The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, February 26, 1904, Image 7

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I Mrs. Elizabeth H. Thompson,!
I Mrs. Elizabeth H. Thompson,!
of Lillydale, N.Y., Grand Worthy
Wise Templar, and Member of
W.C.T.U., tells how she recov
ered by the use of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" Deah Mux I'ixkham: I Am ono
of tlio many of your prateful friends
who have been curcil throuTh tho uso
of Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
CJonipouml, uad who can to-lr.y
thank you for the fine health I enjoy.
When I was thirty-llvo yearn old, I
suffered sercrc baclcacho and frequent
bcarinp;-down pains; in fact, I lir.d
Tvorab trouble I wan very anxious to
fret well, and reading of the cures your
Compound hrtl made, I decided to t-y
it. I took only nix bcttlos,but it built ino
up andcurcd co entirely of my troubles
" My family end relatives wcro
naturally as gratified as I was. My
niece had hec.rt trouble and nervous
prostration, and was considered incur
nble. Sho tcok your Vegetable Com
pound and it cured her in a short Usee,
and she beccmo well and otronp, and
her homo to her great joy and her hus
band's delight was blessed with a baby.
I know of a, number of others who
have been cured of different kinds of
female trouble, and am Eattaflcd that
your Compound is the Vest medicina
for nick women." Mns. Et.izaijktii II.
Thompson. Hoy lor., Lillydale. N.Y.
$5000 forfeit if orhlnsl cf aiov Itlltr pttMcg
gtnuluencti car.iui bi induced.
Disorder In a political meeting sel
dom begins until after it is called to
In Winter Use Allen'c Foot-Case.
A powder. Your feet feel iincomfort
able, nervous aad often cold and damp
If you have sweating, sore feet or tigh.
shoes, try Allen'3 Foot-Ease. Sold by
all druggists and shoe stores. 25 cents
Sample sent free. Address Allen 3. Olm
sted, Lo Roy, N. Y.
Tho man who bi:ys and smokes
cigars evidently has money to burn.
Experience takes dreadfully hlh
wages, but It Is tho best teacher.
Uro Ited CroF3 ltall Illuo nad keoo them
white aa miow. All grocers. 6c. u puckage.
The world will forgive n man almost
anything except failure.
Was Officially Dead.
A curious incident occurred In an
English police court recently where a
man named Travis was bciitiuircd to a
month's Imprisonment for obtaining a
postal order by false pretonscs. lie
pleaded that he was "oJIlcially dc-ul,"
and his story was that when with
the British nrmy In South Africa ho
deserted, obtained some clo'thes from
tho Kaffirs, made his way to the coast
and worked his passage home. He
then discovered that he was reported
dead, and though he subsequently
gave himself up as a deserter the war
office gave an official assurance that
he had "died at tho front" and would
not irrest him.
He Waa From New York.
Itev. George C. Lorlmer, when ho
vas pastor of Tremont temple, in
I,Vston, entered one evening a Boston
hall whore a lecture was In progress.
Mr. Lorlmer stood In the vestibule
a little while, listening to the lecture,
nnd the janitor, a colored man, ap
proached him respectfully. "A fair
lecture, sah," said tho janitor. "Oh,
jioro than lair, don't you think?" de
murred Mr Lorlmer, "I would cnll this
lecturer a Lrilllant man." "Sca'cely a
Brilliant inr.ii, sah," t-ahl the janitor
"Ah t'Ink he's a fair man, sah, but
not o' de prima facie class. IIo's n
good man fab, a well mcanin' man,
but not a talented man. lie's a New
York man, zzh."
How the Fastor Saved a Life.
A man n-.xr Fort Gay, V. Va mado
nn entire failure in getting strength
from the kind of food ho ate and not
Knowing that tho trouble was with
the food 1 ept on losing health until
tho doctors f,avo him up to die.
It was Er.pposed to bonconsumption
because he was wasting away stead
ily and slowly dying. His minister
called from time to time and que day
brought along a package of Grane
Nuts, thinking from what he knew
of the famous food (hat perhaps It
might help him. Tho sick man took
to it at and from that day began
to got woll. In writing ho says:
"I walked to town to-day 3 miles.
Have gained ovor 10 pounds In about
2 months and my neighbors don't
know wl at to say. I frequently am
told It was as If I am raised from
the dead. Everybody here knows of
my caso, you can tell people to wrlto
to the Postmaster or Hcv. L. I). Bryan.
I will make a sworn statement that
Grape-Nuts saved my life." Name
glvon by Tostum Co., Battle Crook,
This 13 another illustration that
where all other food fails one can
be brought baok to health and
strength on Grape-Nuts. "Tboro's a
Look In each pkg. for tho famou3
little book, "The Itoad to Wollvllle."
- '"" ' - ' "
Parisian first, cosmopolitan next
Capt. IL Denugrand, who Is at the
Brown Palace hotel, has led u llfo of
adventure ami is as near a prototype
of the Dumas hero as any other living
man. Member of the Legion of Honor,
a devotee of belles leltres and a vet
eran of the war by which Maximilian
lost his life instead of gaining nn em
pire, there !s little Interest in the
world that Capt. Ucaugrand has not
Capt. Ucaugrand was only a youth
when he fought in Mexico, but his ex
traordinary bravery nnd his military
education soon won for him a eaj
talncy. During a scouting expedition
CapL Beaugrand and his men sudden
ly encountered nn overwhelming force
of the enemy. They beat a Imoty re
treat to the banks of the Bio Grande,
whcio they made a last stand. Capt.
Beaugrand ordered his men to leap
into the river and try to rench tho
other side. The company had been
decimated while the retreat was being
conducted. About 100 men woro left
when the orders to cross the river
were Issued. Only nine reached the
American side. The others were shot
as they were swimming tho river.
omfort in Having Gout
"Gout is the most fashionable of all
the diseases," said a prominent doc
tor. "In spite of the pain nnd Incon
venience accompanying it, the major
ity of my gouty patients arc Inclined
to be proud of their affliction. I look
upon the poularity of the disease as
the result of Its associations. An
cient Greek physicians of the four
teenth century were the first to uso
tho term 'gout,' and they attributed
the disease to overindulgence and
luxury. In tho works of tho early
Greek writers the word Is lrequontly
used, particularly In Ovid and Pliny,
and Seneca In his ninety-fifth epistle
mentions the prevalence of gout
among the Roman ladles of his day
as one of the results of high living.
Sir Thomas Watson says: 'Tho In
stances arc not few of men of good
sense nnd masters of thomselve3. who,
being warned by one visitation of the
gout, have thenceforward resolutely
abstained from rich living and from
wine and strong diinks of all kinds,
and who have been rewarded for
their prudence and self-denial by
complete Immunity from any return
ace for the Laurel I
iiw ii mmi wmmmnmm numtm tmm in w imw mi iwiiiiiihwwiwii i
The two laurel wreaths sat awlnglng
Idly by the roadside that led to tho
house of fame.
"It Is inevitable." said tho first Iru
rel wreath, "that In the course of time
we shall both of-us rest upon tho
brow of the most deserving."
"Too true," said the second laurel
wreath. "And I can not help but won
der who they will be. Here comes
a modern poet. Brother, do you feel
an Impulse to spring upon hl.i brow?"
"No. 1 can not say that I do. Hi3
hair Is of the usual poetical length,
he has the poets rapt look, yet ho is
not the real thing. I shall let him
"Weil, then, hero comes a magnate'.
Surely hels deserving of our consld
slderatlon. His nnmo is a household
word. A list of his public bonefac
tlons would till a long column. What
say you? Shall we net give him a
"Never! Tomorrow ho will be for
gotten. Besides, he is not entitled to
consideration. He Is In reality only a
high-class robber."
fT ! mwa
ow Value of Trs
Tree planting in northern China Is
being strenuously enjoyed by the
authorities, not only as n productive
industry for the people, but alike as a
means of strengthening the river em
bankments against Hoods and of
cheeking drought, says tho Golden
Penny. Of late years trees havo been
cut down wholesale for agilcultural
purposes, while the peasants do not
tako tho trouble to plant fresh ones,
because the ?oJl is so looso that they
must ills down very deen for a satis
factory foothold. So vast tracts of fer
tile land are lett barren, wnue in tne
northern provinces especially tho in
flux of sand carried by high winds
from tho Mongolian dt Berts threatens
to fill up tho unoccupied ground.
Rt the Hiiaction Salejj
The faimc ff,,K com over the hill.
Anil up from tlu neighboring vale.
To bill ami liarwaln fur ami buy
The ItiKt c my gocxls for Kale!
The pouter out on the countrywide
Said: "Kvm thing muit go!"
Ilut I'll have to turn ray ec away
From one jnor bid. I know.
One cheap little tilil of a molir yowne
Who lives mtl to th wt-t:
She h8 come to bid my cradle in
Kor th babe upon her breast
The cradle bought fur a mothr-ri4
And a babe of love'n nrt lUwn
I'll have to tin ii my eye when 1 hwr
That 'Goln oiiuj son!"
I remember how the rontr of tht Utrk
In the rky came trembllnif down
The mornlnir I UrouKht the Title erlb
' In my wagon out from town!
nil I WHIP laWW
Capt. Beaugrand and his eight sur
llns soldiers found safety on this
side of the Hlo Grande, but nftcr re
cuperating a few days they rocrosscd
the river and by stealthy marches sue-
ecoded In rejoining tho main com
mand, whoso officers had plnced all
their names on the list of tho killed.
Whon tho war terminated Capt.
Beaugraud beenmc a publisher for
some time, nftcr whlc.i he moved to
Montreal, Canada, Ho was elected
mayor of that city, but shortly after
ward went to St. Louis.
He accepted a place on the editorial
staff of tho Globe-Democrat, whero
he becamo acquainted with the late
I .1. B. McCullngh. who claimed to have
originated the practice or newspaper
I interviewing. Eugene Field was at
that time nn employe of the St. Louis
Capt. Beaugrand has published a
number of short stories, but, Btrangoly
enough, he has never told In print the
many hnlqbrcadth escapes of his own
career. Ho will likely decide on tho
advice of his physician to make Colo
rado his permanent abode. Denver
of the disease, or upon whom, at
any rale, Its future assaults have
been few and feeble.'
"Thus tho word gout has Indicated
rich living nnd opulence- for so long
n time that, although it docs not In
variably attack the rich and well fed,
there Is always a smile and tho usual
pleasantries when a sickness Is pro
nounced gout. 'You have tho gout, old
fellow! Been treating yourself too
well, oh?' I know physicians who, to
humor their patients, take advantage
of the general respect people have for
gout by giving the name to various
other ailments, such as rheumatism.
The term is much more popular and
the symptoms are somewhat slmllur.
I have seen people who absolutely
bragged about having the gout. 1 re
member hearing a conversation on
the su jjert between two old women
and the voice of the speaker was high
and boastful when she said: 'My
son John Is laid up with tho gout. It
is the real thing, too, red spots and
all the regular symptoms, it Is n re
sult of to high living, tho doctor
says." "
"Well, then, hero comes a modern
ruthoress. Thousands upon thou
sands have eagerly waited to road hor
next book. See her confident air. Sho
has no claim upon us?"
Tho ilrst laurel wreath rustled In
Indignation and replied:
"How can you. Sho Is here for a
day and gone tomorrow. Wo arc
not for hor."
"But surely we have- a mission.
Surely there must bo some oiiott"
The first laurel wreath uttered an
exclamation. 'See!' ho cried. "Thoy
come! They conic at last, thoso whom
we. havo been expecting. Brother,
prepare jourself. In a moment now,
wo shall be reposing upon tho twin
biows of thoso whgsc fame shall in
deed be lasting."
Tho second laurel wreath trembled
with anticipatory cxcltemont.
"Who aro they?" ho exclaimed.
"Don't you eee? They are the two
best advertisement writers ot the pres
ent day!" Tom MaaVson In tho
So In the Important provlnco of
Chill, which contains tho capital, Po
kin, there is a government proclama
tion notifying the "eight directions for
trco plantation" most mlnuto Instruc
tions as to tho kind of trco roqulred,
the depth they should be planted and
the fertilizers to bo used and tho
'ten benefits to bo derived from tho
same," such, among others, as the salo
of timber nnd fruit, tho beneficial in
fluence of trees in attracting rain, pre
serving the Just equilibrium of wind
Influence, and purifying tho atmo
sphere, while "travelors and families
will find shade and rest under the
branches" a poetic touch for conclu
biou. Tre ilalsIcH rurtslcd alongr the road.
And the tiiruMliea took a ioci.
I ktnw they Kue-e, thnt the tiny bed
Whs a nctt for u baby's sleep!
And whllo the larka rfnil tho thrushoa
In tho motnlUK diamond-dewed.
The mothei sunt? by lier lowny nest,
Anl the Itahy crowod and cooed
Till tho tiaby'M fancy pasfed uuny
One iiIkIH iii a Mtnrniy Kleuui.
And the mother followod him. tp hoar
Tl-e end of hU littt (Ileum!
What need of a Iioiiih and a eradlo now?
Wiut need or a real for me?
Tho silence l my only mate.
And the babe is memory!
I alve the crib to the mother yount,'.
Willi the bab on hor bream at piny
Uut I'll hnve to turn my eyas, I know,
When nbo currlcn it away!
Al')elus Coll In Housekeeper.
- . --TT- "" 1
C&& TV,.r,n t nnkt
andwfds im chiidivrr.
UfJuL E-r!
Ugo Pe-ru-na for La Grippe
and Winter Catarrh.
5N EVERY country of tho civilized
world the kturs of Charity aro
known. Not only do ther minister to
tho and lutcllt'cuial needs of
tho cliargi-t committed to their caro,
but thty also minister to tkclr bodily
Whenever coughs or colds, In grlppo
or pneumonia make their nppeunmco
iiinong the childicn those ',IkU'I'h uro not
disconcerted, but know exactly tho rem
edies to apply.
With so many children to tako caro of
nnd to liroU-ct from climate nnd disenso
tlicj-o wise and prudent Sisters havo 7
found l'eruna a nuvcr-faillns safeguard.
Sisters of St. Joseph, of tho Deaf
Mo., writes:
We appreciate Psmnn very much. It ccrtntnly docs stood work with ',
catarrh and also with colds and la grippe. We have faith in Pcrtina and
have insnired many others with tho
i it has certainly kept us from bclna
winter for our little ones. Thanking
I afflicted ones, we remain, yours gratcfullv,
Dr. Ilnr'mnn lecclves many letters from
Catholic Sisterfifrom all over tho United
htutcs. A recommend recently received
from n Catholio insiltutlou in Detroit,
Mich., reads as follows :
Dr S. D. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sin "The youngglrl who used
the Pcrunn was suffcringfrom laryngi
tis, and loss of voice. The result of tho
treatment was most satisfactory. She
found great relief, and after farther use
of the medicine we hope to be able to
say she la entirely cured." Sisters of
This young girl was under tho caro of
the Sisters of Charity and used IVruimfor
catarrh of tho throat, with good results as
the above letter testifies.
From a Catholic Institution in Cen
tral Ohio cornea the following recom
mend from the Sister Superior:
"Some years ngo a friend of our insti
tution recommended to us Dr. llartman's
Pcrunn as an excellent remedy for the
influenza -of wldeh wo then bud several
roses which threatened to be of a serious
"Wo begnn to uso it nnd experienced
such wonderful results that sincu then
Exterminating the KIppopotamuo.
It seems that the hippoi"taiuus .'h
to bo exterminated. It is hardly prob
able that the hlppopotumuB will enjoy
this, but It will bo a good thing for
mankind, according to tho lndon
Globe. The Intelligent nnlmalH con
stantly attacks boats, fields and gar
dens, and "what he doea not eat"
(says nn authority) "ho sits on." Now
ho is himself to be sat on. Wo trust
that those In charge of tho campaign
will remember tho advlco of ono of
our foremost naturnlists, and "shoot
tho hippopotamus with bullets mado of
platinum." Kor If they uso tho other J
kind, .his lildo will surely llattqri 'em.
Red Heads Seldom Bald.
Hod headed people aro less subject
to baldnesa than others. A doctor
explains the matter thus: The hair
Df tho red headed Is relatively thick,
one rod hair being almost as thick as
live fair or three brown hair3. With
lill.OUU red hairs the scalp is well
thatched, whereas with tho same
number of fair hairs, ono is compar
atively bald. It takes noarly lfiO.OOO
fair and lOfi.000 brown hairs to cover
adequately an ordinary head.
Gtt the Right Kind.
Gainesville, Texas, Keb. l2nd. Mrs.
L. K. Burton of r07 Glad street, this
city, writes tho following letter:
"I havo been awfully troubled with
my Kidneys; I was In a bad fix and
had been doctoring with the Doctors,
but was getting no hotter. I tried a
romedy called Dodd's Kldnoy Plllit nnd
I found thoy did mo lots or good. I
had a slight return of my trouble
and I went to tho Drug Storo and call
ed for Dodd's Kidney Pills. They said
there was no such pills. I told them
thero was. They said they had the
best pills that wore mado and per
suaded mo to try a box of another
kind, not Dodd's. As I needed some
medicine, I bought a box, but they
did mo no good so I wont elsewhore
and got tho real Dodd's Kldnoy Pills
nnd vory soon was completely cured.
I took u box up to tho Drug Store and
showed thom that thoro was such
pills and nuked them to ordor some,
but as I haven't noedod any mora I
havon't called to soo whothor or not
they got them."
If a man who falls in love at sight
Is wise ho will take a soeond look lie
foro proposing.
Don't you know that Doflance
Starch, bosldos bolng absolutely supe
rior to any other, is put up 1C ouncoa
In packages and soils at same price
us 12-ottnco packages of other kinds?
Tlio fellow who would marry for
money linds It pretty hard to work.
t-m"Eaitffm.)t c ri?35w.--. bi n
!g$f7Py jysaH3jJ55L-
Aluto Institute. 1M0 Cass Ave.. St, Louis. '
same. Wedo not like to be without it.
very sick. It did a world nt stood last ',
you tor your kindness tu us and our
Pcrunn has become our favorito medlelno
for iullueu.n, catarrh, cold, cough and
Another recommend from a Catholic
Institution of one of the Central States
written by the Sister Superior reads as
"A number of yearn ngo our attention
wnn called to Dr. Hartman's Pcrunn,
and slnco then wo linvo used it w'th
wonderful reHUlts for grip, coughs, colds
and catarrhal diseases of tho head nnd
"Kor grip nnd winter cntarrh espe
cially it ha; been of great sendee lo tho
inmates of this Institution."
All Over tho United States Use Pe-ru-na
tor Catarrh.
A recommend recently received from n
CnthollolnstltutloninthoSouthwest icads
as follows :
A Prominent Mother Superior Says:
"I can testify from experience to tho
efficiency of Pcrunn ns onuof the very best
T.-. rnnnrl fnm ftKfl
XJjii i oji.iiu jjuiii vjv
jjP These Drands will guarantee j on a pood shoe for men: ' ,, til
ft Star and Crescent E. Z. Walker M
Comet Cock of Walk j)
B Our PRAIRIE QUEEN leads all others in Women's and Children s Shoes.. ,
fa Ste that our unme is on the siors yen buy. Iik-
I F. P. klRKENOALL & CO. MteirA.a '" A
1 1 1 wrX'w
Will UIU I
mucn less money you can Duy, a w mcncsier i ukc
Down Repeating Shotgun, which will outshoot and
ntitln:f fhp hinhest-nrfced double-harreled eun.
mmni i i Tin i
Kr..rtr. T.a1m nn cntiM
dealer can show you one. They arc sold everywhere. ,J
FREE t Our I 60-Pmc Illustrated G&Ulogac. ' ,' '"
Little while lies live long and pros-
Atfnira Clover.
For years tho editor lias boon urging
fnrmoro to sow Alfalfa Clover, and
glad he Is that thotipands of wide
awake fanners scattered nil over Amer
ica, are "doing this now, to thtlr great
benefit and satisfaction.
A "Wnlford, Weatloro Farms. Pa.,
writes: "I havo CO acres in Salzer's Al
tntn Clover. It Is immense. I cut
three crops this season and have lots
of pasture besides."
Hon. II. F. Hunter, 8. D.. saya. "Sal
ter's Northern Grown Alfalfa clover
cannot be bent. I havo solved tho
question of Btock raising here, Salzer's
Alfalfa Ih coort. for 3 rouslne crops of
hay, fcsalzcr'H Hpeltz for fiO bu. of grain
and 3 tons of hay, Salzer's Macaroni
Wheat for Cfi bu. best hog fattening
wheat, nnd Snlzer'B Hnnnn Barley, for
arid, dry land, is good for 70 bu per
acre. These are nil great hog, sheep
nnd cnttle fatteners, and last but not
least. Hnlzer'H Victoria Hnpe for sheep,
nnd Salzer's Teoslnte, good for 80 tons
of green food for cattle, and Salzer n
Billion Dollar Grass Bromua Inermls
for lots and lots of good hay. These
things make it possible for me to grow
live stock by the thousands.
Have you heard of Eurllest cane?
Gives six mowings a yenr. nnd Teo
slnte, tho SO ton per aero fodder wonder?
to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La
Crosse, Wis., nnd recolvo their big cat
alog and lots of farm seed samples
free- (W, N. U.)
Too many men aro Incapable of do
ing tholr own thinking.
Mrn. tTlnslow'B M9thlnff Hrup.
For rhiWri'Q tertblnK, not tau the K"re, reJucei h
Qammatlun, llj pain, cure wind collu. 25c bottle.
medicines, and 16
glveH mo pleasure
to add my prniwoto
thnt of thousands
who havo Ufed It.
Kor venm 1 suf
fered with catarrh
of tho stomach, all remcdlc)
yroUng valueless for relief.
jst nprhig I went to Colo
rado, hoping to bo benefited
by a chnngo of dlmnte nnd
while (hero a friend advised
mo to try Pcrunn. After uslm; two
bottles I found mynelf very much hit
proved. Tho remains of my old dlrcnsfl
being now so slight. 1 consider myself
cured, jet for a whllo I intend to con
tinue tho use of Pcrunn. I nin now
trcnthm another patient with your mcdl
clno. Sho hiw I icon slk with nuilnrln
nnd troubled with leuchorrhivn. I linvo
no doubt thnt a euro will bo speedily
These are samples of tetters received
by Dr. Hartman from tho various
orders of Catholic Sisters throughout
the United States.
Tho nnmes nnd nddresscs to.tlicso tot
ters hnvo been withhold from rcxpect
to the SUtcis, but will bo furnished n
request. ,
One-hnlf of tho diseases which nflllcfe
mankind aro duo to nomo cntnrrhnl de
rnugenient of tho mucous membrane lin
ing some orgnn or passage of this body
A remedy thnt would net inunedlntely
upon tho congested mucous membrane
restoring it to Its normal fitatc. Mould
consequently euro nil theso diseases.
Catarrh is catarrh wherever located,
whether It bo In tho head, throat, lungo,
Moninch, kidneys or polvlo organs. A
remedy that will euro it iu ono location
will cure It in all locations. Pcrunn curci
catarrh wherever located.
If you do not dcrivo prompt nnd tnlls
fnctory results from tho uso of Pcrunn,
wrlto nt onco to Dr. Hartman, giving n
full statement of your enso nnd Ho will
bo pleased to givoyou his valuable nrttfco
Address Dr. Ilnrtmnn, President, ot
Tho Hartman Sanitarium, Ccluubas,
Repeating Shotguns
in CfWl trif fl OTltl wllPn fnV CP1
,w h-vv v ,Jj ' "" J; j
rnHnYiir ond liQnrttr Ynftl
Mustang Liniment
dircs Sprainai unci Strains.
U17firawtfgl C WT wy W C
1'iire. frrbh, reliable. Cxlalotnin f. vZ !"
rf.ii.uttcorijcjn, Jlurr lil.cud.I3-.-"
Are the STAR ATTRACTIONS for 1904.
Million of af-ies of lu-aniticcnt Oram amlCt. -inw
Und tu Im; hart as a lice Kitt or Ij pin- li. :
(luin Hallway Comranit-.. C oiioirttioiu. i ,
GihmI Cri. ilcllcMful rllmato, MiilenilUl
school ejkteiii, iH'rfri't ilal cnilltlii,
circptloiml nillvray iiiltuiit.iKtnnil MtoUli
untl iilllueiuc ucijulrt'il nislly.
The population of Western Canada inert "aril
121000 by imrnuration Uunnc the pat ycar,ntr
0,000 teinc Aintlican.
Write to nearest autiioriul Canadian Cqyrnint
Acerit for Canadian Atlaa ami other iufuruutlon
(or addreM Supt. of Immigration. Ottawa.Canatia)--W,
V. Iltttinett, Ml New York Lite UuIJdutf,
Omuba, Nb.