The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 31, 1903, Image 8

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Twelve Russian War-dogs on the Suez Canal. ' Cost
of Navigating the Big Ditch.
Port Said, tho Thugs Paradise. Cairo, the City'of the Arabian Nights.
Port Said, Egypt, Feb. io, 1903.
Pharoah Ncciio undertook to build a
canal from the Nile about 610 B. C.
but it was a failure. Trajan wasinorc
determined, his efforts being crowned
with success. Doubtless he profiitcd
by by Pharoah's niistnkofl. One thing
is ure and that is that M. de Lf steps
improved upon the ideas auvauced by
both Pharoah and Trajan and scored a
triumph which places him among
the genius of the nineteenth
century. His work was begun in 1S56
and completed November 16, 1869
utilizing thirteen years a number that
forbodo ill to the enterprise, but in
spite of that horrid thirteen, Suez stock
is at a premium.
We have just passed five Russian
battleships and first-class cruicrs, sev
en torpedo destroyers, all steaming for
Chinese and Japanese waters it is sup
posed. The British officers aboard this
ship prophesy that such an armamput
. . 1 1 11 .
pushing into the far cast may mean
wnr Rnn,r r l,.r .i ,.,,
war sooner or later and expect to see a
like number of British battleships and
-.. i i. . .. i .1
torpedo destroyers on their way to the
fmnil..rn.,iM..i,irtm.,ii ......
front bofoie this ship passes Gibraltar.
Having seen many of tho world's battltf-
snips, armored cruisers
and torpedo
,.. vt 1
111 1 okonoina
destroyers all the wav from
to Port Said, I am almost ready to say
I am sick of' the whole display of man
killing machines. If we must spend
billions On our army and navy because
we have a sort of a fatherly relation
over Cuba and the Philippines, the
sooner we get rid oi them the better.
To send that fleet of war vessels
through the canal cost Russia at least How docs it appeal to you
to sec the Russian government pay
$50,000 out in cold cash to steam her
engine's of destruction Iobs than a hun
dred miles and then think about our
having given flour and meat by the
ship load besides considerable cash in
order to help Russia's starving famine
stricken peasantry? To 1110 it seems
that such a record would invite another
famine. Far away possessions are
questionable property and the sooner
the nations learn it the better. People
who are-managed at the point of a
cannon and are not in sympathy with
their rulers should bo classed as con
victs ruled by force. Where such con
ditions exist rebellions maybe houily
expected regardless of the naturo of the
mother country. No advanced western
nation can legislate and establish ideals
for an eastern people without friction
in the application.
Port Said is reached. Newspapers
are in great demand. We have been
two weeks on the sea without news of
the world. We aie interested about
the naval display. Reports are in the
air that Russia has her eye on Kotca
and proposes to bluff Japan.
I went ashore and was detained in
the quarantine station till my clothes
could be disinfected as I had come
from a plague port. I faced a boiler
about 4x9 fpet in size. The huge
door was opend and into it my clothing
went, the engine was started, and I
was nervous lest I .vould see them
again a? tattered carpet rags. Before
I had decided to send for a tailor and
outfitter, the engine ceased its murmur,
and my restlessness ceased when the
door opened and there lay my equip
ment none the worse for its seige.
Desiring to see Port Said, with a
population estimated as high as 37,000,
I made a circuit of the city after pass
ing the customs officials who charged
me seventeen pence, (34 cents) for the
privilege of asking me a few questions.
While I admit that this city has a
number of as' good people as the world
possesses, I must confess that I believe
it S the most abominable, immoral
blasphemous and unrighteous city in
my knowledge. 1 am not beligerent,
but twice I raised my cane (presented
to me at Cawnpore, India, cut from the
Himalayas) and twice the bluff worked.
The Turks and Arabs are not s hard
to manage as I had imagined. Had my
prescription not worked, I might have
been prepared to be sent home in sec
tions. Being a six looter, I was doubt
less ranked as a fighter, having hailed
irom a nation tnat gave bpain s navy
an everlasting ducking. My rule is to
say something good about a person or
keep mum, but Port Said is enough to
drive rules into the jungles. If the
people who lived here 4,000 years ago
were anything like these, I can easily
muster a shae of Fvmpnthv for Moses
wh.j broke all the coinmundinuuts at .
one time on account of being provoked j
by them. !
Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 21, 1903. '
I laving escaped from Port Said with
out being killed or wounded, I felt like
rejoicing. As Cairo was the objective
point I booked for that city, leaving
Port Said nt 9:20 a. m. As the train
spcu soutmvartl many a man was
passed, each enrouto to the city of
thuga tinned with an antiquated rifle or
shot gun which was swung from his
Bhoulder by straps or carried at should
er nrms as if ready for a fight. The
tiack is alougsido tho great canal, all
the way to Ismailia and is quite level
with few curves, in fact a base ball
twirler would bo dissappointed if he
should come here in search of sample
copy curves. One hour was taken at
Ismailia for lunch and the journey to
ward Cairo resumed. The scenes pre
sented arc a reproduction of India,
except that there are sixteen camels
and donkeye here to ono in India. So
numerous arc those bcautifuK?)
animals that one cannot open his eyes
wiwiuui one is in s gut. 1 trieu t
. . , , . ,
experiment by closing my eyes for
without ono is in sight. I tried the
minute and then opening them in or-
UCI 10 ucicrmine wnciner 1 coil u sue
, , ... , ,
cd in avoiding having ono of those
ucr to ucicrmine wiictner l coulu suc
beasts within the range of vision and
lirt men It uie 4 Imt- T i-.. .... .....I
. " . , """" UM"M'
once ,n many trials, and very frequent-
... ... ' '
IV flint. ll.r.tllrl Hi. n frtnn ... ...1.....
I thought I had succeeded I wns start
led to see one of the long cared tribe
pointing his hearing apparatus dirc'ctlv
at the train. After passing Zagazig
and other cities whoso names would
give a person not familiar with them
the lock-jaw at every attempt to pro
nounce them, wo reached Cairo, the
camel city or city of mosques, where
tho first foreign mail in two months
awaited my arrival. I had traveled
moic than 22,000 mile;, nnd my dis
consolate weary self needed the re
freshing that came as a mighty inunda
tion in those letters. They were real
oases, and I must ndmit that such
complimentary unsolicited eulogies,
coming as they didfrom readers on two
continents, indicated that I am being
followed studiously by men of thought
who are reaping a harvest from my at
tempt at grappling with the world's
civilization. Truthful unbiased pres
entation is the north pole toward
which I strive to make each article
point. The articles printed ptior to
January were forwarded here, and on
reading them I noticed errors in lan
guage for which I have no appologics
to offer, suffice it to say however that
those which were not purely Typograph
ical resulted from having been wiitten
when I was tlrinking about bottling mv
will to bo thrown overboard when the
ship should make her last sinking jerk.
E. C. Hokm.
Around The World.
A large eastern publishing house proposes
to publish Tim Herald's ' Around the
World" articles in book form; sire of trim
med leaf Gx8 inches, on 120 pound east
ern sized and calendered paper; bound in
cloth with gold stamp on front cover and
to contain 300 pages, more or less. The
volume will contain the complete tour
Vancouver to New York. The chapters
descriptive of Egypt, the Holy Land,
Greece and Italy will alone be worth many
times the price of the book.
Those signing the following acceptance
blank and mailing It to E. C. Horn, Alli
ance, Nebraska, will be entitled to as many
copies as desired at $1 each. The price to
those who do not order in advance will be
Si. 25.
. igo-
E. C. Horn, Allianck, Nbh.
Dear Sir: I accept your advance offer
and will take copies of your forth
coming volume entitled, "Around the
World" and will pay Si. 00 per copy for
same on delivery.
P. O.
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