 2, I
:i p m. Jlcetlnj? iitl'lielnn Opera House.
Instrumental music Miss Minnie Morris
Invocation... ltew G. Deimml Clnrk
Vocal solo MUs Meleu Hroomo
Address of welcome.. . .Hon. V. It, Akors
Itosuolisc .. ,.B. I'. Delutour, Lewellen, Nub.
Instrument!)! duet ...Misses I.cota .Mollrlug
... and Kiitherlno Marvin
Address ot President It. M. Ilnmptuii
lleport Secretin-) K. M. Senrlo. Jr.
Selection .. Mendelssohn Mnlo Quartette
Messrs. U. II. Wheeler, Jr., 1st Tuuot; .1. M.
Uuild, 2nd Tenor; J. II. llmtns, 1st Huss 0.
fc. llnvei stock, 2ml llaxs
foutli Omaha M4iket . ..Hrucc McCollouitli
Instrumental Selection. ...Miss Minnie Morris!ni hession, .junk 2. 8 i. m.
Selection .. .Mendelssohn Mule. Quartette
Experiment!!! Work........
Prof. A. E. liuinett, Mute Pnlversity
Selection Mandolin Club "The Strollers"
lstMiiiiriolin Mrs. (".(.'. lliirker, .Mrs. Tay
lor, Robert, ltalstoii, Joe. Keurdon: 2nd
Mandolin Mrs. V. W. Harris, C. (', llurker.
It.G. Holden: Guitars sirs, treit Kiiymouu,
Miss leriz McCorUle, Prank Ilrciiniin;
-Trap Gene Partes
Future nf the Oattlo Induntry
w lion. .1 . t,. Mclntoh, Sidney
Selection Mendelssohn Male Quartette
Stockmen of Today
Dr. A. T. Peters, Statu Unlverstt)
Selection "Tho Strollers"
HuslnesK meetlnsof Nebraska Suck Growers'
2 l'. M.
.ludKlnt; demonstration Cattle by Prof. V.. A.
Hurnett: horses by Dr. A. T. Peters
3:30 ! M.
Snorts- Itldlnn, lCacluK, KopliiK
A Request.
It will be only a fitting tribute of regard
for the old soldiers now at rest in onr
cemetery to strew flowers over their graves
on Memorial day. Each child who can
will feel a thrill of pleasure in making his
gift of flowers for that occasion. But we
believe that all honor should be shown the
few veterans who are still with us. It has
been suggested that there are a large num
ber of friends of veterans who would gladly
furnish one or more places in their cat-
f riages for the use of men whom we are
honoring, for the march Iron: the church
to the cemetery. In this way the "Boys
of "Oi" who otherwise could not participate
in the exercises will be given a practical
demonstartion of our regard for them and
for the cause that they so valiantly support
ed. Do you think there will be carriages
enough offered without yours? If there
are any seats to spare they can be offered
the friends who desire to assist in the de
coration of the graves. A friend of the
Veterans. A. T. Hkmminoway.
An Excellent Entertainment.
Major Hendershot, the world famed
drummer boy of the Rappahannock, ap
peared at the opera house Tuesday, night
and interested a large audience with his
wonderful skill and dexterity in beating a
snare drum. While the insignificant ht'le
affair has no claim for music, the major
has the powerof producing wonderfully in
teresting time and expression that seems
to carry with it the musical expression of
every selection executed. Old time war
songs ami marches brought back the long
past days of the rebellion and the grand
army boys present lived the days of the
army over again during the entertainment.
Major Hendershot is, accmpanied in his
entertainments by his son who also posses
musical ability of a high degree. The
local talent which assisted in the entertain
ment is entitled to complimentary congratu
lations for it is not overdrawing the state
ment when we say that it was a complete
success throughout. We feu! like making
particular mention of each number but
this is out of the question, the program
was of such length as to make it impossible.
Closing of the Mission.
The week's mission closed at the Catholic
church last Sunday after a season of re
ligious devotions that were attended daily
by large numbers of people. The sincerity
of the attendants was visibly manifest and
the desire to receive the supernatural
benefits and blessings by making the mis
sion conscientiously and thoroughly ap
peared to bo the aim every one who at
tended the masses and other devotional ex
ercises. There is no contradicting the fact
that a life, such as outlined by the in
structor of the mission, is conducive to
peace and happiness. It requires no phil
osopher or saint to realize this fact. Sun
day morning tho children who have bceu
preparing lor the reception of their
first holy communion approached the altar
during the holy of the mass at
eight o'clock and for the first time re
ceived the Blessed Host, l'he scene wns
a most touching one, beautiful to behold.
The mothers and fathers who witnessed
the blessing conferred on their children
through this great sacrament wero over
come with emotion and ths spirit of hap
piness prevailed in the little church, which
was crowded with worshipers. At tho
high mass confirmation services took place,
his grace, Bishop Keane officiating, assist
ed by Fathers Galviu and Flannigan, the
latter offering in the mass. A large class
ot men, women aud children were the re
cipients of this sacrament of the Holy
Ghost, which has the meaning of "Soldiers
of Christ." This ceremony concluded the
week's religious doings and the same will
be remembered as a mission that has
been blessed beyond expectation and a
great benefit to the community at largo.
Important Manufacturing Plant.
The manufacturing department of C, A.
Newberry's establishuent is a busy place
these days. A ladgc force of skilled labor
is employed in the construction of mam
moth steel dipping tanks, which nre being
shipped to all parts of the west. In fact,
Mr, Newberry has been unable to secure
sufficient help to fill the orders as readily
as he would like to The merit of the
Newberry tank is recognized by all ex
tensive cattle growers. On a recent trip
to tho live stock department of. North
Dakota at Fargo, Mr. Newberry secured
orders for to such tanks and six more from
two counties in the same state. This
means more than foot of tank. Two
tanks were completed and shipped to
Sturgis, S. D., last week. They are each
Go feet long and 7 f et deep, thus being of
such dimensions as to afford the most con
venience aud disp itch for dipping of stock,
which is being universally practiced among
all ranchmen who have come to learn that
it means a great saving of money in their
Band Concert.
The Alliance brass, band will give its
first open air concert of the summer season
next Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock, north
of the Charters hotel. The program, which
follows, includes some of the finest selec
tions of the composers and the concert will
be a source of great pleasure to all.
1. salutation March Klefer
2. SaeiedMeludlcH Petteu
:i. Inipromptu-Overttite Dulby
4. Schtllleln- Hartarola ...Kelsler
ft. Cosmos March AIUiouhu
0. Sweet Dreams-Serenade Miller
7. Muln TliuriiiRun -Walt Kelsler
8. A Message, from Mars- Match. . ....Asclier
H. May Flower Overture I. aureus
10. Law ton's Funeral March Ivi-wls
11. Island Garden Scliottlscliu ,...llall
12. Sloan's Gallop Klefer
Last Thursday, May 19, occurred the
death of Glen, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
G. P. Jones, after suffering for three weeks
with pneumonia. He bore his suffering
patiently and with Christian fortitude,
passing away peacefully. He was nine
years of age, exceptionally bright in his
studies and a devout member of the M. H.
Sunday school and Junior League. Glen
was beloved by all who knew him and his
bereaved parents have the sympathy of
many warm friends in their loss.
The children in the schools have been
invited to take part in the Memorial day
observances by bringing flowers of any
kind to the Methodist church on Monday,
May 30, at 10 a. m. Any others who can
do so are urged to take a practical interest
in this matter and make a contribution,
however slight, to this cause. The flowers
will be received and arranged by the com
mittee of ladies and will be used in (he
decoration of the seventeen graves of vet
erans in the cimetery, after the exercises
in the Methodist church Monday after
noon. Committee of ladies by
Mrs. J. A. Mallery.
Mrs. Mike Elmore, accompanied by her
daughter, Mrs. D. A. Foley and little
Katherine, arrived on 4: Sunday from the
east. Mrs Elmore came all the way from
far off Maryland, where she resides with
her husband at Cumberland. Mr. Elmore
has an extensive contract in railway con
struction and grading iu that state which
requires an immense amount of machinery
and a great many laborers Steam shovels
are required in the work of excavation and
other appliances for railway construction
are in use. This layout means a large
amount of money, but Mike has everything
in operation and the work is progressing
without interruption It will take another
year to complete the contract, and Mr.
Elmore expects to realize $100,000 on the
deal. But this is not all the railway con
struction this contractor has under way.
Down in Missouri he has another job of a
like nature, which is under the supervision
of J. P. Elmore. This is near the town of
Troy So it is to bo seen that Alliance's
old-time citizen is one of the busiest men
in the United States. Mrs. Elmore will
remain here for some time visiting rela
tives and friends. Mrs. Foley and daughter
will return to Troy shortly.
Card are out announcing the forthcom
ing nuptial of Grace Calene Edmiston to
Dr Lee Wilson Edwards of this city. The
wedding is announced to take place at fie
home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Holben, at
1 143 G street, Lincoln, Neb , on Thursday
ovening. June 9, at nine o'clock. This in
formation will come as a surprise to the
host of friends of the genial doctor, whom
it was not known had ah idol of his heart
for several years. Apparently, Cupid had
a groat task on his hands in convincing the
doctor that hu saw too good looking aud
good nn tu red n man to remain outside the
circles of the Benedicts, But laying all
jokes aside, we are all pleased to learn of
Dr. Edward's prospective matrimonial
proceedings and will only be too glad to
welcome the worthy couple to the social
circles of Alliance.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
a girl, Tuesday morning.
Fred Scribner,
High School Graduates Entertain a
Largo Audience.
Otic of the happiest events in school
life for the young innn and luJy comes
with the day ol graduation. It is the
beginning of n. new life, so to speak,
and the young heart throbs with delight
in anticipation of the joy it brings to
them and the good feeling which in
spires the hearts of 1 datives mid
ftictids. It means the mental iouikI
ing out of (tinlificd Amciican citizen
ship, in winch mu nation tests secure.
From the etude matetial of the tottling
youngster of but n few summcts ngo
we have the finished student, prepaicd
to take their places in the walks of life
with competency and knowledge, which
is instilled iu the young mind through
the grandest public school system the
world has ever known.
The opertt bouse, where the coin
mencoment exoiciscs began last night
and conclude tonight, is ttausfotmed
into a bower of exquisite beauty. Tho
stage is aitislically at ranged with cut
tains of lnce, and the colors of the
class -pin pie and gold enrich tho
surroundings. Above tho stage on u
sluild of purple aro tho initial letters,
A. II. i., which signify, "Alliance
High School." About the stage is a
piofusion of flowcts in many colors.
The ordoi of the spiing blossoms fill
tho atmosphere and the scene is of an
enchanting liiittue. Promptly at 8
o'clock lust evening Superintedent
Barbs appealed on the t ostium and an
nounced the order of thopiogiam. Tho
fust number was a selection by the or
chestra, which cnlhened the largo
audience and toned it to a degtee of
appreciation for the well prepared pio
gram that was to follow.
It may be said without exaggeration,
that this class of graduates have shown
unusual inteiest in preparing for this
occasion. Of the giaduate3, every
one displayed a spit it of serious aspir
ation to ptoe that their years of study
resulted iu much progress, and this
effortlid not go amiss. It is our de
sk e to make special mention of the
subject each scholar treated on but this
is impossible. It is only possible to tc
peat that all did well, and we hope the
young people who now go fotth in life's
duties, will continue in the spirit of
progress taught by their painstaking
teachers. If they do this, life will
prove a success and their names be .111
honor not only to their parents juid
instructors but also to the public schools
of Alliance. Following is the program
as rendered last evening:
Vocal Solo "Sing Me to Sleep". . . Green
Julia Darnell
Accomp., Miss Pearl N. Bartz
1 The Best Work of the Republic
Edith M. McDougall
2 United States One Hundred
Years Hence Besse E. Standcn
3 Electricity and Civilization
Lynn R. Cantwcll
Duet "The Sinking Ship"
A-. L. Harrison and B. V Reeves
4 The American Newspaper
Howard W. Jameson
5 The Situation of China
Edward II. Burns
6 Treasures That Gold Cannot Buy
Rose B. Krajicek
Vocal Solo The Skipper". .L. 13 Stonor
Accomp., Miss Inice McCorkle
7 The Sympathy of Genius
R. Inez Beck
8 The Ladder by which We Climb
Mabel Phillips
9 Modern Chivalry Marguerite Bell
10 Representatives of the Strenu
ous Life Edith M. Swan
Solo Helen Broome
Tonight the concluding exercises of
the graduating class will take place at
the ppera house, when, besides the
conferring of diplomas there will be
other interesting features, as follows:
Invocation Rev. H. P. V. Bogue
National Character Illustrated by National
Hon. N. K. Griggs, Lincoln, Neb,
Conferring of Diplomas
Benediction Key. Otto Koehrig
Following is a list of scholais who
gtaduatud f 10111 the high school this
.1)1 I'll M. MCDOUGALI,
Miss Minnie Bohn returned to her home
at York Wednesday morning, where she
will take laesons in vocal culture. Miss
Bohu poasebces an unusually swt voice,
which, with greater training, will bring
hor to the front ranks of the musical world
ere long. Iu fact we look for the day
when her reputation as a vocalist wilt be
wide spread. Hor short residence in Alli
ance has won for her many friends who
are of this opinion, and especially those
who attended the church of Holy Rosary,
where Miss Bohn led the choir and took
such interest in assisting in the services
with the ability which God so manifestly
favored her with.
A. letter from J, A. Thompson, to The
mkrald, irom t-ineville, Iowa, does not
speak very encouragingly of the weather
conditions of the Hawkeye state for this
season of the year, and would advise those
who get the fever to hasten back to the old
home of corn and hogs to just read what
our correspondent has to say before they
blow in car fare and moot with disappoint
ment. Mr. Thompson says "I thought
perhaps a few items of news from old wot
Iowa might bo of interest to some of your
readers. Well, it is rain, rain, rain here,
the spring has been very cold, wet and
backward, and not more thau half tho corn
has been planted up to this date Peach
buds are killed, but cherries, apples and
small fruits look promising, with prospects
of a bountiful crop. Oats and grass are
growing finely and early planted potatoes
aro coming up. Corn is soiling at 50 to 55
cents a bushel and oats at 35 cents. Seed
potatoes from Si 50 to $j.oo per bushel."
first Grand Engineer Dead.
S, G. Tillett, delegate from Allianco
Div, No. 622 II. of L. 12. wires today that
First Grand Engineer T. S. Ingrahatn
died suddenly this forenoon iu Convention
Hnll, Los Angeles, where the National
convention is in session. Mr Ingrahatn
was a candidate for the office of Ass't
Grand Chief to which he would have been
elected had he lived.
Wm. Mitchell returned home from his
sad mission to Newport, Pa., Inst Saturday
afternoon. Three seeks ago he received
a telegram from the old home that his
mother was dangerously ill and ho at once
hurried east, but arrived too late see her
alive. The diasappomtment was indeed
keen and the absence of mother from tho
homo of his boyhood dayn made the place
seem deserted aud strange. Mr. Mitchell
left there in 187 and this was his first trip
back. Like thu utory of Rip Van Winkle,
he found most of his old comrades gone,
some moved away and others dond. And
the little ones who were but prattling babes
when he lived there, have grown to man's
estate, and ho knew thum not,
A. D, Kodcsrs has the .money for the
Mystic washing machine and has a sample
machine at his store that every housekeeper
should inspect. The principle of tho
washer does away with tho hard labor
which usually burdens thu operator of a
washing machine that makes life a burden,
The Mystic on the other hand is of simple
mechanism, light running, noiseless and
does the quickest washing of any machine
on the market. And with all its advantages,
the Mystic is the cheapest washer on the
market. Call In and inspect the machine.
Miss Fanny and Alicu McCoy came in
from their ranch home south west of this
city Wednesday mormug to depart for tho
west and cast on extended visits. Miss
Fanny left for Gretna, this state, whore
she will visit an uncle for sin weeks and
Miss AJice was a passenger on 41 Wednes
day, going to Newcastle, where she will
visit a sister, Mrs, Cusick, for a month,
John Hague moved his family in from
the ranch this week. Mr. Hague will de
vote his limp Iookincr after thr m.inufnrtnrn
of the FerVis Wheel hay stacker, which he
invented and is constructing. This stacker
is recognized as the most practical on the
market and is coming in general use
throughout the west.
The young lady teachers ot the schools
have been entertained by many friends in
the past month. Saturday Mrs Stoner
inyited them to her hojpital home to spuud
the evening and enjoy "Flinch." Dainty
refreshments were served Monday Mrs.
Mclntyro entertained the girls at aO o'ciock
Memorial day services will take place at
the M. E. church next Monday afternoon.
By referring to the announcements of the
committees in this untie will be learned
the order of the services. Everyone should
take an interest in the day's doings and if
possible be present at the ceremonies both
at the church and cemetery,
Rev, C. II. Burleigh, wife and daughter
returned from Los Angeles, Call., last Sat
urday, where Mr. Burleigh attended the
M, E. church convention. They spent a
delightful time on the Pacific coast and re
turned to their home at ilctningford much
benefitted by the trip
The dance given at the Phclun opera
house last Friday evening for the benefit
of the Episcopal church was uot only u
social feature of much eclat, but a succesj
financially, $50 being realized with which
to defray the expense ot painting the
Misses Post aud Combs entertained
their teacher iriends of the schools last
Saturday, afternoon at thu dome of Mrs.
Rowen. 'I he afternoon was very pleas
antly passed all present enjoying enter
tainment provided by the hostesses.
Byron Fosket of Canton has been in
town this week undergoing tho unpleasant
task of dental work, for if there is anything
ttie average man has no uesiro lor it is a
siege of this kind.
Among those who went from Alliance to
A.tend the Eikner-Church wedding Wed
nesday were Mrs. Rustin, Miss Inice Mc
Corkle and Mr. Muirhead. All returu d
the Same night on 42,
Geo Fendrtcn and John KinMlla drov
down from Heimnglord last Saturday, re
maining till Sunday in order to participate
in the closing of tl e mission
The Misses Mamie and Philberi 'I lerney
arrived from Broken liow last Saturday,
liHim' tti isti.&ta nf th. Mii.e. linliii Ami
' Mr. 1'ullv until Wednewiav moraine.
Rev Scamahorn will dtthver a memorial
sermon at the M. E. church next Sunday
morning at it o'clock. All old soldiers are
especially invited to attend and the generul
public is also invited to be present.
Miss Inice McCorkle entertained several
friends at her home at dinner last Sunday
in honor of M ss Lulu Duncan who leaves
Sunday night for her home in Fort Mor
gan, Colo.
The Ladies auxiliary to the B of R. T.,
Hardstruggle Helpers No. 307, will hold a
Kensington next Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs Ueitleinand Mrs. Grothe at
3 o'clock.
Miss Delia Reed returned home Sunday
having completed her year's school work
in llemingford on the preceding Friday,
Ferris Wheel stackers can't be beat. See
them before buying elsewhere.
Group 8 " Hold n Very Interesting
Session Wednesday.
Group 8 of the Nebraska Bankers Assoc
iation held their fourth annual convention
in this city Wednesday. Prosidont Wclp
ton of Ogallala called the meeting to order
and delivered his annual address which
was well received.
The following program was presented,
each speaker showing a spirit of interest In
his subject and the audience- demonstrated
its appreciation with applause.
"Future Cattlo Paper" R. M, Hamp
ton, Vice President First Nntional Bank,
Rediscounts City Banker's View"
Chas E, Waite, Asst. Cashier Omaha Na
tional Bank.
Rediscounts Country Banker's View
J. J. Mcintosh, President American bank,
Exchanges Country Banker's View W
B, McQueen, Cashier Northwosteru bank,
Hay Springs.
Exchange City Banker's View Frank
Parks, Asi't Cash'r First National, Lincoln
Bank Book-Ktyming S. Iv. Warrick,
Cashier First National, Alliance.
At tho close of tho program othar sub
jects were discussed.
In the evening a banquet was given by
bankers of this city to which a fow busi
ness men wore invited. The banquet, like
tho business session, was lively from begin
ning to cud and when ample justice had
been done to tho many good things! provid
ed by mine host Nyo of the Charters, the
fragrant llnvanas stimulated the partic
ipants to stirring toasts nud much speech
making. The evening was pleasantly
spent and the visitors expressed their ap
preciation of the hospitality sliovn them
by the citizens ot Alliance.
' hose in attendance from n distance
were- J. W. Welpton, Ogallala, C. A.
Minnick, Crawford, W. B. McQueen, Hay
Springs, W. II. Nickels, Ilyannis; Dr. P.
L. Hall, Frank Parks and F. Whittetnore,
Lincoln, Chas. E. Waite, Omaha; K. L,
Pierce, llemingford and J, J, Mcintosh,
The officers reelected aro.
President -J. W. Welpton
Vice-President C. A. Minick.
Secretary- Treasurer W. 11. McQueen.
It was voted that the uext meeting be
held at Alliance on call of thn'Presidont.
Rev. Ray at the Old Home.
Rev. Chas. Wayne Kay, writes Tub
Hkksm from Riley, Ind., May 12, as
"Home at last! Came last evening from
Buffalo, where attendcl.,tbo International
Y. M. C. A. convention. Was elected from
our university (Depauw, Greencastle,
Ind ,) when I reached hero so wont right
on. There were over 2,000 delegates at
the convention and we had a glorious
meeting. Was sidetracked in Buffalo to
preach in St Paul's church. Am meeting
hundreds of olJ friends and many urge me
to stay here. Was at the world's fair on
my way out hero and go back in a week or
two and then on to Lincoln, to our com
mencement of the Nebraska Weslcyan
university. Hope to be home June 20
Trust you are well and happy. People
here admire your Illustrated Edition and
say it is fine. Kindest regards to nil."
Veterans of the Civil and Spanish-American
wars are requested to meet at tie
Methodist church, Alliance, on Monday
afternoon at 1:30 p. m., to attend Memorial
day exercises. After a short program the
veterans and their friends will proceed to
the cemetery to do honor to the memory of
the comrades who are buried there. Scats
will be reserved for veterans
W. U. Akkrs.
- Smith P. Tuttuj.
Committee of Veterans.
Fred Brcnnan was at Ellsworth the first
of the week doing plumbing work.
Mrs. A. D. Millett came down from
llemingford Monday evening for a short
visit, returning Tuesday morning.
Little Marjone Sutton celebrated her
twelfth birthday last Friday with a party
for a number of her school friends at the
home of her aunt Mis Fraibr.
A girl was born at the home pf G. M
Thomau, section foreman at Bonner. ye
terday. Dr. Moore vim the attending
Foret Lumbar Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
While They Last
Butler is Closing Out
All Shoes, Clothing- and
Wall Paper for CASH.
Wall Paper 25 per Cent Discount
Men's $1.00 Pants for
Men's 3.00 Pants for
Meu'b 1.65 Pants for
Bargains 'in Men's, Women's
and Children's Shoes
All Laces, Embroideries,
Towels and Corsets
Go at a Bargain at