The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, March 11, 1904, Image 10

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Stock and
Ncbrnskn Stock Grower's Amoclntlon.
A M. Modlsclt. firrnlilrnt, Itttslivllle; H. M.
Hampton, vice-president. Alliances K. M
Pcarle Jr.. seorotnry-trcustirur, Oguhillu.
Kxecullve oommltteo -K. I'. Myers, Lena;
. If. Klnfiitd, lllnglmm; John Ilreniian,
AllluiicoiJ. H. Viinllosklrk, AHIhiim'I F,. B.
Lowe, Hjunnlii .lolm M. Adnuw. Potter; 11.
Mi Allen, Ames; 11. LUco, Lodgepolui Evert
Eldred, Orlando; li. C. Ilanlo, Children; L.
Y. Mlrkull, Kimball; Hubert Omlmm, Al
liance; .fuliii Conway, Dunning; .1. II- Cook,
Attain: A. H. Heed. Alliiinco.
JeM, Noli
Block branded
as mown on cut '
on either side.
ToWIISlllp !M.
ond range 43.
Hchlll, Neb.
Cnttlu brutidud
on right thigh or
XV on right
Town ,s h 1 p 2"
Moornuw, Nob.
Cuttle branded
Catholic cross on
right, hip. , ,
Horses branded
nmo on right
Knnch on H. V.
H of section 30,.
29, 4 nnd adjacent:
Hox iiuito. Nob.
Cult U) branded us
I) cut on left hip,
also with tliu bar
ovor Instead nf
under brand.
-section 17.
In township
rnngo 411,
ci'itnAN nnos ,
Canton, ionx
county, Neb.
(Cross II Cross)
on left Mile. A1m
III on loft thigh.
Under slope on
loft ear.
Horses branded
arne iih cauls on
left Jaw and U on
left shoulder.
Malluilii, Nob.
On left Hide.
N on left sldo
J. It. Norud.
Alllaut-o, Nub.
3 5 connected
any place, on left
side. Itimgo on
bead of IMnc
.'reck, Sheridan
Cleniui), Nub.
An In cut on
right or loft hip;
loft ear cropped.
Horses branded O
on loft Jaw.
Guttlo branded
flying horseshoe
on left hip, as In
cut. iliime,
ranch sec.S.VS7
50. Horse, ranch
In StMl).
LukesIUe. Neb.
Cattle branded
N wight hi p.
ltaugo hi Twp.
26, rungu 43, ShOr-
dun county,
Alliance, Neb.
Cattle branded
OK on left side:
also OK unil ok
on left side.
Stockmen: It will
pay you to advertise
.your brands in this
paper. The Herald
has the largest circu
lation of any newspa
per in Western Ne
braska. Kstruycd
From tho Dllllng ranch 011 or altout tho sec
ond day of December last n bright buy guiding
""work horse, white face, branded T on Jaw.
Anyone locating annlmul und notifying u
will bo promptly rewarded. IUuukn Vi.ikt.
3-3t 1. O. address. IJox Hutte, Neb.
One small thro- ear-old black steer, weight
about 050 pounds ejt rayed from our ranch
abont tho flr&t of last August. Ho bore the
brand I""! on rlK"1 hip. Anyone, locating
tins p 1 animui piease nutiry me una re-
celTeroTnI. Diixino linos.
t-3 P. O. address, Box Hutte. Neb.
y o
II. A.
u D
T. .1. U YI.
Wi'iiiiii i .
-W-.ti i mr mm t
lMMMmMm&i&tmMMA WCe
taL I
f-N- Y
8ottled Dispute Concerning'
Ownership of Hans.
Magistrate Jcrmon anco spent a
lumincr in a llttlo town In South
Jersey and made tho acquaintance of '
a Justice of tho peace who hold moro
oinces than Pooh Bah himself. "Ho
waH," says Jormon, "a notary public,
a storekeeper, superintendent of tho
Sunday school, a lay preacher, post
master, coroner, a fnrmer and a few
moro things that I can't recnll now.
Ho wns a shrewd old fellow, as n
decision in ti caso that I heard will
go to show. Two farmers had n ills
puto about tho ownership of somo
poultry, and each pleaded his own
case. Each sldo hntl an equal num
hor of witnossos and thore was somo
tall swearing done nil round. If I had
been Bitting on the case I would have
given It up ns a bad job, or sent it to
court for trial, nut that's Just what
ho didn't do.
"I forgot to stato that In addition to
nil his other functions he was his own
constable. Tho hens were in court
In a coop nnd he ordered that a con
stable should take tho coop to tho
roadway opposite tho farms of the liti
gants and turn tho creatures loose.
And ho did tho job himself and got his
feo for doing it. Tho hens settled tho
caso by going directly to one of tho
farms, and tho Justice declared that
they know their way home, and gavo
Judgmont accordingly." Philadelphia
Virginia Statesman Makes Distinct
"Hit" at the Hub.
Senator John Warwick Daniel of Vlr
ginia was tho Hon of tho occasion at
tho recent dinner of the Boston Mer
chants' association. A Boston dally
declaros that "from the moment tho
company wns seated Mr. Daniel was
'the cynosure of all eyes.' A certain
power radiated from his finely cut
countenance and somehow It seemed
as though whoro ho sat there was tho
head of tho tablo. A genuine south
ron, a gentlomnn from Vlrglnln, of tho
old stock, nnd of clearest titlo to tho
much-abused 'F. F. V.,' with all tho
graces and outward marks of that dis
tinction. With Good Effect.
It was at a chamber concert by a
famous string quartet, says the Chica
go Journal, and the two lnrgo hatted,
chatty persons of tho matlnoo typo
who snt directly beforo tho music lov
ers wore so communicative as to their
affairs and thoso of all their acquaint
ances that the recital wns of small
pleasure to the appreciative and long
suffering couple directly In tho rear of
the convorsatlonallstt, "I am sorry
we could not have heard moro of your
conversation," the patient palo lovor
of music wroto on tho margin of his
program, "but tho violinist has Incon
siderately been making himself heard
from time to time. I am Bttre, how
over, If you speak a llttlo louder he
will understand nnd give way to you."
"I would llko to drop that In their
laps," he said, passing It to his com-"
panlon with a savago gleam in his
eye. "but I don't quite dare."
"1 do, then," said the mild-voiced
young woman at his side, and in somo
sudden nnd Inexplicable manner tho
PUPer appeared beforo the eyes of tho
voluble persons before her. They
looked wrathfully behind them, only
to encounter a row of immobile faces,
all oyes raptly regarding tho stugo.
Thoy glared to the right and to the
loft of them, with no more satisfac
tory results. Then they sulked, which
had the desired effect, and the remain-'
der of the evening was a distinct sue,
cess in their vicinity.
The Wild Duck.
You love the -mud flats where the wave
tuts break.
The blue of ca, the green recess ot
The llHshlriK mirror of the silver lake
Whrre In the breeze the golden reed
beds quiver.
Like Invalid, ti chanRo of wind will
You haste to travel Inland from the
nut lusty strength your whistling pin
ions boast
As throuRh the clouds your marshalled
flight you take.
To .your staid brother of straw-scattered
BcHvcnKlnR- placidly tho livelong day.
How like nnd yet how different you arel
Your twinkling eye Is ever on Its guard,
A distant human speck and you're
While he scarce waddles frivn the scur
rying car.
Westmln 'or Gazette.
Spain la Waking Up.
A recent report from Bilbao states
that thore Is a very strong possibility
of the Import trade in nitrate of soda
and sulphate of ammonia for agrlcul-
turo purposes being considerably In
creased, owing to tne enons to im
prove tho methods of cultivation in
Spain. About 4,000 tons of nitrate
aro used every year at Bilbao in tha
production of acids and chemical
Electoral Commission Survivors.
Only three of the fifteen members of
the famous electoral commission ot
1877 survive ex-Senator Edmund3,
Senator Hoar and Gen. Eppa IJnnton,
of Virginia. All ot the five Justices
of the Supreme Court who sat on
the commission long since passed
Steamers from Antwerp to Congo.
Negotlntlous nro proceeding be
tween the Cougo Krco State and Gor
man shipping companies for tho es
tablishment of a German-Belgian llqo
ot atoaniera between Antwerp and tho
Dog Has Broom-Stealing Habit.
A dog In Brandon, VL, haa acquired
the habit of stealing brooms and bring
ing them home. Already he has
secured half a dozen, and his owner
can.ict 3nd cut where he got them.
6ld to Depend Largely on Where
Seeds Come From.
An export nurseryman Bays tho
hardiness or nonhnrdlnesB of trees tie-
ponds largely upon where tho seeds
from which the trees in question
sprang came from. Satisfactory re-
suits Hro seldom experienced by
planting a seed obtained from the
Sunny South, say. IJy planting seeds
gradually further north, however,
trees may bo at length hardened nnd
acclimated until n seed from such n
treo may ho reasonably expected to
thrive nnd mature its fruits.
Trees, llko people, ncqulro their
habits from the climate In which they
live. Tho northern treo knows In-
Btlnctlvely when tho time has como
to ripen' its fruit. Tho southern treo
follows tho samo instinct, being in no
hurry, as thero is little likelihood of
real cold. With tranBplantings further
north its habits changes,
Tho great trouble with most people
Is that they want to Jump a treo
from South to North at one move.
This samo Idea is ovidcut in the at
tempt to bring .various fruit trees
from Russia to the northern United
Apples and plums from tho land or
tho Great White Czar have taken
kindly to the below zero conditions
of tho gentlo Dakotas.
Effective System Recently Introduced 'Tnat w&a news to me, you know,
by James J. Hill. ftnd Umd to resign my position to tho
James J. Hill has introduced a new real 'teacher, I was so surprised."
economy on tho railroads which ho Washington Star.
controls. Each engine has a tab kept ' :
on Its daily employment and agaliiRt Mine Drainage Planned.
It is charged every cent used for oil, Mine drainage operations In South
fuel, repairs and operation. Thus If Staffordshire, England, by which 40,
englno 200 Is found to be costing more 000,000 tons of coal may bo won from
than engine 260 tho engineer of tho J flooded pits, aro now contemplated,
former Is asked to explain. Tho same i These mines have been flooded for a
plan Is to bo extended to every car on
tho Bystem. Then tho conductors and
enginemen who mako tho best show
ing are to have bonuses.
Tight Clothes Cause Distress.
Somo of tho most emlnont physi
cians In tho world declare with em-
phnsls that tight gloves, shoes and i
clothing hnvo a tendency to cnuso
colds and a great deal of suffering
during tho winter, no matter how 1
warmly a person may be clad. Ho
says: "TiKht shoes on anyone's feet
will nrrest the circulation, and while,
of courHO, tho foot might not freeze.
It hns no chance to get warm, and
thus invites the cold, with a good pos
sibility of pneumonia stepping in to
clinrgo uj) moro trouble to the tight
shoes, Tho same thing Is true, though
in a lesser degree, of tight glovos on
tho hands, and a tight collar or tight
neckband on a shirt is apt to cause
a cold In the head by interfering with sllmness and the contour of their flg
tho voins in the dlschargo of their tires must begin by learning to stand
duties. Shoes and gloves that fit ,
snugly ought to be worn In tho win
ter, but thoso that aro tight aro abso
lutely dangerous, extremely so be-
cnuso tho general public knows so
llttlo about it." 1
The Seven Ages of a Racehorse.
Flnrt. the foal.
Wobbly, and ntircl jr at Its mother's Bide:
And the,, the whinnying colt, with gentle
And eerily floating mane, frltl-.lug in pad-
Nlbbl1nCKkiu.cious green. Then come, the
FierCkiek f0l'8l,t 8t flMt' wUh many a
But later borne with grace. Then dally
.. iNUP'nK. ,
Months of pampering care, and trials on
a truck
Traveling, and racing under clever hands,
1 nger to records make or break,
. in cup or land fat purse. And then a
Tci Ccn strained, nnd as a "selling plater"
HIh t vk of money earning nipped In bud.
For 1 1 ' i'u more the soft caress of hand,
And h- t.m played his part. The sixth
a.' Hiiowa .,,,,,, .
The horse of gentle breed docked, and
drawing cab .
With weary stride, eyes bulging und mark
On h?sf shrunk shank: and the full, deep
unce uruwn in measure strung, moors
And whistles in Its sound. Last scene of
That ends this strange, pathetic history.
For which 'twere mercy to Implore ob
livion. Buns tan, sans sight, sans strength, sans
Florence SI. Ii'lalr In Rider and Driver.
Algerian Wheat.
Practically all the wheat grown
In Algeria is hard wheat. The total
product in 1902 was 21,000 metric
tons. Of the annual crop all but a
very Braall portion Is consumed In
Algeria. The native population uso
only the Algerian wheat, which Is
made Into bread, semoules and cous -
cotts. The latter is a dish highly
esteemed by tho Arabs and very ex -
tenslvely used. The flour used for
breadmaklng and r'her cooking pur-
poses by tho Eur.;.e.ia population Is
The Rt-lly Clever Poce.
Thero Is much more Intellectual
cleverness among tho girls of to-day
than there was fifty years ago. A
flippant cousin says: "It does not pay
for a girl to be clever; men are afraid
of you If you are, and the other girls
hate you." The really clever women
are those who disguise their learn
ing, and pose as amiable and charm
ing Idiots. Ladles' Field.
Uso American Money.
United States money Is extensively
used In the northern part of Colombia,
and In many stores prices are quoted
In American gold.
Best Hated Man In Ireland.
Tho late marquis of Sltgo onjoyed
tho roputation of being one of tho most
hated men who owned estates in Ire
land. Lord Mayor's Valuable Badge.
Tho badge worn by the lord mayor
ot London Is studded with diamonds
to the value of 120,000.
Child Qlves New Facts About District
of Columbia.
Commissioner Macfarland was the
chief speaker at tho dedication of a
new public scbot.l building in tho
northern section of the city. Most of
tho pupils who wcro gathered in tho
big hall on tho first floor to sing tho
national anthoms and hear the ridvlco
of tholr elders were quite young, nnd
the commissioner undertook to amuso
them with a llttlo story of a former
experience In a Washington public
school. Thla is what ho said:
"Ono day I was visiting a certain
grade In a certain school, and tho
teachor thero was so kind as to ask
me to question tho children, so that
I could find out how much they know,
I didn't much relish bolng teacher
even for a few minutes, but, children,
you don't know what it Is to bo a corn-
mlssioner; I Just had to do it.
"Well, I Btood up in front, and I
" 'Who can tell mo how tho District
ot Columbia is governed?'
"It seemed as If tho question wero
too hard, and I was sorry I had asked
it, because tho teacher had been so
anxious to have her pupils 'show off'
before me. Then a llttlo bit of
girl raised her hand timidly.
'Well, how Is it governed, my lit
tle girl?' I asked, reassured.
" 'Please, sir, the District Is govern
ed by three missionaries, and one ot
them belongs to the engineer corpse.'
quarter of a century. The coal area
has been split up into various owner
ships, nnd before a drainage commls-
j slon camo into existence each owner
1 was Bitpposed to pump the water from
j his own pits. Some of thorn failed to
' do this and in tho end nil of tho pits
were abandoned. A drainage commis-
Bion lias obtained power to pump out
the pits and has secured a loan of
?GOO,000 to do it with. The project Is
an extensive nnd dlfllcult one, but
.mining experts declare that it offers
no obstacles which modern engineer-
ing resources are unable to conquer.
Tho re-starting of tho mines means a
Jnrgo access of property to a district
thnt stands In urgent need of It, and
the prospect of restoring this long
nbandoned industry has created great
interest in tho neighborhood.
Learn to Stand Well.
Women who wish to preserve tho
Thls is explained to mean the throw
irig forward and upward of the chest,
tho flattening of tho back and the
shoulder blades held In their proper
places, and tho definite curving In of
tho small of the back, thus throwing
the whole weight of tho body on the
This, In a great measure, preserves
tho flgur0i because it kcep8 the mus
cles Arm and well strung, and pre-
ventB the sinking down of the flesh
round the waist, so common in women
ovor 30 wh,ch lB orfectl' easy t0
' escape. Another thing to avoid Is a
bad habit of going upstairs, as most
1 . . . , . .... tu
j women do, bent forward, with the
chest contracted, which, as well as
. . ,,., i..i,im, .
, being an Indolent, slouching mannor
nf wnllclncr. Is Inlurlous to the heart
; j i,lrlo.a
ana mngs.
. ., , . .
A Yankee Trade.
The old Yankee skill at driving a
,, , , K, ., A ..
bargain Is not being lost. A woman
visitor at a fashionable resort on the
Maine coast last summer went to the
I Universallst church in the place tho
1 flr. annjnv rnnrnlnp- nf hor ntnv nnrl
, um anua morning or ner sta, ana
was politely shown to a seat. There
was no hymn book, however, but the
occupant of the pew behind her
reached over and placed one In her
hands. At the close of the service the
visitor turned and thanked the person,
saying as she was to attend that
church all summer she would like to
buy a hymn book. "Well," said the
other woman, "I guess you can have
that book If you'll give me a pair of
black gloves, No. 7." Very well,"
said the visitor. The noxt day she
went to Portsmouth, purchased the No.
) 7 black gloves 'for $1.50 and duly re
j celved the uso of the hymnal In ex,
. chnngo for them on the following Sun
, day. Boston Herald.
One Thing to Avoid.
'Yes," said the great man, "I am
going to write a book of personal rec
ollections. I think I am prominent
enough to do that, don't you?"
"Oh, yes, you're prominent enough,
but I'd like to caution you about one
"What's that?"
"For the purposes of publication,
don't recollect anything about promi
nent men now Hying."
"But they're Just tho people I want
to write about. Those are the kind
of reminiscences that will mako the
book sell."
"Oh, well, suit yourself, but remem
ber that I warned you."
"What's tho danger?"
"Why, just as soon as you begin to
recollect things about them rhey will
begin to recollect things about you."
"I hadn't thought of that," remarked
tho great man. Cincinnati Post.
Woman State Librarian.
Miss Josephine Holgato of Olympla
has Accepted the position of stato 11.
brarian of Washington. She declined
the appointment when It was first of
fered to her, and was persuaded to re
consider tho matter.
; Alliance Candy Co.
Manufacturing Confcctiona
rics both wholesale and re
tail. We ask Ihot public to
inspect our goods. You will
find them tip top.
i-T" '
4 'PURITY and
For a Full
Line of...
I Finest Teas
That Can't lie Beat
In Town.,..
Enameled ware
liiTimp THIa
... J'i '1 -w M .rw
UJ('2m A ance. Neb.
..- 1 . . ....
T w
and all points east and all points west and
Tuains Leave as Follows, Mountain Time:
No. -IJ I'liwionger dally. Deadw(od,
Hillings, all points north and
west 10:33 a.m.
No. 42 I'ussenger dally, Lincoln,
Omaha, Chicago and all
points cast 1:10a.m.
No. 301 l'u&seiiger dally, for Denver
uguen.siut lMue, san iTan
clsco und all Intel-mediate
points, departs at 1:10 a.m.
! Passenger dally from Denver
and all Intermediate points,
arrives at
No. 4.1 Local passenger dally from
Omaha, Lincoln und Inter
mediate points arrives ut.... ti:00 a.m.
No. 44 l,ocnl passenger dally, for
Omaha, Lincoln and Interme
diate points, departs at 3:10am
No. SOJDally, excel) Sunday, for
points south and west, de
parts 7:50 a. m
No. 30(1 Dully, except Sunday, from
south und west, arrives 4:55 p. in.
Sleeping, dining und reclining cbulr curs
(seats free) on through trains. Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any point In the
United Stntcsor Canuda. For Information,
time tables and tickets call on or writo to .1.
Khkidelbauoii, Agent, or J. Francis, Gen
eral Passenger Agent. Omuhu. Nebraska.
0 Fire
6 Insurance.
Agent for tho Caledonian, ot
Scotland, which Insures town
property only, and tho Oolum-
Dia, which 111
Insures town und A
ti tan. ntutnilM, . .n,l II.. rk L,.al .
Both aro reliable old lino com- a
K punles..... V
T Notai'lo.1 ,Work. 0
Will Cry Sales in This and
Adjoining Counties. . . .
Oil" Satisfaction guaranteed. If
you want to buy or sell ranch prop
erty, list it with me
Hemingfokd, Neb.
How About That
New Suit or Overcoat
For the Spring Season ?
We stand back of
Fit and Style
First door south Charter Hotel.
Plumbing, Steam and hot water
Phone, No. 356. ALLIANCE, NEB.
Dn J. R. Taggart, D.V.S.
Is prepared to treat any and all
diseases known to the horse
nnd coiv. Speclnl nttentlon to
dentistry. All work guaranteed
llarti North of Pulaco Livery. Tho 101
SEE Jos. Carey & Co.
Tor house moving, well boring
making and cleaning cesspools
moving box cars, etc ....
Moving Household Furniture
and Trunks a specialty . .
Phone No, 1 Young's grocery, Alliance.
Good Table Board
Comfortable Rooms
Opposite Depot
Alliance, Neb.
:: Undertaking and . .
:: Embalming Company
Calls snswered promptly day or night.
Claude Humphry,
rirs. Humphry,
Lady Assistant.
Residence phone 2Gg.
Flour Feed.
Is Our Leader. Try It...,
'PHONE 105.
Wm. James,
Dealer in
ISo. 5.
in our mixed drinks, bottled and ready
for immediate use.
The ingredients are of the highest
quality and being accurately measured
and skilfully mixed are always unilorm
and excellent.
These goods are specially suited for
travelers' use,
Manhattan cocktails, etc, etc.
Our stock of high grade
is complete aud the quality superior.