The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, March 11, 1904, Image 8

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I Aliss Nettie Blackmorc, Min-
jieapolis, tells, how any young
woman may. be permanently
cured of monthly pains by tak
ing Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
YoifHO Womex: I had frequent
liend&ehos o( a severe, nature, dark
sputa boforo my cyos, and at my incn
Htriial porlodB lauffered untold agony.
A member of tho lodgo adrlncd mo to
try Lydla E. pinkham's Vcgc
tnttlo Compound, but I only scorned
irood advice and1 foil that my case was
JiopolcflS, but slio kept at me until I
Itougltt a bottlo and started taking1
it I ooon had tho beat reason In the
world to chango my opinion of the
nictUciuo, as each day my health im
proved, and finally I was entirely with
out pain at my menstruation periods.
I am most grateful." Nettie Hr,ACB
more, 28 Central Ato., Minneapolis,
Wmn. fSOOO ferftlt If original of abttt Utttr
proving gtnuintruit cannot btpraiuetd.
If tlioro is anything About your
chho about which you would
JIko Hpoclal ftdvlco, wrlto freely
to Men. Pinkham. Slio will hold
your letter In strict confidence,
who can surely help you, for no
JierAon In America can apeak
nun a w.idorcxporlimce In treat
ing female ills. Slio has helper!
'hundroil of thousands of women
hack to health. Her address is
Jjyuii, Ma.SB. ; her advice is free.
Complete External
and Internal
Consisting of
to cleanse the skin of crusts
and scales, and soften the
thickened cuticle; CUTI
CURA Ointment to in
stantly allay itchinaj, irrita
tion, and inflammation, and
soothe and heal ; and CU Tl
CURA Pills to cool and
cleanse the blond and expel
humor germs. A SINGLE
SET, costing but ONE
DOLLAR, is often suffi
cient to cure the most tor
turing, disfiguring skin,
scalp and blood humors,' ec
zemas, rashes, itchings, and
irritations, with loss of hair,
from infancy to age, when
the best physicians and all
other remedies fail.
Sold ttirouiboul Ik world. Ctitlntr RmI.
toot. MV. (la (arm of Clwrotal CoatcJ fllli,
tic., par U1 t IK. OUiioical, Wc.. toapSAe.
U.nnU: London. SI CtmrUtM'On Jfcj.i IrU.
ft lln C U I'll: Doalod, 1ST Cilumbta Ar.
lwtr lras ol Cheia. Cfcrp.. : I'rfrf.
CrtUuA (or ' lo Car Trlarti. Ob.
flralnf Uatuori (rout lafaaer ! A."
ron uknt on
Baa (or Hit. J. HDUIALL, Sloax City, Ion,
The February Allantlo offors a
group of loading articles which can
bo nogloctod by no person earnestly
concerned about tho urgent Issuoa In
America today. These papers, In
whloh subjects of the first lmpbrthnco
nrc treated by tho men boat qualified
to discuss them with authority ami
vigor, rfro; "Wall Street and the
Country," by Charles A. Connut, ' a
treatise on tho uses and abuses of
the monoy power, with which the
number opens; followed by a aenalblo
and dispassionate paper on "Lynch
lug a Southern View," by Clarence
II Poe, nnd a thoughtful discussion
of the question, "la Commercialism
In Dlsgraco?" by John Graham Drooks.
The ministry will never be a soft
snap to the man with a sensitive soul.
Cheap Excursions to the South.
On February 16, March 1 and 15,
, the Kansaa City Southern railway will
offor to tho public tho extremely low
rate of 10.00 for the round trip to all
points on tho Port Arthur Route, In
cluding Beaumont, Port Arthur, Lake
Charles, Shroveport, Texarkana, Fort
Smith, Mono, De Quoen and all Inter
mediate points. Tho roturn limit on
theso tickets will bo twenty-one day
from dato of sale, with stopover privi
leges at all points south of Kansas
City on the going trip. Any informn
Uon desired by the public relative to
those cheap excursions will be chaon
fully furnished upon application to 8.
O. Warngr, O. P. and T. A., KansM
City, Mo.
No, Cordelia, a long-headed man
Isn't necessarily narrow-minded.
WingleStlck laundry xtr,UK
Won't spill, break, frcezo nor spot clothes.
t osU 10 cents and oouals 20 cents worth of
any other bluing. It your grocer docs not
Uoep It send loo for sumplo to Tho Laundry
Bluo Co., 14 Michigan Streot, Chicago.
Endurance is nobler than strength,
and patience than beauty. Ilusklu.
No chromos or cheap premiums,
but a better quality nnd one-third
more of Deflancn Starch for the same
prlco of other starches.
A man may bo short on love and
still bo long on constancy.
Mra. Wlnalnw'a Boothliiu Hymn.
For children tnetalnt, lofton the Rurei, reiucsi &
nunmtlon,lliyrin,curewlnilcollo. ssoatattle.
Some peoplo Imagluo they lose caste
by speaking civilly.
I do not believe l'Uo 'a Ctiro for Consumption
boa an equal for coughs and colds. Joint V
BorsH, Trinity Springs, Ind., Feb. IS, 1900.
Time loosely spent will not agalu bo
won. R. Greene.
Superior quality ana extra quantity,
must win. This is why Defiance
Starch is taking the place of all
Harper's Weekly aays that Great
Britain provides the world's largest
market for motor cars. Tho great
majority of these machines come from
the continent, tho importation figures
for last year being 3,500 cars, valued
at $5,2:10,000; for the current year the
figures have, Increased to 5,330 cars,
amounting in voluo to 18,000,000. It
Is said that most of tho expense is a
matter of wages, as the raw material
of tho machines Is of llttlo compara
tive value.
American Born Diplomat.
Count Frederick Iloyos, the young
secretary of "ihu Austrian embassy,
who has lately arrived In tho capital,
comes from Vienna, where ho has
been residing for the last year. Ills
last foreign post was Pokln, China.
He is 'JG' years old and speaks Eng
glish fluently, thanks to his English
mother, who was Miss Whitehead,
daughter of the invention of n tor
pedo nnd owner of a largo torpedo
factory in Hungary, Count Hoyoa 1b
tho brother of the Princess Bismarck,
one of the brightest young women of
Europe and reputed author of "Eliz
abeth 'and Her German Garden."
.Count Iloyos was born in Washing
ton and Is the son of Count Iloyos,
who wbb minister from Austria from
1375 to 187S.
A Physician' Advice.
Yorktown, Ark.. 'March 7th. Dodd's
Kidney Pills mivst not be confounded
with tho ordinary patent medicine.
They are a new disco vory, a specific
for all diseases of the Kidneys and
have been accepted by physicians
only after careful tests in extreme
cases. Dr. Lei and Williamson, of this
place heartily Indorses Dodd's Kid
ney Pills "bb a remedy for the vari
ous forms of the diseases of the Kid.
neys, pains in the back, soreness in
the region of tho Kidneys, foul-smelling
urine and cloudy or thickened con
dition of the urine, discharges of pus
or corruption. Gout, Rheumatism, In
flammation and Congestion of tho Kid
neys and all kindred complaints."
Continuing he says;
"I could mention many cases in
which I have proscribed Dodd's Kid
ney Pills with success. For instance,
Mr Robert Weeks, farmer, malaria,
haematuria or swamp fever three
times, kidneys weakened, continual
pan and soreness In back, which
made him very nervous, had a little
fever and sometimes chilly, Urine
changeable, but generally very high
colored; an old chronic case who had
taken much medicine with little ef
fect. After taking Dodd's Kidney Pills
about six weeks he was entirely
cured nnd had gained fifteen pounds
In weight. The last time I saw him
he was the picture of perfect man
hood." When tne flying machine Is perfect
ed wo can all get up In the air, if wa
want to.
Citizens of Beatrice will aBk the
Burlington road to gle them u new
Tho bridge over tho Republican riv
er at Superior was badly damaged by
an ice gorge.
Claud Cartmntnr in in tall nt Tlcnt-
n.v iui nun uujd iui Bivumii, u
meerschaum pipe. i
Some of tho sheep feeders In Dodge !
county nro shearing their sheep and !
sending them to market.
Tho Ice and high water In the Platte .
river nave taken out most or tho
bridges north of Koncsaw. I
it. it .tl..Hnu r 1... I
v. ii. iiuiuui ui vjiiiunu, n civil win
veteran, dropped dead on the btrects
01 that city a few days ago,
The county bridge across the Platte
river, about three miles from Colum
bus, was washed out by tho high wat
er and ico.
Tho Lincoln Implement and Trans
fer company, $40,000 capital stock, has
hied articles of incorporation with the
uecretary of state.
CaBs county's mortgago record
shows the amount of farm mortgages
filed to be $59,992; released, tjfi.1,316.
City mortgages filed amounted to ?2,
100; rei'asod, $7,092.
At a mooting of the. board of super
visors held In Beatrice J. H. Sparks of
St. Joseph was awarded the contract
lor building tho bridges in Gago coun
ty for tho coming year.
W. P. Cook of Cheyenne county, sen
tenced to three years In the peniten
tiary for obtaining money under false
pretenses, has secured a reversal and
will bo given a new trial.
The home of John Donner. four
miles nortnwefit of Elgin, burned to
the ground in the late wind, storm.
Nothing was saved. The family bare
ly escaped with their lives.
George Casey, a farm hand employ
ed by Frank Bartels, near Portal, Sar
py county, attempted suicide by drink
ing 8ljfr.ounces of iodine. The doctors
sayidhJsyife by pumping him out.
tAfl'ordinatfon service was hold in
the(Congregatonal church at Llnwood
7. VI .....--"- --- .
bcljoro a crowded house, In which Mrs. i
M. J. Dickinson, pastor of the Congre-
gational ohtlrch here, was ordained.
Thy-""oman's club nt Fremont has
rc;nu.iuud to Prof. Barbour of the Uni
versity of Nebraska a number of In
teresting articles which will be includ
ed in the slate exhibit at the St. Louis
A prairie nro north of Elwood de
stroyed II. O. Hallor's house, barn,
horses and all outbuildings; .1. S. Tew
ell's barn, nil outbuildings and 1,500
bushels of wheat; Mrs. Corder's house
and buildings.
FIro destroyed about forty tons of
hay on the farm of George Drake, a
larmer living south of Red Cloud.
Drake swore out a complaint against
his brother-in-law, Jeff Beauchamp, for
setting fire to tho hay.
Articles of Incorporation of the Dole
Floral company have been filed in the
office of tho county clerk at Beatrice.
The company Is capitalized for $2.",
000 and tho principal place of doing
business is at Boatrlce.
The women of the local Relief corps
at Schuyler have set a movement on
foot to securo funds to erect a sol
diers' monument. They have placed
the amount they desire at $730, and,;
some nave signiueu ineir willingness
to contribute liberally. ,
Secretary Bennett of the state board
of equalization is confident that the
assessors of northeast Nebraska, will
not meet to agree on a basis of valu
ation. Ho declared that on agreement
on values would disqualify the officials
from holding their positions.
Little Vincent Sloggett, aged (!, son
of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. .1. Sloggett of Fre
mont, was killed by falling downstairs
at his home. The boy's denth was not
tho result of internal Injuries, but
followed tho bursting of a blood vessel,
which threw him into convulsions.
A schomo is on foot nt Fremont to
hold regular cattle and horse sales.
Two Grand Island dissolute women
from tho proscribed district and a man
whose identity tho pollen have not
learned drove a horso to death. When
the horso was turned into the barn
its back showed tho heavy welts of the
whip and It could scarcely wabble to
its stall, where It died in thirty min
utes. Forty, feet of the Hamilton-Hall
county bridge, owned and maintained
jointly by the two counties, went out
tho other day, the result of an Ice
gorge, and more of it is out of lino,
or has tho piling cut from under it.
The orldgc is about a inilo long, the
most serious damage' being on the Hall
county side.
By an order of the supremo court,
based on a decision handed down at
its last sitting, tho Union Pacific Rail
road company bus just paid out $4S.
000, of which sum $35,000 was for the
value of a lot which the company tried
to secure from Mrs. Sarah N. Stan
wood for $13,101. The. remainder of
the amount was for interest and inci
dental expensos.
(Jeorgo Kepler, Thomas Gray, allai
Thomas Rogers, and Samuel Bradley
alias Sam T. Bullis, charged with lob
bing tho bank at Lyons, wero bound
over in tho sum of $2,000 oach. Keelor
will bo taken to Dodge and Gray nnd
Bradley will bo taken to the Douglas
county jail for safe keeping.
Secretary Dobson of the stato board
of Irrigation sent out notices to ap
plicants for water and Irrigation pur
poses to file their proofs at once, so
that certificates could be sont them.
In tne state thore aro about 1,000 ap
plicants who have made no proof of
Treasurer Kinds State Running Behind
In Spite of Heavy Receipts.
LINCOLN The report of State
Treasurer Mortcnscn. filed with tho
J auditor, shows that In the general fund
of tho state there was received during
luo inunill flAZ.UVS.iiU, WIllCll W8H OC
casloned by tho, working of the new
revenue .aw. which brought in tho
porsonal taxes. Tho payments from
the fund, however, wero greatly In ex-
cc3s of this amount, $l!in,907.85. The
report shows that tho state Is still run
ntng behind at a rate that is interest
ing, If not alarming. However, the
statement is not an Indication of tho
financial condition c: tho state, for
the reason that until tho valuation of
property Is ascertained and tho lovy
fixed, It will be impossible to tell just
how the state Is coming out at the
end of me liionnlum. As soon ns tho
state board of equalization does this,
then It win be possible to tell just
whero the state 13 from a financial
Tho report shows that the permn
nent school fund contains $84,193.95
and the temporary school fund $214,
C25. Cash on hand at the end of the
month amounted to $6,021.75 and cash
on deposit $374,212.13. During the
month tnere was received a total of
$532,100.43, and paid out $440,317.07.
Early Settlers to Hold Meeting Next
HUMBOLDT An interesting nnd
important movement was started here
when n half dozen of the pioneers of
this place got together and planned
to have some sort or a gathering the
coming summer, to be arranged and
participated in by those who settled
in the wilderness of Nebraska a half
century ago in 1854. The intention at
present is to form an organization, to
Wiilch shall be eligible for member
ship all residents of southeastern No-
lirjisl.-fl Willi llllVn llvn.l In II, n Lilnfn
.... ....., iii ..,, aioiv
since the year mentioned above, and
It Is
urged that all who are entitled
to participate will communicate at an
early dato with II. P. Marble of this
city, sending tacts regarding their set
tlement In the state. Among the
prime movers in the matter Is Samuel
11. Bobst of this city, who settled with
his parents near the west line of the
county on April 20, 1834. and is believ
ed to be among tho first settlers ot
the state. His father. Christian Bobst,
was the first probate judge of Rich
ardson county, when her borders ox
tended from the Missouri river on tho
east to the Rocky mountains on the
Sentence Cut Down.
LINCOLN Soney Ford of Cherry
county, sentenced to imprisonment for
seven years for the killing of Allen
Rothchilds near Valentine, has re
ceived a reduction of sentence to
tiiree years and will servo four years
In the penitentiary.
Title t the Island.
LINCOLN McBride & Kilgoro aro
entitled to tne island In the Platte riv
er upon which George S. Whait taker
flllfl llflt.. liAAn n.i.l nt... wi.
ggt.itvi ..., .j ill ft; IILX-H tlllM Hit! 111,11
uviiiK. bo me supreme conn nas de
cided. - t
Will Reduce Commission.
LINCOLN The supreme court com
mission will be redueod to three mem
born after April 5, the commission of
nine members meeting for the last
time on that date.
Hogs Bring Good Prices.
LAWRENCE The sale of forty bred
Dinoe-Jersey sows by Bowman & Fitch
nt this place averaged $87.23. The
top price was $310, paid by Louden &
Son of Clay Center, Neb.
Many Farmers Moving.
HUMBOLDT There is quite nn ex
odus of farmers from this section, ow
lng to the arrival of the month of
March. Those who are leaving the
county Invariably make for the west
ern part of the state, where It is their
belief they can be more successful In
farming. While this county hns been
favored with good crops for several
years, the high price of land and con
sequent high rate of rent made it diffi
cult for tho average renter to get
ahead, and ho Is consequently goingn
search of a section 'where dirt is not
so high.
Larkin Out of Jail.
ST. PAUI Bert Larkin, who burg
larlzod the postoftico at St. Libory last
July and was sent to tho reform
sdiool,. recently escaped, and, with a
younger brother, was arrested here
After receiving his breakfast ho was
left alone in the corridor of the jail
With a heavy iron poker he worked
a hole through the wall and made his
Destroyed Much Property.
LOUP CITY Hans Beck left home
Saturday lor Omaha with a carload of
cattle and some time Saturday night
or early Sunday morning some one
visited Mr. Bock's farm house uud
with- a spade broke every window ex
cept one, turned tho hard coal stove
over on tho carpet with the fire burn
ing, took five sacks of flour and threw
it alt over the house, cut up a good top
on the buggy and smashed things in
general. The guilty parties are un
known, hut-one or two In the neighbor
hood are suspected.
do soon ct.oTirr.3 look rEtxowr
If no. tifioRod Croat Ball Ulno. It will make
them white as snow. 'J oz. package 5 cents.
Our Idea of uti unpopular man Is
one with n fad for collecting bills.
Billion Dollar Ornia.
When Wo introduced this remarkable
trrass three yonrs ago, little did we
-tream It would bo tho most talked-of
iCrass hi America, the biggest, quick,
hay producer on earth; but this has
como to pass.
Agr. Editors wrote about It, Apr. Col
lege Tiofpssors lectured about it, Agr.
Institute Orators talked about It, while
in tlio farm home by the quiet fireside,
In the corner grocery, in tho village
postofHee, nt tlm creamery, nt the de
pot; in fact wherever farmers gath
ered. Sulzer'ft Billion Dollar Uruss, that
wonderf;il grass, good for D to 14 tons
per ncre, and lots of pasture besides,
Is always a theme worthy of tho farm
er's voice.
Then comei Bromus Inermls, than
which there Is no better grass or bet
ter permanent hay producer on earth.
Grows wherever soil Is found. Then
the farmer talks about Salter's Teo
slnte, which will produco 100 stocks
from one kernel ot .seed, 11 ft. high, In
100 days, rich In nutiition and greedily
eaten by cattle, hogs, etc., and is good
for 80 tons ot green food per acre.
Victoria Rape, which can be grown
at 25c a ton, and Speltr. at 20c a bu.,
both great food for cattle, also come In
for their share in the discussion,
and this notice to JMm A. Salzcr Seed
Co., La Crosse, Wls.?or their big cat
alog and farm seed samples. (W. N. U.)
A positively selfish woman has the
most to say about tho unkindness of
the world at large.
Mother Gray' Sweet Porrdera for Children.
Successfully uied by Mother Gray, nurse
in the Children's Home in New York, cure
Conitipation, l'everishness, Bad Stomach,
Teething Disorders, move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 30,00(1
testimonials. At all druggists, 25c. Sample
FREE. Address A.S.Olmsted. LeRoy.N.Y.
How Jack London Works.
Jack l.ondons new novel, "The Sea.
Wolf," which began with the new year
in tho Century, intensifies Interest In
this remarkable young writer. Mr.
London is authority for tho statement
that he docs his work the first thing
in tho morning, right after breakfast,
averaging a thousand words a day,
live days In the week. When pushed,
ho has written over a thousand words
dally for many weeks at a stretch;
and has occasionally accomplished
two thousand words every day for two
weeks. He writes slowly, making few
changes in his first draft. At the end
of each day ho typewrites what he has
written, and this is the completed
Lived 113 Years.
From Castlebar, County Mayo, thore
comes a story of the death of James
Conway, a farmer, who attained the
age of 113 years. Tho father ' of
Jamea Conway did not die so young,
for his years were six score and six
that is, 120. The grandfather's final
age was 130 years. These statistics
are the less unlikely because in the
same county an old man died not
long ago who was proved to have at
tained the age pi at least 120 years.
James Conway remembered the
French invasion in 1798, which was
led by Geueral -Humbert, who won
the battle known as "The Races of
He Abolishes "Presenting Arms."
The French minister of war, Gen
eral Andre, Is one of the best abused
men in France because of his recently
announced purpose to promote equal
ity In the ranks of the army. To fur
ther this object he has recently abol
ished the custom of "presenting arms"
as a "mark of respect. He is accused
of fostering socialism in the French
ranks and of deliberately following
out a policy of religious and political
persecution. He condemned to two
years hard service In the ranks sixty
Polytechnic students who rebelled
against the severity of an examina
tion. General Andre is a great favor
ite with the common soldiers. He be
gan life in the army as a lieutanant
in the imperial guard.
Woman Found the Food That Fitted
A newspaper woman went out to a
Colorado ranch to rest and recuperate
and her experience with the food
probably Is worth recounting.
"The woman at the ranch was pre
eminently the worst housekeeper I
have ever known poor soul, end poor
"I simply had to have food good
and plenty of It, for I had broken
down from overwork and was so weak
I could not sit up over one hour at a
time. I knew I could not got well un
less I secured food I could easily di
gest and that would supply the great
est amount ot nourishment.
"Ono day I obtained permission to
go through the pantry and see what I
could find. Among other things I
came across a package of Grape-Nuts
which I had heard of but never tried.
I read the description ou the package
and become doeply Interested, so then
and there I got a saucer and some
cream and tried the famous food.
"It tasted delicious to me and
seemed to freshen and strengthen me
greatly so I stipulated that Grape
Nuts and cream be provided each day
instead of other food, and 1 literally
lived on Grape-Nuts and cream for
two or three months.
"If you could have seen how fast I
got well It would have pleased and
surprised you. I am now perfectly
-well and strong again and know ex
actly how I got well and that was on
Grape-Nuts that furnished me a pow
erful food I could digest aud make use
"It seems to me no brain worker
can afford to overlook Grape-Nuts
after my experience." Name given
by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Gat the miniature book, "The Road
j to WellYllIe" in each pkg.
Farming Very Successful.
By Western or Northwest Canada la
usually meant the great agricultural
country west of Ontario, and north ot
Minnesota, North Dakota, and Mon
tana. Part of it Is agricultural prairie,
treeless In placeB, park like in others,
part Is genulno plains, woll adapted to
cattle ranches; part requires Irriga
tion for successful Ullage, most of It
does not. Tho political divisions of.
this region are tho Province of Mani
toba and the territorial district of As
slnibola, Saskatchewan, Alberta and
Athabaska. At present, however, the
latter is too remoto for immediate
practical purposes.
Tho general character of the soil ot
Western Canada Is a rich, black, clay
loam with a clay subsoil. Such a soil
Is particularly rich In food for tho
wheat plant. The subsoil Js a clay,
which retains the winter frost "until it
is thawed out by the warm rays of
tho sun and drawn upward to stimu
late the growth of the young wheat, bo
that even in dry seasons wheat is a
good crop. The clay soil also retalnn
the heat of the sun later In tho sum
mer and assists in the early ripening;
of the grain. It is claimod that cul
tivation has the effect of increasing'
the temperature of tho soil several
degrees, as woll as the air above it.
Western Canada climate is good
cold in winter, hot In summer, but
with cool nights. Violent storms oC
any kind are rare. The rainfall is not
heavy. It varies with places, but aver
ages about 17 inches. It falls usually;
at the time the growing crops need it.'
The Department of the Interior, Ot
tawa, Canada, has agents established
at. different points throughout tho
United States who will be pleased to
forward an Atlas of Western Canada
and give such other information as to
railway rate, etc., as may bo required.
That agriculture In Western Canada
pays Is shown by the number of testi
monials given by farmers. The fol
lowing is an extract made from a lot
tor from a farmer near Moose Jaw:
"At the present time I own sixteen
hundred acres ot land, fifty horses and
a large pasture fenced containing a
thousand acres. Theso horses run out
all winter and come in in the spring
quite fat. A man with money Judi
ciously expended will mnke a compe
tence very shortly. I consider in tho
last six years the increase in tho
value of my land has netted mo forty
thousand dollars."
Tho girl who has a real social posi
tion usually is tho most unassuming.
Lewis' " Single Binder " straight ftc rlgnr.
No other brand of cigars is so popular with
tho smoker. Holms learned to rely upon
its uniform high quality, lewis' Factory,
Peoria, 111.
Candor Is ever the brightest gem
of true criticism. Disraeli.
stain tho hands or spot the kettle, ex
cept green and purple.
Considering a duty Is often explain
ing it away. Robertson.
Million In Oati.
Salzer's New National Oati yleldrt
In 1903 in Mich., 240 bu., in Mo., 263 bu..
In N. D 310 bu., and in 30 other
states from 150 to 200 bu. per acre.
Now this Oat if generally grown In
1904, will add millions of bushels to the
yield, and millions ot dollars to the
farmer's purse. Try it for 19M. Larg
est Seed Potato and Alfalfa Clover
growers In America.
Salzer's Speltz, Beardless Barley,
Home Builder Corn. Macaroni Wheat,
Pea Oat. Billion Dollar Grass and Ear
liest Canes are money makers for you,
Mr. Farmer.
in stamps to John A. Salr.or Seed Co.,
La Crosse, Wis., and receive in return
their big catalog nnd lots ot farm seed
samples. (W. N. U.)
Out of suffering have emerged tho
strongest souls. E. II. Clapin.
To Cnro a Cold in Ono day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refundmoueylf itfailstocuro. 25c.
Love is a great source or economy
in a household. Halovy.
A'strlklng contl-ast
between Defiance Starch!
and any other brand wilt
be found by comparison
Defiance SUrch stiffens'
whitens, beautifies wlttH
out rotting.
Halves clotheslHc
their newness.
It Is absolutely pure;
It will not injure thft
most delicate fabrics'
(For fine things ,andali
things use the best there
Is. DeflanceiStarcli
'io cents for 16 ounces.''
Other brands io cents foij
13 ounces.
A atrikinjreontrasfi.
Omaha. Neb.'