The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 26, 1902, Image 5

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, . .
I ain't a go!n' t' say a word ag'jn th' towns
I've saw
From Kankakco to Kewanee an' up t'
From Memphis up t Cripple Creek an
back t' ol' Saint Joe,
Topeker, Denver, Helena, an' down t'
From Kennebcck way down in Maine, t'
Frisco on th' bay
I've walked a-foot an' earned my grub a
workin' by th' day.
But I would like t' settle down till ol'
Gabe's final toot
In busy young Alliance in
Box . '
She's enterprisin' business men, an' they
,y are up t' snuff;
She lacks that class o' citizens that slangy
folks call tuff.
Her citizens are wideawake, their latch
strings always out,
An' always pull together without a sulk or
An' so I'd like t' settle there th' balance
o' my life
Quite sure there'd be a plenty for th'
chil'rcn an' th' wife.
They've got the schools an' churches that
I'm mighty sure would suit
In busy young Alliance in
I'd want t be an instrument t work th
y., public good,
As that is what I've tried t' be at any time
I could.
I would' t try t' be a boss I'd work right
in th' ranks
But kick on standin' by th' side of critics
an' of cranks.
I'd want t' bo a doin' what would help th'
town ahead,
An' just keep on a doin' till I reached my
dyin' bed.
You bet she is a corker, an' wo know her
by her fruit "
Here's success to young Alliance in
"What is the position of the beef
trust?" asks a republican exchange.
The attitude of the beef trust towards
the Knox injunction is, briefly, just
this. It stands on one foot, its left
hand close in front of its face, the
thumb touching the nose, the four
fingers spread out, and the thumb of
the right hand touching the little finger
of the left hand, with the four fingers
of the right hand also spread out.
The eight fingers wiggle promiscuously.
The umpire of the army and navj'
maneuvers will probably decide that in
dancing the german the navy excels,
whereas in the matter of dancing the
lancers the army has the navy beat to
a frazzle.
If there is any reason why Dave
Mercer should be re-elected to congress
it has not yet been made public. The
talk about what lie has done for Omaha
is all bosh. John A. McShane, a demo
crat, secured the first and chief appro
priation for the Omaha federal building.
Senator Allen, a populist .snatched the
Trans-Mississippi exposition appropria
tion from the jaws of defeat and then
turned in and secured the appropriation
for the Indian congress. Mercer has
done nothing but rush to the fore with
spectacular speed after others had
done the hard work and claim the credit.
He is not a resident of Omaha save in
name, does not even pretend to live
there, and for ten years has been prom
ising every campaign to build a hand
some residence. He really holds his
in Minneapolis and uses the Second
Nebraska district to keep himself in a
soft job. Dave is a "good fellow" but
it's time to stop the "good fellow" busi
ness and elect men of brains and ability
to congress.
Uncle Mt-f j Kinkaid carefully con
ceals his age, but everybody knows
that he is old enough to have a lot of
shop-worn interior fixin's that he would
like to swap off.
This recalls the story William E.
Curtis sent to the Record-Herald when
he toured Nebraska. Curtis allowed
himself to be filled with a lot of silly
falsehoods by Nebraska republicans,
and he religiously retailed them to the
Record-Herald. One was that under
republican rule the dome ol the state
house was coven-d with gold leaf, but
as soon as the fusjonist secured con
trol they covored the gold leaf with sil
ver leaf. The dome was novor gilded,
either with silver or gold. The dome
was sheathed with copper which for a
loug time remained bright. It corrod
ed, however, and in u time had to be
painted. That time came while the
fusionists weie in control and they
TttyMia &v"9 fat Vvt MttkU, Tltt
"DttV "KL. "MtMK?tv.
painted it with a stuff called aluminum
paint in order to make the color har
monize with the grey tone of the build
ing. But Curtis' story was reprinted
in every republican papct in the land
and pointed to as a sample of "pop
The Lincoln Journal, speaking of n
plank in the platform the writer has
formulated and stands on his own can
didacy for the state senate, says:
"That's a peach of a plank. Read it
backwards or forwards, or any way
you please, and it means anything or
nothing." The writer submits that if
the Journal really believes that state
ment, tho Journal should support the
author of the plank. Platforms that
mean anything or nothing, one thing in
the cast and another in the west, pro
tection in the mill sections and recipro
city in the agricultural sections, arc
peculiarly republican, and of course
the Lincoln Journal would not bolt a
republican platform.
The republican organs point with
pride to the two years of republican
administration in Nebraska. But are
they honest when they do it? If they
are why did the republicans turn down
the two highest officials in the adminis
tration? We hear a great deal about the fact
that Uncle Mosc Kinkaid is a batchelor,
and tho better we know Uncle Mose the
more respect we have for the good judg
ment of womankind.
So Mr. Roosevelt wants a constitu
tional amendment in order that he may
bust the trusts? Beautiful scheme.
Here it is in a nutshell:
Roosevelt pretends to be fiercely op
posed to trusts.
Demands a constitutional amend
ment so he can go after them.
Congress will have to meet and sub
mit the amendment.
Then two-thirds of the legislatures
of the state must ratify it before it be
comes operative.
The shortest possible time in which
this can be done will be longer than
two years.
Two years will carry Roosevelt over
another presidential election, and the
trust plank is good to make a campaign
And all the time the remedy is in
reach. What is it?
Let Theodore Roosevelt prove that
he means to subdue the trusts by en
forcing the criminal clause of the Sher
man anti-trust law.
A half-dozen trust magnates dressed
in stripes and locked behind "steel bars
will settle the trust question much
more quickly than a constitutional
Thompson's new paper is started for
the purpose of knocking out the "jour
nal crowd," and the Journal will work
tooth and toe nail to knock out the
Thompson crowd. And heroes hoping
that both succeed beyond their wildest
If you want to make a Nebraska City
republican hot under the neckband
make some reference to the silent and
deserted cereal mills in that village.
When you do you can hear 'em sizzle.
During four years in the office of
treasurer of Adams county, Dr. Lyman
covered into the county treasury as in
terest on county funds more money
than all the republican state treasurers
of Nebraska ever turned into the state
treasury as interest on public funds.
Dr. Lyman is the fusion candidate for
state treasurer and should be elected
by an overwhelming majority.
Mr. Mickey is a temperate man,
which is to his credit. He is a prohibi
tionist, which is his right. He is an
opponent to the saloon, which becomes
him as a professed Christian. But he
is moral coward, which fact ought to
be his political condemnation. Mickey
has been a prominent official of the
Nebraska Anti-Saloon League for sev
eral years, and this fact has been blaz
oned on the stationery of the League.
It is not so now. As soon as Mickey
was nominated for governor he had
that b.unch of stationery retired, and
his name does not appear on the new
work got out. Because Mickey is no
longer an official? Yes. Why is he
no longer an official? Because he fear
ed the fact would work to his political
disadvantage A physical coward is
ten times hotter than a moral coward,
and both are to be despised.
If you want to read a really artistic
roast of Roosevelt's alloged opposition
to trusts got last week's Ustto of Har
per's Weekly, a "journal of civilization"
and a republican organ. Harper's
Weekly deftly and artistically punc
tures tho blatant and demagogic pre
tenses of Theodore Roosevelt. Had a
democratic organ said tho samo thing
it would have been denounced as an
"anarchist rag." But there it is in
Harper's Weekly, a republican paper.
If tho good people of tho Sixth dis
trict awaken somo fine morning and
discover that the heavens aro darkened
by tho forms of pig flying through tho
nir they may know that Uncle Moso
Kinkaid has scraped the mold off his
liver and accepted Pat Barry's challenge
to a joint debate.
I. J. McCarthy, tho republican can
didate for congress in tho Fifth district,
says tho Fowler bill and tho ship sub
sidy bill won't cut any ice in his district.
Perhaps not, but if tho voters of the
Fifth district aro wise those two bills
will cut McCarthy's voto down to such
small dimensions he'll havo to look for
it With a microscope.
Tho amount of misinformation that
Walter Wellman can crowd into ono
special dispatch to the Chicago Record
Herald is something wonderful. Well
man went through Lincoln ono after
noon a few weeks ago and without stop
ping secured two columns of misinfor
mation about Mr. Bryan's intentions.
A more" deliberate and uncalled for
mess of falshoods could not have been
Democratic Representative Convention.
The Democratic electors of tho counties
comprising the Fifty-third representative
district of Nebraska are requested to send
dclgatcs to a convention to be held in
Alliance, Nebraska, on the 27th day of
September, 1902, at 2 o'clock p. m., for
the purpose of nominating n candidate for
representative for said district.
The various counties comprising tho
district are entitled to representation as
Box Butte 5 Sheridan 6
Dawes 6 Sioux , 3
S, M. Smyser, Chairman.
Half Kutes to Hustings.
O. A. R. Reunion, Sept. 8 to 13, 1002.
The Burlington route announces one
fare for the round trip from all points
in Nebraska to Hastings on account of
the annual reunfon qf the Grand Army
of the Republic to be held on above
dates. Ask the Burlington route agent
about rates, routes, train service.
Just received some more new pictures
and frames. Gno. Darling.
A Summary of the Reports From Box Butte County Schools Showing the
Present Conditions, Financially and Otherwise.
The following is a summary of tho reports of tho directbrs of the schools of Box
Butto county, Nebraska, for the year ending July 14, 1902:
Cash on hand July 8, 1901. $ 9,897 51
Received from County Treasurer ' 16,12205
Received from State Apportionment... 3,05012
Received from Tuition from Non-Resident Pupils -, 29G 00
Received from Local Fines and Licenses I1325 50
All Other Sources ,22 84
Total t . . .$30,714 02
Paid Male Teachers... ...... ,..'. ..$ 4,527 02
Paid Female Teachers. 12,879 95
Paid for Buildings and Sites. ..'....,. ;......,... 1,58708
Paid for Repairs 670 60
Paid for Fuel , , ; 99248
Paid for Reference Books. Maps, Charts, etc I 532 04
Paid for Text-Books and Pupils' Supplies , 677 22
Paid for Furniture ".... 54767
Paid for All Other Purposes '. 2,29900
Cash on Hand July 14. 1902...-.". " 6,000 96
Total .' , $30,714 02
Total Bonded Indebtedness $17,500 00
All Other Indebtedness v 5,338 44
Total $21,838 44
Value of School Houses , $3,55 00
Value of School House Sites Owned by Districts 1,361 00
Value of Text-Books .' , 3,792 45
Value of Charts, Maps and Apparatus 2,514 00
Valu eof All Other District Property 4,901 00
Total ". $43, 1 18 45
Number of districts in the county, 62; number of school houses in the county
frame, 22; brick, 2; log, 2; sod, 28; total, 54, four of which were bui!t during the year.
Number of Districts Having Nine Months of School., 3
Number of Districts Having Six Months or More, 25
Number of Districts Having Three Months or More 24
Total Number of Districts Having School .... 52
Average length of terms, 5,5 months; average number of days of school, 108.6.
Number of Children Between the Ages of 5 and 21 802 798 1,600
Number of Children Between the Ages of 7 and 14. , 400 412 812
Number Between the Ages of 7 and 14 Attending School 403 399 802
Number Between the Ages of 5 and 21 enrolled 759 780 1,539
Number Under '5 Years Enrolled , 3 3
Number Over 21 Years Enrolled , 2 1
Total Enrollment '764 780 1.544
Aggregate number of days all pupils attended males, 75,492; females, 88,201;
total, 163,693. Average daily attendance males, 695; females, 812; total, 1,507.
Number of teachers employed males, n; females, 56; total, 67. Total salary
earned by teachers males, $3,885.50; females, $12,170.70. Average salary paid
teachers in rural schools per month males, $28.85; females, $29.00, Average salary
paid teachers in graded schools per month males, $78.30; females. $45.60.
Number of visits of County Superintendent to schools, 74.
Graded Schools: City of Alliance school census, 835; enrollment, 809; number
of teaehen, 16; Secretary of Board. S. M. Smyser; Superintendent, V. H. Bartz.
Ilemingford school census, 91; enrollment, 96; number of teachers 2; Secretary
of Board, W. F. Walker; Principal, H. H. Funk.
J. W. BAUMGARDNER, County Superintendent,
f -. RANGES a I
lloyJ Precinct Prllunry.
Tho electors of tho Peoplo's Independ
ent party of Boyd precinct arc requested
to meet nt the residence of A. S. Reed,
Saturday, Octobor 4, 1902, at 2 o'clock p.
m. for the purpose of nominating a pre
cinct ticket. G. W. Euu,
U.Vv . Yvevce. 5
Affcnt for tho CaU'rtoulun, of
Scotland, wlili'h Insures town
property only, und tlio Coluin
filti, which Insures town imtl
farm property tunl live- stock.
Doth tiro rclliibluold Hnu com
panies NotEiriia.1 Work.
Newberry's Hnrihvnro r.stnbllslitncnt.
largest line
Cast Ranges ever shown in
Western Nebraska. Ranges
from $25.00 to $62.50.
Largest Stook of Glass in Alliance.
Two of Our Churches. &
--- rirsf
BaVvs Cvuvev
One Mock West and Two
Blocks North of
Georok Collins Jrffers, Pastor.
Swtv&avi SctvAccs.
Sunday School 10.00 a.m.
Preaching a.m.
Junior Meeting 3.00 r.M.
C. E. Meeting 7,15 p.m.
Preaching 8.00 r.M,
Prayer Service.Tliursday. 8.00 p.m.
& A Hearty Welcome &
Fire Insurance Agent j
Hartford Firo Insurance Co.
North American of Philadelphia.
Phoenix of Brooklyn, New York.
Continental of New York City,
Niagara Firo Insurance Co.
New York Under wi iters., New York.
Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
of London.
Liverpool, London and Globe In
Office Up-Stiilrn,
I'lctclicr Jllock,
Q -A--A- AAA A A A. A AAAA AAA, ,... A A A,
)iamonds, Watches,
Souvenirs . .
Repairing in all its
AI. O. Barnes,
Jeweler and Optician.
(5tatn, 3f lour an& jfeeb.
SOLD .A.G331NT ir-OR,
The Aurora Milling Company. :
A One Flour,
Leave Your
The Herald has the best equipped Job Office in the
west, and turns out the best work.
Victor Lodge, Number 10, Knights of
Meets every Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock, gt Ball hall. Viwtinjj rnorabors
in the city cordially invited to attend.
C. A. Rankin. O. C.
J. T. O. Stewart. K. of R. and S.
of Steel and
9 j
g ...Church... Z
. m
g PAOTOB - . 2
Sunday School 10.00 a. m,
Preaching .11.00 X.M.
2 Class Meeting ....12.00 M. 2
Junior Epworth League. . 3.00 p. m.
Epworth League 7.00 p, m.
2 Preaching..,. .8,00 p.m. 2
Prayer Service,Thursd8y. 8.00 p.m.
Ei cryone Is Welcomed to
All Services.
surance Co.
German American Insurance Co., 4
New York,
Farmers and Merchants Insurance
. Co., of Lincoln. ,
Columbia Fire Insurance Co,
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Insurance Co., of Hart
ford, Conn.
Alliance, Nebraska..
AAA A AAA. A, .A, A, .A. A ,,,. AAA A. A , X. J.
Gold Jewelry,
Hail orders promptly
PER SACK 8 1.10
500 POUNDS, CASH 10.50 I
Orders for Alfulfu.
The Hbkald has the best Job Office
in wostern Nebraska, and turns out
the bqsl work.
Look at that underwear window, at
Norton's- It's a fine selcetion.