The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, May 15, 1903, Image 4

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IKelth L. rioho U fully nuUiorltwl to -licit
itutoort)tluiiH unci Job work nntl eollwt
and recoltit for nmo, mid trnnsnct nil otlior
buklnus.0 In connection with III poMtlon ns nn
AOcrcUlleUrepriMciitnthcof this pii)cr.
Clmncollor Andrews is tho man who
wns dismissed from Brown university
because ho advocated the double stand
nnl hi 1800. Ho 1h n intin of forceful
clmrnctor, it good spouher nntl nn au
thority on uiluoiittotinl matters. Next
Wednesday evening, May 20, Is the
ovoninff on which ho will deliver his
lecture, "aolf Culture"
Frank Itavntt wus in town Wednes
day. Kuiniut Johnson was In Hoinlngford
Tuesday for a few hours.
Hoiin To C. 1!. Wlltsey, a hoy, Tues
day, May Vi,
Miss Clraue 'Wheeler went to Alliance
Tuesday evening and Mrs, Johntion
went Wednesday evening.
The wishbone social given by the
Christian Kmleiivor society at the resi
dence of 15. E. Johnson Tuesday even
ing was a very pleasant nlTalr, there
beluga large attendance. Ico cream
and calto wore served, games were
played, making altogether u most en
joyable evening.
The roof of Olc Moe's house was
blown partly olt Friday evening during
a severe squall qf wind.
E. C, Stewart went to Alliance on
No. 40 Tuesday evening.
Alex Wlldy and family arrived from
Illinois Wednesday.
Harry Wildy, who was thrown from
a horse ami hurt last week, Is some
Mrs. A. J. Dunham Is quite ill with
pneumonia. The Ladles' Progressive
club gave a farewell reception .Satur
day at Airs. A. M, Miller's residenco in
honor of Mrs. N. E. Gardner, who will
move away In a short time and Mrs.
Wm lodeneo who will rebidu In the
future on their ranch northeast of
Hemlngford. Mrs. Iodence Is one of
the founders of tho club.
Mrs. Elmore is quite 111 at the hotel.
C. il. Wlldy went to the ranch
Wednesday to be present at the spring
Aruott MeCandless of Wymote, visit
ed with rolatives a couple of days the
first of the week. k
John Kroeslng departed for I'incher
Creek, Alberta, Canada, Wcdnesduy,
Ho and one of his neighbois, Mr.
llache, loaded three cars of horses,
cattle and miscellaneous moichandise
which must go via M. Paul to make
connections there. Mr. Kroeslng's
brother went up there about a year
ago and writes that he Is well pleased
with the change. Several former set
tlers from near Lawn tiro located at
Pineher Creek.
E.okiol Mabin sustained a ver seri
ous Injury when returning homo Tues
day with a load of coal and grain. The
front axlo broke when near home,
throwing Mr. Mabin Into the wheel.
Uo was badly bi ulsed and his leg was
broken in two places.
Miss Georgia Miller is quite sick
with the measles.
Arthur Hass was in town Wednesday
on his way home from Alliance.
W. A. Hood and wife were in Hem
lngford Saturday. Mr. Hood expects
to make his home in Alliance hereafter
and leave the management of the
ranch to ono of his sons, who of course
would not be censured If he followed
the example set by his father.
City Attorney Everett spent the week
at Mullen.
V. J. Lyon Is located at Colony, Kan
sas, as agent for the Missouri Pacific
llev. Gardner delivered an eloquent
sermon on the subject, "Divine Pot
tery" Sunday morning at the Congre
gational church. It was especially for
children but contained many good
things for the older ones.
Memorial day will be appropriately
observed hero as usual. A cordial in
vitation to all the neighboring com
munities to attend is exteuded.
J W. llroshar was up from Cunton
Andrew Olson, who has been 111 for
several weeks is Improvlug.
Interest In the fall campaign for
county offices is beginning to bo mani
fested. The republican nomination for
county superintendent seems to be the
one around which the interest centers
nt present. Mrs. Ford and Mrs, IUis
tin arc candidates for the nomination.
The fusionists will probably nominate
a lady for this oflica and It looks us If
tho can vans may be exalting. A great
many bees in the bonnet w ill develop
soon and tho candidates buuome thiol;
and vociferous. It Is well that this is
al ways so. Uy u process of ollminHtlon
the host man or woman is usually se
lected, though of course this process is
a little hard on those eliminated.
An intellectual treat has been pro
pared for the patrons of tho Hemlng
ford bdtools in the lecture to be given
on the evening of May 20. It is to be
hoped that the people of Hemingford,
Marsland, Canton, Dunlap, Lawn, liox
Uutto and Alliance will be here and
give the distinguished New Englaud
educator, E. Benjamin Andrews, a
crowded house.
Alex Mulrhcd was tho guest of A. M.
Miller over Sunday.
Claude Illchards. who was for some
time night operator here, spent two
.days nt Hemingford the first Of the
week. He and n friend expect to take
a trip to the south this month, ilrst go
ing to St. Louis and New Orleans and
then via Galveston to Cuba. They will
finish by visiting New York city and
state. Mr. Richardson is operator on
the Union Pacific. It will be n fine
'trip and one that wilt be instructive
itH well as pleasant.
S. L. Hacey and wife came up from
Alliance Sunday afternoon and visited
with friends in the city.
The fellows who burglarized tho
stores lioro w'cjro arrested at Newcastle
and the razors stolen from II. H.
Green's store, or a part of thein recov
ered. Tho marshal kept tho booty but
for some reason inexplicable to the
people here, turned them loose Satur
day evening. That nlpht they robbed
a store at Newcastle, getting eleven
revolvers, it is thought they went on
west from Newcastle ami may be re
arrested. Hert and Susie Hopkins were in from
the ranch Tuesday.
Almcda and IJnrl Fosket went to Al
liance Saturday evening, returning
Tuesday morning.
James Hunter attended the stock as
sociation at Alliance Monday and Tues
day. Chancellor Andrews of our state uni
versity, will give tho graduating lec
ture to the Hemingford High School
nod Eighth grade classes Wednesday
evening, May -'(). His subject will be
"Self Culture." Chancellor Andrews
has not only a state, but n national
reputation and those who wish to hear
a logical lecture that will give their
inindssomethiug to feed upon for weeks
to come will not forget the date. To
defray expenses nnd get necessary ar
ticles for the school an admission of
twenty-five cents will bo charged, or a
season ticket nt tlUrty-llve cents which
will entitle tho holder to u seat at the
lecture and two entertainments given
by the school. Tho lecture alone Is
worth 'he price of the season ticket.
Tickets may bo purchased from mem
bers of tho class or at tho drug store at
Hemingford, Tho ilrst entertainment
will be given by the Intermediate and
prltunry rooms Monday evening, May
Is; the tceoiid by the high school
Thursday evening, May 21, H. II.
Fr.N'K, Principal
C. J. Wlldy has charge of "Dud"
Shirk's hirnlturo und unuei taking
business during "Dad's" lllnes.
For lumber, posts, lime and shingles
see Wildy.
C. J. Wlldy has just received another
car of Hour the be&t and cheapest
this side of the Missouri and quotes:
Snowllakc 81.0.1
Golden West S1.00
Gold Leaf 51.00
Gem 00 cents
Every sack warranted.
Wlldy's Is tho proper place to do your
Ono hundred pairs of shoes given
away. With tho purchase of ono pair
of men's or ladles' shoes wo will give
free one pair of children's, missus',
boys' or small size ladies' shoes. C. J.
Alliance, Neb., May n, '03
We invite you to call on us and
see our goods. We cany strictly
good merchandise. We do not
handle low grade goods to quote
cheap prices, but are never under
sold on good quality goods. For
a few days we offer
Regent Shoes, $2.95. ' You all
know what they are- worth.
Crown and Henderson shoes
(closing lines) $2.50 and $2.95,
worth $3.50 to $5. Men's calf
shoes, S&1.23. Riding boots, $2.75
to $7.
Men's $10, $12.50 and $15 suits
in one lot at $8.88. A good suit
at $4.95. We have a nice line of
shirts, ties, hats, underwearand
v-auiornia ciotmng,
LL muslins, lA
" 1 f 1 . 1
cocs, 36 cents.
Twenty per cent, discount on
ladies' suits, skirts and waists.
We have a swell line of summer
dress fabrics and waisting-.
Buy your lady a mackintosh at
$75 to $5. (Closing these out.)
Mrs. John Ksy and tho
drove down from the ranch
Wed res-
C. II. Iliohey drove Tout Spencer to
Hemingford Wcdncsdny evening.
W. C. Cavitt sojourned In town a
couploof days in the interest of the
McCormlek Co.
P. L Wilson made a business trip to
I A rd more Monday.
The Misses llroshar of Canton were
In town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Enyeari wore
over Sunday visitors at J. O. Bennett's,
having come down to attend quarterly
John Irion accompanied John Kay
homo Saturday and will visit for a few
days in the vicinity of Belle.
Mr. Hucko of Collins Chapel attend
ed church here Sunday.
L. Dyers made a business' trip to
Ardmore recently.
Mrs. Pettlt, who has been visiting
Mrs, Wirtz, was called homo by the
death of her mother.
Mrs. C. E. Council accompanied her
husband to this place to attend church.
This was her first visit here.
George Lemons moved his cattle
down to Snake creek last Friday where
they will be in summer pasture.
Elder Scamahorn preached u good
sermon Sunday morning, his theme be
ing "Growth," and from tho frequent
uso of the expression "I have read"
one would infer that reading is a great
means of growth. He occupied the
pulpit ugain in the evening.
Mr. Larrlo of Buffalo, Wyo., who
was here looking after his cattle,
moved them to the Furmau ranch
where they will bt summered.
Mesdames A. Byers nhd J. C. Ben
nett und L. Snow were all on the sick
list the latter part of the week.
Mr. Slyter of Crawford made atrip
to this place Monday.
J. T. Richardson, George Squibb and
August Hhodes transacted business in
Craw ford Mondaj'.
W. Babcock, a painter from Heming
ford, was In this place Tuesday.
The graders have completed the
switch work here and have pulled on
Throe loads from this phico went out
to the Lemon district Friday night
to attend an entertainment given by
Miss Lillie Dickey "h school. The exer
cises were line aud beyond anything
we have ever witnessed in n country
school. Every number was perfect,
there' being no mistakes throughout
the entiio program. Miss Dickey de
serves much credit for the able manner
in which bho has conducted the school
and we will say that she is much
loved by her pupils and highly
esteemed by the patrons. The mem
bers of the school board are a unit in
their desire to havo her return another
Dr. Hartwcll of Crawford was in
town Tuesday and we understand he
lifted the quarantine from the section
C. Il- Itlchoy drove to Hemingford
J. Sulleuberger went out to A. S.
Enycart's Tuesday.
Look at our boys' cloth'
carry the best grades of
blankets, etcv
cents. Cali-,
And we don't think
at these prices. This is an
Of fine goods sucli as lia's never before been shown in Alliance
and surrounding country. We carry more Standard Goods with
the Union label than any house in Northwestern Nebraska.
The World's Best is
Your money back within 10 days on any
article quoted below if you want it. This
sale lasts 15 days only. Don't kick on
the 16th day.
Men's Suits
Black, all wool worsted,
tailor made,
100 pairs new spring styles
in pants at
$3 and $3.50 values.
Lion Brand Shirts regular
"5 Hd. gc
Men's Straw Hats,
New Styles, EZ fy
Men's and Boys' work shirts
Men's Blue Serge suits
New spring stiff hats others
ask $2.00 our.price, QQsy
Genuine Box Calfskin Shoes
You cannot afford to miss this sale. Your
dollars go the farthest and you get the
most change back here.
ALL NEW GOODS. No old goods nor rusty prices in this store.
"We are the agents for the best lines in America. See the goods and
then come to the "ONLY" exclusive distributors of Men's and
Boys' clothing, etc.,
f-jr ir3,s nr
UI1U rtC; U
N. B. If you will bring this ad with you we will present you free of cost a beautiful battle
scene in 7 colors suitable for framing with purchases of $10.00 and upwards.
UIIII llll
ever again will you be able to buy this
Ponder! and
Two stvles in black
Stetson 1 fats
White Shirts,
Linen bosoms
$12.50 values, Spring suits
um RwrramMmi
One big lot of Pants
for men
P I ?
Worth up to $2. 50 a pair.
14 off
25 per ct, off
Boys' Suits
Men's work sox,
three pairs for
Men's Bannockburn Cheviot
suits, the $12.50 kind now
All Wool.
Hanan's $6. 00 and $7. 00 shoes
A 11 Inaugurators of
SU . . . .
President Suspenders
Silk Front Shirts
$18.00, $20.00 'and $22.00
Imported Worsted suits
Bovs' knee pants, sizes 7-15,.
Men's silk Ties
Men's Goat Skin Welt Gloves
worth 75 cents, now
Our guaranteed Rail Road hat
Men's.satin calf shoe, 2 styles
Low Prices
We Do as We Advertise