The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 10, 1903, Image 7

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rLet this Coupon be your Messenger of Deliver
ance from Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Troubles,
It's the people who
tloubt nnil uecoino cured
whUo they doubt wlio
Eralso Uoan'i 1'Uls tho
Aching backs aro eased.
Hip, buck, ami loin pains
orercome. Swelling of tho
limbs and dropsy signs
They correct urine with
brick diiRt sediment, high
colored, rln In passing,
dribbling, frequency, bnd
wetting. Dean's Kidney tills
remoTe calculi and gratel.
Relieve heart palpitation,
"y sleeplessness, headache,
v "jfr- nervousness, dizziness.
tried eTorythlng for a weak
back and cot no relief until I
uaed Doar?s nila."
J. K. Lrwia.
XtAimri tmrnmna
For free trUl bot, mall thU crnipon lo
rmter-Ulltmm Oa. llufT&lo. N. Y. If abors
tpw In lraufllcient, writ addmu on atp.
riMgB Summer
('M Luncheon
T.&P roods
Mart every requisite of tho impromptu
Of hot weather tribal.
Potted Hub, Beet tot Tootsc, Ox Toon (Whole).
rcai umi, umw nun, Brisket Beef.
Sliced geoktd Bl, fie.
All natural flavor foods palatable and whole
some. Yourgrocer should have thorn,.
dood TDlngt
Ubby's blcAtli.
Chicago, IILJ
STBAIG!II5CIGAR always reliable
Your Jobber or direct irom Factory, Peoria, ill.
G. A. Musselman, a reliable farmer of
Crestline, Ohio, says: "My 'NEW
TIFFIN' Wagon runs like a buggy."
But he might have added that "in material,
construction and finish this now famous
wagon is not excelled by any other Farm
Wagon in the world." Insist on yourdealer
handling it. If he will not do so write to
' and they will tell vou vh" you can get one.
The Beaton Why more wheat la
grown In Wcatern Oanada I n a few
abort montbi than eluewtiere, la
became eitetalloa grows In pro
portion to the aunllgbt. Tho more
HjhUMbs will -nietoperfectlon, the better
Itn. Therefore G21bs.perbuahellsaafalr attandardaa
60 lbi. In the Kant. Ares under croplnWeitern Canada,
1002, 1.9J7.8J0 Acraa. Tfiald, 1&2, 117.822,744 Bus.
tlio only charge for which la 110 for making entry.
Abundance of water and fuel, tmlliltng material
cheap. Rood graaa for pasture and hay. a fertile toll,
a aumctent rainfall, l.nd a climate gt Ins an ataured
und adequate aeaon of nro tb.
Send to the following for an Atlaa and other
literature and alto for rertlncate kIwdk )Ot re
duced freight and paiacncer ratet. etc.. etc j
Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa, ( anada,
or to W. V. Uennett, dot New Vorlc Life Illdg.t Omaba,
Heb,, tbe authorized Canadian Government Agent.
j-fteeley Cure
Cor.lQtb Itti
Uaunnorth Stt.
The only poultlTe cure for Drunkenness,
Ilnis-l'alnr; and tbo Tobacco Habit. Cor
resyuiidence strictly confidential.
WM. It. BUnXS. Manager,
S T O C K. I Premium Scales of tbe World.
I Steel Frames. Adfuatoble Racks. '
SCALES 1 1"! the Beit snd tare money-
I Huartattf tMf.1 irtltkt. IJ.U ).
$20 & Up. IcUlcuco Hcale Co., Chicago, 111
., V ,' ! II Jfll ,ll t,"
linn trial irrti it uremia
they cure Kidney 111 and
will prme It to jou.
Wnt IliuNrn. Mien.
Donns Kidney Nils hit the
caso, which nnn an unusual
Uoslro to urinate had to pet
up nTeorslxtlmcsot Anight.
1 think diabetes was well un
dcr way, tho feet and ankles
swelled. There was an In
teno atn In the luick, the
heat of which would feel like
putting one's hand up to a
lamp chimney. I havo used
tho free trial and two full
boxes of Doan's nils with the
satttfactlon of feeling that I
am cured. They are the rem
edy par excellence."
"Edward IV. of Scotland." ....
In Scotland Edward VII. Is really
Edward IV., and throughout his maj
esty's Indian empire and other terri
tories which havo come under Brit
ish rule within recent times he la
tho only sovereign of his name to
count previous English Edwards be
ing nowhere In the reckoning. How
ever, It prevents confusion to describe
the gracious Icing as Edward VII. from
one end to the other If tho Britalns,
Clonr wliito clothes ore a Blgn that tha
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Largo 3 oz. packngo, S conts.
Countess Manages Public House.
The Countess of Warwick, one of
Englands's most energetic women, has
addeu tho management of a licensed
public house to her other activities in
tho Interests of the working people
about her Essex country house. Ac
cording to the dictum of an English
judge, no gentleman can be a publi
can, but Lady Warwick has declared
sho will prove that an English lady
Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c.
McCarthys, Father and Son.
Justin Huntly McCarthy is fre
quently confused with his father, Jus
tin McCarthy. This is not surprising,
since, besides being of the same name,
they are both historians, both novel
ists and both have been members of
parliament. Justin Huntly McCar
thy, the son, left parliament after Par
nell's defeat, and thenceforth devoted"
himself to literary work.
No chromos or cheap premiums,
but a better quality and one-third
more of Defiance Starch for the same
price of other starches.
Flattery 1b tho salve that our ego
tism offers to our vanity.
The best things cost least.
Tha bist thai Money and C
ixpsrlsHoa can produo. fcU
At all Btorca, or by moil for the price. -'
Atk Your rnyilclan Artvlv-e. 1IOOKLKT FitKK.
Philadelphia Truaa Co., 610 iocutt St., Fhila., Pa.
Ylmt a relief from tho pain nnd incon
vcnleucc of Ulseubes of tho eye when
ha been pwperlynpnlledl To eiperlenro
such relief sunorers imvo found It worth
a hundred times its slight cost.
m. ..A. mm A.. .. t
v. yfir
Col. Ynnko, a retired Gorman ofllcer,
nas Just read a lecturo beforo tho
members of the Berlin Geographical
society on tho results of a journey Inst
venr through Asia Minor, undertaken
for tho purposes of historical and geo
graphical Investigation. The starting
point of the journey was Alexnndrottn,
and the routo followed wns first to
Smyrna, then by ship to Rhodes, Mes
aina, and Adnna, on the Clllcian coast.
An excursion to Pompclopolls was
made, ns well as ono from Aloxan
dretta to Ballan and the Batlan pass.
Tho latter, lying CSO metres nbovo tho
level of tho sea, afforded a beautiful
vlow of tho Plain of Antioch and tho
Knra-su Valley. On returning to tho
battlefield of Issus, whore Alexander
the Grcnt defeated Darius, surveys
were made, which excited much curi
osity among tho population.
Two other passes, mentioned by
Strabo and Xenophon, were also visit
ed, ono forming a dcfllo nlong tho
coast. Tho battlefield of Issus Is
crossed by two rivers, and tho common
opinion waB that tho river which
proved disastrous to Darius was the
most northerly one. Tho lecturer re
garded this assumption as erroneous,
as tho river In question had high steep
banks. Tho southern river must,
therefore, havo been tho one which
Darius had in his rear. Misled by his
scouts as to tho movements of tho
Macedonian army, ho committed tho
same mistake which was so fatal to
him at Granlcus, drawing up his troops
on too limited a ground In front of the
In many respects tho mulo Is tho
noblest beast that has been plnced
under man's dominion, but unjust ridi
cule for some unaccountable reason
marked tho long-suffering brute for
its own nnd by obscuring his many
virtues and playing upon his few de
fects and idiosyncrasies has compelled
him since the day he was discovered
by Anah in tho wilderness to live un
der the torture of a false and slander
ous report. At last, however, he Is
being restored to his proper position
in the Boclal and economic world.
In truth the mule, if ho happens to
bo a Missouri product, is a valuable,
beautiful and lovely beaBt. For gen
eral all around purposes, In compari
son with the horse, mules are super
ior. They are easy and cheap to raise,
easy to sell and hard to blemish. They
go to the market early and bring big
ger profits for the time, work and
money expended In growing than any
other stock. Time and hard work
have less effect upon them than upon
any other kind of flesh, Disease rare
Within the last thirty years a
generation a hundred and ono little
household necessities thnt mama used
to make are now on tho counters of
the department stores for sale at
prices that stagger humanity.
When tbo dear old lady of 1873
wanted a wash rag she would make It
by hemming a square foot of tho old
man's discarded undershirt. She can
buy a wash rag now for three cents.
When Bhe wanted a floor rag sho
would rip open a flour bag or a bur
lap sack. She can buy a floor rag
now for seven cents.
When sho wanted something to
shine tho silver with she would take
an old stocking, an old sock or the
sleeve of a worn-out woolen garment,
or possibly tho leg end of the old
man's drawers. To-day she can buy
a polishing cloth of some patented
material as good as chamois skin for
five cents.
Mama used to make Iron holders out
of quilting any old piece left over
or worn out. Now she can buy all
That womon of society should en
gago in a vulgar brawl over cards
eeems almost beyond belief, yet there
occurred the othor dpy In the house
of a well-known leader of society a
hand-to-hand scuffle that would have
done credit to a group of fishwives,
according to Modern Society. The
hostess, who is cclebrnteW for her
strenuousneas, camo gallantly to tho
rescue, and wns thrown on the floor
and basely trampled upon. The lady's
house Is the headquarters for a bevy
of women who delight In tho intri
cacies of bridge. The hostess Is con
Bldered an export player. Sho Is a
perfect encyclopedia on rules, and
her decisions on mooted questions aro
usually acceptod. On this particular
occasion everything had been running
smoothly until It was almost tlmo for
adjournment. Tho hostess left tho
room to Investigate a delay on the
part of the servants, and In her ab
river. Tho lecturer considered that
tho estlmnte of GOO.OOO men ns tho
Btrcngth of tho Persian army was ex
cessive, since sp largo n body of troops
could never havo had room on tho
battlefield. Tho number was probably
only 60,000. Alexander, who hnd re
covered from his Illness caused by
bathing In tho Cydnus, moro rapidly
than his opponent hnd expected, sur
prised tho Persians In their unfavor
able position and defeated them.
From Issus tho lecturer continued
his Jotirney over tho Clllclnn Gato And
tho Taurus rango to tho salt steppes
In tho Interior of tho country. Tho
opportunity wns taken to survey tho
course nnd tho valley of the Kokun-su.
Tho valley leads up to tho Taurus and
forms nt tho top a lovel 250 metres In
width, encompassed by high rucks,
which must havo been passed over
by armies In ancient times on their
mnrches from tho const to tho north
west. Trips were mad "ifrom Smyrna to
Pergamon, Ephesua, and Troy. At
Troy a party of thirty ladles and
gentlemen archaeologists, who wero
visiting tho hills or HlBsnrllc under tho
guidance of Prof. Dorpfeld, was met.
From this point tho neighboring bnttle
field on tho Granlcus (Knraboga) was
visited. At tho spot where Darius
suffered his first dofent at tho hands
of Alexander, the Granlcus is only a
si allow expanse of water which can
be waded without difficulty and which
has, doubtless, been often crossed by
nrmles. Correspondence of London
ly touches them. Adversity and hard
knocks mnko them stronger and
A mulo does not wither or weakon
with age. Tho process of years sim
ply turns his coltish frlsktncss to con
templative sedatencss, his silvery
voice to a raucous roar and his ob
streperous heels to tho paths of
peace Ills habits, as they aro better
understood, are less feared and moro
appreciated. Ho Is tractable, gentle,
sympathetic and very intelligent.
When well treated ho loves his mas
ter, as Sancho, the companion of Don
Quixote, and many old negroes In the
south have proved.
He cats little and requires no shel
ter, and tolls to tho bitter end with
out complaint or fatigue. Ho quickly
understands tho whims of his driver
and will go and can bo guided with
out whip or rein. He is a dynamo in
hldo, an englno on hoof a perfect ma
chine In flesh and blood, which rarely
gets out of order or temper. Kansas
City Journal.
she wants made of asbestos for five
cents each.
Dust rags, or cloths? Why, bless
you, what did sho do with the old
night shirts, petticoats and chemisesT
They aro for sale now at ten cents.
Sho used to cover the ironing board
with a ripped bed sheet, but to-day she
buys a cover in tho Btoro for a
Dish rags were made of anything
lying around an old towl, a shirt,
coat lining, pillow case orsleeve. In
tho department store to-day, five cents.
Pot rag? A piece of tattered table
cloth was none too good. To-day In
the storeB, five cents.
For polishing the stovo sho used
a rag dipped in the blacking; now she
buys a sheepskin glovo, with tho wool
outside, for twenty cents.
She would make window shades out
of bolts of linen and take them down
once every six months to wash them.
Now she buys shades ready made that
never can be washed and never will
sence a dUputo aroso between two ol
tho most respected of her guests.
As often happens In tho case of the
vulgar gambler, one word led on tc
another In this case, until an intima
tion of foul play the' slip of an angry
tongue; precipitated tho climax. Tc
the horror of the rest of tho guests,
these genteel card players made a
pass or two and seized each othor b
the hair. Then the strenuous lady
Buddonly appeared on the scono. Quick
to think and act, sho stepped between
the combatants, and with her rnusculat
arms, forced them apart. But, alas!
three pairs of feat became entangled
tho peacemaker went sprawling to the
lloor, and her arm was hurt by con
tact with a Kronen heel. Tho ludl
crows situation caused the quick-tern
porod participants to realize that ll
was rather disreputable as well, and
tears of repentance fell thick as
autumn leaves in Vallombrosa.
Mr. Winston's isoottitntr fly hi p.
For children training, imfltnn the utm, reilueea In
Ouimulou,lljiplii,curu wind collo. SJcabuttla.
Edward at a Linguist.
King Kdwnrd'a proficiency ns n lin
guist was strikingly Illustrated during
his recent visit to Paris. At a private
dinner given by M. Loubet, tho French
president reau n very formal Bpeech.
The King of England got up Immedi
ately nftor, nnd delivered without a
noto nn admirable speech In French.
Everybody wns surprised when tho
native ruler h polio In Ills own tongue
with elaborntn preparation nnd tho
English sovereign Rpoko In tho tongue
ot tho Frenchman Impromptu,
If bo, tmolled Cros Hull HI .to. it will nmk
lb tun white ns unow. '2 02. packngo 5 cour.
Prlvato Entrance for President
The president of tho United Stntes
will havo a prlvato entrance for him
self and family in the flno now rail
road Btatlou now being constructed In
Washington. Mr. Clovolnnd used to
escape tho crowds by having his driv
er take him to tho forward ends of
the trains Instead of entering at
tho front of tho station, but even this
refuge Is no longer practicable, so tho
prlvato cntranco has been arranged.
PITC Permanently curra. o nt or nerrontneea aftw
n I ) nrtt djr' um or br. Kllnr't (treat Naneltettor
fr. Bend fur FlttCU 'J,0(l trial bottle and trvatlre. 11 KUNS, Ltd., tU Arch Street. PhlLdell.hla.rt-
For Flvo Teeth 550,000.
Mllo. SarklBovn, a Russian opera
singer, wns traveling some time ago
on tho Transcnucaslan railway when
tho train ran off tho lino and five of
her teeth wore knocked out Mile.
Sarklsova Drought an action thnt, as
tiio loss of tho front teeth prevented
her from singing, sho Wns cntltlod to
heavy damages. Tho civil court in St.
Petersburg hns Just awarded her ?50,
000 compensation.
Superior quality and extra quantity
must In. This Is why Defiance
Starch Is taking tho place ot all
Another "Oldest Engineer."
John Cnsson, 85 yonra of age, and
believed to be tho oldest railroad en
gineer In tho country, was an Interest
ing and interested visitor In St. Louis
recently, having gono thlt.ior from his
home In Patorson, N. J to attend tho
dedication of tho world's fnlr. Mr.
Casson, who Is of English birth, be
gan 1i1b career as a practical locomo
tive engineer In 1838 on the MorrlB &
Essex road in Nqw Jersey. Ho work
ou as an engineer for half a century
on the Now York & Erlo, retiring in
1888 on account of fecblo health.
When a woman cats pickles she Is
in love with tho pickles.
A singular Malady..
Death has at last claimed the vic
tim of a singular disease. Nino years
ago David Yetter, of Oakwood, Mich.,
was assailed with rheumatism of a
form that attacked tho Joints. Pro
gressive oslflcatlon marked tho case,
the entire body being stiffened with
the disease. Tho victim was at
length unable to masticate food and
relied on liquid nourishment. Then
tho Jaws stiffened so thnt ho could
no longer open his mouth. A front
tooth was extracted and through the
opening thus provided was given tho
nourishment that added longer lease
of a llfo that oven under such condi
tions was preforablo to death. When
this camo at last Yettcr'a body had
the hardness of stone.
Mrs, Campbell's Sarcasm.
During hor engagement In San
Francisco, Mrs. Patrick Campbell was
taken for a trip around the bay.
Among tho pnrty was a young man of
tho all porvadlng kind, whoso atten
tions to tho noted actress wore more
lavish than welcome. As tho party
stood gaziug on tho city tho young
mnn said: "Do you see that house
up there, Mrs. Campbell?" describing
the location." "Ytts," said the patient
guest. "I was born there," remarkod
tho numerous one. Ho paused for a
reply, and this was what he heard:
"What a pity." Tho young man man
aged to efface himself.
Uttle Fellows Don't Like the Hot
Mothers should know' exactly -what
food to give babies In hot weather.
With the broiling hot days In July
and August tho mother of u baby Is
always anxious for tbe health of her
little one and Is then particularly care
ful In feeding. Milk sours quickly and
other food is uncertain. Even in spite
of caution, sickness sometimes creeps
in and then tho right food is moro nec
essary than ever.
"Our baby boy two years old began
In August to hnvo attack's of terrible
stomach and bowel trouble. Tho phys
ician said his digestion was very bad
and that If It had been earlier In tho
summer and hotter weather we would
surely have lost him.
"Finally we gave baby Grape-Nuts
food, feeding It several times tho first
day and the next morning he seemed
better and brighter than ho had been
for many days. There was a great
change In the condition of his bowels
and In three days they were entirely
normal. Ho Is now well and getting
very strong and fleshy and wo know
that Grape-Nuts saved his life, for ho
was a very, very ill baby. Grape-Nuts
food must havo wonderful properties
!o effect such cures as this.
"Wo grown-ups In our family all use
firapo-Nuts and alao Postutn In placo
of coffee with tho rosult that wo never
rny of us havo any coffeo Ills, but are
well and strong." Narao glvon by Pos
turn Co.. Uattle Creek. Mich.
Tho reason Grape-Nuts food relieves
bowel trouble iu babies or adults is
I'scause the starch of the grain is pre
dlgested and does not tnx the bowels,
nor ferment like white broad, potatoes
and other forms of starchy food.
Send for particulars by mall of ex
tension of time on tbo 17,600.00 cooks'
contest for 735 money prizes.
A prominent Southern lady,1
Mrs. Blanclmrd, of Nashville,
Tcnn., tells how she was cured
of backache, dizziness, painful
and irregular periods by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" Gratitude compels 1110 to acknowl
edge the great merit of your Vege
table Compound. 1 have Buffered for
four .yearn with Irregular and painful
menstruation, also dlr.r.incss,, pains in
the baclc and lower limbs, and fitful
bleep. I dreaded tho time to conio
which would only mean suffering to
me. Six bottles of T,yrtiii E.
Plnkluuii'H Vcffctnblo Compound
brought mo health and happiness in a
few short months, nnd whh worth
more than months under the doctor's
care, which really did not benefit mo
tit all, 1 feel like another person now.
My aches and pains havo left me. I
am satisfied there is no medicine to
good for sick woman as your Vege
table Compound, and 1 advocate it to
my lady friends in need of medical
help." Mhb. 11. A. Ilr.ANciiAim, 422
llroad St., Nashville, Tcnn. SSOOOfor
ftlt If original of about ItUir proving gtnulrtnitn
cannot b product J.
When women arc troubled with
menstrual irregularities, weakness,
leucorrhcen, displacement or ulceration
of tho womb, that bearing-down feel
ing, inflammation of the ovaries, bnck
aclie, they should remember there ia
one tried and true remedy. Lytlln E.
Purest of Emollients and
Greatest of Skin Cures.
The Most Wonderful Curative
of Ajnimo
For Torturing, Disfiguring
Skin Humours
And Purest and Sweetest of
Toilet Emollients.
Cutlcura Ointment Is beyond question
the most successful curative for tortur
ing, dieugurlngburoours of the skin and
scalp, Including loss of balr, ever
compounded, In proof of which a
single anointing preceded by a hot bath
with Cutlcura Soap, and followed In
thb severer cases, by a dose of Cutl
cura Resolvent, Is often sufficient to
afford imracdlato relief In the most
distressing forms of itching, burning
and scaly humours, permit rest and
sleep, and point to a speedy euro when
all other remedies fall. It is especially
so In the treatment of infants and chil
dren, cleansing, soothing and be&llng
the most distressing of Infantile ha
moors, and preserving, purifying and
beautifying the skin, scalp and hair.
Cutlcnra Ointment possesses, at the
same time, tbe charm of satisfying the
simple wants of the toilet, in caring for
tbe skin, scalp, balr, hands and feet,
from Infancy to age, far more effect
ually, agreeably and economically than
the most expensive of toilet emollients.
Its "Instant relief for okln-torturcd
babies," or 8anatlve,antlsoptlc cleans
ing," or " One-nlght treatment of the
hands or feet," or " Single treatment
of the hair," or "Use after athletics,"
cycling, golf, tennis, riding, sparring,
or any sport, each In connection with
the use of Cutlcura Soap, Is sufficient
evidence of this.
CM ihM..liM.trti.(.MU. f?utlnr..1ttn1vnt-0c fin
r TUI 01 w w-
nii k Chm. Corp.. Bo1, fiopnuo
3& tot " Tin Cvurara bain Boct.'
To prove tbe beuling and
cleansing power of l'axtlue
Tollrt Antiseptic vc will
mall a largo trial package
with book of imtructioDH
abftulutely tree. Tbls is not
a tiny sample, but a larKO
package, tuouch to con
lnce anyone ot its vn.uc
Women all over the couttry
aro praising 1'axttno for v, bat
It has done In local trrat-
llBllt of fmilnlo Ills. rurinT
all inflammation and discharges, wonderful as a
cleansing vaginal douche, for sore throat, nawil
catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remove tartar
and whiten tbe teeth, bend today; a postal card
will do.
bolilbrdrngglstsorsentpoatpuUlbyus, OO
cants. Ibi-ru box. Satisfaction s;iiruutc.U
THIS It. I'AXTON CO., liostou, Mass.
214 C'olmubus Avn, .
When Answerttif. Acrvertlsementa
Kindly Mention This Paper.
W. N. U., Omaha.
No. 281903
eu.fx uifbf 111 ritr ran
it Couitb t jrrup. Tutoa Good. tTas
ui iime. euia or aruiririau.
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