The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, March 25, 1904, Image 5

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Chas. E. Ford, President
A. S. Herd, R. M. Hampton, Vice Presidents.
First ' National
S. K, Warrick, Cashier.
G. Hampton, Ass't Cashier.
Capital, $50,000.
Chas. E. Ford, A. S. Reed, R.
Surplus and Profits, $20,000
M Hampton,
H G. Warrick, S. K. Warrick.
Colorado Coal.
We have a new lot of Canon City Coal that v
sells like hot cakes because it is
The Best.
Forest Lumber Co.
Phone No. 73.
Coal Company.
Prices are pretty firmly fixed
and we cannot always sell our
black, diamonds at the figures
we would like to. But we do
always see you get 2000 lbs.
for a ton.
Dierks' Lumber 5 Coal Co.
yiamonds, Watches,
Gold Jewelry,
Repairing in all its
Hail orders promptly
attended to.-
A7. O. Barnes,
Jeweler and Optician,
P. L.
Is One of the Most Up-to-Date Drujj
Stores in Nebraska
Prescriptions Carefully i4e-,
mS U14XUV tLXXVf.4."
stock or
Watches and Daimonds.
Fine Watch Repairing
a Specialty. .
Chas. W. Lockwood returned lioinc
from Alliance Monday.
Quite n number of our citizens were
trading in Lawn Monday.
diaries Moravck was visiting with
Arthur HasB Sunday evening.
Emmet Johnson, four miles north of
Canton, is on the sick list this week.
The fine, dry, warm weather is good
for our farmer ranchmen who arc going
ahead with their seeding.
Misses Pearl, Myrtle and Edith Hro
shar were entertained at tea Sunday
evening by Mrs. V. A Randall.
Mr. Meek, from near Malinda, was
in these parts Tuesday and made his
sister, Mrs. Con. Bass, a short visit.
Frank Hcvans of Nonpareil precinct
was in this vicinity Tuesday gathering
some horses which Joe Kapur had been
wintering for him.
Miss Cora Reese Icjft Sunday for Al
liance for a shoi t visit among friends.
We sue soiry to loose Miss Reese from
our midst and from our Sunday school.
Notice to Noii-Kc.sldcnt Defendants.
To Henry C. llolTtnun mid Mrs. llotTmun. lirst
ri-til mi mo unknown, wife of defendant.
Henry C. llotlniaii.iion-rosideiitdefcndantN!
Noticu Is hereby given t lint on tho.Mh diiy of
Mnrcli, 1001. pluiiilHT filed lier petition In tint
dlstrlet court of llox Hutte roiinty, Nebraska,
wherein V. II. 1, mining, trustee. Thomus
Fralim. Is'iicflclary of V. 11. Limiting, trustee,
defendant, V. H, Lauulng, llunry C Hoffman
mid Mrs. Hodman, tlrst real name uiiknon,
wlfo of defeniliiiit, Henry ('. llofTiimn, were
tnado defendants, tlio object mid pruyer of
wlilcli Mild pel Itlciii is to foreclotti a tux lien
based iihiii u certlllcalo of tax sale dated Jan
uary 3. 1IKK, for tlio delliiiueul tuxes fur tho
jeiiis ls.)T, ihBS. 1MH. IHUO, andsuhsciiueiil taxes
paid by plaintiff for lliu jfarH 1W1 and 1W-,
wlilcli cortlllcnto of tax sale was Issued by tlio
treasurer of llox Hutto county, Nebraska, upon
tho followiuK described real estate, situated
In tlio county of llox Hutte, Mateof Nehinska,
to-wit: Soutlieust (uarter of .section U, In
tOHlislilpUH. range 4s.
Tboiiuiount claimed by platutllT upon said
tux lien Is tlin sum of 3I ."", of which stun
ifl.77 Is for attorney's fee, with Interest thereon
as pro lded by law from tlio 1st day of March,
1IX)1, tho prayer of said petition is for a decreo
declaring tint aforesaid atnount. together with
Interest thoreon mid costs, to Ihi a Hist and
paramount Hen uiiou tho aforesaid real estate
and that su'd real estato may Ixj sold under an
order of the court to satisfy tho same, ami that
said defendants bo forever barred and fore
closed of nil interest or claim In unci to said
real cittalo or any part thereof.
You arc required to nnswer said petition on
or before the isth day of April, UH)1
SlAitv ft. Hukii, I'lalntiir.
Hy m, Mitchell, her Attorney fp Mch. II
Notice to Non-Hcsldcnt Defendants.
ToTliomiiN A. Davidson find Mrs. Davidson,
llrst nnmo unknown, wife of defendant,
Thomas A. Davidson, non-resident defend
ants Notion Is hereby given that on tho 10th day
of March, iwi, 11. I' Shepherd, plaintiff, filed
his tKttltlim In the dlstrlet court of llox Hutto
county. Nebraska, wherein Thomas A. David
son mid Mr-. Davidson, llrst name unknown,
wlfnof defrndaut, Thomas A. Davidson, were
made defendants, the object nnd prayer of
which said petition Is to foreclose two lax liens
bused on two oertlllcntus of tux sale dated
boptemhert, IWKund February 1, HOI, respec
tively for the delinquent taxes for tho yearn
l"tii.l,slUMnlind for subsequent taxes paid by
plaintiff forthe jear.s HOT, IWisand IIOU. which
certlilcates of tax sale were Issued hv tlio
treasurer of llox Ilutto county, Nohiaska, up
on the following described real estato situat
ed In thu county of llox Hutte. sttn o' Ne
braska, to-wit' Tho northwest quarter of
section It), tu of range 411.
The umoiint claimed hy plulnlilf upon satd
tax lien Is the sum of i3.7!i. of which sum $0.70
Is for attorney's fee, with Interest there
on us provided by law lnm tho sthdiiy or
March IDOL the prayer of sutd petition Is for
iidccrctuifClnrltiKtho aforesaid amount, to
gether with Interest thereon ami costs, to bo
a llrst and paramount lieu upon tho ufurn-atd
real estatu and that sutd real ostute may Ihi
sold under an oider of thu court to satisfy the
wiuie, and that said defendants bo forever
liarred and foreclosed of all Intercut or claim
in and tiisuld reul estate or any part thereof,
You are required to answer said petition on
or before tho ISth day of April 1W01.
II. V Shmmikiiii l'liilntlfT.
Hy William Mitohkll bis Attorney. Mch II
Alliance, Nebraska.
Dray and Transfer Line.
4&& W
Phone 139.
about what to do with your Household Goods
S. A. Miller will take charge of them; store their
in a nice, dry and cool place and pack and sbi
them wherever desired. Charges reasonable.
The only spring dray line in the city.
S. A. Miller.
Notice to Non-Kcsident Defcndunts
To John V. Hock. Mrs. Hock, llrst real nauiu
unknown, wlfo of defendant, John V. Hock,
iiuu-rusiueiii. uuiemiaiiiH:
Notice Ih hereby Klven that on the 5tli day of
March, 1WI, plalntlir, tiled her petition In the
district court of Hox Hutte county, Nebraska,
wherein Tho .McKlnley-I-annliiB .Loan and
Trust company, V. 11 Oarnahan, receiver of
Tho McKiiiley-l.iinniiiK l.oan mid Trust com
pany, John V. Hock, Mrs. Hock, llrst real
name unknown, wifo of defendant, John W.
Hock, were made defendants, tho object aud
prayer of wlilcli satd petition is to foreclose
u tux Hen based utiun a ceitltlcate of tux sain
dated January 3, L for thu delinquent tuxes
for tho years ls7. lbM. 1MW, IB00. and subse
quent taxes paid by plaiiitllf for tho yours 1K)I
una uv., which ccrtiucato or tux sulo was
issued by the treasurer of Hox Ilutto county.
Nebraska, upon the following described real
estate, situated In tho county of Hox Hutte,
otatuof Nebra-ka, to-wlt: Southwest quarter
of sections, in township 27, rungo 47.
The amount claimed by plaintiff upon satd
tax Hen is tba sum of 37.9--', of which sum,
$5 00. is for attorney's feo, with Interostthereon
as luw from thu 1st duy of March,
10UJ, thu prayer of said petition l for a decree
doclurliiK tho aforesaid amount, together with
Uterest thereon und costs, to bo u tlrst and
purumount Hon upon the aforesaid real estate
and thtit ald real estate nmy lie sold under an
ordorof tliecouit to satis y the name, und that
said defendant-, he forever and fore
closed of all Interest or cluim In and to said
real ostute or uny part thereof.
You are rwiuired to unswor uald neililon mi
or before tho 18th day of April, 1901.
Hy Win. Mitchell, her Attorney. lp.Mch II
In county court of Hox Hutte county, Ne
braska, I). K. Spai'ht, county Judge.
James (Iraliam, pluiiitilT, )
A. A. Ltithy, defoiulant. )
A. A. Iiiithy, Hon-renldcut defendant, will
take notice that 011 1'ohruary tl, IWl, I). K.
Htetcht, county Judj;o in mid for Ho Hutte
county, Nebraska. Issued an order of iittueh
nient for tho sum of USX), In an action peud
lnir before him, wherein Janies (Iraham is
plalntlir and A. A. I.utliy ilefeiidant, that
property of tho ilefendaiit, coiislsttiiK of
mono) in hands of 'hlcai;o, HurlliiKton -(,'uiucy
Hallway company, has been attached
under said onlor buhl cause was continued
to the Ui day of Mm eh. 1W1, at 1 o'clock p m.
Jamks tliiAll.VM, l'laliitlrr.
Hy his Attorney, Win, Mitchell fpa-l
Huhllc Notice.
In tho district coutt of Ho Hutto coiliuy,
Myrtle How man, I'lalntiir
Clyde Hoivinau, defendant.
n 11 Ml in lit I tt ui tit nti tuiti viiklilitttt jliifiitifliitif
iiu are hereby untitled that on tho loth day of
March 1WI, Myrtle Howman, plaintiff, tiled a
petit Ion against you In tho district court of
Hox Ilutto county, Nebraska, thu object and
prnjerof which uro to obtain a divorce from
you on the ground that you huvo wilfully
abandoned thu plaint itf, without koimI cause,
for tho tf-rm of two yeurs last past, and for
the cum and custod of tho child of plaintiff
and defendant. Hluiicho II. Howinau. You aru
required to answer said petition on or before
Monday tho ltuh day of April 1001.
Mviiti.k How-man, I'laintifp
Hy Wllllain Mitchell, her Attorney, Mch II
"In The Good Old Summer Time
People bought their Staple and Fancy
at Graham's grocery store. Now winter is here
and they buy them just the same and so they will
the whole year through because he carries the
best selected stock in the west. Prompt attention
and courteous treatment is what customers like
and what thdv always get at ....
'Phone 5O
Corbin Building
F. J. Brennan & Co....
Notice to N'oii-ltesldcut Defcudunts.
Tu It. H. Hullurd, Mrs. Dullard, tlr.t uauio 'un
known, wlfo of tho defendant, U. U. Ital
ia id, Huruey Met 'alto. Mia Mi-Cube, tlrst
natnu unknown, wlfo of defendant, Harney
MeUube, Tluunas II11IIK, iioii-resldeut ile
feuuuuts Notice is hereby irlvm that on the ,"ith day) of
Murch, 1934, Mary K. Heed, plaintiff. Hied her
petition In tho district court of Hox Hutte
county, Nebraska, wherein W. 11. I, alining,
trustes, Thomas Krahui, benf flt'Ury of W. 11.
I-unnliiK, trustee, defendant, W. II. I-annlin;,
It. II. Uallard, Mrs. Italian!, llrst namo un
known, wife of defendunt. It. U. Mallard,
Harney McCube, Mrs. McUubp, llrst name un
known, wlfo of defendant, Harney McCabe,
Thomas llollis, were made defendants, the
object und prajer of which said petition is to
forecloso a tax lieu bused upon u certificate or
tax sals dated January 3, IWi-J, for tho delin
quent taxes for thu jeurs lsti.1. lsftl, IKK), ami
subseiluent tax paid by plalntlir for tho jears
1001 mid 1P., which certificate of tax sale was
issued by the treasurer of Hox Ilutto county,
Nebruska, iiimui the rollowlnsr ilescrlbed real
estate, situated In thu county of Hox Hutte,
statu of Nebraska, to-wit: Southwest quarter
of section 10, In township 'JH, of rariKe 17.
The amount claimed by plaiiitllT ux)n s,ald
tux I km is the sum of :tl,in!, of whhli sum
13.77 is for uttoriihj'n feo, with interest thereon
as provided by biw from the 1st day of March,
J001. tho prajcr of said petition is for a decree
deelurliiK the aforesaid amount, togcl her with
interest thereon and costs, to bo a first mid
paramount lien upon the aforesaid real estate
and that wild real estate may bo sold under mi
order or tho court to satisfy the same, and that
said defendants he forever barred mid fore
closed of all iutorct or claim lu and to said
real estate or an pai t thereof
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the sth day of April. 1IKJ1.
MAltV K. Iti.Ki) l'lalntllf.
Hy Win. Mitchell, her Atuirnu v fp Mch. 11
Notice of election.
Notlco Is hereby ulven, that oil Tuesday, tho
firth day of April A. D. 1001, an election will
bo held In tho city of Alliance, lu Hox Hutte
county, Nebraska, for city ollleers as follows:
flty (ilerk.
City Treasurer.
(Jlty HiiKlueer.
Duo councilman for First Ward, Alliance.
Unucounclluian for Second Ward, Alliance.
Also nn election for members of tlio School
Hoard of District No. (I or llox Hutto county
(embrncliiK tho city of Alliance) will bo held
ut the same time and plucu for tho election of
threo members of said Inmrd, one to till va
cancy and two for thu regular term.
1'nllliiK places will bo open In thu First Ward
lu thu Woodman hall ou Montana street, and
lu thu Second Ward lu tho Uity Uouucll cham
ber on Hox Ilutto iivenuo, and polls will lie
open from 0 o'clock 11. 111. until 7 o'clock p. 111.
(mountain time.)
Jab. II. II. IIewktt, City Clerk.
Drugs, Perfumes
Toilet Articles.
Paints, Oils and Wall Paper
Alliance, Nebraska.
s s
Farmers and Stockmen
We are prepared to make you wells of
any size or depth and furnis an abund
ance of water for hand or wind
Acheson & Joder
Notice to Redeem.
To Isaac Holt, the known and unknown heirs
of Isaac Holt, deceased:
You and each of you uro hereby notified that
on the ith day or July, IKK!, C. ('.Stevens pur
chased ut tax salu the southeast quarter of
section Hi In township '25 of ratiKM 5-, in Hox
Hutto cdtinty, Nebraska. That said land was
tuxed lu tho name of Isaac Holt, and that
said purchase of tax sale of said laud was
made for years 1SU7. 1SUH, 18U9 and 11XX) and that
subsequent tuxes have been paid on said land
by C. O. Stevens for the eur IW1 mid HW.
''hut the time for redemption of the ufore.sald
laud will explruou thullllliduy or July, 'Mi.
Dated, Alffaiicu Nebraska, this 13th day of
Murch, HUM. f p-Mch. ih (!. C. Htkvkna.
lliirry Dunnlnu
O. L. Gilbert
Dunning & Gilbert
Violin and Guitar Solos, Duets,
Mimics, etc. Music furnished for
Parties, Receptions, and other
social gatherings. Alliance, Neb.
Moving Household Furniture
and Trunks a specialty . .
Phone No, 1 Young's grocery, Alliance.
Est ray
One small tlire-year-old bluck steer, weight
about 050 pounds estrayed from our ranch
about the first of last August. Ho bore the
brund P"l on rlpbt hip. Anyone locating
this I I unlinal pleuse notify me and re
ceive ruward. Oillino linos.
2t-3 p. O. address, Hox Hutte, Neb.
For 30 Days Only.
The finely finished property formerly
owned by Jos. P. Lynch, located three
blocks west of the court house. It is mod
ern throughout. Higbt rooms, electric
lights, heated by furnace, has bath room,
closets, pantry, and a cellar all bricked in
fine shape. Darn for horse, cow and
buggy. Front yard set to olue grass and
trees. Has brown stone and wood walks.
Gas-pipe fence for enclosure.
Two full corner lots, southeast front,
property new.
Will sell this property for cash, or take
part cash, balance in cattle or horses.
For information correspondwith
Lincoln, Neb.
Shci if rs Sale.
No. 1501.
Hy virtue of uu order of salu Issued by the
clerk of the district court of Hox Hutto coun
ty Nebraska, upon a decreo rendered by said
court lu favor of Tho Ulrurd Trust Com
puny, a coriKiratlou orKUiiled under the laws
of tho statu of I'ennsylvanla, plalntlir, and
agalnstltosa .lamia and the unknown heirs of
Joseph uJandn. deceased, defendants, I wlll.on
tlio ISthduy of April A. D. lWOi, at 10 o'clock u.
ra. onaaidday, at tho west front door of thu
court hoaso lu Alliance. In said county, sell
the following described real estate, to-wit:
Th northeast quarter of section 87. In town
ship 27. north of rango 53. west 01 U10 sixth
principal meridian, In Hox Hutto county, Ne
braska, at public auction to the highest bid
der for cash, to Batlsfy said order of alo Jn
thu sum of H.OQ3.44 and Interest, costa and
accruing costs sublect to all unpaid taxes.
. Sheriff of said County.
T. Q. Bimonbon,
Attorney for Hlulutlff. fp Mc 11
Sheriff's Sole.
No. JMI.
Hyvlrto' of an order of sile issued by tho
clerk of thu district court of Hox Ilutto coun
ty, Nebraska, upon u decree rendered by said
court lu fuvorof T. M. l.awler. plulntlff. und
against A.J. Hubcock, Mrs. Habcoek. first
namo unknown, wlfo of defendant. A. J.Hab
cock defendants, I will on th 2th dayof April
A. 1). 11104, at 10 o'clock a. in. on said day. ut
tho west front door of thu court house In Alll
ance, in said county, sell tho following de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
The nortliwest quurter. section 10, In town
ship 25. north of range 4s, west sixth principal
meridian, in Hox Hutte County, Nobrusku, ut
public auction to thu highest bidder for cash,
to satisfy said order of sulo In the sum of
$05 00 and interest, costs und accruing costs
subject to ull uiiald tuxes.
Sheriff of said county.
William witchei.i.
Attorney for I'laliitltl fp Mch H
Notice 10 Redeem.
To William L. Dutchcr:
You anil each of you lire hereby untitled that
on the li'th day or July, lfttJ, (J.U Stevens pur
chased at tax sale, the soutlieust quurtcr of
section lO.ln township '.'4. rangu53 in HoxjHuttu
county, Nebraska. That suU land was taxed
Inthenameo WtllliiuiLi.Dutcher.und thut said
purchase of tux sale of said land was mudo for
thu yeurs 18W and 1U00 und that subso
iiuvnt taxes huvo been puld on said 'and by U.
O, Htevens for thu years 1001 and IDiU. That
tho time for thu redemption of aforesaid laud
will expire on the 12th day of July, 11)04.
Dated Alliance, Nebruska, this 15th day of
Murch, ll4. t p-Mch. is 0. O. Btbvk.ns.
TV Anton .Melcholr, W. II. (Juruuhaiiuud Mc-Klnlcy-iaiinitig
Ii.m aud Trust company:
Vou mid each of you are hereby uotilled that
on the Pth duy of July KKK. Y. L. Jewell pur
chased at lux sale, the southwcil quarter sec
tion II, township t'T laugH 5J, Hox Ilutto
county, Nebraska, l'hsrf said laud was taxed
Inlhenumnof Anton Vclchoir and thut said
purchasuat tax tale ot naid land was mude
for the years 1MW, ISUS and HXW. and that sub
enuent tuxes have been paid on said land by
said W. L. Jewell for the years tiUI nud IWU.
lhat said W. U Jewell has assigned alt Ills in
terest in aud to said tax crtlllcalc and said de
lin(iiientuiidsubs(ueiittaxes paid theieunder
to l''. It. Davison who is now tho owner und
holder thereof. That the time fur redemp
tion of above deseilbed bind will expire on
thu Dili or July 1(104
Dated Allluiice, Nebraska, March IK, IP0I.
Mehlsiiw F.H.Davison.
Am King
Schlitz Export and Brau Bottled Beer
W. H. McBrayer, Atherton, Paris
Club and Sam Clay Whiskies.
Try our Bottled in Bond Whiskies. They must
be good for Uncle Sam's guarantee is on the neck
of each bottle.
Family and Mail Order Trade solicited
Goods delivered on short notice to any part of the city. 'Phone 136.
The placing of a few
dollars monthly in the
J ... ALLIANCE ...
1 National Bank
will soon enable you to
buy a comfortable home.
M. Knioiit, President
W. II. CJoituiM, V. President .
0. II. CONNETT.Cashler.
jBI EjJJ CJJ Tw sU4 ryfllii vKH
L bank book vui itr
mid Jumos U.
To I'lilon Trust
Vou und each of you uro hereby notified thut
oil the Hth day of July UKr.', . I,. Jewell pur
chased ut tax sale, thu southeast quarter of
section 10, township -.T. range &'. Hox Hutte
county, Nebraska. That sain land wus taxed
In thu nmiiK of James (S. Smith and I'ulou
Trust Company and that said purchase at tux
Mile of said land was uiado for thu year
1000, aud that subsequent tuxes have been
paid ou said land by said W.I, Jewell for the
years 1U0I and 1WJ. That tlio snid W I,. Jewell
lias assigned all his Interests In and tothu said
tax certllicatuandsJld (lelliKiiiFiit and suhse
iitieut taxes paid thereunder to F. H
who is now the owner and holder thereof. Thut
thu time for redemption of llinalxivo described
laud wilt expire on thiHUh ot July, 1U01.
Dated Alliance, Nebraska, March Isth 11)04,
Mch. ih-3w V. II. Davison.
Administrate '9 Notice.
Stale of Nebraska, I
Hox Hutte County. )
At acaunty court, hcldat the fnunty court
room, III und for said county, March 18, A. D.
Present, D. K. Spacht. county judge.
In thu matter of thu estate of Henry II.
Miller, deceased.
On reading aud tiling the petition of Annlo
Lelth, praying that udrnlnUtratlon of said es
tuto may be granted to her as administratrix.
Ordered that April 15th, A. 1). 1U04, ut 1
o'clock p. in., isussigned for heating said pe
tition, when ull persons Interested in said
matter may appear ut a county court to bo
held 111 uud for said county, aud show cause
why thu pruyu: of iwtltloner should not bo
grunted: and that notice of tho iiendency of
said petition and tho hearing thereof, 1x3 given
to all persons Interested tu said matter by
puiiiisiuug u copy 01 tins order 111 the ai.i.i
anok Herald, u weekly newspaper printed in
said county, for three successive weeks, prior
to said day of liearlnt;.
I) K. tli'ACHT, County Judge,
(A true copy )
I ska l.J fp.Mch.25.
Hartford I'Iro Insuiaiico Company.
North American ot l'hlladelphiu.
I'hoeulx of Hlooldyn. New York.
Continental of Now York City.
Niagara Flio Insurance Company.
Now York Underwriters, Now York.
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ixiudon
Liverpool. London uud Globe Ins. Co.
German Ainerlcun Ins. Co., New York.
Gunners und Merchants Ins. Co., Lincoln.
Columbia Fire Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
I'hoenlx Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn.
Office Up-Stnlrs,
I'Ictchcr Hlock.
Alliance, Nebraska.
15 3 X 33.
Palace Livery
S. K. DESCH, Prop.
ONE hlock WEST of Good turnouts, strict attention to our business,
THE NEW zhinden . , an(j courteous treatment to all has won for us tho
HCII.DING. 'Hhonc 72 excellent patronage we enjoy. Try us.
From tho Ullllug ranch on or about tlio sec
ond duy of Decumbur lust a bright bay gelding
work horse, white face, branded T 011 Jaw.
Anyone locating auulnial and notifying us
will Uo promptly rowarded. Hehmen Vmet.
a-3l 1. O. addross, Hox Hutte, Neb.
Nebraska Hide and Leather. Co
Dealers In Hides, Tallow, Furs,
Cow and Horse Hide Robes,
Leatherand Saddlery Hardware
L. C. BURNETT, M'gr.
Nebraska City. Nebraska.