The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 13, 1903, Image 5

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IKolth Ikl'lorco Is fully authorized to so
licit subscriptions imtl Job work and collect
und receipt for same, and transact all other
business In connection with his position ns nn
accredited representative of tliU puper.j
Mrs. S. R. Burk wits sick this week.
Delia Reed went to Alliance Sattir
Mrs. Bevan lias been ill with ton--silitis.
Ira Reed was iu town Thursday on
official business.
Mary Hcmcall spent Sunday with
the Fosket girls.
Ina Osborn began school in the home
district Monday. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hood were in
town last Thursday.
Geo. L. Taylor shipped a car of cat
tle to South Omaha Monday.
Mrs. Rustin and Miss Grace Wheeler
returned from Alliance Thursday.
B. E. Johnson accompanied a ship
ment of cattle to Alliance Monday.
H. G. Buhl, agent for the Fairfield
Mutual,. was doing business here this
Ed Loomis has apples on sale at
$1.25 a bushel, at the building next to
the postofnec.
Peter Swanson had a rib broken
-while attempting to mount a fractious
pony recently.
Walter Osgood returned from Alli
ance Wednesday where he went with
a car load of cattle.
The celebrated Moline wagons,
spring wagons and buggies for sale at
close prices, at Anton Uhrig's.
State Bank Exajniner Whittcmore of
Lincoln paid his annual visit to- the
First State bank Wednesday.
G. A. Clayton, a potato buyer from
Clarinda, Iowa, was interviewing our
potato dealers Thursday last.
Ernest Oldag has gone on a short
visit to his parents. On the way he
will spend a few days on his home
stead in Sheridan county.
The M. E. ladies have arranged to
give a public dinner Thanksgiving day
at the the building one door south of
the postoffice. Everyone invited.
Rev. Sciulz is conducting a German
school in Mrs. Johnson's house on Box
Butte avenue. There is quite 'an en
rollment and great interest is being
shown by pupils and parents.
H. L. Bushnell will allow all his cus
tomers holding keys"t'o try them Satur
day, Nov. 21. He will also pay for
their dinners at the dinner to be given
by the Congregational ladies in the
building north of Green's. Anyone
who does not hold keys but who 'desire
dinner can get same by paying the
ladies individually.
Hugo Lichte lost most of his winter
feed Saturday evening. A fire started
in his north stacks and the wind being
strong and from that direction he
could save none of it. It also des
troyed several loads of wood which he
had used for a corral. About 50 tons
were consumed. The origiu of the fire
is a mystery, as he had not been to the
stack, which first ignited, for some
Mrs, Amy Earnest died at her home
in this village on last Friday evening
it half past seven o'clock. Burial took
place the following day, Rev. Burleigh,
the Methodist minister, conducting a
funeral service at her home. Mrs.
Earnest was born in or near Palmyra,
Ohio, August 31, 1837, and grew up
there. Early in life she married Ho
ratio Nelson Earnest. Her oldest
child, a daughter, was born at Palmy
ra. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest later moved
to Berrien county, Michigan, where
they resided until moving here when
the county was first being settled. Mr.
Earnest homesteaded land near Non
pareil and later came to Hemingford
and went into business. He died here
several years ago and both are buried
in Hemingford cemetery, Besides the
daughter already mentioned there were
two sons, Clyde and Wilber. The
former was here for several days prior
to the funeral, attending his mother
and doing all in his power to make her
last hours as painless as possible.
Her affliction was cancer and she had
been troubled with the disease for
years, at one time going to the hos
pital at Omaha where an operation
was performed, which, however, could
not cure her. but prolonged her life
several years. Since the death of Mr.
Earnest she gained her livelihood by
nursing. But it was only partly for
the remuneration that she did this it
was because her heart was kind and
sympathetic and because she loved to
be of use in the world. Her patients
Joved her for her cheerfulness, useful
ness and genuine interest in their wel
fare and it is pleasant to note that
many whom she nursed during sickness
came and ministered to her during the
long, painful days of her last illness.
She came of one of the best families
that Ohio boasts of atid throuhalljjter
life, though environment was often
distasteful and somctimos bitter, she
kept true to herself and to her youth.
A shallower nature could not come so
true through the tribulations of u life
such as hers. She achieved success in
this life because she
did good in the
"NOTidii or T.t.i:cTio.v.
To lie Held In tho City of Alliance Decern
hcr MUi, 100:1..,
Proposition to vote bonds for city hull.
Notire Is liorvby jtlven to tho IckhI voters of
tho city of AUIhik'O. tii-Hos llutto county, Ne
braska, Unit, pursuant to n petition by tnu r
luisito nuinner or irecnoiuers oi city
(with which petition then) Is furnished proper
for such election mid submission of tho prop-
security for tho expenses of election! nsUntf
osition heii'lnnttr M't fortl), nn election Is
J. C. Wood is shipping hay to the
Miss Amelia J acobson isassiting Mrs.
A. E. Bycrs at dressmaking.
C. H. Richer drove to Hcmingsford
Fridar evening taking Mr. Spencer.
E. E. Ford and Henry Shrinck
of Lawn shipped a car of cattle to
South Omaha Monday.
Addic Way, Delia Keyes and' Rose
Zcbcrt, each a one-quarter section, to
H. S. Furman, $300 each.
John Sullenbergcr and family spent
last Tuesday at "Evergreens," the
pleasant home of Ben Miller, Jr.
Postmaster Snow left the office to
the care of his daughter, Miss Attic, on
Sunday and with the remainder of the
family spent the day at N. S. Poole's,
two miles east of town .
Miss Pearle Crigler of Hough spent
several days in this place and vicinity
taking orders for nursery stock irom a
Minneapolis nursery firm. She was.
we understand, quite successful.
Miss Carter, a niece of Mrs. W. II.
Thomas, arrived on Wednesday from
southern Iowa, the object of her com
ing being to assist in' caring for her
aunt, who still lingers in terrible
B. H. Miller and son Howard ar
rived from Hazelton, Iowa, last
Wednesday. The former to attend to
business matters and the latter to re
main with his brother Ben on the Mil
ler ranch, five miles north of town.
The troops were in camp at this
place Monday night on their return
trip from Ft. Riley, Kans. Six hundred
mounted men make an imposing sight
and our people are always glad of an
opportunity to see Uncle t Sam's boys.
Prosperity is evinced by the lively
rate in which real estate in and around
this place is changing hands. C. D.
Tyler sold his house and lots to Mrs.
Morolemon, consideration being SSoo.
P. L. Wilson, house and lot to James
Wilson, $500. John Irion, B. & M,
hotel, property to Mrs. Inis Hollibough,
$400. Bruce & Hollibough, 8,500 acres
ranch land, to E. S. Gregg(l $15,000.
Charles Posvar and family of Lawn
were down on Monday . The immed
iate cause of Mr. Posvar's coming to
town was an item which he saw in the
Marslaud items last week in The Hek
ald. The item was made to read that
L. Snow had a contract for shipping
several cars of "hogs" to the hills,
which was a compositor's error and
should have read hay. . Mr. Pasvor has
twenty fat hogs to sell and thought he
had struck a chance.
One of the most interesting enter
tainments to take place in our schools
occurred last Friday afternoon. Miss
Addic Harris and her pupils enter
tained the mothers of the district at a
"schoolhouse party." Neat invitations
were issued by the pupils and they
were quite well responded to, notwith
standing the busy time. A fine literary
programme was carried 'out consisting
of songs, recitations and drills, all of
which were well rendered, the songs
being exceptionally good. After the
program, refreshments were served.
Orangeade and cake, popcorn balls and
mixed nuts constituted the bill-of-fare
and were partaken of with much relish.
We can not refrain from compliment
ing the school board on securing go
able an, instructress as Miss Harris.
Every department of her work indicates
thoroughness and demonstrates the
fact that she is amply qualified for her
chosen profession.
culled to lie held In said city on the lltli day
of Doeomlier, HX.3, at which election tho fof
lowliif proposition will he submitted U the
electors of ciihl eliy: ,
"Shall the divot Alliance, In the county of
liox Hntte, and state of Nebraska, Issue ImiikU
to tho amount of Eight Thousand Dollars
8,000.00) to 1)0 of tho denomination of 1(W0.(W
each, with Inurcst coupons thoreto attached,
payable to licaror twenty jcar.s after their
date, ami rodeetniibln at the option of tho said
city nt any limn nftrr ten years from their
date, said boudsdniwInRlntcrestntthonUoof
six per cent per annum payablo uunually from
tho said day of their dato, said bonds to bo
dated tho second day of January, A. 1). 1001,
Intorest and principal to bo nuulo puyiiblo at
tho fiscal agfcuay of tho statu of Nebraska In
tho rlly of Now York: -for tho purpose of
erecting. ouulpploK nnd maintaining u City
Hall and Jail IlulhUni for" municipal use with
in the said city of Allluncejaecordlw to plans
and specifications now on lllo In tho clti
clerk's office and to authorise thoclty council
of said city of Alliance to annually levy and
collect a KciKsrnl tux In the sumo manner as
other municipal taxes are levied and collect
ed, on nil property within tho snld citv of Al
liance! In addition to tho sum authorized to
the sum authorized to be lnvlod for other pur
poses, to meet the payment of the Interest and
principal of said Isinds as the samu become
due and payable."
Tho form in which the above proposition Is
suhmttled shall he by ballot, upouuhtch shall
bo prlnteit.or partly written and partly print
ed, the following wordst
l'or S8.000.00 uiiy hall bonds and tax cs. 00 city hall bonds and tax-No.
If to thirds of the votes cast at said elec
tion bo' Tor $.s,uOO.PO city hall bonds and tax
jes," thu iiIkivo protKriltlou will bo declared
Said election shall ho hold In the First
want In tho VVo-dmen hall on Montana street:
and In the Second ward In tho city council
chnmbur on Hpx llutte avenue. on the Hill
duy of Divemlor.A. I). 1003: the x. lis t open
nt H o'clock a. m. and to ro,ii ilu iij'i nuitl 7
o'clock p ui . mountain time, of S.111I day.
Hy urucrof thoclty couuel. of -said city or
Alliance, Nebraska.
l.outM llHECiMi.wrriN
Mil, 1.
.Ias. 11. II. Hewitt,
City Clerk. 47 4
OrJtnnncc No. 82.
An ordinance providing for the construc
tion of a sidewalk alonu lots 7, 8, P, lu. 11,12
and 1:1. block 23, original town of Alliance .
ltox llutte county, Nebraska.
lie It ordained ly tho mayor 11 ml council of
the city of Alliance, Nebraska
That thero shall he built u sidewalk along
tho front of lots 7,8, 0. 10, 11, 11 and 13, block
29, original town, now city of Alliance, Uox
llutte county, Nebraska.
That said sidewalk built under this ordin
ance shall bo four feet eicht Inches In width
built of lumber eight Inches In width and two
Inches In thickness, securely nailed upon at
least three stringers 2x4 set upon edges on the
surface of tho ground,
Tlint. It fthull 1h the dutv of the cttv mni-slial
to enforce this ordinance, and that when re
pairs arc needed, ho shall. In writing, so notify
thu owner, agent or occupant of the abutting
lot, who shall cause the needed ro pairs to bo
miiili'. and In the event thut sucu owuer.agciil
or occupant shall fall tomake such repairs for
24 hours niter naving receiveu sucu notice 1110
city marshal is hereby empowered to make
said repairs mid certify tho cost of the same
to the council, who shall, at Its next regular
meeting levy such cost ns a special assessment
against said lot.
In case thu owner, agent orocrupiintof such
lots fronting on thu proposed sidewalk shall
uciclcul or refuse to construct said sldowulk as
rciiulred hv this ordinance, for a period of ;u
days after tho passage of this ordinance, then
tho city marshal Is hereby authorized to Im
mediately construct sum sidewalk according
to tliU provisions of this ordinance and certify
tho cost of tho same to the cltv council, who
linll levy the same as u special assessment
ugainsts.ihl lot or lob.
This ordinance to take ofTcct on and after
Its passage, approval und publication.
Head first time UcU .s lixa.
Head second ttmu Oct. 8, 1003.
Head third tlmo Nov. 10, WW.
Approved November 10, 1003. 4
Louis liurongf'.NSTKiN, Mujor.
.Us H. H. llewiTT. City Clerk. .
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale Issued by the
clerk of the district court of Hox llutte coun
ty, Nebraska, upon u decree rendered by said
court In favor of Tho Equitable Land Com
pany, plnintllT. and against Jumos MuUiihe.
defendant, I will, on the llthduyot December.
A. D. 1UU3, at-10 o'clock a. m. oa said day, at the
west front door of tho court house In Alliance.
In snld county, sell tho following described
real vntute. to-witt
Tho southeast quarter of section It. In town-
north or range 41. west 01 inesixtii
I meridian. In liox lluttu county. Ne-
rnku. nt nubile auction to the highest bid
tier fur cuhIi. to ial Isfv said order of sale In
the sum of $110.33 and Interest, costs and ac
cruing costs, also subject to taxes In tho sum
f:5'-70' IHA 1IRED.
Sheriff of said County.
W. 0. Himonso.n:.
Attorney for Plaintiff. 4-4
, Sheriff's Sale.
lly virtue of an order uf sale Issued by tho
clerk of ths district court of llox llutte coun
ty, Nebraska, upon u decree rendered by said
court in favor of The Equitable l.anu Com
pany, plaintiff, and against John Nikout, Anna
Nikont, Frederick Sorge und Mary 0. Sorgo,
are defendants, I will, on the 14th duy of De
cember, A. D. 1003. at 10 o'clock a. in. on said
day. at tho west front door of thu court huuno
iu Alliance. In said county, sell tho follow lug
described real estate, to-wlt:
Lots three nnd four, and south half of north
west quarter of section 5, In townshlpSO, north
of range 51, west sixth principal meridian, In
ltox lluttu county, Nebraska, at public auc
tion to tho highest bidder for cash, to satisfy
said order of salo. In tho sum of $080.41 and
Interest, costs nnd accruing costs, subject to
taxes in the sum of ;tt.S0. jra
Sheriff of said County.
V. fi. BlMONSO.v.
Attorney for Plaintiff. 47-4
t j
A Car Load
of New York
this week
Finest qaulity of apples
that ever came to the
west. Price low.
Ordinance No. 40.
An ordinance regulating tho obstruction
street and and rullwuy crossings In the vil
lage of Hemingford, Nebrnsku, by railroad
cars or engines and providing a penalty rof
violation of the same
He It ordained by the Chairman and Hoard
of Trustee of the village of Hoinlnutord, Ne
braska: Soc. 1. That any person, porous or corpora
tion who shall obstruct or keep standing bn
thu street railway crossings lu tho village of
Hemingford, Nebraska, any railroad cars or
engines for more than live minutes at any one
tlmo shall upon conviction thereof be fined
not more than fifty dollars (J5O.O0I nor less
than live dollars (tS.OO). or lo linprlsoued In
tho county Jail not o.eeedlng sixty dujs for
each olTcnsu. , , . , . , ,
Sec. 2. An obstruction contemplated In sec
tion one of this act shall mean that thero
must ) an opening of at least ono hundnsl
feet space for each and every -rosslng In tho
said village. ,, .,,...
Sec This ordinance shall take effect and
be in forco from and after Its pjssage, approv
al ami publication according to 'aw.
I'assed October 10, IKS.
Approved October 19. 1903.
It. II. 1'unk, Chairman rro tem.
Attest: E. Kveuktt. ,
ISeall Vlllago Clerk.
Sounds Funny, Doesn't it?
tions none genuine without the "Legfgett & Piatt guarantee tag" on each spring
as shown below.
No. 15, sectional spring (jfT fkfk
as sliownincut PJUJ
No. 1, one piece spring (1 J Cl
No. 5, one piece spring
as shown in cut
No. 3, one piece spring
r) y q iwj. p ujq
IfcTo. IS
3To- 5
The dealer is horcby Instructed to
return the purchase prlco in cash,
upon return of this Spring, If nftcr
one month's trial it shall not prove
satisfactory In every respect.
Lcggctt & Plntt SB & Mfg. Co.
.... Every One Guaranteed. ....
Taken Lp. . . t
October'!, 1M3. ooetlpa 13, tqwn 27, range IT,
on my promises, one dark brown mare, about
11 vo or si euts old. with bay spring colt : one
roan mare, about nine or ten years old; no
brands. f'HAS. Tiiksjklk.
uupjs.tqa OAHtm ijpujo m 'SuA
nun 3uos 'Jd Pun 'UBUI lttHiB
qouaj 'oiotipa' MO. ;i-Bq3aBiis J
uuBuinotia Ma jo sitsoaauip oqi bj al
Xub B 'nans IiBoaqi oih jo jaouBa oq
npira avou sj Sutjajuos bj nujqa jo
lojodtno ato qajq moij obtjmjp oqx
mit(I ,uuii3 jo loiadoia
Notice of Amendment of the Articles of
Incorporation or the Mollrlnn-Kosu
Klvc Stock Company.
At a spectnl meeting of the btooh
holders of tho Mollriun-Uosn Live Stock
company, held nt Its olllce iu the city
of Alliance, Nebraska, on October 20,
linn nullml fnr tlmt nuriiosc. the fol-
leaving resolutions were unanimously
adopted; . ,',.,,
;Uebolve,d, That t,he eapitul stock of
the Mollrlng-Rosa Live Stock company
be and Is hereby Increased from
520.000.00, In shares of 3100.Q0, to
830,000.00, In shares of 3100.00.
Ilesolved, That It Is the sense of this,
meeting of the stockholders of the
Mollrlug-Uosa Live Stok company
that a vice-president is neee&sury for
the successful carrying on of the biisl
ms nf Rnlri corooratiou and tho ollice
of vice-president is hereby created as
one of the oiitees oi sain uuruiuuuu,
and that section 8 of the articles of in
corporation of thu suid Mollring-Uosu
Live Slock company oe mm i ucicuj
amended by insertiug the word vice
president ns otio of the ollleers of said
corporation in aid section 8 of said
iirticle of incorporation.
Resolved. Thut tho nrticles of incor
n.iruttoii of the Mollrlmr-Kosa Live
Stock company be and are hereby
amended bv adding the following
words to bo known as section 11 of
articles of incorporation of said Moll-rinff-Hosa
Live Stock company: "These
articles may be altered or amended by
a two-thirds vote of the outstanding
cap. tul stock, nt any regular stock
holders' meeting or at a special meet
ing c.tllcd for that purpose, provided
notice of Mich meeting shall be given
to each stockholder, as provided for
bv the by-laws of said corporation,
such amendment, if any, to be execut
ed in behalf of the corporation by such
otllcer as the stockholders may deslg
ate. , ,
Resolved, That the secretary of the
Mollring-Rosa Live Stock company be
and is hereby authorized to execute
and make the above and foregoing
amendments to the articles of incorpor
tlon of tho Mollring-Rosa Live Stock
company and Is also hereby author
ized to have the above and foregoing
resolutions published in some paper
printed in the city of Alliance, Nebras
ka, for a period required by law.
State of Nebraska,
IIok Rutto county, DO'
Ed. D. Mollrlng, being first duly
sworn, deposes and says that he is sec
retary of tho Mollring-Rosa Live Stock
company; that nt a r.peeial meeting of
tho stockholders of said corporation
held at its office In the city of Alliance,
Nebraska, on October 20, 1003, called
for said purpose, the above and fare
going resolutions wero unanimously
adopted by said stockholders in meet
ing assembled. En. D. Moluuno.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 20th day of October, 1003.
Wit.mam Mitchell.
Notary Public.
Notice to Redeem.
State of Nebraska I K.
To John 1). Allen t You aro hereby notified
that on tho 17th day of lebruiiry,
1C, Irvlii) B. Heed purchased ut tax sale the
northwest quarter or section II. lu township 25
of ramie 50, in ltox llutte county, Nebraska.
That said land was taxetl In. the name of John
1) Allen, and that said purchase of tax falo of
said land was made for tbe years lVjO.lW.lttfs),
lsyuand 1P00, and that subowiucnt taxus have
been paid on said land by Irvlnn H Heed lor
tho year. 1001 and ljtti. That the time for
redumption of the uforosald land will e
plro on tho I7ti day of February, 1B04.
Dated, Alliance. Nebraska, this 1st day of
October, lf03. 41 Inviso H, llKicn.
Olcial Vole of Box Butte Counts' Nov. 3, 1903.
lTr Jutlae supreme 60115-
John 1L liarties, rep,
,!olm .1. t-iulll vim, fus....( ,.
UeorKuI. WrlKjit, pro ,
fj, t hrisllutisoil, so ,....
For Keirents State University
ririrlosf Allen, rep ,
WlllhimO. Whitman-, n-p. .......
William A. Jones, fus
I(r. lnest O. Weber, fus
r. A. Marker, pro
It. V.
T. It. Llpplucott, mi
Judges I5th Judicial District
Allen O. Fisher, rop,
W1I1T. Wills, n-i
.1. J. Harrington, fun
V. II, Westovcr, fu-t
For County Treasurer -
Alex Mulrhead. rep
l W'. Hreiuun, fus
For County Clerk
V, U. Mounts. n) .,
S. M. Hixyser, fti ..,..,
.For Sheriff- '
Its. U'lldy, iep ,
1 m !...., I r..L
,... ..vv.i, iui ..... ...... . ..
For County JuiU'e -
Hmlth I'.Tutlle, rep
I). K, Spucht, flit ,
For County it.eiliitendeui
Ieora A. ltustlu, rep ,
J, W. ilnuinpirduci. fus
For County As.ess r -
A. 8. Kiijeart, rep ,
A.S. Heed, fits
tor Surveyor
I). ' llulit'H. rep
J. I. Hiiriinl, flit
For Connier
J. IC. MiMire, rup .,
(.'lauue nuiiipiii-''), nis
'i a
? i
7 -!
-j 3 ;
1831 ina u
loej lot) 'ii
0, ... ,
Hii 107 14
i:m, it 3 13
h3 til 33
hi -a
fl 3....
tl 'J'....
4 ;t...
Ill) Hi in1
1S 60 71
g 8 6 I
a . .
: :
i i i
: : :.-
t t
P'l ISO.
i; Mil'
.. 117
.. 150
..' 10,
.. 13
.. 7-
,.t ISO'
.. I
,. I'll
..' 101
in) 8, ai.
140 30, 38!
(si f,r
ii'.'i ui
iii nitp
us', y:t
For County I'ommlKsloner.lst dls.l
) Id. Taylor, rep
Frank Cuba, fus
Ttnl vnlenf pnvlni'ti1 '!7h
IS ?1
'-i i'.
1.) 41
X 41
20 31
IS 30
13 40
S5 ill'
13 31
41 74
S' ? g"
a r I
: '
: i- i : I
ftS1 .V' 481
47 j 7U5J457
OS' a-C2M
10 4?:
'11 111 'I
to (t!'
57 10W
I have purchased the pain
shop of Albert Johnson and
am prepared to do all kinds of
carriage painting-.
People, if ou have furni
ture you want fixed I will call
and get it. I also do painting
and paper hanging, graining
and first class sign work. All
work of the best and satisfaction-
Phone 194.
W. H. Zelimng.
llutte County,
I have one hundred tons of good prairie
hay for sale. It can be utilized on the
place with best accommodations, For
particulars write to . S. Kaper, Lawn,
Neb. 4'3
In the District court of Hox
ln the matter of thoappllcullon of T. M.
lor, (.'uurdlau of Theodore Peterson, Frank
Hood, Acnes Hood, Eddie Hood and Minnie
Hood, minors, ehtldreu of Ina Hood, deceased,
to sell real estate;
Notice Is hereby isl veil that lu pursunnco of
nn or.lnrnf w. H. Unstnvi'r. tudiroof the dis
trict court of liox llutte county, Nebraska,
made on the 14th duy of October, 1003, for the
sale of the real ettato hereinafter descrllieu,
then- will be sold ut the wett frout door or the
court house lu tbe city of Alliance, ltox. Uutlo
county. Nebraska, on theSith day of Noveni
br, I.103, atone o'clock p. M.. nt public ven
due, to tho hllu'st bidder tor cash, the fol
lowing described lund or real estate, to wit:
Tho southeast ijuarler und southwest ouar'er
or section 15. lu township 25 of nitiBe 4 in
Hox llutte county, Nebruska.
Dated OctolKirli. 1W3.
T. M. Uwleii, ,
Guardian of Theodore l'eter
.n,. L'Mnl (Tr.njl Af.llftd llrwwl
Kilillf Hood and Minnie Hood,
minor lieirs 01 jnu iioou. ue-
1 IfgfcvrFuMMMia-alBcg" j;vr
imI 1 1 A 1 thH
F-FOct 23