The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, April 03, 1903, Image 4

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    i Trmw rnw, m
Gbe Deralb.
Uv T. J. O'KEKI'B.
Entered at the postoITice nt Alllnnco,
Nebraska, (or tmnsnii.-wion through the
mails, as sccond-c)ns matter.
Display, per single column inch por
month .50
Business locals, per line first insortion .10
Iiach subsequent insertion, per line .05
Legal noticos at statute rates.
tj Tub Hbrai.1) is the Official Publica
tion ot Hox Hutto county and its circula
tion is nearly twice that of any other Al
liance paper.
Subscription, $1.50 per year in advance.
Annual Reunion.
The people of the Baptist church hold
their annual reunion and roll call at the
church last Tuesday evening, one hundred
and forty members and regular attendants
of the church's services being presant and
seventy-five per cent, of the members
being present to respond to the roll call,
yuite a number of those unable to bo
present sent messages to be read in response
to their names. The reports by the heads
of the various departments of church work
were certainly very encouraging. The re
port of treasurer shows a balance of $2.50
in the treasury after paying the pastor's
salary and every expense during the jear,
besides paying $415.40 on the parsonage
debt. The Vomen's socioty received
$112.7$ during the jear, gave S99.OS to
church work and have J14. 70 yet remain
ing in the treasury. There wore fifteen
additions to the church in the year then
closing. After the program, refreshments
were served and a pleasant socinl hour
was spent.
A quiet wedding took place at the Bap
tut parsonage Weduenday uvuning when
He Jeflers pronounced the words uniting
Mr Wiliiam A. Houston and Miss Zella
1 t ls-t r;. in marriage. Mr. Houston is
from Alva, Okla , and made quite a favor
able i'iipnBsiou upon those who mat him
during his short stay here. The bride is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
Eodtjcrs, who recently moved here from
Missouri Mr. Kodgers is a brother of
lur teemed townsmau, A. D. K exigent.
Mr. and Mrs. Houston leave today for
their home in Oklahoma,
The ladies of the t'nited Prosbj terian
church will hold a bazar on the afternoon
and evening of Tuesday, April 7, in the
courtroom. They will serve a chicken pie
supper in connection from 5 to 8 o'clock.
The proceeds of both bazar and supper
are to be used to puichase pews for the
church. Everybody is invited
The p.unting of Ml. Kainiur as seon
from Taromn, Wash., whicli is displayed
in George Darling's show window, was
painted by Mrs. W M. Howie and is to
be sold at auction in the evening at the
United Presbyterian ladies' bazar to be
held at the courthouse Tuesday, April 7.
The proceeds of the picture will be placed
in the ladies' church seating fund.
We regret to learn of tho bcreavment of
a former popular resident of this city, T.
r-wvv- w. rr-
E. Kelley, in the death of his brother liv
iug in Omaha. Mr. Kelly is now court
reporter iu Wyoming, being at Buffalo at
tho time of his brother's death.
Three weeks ago Tiik I1kkal.ii had its
entire subscription list linotyped and in
making transfers some namus were inad
vertantly omitted. Subscribers who fail
to receive the paper regularly will please
notify the office.
1 . S PIHs, John and Art Wikor and
Ld O'Donnell returned Monday from a
hunting trip on the river about forty miles
southeast of here. They oujoyod the out
ing but did not get much game.
J H Taggart, P. V. S. I am prepared
to treat any and all disease known to the
horse or cow. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Leave orders at Weitz's or Spry's barns.
Wm. James received a letter Saturday
from M. K. Mullins who is at the Soldiers'
Home, Grand Island, stating that Mrs.
Mullins died there a few days ago.
Miss Alice Meredith left for her home
at Quincy, 111., Suuday, after a visit of
several weeks here with her cousin, Wil
liam Mitchell, and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Austin moved out
to the Worley ranch ten miles southwest
of the city this week, expecting to spend
the summer out there.
Mr. and Mrs. Sears came up from Hy
annis Monday and Mrs. Sears will remain
to close out her millinery stock. See ad in
another column.
Mrs. Alexander of Hemingford was in
the city a few hours Tuesday while on her
way home from isiting a sea at Port Col
lins Colo.
W. Johnson is having a 24x24-1001
cottage built iu southeast Alliance, Charles
Brinkman having the oou tract.
M. A. Shay is having a barn built on
his property, thereby adding to its conve
nience and value,
Mrs. B. L. Burris is enjoying a visit
from her sister, Mrs. Jennie Harris of St.
- :rsville, Ohio.
Dr. V. I. Seymour coming.
V. H. Maple is still on the sick list.
Sheriff Heed went to Marslnnd today.
Joseph Kapor ua in from Lawn pre
cinct Monday.
Mr. J. A Heist was quite ill a couple of
days this week.
J. I. Wilson shipped a car of horses to
Boston Sunday night.
Miss Ada Simpson visited in Crawford
with her brother Sunday.
Thomas Regan was a Crawford visitor
a couple of days this week.
Miss Virgil Caven visited the first of the
weak with friends at Crawford.
Wayne Zediker has gone to Grand Island
and Alda for .1 few weeks' visit.
Engineer Gcorgo A. Heed has purchased
Prank Putman's residence property.
Mr and Mrs, P. E. Holsten returned
Saturday from their trip to Omaha.
J. M Sanford, a well known insurance
solicitor, arrived in the city yesterday.
Pather Carroll of North Platte was the
guest of Pather Galvin Monday and Tuesday.
Geo. Mollring came down from New
castle Monday and remained till Thurs
day. Glenn, the youngest child of Mr. and
Mrs. W ,C. Mounts, is down with scar
lctina. Dr. Seymour will be in Alliance Thurs
day and Priday, May 21 and 22, Charters
The junior normal school in Alliance
will commence Juno 8, and continue ten
The Indies' aid of the Mathodibt church
will meet with Mrs, Pearson next Wednes
day afternoon.
Mrs. I. union came in from Elmore's
ranch yesturday and is visiting relntivcs
and friends.
"Young" t'oibett knocked out Terry
McGovorn in the eleventh round Wednes
day night at San l'mrfcisco.
Enormous stock losses are reported on
the table south of the Platto and In the
country adjacent toSidney.
W. A. Kandnll was in from Liberty
precinct Monday. His slock has dono
well this winter lmvinp had no loss.
P. Dowler called to day to subscribe for
The IIkkai.i niul also ordered It sent to
his brother, Webster, at Danbury, Neb,
A. S, Alexander, county attorney ot
Banner county, came in from Omaha
Monday where he purchased an outfit for
a new paper, to be ostnblished nt llarris
burg. Mr. Alexander will be editor and
Sunday at tho Baptist church, G. C.
Jeffers, Pastor: Subject of morning dis
course, "Jesiib' Tost of Love." Evening
sermon, "Before Whom Do We Stand'"
Sunday school at to a, m. Junior meet
at 3 p. m. Christian Endeavor at G 45,
Prank McParland, leader. Midweek prayer
service Thursday evening. A welcome to
all services.
Churches anil Politics.
Aluanci:, Nub., Aniil ,
Editor of Tun Am.ianch llun.u.n,
Dear sir: Perhaps it would ho a good
idea to call the attention of the voters
of Alliance that some of tho churches
of Alliance next Su11tl.1v arc to be
opened for politics only. A little bird
flew around giving information to that
effect timing the past week.
1 wonder what the elders of the dif
ferent presbyteries and conferences
would think if they knew that the Holy
scriptures are to be pat tly omitted in
Alliance to give way to Alliance poli
tics. Those people who go to church
for leligion only, to worship and prav,
will have to go way hack and sit down
so that tho building can he used on the
Sabbath for political purposes. Is it
any wonder that thete arc so many
people indiifcient about attending
places of worship when they do not
know whether they are going to hear
a sermon from Holy Writ or a harangue
on politics? It seems nowadays that
if some preachers differ in politics from
some in their congregations that thev
want to take advantage of their posi
tions in the pulpit where the members
cannot reply. Is such to be the case
next Sunday? If so, then I think
that those preachers hail better leave,
whether there is .1 large salary attached
to the call or not, if thoy want the re
spect of the community. Think of it,
citizens, and he present to hear "Akers
vs. Bucchsenstein" or some other topic
familiar to Alliance citizens.
I would like before closing, as it is
the last opportunity befoie election, to
ask when Mr. Akers got such a change
of heart. He was chairman of the con
vention which nominated Mr. Sexton
for mayor and during that whole term
the saloon keepers paid twcntv-five
dollars for each saloon as a bribe so
they would not be molested for gam
bling. Mr. Akers might explain who
got this monoy, also why he would
support anybody for mnyor, even Fred
BeUold. in preference to an one who
was the choice of J. R. Phelan, and
why he would not vote for a railroad
candidate. Now he expects to be olect
od by the railroad lwys votu. If he
knows, probably all will be explained
uoxt Suuday at church. Easter lin
nets and the but duds you have will
bo in order. There will bo politics in
stoatl of religion, so you nuod not be
afraid to coma as if you wore going to
a picnic or a frolic, so says rumor.
Yours, otc.j
To Doughnuts,
ble, that we
assortment of
For men that was ever brought to Alliance. In making our selections
the first thought is QUALITY. The line must be good, such as we
can recommend as high in style, honest in make and reliable in ma
terial. Whatever the grade, it must be of such nature as will help to
maintain our reputation for selling the BEST G-OODS AT THE
ml 11
Prove our Claim that
Fine STRIP MS in the new
Cheviots, only
See those Blue Serjre Suits
Beautiful Yenitian stripes at 4&Q EA
These arc finely tailored with, non-breakable
fronts and are regular $12.50 values.
A large assortment, comprising all the new
colors, cuts, weaves and materials in our
$10.00, $ 1 2. 50 and $ 1 5.00 grades.
Good line of every day Pants - -
$2.50 value in Corduroy - - - -
Carhartt's Black Cheviots - - -
Big lot of Bows' Knee Pants - -
BIG- 'V'-A-X-fCriE
Wo give piano tickets away
FREE it will pay ou to
remciubei rV 1 1 10 w-
Distributors of the World's Best in the Clothing line at prices
that won't make you bleed inside -
' t. iSftHW"
,ynv.SZ ,,v.
if such a ratio were possi
are showing the finest
are doing more
ir CfiTknmTKrr irmt
Ct i
u !, JHJW
;ger values, than
did last season.
And we know this Is
saying a good deal.
We were fortunate
spring in clos
ing out some good
bargains from the
manufacturers. .
Good Underwear - -Good
Seamless Sox,
ENGINEER'S Gauntlet Gloves
Good Goatskin Gloves - -
100 pairs Alen s Satin Calf - - -
84 pairs Marine Calf
120 pairs Casco Calf - - . .
Boys' Shoes ood ones - - - -Douglas
Shoes - - - - .
Weber's Union Make - - -
Men's Hats ....
Drummer's Samples including
hats worth up to $3. 50 onlv
lot of Stetson I lats
5amoxs Clottvuva
fast colors,
3 pairs
- -
S ! SE O E S !
IKcltli li. 1'ierco Is fully nutliorbcd to so
licit subscriptions mid Job work mid colloct,
and receipt for Mime, itnd tmnsnet nil other
business In connection with his position us an
iiccredlted representative of this pupur.J
Sheriff Ira Heed was In the city Mon
day. C. A. Posvar was iu from Lawn Sat
urday. Joel Sheldon was in Hemingford Sat
urday. Dan Watson wab in from Marplo
I'Vedoline Abley and wife were sick
this week.
Mrs. A. II. Tierce has been quite ill
for 11 few days.
Mrs. Wildy is visiting with Mrs. Fred
Xeelam! this week.
Ed Wildy came to Hemingford for a
few days' visit Tuesday.
Emmet Johnson was transacting
business in town Monday.
Joseph Eaper and U. E. Johnson
went to Alliance Monday.
V. A. Ilader, a traveling oculist, is
doing work here this week.
The Congregational ladies will give
their annual bazar April 11.
Mrs. O. Ividwell entertained u number
of ladies Thursday at dinner.
The Congregational people are re
pairing their church this week.
Editli Smith closes a term of school
in the Hunter district this week.
II. II. Funk and wife spent Sunday
with John Armstrong and family.
(J. W. Locrand wife were under tho
weather the fore part of this week.
l!ud Kinsley and Ed Mabin left Tues
day for the west to seek employment.
Mrs. Vincel, mother of Mrs. Slater
and Mrs. IJoland, is visiting here at
Potatoes are being shipped at tho
rate of a couple of cars a day for the
last fow days.
The ladies' aid society of tho Nor
wegian Lutheran church met at Itov.
(Harness' residence Tuesday.
l.ieyeles were much in ' evidence Sun
day. It appears thntqiiiton number of
the boys and girls havo wheels.
Miss (.race Wheeler returned from
Denver Wednesday where she has stud
ied music during the fall and winter.
P.rush Hall shot himself in the foot
with a rifle Saturday and is conllned to
the house. The injury is very painful.
A student of theology from Minne
apolis, A. T. Johnson, will assist Rev.
Harness in his large Held of missionary
The ladies of the Congregational
church will give their easter fair in the
postotlice building. Saturday, April 11.
Lunch served. Everyone welcome.
Mrs. Frank Conk-ling was brought
home from Chicago, arriving here Sun
day morning. There does not seem to
be any particular improvement in her
Rev. N. C. A. (larncss held confirma
tion services at Nonpareil church last
Sunday at which two children were
confirmed. Services were in the Eng
lish language.
Rev. N. E. (Jardner announced his
resignation at the Congregational
church Sunday morning to take effect
May 1, 190:t. Mr. Gardner will not
leave immediately but expects to re
main here until he can make his mind
tip definitely as where he would rather
We have material for a first-class
ball team in and around Hemingford.
Wo havo three different men who are
excellent pitchers and if organized and
in practice we might be able to achieve
laurels as did tho club of flvo years ago.
I would suggest that those interested
meet and form a an organization, buy
an outfit, lay out .. diamond and begin
J. F. Wilson commenced work on tho
section Wednesday.
Mrs. O. E. Hooker has been quite
sick for several dayb.
W. (. Wilson expects to dip cattle at
J. C. Uerry's Saturday.
IJ. E. Hetebenner spent Wednesday
visiting Mrs. J. C. Herry.
M. E. Youngand wife visited at Mrs,
Ilert Hetebenner last Tuesday.
W. 11. Tagg and R. M. Hampton
spent Wednesday in Reno, on business.
Volley Wilson came down from Alli
ance Monday aud returned Thursday.
J. C. Hurry is giving his house u coat
of paint, which greatly improves its
Mr. Howl movod hit, furnituro and
stock from Mr. Hulz'b ranch to Mr.
W. C. Monltonruluriiwl to Houo Sun
day, after an absence of a few days,
during which he was transferred to
Mrs.Moulton, our operator's mother,
visitcMl him a few days last week, but
returnod homo sooner than bho expect
ed on account of him being moved.