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The Alliance Herald.
; the Herald has the
largest circulation
v of any allianoe paper
2 Mni&ivn A I I win- Aiit.n
nnu unur democratic
r-mn i o m-t inu nbnui
$400 Piano to be
away with groceries to
the organization or per
son having most votes on
July 3, 'os. one vote
with each 25c purchase.
Velvet Vlour-Uest lit town 1 10
bortea unions , 75c lmshel
2a l os J tu lies
acansllest Tomatoes
Fancy Kriioriitol Apples
1 nound .liipun Tea
nil) can Peaches
:ilb(un t'ul. I'lums
Fresh Ebs per do.
Mutter ner lb
I'eas Early .Itine
Salmon, Good Can
I (0
H; lb
More bargains by calling and see
ing us before buying we want
your trade.
Raymond & Quivey
Dr. Alien, dentist, opera house.
Those neckties are dandies, at Norton's.
See F. E. Reddish for loans on real es
tate. For Sale Two small ranches, L. A.
The suspense is over, it's here. Lock
wood's. For storm windows and doors see Forest
Lumber Co.
Don't worry, it will get here. -Geo.
Buy your, groceries at Whitfield's and
get tickets on piano.
Miss Nora Lanimon will do dressmaking
by the day. Phone 197.'"
It's Hero, has been quite a while and
plenty of it. Lockwood's.
When it comes we'll tell you all about
it. 'Tis surely coining. Geo. Darling.
Forest Lumber Co. make a -specialty of
manufacturing dipping vats.
"It" isn't here yet, but is coming.
beard Vrom it. Geo. Darling.
A" large bottle of sewing machine oil and
a pocketbook for 15c at Geo. Darling's.
5sn't "It" disappointing sometimes. Our
"It" will be here before long. Geo, Darl
tng. For Sale Our Shire stallion "George."
Also some good driving horses. Sprv &i
For Sale White Leghorn cockere&s
' for the next thirty days.-rHtRAM Wilson,
Sec. 31, Tp. 27, R. 47.
When you wast a good rig call up the
Checkered Front livery. Try their .new
closed carriage. Make a -specialty ai. turn
outs for vedding parties.
There will be an auction sale of house
hold goods at the usual place, Saturday,
March 14, 1903.
. B.JdtLT-UR, .Auctioneer-
Rvk For Sale Can be sowed in the
spring and will make 'two and three crops
in one season; the best thing for bay in the
country. C. A. Posva, five ttiiles west
of Lawn. 9-8t
j&. or
A Yard.
B 0 G U E
Commissioner Loer was down from
Nonpareil Saturday.
Miller Bros, have put in a late improved
peanut roaster and corn popper.
F, S. Lambcrson returned from a visit
of several days at Gordon Monday.
Mrs. Raymond taught Miss Duffield's
room this week while the latter was ill with
Mrs. Thomas Poole is spending a por
tion of this week with relatives at Mars
land. Miss May Reed entertained a party of
friends at cards at her home last Friday
Mrs. Dempkc and Fred E. Morrison
were married Tuesday, Judge Spacht offi
ciating. No person ever used Co-Lon-Co for ca
tarrh, stomach trouble or kidney disease
but was cured.
The ladies' aid of the Methodist church
will meet at the home of Mrs. Ira Reed
next Wednesday.
George Mollring, who spent the winter
on Mollring Bros, ranch at Bingham, is
here visiting his brothers.
Miss Stewart, who had spent the past
few weeks visiting wholesale millinery
houses at Denver, returned Sunday.
Mrs. Stanley Ray returned Saturday
from Chadron and Valentino where she
had visited with relatives for a month.
.The ladies of the Catholic church me
withMrs. Growthe Wednesday afternoon
and will meet with Mrs. Knox Wednesday,
March 25.
Bruce Wilcox has forwarded his bond
for register of the land office t the depart
ment and will doubtless take charge of the
office in a few days.
Mrs. Rumer is staying with. Mrs.
Dorrington while the latter'3 daughter,
Mrs. A. A. Record, is attending to matters
at 'her home in llyannis.
W. M. Truxel arrived here from Tecum
sch Saturday 'to enter the employ of Ache
son & Jodfcr as tinner. They are putting
more shelving in their store,
B. C. McClure left Sunday for Chicago
where he will spend i week or ten days
visiting wholesale houses and selecting a
stock of seasonable tlry goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Pullman were up
'from the ranch the first of the week. Mr.
Pullman instructed us to send him The
Herald for the next year.
Mrs. L. B Craft writes from Exeter
to renew fcor subscription. She says:
"We look forward to The Herald every
week and xppreciatc it as vis are greatly
attached o Alliance."
E. J.. Reeves returned the 'latter part of
last werfk from Douglas, 'Neb., where ht;
had spent three weeks at the bedside of his
raothtr. He received a telegram yesterday
sSatinpVhat she was dead.
C. 31. Marks received a telegram Mon
day Hi&ting that his brothec who has leen
in omice in the J'hilippiLes was very ill
in Francisco lad was linking rapidly.
Heilcft that night to go to his brother.
ISzrry Conner and Wei. Woodward of
Cripple Crock, Glo. , nude a brief visit
I uueday with Mifcus 1 rankle and Percy1
Cegwell who art old-time friends They
wans en route te Dendwod.
Mrs. S. M. Swyser and Mrs. W. JL,
Rartz and daughter. Mint Pearl, left Tues
day morning to spend, ffiw months at
points in California and the former will
visit a daughter there. Mr. Sinyser ac
companied the party to Uenvor.
Jumes Mracek returned fiom Omaha
last Friday, having had another operation
performed for a catarrhal abscess. Jim has
leen unable to work for several months
and his affliction is yet a serious. one. He
is foreman of the round house at Guernsey.
J. . Heist, W. F. Knight, J. J. Collo
py, J. W. Rodgers. C. Kckman, O. E.
Williams, S. II. Desch and J. D. Carmi
cle are others who desire to read Tiik
Herald during 1903 and hid their names
enrolled during the last week. The people
want TaiE Herald because &' a paper
for the people. ,
"Duttit" Gilbert underwent .an opera
tion for appendicitis performed by Dr.
Mitchell id the home of his sitter, Mrs.
Baker, lau Saturday. He had suffered
more or less from the disease for teveral
months and an operation was d raided
upon as the only hope of relief. H.e is
getting along very well.
Residents of litis portion of the stabe
are lieginning to believe that there is balm
yet romaining in Gilead. The snow has
entirely disappeared from this vicinity,
there is but little of it remaining through
out this suction the country and it has
been so warm for a week past that one
has a tendency t 'died heavy wraps and
forget to put coal 'a the stove. The back
bone of winter 11 uudoubteJ.y broken,
though ibe sections are prubably large
enough Jon juire still further ''isjointing.
collision t .iminv.
Passenger Train. N'os. -t'J and Al .Meet
Without Loss of Life hut 'I'm Ins
Arc Considerably Smashed.
A collision that might have been far
more disastrous occurred at Asliby, n sta
tion eight miles west of Hyannis, about 5
o'clock last Saturday morning when tho
passenger trains, No. 43. westbound, and
No. 42, castbound, crashed into cschother.
The cause of the trouble is said to be the
misunderstanding or misreadiug of the or
der given providing for the meeting of the
trains. No. 43 was in charge of Conductor
Andrews, engineer and fireman being
Messrs. Morrison and Johnson, No. 42
was in charge of Conductor Wright, with
Engineer Phillips and Fireman Tillctt. At
the meeting place the road curves, so that
trains approaching cachother can not sec
far enough ahead to stop in time to avert a
catastrophe. All the enginemen in this
case, thinking nothing could be done to
prevent the collision, jumpcd.exc'ept Engi
neer Morrison who stayed with his engine,
reversed her and succeeded in getting his
train in motion backward, but even then
the engines struck with such force that
they were thrown upward at an - angle of
about forty-five degrees. It is said that
but for his action far greater damages to
trains, crews and passengers would have
resulted. The tenders, baggage and mail
cars were pretty badly damaged. Mr.
Phillips was the only one o the trainmen
that received an injury worth mentioning,
he having some severe bruises on his head.
None of the passengers were injured in
the least, but two tramps who were riding
in the door of one of the baggage cars
were hurt, one of them getting his leg so
I badly crushed that it had to bo amputated,
while the other had a foot crushed consid
erably and his toes cut off. The trains
were delayed five or six hours in conse
quence of the wreck.
Notice to Alllnuci! CltUeus.
To the citizens of Alliance:
It has been stated by some of our citizens
that I am in favor of a wide open policy.
I wish to state thai it is false, I do not
favor a wide open policy and if elected j
mayor, for which office I have been nomi
natcd, will do everything to the best of
my ability for the interests of the city "of 1
Alliance, Yours truly,
Louis Bukciisknsteiv.
l'lrcmun's Hull St. Patrick's Xttt.
The fvretr.m will give a ball at thfe "opera
house the night of St. Patrick's day. They
will proidu good management tifcd good
music and expect to see that 'nil enjoy
themselves on this occasion. They should
be well patronized. Their 'organization is
for the protection of t&e lives and homes
of oirr citizens and they deserve that their
enttfrpTises for the raising of money to
defray the various expenses necessary to
thciaintaininj of the organization receive
our hearty support and 'encouragement;
therefore, all whowip the light fantastic;
should avail themsclves'df this opportunity
for enjoyment and 'the assistance of &
worthy caus.
A Pnlsc Charge. .
Dear sir: In last Friday's Pionetjr G7ip
tsras published ca artiole statiug something
ibont a wide opon lwlicv ticket havint?
been nominated for the coming spring
election. Witat doce ho mean by wide
.opeu policy' Again, u'n the Lincoln Daily
Star of the yih we find the same heading
band I believe they wre written In- the
name person. But the Star says we favor
wide open gambling in Alliance the earning
yoar. Now. Mr. .Editor, if tho writer of
who?e articles -says that I favor wide open
tgnmbhng he w a linr And a chump. I am,
jind 1 think I always will he, in favor of
wide open decency, sitund morality, equal
nights and justice to all and the idiot up the
street knows it. Vcurs truly,
Is here and consists of a car load of Furniture such as
has never before been shown in Alliance. The
quality is immense. These goods were bought last
October before prices advanced. We also saved
freight money by shipping a car load, so we are in a
position to ::::::; :
We give a ticket with each $i.oocash purchase, en
titling you to a chance on that beautiful picture,
"UNINVITED WORSHIPERS," which is to be
given away April 18, 1903.
Don't Pass Us Up without some Consideration.
Remember tho Firemen's ball, March 17
Co-Lou-. o ask Holsten tho druggist.
A son was lwrn to Mr and Mrs. Jnmes
Dnilev Wednesday night.
W. D. Johnson and family wens up from
the Bellwood ranch Tuosdny.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Laughman are the
parents of a baby girl born Monday.
Clem Mollriug went to Newcastle Satur
day tospeud a few days in the store there.
Mrs. J. O Morrison of Bayard is visiting
hercousin, Mrs. C. W. Jeffcrs this week.
E. W. Ray is again able to be out after
confinement to his" homo from illness for a
few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Vaughn left Friday
night for Julesburg, Colo., to visit Mrs.
Frank Beyers.
T. L. Hopkins of Dunlap was greeting
friends and transacting business in Alli
ance Saturday.
R. C. Nolemau returned yestereay from
Council Blulls, Omaha and other points in
eastern Nebraska.
Mrs. Charles Morrison, wife of tho pop
ular merchant of Bayard, was a guest in
Alliance this week.
Chronic and muscular rheumatism read
ily cured by using Co-Lon-Co. For sale
at Holsten's pharmacy.
Mrs. James Hollinrake came down from
Hjjmingford Saturday and visited with
friends till Wednesday,
Geo. A. Fondrlch, ft 6ldCkl'nan from the
north part of the county, was a visitor in
tho metropolis yesterday.
Mesdames Bngue and Bettlchoim will
entertain the Ladies Union at tho home ot
Mrs. Bogue Wednesday, March 18.
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Caviu and Virgil
returned Monday from M. F. Donovan's
ranch whero they visited for several days,
J. M. McLean, one of The Herald's
readers at Box Butte, was in tho city
Tuesday and renewed for the official paper.
William and Paul Armstrong came down
from Hcmingford yesterday, returning to
day". They purchased an organ while
W. G. Wilson was up from Antioch
Tuesday and was accompanied home by
his sister, Mrs, Rooker, who has been vis
iting J. E. Wilson.
J. F. Thornton went to Deadwood yes
terday for a brief stay. He expects to
open a grocery in the building opposite
the Charters About April 1.
Wanted Everybody, whether "Mis
sourian" 'Or not, to come to my store next
week; we will snow you oct immense
stock of 'furniture. Geo. Darling.
J. S. raradis, former postmaster ol Alh-
ance, uho is now engaged in the job print
ing business at Denver, writes that he
wants The Herald for a yoar and enclosos
theoftsh therefor.
'Hie largest attendance of the Lenten
teii given by the womenof the Episcopal
chUTch gathered at the Tr.sidence of Mrs.
V A. Hampton, Tuesday. Seventy-five
wtmen were present anH the busy fingers
of all were engaged in making articles for
lira linen sale rahichirto be given in the
opera house Ewter week, under the nu
5j)ices of the church.
While Rev. Howie was conducting the
evening service sU hk church Sunday a
uhief entered his lucn-be and stole S25 in
money, a gold watclmad a suit of clothes
almost new, making the total loss consider
able. Mr, Howie had loft his front door
unlocked so the thief 11 easy access, A
thief is a mighty mean man anyway but
this one seems to us meaner than the av-
1'roin the l.nuJ or the IMinrnoli's.
We received a loiter from Dr. Horn
dated from Cairo, Egypt, Fob. 1 j, in which
he writos: "I send by this mail my Bo
nn ros, Lucknow, Delhi, Bombay anil Port I
Said articles, five in all, which puts me
five weoks ahond, I shall write again
from Egypt and than enter Palestine.
Quarantine may interfere with my itiner
ary as planned. The extra ellort and ex
pense I put forth to do India will be ap
preciated, I am sure, as my India articles
cannot be other than interesting.
From Port Said I go to Cairo where I
oxpect to receive the first mail in two
months, or since I left Hong Kong. You
may not hear from me again till I leave
Syria as the mail posted in Syria is opened
by the Turkish government, I am informed,
and if I should make a drive at the Turks,
I might bo detained to serve a term bo
hind the bars at Constantinople."
The manuscript received yesterday com
prises seventy-two pages of matter closely
written on largo sheets of paper. We al
ready had on hand four long letters from
him unpublished, so that by publishing
each week as much as we have averaged
weclky in the past, wo have manuscript
now on hand to last about six months
Another Ticket.
At a meeting held last night it was de
cided to place another ticket in tho field
for city officers and members of the school
board. Following is tho slate which is
made up of well known and honorable
Mayor W. R. Akers.
Clcrlc-Jas. II. II. Hewett.
Treasurer F. M. Knight.
Police Judge L, A. Berry.
Councilman ist Ward A. D.
Councilman 2nd Ward G L.
Engineer J. P. Hazard.
Members of the school board -D
llughos, W. S. Acheton.
The following officers and committees
were elected at the Y. M. C. A. meeting
last Saturday evening: President, W. R.
Akers; vice-president, D. C. Taylor; ecre-
tary. J. W. Baumgardnor; treasurer. Geo.
W. ClarlT; finance committee Alex Muir
head, E. G. Morris and J. N. Johnson;
executive committee A. K, Lewis, G. W,
Duncan and B. V. Reeves; educational
committee J W. Baumgardncr, Alex
Muirhead and Bruce Benedict; committee
to fill vacancies Ira Reed, D. C. Mcln
tyre and D. W. Hughes. The state secre
tary is expected here soon to assist the or
ganization. A movement is on foot among the clerks
of the city to have the stores close at 7
o'clock. This is as it should be and we
hope they will be, able to accomplish what
they desire It will give proprietors and
clerks nlike shorter houis and they will do
just as much business. 'It is not right for
business mon and clerks to be compolled to
jjut in a. thirteen or fourteen hour day
when other workmen put in but eight or
Gratuitous advice is seldom taken.
Still wc arc pleased to remark that the
Times has paid head to our gentle admo
nitions of last week and says it is not go
ing 'to be naughty any more. Vory well,
we'll see. It promised that once before.
No backsliding this time. For the sake of
our readers and public decency we should
riUliku to refer to the Times ugftin hut if it
becomes necessary wc will handle it "with-
out gloves "
Ben Swanson was in from his ranch
at Mud Springs Monday. Ben says hie
stock has wintered well, not having lost a
bond, and he has hay to sell. He informed
us that he has contemplated taking an
Alliance paper for some time and notwith
standing that he is a lifelong republican,
from all reports he believed The Herald
was the leader and instructed us to send
it for a year.
Last Friday was the eighty-first birth
day of Grandpa Shaffor. His daughter.
Mrs. W. S. Bellwood, made a dinner in
honor of the event, among the table dec
orations the most prominent thing being a
large cake on which wore placed eighty-
one candles which were lighted just before
the diners were seated,
Tho guessing contest closed last night
said reference to the bottom of this page
shows the advertiser Geo. Darling. A
large number of guesses weVe received
considering the short time of the contest.
The drawing will take place tomorrow af
ternoon at two o'clock at Geo. Darling's
Owicg to thedeath of a relative Mrs. J.
P. Colborn will not be able to give the
Lenten tea and sewing class of the Episco
pal church; instead, it will be given by
Miss Mary C, Pease at the residence of
Mrs B. 1. Giltnan Tuesday afternoon at
2.30. A large attendance is expected.
Postmaster Tash has made some im
provements in the office which he believes
will facilitate the handling of mail.
Mrs. J. C, McCorkle writes that she
arrived safely at Pacific Grove, Cali., and
is enjoying her visit with relatives.
Additional local on pages 3 and 4.
Commence the
.t..,., r,.,. ..-i..
1 uui 1 iLMit.
Uy vour Groc
eries of . .
Lee Acheson
where you can al
ways get the best
goods for the least
money. All orders
receive prompt and
careful attention...
'Phone No. 4.
Piano Voting Contest.
The votes cast in the piano contest were
counted yesterday, the result of the CDunt
being as given below. A ticket on this
splendid $400 Kingsbury piano will bo
given with every twenty-five cent purchase
at each of the following places:
Tho Famous Clothing House.
Acheson & Joder, hardware.
Lockwood it Co., furniture.
Keeler & Smith, Chcckersd Front Livery.
Clough & Collins, harness and saddlery.
M. A. Standcn, Palace Market.
binden Bros., flour and feed.
Alliance Grocery Co.
Bogue's Dry Goods Store
Holsten's Drug Store.
The Alliance Herald,
The place to deposit all votes is Hol
sten's drug store. Contest close July 3.
No. votes
H.ot It. T.
O. It. 0. (Order of It. CoinliMur)
Modern Woodmen ,
Odd follows
M nccuhcus , , ,
llo.uil filn!il;iiul(iix ,.
KpKeopiil cliurcli..,..,
M. K. church.... 4.o..."fJ.
Cnt hollo church :',,
1'lrj.t Presbyterian Vhunjli.
Alllanco IIIkIi School
M Ins Kulo I'razler
Miss .Minnie Murrl
Miss Hjrnl.'o Krldcllmugli
Miss Alice Megan
Miss l.ulu Duncan
Mabel bay urn
L.T. Poole
II, ( Armstrong
Gtsj. J. Iturku "
.1. It. I'heuiu -'
A. H.Tofllir .' I
Dr. G. W. Collins of Pawnee City,
father of our townsman, Ed, Collins, will
ead The Herald from now on,
I wish to announce to the ladies of Alli
ance that I am prepared to do first-class
dressmaking and ladies' tailoring. Hav
ing had years of experience in and out of
the city I can assure perfect satisfaction
in every respect to those who wish to, give
me a trial. Rooms 9 and it, McCollough
block. Mary Shelley ,
j-Tfnr-TWlll twMtwHwuiMumiiiiwmi
Wc. have lots of
good things to eat.
o v 1
Canned Goods
are the best that
money can buy . .
I Our Cream Patent
is second to none.
A new car of this
brand will arrive
next wgik.
Gall and set us
before you buw
A. Blackburn.