The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 25, 1903, Image 3

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Recommends Pe-ru
ent Men
Commodore Somerville Nicholson, of the
United States Navy, in a letter from 1837
R Street, N. W., Washington, D. C, says:
Your Pcruna has been and Is
now used by so many of my
friends and acquatnanccs as a
sure euro for catarrh that I am
convinced of Its curative qualities
and I unhesitatingly recommend
It to all persons suffering from
that complaint." S. Nicholson.
United States Minister to Guatemala
Endorses Po-ru-na.
Dr. W. Godfrey Hunter, U. S. Minister
to Guatemala, ex-member of Congress
from Kentucky, in a letter from Washing
ton, D. C, writes :
"I am fully satisfied that your Peruna
Is an efficacious remedy for catarrh, as I
and many of my friends have been bene
fitted by its use." W. G. Hunter, M. D.
Member of Congress From Virginia
Hon. G. R. Brown, Martinville, Va.,
ex-member of Congress Fifth District,
SOth Congress, writes :
"I cheerfully give my endorsement to
your Peruna as a cure for catarrh. Its
beneficial results have been so fully dem
onstrated that its use is essential to all
persons suffering from that disease."
Hon. G. R. Brown.
Tho day was when men of prominence
hesitated to give their testimenials to pro
prietary medicines for publication. This
remains true to-day of most proprietary
medicines. But Pcruna has become so
justly famous, its merit3 aro known to so
many people of high and low stations, that
no ono hesitates to seo his name in print
recommending Peruna.
The highest men in our nation have
given Peruna a strong endorsement. Men
representing all classes and stations are
equally represented.
'1 Arl
No matter what your preferences are about a rifle,.
some one or the eight different
will suit you. Winchester Rifles are made in calibers suita
ble for shooting any game,
and in many styles and weights. Whichever model youj
select, you can count on its
reliable in action and a strong,
FREEt Oaf 160-paqe
BWMwMMgmm unit iuium igaC
Ou rniKNDfl.
4 Mr hhattt trzvrKAVKx.x.D
September 1st, 8tb, 15tb and October 6tb. Return limit, 30 days.
To visit the old home and see
' H. O. TOWM8ENO, GoixrKl ruMOgnr
The Garden of the Northwest.
The wheat crop this year will average. 30 bus. per acre. Good Water. Amplo
Fuel. Good Roads. Land in this favored district may be bought for
$7.00 to S8.00 per acre.
Buy direct from the owners. Why pay agent's commission ? Wo prefer to deal direct
with purchasers. Write to us for particulars.
To prove tho healing and
cleansing power ot 1'a.xtlna
Toilet Antlseptlo wo will
mall n large trial packngo
with book ot In it ructions
absolutely free. 1 his is not
a tiny sample, but a largo
package, enough to con
vines anyone ot Its value.
Women all over the country
arc prnislne 1'axtlne for vrliai
it has done in local treat
ment of fell) :t Id 111, curiiu- I
all Inflammation nncl discharges, wonderful ax a
cleansing vaglnttl douche, for Roro throat, nasal
catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remove tartar
end whiten the ucth, Send today; a postal card
ma do.
Bold by drajrijUt nr sent pout pnld by tu, 50
c"iW, large box. Hatlifaotlon cuiimntnc
THIS It. I'AXTIIS CO., Hoston, ilaji.
214 Columbus Avn,
Omaha, Neb. Send for Catalogue
A.V Your Phvtctn AdvUf. HOOKI.KT KUhE.
Philadelphia truti Oo CIO iiewt Bt.. rail., Pa.
Ileet Ooush Bjrup. Tat Good. Dm RJV
In lime. Bold by druegliU. rl
na Other
jvicnosQh m
If you do not dcrivo prompt and satisfac
tory results from tho uso of Peruna, write
at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full state
ment of your case, and he will bo ploasod
to give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Tho
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Winchester models'
from rabbits to grizzly bears,
being well made and finished,
accurate shooter.
Illustrated e&itloqae.
or.n o-rnf rm '
roxDir ttjuwh to htwkk."
your friends of other, days.
and Ticket Alot. St. I-n1. Ma.
cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest and
best equipped ammunition
factory in the world.
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
"the worlds standard" for
it shoots well in any gun.
Tour dealer sells it.
The Union Metallic
Curtridge Co.
Bridgeport, - - Conn.
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
Jfe&A nEitmtii&m. JJMi
T """
W. N. U Omaha.
No. 391803.
Ir .....- ,,.
jciici ai ieDrttMtd newb.
Those Above Third Grade Could Find
Jobs IntNcbraska.
Eastern teachers could find good
employment In Nebraska just nbaut
this tlmo if they happened to bo of
that class that rates above tho third
grade. Reports received by tho state
superintendent Bhow that the stato is
short about ICO teachers. This is not
duo to a scarcity of material from
which Instructors nro made, but from
tho fact that tho ready made variety
aro all engaged, and that is tho only
kind tho school boards of tho state
want. Reports show tho number of
teachers now lacking In theso coun
ties: Cherry, twenty; Custer, twenty;
Dawes, ten; Red Willow, eight; Fron
tier, fifteen; Cheyenne, ten; Drown,
ten; Boyd, ten, and Logan, four. This
lattor county employs only about
twenty teachers In all.
In theso counties no teacher hold
ing a third grado certificate will be
employed, none but tho best being
wanted. Tho school term on tho av
erago 1b six months, and the salary Is
from $35 to $50 a month. From tho
superintendent's office It Is learrd
that tho stato has just as many third
grado teachers as formerly nnd that
it is tho higher quality demanded that
has caused the shortage.
Saunders County People Must Vote a
Second Time.
WAHOO Great disappointment was
felt by Saunders county peoplo when
tho news was received from Lincoln
of tho refusal of tho stato auditor
to accept tho $85,000 bonds recently
voted by Saunders county for a now
court house, owing to the Illegality of
the call for tho special election, which
lacks one, day of tho required twenty
eight that must intervene between tho
day of first publication and the day
of election. Tho county commission
ers acted upon what they considered
good legal advico in drawing up the
call and fixing the dates. During the
past week tho board has been listen
ing to plans of nrchtects and whilo
It was not Intended to commence
work on the new structure this fall,
efforts were being put forth to got
everything in readiness for early
spring. Another bond election will
necessarily have to be held, but
whether It will occur at tho general
election in November or another spe
cial be called, the county board has
not yet determined.
Requisitions by the Governor.
LINCOLN Governor Mickey has
issued a requisition upon the governor
of New York for the return to Ne
braska of "Count" Jules Diagrneff,
who Is wanted in Omaha for forgery,
having passed bogus checks upon
Rome Miller, proprietor ot tho Her
Grand and Millard hotels.
Fined for Selling Diseased Hogs.
WEST POINT Charles G. Does
cher, a prominent farmer living west
of the city, was arraigned in justice
court, charged, with selling diseased
hogs to a local dealer for shipment.
Doescher was found guilty and sen
tenced to pay a fine of $25 and costs
of prosecution.
Stolen Cattle Recovered.
WOOD RIVER Tho twentyono cat
tle stolen from W. H. Farber's pasture
near the Platto river were found on
the Jacob Shorer farm, three miles
north of town. Tho thieves had head
ed for tho bluffs nnd abandoned tho
Farmer Commits Suicide.
MINDEN Nols Swanson, a sub
stantial and prominent Swedish farm
er living about eight miles southwest
of Mlnden, killed himself by cutting
the veins and arteries of both wrists
while under tho influence of liquor.
Blind Institute Opens.
Institute for the blind opened for the
term with a full corps of teachers and
an attendance that compares favor
ably with other years.
Mrs. Samuel Chambers of Platts
mouth, CO years of age, has been ex
amined nnd pronounced Insane by tho
board of Insanity.
Wants Out of Jail.
LINCOLN William M. Campion,
who is In Jail at Seward, wants to go
out under habeas corpus proceedings,
and to that end a brief has boon filed
in tho supremo court. Campion was
convicted of being tho fnthor of tho
child of Nellie M. Lattimor, unmar
ried, and was assossed $1,000 for the
support and maintenance of tho child.
He failed to pay up and slnco the
trial somo months ago has boon In
jail nt Seward.
Boatrlce schools oponod with nn In
creased attendance.
Senator Millard, has returned from'
his European trip.
A party of Gage county farmerd
havo gone to Oklahoma to buy land.
Jnms L. Kennedy, alias WIlllamB
on trial for complicity In tho robbery
of tho bank of Rogors In Colfnx conn,
ty on tho night of Julio 17, has been
A war Is being waged lit Nebraska
City over telophono rates. Tho Ne
braska Tolophono company has an
nounced a ralso to $3 for long-dlstnnco
'phonos, and as a rosult tho local gro
cers' association Is trying to havo
buslnoss houses discontinue tho serv
ice. Every school In tho rural districts
of Cass county has been supplied
with teachers." Tho county school au
thorities aro well pleased over this
condition of affairs, as It looked sov
oral months ago as though thero
would bo a shortage of teachers this
As tho northbound Union Pacific
passenger train, No. 95, duo to nrrlvo
In Beatrice from Manhattan, Kan., wob
pulling out of Stockdalo, Kan., tho
rails spread, causing two conches to
roll Into the ditch. Tho train was
not running fast and consequently no
ono was Injured.
H. W. Field, who claims Sioux City
as his residence, was robbed of his
watch and chain on a Northwestern
train between Blair and Fremont
Field Bays a very pious, devout-look-Ing
Btranger occupied tho seat with
him and ho thinks tho Btrangor re
lieved him of his watch whllo ho was
about half nBlcep.
Henry Macken and Guy Peyton)
two young men, were hunting ducks
at Sturgeon's lake, York county. Ducks
flow up about fifty yardB away from
Macken, who became excited and did'
not think about Peyton being between
him nnd tho ducks, nnd In shooting at
the ducks a number of shot struck
Peyton in tho head. He was painfully
but not dangerously Injured.
Ira Ketchum, tho voung man of Sar
py county. Implicated In tho criminal
assault caso with Edward Snodgrass,
and who has been confined In tho Om
aha jail for tho last two months wait
ing for trial has been releasod. Judgo
Day, In district court, dismissed tho
caso against both men, as young
Snodgrass had married tho complain
ing witness, Miss Classman.
Tho time for tnd completion of ono
half of tho cells at tho penitentiary,
for which tho board of public lands
and buildings ngrecd to pay tho Van
Doren iron works of Cleveland $09,000,
elapsed a few days ago and no cells
are done. In fact, not a turn has
been made and no member of tho
board seems to know anything about
when tho work will be done.
Unless tho corn crop tuniB out well
In Nebrnska, tho crop yield of grain
for tho stato will bo 'decidedly poor,
according to railway men. Tho latest
estimates on wheat Indicate that tho
average yield per aero is about twelvo
and oiio-half bushels, which is far be
low what was expected early In tho
summer. Moreover, tho quality of
tho grain is poor. A bushel of this
year's wheat rarely weighs moro than
fifty-three pounds and Is generally as
light ns fifty or fifty-one pounds.
Tho fine now elevntor of tho Har
vard Farmers' Co-operative Grain and
LIvo Stock company is now completed
and ready for business. Tho build
ing will bo formally dedicated soon,
each of tho stockholders bringing In
a load of wheat and with their fami
lies and friends partaking of a plcnld
dinner at the school houso grovo, fol
lowed by a short program and a so
cial time.
Tho Injunction filed by Boyd county
settlers against Commissioner Foil
mer to restrain him from releasing
lands until tho matter could bo settled
In tho supremo court came up beforo
Judgo Westover. Judgo Ryan and
Captain Murfln appeared for Follmor
nnd Attorney General Prout for tho
state, who objected to any other at
torney appearing In tho caso except'
himself for tho defense, stating that In
reality It was a stato caso and that
ho was tho proper representative ot
the state's Interest. Tho objection ol
tho attornoy general was sustained.
Immediate action on tho part of tho
settlors will bo instituted boforo thd
supreme court at Lincoln.
Tho supremo court has docldod that
a state normal school doos not come
under tho head of Internal Improve
monts, as enumorntod in tho statute
authorizing and precinct township
city of tho aocond class or villngo tc
issue bonds In support of those Inv
Theodore BIttonbonder, aged 30,
was arrested and brought boforo Jus
tlco Nolson on the charge of statutory
assault on Lena Johnson, aged 13,
whoso mothor is a resident of Sutton.
He was hold to tho district court.
"With tho chllllnc nlr of fall comes nn
extra tax on weak kidneys. It's tho tlmo
Dona's Kidney Pills nro needed now
rccogntrotl tho world over as the chief
Klduav ntul Bladder remedy. '
Aching bncki arcenscd. Hip, back, nnd
loin pains overcome. Swelling of the
r trnriicLD, Ixn. "It wan
called rheumatUm. I cmilil
ret no relief from tho doc
tor. llwRantolmpruvotm
taking Doftu't Rumple and
got two boxm nt our druc
gluts, and, although f8 year
ot agtt, I ant almost it new
man. I wan troubled a good
deal with my wnter- had to
got tip four and five times A
nlsht. That trouble U over
wllli and onco more I can
rest tho night through. My
bockacho li all gone, nnd I
thank you ever so much for
tlio wonderful mmllclno,
Donn's Kidney 1111s."
J no. II. IIl'nCR,
Trealdent, Hldgevllle,
Indiana, Btato Manic.
Vn"nrVc'lL o M.nt. ralltla
vfoTmr CnvimmrtMjy
NAME -............
P. O. -......... .. -
BTATC . ....
For fr trUl bov, mail thin con no n lo
rtr-Mmmm l , ItufTaln, M. r. If tn
tpac I IniumcUnt, r1U addn-M on wna.
Desirable Cure.
"PcrhnpB your stomach troublo Is
duo to ovcr-eatlng, MnglnnU. Why
don't ou try tho fast cure?"
"Tho fasht cure. Is It? Bcgorry,
thot'B the euro Ol'm afthcr wanting.
Tho fashter, the betther."
Insist nn nettlnir It.
Homo Krocers any thoy don't lecop Do
flnnco Starch bceuuso thoy hnvo n stool:
In Imnd of 12 oz, brands, which they
know cannot ho sold to n cuBtotnor who
hH once usd tho 1C oc. pits:. Doflanco
Starch for tho sumo money.
Sand, drose and gold placed together
in the flro each finds its own levol.
A good housewlfo is like the ocean
very tidy.
Smokers And Lewis' "Slnglo Hinder"
straight 6o clgnr hotter quality than most
lOo brands, fewls1 Factory, Peoria, 111.
Fully half our earthly trouble is tho
result ot calling things by another
Tako caro of tho dlmea and you
won't havo to break a dollar bill for
car faro.
Allen's Foot-Ease, Wonderful Remedy.
"Have tried ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE, and
find it to bo a certain cure, and gives com
fort to ono suffering with sore, tender and
swollen feet. I will recommend ALLEN'S
FOOT-EASE to my friends, as it Is
certainly a wonderful remedy. Mrs. N.
H. Guilford, Now Orleans, La."
Mako good uso of other men's brains,
An cntorprlBlng museum manager
claims to havo tho Ho that Gcorgo
Washington refused to toll.
More Flexlblo and Lasting,
won't shake out or blow out; by using
Deflanco Starch you obtain better remits
than possible with any other brand and
one-third moro for earao monoy.
As the hod-carrier goes up, bo goeB
tho house.
An Odd 8crap Basket.
Girls, do you want a Bcrap basket
that will bo picturesque and different
from anything you havo ever had bo
foro? If you do, ask your brothor
to take you to see your flshermt- bo
foro your summer outing ends, and
either buy or beg from him a genuine
cel-poL Not a brand, now, unused
ono, but an old and gfaylsh brown af
fair thnt has really seen service. Ho
will have plenty of them, and will
surely bo glad to let you havo just
what you aro looking for. Take your
prize homo with you, tie your favorite
rlbbona through tho two llttlo hnn
dies nt tho Bides, hang It by your writ
ing desk nnd you havo a treasuro
which -will exclto much admiration.
The Demand for "Change."
Thero is over $100,000,000 In linlf
dollars, quarters, dlmos, nickels and
centB in circulation, about $80,000,000
in silver dollars, $75,000,000 In ono dol
lar bills and $45,000,000 In two dollar
bills. And still tho cry 1b for change,
change. In New York tho street car
companies Instruct conductors to re
fuse anything larger than a $2 bill for
fare, owing to the Impracticability of
carrying enough change to break up
tho fives and tons thnt would be forc
ed upon them. A majority of faros
aro paid In nickels, then come, in tho
ordor named dimes, quarters, halves
and pennies. Thero Is an occasional
dollar and now and then a $2 bill. Wo
men arc responsible for most of tho
paper money that goes Into the pock
ets of conductors.
They Thrive on Grape-Nuts.
Healthy babies don't cry and tho
well nourished baby that Is fed on
Grapo-Nuts is never a crying baby.
Many babies, who cannot tako any
othor food relish the perfect food
Grapo-Nuts and get woll.
"My little baby was given up by
threo doctors who said that the con
densed milk on which I bad fed it had
ruined tho child's stomach. Ono of
the doctors told mo that the only
thing to do would be to try Grape
Nuts, so I got somo and prepared it as
follows: I soaked 1 tablespoonfuls
in one pint of cold water for half an
hour then I strained off tho liquid and
mixed 12 tenspoonfuls of this strain
ed Grapo-Nuts juice with six teaspoon
fuls of rich milk, put in a pinch of
salt and a llttlo sugar, warmed it aud
gave it to baby every two hours.
"In this simple, oasy way I saved
baby's llfo and havo built hor up to a
strong hoalthy child rosy and laugh
ing. Tho food must cortalnly bo per
fect to havo such a wonderful effect
as this. I can truthfully say I think
it Is the host food In the world to )
ralso delicate babies on and is also
a dollolous healthful food for grown
ups as we have discovered In our fam- j
ily." Name given by Postum Co.. '
Battlo Creek, Mich. 1
Grape-Nuts is equally valuable to !
tho strong, healthy man or woman.
Grapo-Nuts food stands for the true
theory of health.
Look in each pnekago for a cony
of the famous llttlo book, "Tbo Road
in Wallvllln "
limbs nnd dropsy nigns vnnUh. Thor
correct urlno with brick dust sediment,
high colored, pain In pawing, dribbling,
frequency, bed wetting. Donn's Kidney
Pllla remove calculi and grnvcl. Relievo
heart palpitation, ulccplcssucss, headache,
norvousnesfl, dizziness.
DutTin Bpnwna.KAKs!.
" 1 received thn f m som.
Jilo of Doan'i Kldnoy HlK
For flvo years I havo hart
lnnli pain In my back, which
physicians Raid nroio from
my kldnoyi. Four boxen of
Donn'a Kleiner l'llla luivo en
tirely curwl tbo trouble. I
think 1 owo my life to thwo
tills, and I want others to
now It." HiDlR Davis,
llaxtcr Hprings, Knna.
Fxuioxmt, Va. "I mf
frrrd over twelvo months
with jviln In tho ainnll of my
back. Medicines nnd plat
ters gave pnly temporary
relief. Donn'a Kidney 1'IIU
cured me." F. H. IIrown,
Falmouth, Vn.
Tho most beautiful thing about a
woman 16 herself.
Those Who Havo Triad It
wQI uso no other. Defiance Cold Water
Storeh has no oqual in Quantity or Qual
ity 18 ot. for 10 cents. Other brands csn
isln ontr 19 ns.
A kiss 1b without form, yet It Bomo
tlmcs forms lives.
Homo Visitors' Excursion to points
In Indlann, Ohio and Kentucky, Bold
Sept. lBt,-8th, 15th and Oct Cth, at
very low rate, long limit returning.
Baltimore, Mil., and return Bold SopL
17th, 18th and 19th.
Llttlo Rock, Ark., nnd return Bold
Oct. 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Detroit, Mich., and return sold Oct
14th, 15th, lGth nnd 17th.
Homcseokors' Excursion to many
points South and Southeast, ono way
and round trip tickets sold tho first
nnd third TucsdayB of ench month.
Tho Wnbnsh 1b tho only lino pass
ing tho World'B Fair Grounds, giving
all n view of tho buildings and
grounds. Through connections. No
bus transfer this route. Elogant
equipment consisting of sleepers,
FREE reclining chair cars and high
back coaches, on all trnlns.
Ask your agent to routo you vln.
tho Wabash. For ratoB, folders and
nil information, call at Wabash City
office, 1C01 Fnrnam Btrcot or address
Genl. AgL Pass. Dept,
Omaha, Nob.
A Ho mado out of tho wholo cloth
should provo moro satisfactory than
a patched-up story.
Money refunded for each package ot
isfactory. When a man tolls you that ho feela
like a fish out of water it may bo
merely n gontlo hint for you to ask
him to tako something.
EftKYWHtRt.' ,
The but motcrialx jIjIW wrtaen tfd
Jirty xvm itarj ejpenwe hae rods
TOWER'S flicker GatJ wvi Mats
futon the wrw oyer Thy ws in&fcin
Nnck or jtllowfor t'i lumb of t work.
am evnr bwto peamo we J I u n or
l dealers jtll then.
W ljf3
Sold EvERYWfms.
s aL
- (l rr,"
ft 1 tk jrtm'M I I
ffj m
hs x .inv
'e'AV-lufThompson's Eyi Watir
.V, .,.....W. j