The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 26, 1902, Image 1

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iance Carnival
Races, October 6, 7, 8 and 9. $4,000 in Purses.
J- orHiQH CLAaoooMMcn- 4
1 11 pin.' 1WI1I1 1 1 MiHWl l J jm'MIWIIIW. .'J L 1 INI
& " 4 FkA
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? -y-
I We Want...
Let us figure with you
on 'your haying hill.
- Largest and most com
pletc stock of GROCER
IES in Northwestern
Nebraska. Actually the
Lowest prico and best
Quality. Your trade
solicited. Fresh baked
goods always on hand.
Yours for fair dealing.
Alliance Grocery Co g
Minnesota High
Grade Fancy
Patent Flour,
The Best Flour on
Earth. Sold
Only by...
J. B. Miller, Auctioneer.
An elegant new line of hats at Mrs.
For Rent A four room cottage Ben.
Fernalo. SZ-
Sheridan coal, Canon lump, niit and
Aker's coal W. James,
Collins & Morrison, saddles, always in
in stock at Clougii & Collins.
LOST: A diamond and pearl breast pin.
Finder will be rewarded by returning same
to Miss Edith Phelan.
Tom Eranklyn Nye
This popular attraction will appear in
Alliance for the first time next week, be
ginning Wednesday night, October i,
and closing Saturday night, October 4.
Since the opening of the season Tom
Franklin Nye and his merry company
have been drawing crowded houses in
many of the important towns in Iowa,
South Dakota and Nebraska and are not
wanting for testimonials of a high order
for the character of their performances.
The plays are comedy dramas abounding
in thrilling and humorous situations.
Specialty performances between the acts
is a stroug feature of the company and
there are several artists in this line in the
company. The illustrated song and mov
ing picture machine is of the best make
and displays many elegant pictures of
varied character nuring the performances.
Popular prices will prevail. Reserved
seats, 35 cents; gallery, 25 cents and chil
dren, 15 cents, These low prices are
made to give everybody an opportunity to
come out and see a good show.
Line of
Ladies', Misses',
and Children's un
derwear for fall
is the largest and
the values the best
ever shown for
the money.
Read The Famous ad.
Read Will Maupin's
Young Alliance."
poem on "Busy
Will Tuttle of Rushvillo is making his
father S. P. Tuttle a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Syl Preston of Salt Lake
are visitors in Alliance this week.
Capt. W. H Corbin returned Tuesday
from a trip to Lincoln and Omaha.
The young people of the U. P. church
will serve lunches during the carnival.
Allen G. Fisher, the well known attorney
of Chadron, was in the city Tuesday.
Miss Anna Wills has accepted the posi
tion of saleslady in the Alliance shoe storo.
Father Carroll of Omaha was the guest
of Father Galvih a couplo of days this
The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church
will meet with Mrs, Horn next Wednes
day afternoon, -
W. J. Johnson, the goodnatured sheep
man from the west part of the county Is
in town today'
The Republican representative conven
tion will be held at Crawford next Wednes
day, October 1.
R, F. Hanson has recently made some
improvements in his store room besides
arranging his new goods very attractively.
Bernard Pitz and Pete Annen, two sub
stantial citizens residing near Dunlap,
transacted business in the metropolis Mon
day. That elegant trunk at the Famous is
daily inspected and admired by a great
many people. It is doubtless the finest in
the city.
Leigh Montgomery made final proof on
his homestead Wednesday and left Thurs
day for Cheyenne where he is employed
as brakeman.
J. C. Birdsell came down from Dead
wood Sunday morning returning Monday.
Mrs. Birdsell visited Mrs. Rumer and
friends here for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly are in
from the ranch today. Mr. Connelly vill
move his family to Scottsbluff soon to re
main during the school year.
Mrs. Rebecca Cox will return to her
home at Abingdon, 111,, next Monday after
a pleasant visit with her brothers, Doctor1
and James Bellwood and families.
Fourteen new cash subscriptions and
nineteen renewals to The Herald this
week which makes nearly five hundred
new subscriber? during the last seven
W. S, Ridgell will give a handsome gold
medal, October 18th, to the person making
the highest score at the bowling alley.
The medal is on exhibition at W, O.
Barnes' store.
Mike Butler, a prosperous stockman of
Liberty precinct was doing business in
Alliance Wednesday. Mr. Butler said he
wanted the Heralo for a year and paid
the cash therefor.
Several Alliance people will tako ad
vantage of the low rates and visit Wash
ington, D. C, during the G. A. R. en
campment next month. Postmaster Miller
of Hemingford will also attend.
Superintendent Baumgardncr informs
us that their are eight schools in tho coun
ty that have not bean supplied with teach
ers. It has been but a short time since
there were more teachers than schools
but then girls will get married.
Tim Morrissey, the Dunlap flockmaster,
returned from Omaha yesterday where ho
marketed four cars of sheep. The weath
ers brought $3.35 and consequently Mr
Morrissey was better pleased than he has
been with some previous shipments.
Sunday at the Baptist church, G. C.
Jeffers pastor: Morning sermon, "The
Rest of Faith." Evening discourse,
"Roaring Lions." Sunday school at 10
o'clock. Juniors meet at 3. C, E. meet
ing at 6 45. Midweek meeting for prayer,
Thursday evening. A welcome to all ser
vices. Mike Elmore came in Saturday from
Omaha and remained till Wednesday at
tending to business matters. He went
out to his Snake Creek ranch and arranged
for the shipment of cattle- that were ready
for market. His family who are now in
Salt Lake will return in November unless
he secures more railroad work in that
country, in which event they may stay
there all winter.
Gen Miller, of the firm of Miller Bros.,
postoffice 6tore, hied himself down to York
a few days ago and on Wednesday was
united in marriage to Miss Martha Shu
maker, a charming young lady of that city.
There is not a more worthy young man
in Alliance than Glen and the bride has
displayed good taste and judgment in ac
cepting the hand of a man of such sterling
worth. We doubt not his ohoice was an
equally happy one, Mr and Mrs. Miller
arrived in the city this morning and will
begin housekeeping at once. The Herald
extends congratulations.
Rev. Dr. P.. C. Horn Soon toStnrt
Ills Tour of the Earth.
Residents of tho city of Alliance are
pretty generally familiar with tho pro
posed tour around the world of Rev.
Dr. E. C. Horn, pastor of tho M. E.
church of this city. It has been in
contemplation and freely talked of for
tho past three or four months. Tho
reverend gentleman has conceived the
idea of writing a weekly letter during
his ramblings, in order that nta friends
may keep step with him from the day
of his depariutc until the hour of his
return. That these letters will prove
of intense interest there is no room to
doubt, and that the Herald has been
chosen as the medium through which
these letters will bo disseminated will
be gratifying intelligence to its renders.
Rev. Dr. Horn is among the most
able and polished wt iters in the state,
and as his around the world tour will
embrace the most noteworthy points of
interest on record, those who arc for
tunate enough to rend his articles will
receive an introduction to tho world's
history, geography and customs ap
proaching a liberal education in value
and interest. Having been nn instructor1
in two universities and having gradu
ated from three, securing tho Ph. D.
degree only a year ugo, it will be seen
at a glance that Rev. Dr. Horn is
abundantly equipped to write enter
tainingly. His descriptive powers are
of the very keenest.
Following is a brief outline of the
itinerary as planned, subject to slight
changes, however, on account of the
possible imposition of quarantine at
certain points in tho Orient. The
journey will be ever westward toward
the land of the setting sun :
Boarding one of the new, twin screw,
steel ocean liners of the Japan-American
Royal Mail Line, the broad Pacific
will be traversed, reaching Yokohoma,
Japan, from which a side trip to the
empire's capital, Tokio, will bo made;
also to Kobe and Nagasaki, tho latter
having one of the best harbors in
the world.
Leaving this land of chrysanthe
mums, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila,
Singapore, Ceylon and India will bo
visited enroute to Egypt nfld Pales
tine. A thirty-day tour through the
Holy Land is scheduled, including
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, He
bron, Bethany, Dead Sea, Jordon,
Bethel, Samoria, Sea of Galilee, Naza
reth, Damascus, Baalbec, etc., together
with Cairo, Alexandria, Athens, Cor
inth, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice,
Milan, Como, St. Gathard, Lucerne,
Paris, Heidelberg, Mayence, steamers
on Rhine to Cologne, thenco to Brus
sels, Antwerp, London, Edinburgh,
Glasgow and Liverpool, where the
Atlantic voyage will begin via the
White Star line.
It is needless to say that the Her
akd has not secured the exclusive right
to publish tho letters of Dr. Horn
without an outlay of a considerable
sum the largest ever paid by a county
seat weekly newspaper in the west for
a similar service. There were others
working every wire using every influ
ence that could be brought to bear to
secure them. But the Herald, as is
its custom, appreciating the worth of
such a globe-encircling correspondent
especially one of such unimpeacha
ble integrity of character and ability as
a descriptive writer secured the prize
by paying the highest prico for it. And
now, then, let ua see how ninny of the
citizens of Alliance and surrounding
country appreciate an enterprising
newspaper. If you want to keep pace
with this distinguished citizen of Box
Butto in his sight-seeing around the
earth, it behooves you to subscribe for
the Herald. Dr. Horn is to take his
departure from Alliance Monday, Oc.
tobcr 8, barring accidents.
At the Methodist Episcopal church,
Sunday, September 28, the Sunday school
and League services will be held in the
basement. No preaching service. The
church edifice will be completed within
five days so that the dedicatory services
can be held in the auditorium, Sunday,
October 5. No one will be permitted to
rent any pews as the pastor announces
that no pews will be rented at any price.
Everyone is invited to every service.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Mara, of Moomaw,
and John O'Mara of Box Butte, were in
the city Wednesday having come to see
their sister Mrs. Henry Thompson and
son depart for their home at , Kansas City,
Mr. and Mrs. Jos, Manion were also in,
Mr. Thompson was' pleased with the coun
try and made entry of a homestead.
Mrs. Hornbcrg Is critically ill with with
heart trouble.
For Sale My residence property in
Alliance. Jambs Brllwood.
Mrs, Ellis of Crawford was the guest of
Allianco friends a portion of this week.
Tho Bcvan Brothers are enjoying a vis
it from their brother George of Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S, Reed are tho proud
parents of a ioj4 pound boy, born Satur
day, nrfwr
Attorney W. M. Iodenco was down from
Hemingford a couplo of days this wcok on
Enoch Boycr is building a good sized ad"
dition to his residence. W. E, Gillette is
doing the work.'
For Sale Cattle at tho Gahagan ranch
two miles north of tho poor farm, There
are five good milch cows in the bunch.
Land Brothers, who are late arrivals
from Lincoln, have opened a restaurant
second door north of tho Hlla Grand.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kuhn and P. Kinsley
twerddown from Dorsey nrecinct Wednes
day, Mrs. Kuhn had some dental work
Tho ball giyon by the Degree Team of
tjie Royal Highlanders in tho opera house
last Saturday night was a very pleasant
Mrs. George Ojers of Crawford visited
with friends here the first part of the week
before going to Wymoro where she will
spend the winter.
The window smashing (lend got in his
work again this week by throwing a rock
through the large front window in R.
Madecn's shoe shop,
Mr. and Mrs, B. L. Fenner came down
from their ranch near Dunlap Tuesday to
see Mrs. Fenner's mother, Mrs, W A.
Bissell, who is ill at the home of Miss Bell
in this city.
H, C. Armstrong has placed a telephone
box in the front of his saloon for the use
of the public. It is the only one in the
city and is specially convenient for long
distance talking.
The report of the Alliance National
Bank in this issue shows that institution
to bo on a very sound financial basis. The
Alljana-National is recognized by ovcry
ono ns being safe and conservative.
- James Bellwood and family will leave in
a few weeks for Los Angeles, Call,, to
spend the winter and may decide to re
main louger. The change is made in the
hope that Mrs. Bollwood's health -will bo
Captain Dorrington is enjoying a visit
from his brother Geo. E, of Falls City.
This is Mr. Dorrington's first visit to Alli
ance for several years and he expressed
surprise at its fine improvements and mar
velous growth.
Mrs. J. P. Christensen returned to her
homejn Nonpareil precinct Wednesday.
Sho had been in Alliance for the last six
weeks receiving medical treatment, She
was greatly benefitted but will not be able
to get around for a couple of months yet.
Remember, we do not want to make
stamp photos, are only doing so to accom
date those who want them. During the
races, October G, 7, 8 and 9, will bo the
last time we will make them, so don't for
get if you want stamp photos. Mark's
Studio, wwww,
Robt. Graham will move his family from
the ranch about November 1st, so that his
children may have advantage of tho excel
lent schools of this city. Mr. Graham has
purchased of Miss Bell her large house on
Box Butte avenue to which he will add
some improvements and make it a comfort
able and attractive home
Rev. Jeffers and Rev. Howie attended
county Sunday school convention at Hem
ingford this week. Tho former reports it
to have been very good and tho work re
ported to be very encouraging, seven schools
being represented. The program printed
was carried out except the concluding
number, a lecture by World Superintend
ent Tyler, who was preveted from coming
by the death of one of his deacons.
The report of the First State Bank of
Hemingford appears in this issue. Before
the change of ownership of this bank a
year ago its business had dwindled down
to almost nothing simply because the peo
ple had lost faith in its head. But when
it was bought out and reorganized by the
present management confidence iu the
concern was restored and its business has
increased so steadily that it now makes a
very creditable showing.
Attorneys Berry and Tuttle are not fu
gitives from justice, nevertheless a com
plaint has been filed against them by W.
E. Ashbaugh for shooting ducks on his
premises. The disciples of Blackstone al
lege (hat the complainant had extended
an invitation to them to come out, to his
place to hunt and they are at a loss to
know why Mr. Ashbaugh has become so
wrathy about it.
Rcnr End of Uncoupled Train Crashes Into
front End, Smashing Two Cur.
A wreck occurred early Tuesday
morning ricar tho west end of tho yard
limits..-Tho train was tho, second sec
tion of No. 4G, in chargo of Conductor
bniloy, with Engineer Joo Lynch at
tho throttle. Shortly beforo reaching
Alliance tho train had broken in two
nnd, it not yet being daylight, tho en
gineer was unawaro of the fact nnd
when ho checked Up his speed tlio rear
section crashed into tho front one,
smashing two box cars into kindling
wood, These cars wcro loaded with
coal atid iu the front car two young
men wcro stealing n ride; they, along
with tho loads of coal and broken enr
timbers, were thrown several feet from
tho t,rack, Their narrow escape from
death seems almost a miracle, yet
neither was dangerously injured. Quo
of them, Joe Hartman of Denver, ro
coived some scrntches about tho head
and face; tho other one, Henry O,
Paul of Clear Lake, Iowa, got his
right leg broken above tho kneo and
several bad cuta and bruises about his
head and face. This is tho third ac
cident on this branch of tho Burlington
within nbout two weeks.
Lieutenant Dorrlncton Honored.
Hon, F. M, Dorrington of this city has
received copies of the Manila, (P. I.)
papers which give accounts of tho organiza
tion of tho Veteran Army of the Philiplnes,
Lieut. Dorrington was elected Commander
of the Post and tho following taken from
the American shows tho interest manifest
ed in the organization. Lieut. Dorring
ton's Nebraska friends are pleased with
the record ho is making for himself since
entering tho employ of Uncle Sam.
"Permanent organization of Geaoral
Lawton Post, No. 1, Veteran Army of
Philippines, which includes tho Veterans of
tho Eighth Army Corps, Navy and Marino
Corps, which operated in the Philippines,
was effected last night at the Apache lodge
rooms of the I, O, R. M. on Catle Palacio.
"Every chair in tho rooms was occupied
and a large number of etigibles were stand
ing iu the doors and beneath the arches.
Every mention of tho hero from wiiom tho
past taicfev its name wascueered to the
"Lawton Post is the strongest in tho
city in point of numbers, and It may well
boast a reasonable share of tho intelligence
belonging to the others. Tho roll of the
post show a membership of over four hun who carried a Krag or Spring
field in defense of the flag, in the Philip
pines, and many of them did a like patri
otic duty at San Juan Hill, El Caney and
Santiago in Cuba, ,
"The best of spirit prevailed throughout
the meeting. It may be said that the
spirit of patriotism manifested proclaim
the idea that in due time the vets of the
Philippines will take the place of the Grand
Army of tho Republic, and the sons of tho
Confederacy to which so much attention
is given in the states from year to year,
"Minutes of tho preliminary meeting
were read and all committees reported
progress. Temporary Chairman Lawrence
presided He evidenced thorough knowl
edge of parlimentary law.
"An interesting battle occured over the
election of tho commander of the post.
Major J C Miner, Lieut. L. A. Dorring
ton and Capt, Albert E. MacCabe were
competitors for the honor.
"After the second ballot the fight nar
rowed to Miner and Dorrington, and the
latter won, to tho great delight of his pro
moters. The election of the lieutenant
was made unanimous, as were all subse
quent elections.
"Capt, J. E. Harding was chosen vice
Commander; II. E. Metcalf, Adjutant;
James B, Cooly, Quartermaster; W. J
Fisher, Commissary of Subsistenc; C.
Farlway. Chaplain; C. J. Cocknell, Officer
of the Day, and Mark Scott officer of the
Their Tenth Anniversary.
The Ladies of the Maccabees of the
World now have a membership of over
105, oco. This greatest women's fraternal
organization in existence will celebrate the
tenth anniversary of its organization Octo
ber :o, 1902, with a grand rally in which
every hive and every member will partici
pate. On that evening at 8 o'clock meet
ings will be held simultaneously in every
town and city in which a hive is organized.
Every member of the organization, wher
ever she may be located, will wear on that
day a souvenir button setting forth the
fact that the order has reached its tenth
birthday, is 105,000 strong and is estab
lished in forty-six states and territories.
The ladie3 of Alliance Hive No. 34 will
celebrate October 1 at 8 o'clock at Eagle
Hall. The committee is bard at work
and a good program will be , rendered.
The entertainment will be free to all. A
cordial invitation is extended to all K. O.
T. M . and L. O. T, M . members and
their friends. Dancing will follow the
Call and see Norton's new clothing.
Enmity Groceries.
We havef
very interest
ing to tell
you about the v
price of
Rock Salt.
Come and see
when in the
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Clothing at cost, at the Fair Storo.
Thoso neckties are daddies, at Norton's;
paid for hidcs.CLouGii & Col-
Be sure U C
stock of saddles.
C. & C. and sod their
Mrs. B. C, Cavln returned Tuesday
from Scotia whoro she went to attend tho
ftmeral of her daughter-lni(w Mrs. W. O.
Carpets sold from samples, not much of
an investment, so we can show you a larg
er assortment. See our new patterns-
Geo. Darling.
Alvatunda.--By the use qf this cele
brated medicine Dr. Wirts will extract
teeth without pain. Alvatunda is pert
fectly harmless. Office with Dr. Koons.
The represeutative conventions of the
Democratic and People's Independent
parties will be held in this city tomorrow
at which time the next representative for
this district will be nominated.
lfnlf Rates to St. Louis nnd Rack via iho
Darlington Route.
October 5 to 10. ,
Only 823.80 to St. Louis' and return,
account of the St. Louis Fajr. Ask tho
Burlington agent. . IJfr"
Ed Mollring has received a fetter from
his brother George who has" returned to
Newcastle from his hunting trip. Follow
ing is an extract. "Just got back, feeling
fine, got the first game that was seen by
tho party; a bear, killed him, with third
shot; about 700 yards away on side of a
mountain. Seven of us got six elk, two
bear and one mountain sheep. ViUwnd
you picture of tho game and party soon as
they are finished."
X 1 , X
K x
Of your Fall Suit, g
Would you pay 3
$25.00 for a suit g
if you could get 3
the same thing x
for $20.00? x
Would you look
over our lines and I
get our price? j
That is all we,
ask. ' ,. 5
&A f .
V r?
.N&lala 1 j"2.vfc? . .