The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, March 25, 1904, Image 2

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jWo Vronld teach th&Bfy
jvbo buys.
iLeaeon numbor onto.
iBtarch ia an extraction
of wheat used to stif
jfen clothes when'
hundered Most
utarchca in timo
twill rot tho
goods thoy
laro used to
jiey & t conttlff
Defiance Starch
U absolutely pare.!
It givea new life to'
linen. It gives retisfac-.
tlon or Koner back. It
eelle 10 onnces for 10 cents
at all grocers. It Ujhe,
'very beet.
HwuAcruttD or
Ah booh ns a matt Is good enotign
ho Is no lunger any Rood.
Hope for Apple Growers.
Apple growers In recent years have
notlrcd largoly Increased daningo by
(tie codling moth. This pest appears
In the form of a small brownish ninth
noon after the young apples have set.
Kit eggs, laid on the side of the fruit
or oven on tho loaves, give rise to
tiny '.vonns which enter tho young
apploB and develop Into full grown
npplo worms.
The annual loss to applo growers
in the United States from this pest
dlone Is enocmotis. Such a pest could
not long escape attention from the
Hclenllllc sleuths of the Experiment
Minions These workers have tracked
the beast to Its lair, watched its hub
ID of life and devised weapons for
Mh destruction.
A recent bulletin by the Deln
wiuo Hxperlment Station shows that
nearly nil damage by tho codling
moth can bo checked by spraying
with a curtain arsenical spray cnlled
HlHpareno soon after the blossoms fall
from Utc tree. Applied lo trees
It poisons the young Insects In
InTnitey and prevents further damage
(o (.lie ciop. It has also uccti found a
cowiplolo and effective remedy for the
canker worm, curcullo and other In
Kwtrt that attack orchards and work
great havoc therewith.
in tils bulletin, Entomologist San
derson of tho Delaware Station, gives
tho result 01 n careful series of ox
pcrimoutR in which he says, "Dlspa
reno proved to bo very much superior
to purls green, and doatroyed a larger
percentage of codling moth larvae
than has ever been done In any slmb
lar experiment. One thing which
neeinH to mo to mako Dlspareno of
special valuo Is its adhesive quali
ties; in spite of very heavy rains It
rofiutlned on the trees all summer.
Tho results which we secured from
Dlspareno were both surprising and
Professor J. It. Smith, Entomologist
of the Now Jersey Experiment Sta
tion, adds his endorsement In these
words, "Dlspareno has proved thor
oughly satisfactory and safe wher
ever used. My experience with it
Ii.ih been so satisfactory this year I
have rocommendod It widely."
li'rult growers are to be congratu
lated that at last a cheap and effec
tive remedy for the codling moth has
been fotind. The freo illustrated
pimphlot on Dlspareno put out by the
Itowker Insecticide Company of Bos
ton and Cincinnati Is a mine of use
ful Information and should bo In tho
IiiukIh ol every progressive fruit grow
e. Wo understand the Missouri Val
ley Heed Company. St. Joseph, Mo.,
urn now In a position to supply the
woalorn trade with Dlspareno and the
outlook Is that through the general use
of this insecticide tho apple crop of
tho middle west will bo much larger
and of a better Quality tills year than
ior.'&evoral yoar3 past
Peoplo who borrow troublo aro al
ways reaay to lend advice.
Linooln. Nebraska
German Coacb. ?
English Sbire
rreiKb Draft
and Belgians.
Tin LARGEST lmirtfri of FIRST.
CLASS tUUioni of ai.y concern In aU tin
FROM- On arriving In Lincoln taka th
Sun Kami atrut car wH.h rum dirotr lo
our bam. Coin mvi ua uwrl'r,
Lg. DIM Tat. 575 A L SullU.n, ftgr
tUEcKl lVh
KZjfr i"vwfrn)HBBiJtLLw
Miss Alice M. Smith, of Min.
neapolis, Minn., tells how wo
man's monthly suffering may1
be permanently relieved by Lydia
'DEAn Mns. Pinkham: I havo
never before Riven my endorsement
for any medicine, but Lijdla 12.
Plnkhnm's Vcgctablo Compound
lias added bo much to my life and
happiness that I feel lileo making an
exception In this case. For two years
every month 1 would have two days of
Govcro pain, and could find no relief, but
ono day when visiting' a friend I ran
across Lydln, 13. Plnklmm's Vcjjc
tablo Compound, she had used
it with tho best results and advised
me to try It. I found that it worked
wonders with mo ; I now experience
no pain, and only had to use a few
bottles to bring about this wonderful
change. I uso it occasionally now
when 1 nm exceptionally tired or worn
out." Mtos Alick M. Smith, 804 Third
Avo., South Minneapolis, Minn., Chair
man Executive Committee, Minneapolis
Study Club. JS000 forfeit If original ofabov
latter proving gtnulnencti cannot bt produced.
Lyr.Ua JR. Plnklmm's VcgctaWo
Compound carries women safely
through tho various natural
crises and is tho safe-guard of
woman's health.
Tho truth about this prrcat
medicine is told in tho letters
from women being1 published in
this paper constantly.
am is always a greater wrong to
the dinner than to nny other.
Get Hod Cross Mall Blue, tho best Hall Blue.
Large U 04. package, uuly 0 cents.
No man fully realizes how much
iidIro he makes when he comes homo
about 2 a. m.
Do Your Clothes Look Yellow?
Tho 1 1 tiHis Drlliiiii'i' Starch, It will keep
thimi white 1G ox. for 10 cents.
Let grace and goodness bo the prin
cipal loadstouo of thy affections.
Aim. Vi Inslow'n nontlilnj; Wyran.
For children tretblnx, aoflrna tho iriirat, roaucei ftv
nraaitlou,IIji rain, cure. wlna colli). r-ub)ttlo.
Sympnthy is tho snfeguatd of the
humnn soul against soltlshnoss.
A faint heart Is more apt to win the
fair lady than a faint bank account.
A Hard Question.
The following' tale Is told of the
bishop of 1Oiulon. Having Indulged
that precarious pastime of asking any
small boy or girl in tho audience to
ask him a question, Ur. Ingram was
met by tho following: "Pleaso, sir.
Why did the angels walk up and down
Jacob's ladder when they had wings?"
It Is sad to record that eveu the bish
op of London was driven to make the
usual humtllutlng and miserable es
cape by returning, "What llttlo boy
or girl would llko to answer this?"
No Female Angels.
A minister on Long Island has de
clared that there aro no female angels
In heaven. As he docs not disclose
tho source of his Information, the
statement may be open to argument.
Ho Is reported to have said to his an
ulence: "Most people's Idea of an angel is
of a beautiful, graceful, white-robed
female llguro with a wing on either
shoulder, peacefully floating through
tho air. I want to say there aro no
female angels."
For Growing Girls.
West Pembroke, Mo March 21
Mr. A, L. Smith of this place, says
that Dodd's Kidney Pills are tho best
remedy for growing girls. Mrs.
Smith emphaslis her recommenda
tion by the following experience:
"My daughter was thirteen years
old last November and It Is now two
years since sho was first taken with
Crazy Spoils that would last a week
and would then pass off. In a month
she would have tho spells ngaln. At
these times she would eat very little
and was very yellow, oven the whites
of her eyes would be yellow.
"The doctors gave us no encour
agement, they all said they could not
help her. After taking one box of
Dodd's Kidney Pills, she has not had
one bad spell. Of course, we contin
ued tho treatment until she had used
In all about a dozen boxes, and we
still give them to her occasionally,
when she is not feeling well. Dodd's
Kidney Pills are certainly the best
medicine for growing girls."
Mothers should heed the adrlce of
Mrs. Smith, for by so doing they may
save their daughters much pain and
sickness and insure a healthy, happy
future for them.
The man who U afraid of bunting
up his wick need not hope to brighten
the world.
W hid Dlurk enotizh 15 Trtra aio lo nut an ibis-
luuiy pura cou jiainion lueuiarkei anuuwon.
HatamUthtawenterncllBiata and w abate Pluck
enouchLoiniaranttel! Aikruur dealt r for It. ami
write ua far ipeclal culor detlgn fur J our bouae"
'" Uncotn Paint & Color Co., Lincoln. Nebr
The Postofficc, Military Academy and
Sundry Civil Appropriation Bills In
House Indian and Pension Meas
ures in the Senate.
WASHINGTON Tho postofuco, the
military ncadomy and tho sundry civil
appropriation bills constltuto tho work
mapped out for tho houso this week.
On Monday tho house will adjourn
early owing to tho death of Represent
ative Thompson of Alabama. Tho
postofllco bill la pending and fcoveral
knotty questions, such as rural free
delivery salaries, railway mall subsi
dies and railway mall service, are like
ly to prolong its consideration for sev
eral days.
The military academy bill Is not
likely to constimo much time. The
sundry civil bill will probably bo ready
the latter part of the week and Its
consideration will extend Into tho fol
lowing week. Present Indications are
that no other matters of Importance
arc llkelv to be Injected Into the week.
Postofllco reports will be cared for
hereafter by the McCall committee,
which Is to Bit in open session during
tho week.
Tho present week fn the senate will
be devoted almost entirely to appro
priation bills, beginning Tuesday with
that for tho District of Columbia and
following with tho Indian and pension
jills. Neither the District nor the In
dian bill has been repotted from com
mittee, but both arc promised early
in tho week, and they will take prece
dence over tho pension bill, notwith
standing tne latter Is now on tho cal
endar. The pension. bill Is held for possible
additions made necessary bv addition
al legislation, but its consideration
will not be long delayed. It Is not ex
pected there will bo nny effort to In
crease the amount carried by the bill
on account of tho recent executive or
der. Whatever may be required to
carry the order Into eftect will be in
corporated in a general deficiency bill.
Unobjected .bills on the calendar will
ho taken up Monday and further con
sideration may bo given Senator Fair
banks' bill providing for n new depart
ment building In this city.
Forty Thousand Troops Drilled by
Foreigners Ready for Field.
PARIS Tho Figaro's correspond
ent in Berlin telegraphs that a Ger
man odlcer who has Just 'at rived there
from Mnncnttrla says serious opera
tions In th.o far east will not be be
gun before tho end of June. The
principal oMhtaelo to Russian victory,
according to this officer, Is the fact
that 40 000 Chinese troops, well
tralneiPuiw with German and Japan
ese instructors, are menacing Russia's
lines of communication. Russia, with
the support of Germany, will protest
against this concentratlot of Chinese
According to the Tokio correspond
ent of tho Petit Parlslenne official
confirmation has been received of the
destruction of the Russian torpedo
boat destroyer Skerl at Port Arthur
by tho explosion of n submarine mine.
The correspondent says that the
mikado yesterday bade adieu to 405
officers who were leaving for the
Cub Lion and Elephant's Tusks Safely
at Washington.
WASHINGTON In charge of keep
ers from the national zoological park,
tho cub lion sent to President Roose
velt as a present from King Mencllk
of Abyssinia, arrived Saturday from
New York. Tho keepers also brought
the two fine elephant tusks, the other
present from King Menellk, and the
hyena which was Imported for the col
lection at tho "zoo." It was Intended
to take the Hon to the White House
In ordor that tho president and fam
ily might see It, but It was deemed
advisable not to do so. The Hon and
hyena wore taken, therefore, directly
to tho "zoo." Tho tusks were tnken
to tho White House. Ijiter they will
be placed In the national museum.
No Nursery at the Fair.
ST. LOUIS. Announcement was
made Monday that the board of lady
managers of the World's fair had de
cided to abandon the project of estab
lishing a model day nursery at the ex
position to care for the Infants of
visitors. Tho cost was estimated at
$50,000 and It was decided not to ex
pend that amount.
Sellgman Gets Five Years.
DF.S MOIM2S. Max Sellgman, a
clever Insurance swindler, who de
frauded the Equitable Life Insurance
company out of several thousand dol
lars by falso representation In secur
ing notes which the company cashed,
was sentedced to live years Impris
onment. Attempt Made to Raise Vessel.
PORTSMOUTH Attempts were
made without success to ralso the
British submarine boat No. 1 A, which
was run down by tho Donald Currle
lino steamer Berwick Castlo Friday
afternoon. The principal damago ap
pears to havo been done to the con
ning tower, which shows tho marks
of tho collision. Tho hull of tho ves
sel appears to be Intact. The Ber
wick castlo arrived here undamaged.
The officers of tho vessel declined
to give any Information concerning
the accident,
People Send Messages Showing Pleas
ure Over the Merger Jurors.
WASHINGTON Messages of ron
gratulatlon from nil rnrts of the coun
try are being delivered to President
Roosevelt by telegraph, by mall and
In person on tho supreme court's de
cision in tho Northern Securities case.
President Roosevelt personally con
gratulated Attorney General Knox
Tuesday after the announcement of
the decision and at the cabinet meet
ing ho renewed his congratulations to
Mr. Knox. In his cordial expressions
ho was joined by tho attorney gen
eral's fellow cabinet members.
Tho nttornoy general, just before the
cabinet meeting, declined to indicate
what action, If any, he might take In
the fttturo In following up the su
premo court's decision. He would not
say whether ho had formed any plans
looking to prosecutions of further ac
tions under the Sherman anti-trust act
or not. Thus far he has not had op
portunity thoroughly to digest the deci
sion of the court and until he has
considered It carefully he will not de
termine, much less indicate, what ftt
turo action ho make take.
Information Asked Regarding Recent
Pension Order.
WASHINGTON. Tho senate adopt
cd the following resolution offered
by Mr. Overman:
"That tho secretary of the Interior
be and he Is hereby directed to Inform
tho senate:
"First Whether nn order has re
cently been Issued enlarging the pen
sion act of June 27, 1S!)0, and amend
ments, a3 to disabilities of applicants
for pensions, and if so to send to the
settnte a copy of said order.
"Second Uy what amount. If any,
will said order Increase pensions annu
ally, particularly when the same shall
becomo fully operative."
Tho senate passed the house bill
approving tho act of tho territorial
legislature of Arizona authorizing a
bond Issue of $100,000 for the enlarge
ment of tho insane asylum of the ter
ritory. The bill authorizing the incorpora
tion of tho American Academy lit
Rome was-passed. Tho senate then
went into exectttho session and later
adjourned until Monday.
No Change In U. S. District Attorney
at Present.
WASHINGTON. While at the
White house Senator Millard talked
to the president about the case of Wil
liamson S. Summers, United States
attorney lor Nebraska, whose re
moval from office it Is said, has been
promised by the president to Edward
Rosowater of Omaha and Senator
Diet rich of Nebraska. Senator Mil
lard put the matter to tho president
in such a way that no change will be
made in the office for some time at
least, and Summers will remain where
he is until Senator Millard is fully
agreed thut he ought to ho succeeded
by someone else. Senntor Millard has
not yet reached the point of assent
to this proposition.
It Is said there is no question that
Summers will eventually fall of reap
pointment, but the president will not
care to hasten his removal until Sen
ator Millard Is willing.
Bill Introduced in the House Fixing
WASHINGTON. Two bills were
introduced by Representative Blrdsall
of Iowa. Ono authorizes the post
master general to allow to postmas
ters In third-class offices, out or the
surplus revenue of tho respective
offices, an nmount for clerk hire In
addition to allowance for "separat
ing service," as follows:
In offices where the salary of the
postmaster Is $1,000. $000; where the
salary Is $1,800. $500; whero the sal
ary is $1,700, $400; and where the
salary is $1,000. $:;00.
Tho other bill authorizes the post
master general to designate offices at
the Intersection of mall routes as
distributing or separating offices, and
making reasonable allowances for
clerk hire for this work.
Propose to Make Two States Out of
Four Territories.
WASHINGTON. Tho statehood
problem was taker up by tho sub
committee of tho house committee on
territories, recently appointed to draft
statehood bills for Arizona, New Mex
ico and Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tory, The bill making a stato of the
tirst two was practically completed.
The difficulty of adjusting the taxa
tion and other questions with regard
to the admission of Oklahoma and
Indian Territory as a state aro next to
be taken up.
Three to One Against Strike.
SEELEYV1LLE. Ind. Tho seven lo
cal unions in this vicinity Tuesday
voted against going on a strike. The
majority against striking Is estimated
at three to one.
Pastor Speaks of Progressive Polyga
my of Divorcees.
tures of Our National Life and What
to Do About Them" was the subject
of a Lenten 'sormon Sunday night
by Rev. Dr. McKIm of tho Epiphany
church. ( He made a direct, forcible
talk against an "almost conscience
less extravagance and passion for
display," and drew a vivid picture of
tho progresive polygamy of of society
Evil Ef ects of the Great Combinations
Recited Means Already Existing to
Curb Trusts Ought to Be Rigidly En
forced. WASHINGTON, D. C Representa
tive Hearst of New York on Friday In
troduced resolutions providing for an
Investigation of tho trust question by
a committee of live members of the
house. Tho resolutions contain ten
clauses, reciting the evil effects of
trusts on the country, among them be
ing tho following:
"Numerous Illegal combinations
known as trusts havo been formed to
absorb or eliminate competition and
establish virtual monopolies with a
view to controlling production and
raising the price of their products.
"Such extortionate trusts as the
beef trust and the coal trust and the
Ice trust have arbitrarily increased the
cost of the necessities of life to the
"Such specuatlvo trusts as the ship
yards and the steel trust have Inflated
their stoe'e to many times Its actual
values and sold to tho public, transfer
Ing the people's money from banks and
legitimate Investments into the pock
ets of trust promoters and speculators.
"Industrial unrest has been foment
ed by the InCrenscd cost of living and
by the consequent necessary efforts of
labor to make its wages keep paco
with the Increased cost of liting.
"Such trusts as the steel trust. In
spite of the increased cost of living,
have ruthlessly cut down tho wages of
hundreds of thousands of employes In
order to pay dividends on watered
stock, and other trusts havo wholly
collapsed, throwing hundreds of thou
sands of workmen out of employment.
"The purchasing power of tho com
munity has been diminished by tho ac
tions of the. trusts by unsound methods,
which hno misled the people, swin
dled them and robbed them of their
"All classes of the community are
being made to (eel the evil effect of
of the unrestrained greed and lawless
practices of the trusts."
The committee Is directed to inform
the house fully on the trust situation,
to the end that more effective laws
may be prepared and passed by Con
gress, regulating and restrlctly com
binations. The committee is empow
ered to send for persons and papers.
An additional resolution states that
"It is the senho of this house, and It
does recommend, that tho laws al
ready existing against the trusts be
in tho meanwhile enforced by the ex
ecutive branch of this government and
the legal representatives thereof."
The resolutions were referred to the
committee on rules.
Is for the Benefit of All Legitimate
WASHINGTON. The attorney gen
eral, being asked concerning the mer
ger decision, said:
"My views of tho decision cannot
be better expressed than In the lan
guage or one of the best known r.ill
road presidents in the United States
upon the decision in favor of tho
government by the court below. He
said: 'The decision Is sound law,
good and for the beneni of all legiti
mate Interests and for tho country's
welfare, and It voices the Judgment
of probably nine-tenihs of tho most
conservative business men of the
"As to the bearing upon other rail
roads, I have this to say: The gov
ernment has never claimed that the
law is any broader than its language
plainly indicates.
"During tho trial and argument
tho government paid no heed to tho
defendant's contention that tho
makeup or substantially all tho great
American systems of .railroads was on
trial. The government's position was
then, that tho question before the
court was as to the validity of the
Northern Securities device."
Money for the Lewis and Clarke Ex
position. WASHINGTON Thd houso com
mittee on Industrial arts and exposi
tions considered In an all-day session
tho report of Its sub-committee on tho
senate bill appropriating $1,750,000
toward the Lewis and Clarke exposi
tion to bo held at Portland, Ore.
The sub-commltteo cuts the appro
priation to $200,000 for a government
exhibit; $225,000 for government
buildings; $25,000 for an Alaskan ex
hiblt; $25,000 for a Philippine exhibit,
and authorizes the coinage of 250,000
Bouvenir dollars. Tlieso dollars are to
sell at $2 each and the profit will go
to the exhibition company. The full
committee will consider tho bill again
Miner's Vote to Accept Scale.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. The tellers
completed canvassing tho minors' vote
this afternoon. Total vote cast. 1C5,
8S7. For accepting the scale, 98,514;
against tho scale and In favor of a
strike, 07,37:5. Majority against a
strike, 31,141, Secretary Wilson of
tho United Mine Workers said a meet
ing of the joint subscalo committee
would in all probability be called for
Indianapolis next Monday, when the
scale would be sicned for two years
and arrangements made to meet In
Joint convention two years hence.
Shortly after getting tho political
boo in his bonnet the average nian
gets It In the neck.
I am here In the world to serve and
to think of others and not myself.
Ur. Horlon.
Send torlUU J.aiUl.IIALl.,8lonxC'lty,Iow,
Conscience doesn't mako cowards
of literary romancers.
A man knows less after mcrrlago
than a woman does before.
ItheamntUtn'a Killing rnln.
Left la quick onlrr after taking 10
done of Dr. Sklrvln' Rheumatic Cure,
In tablet form. 25 doie '.:5c. postpaid.
(W. N U.)
To withstand evil is quite as neces
sary as to do good. Mrs. Cratk.
The gain of love Is lost by tho lovo
of gain.
but 10 cents per package.
Holiness is the reaching alter rath
er than the arriving at perfection.
Lots of people come to grief by
meeting trouble half-way.
Smoker- find Lewis' "Single Binder"
stnilifht.lo cignr better quality than most
10c brands. Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
You may reap what you sow not
something elso but that. F. W.
If nil women who look back wero
turned Into salt pillars tho streets
would be full of statues.
To Curo ft Coltl In Ono iln-.
Tnko Lnxattvo Hromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund inouey if it falls to cure. 25c.
No fountain is so small but heaven
may be imaged In Its bosom Haw
thorne. Fish may be all right as brain food
if a man Isn't born a fool to start
When You D-jy Starch
buy lipiliiuep and c"t the best. 1(5 oz. for
10 cents. Ourp used, ulwnys used.
Things to Remember.
"My boy," said .a man of the stato
of Texas to his son, who whs start
ing out for u career in an eastern
city; "my boy, let me tell joti some
thing which may help yon. You get
up there, and yon may sec a heap of
peoplo who have got more money than
you have; a heap of people who havo
got more brains than you have, and
more success. Some of them may
oven be better looking than you aro.
Don't you worry about that, and don't
you be scared of anybody. Whenever
you meet a man who allows he's your
superior, you just look at him and
sny to yourself, 'Aftel all, you're just
folks!' You want to remember for
yourself, too, that you're just folks.
My boy. after you have lived as long
as I have and hnv knocked around
the world, yon will come to see that
that's all any one of Is folks."
A Suggestive Name,
Jake, the colored servant of Lionel
Barrymore, has quite a Hock of chil
dren, all or them with Biblical names,
as their father is very religious, and a
great student ot tho bible. A boy was
added to the family not long ago, ami
.lake confessed himself puzzled as to
a name for him. "You see." he ex
plained, "we'so 'bout 'sausted all dem
characters sich as David an' Amos
an' Soloman. Do woman suggests
Balaam, but I'so calculatln' on Hal
low, as the book slggests it fob Itself.
'Hallowed be Thy name,' sah. I reck
on we'll leave it dub, sah."
Put on 36 Pounds by Food.
Feed a physician back to health and
he gains an experience that he can
uso to benefit others. For this reason
Grape-Nuts food is daily recommend
ed to patients by hundreds of physi
cians who have cured themselves of
stomach trouble. Ono doctor says:
"Although a physician und trying to
aid and assist my fellow beings to en
joy good health It must be admitted
I formerly did not enjoy the best of
health myself. In January, 1899, I
only weighed 119 pounds. At this
time 1 was living in the Ohio Valley
and began to think I had about seen
my best days. Ono day about 3 years
ago I had an opportunity to try Grape
Nuts food for my breakfast. " I liked
It so well that I ate three teaspoon
fuls three times a day and have reg
ularly used It up to tho present time,
and I now weigh 155, a gain of 3G
pounds and enjoy tho best of health.
"Not only has Grape-Nuts modo
this wonderful change In me, but
through It I have helped my friends,
relatives and patients. The sustain
ing power of this food is simply won
derful, i
"I havo one patient who Is a sec
tion hand on tho C. & O. R. R., who
eats nothing In lite morning but four
tablespoonfttls of Grape-Nuts and yot
does his very hard work up to lunch
time and enjoys the best of health
and strength.
"I could name a great many cases
like this and I still prescribe Grape
Nuts in ray practice every day." Name
given by Poslum Co., Battle Creek.
. Ask any physician about the scien
tific principles on which Grape-Nuts
food is made. He'll tell you tho prin
ciples lire perfect.
Then a 10 days' trial proves that
the principles are carried out In tho
food ("all the good of tho gralna so
treated that auyonn can digest It all")
Shown In renewed physical strongth
and brain enorgy.
"There's a reason."
Look in each pkg. for tho famous
little book, -The Road to Wellvllla."