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    CRirrcn roR eight months. doAn's kidney ruts
Recommends Pe-ru-na
For Dyspepsia and Stomach Trouble.
Kn. P. Coolln, 83 Green
field Avcnu. C&rbondMe,
.. Mvt : I suffered with
backache, and, despite tho
nse of medicines, I could not
ret rid of It. I tea comptUed
Jo ute a crutch for tight
montht, and a part of tho
tlma was unable to walk at
IL 1 fairly screamed if I
attempted to lift my feet
Jrora the floor, and, finally,
I lost control of my limbs
through weakness, as I could
neither bend nor straighten
up to my full helcht, and If
e era woman was In a serious
condition, I was. Mj" litis
band went to Kelly's draft
ttoro and broucht homo a
box of Uoan's Vills. I felt
easier In a few days, and,
Continuing the treatment, 1
was oon able to walk. At
the end of two weeks the
r In In my loins left. When
had completed the treat
ment, i had not an acho nor
a pain, and I have been la
that condition ever since,
Aching backs aro eased.
Hip, back, and loin pains
overcome.. Swelling of th
limbs and dropsy signs,
They correct urlno with
brick dust sediment, high i
colored, pain in passing, '
dribbling, frequency, bed
wetting. Ikwn'n Kidney Pills
raruovn calculi and gravel,
llellevo heart palpitation,
sleeplessness, headaoite,
nervousness, illrrlncira.
1. ID n mill IIO
rmti. no cims.
flMtttrf CnwvtWTft
Catarrh of tho Stomach is Generally
Called Dyspepsia Something
io Produce Artificial Diges
tion is Generally Taken.
Hence, Pepsin, Pancreatin and a Host
of Other Dlgestivo Remedies
Has Been Invented.
For free trial box man thl coupon to
Dootw-Mlltinra , IlufTalo, N V II adore
pace It IntuEkleut, write addrros on nepa
rats clip.
Thcso Remedies Do Not Reach tho
Scat of tho Difficulty, Which
is Really Catarrh.
P. O. ,
" It's the shots that hit that count. " Winchester
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges in all calibers hit, that is,
they shoot accurately and strike a good, hard, pene
trating blow. This is the kind of cartridges you will get,
if you insist on having the time-tried Winchester make.
Put your fin
ger on. our,
trade. mark. Tell your
dealer you want the bestt
starch your money can buy:
Insist on having the best.1
It Is 16 ounces for ro cents
No premiums, but one
pound, of the very best
starch made. We put all
our money Jn the starch.
It needs no cooking;
It Is absolutely pure;,
lt"s:lves satisfaction or
money back
FULL COURSES IN Classics, Utters, Eco
nomics and History, Journalism, Art, Science,
Pharmacy, Law, Civil, Mechanical and Elec
trical Engineering, Architecture.
Thorough Preparatory and Commercial
Rooms Free to all students who have com
pleted the studies required for admission into the
Sophomore. Junior or Senior Year of any of tho
Collegiate Courses.
Rooms to Kent, moderate chsree to students
oer seventeen preparing for Colleciate Courses.
A limited number of Candidates for the Eccle
siastical state will be received at special rates.
St. Edward's Hall, for boys under 13 years, is
unique in the completeness of Its equipment.
The 601 h Year will open September S, 1903.
Catalogues Free. Address P. O. Uox 256.
REV. A. MORRISSBY, C. S. C. President.
One Wis West of Notre Sams University,
Most beautifully and healthfully located. Conducted
by the bitters of the Holy C'ron. Chartered Ihm. Kn-
inylnp a national patronage. Thorough Engliib,
Hastical, BcltnUfia and Commercial Courtea, ad
vanced Chemistry and Pharmacy, Regular Col-
tcgi&io ucgrcca. preparatory jjeparuneni trains
upiis zor regular, special or collegiate courses,
'hvalcal Laboratory well equipped. uonaervaiory oi laiitio it conducted on plant
of the beat Contert atorles. The Art Department It
modeled after leading Art Schools. Minim Depart
ment for children under twelve years. Physical
Culture under direction of jrraduate of Dr. Sargent's
Normal Bcliool of l'liTttciil Training.
The bait modern educational advantages for fitting
young women for lives of utefulneta. The conttant
growth of the Academy hat again neceteltated the
erection of additional fine building! with latett
Hygienic equipment. Moderate eost. New school
year begins September 8th. Mention this paper.
For catalogue and special Information apply to
The Directress ol ST. MARY'S ACADEMY,
Notre Dome, Indiana.
Omnlia, Neb. Send for Catalogue.
I To provo tho healing and
cleansing power of l'axtlue
Toilet Antiseptic we will
man a largo inai package
f with book of injtructlons
absolutely free. This is not
u tiny sample, but a largo
pacKaee, enougn to con
vince anyone of Its value.
. Women all oer tho country
are praising l'axtluo for wliut
Lit has done In local treat
ment of femula Ilia, eurlnff
all Inflammation and discharges, wonderful us a
cleansing vaglnul douche, for sore throat, nasal
catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remove tartar
and whiten the teeth, Send today; u postal card
wll! do.
Hold by druggists or sent postpaid by us, 00
Owilt. large box. 8atlsfuotlon cunrantflCu,
THE It. 1'AXTUN CO., llottoo, Mass.
S14 Coluiubua Avn,
TfumpiMt Eyt Wat
Mr w as.
ill iSfa ktiBi I
(II ssaak JEf ll I
tfLKX OK. VtlLOtV)
A J rnUrlft r. kAfMti ajasa n m m.
Tho heart gets weary, but never
gets old. Shenstone.
To Cure a CoVrt in Ono any.
Tako Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it falls to cure. i!5c
An Absent-iMlnded Man.
Edward I. Henry, the academician,
is considerably over 60 years of age,
but his youthful, smooth face, aside
from his gray hair, has deceived many
persons. Ho is an inveterate Joker and
also exceedingly absent-minded. This
is an actual experience ho had at the
Centruy Club not long ago;' It was a
reception and Mr. Henry was very
busy talking to a fellow artist, when
something irritated his ankle. Ho
stopped down and lifted the edge of
the bottom of ono of tho other man's
trouser legs, calmly scratched tho
other man's ankle Just above tho pat
ent tie, and, replacing the garment,
went on talking, wholly oblivious of
his action and apparently perfectly
Ring from Mrs. Sage's 'Coffin.
An Interesting story appeared re
cently nnent Russell Sago and his
old-time rival who has Just died
for tho hand of Mr. Sage's first wife,
one of tho "Emma Wlllard girls," a
graduate of Mount Holyoko seminary.
In commenting upon tho story to a
friend, tho present ,Mrs. Sage, who
was a school chiim of tho first wife,
said that not long ago the old grave
yard where her predecessor had been
buried was torn up, and Mr. Sage
went there to superintend the removal
of the body. Ho stepped over the
fence, and as he did so a coffin was
borne past him. A wedding ring roll
ed out at his feet. It was that of his
former wife. The present Mrs. Sago,
who has much sentimeut in her make
up, thought it a beautiful omen.
The Milk and Egg Diet.
Starving tho patient who has a slclc
stomach, is an out-of-date treatment
and no longer necessary with the pro
digested and nourishing food Grape
Nuts, that tho weakest Btomach can
handlo and grow strong upon.
There is plenty of proof of this: "I
had suffered from stomach trouble
for six years and for most of tho last
two years had been confined to my
bod, tho trouble having become
chronic in spite of tho very best medi
cal attention. I had always been a
coffee drinker, but for tho past year
I could not drink it at ail becauso it
mado me so nervous I could not Bleep
and my appetito was almost entirely
"Then some friends advised me to
try the predlgested food Grape-Nuts
and about three months ago I did so
and since that timo my Improvement
has been so rapid that my customers
and friends are astonished and every
day someone remarks upon my
changed condition. I have gained 15
pounds, sleep well, my appetito is
good and my digestion is perfect.
Where I i.ave lived on milk and light
diet for years I now eat most any
thing I want and don't suffer any in
convenience either. The way Grape
Nuts food has built up my stomach
and strengthened my nervous system
particularly is Just wonderful.
"I drink your food drink, Postum,
too, and no longer feel tho want of
coffee. There Is absolutely no doubt
that leaving off coffee and UBlng
Grape-Nuts and Postum has brought
me out of my bed from an invalid
back to fine health." Name given bj
Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
"There's a reason," and that reaso.
Is plain to anyone who will spend I
few minutes investigating in tho in
tcreat of health.
Send to the Co, for particulars h
mall of extension of time on th
17,500 cooks contest for 735 mono
Tho theft from Mrs. Samuel Parker
of $50,000 worth of Jewelry has stirred
up the police of Honolulu to great ef
forts to try and find the criminals, but
as yet no clew haB been left and it is
feared that some time may elapse be
foro tho Jewels aro recovered. Some
Announcement of Choice Being Made
Received with Great Enthusiasm
He Appeared Outside of the Basilica
and Blessed the Populace.
ROME. Cardinal Sartc, patriarch
of Venice, has been elected pope.
Cardinal Mncchl, secretary of apos
tolic briefs, announced to the crowd
assembled before St. Peter's that Car
dinal Sarto had been elected pope,
and that he had taken the name of
Pius X. Tho troops on duty Imme
diately lined up on the piazza and pre
sented arms.
Announcement of CarCInal Sarto's
election was received with wild en
thusiasm by thousands of people who
had gathered outsldo of St. Peter'E.
Tho scene within tho basilica when
tho popo pronounced his benediction,
was one of unparalleled excitement
and enthusiasm. Thousands of p6r
sons within the cathedral cheered and
waved their hats.
Ten minutes after 12 o'clock Pope
Pius X appeared Inblde tho balcony
of tho basilica and blessed the popu
lace, amid the declamations of the
enormous crowds assembled upon the
Pope Plus X, who was Cardinal
Giuseppe Sarto, the patriarch of
Venice, was at ono time regarded aB
Popo Leo's personal cholco for tho
succession to tho chair of St. Peter.
His name suddenly sprang into prom
inence a year ago in connection with
tho names of Rampolla, Vannutelli and
Gotti, as among tlio cardinals most
apt to win the high place.
Ho was born In 1835 and made
patriarch in 1891, being proclaimed
cardinal two years later. Ho is a
great preacher and fairly wall known
as a writer, and ho has tho reputa
tion of accomplishing all the works
that he has undertaken. Ho Is a
member of tho congregations of Bish
ops and Regulars, Sacred Rites, In
dulgences and Sacred Relics and
Cardinal Sarto, prooably the most
able administrator of the Italian epis
copacy, combines iirmness and deter
mination with abundant tact and com
mon sense, and has managed to in
augurate a number of very practical
reforms ia his archdiocese of Venice
without giving offense either to the
clergy or to tho laity.
Even with the aid of a life preserver
it would bo next to Impossible for a
greenhorn to Keep his head above
water in a deep sea game of draw.
Railroads Get More Time.
CHICAGO Tho Interstate com
merce commission has again extended
tho time within which a number of
railroads must complete their safety
equipment to October 15. The com
mission will meantime consider the
further extension of the law and the
question of the location of grabirong
m engines. Among tho roads that
tro granted the extension nro tho
Pennsylvania, Ere, Santa Fe and the
Denver & Rio Grande.
of the gems lost aro rubles or raro nlzo
and others are heirlooms. Mrs. Par
kor is one of tho moBt prominent wom
en In Honolulu, her husband being a
strong candidate for governor of Ha
waii and one of tho wealthiest men on
tho island.
Election of Sarto Proves' Very Acccp
BERLIN Tho election of Cardinal
Sarto as tho now popo was mado
known hero at 1 o'cloclc Tuesday
afternoon, through extra editions of
tho nowspapers, which wero eagerly
The Foreign Ofllco nt that hour had
no confirmation of tho news, but re
garded it as probable, it having bden
learned that Sarto had strongly in
creased his vote yesterday. Replying
to tho question whether the election
was acceptable to Germany, a repre
sentative of tho foreign ofllco an
swered :
"Unqualifiedly bo from an omcial
view point. Sarto Is a mild manner
man and has never been active polit
ically." In other quarters, it was remarked
that Sarto 1b tho only Italian cardinal
whom tho kin;; of Italy received. HIa
repeated visits to tho king and his
aversion to politics nro regarded as
an auspicious elgn for tho triple al
Expects to Lower Record for Trip
Around the World.
SEATTLE, Wash. According to a
cablegram received hero, J. W. Saycr,
who is traveling around tho world for
the Seattle Times In an effort to break
the best previous record, sailed on
Fridny from Germany on the Bteamer
Campania and will reach Seattle in
Just fifty-five davs after ho left. If
he makoB it in fifty-five days ho will
have broken the world's record of six
ty days thirteen and one-half hours,
made by Charles Cecil Fltzmorris, be
fore tho completion of tho trans-Siberian
railway. The previous record
for a trip around tho world was mado
by engaging, In many cases, special
conveyances. Mr. Sayer is making
ills trip entirely by public convey
Removes Fear that New Pope Might
PARIS The election of Cardinal
Sarto as pope has created a distinctly
favorable Impression in governmental
quarters here, removing the fear that
tho office might fall upon a radical
or reactionary candidate. Tho For
eign office received tho first informa-
tion of the election from press sources,
tho news spreading rapidly among tho
officials and causing widespread com
ment. Although not espousing any partic
ular candidacy, official feeling has
been favorable to ono who would con
tinue tho conservative policy of tho
late popo.
Road Has Commenced Building.
Pacific railway, which is to build from
tho Pacific coast to Salt Lako via tho
Ueckwlth PasB, has commenced activo
operations on tho east end of the con
templated route. A survovlng party
left for a polut near Reno, Nov.,
where the lino crossos the Southern
Pacific. Tho surveying party will
bring tho line across tho desert to
Salt Lake. The party is a large ono
and work will be rushed.
X EicSenator N. C. Butler. X
Ex-Senator N. C. Butler.
If you do not derivo prompt and satis
factory results from tho uso of Peruna,
wrlto at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your caso and ho will bo
pleased to givo you his valuable advice
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Tho
Uartmau Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Mackay's Thoughtfulness.
The following incident furnishes one
of tho reasons why men in the employ
of Clarence H. Mackay, presldont of
tho Postal Telegraph Company swear
by him: Mr. Mackay waB coming down
In nn elevator of tho Postal building
tho other day, and noticed tho oper
ator perspiring In his heavy gray uni
form. "Why don't you wear a lighter
coat?" ho said. "I haven't any," wob
the answer, "and they wouldn't let
mo wear it if I had." That nfternoon
Mackay Issued an order. Tho elevator
men in summer wero to wear black
nlpaca coats, and the coats were to bo
provided by tho company.
Supreme Court Sustains the Foot
Ease Trade-Mark.
UnfTalo, N. Y. Juitlre I.augliUn In Supreme Court
has granted a permanent Injunction with roati
against l'aul U. Iludnon and oilier of New York
City, remaining tbem from making or selling afoot
powder wblch the court declares l an Imitation and
infringement on " Foot-Kate," now o largely adver
tised and sold over the country. Hie owner of the
trade-mark " Foot-Kae." Is Allen H. Olnitted, of
Le Itoy.N. Y..and tne decltlon In this ault upholds
bis trade-mark and renders all parties liable who
fraudulently attempt to profit by tbe extentlre
' Foot-Kate " sdrertltlnsr, In placing on the market
tbe apurlout and similar appearing preparation In
rolved In tbe case. This the court declares wst
designed In Imitation and Infringement of tbe genu
ine "Foot-Kate." blmllar lulu will te brought
axalnst otbert wbo are now lnfrlcsiog on, tbs Foot
Late trade-mark rights.
The blindness of justice should pre
f ent her f rorn- winking at her favorites.
Truth knows how to bo tolerant
without truckling.
Clonr white clothes aro a sign thnt tbe
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Largo 2 oz. package, S cents.
Truth may He at tho bottom of a
well, but falsehood can be found on
many a tombstone.
A smile is tho bud and a laugh is
the full bloom.
$30.00 per M. Lewis' "Single Binder,"
straight So cigar, costs the denier some
more than other Sc cigars, but the higher
prico enables this factory to use higher
grade tobacco. Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Some men nro locked up for safe
breaking and Bomo for safo-keeplng.
Those old boys who wore armor
were the first mail carriers.
Mrs. Wlnslow pxiotninp; Syrup.
For children teething, softens tbe guma, reduces In
Dsmuistlou,allsys palu, curea wlcd colic SSc a bottle.
Don't pick a quarrel before it Is
The fool never knows when to wel
come either opportunity or good for
tune. No chroraos or cheap premiums,
but a bettor quality and one-third
more of Defianco Starch for the same
price of other starches.
Nothing surprises the woman who
rrarrlrs a man to reform him like the
success of her tfforts.
X. U. S. Senator M. C Butler from
South Carolina, was Senator from
that state for two terms. In a re
cent letter to The Peruna Medicine Co.,
from WashmRlon, D. C.. ttaysS
"lean recommend Peruna fordya
pepsin and stomach trouble, t havt
been using your medicine for a short
period and I feel very much relieved.
It Is Indeed a wonderful medicine be
sides a good tonic "-M. C. Butter.
Tho only rational way to euro dyspepsia
Is to remove the catarrh. Peruna cures
catarrh. Peruna does not produco artificial
digestion. It cures catarrh and leaves tlio
stomach to perform digestion in a natural
way. This is vastly better and safer than
resorting to artificial methods.
Peruna has cured mora cases of dys
pepsia than all other remedies combined,
simply because it cures catarrh whenever
located. If catarrh ia located in tho head,
Peruna cures it. If catarrh has fastened
itself in tho throat or bronchial tubes,
Peruna cures it. When catarrh becomes
settled in the stomach, Peruna cures it, as
well in this location aa in any other.
Peruna is not simply a remedy for dys
pepsia. Peruna is a catarrh remedy.
Peruna cures dyspepsia because it is gen
erally dependent upon catarrh.
, Headaches
f i i ! ' .'- 3i-- fa. t i-
-1 'wmawrv
Tho only way to have a friend 1b to
bo one. Emerson.
Wabash railroad.
Homo Visitors' Excursion to poiutH
in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, Hold
Sept. 1st, 8th, 15th nnd Oct. Cth, at
very low rate, long limit returning
Little Rock, Ark., and return olil
Oct. 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Baltimore, Md., and return sold Sept.
17th, 18th and 19th.
Ilomcscekcrs' Excursion to many
points South and Southeast, ono way
nnd round trip tickets sold tho first
and third Tuesdays of each month.
The Wabash Is tho only lino paus
ing the World's Fair Grounds, giving
all a view of tho bujldinge ami
grounds. Through connections. No
bus transfer this route. Elegant
equipment consisting of slecperx,.
FREE reclining chair cars and high
back coaches, on all trains.
Ask your agent to route you via
tho Wabash. For rates, folders and
all information, call at Wabash City
office. 1C01 Farnam street or addrena
Gonl. Agt. Pass. Dopt r
Omaha, Nol. '
It's only natural that a fellow on ox
lark is a bird.
A hard fall 1b often the result of
trying to stand on one's dignity.
Plso's, Curecannos do too highly spoken of aa
t. couch cure. J. W. O'Bricn, 328 Third Am,
N., Minneapolis. Minn., Jan. 8. 1C0CL
It is easy to tell a Ho, but hard to
tell only one He. Fuller.
In the sick room a Jolly often docs
tho work that a doctor Bends iu r.
bill for.
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any
case of Catarrh that cannot te cuied by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
1'. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo O.
We, the undersigned, have known V. J. Chi ney
for the last 15 years and believe him petirrtly
honorable In all business transactions and hnauci
ally able to carry out any obligations made by
their firm.
WEST & TRl'AX. Wholesale Dross-Ists. Tolrrto,
sale Drucsitts, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally acting
directly upon the blood and mucous suif aces vl tlxi
tjtieiu. Testimonials sent tier. Price 15c imr
bottle. Sold by all drucsitts.
Hall's Family Fills are the but.
When a man thirsts for knowledgo
ho Isn't necessarily dry In his re
marks. What we learn with pleasure wo
never forget. Mercler.
Superior quality and extra quantity
must in. This is why Defianco
Starch la taking the place of ' all
Any man who bullded better than ho
knew evidently wasn't a covcrnuieiit
conti actor.