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The Alliance Herald.
Official Publi
cation of the City
and County.
Largest Clrcu
lation of any AU
llahce Paper.
Our Car
New York Apples
.... are in
Very fine fruit
Call and see
Prices right
Alliance Grocery Co.
J In Alliance 16-30 of every month. j
Office over The Famous . , .
'Phone 391. o
Mollring Bros, shoe sale is on.
Xmas photos Alliance Art Studio.
Chiltlrens' underwear 10 cents a garment
at Mollring Bros.
Late novelties in hats and caps at Moll
ring Bros.
""Wtrtiave the latest styles in photos suit
able for Xmas gifts. Alliance Art Studio.
For Rent Four large rooms one block
from postoffice, suitable for family.- V.
G. Simonson.
We have the best S3.00 R. R. shoe on
earth Mollring Bros.
Closing Out Sole.
Ladies' and children's outing flannel
garments. Mrs. Thos. Regan.
Battcnberg braid,. 10c dozen yards. Mrs.
Thos.' Regan.
Special Sale.
Ladies' waists at cost. Mrs. Thos.
Ten per cent redaction on Florsheim
' shoes Mollring Bros.
Fur Coats.
We are in a position to do repairing of
far coats, guaranteeing good satisfaction
and reasonable price. Please send in your
repairing as, soon as possible.
C. E. Mark's.
For Sale A splendid piano. 'Inquire at
, Newberry's.
My' residence property and business is
for sale. L. A. Surprise.
High-grade pianos and organs at lowest
prices. A. C. Bingham.
Hides Tanned.
If you have any cow or horse hides or
furs you wish tanned, will be pleased to
"take care of them for you. Will guarantee
best results. C. E. Marks,
Per Cent
on all
Miss Anna Reck visited at Crawford last
Sheriff Heed made a business trip to
Hemingford Tuesday.
W. D. Rumer and son visited Denver
the first of the week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. McKettrick depart
ed for Seattle Monday.
H. A. Cnuningham spent Thanksgiving
with his family at Bayard.
P. B. Fitch and Earl Fosket of Heming
ford were Alliance visitors today. .
Attorney Wm. Mitchell attended to le
gal matters at Sidney Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Miss Marguerite Elmore arrived in the
city today for a brief visit with relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Leslie Price of Ilemingford was
the guest of Misf Ada Long -from Friday
till Tuesday.
The ladies of the U. P. church will give
a doll carnival and serve supper in the
building vacated by- Blackburn, on Tues
day, Dec. 15, 1903. Everybody invited
Miss Phoebe Wysong of Bayard was the
guest of Miss Pearl Mitchell Sunday.
Miss Wysong was on her way to Lincoln
where she will attend a conservatory of
A party of Allianceites Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Mollring and Miss Edith Hicks
were out at Bingham last week, where they
enjoyed a pleasant time at 'the Mollring
Rosa ranch.
The county treasurer contest ,caso will
come up for hearing before Judge Spach
next Monday in county court. This close
contest has attracted general interest and
the result will be awaited in the same
The old saying, "War and Rumors of
War," is forcibly expressed on the last
page of today's IIkrald, where Rumer,
the low-price' merchant, tells in plain
English of a cut and slash in prices that
will interest everyone. It's a snap, and
Rumer means just what he advertises.
Fred P. Rugh of Lincoln, coal inspector
for the Burlington, has been taken to Chi
cago to undergo an operation for the re
moval of a tumorous growth on the brain.
The unnatural growth affected Mr. Rugh's
mental faculties, but (he removal of this
obstacle will, it is said, restore his reason.
E. G. Morris left for California Sunday
night with a view of finding a location
for permanent residence. Mrs. Morris
will remain in this city until her husband
has accomplished his intention. The
many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Morris hope
that they will yet conclude, to remain in
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Schill were in from
their Sheridan countv ranch Wednesday.
Mrs. Schill was one of Tub Herald's
most faithful and efficient correspondents
a few years ago and we are ' pleased to an
nounce that she has consented to report
the important happenings in the Luella
The marriage of Mr. Albert K. Lore to
Miss Carrie D. Lapham occurred at the
home of relatives in this city Sunday
evening, Rev. C. W.' Ray of the M. E.
church officiating. The newly married
couple are well known in Alliance and are
among our best people. Mr. Lore is an
employe of the Burlington railroad.
In this issue of The Hsralu will be
found the official vote of Nebraska for
supreme judges, regents of the university,
and fifteen district judges. While the
tabulated form comprises a volume of fig
ures, it will prove of value and interest to
many for future reference and in campaigns
to come. It is a good thing to paste in
your political scrap book.
Talk about an American soldier seal i or
the Chinese wall during the Boxer upris
ing in the celestial kingdom! Alliance can
leat that. .A " kid," knee high to a jack
rabbit, climbed to the top of the stand
pipe one day this week and placed a small
tlag high up on the pickets that encircle
the summit of the tower. But it's danger
ous daring for boys and should not be en
couraged. Bishop Graves of Cheyenne visited this
city last Sunday and conducted services at
Saint Matthew's Episcopal church, assisted
in the impressive religious services by the
pastor. Rev. Clarke. 1 he congregation
listened to a masterly discourse on the
Words of God and the inspiration derived
therefrom was wholesome and lasting. The
bishop, accompanied by Rev. Clarke, left
Monday morning for the North Platte mis
sions to continue their good work in the
Master's vineyard.
Sunday at the Baptist church, G. C.
Jeffers pastor. Subject of morning service.
"Seeing the Invisible." Evening discourse,
"The Scarlet Line in Rahab's Window."
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Junior's
meet at 3 o'clock for study of the Christian
culture courses. C. E. meeting at 6:45,
Midweek prayer service Thursday evening.
Christmas will be observed with a tree and
appropriate exercises Thursday evening,
the night before Christmas. A welcome to
all services.
everything In Readiness for tho
R. D. B. Event This Evening.
At last the anxiously awaited hour is at
hand wheu this community will realize the
fulfillment of tho much-talkcd-of event of
the social season. This very night,, when
darkness shall have cast its mnnttc oyer
mother earth, brave knights and fair
maidens will be gathered together in the
spacious ball room of the new Zbinden
Miller block, where happiness will reign
supreme and lovers of the light fantastic
trip enjoy the mazy wait to time of en
chanting music.
The B. B. B, have been at work for sev
cral days in decorating the ball room and
the artistic taste of the committee has
transformed the place into a fairy land,
such as Cindcrilla found on that eventful
night when, in such haste, she left behind
the tiny glass slipper that caused such
The large room is elaborately decorated
with bunting and beautiful pictures and
in one corner of the ball room tlio guests
will be served from a punch bowl over
flowing w"lth the delicious nectar. To the
center of the hall festoons of ribbon meet'
from the the four corners nnd under the,
arched canopy the dancers will enjoy the
evening's whilr. To the west of the room
Moore and Spacht's orchestras will occupy
an elevated platform, and the musical pro
gram will be one of the important features
of this claborato affair,
The spacious store room beneath the
hall has been cosily arranged, and here the
merry guests of B. B. 13. 's will be served
with delicious refreshments.
Following is a list officers and committees
in charge of the social affair:
W. B. Tagg, chairman; E. C Mc
Clure, secretary: Geo. Darling, treasurer.
Reception Messrs. Knight, Barker,
Tupper, Ankcny,, Fuller, Hubbell, H.
Pardey, McLennan.
Refreshments Messrs Thiele, Pardey,
Ayres. Martinez.
Music Messrs. Darling, McClure,
Hampton, ,
Hall and Decorations Messrs. McClure,
Moore, O'Keefe, Bogue, Mollring, Cogs
well. Floor Messrs. Tagg', Burke, . Marks,
Hively, Eubanks. ,;
Collision in Which Two are Killed. ,'
It s the same old story of two sections of
a train trying to pass each other on the
same track, with the usual result, human
jives lost, others injured and a pile of
wreckage heaped upon the track in every
imaginable shape.
This was the experience of freight trains
No. 46, which was composed of two sec
tions, Monday morning, near Mason. The
cause of the collision can, perhaps, be bet
ter explained by the railroad company, but
it is said that the heavy sleet and snow
prevailing at the time made it impossible
for Engineer Reeder of the second section
to see the train ahead until too late to avert
the collision. Both engineer and fireman
jumped in time to escape the wreck.
Conductor Conn of the first section saw
the impending danger and gave the alarm
to the stockmen who were in the way car.
Realizing that there was something wrong
and that a collision was probable, the pas
sengers got out on the platforms and most
of them jumped, but R. E. Larkins of
Brush, Colo., and Thomas Dye of Eugene,
Ore., who were elderly men and afraid to
jump from the first-moving train. They
were both caught in the wreck and
killed. One of them was picked up in the
middle of the track mangled almost be
yond recognition. The other man was run
over by the wheels and badly cut up, but
was not instantly killed. He never re
gained consciousness and died an hour or
two after the accident. The other pas
sengers, among them being Ralph Taylor
of Hyannis, R. R. Kinkaid of Bingham
and Ed Eldred and Charles Avery, who
reside south of Alliance, received more or
less injuries due to jumping, from the train.
The last two named escaped with but a
few scratches.
Frank McBride left last Sunday for
Sheridan to work behind the bar in Arm
strongs new saloon.
D. Meyers, one of The Herald's pa
trons in Box Butte precinct was an Alli
ance "visitor Tuesday.
A bowling contesj at Crawford Tuesday
between Alliance and that village resulted
in Crawford winning three games out of
The quarterly report of the Fisrt State
Bank of Hemingford appears in this issue
and bears out the high standing of that in
stitution. The fire bell pealed forth its notes of
warning twice this week caused in both in
stances by B. &. M. R. R. ties catching
fire from engine sparks heralded by the
high winds.
Rev. C. W. Ray of tin M. E. church is
arranging for a course in advanced degree
in New Testament studies, While this can
be pursued at home for a time it will also
require attendance at the University of
Nebraska later on.
W. F. Broich has resigned as night opa
nit or for the B. & M. at Mnrsland nnd Is
visiting his parents in Alliance.
Carl, son of Thomas Rubottom, left Sat
urday night for York where he will attend
the Presbytoriau college.
II. C. Armstrong is spending the week
at Sheridan looking after tlio now business"
he recently opened in that city. '
Chris Hansen and J. P. Christcnson of
Nonpareil precinct vistied Engineer Peter
son and other friends In the city Sunday.
Mrs. M. Cuslck returned Tuesday to
hqr home at Newcastle niter a two week's
visit with her parents, Mr. anil Mrs. F.
Miss Helen Phillips spent a few days
last week with her parents, Mr nnd Mrs.
C. E Phillips. She returned to her school
near Mnrsland Monday.
Miss Mary Johnson left her desk at the
Ilila (Irand long enough to spend n couple
of days at her brother's ranch near Lusk,
Wyo. She returned Monday.
Two more elaborate balls will soon bo
on the boards. About tlio first of the year
the B. of R. T. will entertain in this line,
and Janunry 14 the O. R. C will endeavor
to please lovers of the sport,
Will Davis arrived in the city Tuesday
night and will spend a few days visiting
frieuds. Will has been in tlio Black Hills
for several months and says that he mot
many former Alliance citizens in that sec
tion. ' 1
The two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Bauer died Thursday morning of
lung trouble ' after a brief Illness. The
funeral occurred tqday, the services being
conducted by Rev. Rboerig. The Herald
extends sympathy to the bereaved par
ents. B, E. Johnson of Hemingford returned
from South Omaha Saturday, where ho
disposed of a shipment of four cars of cat
tle. While east, Mr. Johnson purchased
a car load of wagons and farm implements.
By referring to the Hemingford items in
Ihis issue the reader will learn more of his
recent investment.
A lot of ties at the west end of the rail
road yards, near the stock-yards, caught
fire in some unaccountable manner last
Wednesday morning, while a high wind
was blowing. The department succeeded
in being master ol tho situation after put
ting Up a hard fight. Several hundred ties
were consumed. '
Dr. Mitchell took his departure Monday
night for his home at Newport, Pa., and
may decide to remain there. The doctor
was pleased with Alliance and the practice
he has enjoyed here but his wife and
daughters seem adverse to coming west to
live, hence it is probable that he will re
sume his practice in the Keystone state.
Rood-Thompson., ,
A quiet wedding took place at the home
of Mrs. M, Hood in Box Butte precinct,
When Miss Addie Hood was united in
marriage to Mr. Eugene Thompson. The
ceremony was performed at noon by Rev,
C. H. Burleigh of the M. E. church of
Hemingford, the Episcopal ceremony being
read. Only a few relatives and friends
were present, those being Mrs. Hood,
mother of the bride, Charles and Carrie
Thompson, brother and sister of the
groom, and Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Mallery
and daughter Leone of this city.
A bountiful wedding dinner was served,
Many beautiful presents were received,
among them being a set of gold spoons,
each mounted with a gold nugget, a gift
from the bride's sister, Miss Alice Hood
of Skagway, Alaska, This present is made
more unique from the fact that Miss Hood
panned out the gold herself from which
the spoons were made She also sent the
groom a beautiful pin nugget.
The bride is the youngest daughter of
Mrs. Matilda Hood and a lady of many
accomplishments, being an excellent
musician and a favorite in social circles.
The groom is a young man of exemplary
character and one worthy the love bf such
an excellent helpmate. The Herald ex
tends congratulations and best wishes for
the young couple's future life.
- M. E. Church Notes.
First quarterly meeting December 13.
One member baptized and seven re
ceived into the church last Sunday.
Snnday morning subject, "I
Fought a Good Fight," Evening,
Secret of Power in a Great Life."
Chelf is Sentenced.
Arthur Chelf who created a sensation in
Alliance a few months ago by marrying
twice in two days received a sentence of
one year in the penitentiary and a ffoa of
S700 in an Illinois court last week.
The regular election of officers of the
Retail Clerk's Local No. 867 will be held
at the regular meeting Wednesday even
ing, Dec. 9. A full attendance is desired,
Percy Cogswell, President.
G. E. CohnU, Secretary.
Wm. Manchester Injured at Mitchell.
Another distressing railway accident oc
curred Inst Saturday, whereby a trust
worthy employe of the Burlington, William
Manchester, of this city, lost his left arm.
The mishap took place at Mitchell, on the
Guernsey lino, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon. Manchester, who was brakqlng for
Conductor Perry, attempted to make a
coupling, which was defective. After sev
eral trials ho ventured too far and his
arm was caught between thu deadwobd of
the cars, crushing the member so severely
that amputation was necessary, Tho in
jured man was brought to this city in tho
evening nnd after n consultation by locnl
surgeons it was docided to take Manchester
to tho railway hospital at Chicago, where
every possible advantage could be given in
the hopo of saving tho arm. Assisted by
Dr. George and F. D. Kalcy ho was. taken
east Sunday morning, but before Lincoln
was reached the condition of tho injured
man grew worse and he was placed in the
Sulpho-Salino hospital at that plnpe and
on ndvlco of tho surgeons tho arm was
amputated just below the shoulder. Mr,
Manchester stood the ordeal with fortitude,
and it Is said ho shows every symptom of
speedy recovery. Mrs. Emma B. Man
chester, who residus at Lincoln, was at tho
depot to meet her son, and give htm that
caro and affection which only lies within
the power of a mother.
Mr. Manchester will receive pecuniary
assistance in tho sum of several hundred
dollars accident insurance, which is a
slight material assistance to ono in lift
School Report.
To tho Board of Education and patrons
of the Alliance City schools;
Find herewith appended a partial Hit
for the month ending Nov. 27, 190:1.
Number enrolled tliU month ' Tt!l.
Ntimliernf Imyn ,aw.
Number of jrlrls , 3t. '
Total enrolled lo dalu , "IU.
Enrolled corresponding tnontli liiitt yeur.nm
Eurvllwl tocorresiioiiilIiKiliitolunlyeiii'.?M,
Average dally attcmlaticiUliN month.;. .012 n
Average number bulongliiK Oils mtmtli.,70j hS
Number of turdles , ;,
Per cunt, of dully iiitondnnoo (14,37
Percent, of punctuality.,,, vnr.xi
Neither ulxmnt nor tardy fertile Month.. 3ft).
Neither absent nor tardy to date ,...161,
Nuinlxsrof minutes lout by tardiness I SI.
Number of visitors....,,,.,.....,. 210, '
The Msvunth grailu neeurud the lln tlilt
The followlmtrwnii were ierfe;Un.Imietu
ullty: HevntliKrado,utth j-rado nnd fourth
Tlio third primary made tho highest pur
cent, in lUtenduiice.
School will close for the holidays Dec.
S, and re-open Jan. 4, 1904.
Respectfully submitted.
W, H, Bartje, Superintendent.
The Arriagton & Swain Comedy Co.
At the opera house three nights, Decem
ber 3, 4 and 5,
This company comes to Alliance vjry
highly recommended by the press In every
town where performances have been given,
The plays are all of an entertaining and
interesting character and the specialties
between all of the acts are spoken of as
being of a very superior quality. The
McCook papers say:
"All of the players, twelve in number,
are excejlent in their lines,,and especially
so are Mark Swain and wife and Mayme
Arrington. A commendable feature about
the entertainments is, there are no tire
some waits; every minute is consumed in
choice amusements for the audience's
Remember the dates Thursday, Friday
and Saturday nights, December 3, 4 and 5.
.Prices, 25, 35 and 50 cents. Seats ou sale
at Holsten's, beginning next Wednesday
Tor Snlc or Trade.
Three. houses and lots,- several vacant
lots, four horses, two Jersey cows, four
sets of harness, one saddle, one shoe ma
chine, four sewing machines, 10,000 brick,
one 2-seated carriage.
W. W. Norton.
Cattle wanted to winter. J, S. Kaper,
Lawn, Neb.
My Xmas goods are here and I wilt sell
you pictures and picture frames from 25
to 50 per cent less than ever before offered
in Alliance. Humphrey, the undertaker. 49
HcslJcnce for Sate,
Gpod residence in best part of Alliance
is for sale and possession given at once.
Modern, with east front, lawn and trees.
Apply at Kridelbaugh home, Laramie
avenue, opposite Baptist church.
Have a cottage with four rooms
closet and pantry, cellar, stable, etc.,
for sale in Alliance. Will take $1100
for it, $600 in cash or livestock (horses
and cattle) aud S500 on long time loan.
Address, K. I.. Pierce, Hemingford,
I have a dozen full-blooded Buff Rock
chickens for sale. C. M. Lotspeich. 46
From the WooUurldgti place, one aud one
halt mile houthwest pf Alliance, Monday, No
vember id, three head of cows, two brlnjlo
and tio red, all'bramled VD, and four calves,
two with inurxlcH on.. Leave word with P. E,
Business Local Column.
Advertisements in this column will bo
charged nt the rato of 10 cents por lino
first insertion nnd , cent nnr linn r.Ar.h
subsequent Insertion.
Advertisers miouici remember tnat tub
IIrUAIIi'O firr-illnllnn Id Inilnl, tmmr 1it
....... v..u,.,..w.a ... ......... ..Kk. u.
any other Alliance paper and has tho lar
gest circulation in the city nnd county.
Xmas photosAlliance Art Studio.
Go and got your shoes at Mollring Bros.
Or Allen, dentist, opera house.
Old papors for sale nt this office.
Go to Dr. Reynolds for dental work.
Scars building. 'Phono 213.
Thornton pays six cents for hides.
See F. E. Heddish for loans on real es
tate. L,
W. G. Simonson has a small house ho
will exchange for cattle.
For storm windows and doors see Forest
Lumber Co.
T.tko hides where you will get tho mqft
for them at Thornton's.
Forest Lumber Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping Vats.
All kinds of screen doors nnd windows
made to order by Geo. G. Gadsby.
Sec Humphrey forpicture framing1, up
holstering and furniture repairing.
Bids wanted for baling 150 tons of hay
at once. J, R. VnnBoskirk, two miles
south of Alliance.
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C. Humphry. 7-10-tf
Harold B. Miller, M. D., physician and
surgeon, office and residence 321 south
Seveatejnth stnsst, Lln-.j'n, Ns'i
Pattern hats, street hats, ready-to-wear
hats. Mrs. Thos. Regan.
For sale. Second-hand Singer sewing
nfachine in good repair. Inquire at this
Three new Royal ball-bearing sewing
machines at cost. A No, 1 second-hand
organ for sale. A. C. Bingham,
Board and room $5 per week. New
house, everything first-class. First house
north of B. & M freight depot. Wm.
Bachman, proprietor, ,
Wanted! Potatoes!
Highest market price. A. D, Rodoers.
Wanted A good girl to work at laun
dry. Call at laundry. 6-26-tf
Dr. Reynolds, the dentist, is now per
manently located Sn the Sears building,
first door west of Blackburn's store.
One second hand Kansas City hay biler
for sale. See the old apple man, F. A.
For sale Surrey, almost good as now,
A. E. Pearson, 612 Box Butte avenue.
For Sale Thoroughbred Cockrel Span
iel pups. First house north of Catholic
church or Miller Bros.
See those new chafing" dishes at New
berry's, 5o-tf.
Sleds and skates for the boys and girls
nt Newberry's. so-tf.
Fine quality apples for sale; $1,25 per
bushel. Call at Harry Loomis' residence
west of the ice house, Alliance. 50-tf.
If you want pictures framed for Xmas,
bring them in early to insure getting them
in proper time. Geo. Darling, 50-tf.
Call up B. F. Lock wood Co., "Kitchen
to Parlor," and have them 6et up your
stove and put down your carpet. Work
guaranteed. 50-1 f.
If you want a stovu set up or a carpet
put down, telephone B. F. Lockwood Co.,
"Kitchen to Parlor," who is making this a
specialty. 50-tf
Christmas will soon be here. Selec-
your presents while stocks are unbroken.
Newberry has a large stock of useful and
beautiful articles. 5otf
Geo, Darling's display of art goods is a
credit to the city many times larger than
Alliance. People should appreciate this
and take advantage of the opportunity to
purchase their needs in this line. so-tf
Household Goods.
Household goods stored in room form
erly occupied by Blackburn's grocery.
These goods for sale; terms cash or
bankable paper. Thps. Beck, per Geo,
Darling.' . tf
li. O. T. M. -Meets every Urstnnd tblrd Frr
day at Uagle Hall. Visiting Maccaboe eot
illally Invited. Mbs. O. O. DAVBNroHT, L. C.
Havmk O'Dowjixxl, R. tC.
Photographs make good Xmas gifts
we make good photographs. Alliance Art
For Sale One finely upholstered Dav
enport couch, one rosewood chiffonier, one
large oak rocker and one oak hall chair.
Telephone or call at Tub Herald office.