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il Have Every Reason to Praise Pe-ru-na,"
w i2.iebar.fl, Chicago. III. Hlnk lilliHsi
Mrs. K Knne. 172 Hcbor btrcet,
Chicago, 111., writes.
Peruna han been used so long In
our family that I do not know how
I could get along without It. I have
given It to all of my children at
dltfercnt times when they suffered
with croup, colds and the many ali
ments that children arc Hubjcct to,
and am pleased to say that It has
kept them In splendid health. I
have- also used It for a catarrhal
i difficulty of long standing and It
cured mc In a short time, so I have
every reason to praise Peruna."
, Mrs. K. Kane.
Pe-ru-na Protects tlio Untlre House
hold Against Catarrhal
One of tin greatest foes with which
eveiv family hns to contend is our
changeable climate. To protect the
utnlly from colds nuil coughs is always
list-nous prohlom, anil often impossible.
hooner or later it is the inevitable
fate of every ono to catch cold, (.'are in
uvojiliiiff exposure and the use of proper
clothing Mill protect from tho fie
iiucncy and iicrhiipitln' severity of colds,
hub with the. greatest of precautions
they will come. Tills is a settled fact
of human experience. Everybody must
expect to bo caught soniX'whero or
Perhaps It will he wet feet, or a
draught, or damp clothes, or it may he
one of a thousand other little mishaps,
hut no one is shrewd enough to always
avoid the inevitable catching cold.
There is no fact of medical science
hotter known than that Peruna cures
catarrh wherever located. Thousands
of Xamlllea in all parts of tho United
StatcH are proU'cted from colds and
csdarrh by I'eruna. Once In the family
I'euua Vways stays. No homo can
(fiB' O A IC Bp A P fe)
These brands will guarantee you a good shoe for men;
Star and Crescent E. Z. Walker
Comet Cock of Walk
Our PRAIRIE QUEEN leads all others in Women's and Children's Shoes.
Sff that out name is on the itoes von buv
The FREE glomcsiead
Are the STAR ATTRACTIONS for 1904.
Million! of arret of nwcnlfirem Gtalu anil Grat
ing lands to lie had as u free wit or by ixnrhate
Iiotu ltailwa) Companies. Land Corporations, etc
Uoml Crops. ilellirhtfiil rllumtr, siiletuliil
Mrhool gyateiu, Hirfri't atxliil romlltliliiK,
cxi-eptluunl railway uduuitn get, ami utultli
uuil ulIluiMict) urciulrcd t-iiallj-.
The population of Wwtern Canada increa,ta!
121X10 br Immicration during the pt jcar. over
SO.UW being Americana,
Write tonearett authoriced Canadian Co vermwit
Agent tor Canadian Atlat and other tiifoimattan
(or addreuSupt.ef lmmigration,Ottawa,Ckna(la
W V IJonmiU. HOI New York Ufa Duilding.
Omaha. Neb.
w.le.V. m. Thompson's EyoltfaiM
Mrs. A. Hobson, 225 Washington;;
St., Laublng, Mich., writes:
"Peruna has been such a blessing
to my only child, as well as myself, ',
that I feel Induced to give my testi
monial, lie has always suffered
from catarrh of the head and throat, ',
and I had to use extra precautions
so as not to have him exposed to '
damp or cold weather. Last year ,
he was taken with la grippe, and as
it was a severe case, caused me
m uch anxiety. No medlcln e helped ',
him till he took Peruna. I noticed
an Improvement at once and In
three weeks ho was a different ,
child: the srrJpno had been com
pletely cured and I noticed that thei
catarrn was maae octier. tic sept
taking It two weeks longer, when
he was entirely well. I now use It
off and on for colds, cramps, Indi
gestion or general Indisposition, and
find It superior to any doctors or
medicine I ever tried. It keeps me,
as well as my child, In perfect
health, and I gladly recommend It
to mothers." Mrs. A. Hobson.
spare I'eruna after tliellrst trial of it.
Wo have on lllo many thousand testi.
monlals like the ones given above. Wo
can only give our readers a slight
glimpse of tho vast array of unsolicited
endorsements wo arc receiving every
mouth. No other physician in the world
has received such a volume of enthusi
astic and grateful letters of thanks as
Dr. llurtmau for I'eruna.
& CO.
Manufactured in
tVa hud p'lKlcrnmiKti Hymn aco to put n abso
lutely pure noute paintuu iMMtiarkei.anuiiwim.
It tuuiM this u.let ii climate, ami oh e pluck
cn'iui;l)loi;uarantreli Aslcjiiu-dralvrforlt ami
r'to iu (or ipoilal color dcjlsr. for your houso
frec Lincoln Paint & Color Co., Lincoln, Nebr
New Train Service
On ami after Sunday. April Sttli. 1904,
Word h l'alr Trulim will lone Oirmliu
I nlon Station (or Kansas City unci St.
Louis at
10:45 a. m. 5:30 p. m. 11:45 p. m.
Special ratoa on sale cotnntenoinK
April 16th Kor tlckoth, berths ami In
formation, cull or luldresH Aprent Union
Station or T1IOS K OODKUKV,
1'HSb. nmi Ticket Agent.
S. E. Cor. 15th and Douglas Streets,
Ho More Blind Horses tEtttt
tore e) ci, liar J Co., Io a City, la., la a a urc cure,
CURES catarrh of the stomach.
Compass That Makes Records.
In the Inst number of tho Ihillotin
do la Socletc lndustriello do Marseil
les we find described an apparatus
Invented by M. Holt which nutomatl
rall) registers, mlnuto by minute, tho
direction of tho compass, so that by
consulting the chart which Is tho re
sult It In posslblo to dotormlno what
tho route was that was followed at n
given moment of tho passage. Tho
rommandcr of a vossol Indicates to
tho helmsman tho route which the
ossel Bhottld follow, but ho does not
Know whethor this routo Is followed
unless ho Ih continually observing the
compass. Tho Holt apparatus gives
this Inormatlon, registering every
rlinngo In tho position of tho vessel,
every movo made by tho heltnsnmn
and tho exact tlmo nt which such
changes occurred. Public Opinion.
Ear Trumpet In the Hat.
Years ago. when a man was afflicted
with blindness or deafness, It was sel
dom that ho was cured of his trouble
5r benefited by treatment, oven If
guy eff6rt was mado to allovlato lna
allllctlon. It was generally taken for
granted that tho case was incurable,
at least by tho local physlclnns, nnd
unless It could bo placed In tho hands
if sonio skilled specialist, who was
usually miles away, there could -bo
Need Not be Carried In the Hand.
lothlng to hopo for. But now tho
ipcciallsts nro not only moro numer
jus, but they have tho advantago of
ill the latest scientific apparatus to
lid them In tho examination nnd
.roatmont of tho patient.
In mnny cases of deafness which
inly a shoit tlmo ago would have
jeen considered Incurable tho physi
cian has been enabled to find some
mechanical appliance which would
make It posBlblo at least for tho Inan
Dr woman to catch many sounds which
were entirely Inaudible before. Of
courso those aids to tho hearing have
boon carried about In tho hands, as
a rule, but tho trouble Is generally
slight In comparison with tho advan
tago gained. Now, however, even this
is unnecessary, as tho Jatc3t appliance
af this kind is designed to bo carried
In tho hat, without nsslstanco from
either hand. Tho sound-receiving bells
arc located In cither side of tho head,
and the tubes which convoy those
sound" to the cars project downward
through the rim of tho hat, as illus
trated. The connecting tubes nro
capable of adjustment ns to length,
nnd tho whole nrrnngemont Is scarcely
noticeable, at least in compaiison to
tho old style car trumpet or nietallc
fan formerly used.
Thomas W. Messenger of Quorn,
South Australia, Is tho Inventor.
A Cane-Umbrella.
There lives In tho llttlo town of
SImpsonvllle, Tex., a young lady
whoso name may be inscribed on a
roll In tho hall of fame some day, and
all because hIio has solved one of the
great popular problems of the Any.
Ono of tho most aggravating experi
ences of modern civilization Is to go
out with an umbrella believing that
there Is to bo rain, and after lugijing
tho tiling about all the morning, or
all the nftornoon, or perhnps all day,
conio home without having even a
suspicion for using It. Generally wo
profit by this experience tho next
tlmo It is cloudy by leaving tho um
brella at homo and receive as our re
ward a good drenching.
Tho lady in tpiestlon has invented
nn umbrella cane. This is a contrlv
nnco embodying the two in ono. Tno
umbrella Is rolled tight and fitted
snugly in a long tubular leceptaclc,
which Is surmounted with a pietty
handle and makes an admirable cane.
No one, of course, objects to carry
ing a cane while walking, and if It
insures protection from rain its desir
ability Is increased Immeasurably.
Nugget Jewelry.
There nio few things under tho
sun that are of any valuo that have
not been so successfully imitated in
choaper nrticles that tho bogus ono
cannot bo dlstinguibhed from the gen
ulno except by exports. It Is llUing,
therefore, that an Imitation gold nug
get fehnuld be doslgned by a citizen
of Colorado, and if Ills nuggets pass
muster In that climo whero nuggets
aro on close terms of acquaintance
with everybody who Is anybody, then
his nuggets ought to bo able to shine
In society elsewhere.
So much doos tho lnvontor think
of his scheme that ho has had It
patented nt Washington nnd proposos
io put tho product upon tho market
at no moderate rates, of course.
His method consists of reducing
genuine gold Into a molten stato, "ami
dropping tho samo while still iu a
molton stato upon an uncontlncd mass
of material re.ducod to small plccea,
where the whole of the oxtorior of
the metal is caused to assume a form
simulating a natural nugget."
Lightning Change.
Husband-In-Waltiug I must 'take
you to seo tho woman lightning
change artist at tho halls.
Wife Is sho good?
Husband Great! Sho puts on her
lint in less than fifteen mlnutoe.
CLi tt
Will Accommodate Team of Horsei
and Five Head of Cattle.
S. L. I!. Ploaso publish a plan tt
a ham 20x30 foot to accommodate
ono team of horses and five head of
Tho accompanying plan shows hew
to lay out a hasoment 20x30 feet for
Floor Plan for Small Stock Darn,
horses nnd cattle. Tho five cows stand
with tents toward the banyard In
stalls 3 feet widoj tho two horse
JJ.JlM.m,JMHU jy
stalls arc flvo foot wide, with passago
from tho feed room to tho spaco be
hind the cattlo and horses.
Curing and Smoking Bacon.
J. W. 1. How Is a good brine
mado? 2. What wood is best for
smoking nnd how long should tho
smoking bo continued?
1. Pork to bo pickled in brine should
bo well rubbed and sprinkled with
salt, then filled into a clean barrel,
salt being sprinkled betweon tho lay
ers, using no brine for forty-olght
hours; then fill tho barrel with a
brine of salt nnd water strong enough
to bear an egg. 2. Oak or hickory
chips, or corn cobs, make good smoko
for meat, but they should bo green or
kept moist &o as to prevent blazing.
Hardwood sawdust Is also sometimes
used for smoking moat. Such soft
wood? as pine, cedar, mulberry, etc.,
are not suitable for this purpose. Con
stant smoking for ono week Is recom
mended by some authorities, or tho
smoking may bo done half a day nt
a tlmo for two or three weeks, accord
ing to the fancy- ns to color.
Salting Cattle Oat Hay.
G. R 1. Is It well to have salt be
fore cattlo continuously? 2. Is it
wise to feed oat hay every day to
cows due to calve In spring?
1. Tho most careful cnttle raisers
prefer to have salt before their ani
mals all the time, or at least once
dally. When cattlo are salted only at
Intervals of a week or longer, as is
often the case, tho animnls Invariably
take moro than is good for them,
which has a moro serious effect than
Is generally supposed. The 111 effect
Is caused by overtaxing the kidneys,
producing undue thirst, and unduly
exhausting the body of flesh-producing
materials. When nnimals have access
to calt each day they take only as
much as their systems require, which
does them goou w Ithout injury of any
2. Unless oat hay Is affected with
smut or mold there Is no objection to
feeding it to pregnant animals. It Is
not considered safe to give fodder af
fected with cither of these fungi to
cows soon due to calve.
Vetches for Hog Pasture.
I... B. W. How would it answer to
sow vetches on clay land along with
timothy and clover seed, and how
many pounds of seed should bo np
plied per acre? 2. Would it bo advis
able to sow a small Held of vetches
for hog pasture?
1. Vetches would not be a good
crop to seed down with if they arc
'to bo allowed to mature, because they,
like pens, aro apt to fall down and
smother the young seeds. They may,
however, bo sown with advantage
along with clover to bo pastured off
by hogp. After tho vetches aro all
pastui cd orf, the young clover will
forgo ahead and make good fall pas
ture for the animals. 2. Vetches alono
mako very good hog pnbiure. as they
aro much relished, very nourishing
and produco a good growth which
comes up repeatedly aflor being eaten
off. Vetches should bo sown nt tho
rate of about one bushel to tho acre.
Hen Manure and Fertilizers.
A. A. CJ. Cabbages nro gross feed
ors and generally give a good re
aponso to heay applications of fertil
izers, though too much available nitro
gen very oarly in tho season mny do
harm by causing an unduo develop
ment of loaf nt tho oxponso of the
"head," which, under such circum
stances, doos not form normnlly. Wo
would, therefore, delay tho application
of tho nitrate of soda until after tho
hoads have begun to form, and then
uso it ns a top dressing nt tho rate of
100 to 200 His. per aero. It would prob
ably lio foil ml piofltablo to apply a
certain amount of potash with the hen
manuro before planting out tho cab
bages. Wood ashes answer admirably
for this purpose, but if not obtainable,
murlato of potash at the rate of 100
lbs. per aero may be used.
Radium Water.
Tho possibility of using radium to
convert ordinary rain and well water
into a mineral water more highly
medicinal than any known natural
minora! wator has been domonbtratod
at tho University of Michigan, In a
series of experiments covering some
ton weeks.
In searching for a method by
which radium could bo applied to tho
intorior of a cancer without any dan
ger of tho torrlblo radium or X-ray
hums. It was demonstrated that tho
immersion of a scaled tube in sure,
distilled water for twonty-four hours
producos radloaetivo wator of powor
ful offects.
Injected Into cancor, this water
stopped pain iu ten minutes.
o IB i J
The Sultan's Wonderful Jewels.
A correspondent, writing from Con
stantinople to a I'nrls journal, pre
tonds, as tho result of personal In
spection, to give details of tho amaz
ing collection- of jewels In tho sultan's
treasury. Tho turbans of nil tho sul
tans since Mahomet II. arc thoro, all
gi .torlng with rare and largo gems
of tho purest water. There aro also
tho royal throne of Persia, carried oft
the Turks In lfil4, nnd covered with
more than 20,000 rubles, emeralds and
fine pearls, and also the trono of Su
leiman I., from tho domo of which
there hangs over tho head of tho ca
liph an emerald six inches long anil
four deep. Theso two thrones are tho
chief objects in tho collection.
Bennlngs "Don't you think that it
would bo a pretty custom for tho la
dies to raiso their hats when meeting
a friend, tho same ns the men do?"
Jennings "How could they, when it
would take them fifteen minutes to
put them on again?"
The cup of joy rarely runs over un
less tho joy is served la an after
dinner tea set.
All Right Again.
Opal, Wyo., May 1C. After suffer
ing terribly for four or five years, Mr.
A. J. Kohner of this placo, has been
completely restored to good health.
His case and its euro Is another proof
of tho wonderful work Dodd's Kidney
Pills can do. Mr. Kohner says:
"For four or flvo years I havo boon
a sufferer with Kidney trouble and a
pain over my Kidneys. I thought I
would give Dodd's Kidney Pills a trial
and I am glad I did so, for they have
dono ne good work and 1 feel all
right again."
Many cases aro being reported
every week in which Dodd's Kidney
Pills have effected cures of the most
serious cases.
Theso strong testimonies from earn
est men and women aro splendid tri
butes to tho curative properties of
Dodd's Kidney Pills and judging by
these letters, there is no case of Kid
ney trouble or Backache that Dodd's
Kidney Pills will not euro promptly
and permanently.
It Is never too late to mend If you
can find where your wife hides tho
needles and cotton.
otxtb or Onio, Citv op ToiEno.l .,
I.craR county f "
Frame .1. Choky mako oath that he Is senior
partner of the Arm of K. J. Ciievky A. Co,, Uolnu
imtlnesa In the Uty of Toledo, County and Mate
aforeiald, anil tint nald firm will nay tho num. of
ONE HITMIHK1) DOI.LAIIS for each and ecry
rac of C'ATaiiRii that cannot be cured by tbe un of
Hall's Catakbii Cl'i:k.
Sworn to befurc me and nubucrlbcd In tny pres
ence, tblt btb day of December, A. It. lhsfi.
) Z!L I Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is token Internally and acta
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, bend for testimonial free.
1 .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all nrttcttlsts. 7c.
lake Hall's Family rills for constipation.
Humors often darken tho sky more
than thunder clouds.
free to Twenty-five Ladies.
Tho Defiance Starch Co. will giro
25 ladles a round trip ticket to tho
St Louis Exposition, to five ladies
in each of tho following states: Illi
nois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Missouri who will send In the largest
numbor of trado marks cut from a ten
cent, lG-ounco package of Deflanco
cold water laundry starch. This
moans from your own homo, any
where in tho abovo named states.
These trado marks must be mailed to
and received by tho Defiance Starch
Co., Omaha, Nebr., beforo September
1st, 1004. October and November
will bo tho best months to visit Uie
Exposition. Remember that Defiance
Is tho only starch put up 1G oz. (a
full pound) to tho package. You get
ono-third moro starch for the samo
money than of any other kind, and
Deflanco never sticks to tho Iron.
Tho tickets to the Exposition will bo
sont by registered mail September
5th. Starch for salo by all dealers.
It Is usually tho peoplo who havo
tho least money who try to mako the
biggest show.
To tho housowifo who has not yet
become acquainted with tho now
things of overyday uso in tho market
and who is reasonably satisfied with
tho old, wo would suggest that a trial
or Deflanco Cold Water Starch bo
mado at once. Not alone because It
Is guaranteed by tho manufacturers
to bo superior to any other brand,
but because each 10c package con
tains 1G ozs while all tho other kinds
contain hut 12 ozs. It is safo to say
that tho lady who onco uses Defiance
Starch will use no other. Qualit7
nnd quantity must win.
The man who lias tho leas.t to say
raiially talks tho most
filotlicr Grny'si Sweet 1'oit tiers for Children.
Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse
in tho Children's Home in New York, cure
Constipation, Feverishncss, Bad Stomach,
Teething Disorders, move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 30,000
testimonials. At all druggists, 25c. Sample
FREE. Addres3 A. S.Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Man Is a harp nnd not a hand or
gan. No chromos or cheap premiums,
but a better quality and one-third
more of Deflanco Starch for tho same
price of other starches.
It is protty hard for somo mon to
take things cool even when presented
with an ico bill.
I do net believe l'lso's Cure for Consumption
has nn equal tor couch a and colds. Joum If
Uotkb, Trinity Spring, Ind., Feb. 15, la
You always look on tho bright sldo
whon calling on frlonds, for they
shine it for your bonoflt.
Japanese Use of Water.
Tho .Tnpane3e themselves ntlributo
their high average of physical
strength to a plan and frugal diet and
tho systom of gymnastics called JIu
Jllan, which Includes a knowledge of
anatomy ami of the external and In
ternal uses of water. Although dur
ing tho period of thoir ascendoncy tho
Samurai kept tho secret that their
great physical superiority was duo In
a great measure to the Internal and
external uso of water, the belief that
if used liberally and intelligently
water Is nn Infallible weapon ngalnst
disease Is now genorally hold. By
those who go In for jiu-jitsu an aver
age of ono gallon n day Is drunk. It
Is noteworthy that rheumatism is al
most unknown in Japan; it is proba
ble that the absence of meat from
tho diet, combined with the uso of
plenty of water, accounts for this im
munity. He Was a Wealthy Negro.
Warren C. Coleman, ono of tho best
known negroes In tho United States,
died recently at Concord, N. H. Cole
man wns ono of the most rcmarkablo
mon of his race. Starting life In pov
erty, he became through his own ex
ertions ono of the wealthiest negroes
In tho country. Ho was onco a stu
dent at Howard university in Wash
ington, sustaining himself. Coleman
later established himself in business
nnd purchased real estate. At tho
time of his death ho was said to bo
the owner of 100 houses, nono of
which were incumbered. Coleman
started tho first cotton factory in
this country owned and operated by
his people. Ho built a beautiful brick
church In Concord and presented it
to tho congregation. He was ono ot
tho chief promoters of tho colored
stato industrial fair, hold annually at
Raleigh for tho past twenty-five years.
In the May Century.
Tho May Century's features of war
interest will bo "Unhappy Korea"
and "Korea, tho Bono of Contention,"
both from authorities. The Ilov. Ar
thur Judson Brown, D. D., author of
"Tho New Era In tho Philippines," la
secretary of tho Board of Foreign Mls
Bions of tho Presbyterian church. Ho
has traveled In Korea and knows tho
conditions whereof ho writes, condi
tions which may well make Korea un
happy. Homer B. Hulbert, who con
tributes tho account of "Korea, tho
Bono of Contention," will be remem
bered as author of "Tho Sign of tho
Jumna," and narrator of "In Search,
of a Siberian Klondike."
The "Most Lowdown Newspaper."
Tho "most low down newspaper on
earth" Is tho Submarine, published In
the Cblarod desert. In order to hold
its record for Jow-downnoss, owing to
the establishment of a rival, the Sub- '
marlno recently had to move, which
change was announced in the follow
ing manner by the editor:
"Wo havo dropped from twenty-two
feet below sea level to sovonty-slx
feet below sea lcvl. Wo hit Coachclla
with a dull yet raucuous thud. Tho
low, rumbling noiso you heard last
Tuesday waa. caused by our printing
office taking a drop. It may bo truly
said that tho Stfbmarlnc is tho lowest
down, or the lowdownest, or tho most
low down nowspaper on earth. As
nearly as wo can compute, Hades is
nibout 212 feet just below our new
Atlantic Monthly.
The opening chnpters of tho May
Atlantic aro mado brilliant and enter
taining by tho first installment of
Prof. Norton's series of Letters of
John Ruskln, illuminated by his own
delightful and illustrative comments
and explanations.
Colonel Hlgglnson continues his rec
ollections with a paper entitled In
tensely Human, which contains many
salient and pathetic reminiscences of
the characteristics of tho negro race,
moro especially of tho days beforo
and during tho War of tho Rebellion.
The World's Coldest City.
Tho coldest city in tho world Is
Yakutsky. Eastern Siberia, In the em
pire of tho c?ar and tho Russlnns. It
Is tho great commercial emporium of
East Siberia nnd the capital of tho
province of Yakutsk, which, in most
of its area of 1,517,00:5 square miles
Is a bare desert, tho soil of which is
frozen to a great depth. Yakutsk con
sists of about 400 houses of European
structure, standing apart. Tho Inter
vening spaces aro occupied by winter
yoorts, or huts of the Northern nomad,
with earthen roofs, doors covered
with hairy hides and windows of ico.
Everybody'a Magazine.
A happy characteristic of Every
body's Magazine Is tho versatility ox
hlbltod In its contents tnble. Tho
editors are not riveted to a single set
of ideas, but manage in each issuo
to strike some new note or touch homo
novel phaso of life or endeavor.
Thero aro two salient featuros In tho
May Issue, which, though serious In
tono and troatmont, aro of so much
Importance to tho world just now
as to havo an almost sensational in
terest Ono is on the Groat Whito
Plague, Consumption; tho second, tho
Rolatlon of Christianity to Amusu
ment. Mrs. McGInnls "Sliure, Bridget, an
does yez llttlo baby croy at nolght?"
Mrs. McDlnnls "Bogorra, and it's
mosllf that don't know; thor auld
man snoros so loud that thor poor lit
tle kid wouldn't havo a chanco on
oarth to bo htirrud."
A friend In nood is tho frlond that
Is usually out whon you ring tho
front door boll.