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The Alliance Herald.
Official Publi
cation of the City
and County.
Largest Clrcu
latlon of any Al
liance Paper.
-A iS
We can handle po
tatoes now any day
that weather per
mits. Only well
sorted Early Ohio
Alliance Grocery Co.
S 3D El DST I1 xs or i
In Alliance 16-30 of every month.
Office over The Famous . . .
'Phone 391.
Call at the Midway.
Ablcy & Wilson handle tlic only I'nion
Made Ilccr In town. (-xf.
Matting and linoleum at B. F. Lock
wood Co's. "Kitchen to parlor."
For Sale A No. I milk cow. Inquire
at this office.
Our spring line of carpets and rugs are
here. Call and see them. B. F. Lock
wood Co's. "Kitchen to parlor."
Wasted Well sorted potatoes.
A. D. Kodgers.
Rowan's for flour, rye and graham.
For rent, eight room house. Inquire at
Rodgers' grocery.
Specialties in lace curtains, portieres and
couch covers at 13. F. Lockwood Co's.
"Kitchen to parlor." '
For Sale I'ure blood Hereford" bull.
Jos. Manion, Alliance; residence, Sec.
For Sale Cheap National cash reg
ister No. 47 with tape;-used one year.
Apply at this office:
A large assortment of automobile go-carts
and baby carriages at B. F. Lockwood
Co's. "Kitchen to parlor."
Residence for Sale.
Brand new 5-room house, bath room,
pantry and cellar. Two porches. Fin
ished throughout in hardwood. Price
$1,600. i-tf R. B. Hamilton.
Furniture and all house furnishings
from "kitchen to parlor" sold on easy pay
ments. B. F. Lockwood Co. "Kitchen
to parlor."
Ranch For Lease.
Five hundred acres of irrigated hay land,
four miles east of Bridgeport. For par
ticulars see M. H. Hagerty, Alliance, or
John Hagerty, Bridgeport.
Carpet Weaving.
I am prepared to do all kimds of carpet
weaving. Leave orders at residence three
blocks east of Alliance National Bank, or
Star Restaurant. J. W. Johnson.
Macaroni wheat for sale,
Marsland, Neb.
C. H.Evans,
1 1-4
For Sale Black English Shire stal
lion, four years old next June; weight
1425. He is a splendid animal, An
drew Tschacher, Lawn, Neb., resi
dence 7 miles south of Lawn.
t Of Course
J You Like Pretty
r embroideries t
Who Doesn't?
i. Anrl rnr . vnn lilrf in-
, ....w. .WW, J w w ... ,
fc expensive ones. That is
t our point. We have in-
t expensive Embroideries j
T that are pretty. $
If you will let us, we
will gladly show you our
line of Laces.
Caucus Held at the Court House
to Select Candidates for City
Offices Largest Ever Held
in Alliance.
.Mayor Ilucchsenstolii the Unanimous
Choice of the Caucus and lie Is He
nominated by Acclaiuntion Amid
Arousing Cheers.
Mayqr ,. .L. Buechscnstein
CiTy Clerk Jas. H. H . He wett
City Treasurer F. M. Knight
City Engineer J. P. Hazard
Councilman First Ward...W. O. Barnes
Councilman Second Ward... L. F. Smith
( ....G. W. Clark
Members School Board-! ... .C. C. Smith
( ...D. K. Spacht
The citizens' caucus held at the court
house last Monday night for the purpose of
placing in nomination candidates for city
olfices was an important a flair, in which
the voters of Alliance took deep interest.
This was proven by the large gather
ing; in fact the largest that ever partici
pated at a municipal caucus since the town
was organized The spacious court room
was packed to the doors, and the gathering
comprised citizens from every walk in life
who were present with a hearty interest in
the affairs of the town and to assist in con
tinuing the good government that has pre
vailed during the past year. It was the
most expressive testimonial of Mayor
Buechsenstein's administration of affairs
and showed that the same should be not
only endorsed but continued another year.
The caucus was called to order by
Judge Berry who outlined the purpose of
the gathering. On motion D. W. Butlerwas
elected chairman of the caucus and Judge
Jas. H. H. Hewett secretary. Mr. Butler
announced the city officers that were to be
elected and that nominations for the same
were in order. On motion by Judge Berry
the caucus proceeded to nominate candi
didates as follows:
For mayor the name of Louis Buechsen
stein was presented by R. M. Hampton.
In referring to this well known and popular
candidate the speaker reviewed the city's
administration, stating that it was one that
has proved most successful in every sense.
Both the financial and moral welfare were
benefited materially and this fact could
not be contradicted. Public improvements
were noted on every hand and the name
of Alliance had advanced in the estimation
of all, taking her place among the leading
towns of the state. In presenting the name
of the man under whose administration
such progress occurred, Mr. Hampton con
tinued: "I wish to place in nomination
a man who bas filled the office without fear
or favor, seeking always to promote the
interests of the city, to place her finances
on a firm basis, a man of unimpeached in
tegrity and sterling worth, and to this end
I present the name of Louis Buchenstein
for mayor." Hardly had Mr.- Hampton
concluded when there followed from all
parts of the room hearty seconds to the
nomination and amid the deafening ap
plause of the crowd Mr. Buechsenstein was
by accalamation renominated for mayor.
The gentleman thus honored thanked the
caucus for the recognition and in the
event of his election hoped to pursue the
same course that characterized the past,
thus appreciating the confidence reposed in
him by his fellow citizens.
Hardly had the echo of enthusiasm died
away when there was another outburst of
cheering. This time it was over the nom
ination of Judge Jas. H. H. Hewett for
city clerk to succeed himself. Judge Berry
hardly had time to place Mr. Hewett in
nomination when Chairman Butler was
urged to act at once and Mr. Hewett was
nominated by a volley of "I's." In
the person of Mr. Hewett, Alliauce has an
unusually well qualified clerk who is fa
miliar with the details of the office and in
his work is painstaking and accurate, his
books being models of neatness and some
thing the city can be proud of.
Mr. Hewett begged the consideration of
the caucus in presenting the name of Dr.
F. M. Knight as a candidate for city treas
urer. The speaker was fully endorsed by
the house and Mr. Knight was renomin
ated, thus again endorsing the city's ad
ministration of the past year. The finances
of the municipality are in reliable hands
and this well known fact demonstrated it
self at the caucus.
For city engineer J. P, Hazard was
nominated by acclamation, there beinj,' no
opposition. Mr. Hazard is well qualified
for the position to which he aspires and his
nomination it therefore the proper thing.
For councilman of the first ward H. J.
Sloan placed iu nomination W. O. Barnes
and he was nominated by acclamation as
was L. ,F. Smith for councilman of the
second ward, Judge Berry placing Mr.
Smith in nomination. The latter is at
present councilman from tho second ward
and his good work and his rcnomination is
an endorsement of the same. There is
every reason to anticipate that Mr. Barnes
will prove equally as popular and compe
tent. His friends, who are legion, will see
to it that he secures a rousing vote.
For school directors-the following gentle
men were unanimously placed in nomina
tion: G. W. Clark, C. C. Smith and D.
K. Spacht. Mr. Clark is a member of the
board at present and we are glad to note
that his efforts in behalf of our schools have
been appreciated. Mr, Smith, as well as
his associate on the board, Mr. Clark, has
merited the same appreciation. Judge
Spacht, the third nominee, will prove as
able director as Mr. Smyscr, the retiring
The work' of the citizen's caucus may be
said to be an endorsement 01 the entire
ticket and one that will meet the approval
of the voters of the city of Alliance at the
coining election.
Inhuman Brute Attacks a Rancher's
Wife During (lis Absence from
the Premises.
The horrible sin of lust, that has cursed
mankind almost from the time of its crea
tion, was the cause of a terrible outrage
being inflicted upon the person of Mrs.
Fred Bauer at her home some six miles
north of this city. The crime was charged
to a hired man by the name of J. M. Bert
ro who was employed dn the ranch for
several days. Last Friday Mr. Bauer
came to Alliance and during his absence
Bertron attacked Mrs. Bauer and after a
shameful struggle concluded Ids' dcvelish
outrage by compelling the woman to drink
a quantity of laudanum. This done he went
to the well, remaining several minutes. In
the mean time Mrs. Bauer-had cast off the
deadly drug and recovered sufficiently to
seize a loaded rifle as her assailant was re
turning to the house and when about to
enter the plucky woman shot at him; the
bullet passing through the shoulder. Rort
ron made another attempt to approach the
house but the flying bullets, from the
Winchester drove him away. He then
went over to the 0. C. Stevens home, two
miles away, were he told (hat he had been
shot by a hunter. Mr. Bauer passed the
Stevens home a short time after on his way
from town and the same story was told
him. But when he reached homt the
husband soon learned the awful deed that
Bertron had committed. Mrs. Bauer and
the children had the "doors locked and their
fears that they would again be attacked
by this demon of lust was pitible.
Bertron was soon in the clutches of the
law, Sheriff Reed going after him Satur
day morning, when he was placed in the
county jail.
At a preliminary hearing held before
Judge Spacht yesterday Bertron
was bound over to the district court in the
sum of $3,000, ths prisoner pleading in
nocent. Mrs. Bauer "was able to be pres
ent and her testimony was of such strong
nature as to lay the deed directly to Bert
ron and makes of him a devil in human
While this outrage is of such detestible
and revolting nature as to call forth the
condemnation of the community almost to
violence let us remember that it is the hand
of the law that must deal with this man,
and let all confide our faith in this tribunal
where Bertron will surely receive the sent
ence he deserves. There are men fully as
deep in the vice of lust who would cry out
mob violence against Bertron, but heed
them not. Respect the law which they
themselves have violated and justice will
Mrs. Reardon is still ill with lagrippe,
Sam Jacoby is on the sick list this week.
J. P. Daily returned Sunday from Lin
coln. W. H, Steele left for Fresno, Cali., last
R. C, Noleman
Omaha this week.
is doing business at
Mrs. W. H. Zehrung returned from
Chigago Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sheldon were in
from Box Butte Tuesday.
Brakeman Tom Harris has been laying
off on account of a very bad cold.
Brakeman H. S. Johnson is on the sick
list this week with tonsilitis.
Wm. Roth and Wm. Kinsley of Hem
ingford were in the city Wednesday.
F. L. Crone, traveling stock solicitor,
for the B. &. M. Sundayed in the city.
J. F. Farley of Denver, general agent of
the Thiel Detective agency, spent a couple
of days in Alliance this week. Mr. Farley
is an old-time resident of Denver and
served as chief of police of the city for two
terms. He says the labor troubles in that
state will be carried into state politics this
fall and a very warm campaign is antici
pated. The coming of the Sanford Dodge com
pany to Alliance Tuesday and Wednesday
nights of next week. March 15 and :6, will
be a source of genuine pleasure to every
play goer in the city for the reason that
everybody is well aware that no better
company or finer playes are out on the
road. Mr. Dodge is carrying with him this
season the best company of actors and ac
tresses he has ever employed. The scenery
and costumes used for the plays are said to
be elegant and were made especially for
his plays. On Tuesday night will be pre
sented tho famous drama "Don Caesar De
Brazan" and on Wednesday night Shake
speare's great play "Hamlet." Prices 75
cents reserved seats, 50 cents gallery and
25 cents children. Reserved seats will be
on sale at Holstcn's beginning Monday.
R. H. West of Alliance, is a man among
men, judging from a letter we received
from him this week. He says- "Find en
closed $2.;o for which apply on George
Wixon's account. Ho has been gone from
hero for two years and your paper has
been coming and put in my box nnd I have
been reading it and like to read it so I will
pay $2.50." That's the kind of men who
help keep up the right end of the world.
How different that sounds from the whin
ing of some fellow who read a paper from
3 to 5 years and then poke it back in tho
post office marked refused, or like some
others who read it and never pay. Rush
ville Standard.
A Good Citizen to Leave.
It is with feelings of regret that we an
nounce that Geo. W. Duncan nd family
will leave Alliance in about two months to
take up their residence at Fort Morgan,
Colo. Mr. Duncan returned from that
place Monday where he spent a few clays.
While there ho negotiated for the purchase
of a grocery store and bought a residence.
Mr. Duncan has been a resident of
this county since 1886 and himself and his
estimable family have always enjoyed the
esteem of a large circle of friends. Mr.
Duncan has served the county as commis
sioner for nearly ten years which is evi
dence that he has the confidence of his fel
low citizens. While we regret to part with
Mr. Duncan and his estimable family we
congratulate I''ort .Morgan. in securing them
as residents.
The firrri of Carey and Brennan, plumb
ers, was dissolved March 1, Mr. Carey re
tiring. Fred Urennan will have exclusive
charge of the business henceforth and the
same complete .work and high grade goods
in the plumbing, steam and hot water heat
ng line ca n be secured at this place.
Brakeman H. P, McGuire had the mis
fortune to have his wrist badly sprained in
Newcastle yards , Sunday morning, caused
by a sudden stop, jerking the door from
its hinges and pinning his wrist between
the door and floor.
Train Masters B. S. Marvin and E. S.
Jackson are holding time table and book of
rules school this week for train and engine
men, having four classes daily and being
well attended.
Miss May Hegerty spent a couple of
days at the parental home this week. Miss
Hagerty has opened a millinery store at
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adams wish to ex
press their sincere thanks to their kind
friends and neighbors for the kindness
shown them in their great sorrow.
Al Young arrived from Grand Island
Sunday with two more fine Percheron stal
lions which he offers for sale. The animals
may be seen at the Checkered barn'.
John Curran and G. H. Clayton of Can
ton transacted business in Alliance Mon
day. wwwwww
A. M. Miller of Hmingford was the
guest of 'Mr. and Mrs. Alex Muirhead Sat
uiday. Engineer C, F. Clark and family left
Wednesday for a week's visit with friends
in Edgemont.
Wm. King returned Thursday from
Omaha and reports his mother's condition
much improved.
Conductor J. O. Beebe of Deadwood
and Lead run has left the service and gone
to Fresno, Cali-
C. H. Bently, car foreman is once more
seen walkiag about after an illness' of more
than two months.
Misses Grace Fickel and Bertha Hamil
ton spent a couple of days this week on
the Hampton ranch. ,
Mrs. Geo. E. Davis will entertain the
Ladies Aid of the Methodist church next
Wednesday afternoon,
E. A. Hall returned Sunday from Cen
tral City after marketing the cattle he had
in feeding at that place,
W, A. Manchester was a passenger on
No. 42 for Omaha this week where he will
visit relatives and friends.
Conductor Itm Gaddis returned to work
this week for the first time since receiving
his injury at Seneca last fall.
Arrangements Completed to Have
The Herald Mammoth Special
Edition Appear on the
Above Date,
Thnt Mill be App.oclntcd by the Olllietitt
of Alliance and the Surroundjng Neigh
borhood Cromattc Effects nnd Superb
llnlf-Tono Illustrations feature or the
Tim Allianuk Hkkald's special
tmunmoth edition, which has been the
principal topio of conversation in this
county the past six weeks, will bo
publish! Friday, Murcli 25. The
first intention of the publisher was to
havo tho special edition appear in Feb
ruary, but after tho magnitude of the
undertaking was realized and the con
stant application for space cnine in
from day to day, it was decided to defer
its nppcuratico until such time when
it was possible. Those not familiar
with the amount of labor connected
with newspaper work have no idea of
this special effort and in fact it would
keep an experienced person guessing
as to tjie length of time required in get
ting out such an edition.
More than 150 halMone illustrations
will adorn tho pages of tho special
edition and the work uf uroducing these
will hurry several artists to get them
out in time. These designs are being
executed by the finest half-tone artists
in Denver and will consist of a finer
and more expensive class of views and
photos than is usually contained iu
Bimiliar editions.
Another feature of Tin: Hkrams
special edition that will be especially
appreciated by the people not only of
this locality for which it has been de
signed, but by all who see it, will bo
the beautiful colored plate that will
adorn the first page. While we do not
wish to destroy the designer's effect by
word illustration of what he has in
store we will take the liberty to state
that the scene, which is of a typical
western character, is simply grand.
The western, wild life that is fast dis
appearing, stand out in bold relief, and
the advance of civilization is so deli
cajlcly yet vividly portrayed that
the eyes are at once riveted on the
scene while history of this interesting
land passes through the mind. It is
not exaggeration to say that this beau
tifully colored illustration is alone
worth the price asked for a copy of the
entire edition, No where in the state,
including Omaha mid Lincoln, has u
finer piece of work been produced than
will be contained iu Tim Hlkald's
special edition.
Now as to the price, per copy, for
the special edition, it has been placed
at 25 ce'nts. It is the desire of the pub
lisher to make the price as reasonable
as consistent with the great expense in
getting out tho edition. Even at this
nominal price there will be little or no
profit and the publication as a whole
will not be a profitable investment.
As complimentary to The Herald
readers we have decided to present a
copy of the illustrated edition to every
paid-up subscriber and also to ne.v
subscribers. It is not customary to do
this, but we desire to give some ma
terial 6vidence of our gratitude to Tuu
Hekali subscribers who are legion.
Copies ot the special edition will be
neatly wrapped and ready for" mailing
at no extra cost to the purchaser.
Those desiring extra copies should
leave their orders at this office before
the 25th inst., thereby beiug sure of
securing them, for once the limited
edition is exhausted, there will be no
more printed.
James C, Foster and wife were in from
their ranch Sjmdajf
Mrs. Zehrung will do all kinds of sewing
and guarantees satisfaction. Located first
door west of Lockwoods.'
Mesdames E. E. Soder, J. E. Anderson
and C. McClenahan of the Platte valley,
were Alliance visitors Saturday,
Father Flanigan of Greeley Center was
the guest of Father Galvin Tuesday. He
left Wednesday for Lead City, S. D.
The Winter Season
Is here.
So are We
With Special Prices
on provisions of all
kinds. Call in and
see us before buying-.
Lee Acheson
'Phone No. 4.
Business Local Column.
Advertisements in this column will be
charged at the rate of to cents per lino
first insertion and 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion.
Advertisers should remember that The
Herald's circulation is much larger than
any other Alliance paper and has the lar
gest circulation in the city and county.
Dr Allen, dontist, opera house.
Old papers for salo at this office.
Go to Dr. Reynolds for dental work.
Sears building. 'Phono 213.
See F. E. Reddish for loans on real es
tate, .wx.
Dr. Koons, dentist. - Qffico upstairs
Norton block.
For storm windows and doors see Forest
Lumber Co
70 cents for spuds atC. J. Wildy's, Hem
ingford. t
Fresh Jersey milk cow for sale. C. J.
Wlldy, Hemingford.
Forest Lumber Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
See Humphrey for picture framing, up
holstering and furniture repairing.
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C. Humphry. 7-10-tf
Notick I will not be responsidle for
any debts contracted by my wife Winni
frcd E. King. Wm. Kino.
Harold U. Miller, M. D physician and
surgeon, office and residence 311 south
Seventeenth street, Lincoln, Neb.
Dr. Reynolds, the dentist, is now per
manently located in the Sears building,
first door west of Blackburn's store.
For storm windows and doors see Geo.
For Sale A quarter section of land,
ten miles northwest of Alliance; good
house, stable, granary, etc Will sell
stock on the place if desired. Pete
Weinel, Alliance, Neb.
, l.OHGK niWKTTniJV,
itotAi. IliuiiLANDKns-Atllanco Custlo No.
W moots very fcwoml and fourth Thursday
cytuilnsc In V. O. W. Hull. VIsIUur Clansmen
cordlullr luvlicd.
K. V. Woods, o. W. Leidy,
- EWy. L. I.
10. T. AL Meets overy urst uml third Frr
(luy nt Katflo Hall. Visiting Maciiiibot's col
Ulally Invited. Mas. (I.O. Davehpoht. L. C,
Maymb O'Donnkm., U. K.
IJ. OF R. T.llardsiniKglc Lodge. No, 042
Meets every Sunday afternoon at 2.,
Eagle hall Visiting brothers welcome.
J. A. Dunnink, W. M,
M. Hargraves, Sec'y.
land Night