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The AlliaIcb Herald.
Official Publi
cation of the City
and County.
Largest Circu
lation of any Al
liance Paper.
I t
H A Y E R ' S
at the lowest price.
See us before you buy.
Water Melons on Tap.
Alliance Grocery. Co.
, rfc. KREAMER,
2 In Alliance 16-30 of every month. J
Office over The Famous . . .
'Phone 391.
The electors of the People's Independ
ent party held a convention Tuesday to
select delgates to attend the state and ju
dicial conventions. The following per
sons were elected, viz: State J. W.
Baumgardner, Orville Owens, Clark Olds.
J.W. Christy. Judicial R. H. West,
Chris Hansen, A. C. Johnson, Ira Reed.
At the democratic county convention
held at the court house Tuesday to select
delegates to the state and judicial conven
conventions the following persons were
elected: State H. H. Funk, F. McCoy,
W. S. Ridgell, T. J. O'Keefe. Judicial
Wm. Mitchell, A. I). Millett, S. M. Smy-
ser, Lee Edwards.
See Humphrey for picture framing, up
holstering and furniture repairing.
Dr. Cook, the optician of Lincoln, will
make his next monthly' visit tQAllianceu
Tuesday, August 18, and will' be at, the"
office of Dr. Bellwood.
Help wanted at the Barry House,
Dr. Reynolds, the dentist, is now per
manently located in the Sears building,
first door west of Blackburn's store. '
For screen doors and windows call on
Geo. G. Gadsby.
Picture framing, upholstering and furni
ture repairing C. Humphry. 7-10-tf
Try Rowan's fresh graham flour.
The public is hereby warned that all
persons are forbidden to go near the hos
pital of detention without first obtaining
permission oj the authorities. Anyone
violating the quarantine regulations will
be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
Louis Buechsenstein, Mayor.
Dr. J. R. Taggart, D.V.S.
Is prepared to treat any and all
diseases known to the horse
and cow. Special attention to
dentistry. All work guaranteed
"Hum North of Palace Livery. 'Pho 101
'- it ? "'. t'" ,-vt
Now on at
Normal School Notes.
The ministers of the city who have
been present at chapel this week were
Rev. Boguc, Rev. Howie, Rev. Jeff crs.
Dr. E. Van Dyke Wright, president
of Hastings college, spent one day this
week visiting the normal in the interest
of the college.
The Hcmingford visitors this week
weie Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Pierce, Rev.
nnd Mrs. Council, Miss GraceWhceler,
Mis. Hunter and H. H. Funk.
Prof. A. F. lialdridgc, formerly sup
erintendent of the Alliance schools, was
present Tuesday morning and seemed
much pleased with the interest mani
fested by both teachers and pupils.
The regular class work was complet
ed last week, and the last five days de
voted to regular institute work. The
instructors gave one period lecture
each morning and conducted examina
tions in the afternoon. The attendance
has steadily increased during the last
few weeks, there now being registered
240 students.
High School Inspector Crabtree was
present Wednesday and read an inter
esting paper, " My First School." In
this he gave many hints as to the way
in which tlit difficulties attendant upon
the teaching of one's first school may
be surmounted. The paper was valu
able, being taken from personal exper
ience and not ideas advanced that were
purely those of thedry.
The county superintendents from
eight of the counties included in this
district have been present during the
week of institute work. They are H.
L. Fisher, Dawes county; Walter
Kent, Sheridan county; J. W. Baum
gardner, Box Butte county; Conrad
Parsons, Sioux county; H. R. Dellin
ger, Grant county: Mrs. W. E. Heard,
Banner county; Miss Alice Wilkinson,
Kimball county,, and Miss Agnes
Lackey, Scotts Bluffs county.
S. M. Smyscr visited the normal last
Friday morning and read a paper with
the, subject, "The Journey from Then
to Now." The paper was a fine one,
the main part being brought out that
if we take care of the Now, the Then
will take care of itself. After reading
the paper, Mr. Smyser carried the sub
ject btill farther- in an interesting talk
giving illustrations from his own
life. There was a general feeling of
regret at the close that this gentleman
had been unable to visit the school
'The Wesleyau quartette was greeted
by a large and enthusiastic audience
last Tuesday night at the opera house.
The singers are favorites with Alliance
people, having made many friends
during a former visit. The music was
of the best, the perfect harmony exist
ing between the voice which when
singing together has the effect of a full
chord on a perfectly toned instrument.
The solos were all given an encore to
which they pleasantly responded. In
the morning the quartette gave two se
lections for the benefit of the teachers
in 'the chapel room. We are proud of
Nebraska's teachers and of Nebraska's
The normal is over. An excellent
course of study has been completed,
and stronger teachers will return to the
schools in the different counties. It
has been a success in every way.
Teachers find schools waiting for those
who have made this effort. New
friendships have been formed and old
ones more closely bound together.
This success is due to several things.
First to the untiring energy, manage
ment and business ability of Prof.
Bartz, the principal. Second, to the
zeal, interest and up-to-date teaching
of the instructors, Miss Schlee, S. H.
Martin, Chas. E. Philpott and P. E.
McCoy, and to the earnest, hard work
of the students. The teachers, schools
and state will be better for this sum
mer school. Better for the lessons not
learned from books, but from associa
tion with each other and with those of
wider experience and greater learning.
These schools are the means of lifting
the profession of teaching up to that
broader level wheie it belongs and may
northwestern Nebraska be blessed with
many more, such as this has been.
Following is a list of new students
who attended the junior normal:
Chadron Melinda E.Wagner,Mabel
Lambert, Ada L. Lambert, Cora M.
Fisher, James Harley, Mrs. Electa
Younglove, Roy W. Jones. Bertha
Gingerick, Carrie Gingerick.
Crawford Jessie Rowland, Jennie
M. Ellis, Mrs. A. E. Stewart, Ralph
W. Stewart, Jennie B. Stewart, Cora
C. Williams, Anna Hansen, Perry M.
Spease, Iva Spcase.
Hay Springs Laura Gibbs, Ida M.
Jennie Bolin, Ruth Waterman, Rose
DHarrisburg Weltha L. Douner, C.
C. Hobson. Erma Rider, Albert H.
Warner, Ella White, Mary Farfoot,
Jessie Barfoot.
Claude H. Lunde, Adaton; Mrs. G.
W. Lanbran, Alice G. Whiting, Ida;
Mary E. Webber, Glen: Mrs. W. B.
Gillett, Esther; Elsie B. Merchant,
Mitchell; Bertha Hutchings, Sidney;
Sadie McFadden, June Tracy, Kimball;
Minnie Clausen, Dix; Maude Lease.
Redington; Sadie Waitman, Bayard;
Amy E. Christian, Kirtley, Wyo.; Ed
win Guthrie, Harrison; Fanny L.
Berry, Antioch; Mabel Horn, Rush
ville; Harry R. Carson, Fay Van
Boskirk, Alliance.
Lawrence Barry was seriously ill several
days this week.
Rev. Sanders is renewing old acquaint
ances in the city.
W. D. Rumer returned yesterday from
an eastern business trip.
W. G. Simonson went down to his ranch
near Lakeside last night.
Misses Mary nnd Alicia Regan returned
Monday from their visit at Lead City.
The Business Men's club will give a
dance in the opera house tomorrow night.
Paul T. Gadsden, representing the
Chas. E. Walters Co., Omaha, is in the
city. www.
Mrs .C. II. Connett and little daughter
returned Monday from their visit at St.
Mrs. L. B. Stoner will entertain the
Methodist ladies' aid next ' Wednesday
J. C. Fox, city treasurer of Lincoln,
passed through Alliance Wednesday en
route to Deadwood.
Miss Lulu Duncan went to Crawford
Monday to witness the play, "Hazel Kirk,"
given by Miss Ada Hiest.
All telephones will be cut out from 9
o'clock Saturday night till Monday morn
ing for the purpose of arranging the new
Mrs. J. K. Neal and son Carl arrived
today from Suprisc, Neb., and will visit a
few days with friends before' lerving for
Leonard Sampy and B. U. Sheppard
are down frorn Nonpariel today. Mr.
Sampy brought in a fine horse which he
sold to Sheriff Reed.
Rev. Father Hayes came in ftom Chey
enne last night and visited Father Galvin
till today, leaving for Vancouver Island,
where he will spend a year.
The state board of education will be in
Alliance Friday, August 28, for the pur
pose of investigating matters pertaining to
the normal school proposition.
There was a large crowd in the city yes
terday to attend the circus. While the
show was not as extensive an Ringliag's
still it was Very good and better than most
people expected t see.
Dr. Collins, father of our townsman, Ed
Collins, has decided to locate permanently
in Alliance. Dr. Collins is a homeopath.
He is an old resident of Pawnee City and
u most desirable citizen.
Judge Berry packed up his fishing para
phernalia Monday and hied himself to
Guernsey where in company with Harry
Martin and J. F. Ringler he will go to the
Laramie mountains to make a raid on the
trout. He expects to return Saturday.
John B. Knicst arrived Saturday from
Carroll, Iowa, to take a position in this
office. Mr. Kniest has been engaged in
the newspaper business for the last fifteen
years, is proficient in all branches of the
work and thoroughly reliable. He expects
to move his family here in a couple of
weeks. Mr. Kniest is a life-long friend of
J. B. Gray of this city.
The teachers institute closes this week.
At the beginning of the term ten weeks
ago, Mrs. Lora Rustin and Miss Susie
Frazier were appointed by Superintendent
Bartz to report the work of the normal to
the local papers. The ladies have done
the work assigned them very creditably,
their column being read with interest each
week by everyone interested in education
al work.
Geo. Gregg and bride passed through
Alliance on 41 today for their home at
Marsland. Mr. Gregg and Miss Pearl
Snow were married at Des Moines, Iowa,
yesterday. They are popular young peo
ple of Marslaud, the bride being a daugh
ter of Postmaster Snow. The Herald
extends congratulations and best wishes
for their future happiness.
At the republican county convention
held last Saturday the following candidates
were placed in nomination: For clerk,
W. C. Mounts; for treasurer, Alex Muir
head, for sheriff, Ed. S. Wildy; for county
judge, Smith P. Tuttle; for superintendent
of schools, Mrs. Lee Rustiu; for surveyor,
D. W. Hughes; for coroner, Dr. J. E.
Moore; for assessor, A. S. Enyeart for
for commissioner First district, Geo. L.
Miss Kate Murphy arrived Tuesday
from Kansas City to visit at the Elmore
home. She will start on her return to
night accompanied by Grandma Elmore
who will visit in Kansas City for a few
weeks. Mrs. M. Elmore and Mrs. D. A.
Foley will accompany them as far as
Omaha. Mrs. Dunphy and son of Altoona,
Pa., who have been visiting the Elmores,
returned Wednesday from Denver and in
company with Mrs. D. O'Keefe of Hem?
ingford will go to Hot Springs tomorrow
to spend a few days before returning to
their eastern home.
Rev. Dr. Horn and wife returned
Lincoln today.
The republican party of Box Butte
county met in convention last Saturday
for the purpose of nominating candidates
for the fall election. Some offices seemed
more popular among the would-be offic
ials than others. For some offices there
were several aspirants and for others it
was uitiicuit to linu a candidate who was
willing to be'snowed under at the polls.
On the whole the ticket proposed is not
considered strong. As in the last county
election, however, there may be surprises
this time. The republican candidate for
treasurer two years ngo was considered
the weakest on the ticket yet he was the
only candidate of his party elected over
his opponent the standard bearer on the
fusion ticket and his success was due more
to sentimental than party reason.
This yea he is trotted out as the
big drum of the g. o. p. band
wagon. The unexpected frequently
happens in Box Butte county. It there
fore behooves the fusion convention to be
very careful in the selection of its candi
dates. The people of our county vote in
county matters to a great extent irrespec
tive of party, If we nominate strong men,
they are sure to be elected.
Captain Watson of Fort Robinson is in
the city today, A regiment from the post
expects to go to Fort Riley, Kans., the
latter part of September for a month's
stay and will travel overland to Sidney or
Julesburg where they will ship from. The
captain is now looking up the route and
making arrangement for camping and
provisions. They will camp a night
at Alliance. Captain Watson was in
command of the squadron here July 4, and
made many friends among our citizens.
He is one of the oldest officers at Fort
Robinson and recognized as one of the
ablest in the service.
Miss Mabel Johnson returned to Alliance
from Chicago Thursday. She was ac
companied from Omaha by her mother,
Mrs. Albert Johnson, and daughter Mar
ion. After spending a week or ten days
with friends in Alliance they will go to
Spokane, and it is probable that Mr. John
son will locate in the state of Washington.
The family have resided in Alliance for
many years and their departure will be re
gretted by a host of friends.
Whenever a show comes to town there
are two persons at least who will be there.
They are Si Miller and Jules Zhinden. If
If there was'steen tons of freight to be de
livered not a wheel would move till Si saw
the elephants and dancing girls and the
suspension of work on the new Zbindcn
block would not keep Jules away from the
side shows. We are informed that they
tried to buy the whole menagerie.
Sunday morning sermon at the Baptist
church, Rev. G. C. Jeffers, pastor, will be
as follows: "The Power of Personal
Knowledge." Evening sermon, "You are
Invited." Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
C. E. meeting has been changed to the
former hour, 7:15, three-fourths hour be
fore the evening service. Midweek prayer
services Thursday evening. A welcome to
Sunday at the M. E. church; Special
subject, "Jerusalem to Jericho." Sermon
subject for morning service, "The Angels
of God." Evening at 8 o'clock, ' Religion
in the Flowery Kingdom."
Charles Hamilton, a former barber of
this city, who has been on the Pacific
coast for the last two years, returned Tues
day and has taken a position in Brown's
Rev. N. C. A. Garness writes us that
there will be Lutheran services at P. S.
Olson's residence Friday evening, August
In the Phelan Opera House Wednes
day Night, Aug. 10.
T. F. Mitchell of New York, popular
elocutionist, reader and reciter, will give
an entertainment in the opera house next
Wednesday night, assisted by Prof. Harry
Dunning who is recognized as one of the
most accomplished violinists now giving
entertainments before the public. Mr.
Mitchell comes highly recommended as a
finished and pleasing reciter, and those
having heard him assert that in the line of
elocution and reading he has few equals
and no superiors. His selections include
humorous and sentimental pieces calculat
ed to please all classes of people, and his
style of delivery is said to be most effect
ive. He has a number of admirers in the
city who promise that he shall have a good
audience and are interesting themselves in
the matter of disposing of tickets for the
entertainment, which promises to be a
very pleasing one and well worth the price
of admission.
Reserved seats will be on sale at Hol
sten's pharmacy beginning next Monday
morning. Adv.
Ten dollars re ward'w ill be paid by the
undersigned for the delivery of a diamond
ear-ring, lost last Friday between Conduc
tor W. M. McClellan's place and the
school house. Mrs. W. S. Ridgell.
On the Racetrack West of Town
Thursday Afternoon, Aug. 20.
There aro n number of very promising
horses in Alliance, which are being trained
for the track and the owners thereof have
conceived the idea that by giving matinee
exhibitions occasionally sufficient interest
may be aroused to lead to the formation of
a permanent racing association for the
holding of regular races during the racing
season of each year. It is not the inten
tion to organize an association until after a
few races havo been held and 'people" have
a clearer view and idea of what a perman
ent association of this character means for
those loving to see good horse races. Next
Thursday afternoon the first of a series of
races will be hold. The following trotting
horses have been entered for races during
the afternoon: Margaret Lee, Agnes B,
Shaparone and Lady Clair, all owned by
J. R. Phelan; Carrie C, owned by Dr. E.
C. Koons; Lucy, owned by E. D, Moll
ring! Queen Cadery, owned by Simon
Spry; Black Lilly, owned by Taggart, and
Billie B,. owned by Williams. All of these
horses are of the 3-minute class and it Is
said they are pretty evenly matched. The
purses will be amount of gate receipts; Co
per cent first money: 25 per cent second
money, and 15 per cent third money. In
addition to the above, Helen G , owned by
Granger, will pace one mile against time
to beat track record. Morning Star, owned
by Mr. Phelan, will be on the track and if
there is no other horse present to make a
race, will run against time. At conclusion
of the races arrangements will be made on
the track for match races on some day in
the week following. This promises to be
a very interesting exhibition of speed and
an exciting time Is promised all desirous
of seeing the races. Charge for admission
will be 25 cents to each person entering
the grounds whether walking or riding nnd
and no extra charge for rigs in the grand
Railroad Notes,
C. Glbbs, operator in Alliance office has
resigned and goes to Oregon.
Conductor Randall has been placed on
conductor Eubanks run while he is laying
Mrs, E. S. Jackson and Miss Kate
BogUe jfre'expected home from. New York
ithc first of the week.
Geo. Burke returned Monday morning
where he had been sight seeing among the
Rockies and taking a trip to Pike s Peak.
Conductor Wm. Eubanks on the Denver
run is laying off and has begun some im
provements on his claim southeast of Alli
ance. H. M. Miller has been transferred from
Ardmore to Adelia as agent relieving J. E.
Scott who was called to Iowa on account
of sickness in the family.
Combination car 103 on the Hot Springs
run will be relieved by combination car
22. Combination car 113 on the Dead
wood run will be relieved by combination
car 64.
Geo. Brown, manager of the Western
Union at Alliance came in on No. 43
Thursday. He reports a very pleasant time
having spent about twenty days visiting
in Sioux City, Dubuque, Burlington, Ke
okuk and Manilla, Iowa.
Miss Florence Shirley, Maude Cornell,
Albert Martinez and Floyd Hively com
posed a merry party of pleasure seekers
who went to Crawford last .Sunday a. m.
The day was spent at the Fort and Crow
Butte, returning home on 42 that evening,
Commencing Saturday, August 15, two
stock trains will be run each Saturday,
One from Guernsey at 10:40 a. m., arriv
ing in Alliance at 5:40 p. m. and one from
Edgemont at 1120 a. m, arriving here at
5:25 p. m. These trains will consolidate
at Alliance and run special to Omaha.
W. L. Ayer who has been operator in
the Alliance telegraph office is transferred
to Guernsey as agent relieving C. Hardy
who has been granted a two months vaca
tion. It is understood he will travel over
a large portion of the U. S. putting in a
part of his time in an original advertising
scheme for the Burlington system.
On Tuesday evening, Aug. 18, in the U.
P. church there will be a musicale given
under the auspices of the Young People's
society of the church. The following pro
gram will be rendered:
Selections Sp.iclu's Ort-lii'M m
Solo "Only 11 Romi" WolUngs
Miss Wllum Frew
Instrumental duet
LouUeuud Ellrabuth (Jltirk
Heading Mis-, Hurtlm Hamilton
Selection Orchestra
Solo Miss JCrldloUugti
Instrumental duui
Hiirtlm Hntl Alma Hamilton
Utudlng-'A Convict' Violin"
MIm Lulu Duncan
Selection Orchestra
polo-A Gypsy Muldun D...V.A. McAllister
Uuudlng Ml McCorkle
Selection Orchestra
Solo "Annus McDonald" ., Itnvckol
Miss Maud Cornell
Selection Orchi'ktru
Wanted To buy a roll-top office desk.
L. A. Suprise.
Is here.
So are We
With Special Prices
on provisions of all
kinds. Call in and
see us before buying-.
Lee Acheson
'Phone No. 4.
Business Local Column.
Advertisements in this column -will be
charged at the rate of 10 cents per line
first insertion and -5 coots per line each
subsequent insertion.
Advertisers should reme'thber that 'The
H br alu's circulation is much larger than
any other Alliance paper'a'nd has the lar
gest circulation in the city and county.
Have you tried Rowan's flour?
Dr Allen, dentist, opera house.
Go to Dr. Reynolds for .dental Work.
Sears building. 'Phone 213.
Thornton pays six cents for hides.
See F. E. Reddish for loans onreal es
tate, www.
For storm windows and doors see Forest
Lumber Co.
Take hides where you will get the most
for them at Thornton's.
Wanted A good girl to work at laun
dry. Call aHanndry. 6-26-tf
Forest Lurrfber Co. make a specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats, '
All kinds of screen doors and windows
made to order by Geo. G. Ghdsby.
Time Table
Alliance, Neb,
and nil p. eiiM, and points west and
TiuikrLbave.. .., .. .. ""
No, 41 Passenger dully. Deadwtxxl.
Hillings, til! points north unci
west, , 10:35 K.m.
No. 42 l'lMMtpnger dully, Lincoln,
Omiiliu. ChlcnKo uud all
points eust
No. 301 1'ussenger dully, for Denver
Option, Hull Luke, b'nn I'run
clsco and all Intertnudlato
points, departs at 1:10 a.m.
No. 302 r;ihsenL-er dully from Denver
mid all Intermediate points,
urrlvt-H tit 10:10a.tu.
No, 43 lAtcul pahscngrr dally row
Omaha, Lincoln mid tutor
mediate kIihs arrives at.... 5:5-S a.m.
No. 44 Ijucal pjussungur dally, for
Ouiaha.Uncoln uud lutermo
(llato points, departs at 4:00a tu
No. 3n5I)ally. cxccii Sunday, for
points houtli mid weM, do
parts.... U;P0ii.ui
No. SlW Dally, except Sunday, froih
south and west, arrives 4:55p.m.
Hleeplnjr, dining and reclining chair curs
(seats free) on through train. Tickets Hold
and luiggago cheeked to ajiy point 111 tlio
United States or Canada. For Information,
time tables and tickets call on dr write to J.
KUKiDKi.UAUUii, Agent, or .1, I'iianois, Gen
eral I'ussengor Agent. Omaha. N'elintska.
Commencing July 6
My entire stock of groceries
and queenswrea will be offered
for sale at actual cost for
O Pl S H
Having decided to quit the business
and to close out the entire stock within
60 days, I will make prices of special
inducements to cash purchasers, The
stock will all be closed out in the next