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    Rev. John Calhoun Sloan.
We regret exceedingly to chrohlclo the
death of Kov. John C. Sloan, whoso seri
ous illness at Mitchell was montionftd in
these columns last week, then with the
hope of hisaecoverr. He grew no better
there and was brought to his home In this
city Saturday where tho following morn
ing about 7:30 o'clock he peacefully
breathed his last. Rev. Sloan was well
known throughout this scctlbn and was
quite as generally esteemed and loved.
His kind heart and generous spirit consid
ered all Mankind his friouds and ireth
ernn, and they In turn recognised in him
that relationship. .
John Calhoun Sloan was born in Now
York state August 25, 1841. but most of
his boyhood days were spent in Missouri,
his parents boing southerners and,' beforo
tho war, slave holders. He served as a
scout during tho war of the rebellion and
at its closo began freighting.on tho wagon
route from Omaha to Denver and Salt
Lake City. During those eight or ten
years ho was iwicc sent to Washington as
commissioner for tho Indians at times
when lands were apportioned them He
was converted in 1873 and united with the
Presbyterian church and in tho spring of
187! was ordained a minister of that church
since which time he has cheerfully and
ceaselessly labored in its service, his
efforts being chiefly to home missionary
work. Through him twenty-three church
es have been built in western Nebraska
and it is stated that he has preached in
every home mission church from Decatur,
where he first settled in this state, to the
Black Hills. Increasing ill health, how
ever, forced him to decide to relinquish
his active labors in the work ho loved
and about a month ago he was retired from
the ministry. A church building at
Mitchell that had been his charge was not
yet completed and he went down there
about two weeks ago to superintend the re
mainder of tho construction and was there
seized with his fatal illness. He had been
a delegate to the Presbyterian general as
sembly several times and in 1B9G was
chosen moderator of tho synod. Rev.
Sloan had made his residence in this city
for the last eight years. Seven years ago
ho married Mrs. Jano Hills of this city
who survives him, he having been married
twice before. He leaves six children,
Mrs. E. M. Young and Mrs. J. J. Daley of
this city; John Sloan of La Mar, Colo.;
William Sloan of Wheatland. Wyoming;
George Sloan, now a student at Bellvuc
college, and Mabel Sloan of . Tekamah,
The funeral hurvlcos were held in the
Methodist church Tuesdny morning at 10
o'clock, Rev. II. P. V. Uogue of the
Pirt Prwbyteriap -luirch having charge
of them and bo'iritf atsistod by the other
ministers of the city, while the sermon
was preached by Rev. Dr. Robert L.
Wheeler, pastor of the First Presbyterian
church of South Omaha. Dr. Wheeler
and Rev. Sloau hud been fast friends for
more than 'twenty-eight years and it had
been agreed between them years ago that
the one of them who survived the other
should preach tho funeral sermon for the
deceased. The sermon was one of tender
and loving tribute to the life of him whom
all were assembled there to honor.
Rev. Sloan was a member of the
Masonic fraternity and also of tho A. O.
U. W., tho M. W. A. and I. O. O. F.
Tho funeral services were conducted with
the rites of the first named order and mauy
membors attended in a body. The funer
al was attended by many people from
various places in this part of the state
where he has labored and a very large
number of friends followed the remains to
their last resting place jn Greenwood
Watnall Wedgcr.
Watnall Wcilger, the imported shire
stallion, will btnnd for tho season of
of 1003 at my ranch twelve miles south
west of Alliance, Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday and at John Phillips'
livery in Alliance Thursday, Friday
and Saturday.
Watnall Wcdger Is a beautiful buy,
weight 1,700 pounds, good bono aud
Bplcndld action. Ho was imported by
Watson, Woods Rros, & Kelly Co., of
Lincoln, Nebraska, and is six years
Terms: Twelve dollars for living
colt, payable when colt is fouled. Cure
will bo taken to prevent accidents but
owner will not be responsible should
any occur.
E. I. GitKc.o, Manager.
Notice to Non-rcsldcnt Defendant.
Iutho District Court of Uox llutto County,
Charles J. HonJnmln, Plaintiff
Marallo Luppuit. Defendant.
Marulle Leppert will take notice Hint Char-
in. 1 jiumawiii tint, men 111
iKitition In the
district court of liox llutte.
t Of HoX illlttO fill lit V. V.llil-llwl.'.
against you the object uiufnrmur of uhlel!
tiro to olitaln JiulKiuunt against you for the
muiu of $o.25 aud to procure au order from t hu
Mild court to soli tlio southwest quarter of sta
tion Jo, township 2d, rung4s In lo llutte
county, Nebraska, to satisfy soul sum nnd
costs ami vrhicli reiilontato lias been uttachvd
in tins notion. You are required to answer
the said petition on or iwforo the titli day of
11 . u, Simonsu.v, ids attorney.
f p. 5-S0-tw
Notice to Non-resident Defendant.
Ir 1 the District Court of liox Uutte county
A. J . Shurrgt Cigar Company, a Nebraska Cor
poration, ulalntiu
Prank. C. Ilroekett, defendant. C. Hrockatt will take notlco that A. .1.
Sherret Cigar Company of Omaha, Nebruska.
has Med its petition In the district court of
Uox Dutte county. Nebraska, against you tho
object and tliH prayer of which ur to obtain
judgment ugaiustyou for thu sum of 07.50 nud
to procure tin order for the sale of lots U3 and
Wof the County Addition to tho city of Alll
auce, Nebraska, to satisfy said sum and tho
costs of this action. You are required to ans
wer said uutitlon on or before the 0th day of
July, lOUl A.J. Shkbuet Cuun Compant.
Uy W. O, biMONson, its attorney, f p5-2-5t
IKeltli I I'lnrcn Is fully authorized to bo
llult suliscrlptlon and Job work and collect
and receipt for same, and transact all other
Unit iiiw In connection with hi position ni an
accredited representative of tills pucr.
James Frlol has moved to the Miss
farm two miles south of town where
he will put up a house. Ho inputting
In quite nn extensive crop.
Rev. Uurnom, returned Monday from
a long trip visiting his various charges
and preaching to vnrluus congrega
And the wedding bells will be jing
ling two or three times a months all
13. Mtibin is getting along nicely,
which everyone will bo glnd to hear.
Don't forget to attend Albert Nel
son's sale Monday. Go early there's
a free lunch.
Foil sai.k A full-blooded (Jailowny
bull, four years old, price S?3 and a
high grude Oaloway bull fifteen months
old, price $10. One, not both for sale.
My range is 011 and near 35-27-50.
O. U. Rouhi:. 5-2D-.H
E. C. Stewart has made the purchase
of un Oliver typewriter.
Alex Wildy returned from tho Ma
linda ranch Monday.
James Novotnoy was in from Canton
thu first of thu week.
Charles W. Lock wood was transact
ing business hero Friday.
Frank Eevan was In town Saturduy.
Peter G. Anderson and George Nord
ness wore doing business hero Tues
day. Rev. C. E. Connell spent Saturday
ami Sunday in Alliance.
Mrs. Fred Necland was in Homing-
ford several days this week.
Reed brothers were up from Alliance
Wednesday buying horses.
1J. L. Feuner and wife were in from
Dttnlup Monduy.
V. E. Olds and Miss Almeda Foskct
were the guests of J. C. Osborn Mon
duy evening.
K. L. Pierce and wife spent Sunday
with R, L. Fenner.
Weucel JJamo and Vin Fendricb wore
In town Monday.
P. 11. Fitch departed for tho west
Thursday and gave us his destination
Portland and Seattle. Later, be ex
pects to go to Alberta, where his folks
now live. Mr. Fitch has lived hero
over a year and 1ms made a host of
Lust Thursday evening the pupils of
tho high sobool gave their ontortuiii
tnent consisting of a play entitled
"Hans Von Smush," suvoral tnbleutix,
songs and pantomimes. Tho play Was
a comedy and well acted, each part be
ing thoroughly committed und natur
ally rendered. There was not a poor
number on tho program. Tho past
year has been tin excellent one in the
schools. Thu teachers nil deserve es
pecial credit for their bard, pains
taking work.
11. II. Funk has his soda water
fountain iu full blast again.
C. J. Wildy's barns burned Thursday
evening about 10:30 o'clock. For some
time it looked like the stores would
nave to go, but heroic work on the
part of tho citizens saved them. Thu
crowd who had attended the entertain
ment had not all gone home, so there
were plenty to carry water. It is
thought that tho flro originated from
a match or cigar carelessly thrown
down by some one who attended tho
entertainment and who had a saddle
horsu hitched to tho south of tho barn.
E. G. Rowland is clerking for II. L.
John Rentier was In from Lawn
Ren Johnson shipped a car of pota
toes to Denver Monday.
A. M. Miller shipped n car of Hour
east Tuesday,
Misses Georgia Miller and Nellie
Goodenough went to Alliance Thurs
day. Henry Shimek was In town Thurs
day. Clyde Rhodes rode the goat (M.W.A.)
Saturday evenlug.
Mrs. II. A. Peters is visiting with
Mrs. II. II. Pierce this week.
Harry Piereo put up a hand sepa
rator for Herman ScluiHulberfc Friday.
W. R. Akers of Alliance filled the
M. E. pulpit at this place Sunday, both
morning nnd evening. Services were
well attended and the addresses were
very good.
Mrs. Ford moved back homo this
Tho Ladles' Progressive club was en
tertained by Mrs. M. II. Goodenough
Mrs. Ratten went to Alliance Mon
day. Principal II. II, Funk and wife en
tertained tho pupils of the Eighth
grade at supper at the Commercial ho
tel Friday evening and afterward gave
a reception for them at his home.
Mrs. Orun Fosket spent this week in
Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Rerry were
delegate's from Reno to the association
held here this week.
The Junior League will give an egg
social Friday evening, June 5, every
one to bring nil the eggs that can be
spared, proceeds to bo donated to the
M. E. hospital. Ice creom will bo
servod, also n program rendered.
Everyone be sure to come.
Dr. E. C. ICoons dentist, of Alliance
will meet those desiring dental work
done at the Commercial hotel In llcu'i
ngford, Friday and Saturday, June 5
mid 0.
Dr. Koons, dentist, will be In Iletn
ingford Friday nnd Saturday, Suite 6
and fl.
The fifteenth annual meeting 6"f the
Northwestern Assoolatlou of Congrc
gnlional Churches was held In Homing
ford during the past week nnd from
the spirit of the meeting those who
attended wuro doubtless wonderfully
helped, ns tho meeting was character
ized by a spirit of Christian fellowship
and devotion to religious work. The
program was prepared with reference
to tho especial needs of this field, Tho
sermon Tuesdny eveulng by Rev. J. II.
Andress of Chudron was upon tho
power of thu love of God in contrast to
the love of man, a fitting theme to pre
cede the sacramental service which
followed. Tho paper by Rev, J. II,
llrown of Reno upon "Pulpit Power"
showed much thought and deep rever
ence for the presentation of the Word
of God from the sacred desk. The
normal lesson conducted by Rev. J. I).
Stewart of Aurora and address upon
"Our Greatest nceed wero both instruc
tive and helpful. In all, the convention
was a decided success.
Ooldcn West SI. 00
Gold Leaf $1.00
Gem 0!) cents
Every sack warranted.
Wildy's Is tho proper place to do your
One hundred pairs of shoes given
away. With the purchase of one pair
of men's or ladies' shoes wo will give
free one pair of children's, misses',
boys' or small size ladies' shoes. C. J.
For lumber, posts, lime and shingles
hee Wildy.
C. J. Wildy lias just received another
car of flour the best and cbeapest
this side of the Missouri and quotes:
Snowllako Si. 05 .
Crowded ovur from hist week.
Albert Hull is in Wyoming and will
remain there for some time.
Arthur Rass was iu Alliance Monday
mil treated himself to a new $.15
G. 11. Clayton wat. in Scottsbluff
Tuesday for a load of lumber.
C. W. Loukwood is decorutinir bis
dining room nnd kitchen by putting on
new paper.
Rolln Shetlcr brought his cattle down
from Lawn preeinet to his Sioux ebttnty
ratcli Tuesday.
Fred, youngest son of George E.
Zimmerman, has been on tbe sick list
several days.
Arthur Rass has charge of George
Lemon's cattle for tho summer sea
son. IJ. C. Curtis bad quite a lot of bad
luck befall him during the storm Fri
day night, u horse nnd a cow killed by
Rev. Post was up from Carpunter
Sunday and delivered two sermons,
morning aud evening.
Misses Cora Reese and Jessie Clay
ton wero out calling Saturday morning
and madu a short cull on, the Misses
Quito a number of the elite of Canton,
botli ladles and gentlemen, took a
pleasure trip Sunday ahorseback ride
out into the hills of Sioux county. All
enjoj'ed the ride very much and were
much pleased witli the beautiful
Misses Ressie aud Mabel Shctler
wero highly ente'rtained by tho Misses
Rroshar a few days this week.
Early last Saturday morning, May
10, at tho home of Mr. and Mrs, James
Moravek three miles east of Canton, a
llttlo stranger, a boj', made his advent,
thus adding a link to their unbroken
chuiu of huppiuess.
There have been a great mauy differ
ent kinds of ranches started in Ne
braska, but tho latest fad iu that direc
tion now is a rabbit ranch, known
ns the louomau ranen. uur post
master is solo proprietor and enjoys
looking after his little herd.
(I. A. It. Reunion.
The Rurlington will sell round trip
tickets to Fremout May 13, 13, 14 at
one fare for the round trip from Ne
braska points.
Attention! Horsemen!
The imported Shire colt, Ivy Dray
man, owneil by C. E. WilUuy uud my
self, and tho imported French Coach
horse, (lulnault, ure making the season
of 1003 at my ranch six milos west and
two miles north of Iletningford.
Terms: Ivy Drayman, $1.1.00 to in
sure colt to teat. Qulnuult, $10.00 to
insure colt the same. Mares bred at
owner's risk. If owner parts with
mare after breeding and before foaling
insurance is forfeited and fees are
due. Right reserved to reject any
mare. Parties at a distance can leave
mares for $1.00 cash extra and I will
breed them. A. S. Exvkaiit.
To tub Tbaciiuks or Hcvx Bvtte County, Nbhraska: ,
The term of the Alliance Junior Normal for iqo3 boglns Juno S,
continuing in session ton weeks. Tho oslablislnnont of this school pro
xvldos an unusual appot Utility in this part of Nebraska for touchers and
those contemplating that work to make special preparation.
Wc are confident that tho ten wseks' normal training which is thus
plarjdd within roach of our teachers will justify you nil in boa ring-the
axpundittlrc of tho necessary time and money with profit to yourselves
and imprcyoinent in the education of our hoys and girls.
A Pi unary- School conducted in connection with the normal will af
ford nn occasion to obsorvc methods nVpliod in actual instruction.
Courses of study will bo arranged largely from those regularly pres
cribed for students at tho State Normal at Peru and will include both
the Elementary and Advanced courses with Principles of Agriculture,'
and Ihbsc doing tho wot k and completing tiio studies in a satisfactory
manner will receive a certificate to that effect signed by the Principal
nnd countersigned by the State Superintendent which will entitle the
holders to the same credit at the State Normal as though they attended
at Peru,
Tho Alliance School Board has tendered the "free use of its build
ing and apparatus and such text-books as may be on hand, but those
having texts on subjects they wish to study are requested to bring them.
'The school will be absolutely free so far as matriculation or insti
tute fees arc concerned.
A course of lectures and evening entertainments will be given which
will also be free for those enrolled at the normal. These will be in
structive as well as entertaining and the different numbers will be an
nounced later. The expense for these lectures as well as the other inci
dental expenses of tho normal will be paid out of the institute funds of
the' various counties represented in the attendance.
ji However the usual certificate and examination fee of Si. 00 will be
charged. Examinations will beheld at the close of the normal.
Entrance requirements arc the same as for applicants for admis
sion at the State Normal. TEACHERS and others who are fourteen
' 'years of age, of good moral character, of good physical health, and who
have a fair knowledge of the common branches such as can be gained
, in the common schools and the Eighth grade of city schools.
To simplify the organization of classes it is desired that all who
.contemplate attending will write and give list of studies they arc most
"desirous of pursuing. Instructors for each of the subjects will be an
'nouncedat the opening session.
The school will be under the management, and supervision of the
State Superintendent who with the county superintendents of counties
""'tributary have united for a union teachers' institute which wijl be held
during tho latter part of the term and will comprise the institute for
j these counties none being held in any of the counties united for the Al
liance Junior Normal. The Institute will be professional consisting of
methods and instructive and inspiring lectures the best that tho State
Superintendent can furnish with the funds at his command.
The last two weeks, from August 3 to August 14, will constitute the
'time for tho Box Butte County Teachers' Institute when all teachers and
those intending to teach in this county the coming year, not already in
attendance, must attend in accordance with Section 6, Subdivision 10,
of the School Laws of Nebraska: " The county superintendent
liuay, at his discretion, revoke the certificate, or refuse to grant a certif-
jicate to any teacher who refuses to attend the county institute. "
J We urge ALL teachers, but especially young teachers -and those
'who intend to teach, to attend the full ten weeks and as an inducement
1 for you to do so, we will giant the following privileges: All teachers
who hold complete first or second grade certificates in this county, who
attend the full ten weeks and work satisfactorily may, if you desire, be
relieved of writing an examination for a certificate for next year, except
in "Principles of Agricultuie." Those wholuve not icceived two third
grade certificates, who comply with above conditions may have grades
above 85 per .rent, transferred without examination on these subjects.
Those who attend for a less period than ten weeks will be required to
.' write on subjects in which their grade is 90 or less. Those teaching at
time of opening will be considered as attending normal if entrance is
made immediately upon the close of their school. Those who have not
taught will be given due credit for the work they do during the normal;
all others who teach in this county next year are required to take full
TftoarA. awA. "Room.
There will be a dining hall conducted here during the normal at
which board may be secured for S2.75 per week. Well furnished rooms
may be had at from 50 cents to 75 cents a week for each teacher, two or
more occupying the room together, making total cost for board and
room per student S3. 00 to S3. 50 per week. Board and lodging may be
had iu private families for S3. 50 to S4.00 per week.
Rooms for light housekeeping can be secured for from two to eight
clubbing together at 30 cents to 50 cents per week for each person.
Also places arc offered where teachers, cither lady or gentleman, may
work for their board while attending the normal.
All who intend to come to the normal should secure accommoda
tions as soon as possible and get the best you can with the funds at your
command. Please report immediately as to your plans and I will do my
best to carry out your wishes so that you may obtain the greatest profit
and highest possible good from yutir attendance.
While I believe you have all done your best in the past, we cannot
do our best in the future if we let such opportunities slip, for the
OPPORTUNITY itself requires better work in our schools next year.
County Superintendent.
Farley am! GROCERIES
Rueensware, Victor Flour
Palace Car Canned Goods
House Furnishings
Corbin Block
Summer PnsturnRC.
I will take cattle to pasture for the sum
mer, beginning May 1 till November 1,
1903- Plenty of fresh water, good range
aud salt every week. Nine miles east of
Homingford, Neb., on Sec. 14, Tp. 27
H. 48. Clayton Worlbv. -
13ox Butte, Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
lly virtue of an nrdurofwilo Issuedby qlurk
of tlw district court of liox Jluttoounty. Ne
braska, mion a (iwreo rundcied by wild court
tu fnvor of Mluprva K. Kennedy, plaintiff, and
njtnlnst Jumps Peter Kt'iuieriy. Iti-miIii Tattle,
Kliunoor Kennedy, Kdlth Wolts, William
Walter Kennedy. John Albert Kennedy. Cora
llolejnck, Mary J.llen StaulTer, Jesse Warren
Kennedy and JVarly Viola Ellison, de
fendants, 1 will, on tlio 'JSd day of June,
A. I). 1U03, nt 10 o'clock 11. m. on. said day,
at the west front door of tho courthouse, fn
Alliance In Mild county, sell the following
doMjrlbod real estate, to-wlt: tho soutlrwest
H of seetlon..H, township '.'3 north, ninpo M,
wu.stof (1th principal meridian In liox llutto
county, Nebraska, at public auetlon to tho
highest bidder for cash, to satisfy satir ordttr
of sale In the sum of j73.74 and Inturust,
costs and accrulni; cots, sulitpct to taxes. .
1KA Itl.KI),
Sheriff of suld county.
Smith P. Tuttto. Atfy for plaintiff.
1'lrst publication May 23.
Notice 10 licdccm.
State of Nebraska I K
llox llutte county f ""
To Mary.). Howard:
You are hereby notified that on the L'flth day
of Novemlicr, 1W1, C. O. Stevens purchases! at
tux luilu tho northeast quarter of section
tuenty-onoiii township twenty-seven of runce
forty-seven In Jlox Uutte county, Nebraska:
that said land was taxed In namuof Mary J.
Howard aud said purchase of tax sale of
snldlaud was made for tho jenrs 1895, 1S111.
ls!)7. 1SW, lt!9 nnd 1P0O and that nubseiiuent
taxe.s have been paid on said liinil by said U.
O. Stevens for tho years 1001, NWJ : that
tho time for redemption of tho aforesaid land
will uxplro on tho 20th day of November, 1W3.
C. C. Stevkns.
Dated Alliance, Nebraska. May l(t, 1W3.
Notice of Attachment.
In the justice court of Ii. A. Herry, one of tho
Justices of tho peace in and for Ut llutto
county, Nebraska. ,4
Georso A. Kcld I " '
Tlioron W. Hattcn will take notlco that on
tho 4th day of May, 1003, .L. A. Horry, a Justice
of tlm peaco In and for liox llutto county, Ne
braska, Issued un ordor of attuehinunt for thu
sum of J75.U.') in an action pcndlni; before him
wherein Ueorjie A. Iteid Is plnlntlll' and The
ron W. Ituttou, defendant, that property of
defendant conslstlni? of household Roods has
been attached tindor said order. Said cause
was continued to tlio s2nd day of Juno, MW1,
at 0 o'clock a. m.
GEonoE A. Itnii), Plaintirr.
Hv V. Mitchell, his attorney.
Sheriffs Sale.
No. US7,
lly virtue of an order of sale Issued by
tho clerk of tho district court of Jlox llutto
county, Nebraska, upon a decreo rendered by
said court In favorer Nebraska Central Ilulld
Inxnnd Iiau association, plaintiff, ami against
Hannah 1' Oiveu, William U. I'.ivln, Henja
luln S. Cnveii, Thomas Howard, Sarah Ashton,
Dora Slmpkins, Kdward Hlmpklns and l'rank
Howard, heirs of Jennie Cuvon, deceased,
defendants, I will, on Juno 'J.', l!KO, at 0
o'clock a. in. on said day, at tho wot front door
of the court house In Alliance. In said county,
sell the following described real estate, to
wlt: I.ot4, block 1, Second Addition to Alliance
in Ito. Unite county. 'Nebraska, at bublle
auction to tho highest bidder for cash, to sat
isfy said order of sule. In the sum of Sl7'.l.o.
anil iiitiuvsui, costs nnd nccruliiK costs, sub
ject to taxes duo thereon In the sum of $14.07.
IitA Itkii, She! Iff of ald County.
If, V. Noloman. Attorney for plaintiff,
l'lrst publication May Si.
Sheriff's Sale.
No. 14sS.
IJy virtuo of an order of sale Issued by
tho clerk of the district court of Ilov llutto
county, Nebraska, upon a decree rendered liy
s.ilrtcouit lu favor of Jl. F. Ullmau aud K. C.
Nnlomau, plaintiffs, and against Dallas Slrck,
Soli.islhin rflrck, Victoria Hlrol: and Kresliula
Slrck. heirs of Melck Slrck. deceased,
defendants, I will, on tho 2-.M cay of June,
ltias, at 10 o'clock a. 111. on snld day, at the
w est front floor of the court hou-o In Alliance.
In said county, sell thu following described
real estate, to-wlt: Tho northwest quar
ter of Isectlon 5, township 23 north, range
4!l west of tlth, I'. M , in liox llutto county, Ne
braska, at public auction to the highest bid
der for cash, to satisfy said order of sale, In
the sum of &bc!.H0. and Interest, costs and ac
cruing costs, subject to $4.10 taxes.
1 11 a Kekii, Sheriff of said county.
U.O. Nnlemau and U.K. Oilman, attorneys for
Kfrst publication May 2i
Notice to Hcdccm.
Ptate of Nebraska I
liox llutto county f
To Alexander II. Ross:
You aro hereby notified that on thu 20th
day of November, 1001,0. 0. Stevens purchased
at tax salo tho northeast quarter of section
ulno In township twuuty-seven of rango forty
seven Iu Jlox llutto county, Nebraska: that
said land was taxed In tho name of Alexander
H. itossitnd said purchase of tax salo of said
land was made for the years 1S97, isw, ls'.9 and
ipoo and that subsequent taxe.s have been
paid on said land by wild O. V. Stevens for tho
years jpoi and 1002 ; that tho tlrno for re
demption of tho aforesaid laud will explro on
tho sutli day of November, 1003.
C. C. Stkvkss.
Dated Alliance, Nebraska, May 18, 1003.
Notice to Itcdccra.
State of Nebraska )
llo llutto county 5
To George Snedekor: '
You aro lioruby notified that on the 27th day
Of November. UH)i, O. (J. Stevens purchased
at tax salo tho northwest quarti r of section
twenty-seven In township twenty-seven of
range forty-seven In Uox Jlnttu county, Ne
braska: that suld land was taxed in tho mono
of George Snedeker and said purchase of tax
salo of said land was niado for tho jears 1S05.
Ib'M, 1W. 1SW, ibW and ii0 and that subse
quent tuxes havo been paid on said land by
saldO.C. Stovons for the years idol and irui
.. . : that tlio tine for redemption of tho
aforesaid land will expire on tho 27th day of
November, ioo3.
C C S T E IT f fl
ated Alliance. Nebraska, MayiMiKO, " '
Notice to Redeem.
State of Nebrasku I
liox Hutto county f
To Kufus M. .Null:
You aro hereby notified that on the Stith day
of November. 1W1, C. C. Stevens, purchased
at tux sue tho northeast quarter of section
tweuty-threo in township twenty-seven of
raiicoforty-seioii In liox Jlutto county, No-
Pi if I l vinlv! ' ,uVa v,.,s taxt''' ' tlio uaiiiu
or Hufus M. Neil and said pnichnsoof tax salo
of Mild land was made for tlio yours isiw, 1M7.
MMMX) and 1000 and that snbe uent tux
have boon paid on said land by 0. O. Stevens
for the years lWi d 1002 that Vbo time
for mleinpt on of the aforesaid land will ex
sire on the 20lli day of Xovomlter. l.
,,!til. .Alliance, Nebraska, May'isVllWL ''
Notice to Hcdccm.
State of Nebraska I
Dox llutto county f
To liable Hunes:
ou aro hereby notified that on tho 23rd d'av
? , M,r' ' K"V- '' Worun Purebred at
tax sale the northeast quarter of section
twenty-elght in township twenty-seven of
range forty-seven iu Uox llutto county No-
of Hall o Danes and said purchase of tax salo
of said land was made for tho yours 1804 ieas
U. 1BU7. lslte. imki aud 10O0 aiul subse
2u1dO cXm i'SJ? itlW on said' land by
"!?. 5$ nptm'i'o lti a,K'K
Dfp?5.22Ul!im'0' Nobrasl11. lny l?;1mVE8r'