The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 25, 1903, Image 7

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ThAMhd' GA k , ujT SIGN8
Kxplnnatlon Which Will nelp Yo
to L'niterittniid Them.
Tho rude drnwlnfis hardly need a
key. "When ou eomo whlto gatepost X
found tho sketch of n gun, I stole far
ther down tho road. I lind n strong ob
jection so early In my career ;o being
riddled full of holes liy some nitrcptd
farmer. The outline of n dog or war
like proportions, with wild eyeH and
ferocious teeth, was wont to make mo
go brcakfastlcsa. My summer ward
robe waB not In condition to allow of
further mutilation. If I felt bravo
enough to kick a yelping cur, I saun
tered In recklessly at the gate which
bore n portrait of a toy dog. Once past
him one could usually get a bite.
A big round "O " did not make one
wild to approach the premises It adorn
ed. It generally portrayed n hostess
with a nature of adamant. A single
"X" stood for u cross saw, which with
small manipulation might earn a meal.
Two X's made a tramp of none too
vigorous a makeup go farther down
tho road. It suggested considerable
wood cutting In exchange for a,menl.
Tho sign every tramp looks ir anx
iously is a crudely drawn table, with a
lopsided coffee cup and n plate upon it
Beyond that gatepost dwells a sweet.
simple, motherly soul who will wel
come the most dilapidated hobo into
her spotless kitchen and set before him
a good square meal. She may sit be
side him, inquiring as to the safety of
his soul, and she may give him a
mother's gentle advice or she may havo
a story to tell tearfully of a wayward
boy lost somewhere in the great world,
and all the fee she asks for her gra
cious hospitality Is a simple request
that in the wanderings of her guest ho
may look nbout for her absent boy aim
give him a loving message of a moth
er's longing and watching. Good
"n Time of Peace,
Prepare for War"
In good weather,
prepare for bad
Nothing will contribute to your comfort during the approaching
winter more than a HOT-WATER HEATING PLANT in
stalled in your dwelling or place of business.
Good butter should be solid from the
time it is put upon the table.
Any excitement In the dairy cow
tends to lessen the How of milk.
Failing to gel all the buttermilk out
causes butter to become rancid soon.
To obtnin the best results in churning
the cream should be only slightly sour.
In winter the cream should bo warm
td up to about 00 degrees before put
ting in the churn.
One advantage in brine salting Is
that it almost entirely avoids streaked
or mottled butter.
The milk should always be skimmed
while sweet and the cream then allow
ed to turn slightly sour.
Sometimes butter has white specks
distributed through it. Tills Is caused
by oversourncss In tho cream.
In butter making next to controlling
the temperature is to churn of teii while
the cream is In good condition.
With temperature under control and
churning done at the right time the
butter will become solid and bo easily
On the farm to make the most out of
the milk and butter some of the cows
should be bred to come fresh In tho
spring and some in tho fall. St. Louts
A Simple Itemed;-.
The readiness of some people to send
for a man to do those little things
about the house which the smallest
amount of enterprise or ingenuity
would enable them to do for them-
selves is Illustrated by an incident re
ported in the Chicago Tribune of a
family named Chuckster.
They had bought some new gas burn
ers with mantles. For a week or two
the light was satisfactory; then It grew
dim and dimmer until Mrs. Chuckster
sent for the gas fitter.
"It grows worse all the time," she ex
"When was it put iu?" asked the
"About a month ago."
"Ah, yes; I see."
Then he lifted the chimney off, took
it out to the kitchen, washed it with
soap and water, and the light burned
as brightly as ever.
"Fifty cents," said the man. .
An Argument Fur Social Frnnkncit.
It is best to be sincere, ng a family in
Gcrmautown recently found out. They
had been entertaining n distinguished
novelist from abroad who was not alto
gether acquainted with society's way
of saying things It docs not mean. The
tlmo came for her departure, and as
the host was haudlng her to tho car
riage he said very courteously, "I am
sorry you cannot stay longer."
To Whlcbuune the unlooked for re
tort, "Oh. Du.1! cau!"
There was o.ily one course open. The
trunks were taken down, the carrlago
sent away, and, to tho consternation of
her hosts, the lady re-rutered tho
house. Philadelphia Times.
Red Snow.
In tho arctic reglous enrJy rxplorers
were astounded to llnd largo areas of
red snow, but the phenomenon Is now
familiar tc men of science, who know
that red snow, like a green garden
fence, is due to the presence of unicel
lular alga;, the only difference being in
the coloring matter of the protoplasm.
It Is said that acres of snow are fre
quently covered in n slnglo night by
these tiny plants. Good ords. -
Tho Clliiuito.
"Don't ypu think you have a very
ilinugenhle climate?" wild the stranger.
"No," said tho native. "It cbnngox
fast enough when it's pleasant, but
crhon It's disagreeable it .haugs on like
jTlm death." Washington Star.
Access to booUs Is pn open door to
u'ide knowledge, to a disciplined mind
tnd to Immense extension and variety
If luterebts. Ladles' Home Journal.
is prepared to furnish the best furnaces, radiators end plumbing
at live and let live prices. Yours for comfort,
0. A. Newberry.
The best work
Is the cheapest
Do yoti know who does it?
BV RFFVFS The Painter PaPer Hanger and
. 1. lUiJJX.Uk)- Decorator. Work guaranteed.
FHONH 385.
Is One of tho Most Up-to-Dato Drug
Stores in Nebraska
Prescriptions Carefully ,
Conrpoiindeci i. "
Watches and Daimonds.
stock or
Fine Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
Alliance, Nebraska.
Hart fold rim IiiMit unco Company.
North America!! of Plilliululpliin.
I'lioenlv of Illookljii, Now York.
Uontlnuntut of New York City.
NliiKiirii Flro Insurance Ciini:iuy.
Now York Uiiilorurltuni, New York.
Commercial I'nlon Assurance Co., Loudon
I.tvurpool. IajikIoii mid Glolx; Ins. Co.
German American Ins. Co., Now York.
Tanners mid Merchants Ins. Co., Lincoln.
Columbia Fire Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn.
Office Up-Stulrs,
rictchcr Jllock.
Alliance, Nebraska.
Alliance Cash Meat Market.
C. M. LOTSPEICH, Proprietor.
Fresh and Salt Meats,
Row poor are they who hnvo no pa
Uence. Shakespeare.
Earth has no sorrow that heaven
cannot heal. Thomas Moore.
Ho praycth best who loycth best all
things, both great nnd small. S. T.
No pleasure is comparable to tho
standing upon tho vantage-ground of
Truth. Bacon.
A moral, sensible nnd woll-bred mnn
will not affront mo, nnd no other can.
Robert Southcy.
Happiness deponds, as naturo shows,
less on exterior things than most sup?
poso. William Cowper.
Nothing is more slmplo than grent
ness; indeed to bo slmplo Is to bo
great It. V. Emerson.
Count that day lost whoso low des
cending sun views from tho hnnd no
worthy action done. P. J. D.
No cord nor cable can so forcibly
draw or hold so fast as lovo can do
with a twined thread. Uurton.
Lovo Is Indestructible, its holy
flamo forever burnetii; from henven
it came; to heaven rcturneth. It.
Those who Inflict, most suffer, for
thoy see tho work of their own hearts
nnd that must bo our chastisement oi
recompense. P. D. Shelley.
Yes, lovo indeed Is light from hea
ven; a spark of that immortal fire with
nngels shnred, by Allah given, to lift
from earth our low desire. Lord
Wo live in deeds, not years, In
thoughts, not breaths, in feelings, not
in figures on a dial. We should count
time by henrt throbs. Ho most Uvea
who Uilnk3 most, feels tho noblest,
nets the best Life's but a means unto
an end, that end, beginning, means an
end to all things God. P. J. Bailey.
Cash Paid for Hides.
Phone 28
Harvey's Bowline Alleys
Heathful exercise and amusement for
ladies and gentlemen ....
F. T. HARVEY, Proprietor.
East Side of Main Street.
Everything in the Merchandise Line &
Dry Goods, Boots, Groceries, Lump and
Barrel Salt, the celebrated Victor Flour, Feed,
Mowing Machines, Hinders, Rakes, Haying Tools, Gasoline
Engines, Windmills and Pumps, Wagons and Buggies.
Your attention is especially called to our
fresh stock of groceries. We aim to
please and solicit vour patronage . . .
P. L. WILSON & CO., mars,Zi
Nebraska Hide and Leather Co.
Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Furs,
Established Cow and Horse Hide Robes,
win I LeatherandSaddlerv Hardware
L. C. BURNETT, M'gr.
Nebraska C ity. Nebraska.
Dray and Transfer Line.
Charges reasonable.
S. A. Miller.
Phone 139.
about what to do with your Housohold Goods.
S. A. Miller will take charge of them: storo then
ffc in a nice, dry and cool place and pack and ship
,,T them wnerever desired,
The only spring dray line in the city. . .
Coffee cfe Dowd
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Agent for KllEI) KKtHl 1IUBWING CO ,
EXTRA PALE and Other Popular llriiuils.
. . a-aCLilr "Xra-d-e Solicited.
Goods Delivered to any part of tho city. Come and lis,
Phone 206
W. Plato, Jk.,
1. M. Ml'MI'llKKY,
Vice Pros.
Secy. & Mgr.
J. G. Horn,
Every man stamps his valuo on him
self. Schiller.
No capital earns such Interest as
perFonal culture. Pres Eliot
The end nnd nlni of all education l
tho development of character. Fran
els W. Parker.
Ono of the best efforts of thorough
Intellectual training is a knowledge
of our own capacities. Alexandei
Euucatlun is a growth toward in
tellectual and moral perfection.
Nicholas Murray Dutlor.
Wo get out of Naturo what wo carrj
to her. Katherlno Hngar.
Fools learn nothing from wise men,
but wise men learn much from fools.
Tho non-observant man goes
through tho forest and sees no flro
wood. Russian Proverb.
"" Some men will learn more In n coun
try stago than others in a tour of
Europe. Dr. Johnson.
Tho world is full of thoughts, and
you will find them strewl every when
in your path. Ellhu Durrltt
Selected by Boston Housekeeper.
The Flato Commission Company.
Live Stock Salesmen and Brokers.
Capital $250,000.
South Omaha, Chicago, So. St Joseph, North Fort Worth.
South Omaha, Neb Represented by Tom G, Burkb, Brideport, Neb.
I 1 iamonds, Watches,
Gold Jewelry,
Repairing in all its . Hail orders promptly
Branches attended to.
A. O. Barnes,
Jeweler and Optician.
3 . -,... . E
jj The Central Nebraska Real Estate Comp'y
Lincoln, Omaha andThedford
Farm or City Property.
isn't it strange
how so many women regard acton
as tho greatest of men?
How so many women like to pnradt
their religious prejudices?
How so many women llko to afTect a
drawl in their conversation?
How 0 many men wink at derelic
lions which benefit themselves?
How so many men fall in love wit J.
tho painted face of a chorus girl?
How so many men find tlmo to prom
enade tho principal thoroughfares?
How so many men think business
association makes them society swells
How so many men havo such nbldlng
faith in their power to resist tempta
tions? How so many women think social
barriers should be lifted so far as thej
are concerned?
How so many women cease to b
tractable when self-interest is at stake
Philadelphia Bulletin.
his money are soon
can't improve "upon
A fool and
parted. (We
Silehco Is golden, except whon .vol
have something that ought to be said,
and then it Is purty!
Autions sometimes speak louder than
words, but a man who talks that way
entirely is liable to be misunder
stood. Two -heads are better than ono some
times, but this depends laigely upon
the heads. There arc heads and
It is probably truo that every cloud
has a silver lining, but It Is mighty
hard work to turn some of thnm In
side out.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth,
and then when you try to sell It you
won't be embarrassed by too accurate
Informntlon regarding Its age Syra
cuse Herald.
Fitted For Politic.
"What makes you think he would be
a great success In politics?"
"Ho can say more things that sound
well nnd mean nothing than any other
mau I ever knew." Chlsugo Post.
Our means of securing' purchasers are extensive on
account of the number of agents that are giving their
entire time to looking for purchasers. If you list your
property with us for sale, we will sell it, or if you
wan to exchange for other property. We make a
specialty in this line. We have
As well as various kinds of business, to exchange
for your property. We propose to do a hustling
business and guarantee satisfaction. For further
information, conespond with
President otthe Company
Tukdford, Nebraska.
mrtrw'irirrnTi'irrrinrrinnnr w
"" W6
t r
cl tik
3 ,
7 "
1 .1
'. '
, J
& j
I have purchased the, paint
shop of Albert Jqhhson and
am prepared to do all kinds of
carriage painting.
' 1'eople, if you have furni
ture you want fixed 1 will call
and get it. 1 also do painting
and. paper hanging, graining
and first class sign work. All
work of the best and satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Phone 194.
W. H. Zelirung.
Nipped In the Had.
"Ob, Alfred! Isn't it too bad! Just as
we hud everything so nicely arranged
for our elopement, father hns gone
nnd sanctioned the match." Harper's
Few things are necessary for the
wants of this life, but it takes an in
finite number to satisfy the demands
of opinion.
Well Named Paint
The practical painter says,
the man who storms at
the weather because the
paint on his house won't
weather the storms,
could live a life of sun
shine by using
Patton's Sun-Proof Paint gives double the service of all-white-lead
or any ordinary paint. It is made of the most perfect com
bination of paint materials to stand the severest trial the sun and
weather cau give it. Guaranteed to keep its gloss and wear well
for five years.
Send for book of Paint Knowledge and Advice (free) to
PATTON PAINT CO., Lak St., Milwaukee, Wl.
I fc