The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, September 12, 1902, Image 5

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Rocked in a cradle the furniture trust
Sold at n price that's extortionate quite;
The woolen trust furnished to cover his
A tariff-taxed blanket of white.
The doctor who called with his medicine
To minister unto his infantile pains
Used glass trust bottles to hold the old
A drug trust had gobbled to add to its
Shod in poor shoes that the feather trust
made i
Happy his way to the schoolhouse he
The school supply trust made the bench
where he sat,
And a trust also made his first spelling
book. '
Homewaid at night, there were chores to
bo done,
His was a boyhood of unending toil
The pail that he milked in a tariff-taxed
He studied his books by monopoly oil.
Plowing with plows that the plow trust
had made.
Harvesting grain with a tariff-taxed
Toiling from sun-up to evening's dark
Threshing with thresher made by a
Hauled grain to market in wagon well taxed,
Gouged by the trust that bought all his
- grain;
On cy'ry side he was beautifully "flaxed"
To give "infant industries" plenty of
Toiling through life taxed on every hand,
Gouged by the trusts those wee "infants"
so poor,
Till finally called to the angelic band,
Ushered at last through St. Peter's door.
Laid out at last 'neath a taxed coffin's lid
In a taxed shroud was his poor form
'Midst tears of sorrow his poor form was
In a grave dug by a tariff-taxed spado.
Tom Piatt says the republicans can
elect a yellow dog governor of New
York. New York republicans have
done it more than once
Mickey-was selected by the railroad
manageis ten days befoie the republi
can state convention met, and Prout
and Weston have been owned body and
soul by the railroads ever since they
bobbed up for office. A vote for Mick-,
cy, Prout and Weston is a vote for
three humble and servile tools of the
railroad corporations.
Some of these days some discerning
and euterprising newspaper publisher
who wants to make his paper the best
edited democratic paper in America is
going to employ "Dick" Metcalfe, take
him east and pay him a salary up in
the five figures. But it will bo a sorry
day for democracy in Nebraska when
"Met" goes to some other state.
If the Chicago Chronicle's democracy
were as sound as its news service is ex
cellent, it would be the best democratic
newspaper in America. But the Chica
go Chronicle is an assistant republican
Republicans are good at proportion.
Their claims of prosperity have just as
much foundation as their statements
concerning the cost of Bryan's house.
The latest report concerning the house
is that it will contain two mantles, each
costing $5,000. Bryan will sell them
both, pay freight to any point in Ne
braska and set them up for 10 per cent
of the alleged cost of one.
,How is this for an estimate of Presi
dent Theodore Roosevelt: "he has
Anarchy! Treason! The man who
would thus speak of a president of the
United States should be lynched. Such
utterances conduce to anarchy and af
fect weak minds to the point of commit
ting murder!
A million republicans would shout
for the blood of a man who would
speak thus of a republican president,
and denounce him as an anarchist and
no hotter than an assassin nerved to
murdor by euch utterances.
But hold on, my good republican
brother. No democrat made that es
timate of a president. Theodore Roose
velt pouncd those words, and he penned
them concerning a president of the
United States John Tyler. You ou
find them in Roosevelt's Life of Thoma
II. Benton."
"Dtt tt. "KUwpt. -
Scvoral republican organs arc sneer
ing at Uncle John Powers and declar
ing that ho is unfit to perform the duties
of secretary of state. Uncle John is
the youngest old man in Nebraska, as
all those who saw him act as chairman
of tho populist state convention at
Grand Island wilUtcstify. We'd walk
twenty miles to hear a debate between
Uncle John and any republican editor
in the state. But we'd feel almighty
soiry for the republican editor who
debated with him.
Dave Mercer is an expert handshaker.
And as a whole lot of union printers in
Omaha have discovered he is also an
expert promise shaker.
Chailey DeFranco has smoked out
tho statistical gentlemen who aro com
piling tho tax figures for tho railroads.
When they started out the statistical
sharps declared that their figures were
official because taken from tho "reports
of the interstate commerce commis
sion." Now they are declaring that
the interstate commerce commission's
figures are unrealiablc, full of palpable
errors and utterly worthless to those
seeking tho truth. Charley forced them
to claim errors in the commission's re
ports by showing that if the commis
sion's figures were correct the statisti
cal sharps wcro deliberately trying to
deceive tho people.
Dr. Lyman is the fusion candidate
for state treasurer. Dr. Lyman was
trcasmer of Adams county for four
years. During those four years ho
covercdhe gathered into the Adams coun
ty treasury interest on county funds
amounting to moie than all the repub
lican state tieasuters of Nebraska
ever turned into the treasurer. That's
a recoul that should elect him by an
overwhelming majority.
Jim Biennan is a sly joker. Tho
other day Jim went up to Dakota City
to attend a reunion and mingle with
tho people. Mickey was theie and
some friends wanted to introduce Jim.
' Not now," said Brennan. "Wait
a bit. O'ill mate him afther whoile."
Pretty soon Mickey began circulat
ing through the crowd, shaking hands
and giving the warm smile. Presently
he approached Jim, grasped his hand
and asked:
"What is the name?"
"My naine is Brennan," replied Jim.
"And my name is Mickey," said
Baldwin's man.
"indade, now, and ain't thot funny,"
remarked Jim. "My name is Brennan
and your name is Mickey, an by th"
powers I had a cousin onct named
Mickey Brennan. I t'ink you ought t'
vote f'r me on th' strength of it. O'im
the democratic candidate f'r commis
sioner. Have one o' my cards."
But "Our man Mickey" only shook
his head, looked dazed and reached
out for more handshakes.
It has been said that Mr, Hitchcock
deserves election because he has sacri
ficed much for tho democratic party.
He has made sacrifices, to be sure, but
that's not the reason why he should be
elected. He should be elected because
lis is a democrat, enthusiastic in his ad
vocacy of democratic principles, a
gentleman and not a political wirepuller,
a scholar and not a trafficker in politi
cal pie, a student of affairs and able to
work intelligently for the best interests
of the people at large. I happen to
know Mr. Hitchcock quite well. Hav
ing worked for him almost eight years
I am in a position to know what I am
talking about when I say he is a gentle
man, a scholar, a democrat, a man of
brains and full of tho zeal that makes
men useful when entrusted with the
duty of representing an intelligent con-
In a speech recently "Our Man
Mickey" paraded his wonderful honesty
by relating a personal experience.
"I boarded a street car in Omaha
recently with my family," said Mickey.
"There were seven of us in the party.
I gave the conductor 50 cents and he
gave me back 10 cents too much by
mistake. Now 10 cents is a little thing,
but I immediately called the conductor's
attention to it and gave him the dime,
because I wanted to improea a lesson
in honesty upon my children."
Whon a Polk county fanner read
"Our Man Mickov's" apooch, in which
this pleasing little incident was related,,
he exclaimed:
"It's darned jjood. thing for that
conduct-'that he vrai't trying to do
business with Mickey through tho bank
window. He'fl a lost that dime and
everything el- be had that wasn't
nailed d wn tight and fast."
If Frank Prout is ro elected tho rail
road combitio of Nebraska will provide
the brains to run the attorney gcneialn
office. Prout can provide nothing bul
tho stomach.
If you want. to know a man who
stands four-square to ovory wind that
blows, knows tho right and daros to
fight for it, has a mind of his own and
is free to express it, and who is a demo
crat ftom skin to coro, just cast your
eyes in tho direction of Cleveland,
Ohio. There's wheta Tom Johnson
lives, and Johnson's tho man.
Tho worst that has over been said
about ,Mr. Hitchcock is that he is an
"aristocrat." That depends on what
wo mean when we say "aristocrat."
If bathing regularly, wearing good
clothes, avoiding tough resorts, attend
ing to business during business hours
and enjoying the society of friends after
business hours makes a man an "aris
tocrat," then Mr. Hitchcock is one.
But if by "aristocrat" we mean one
who thinks he is better than anybody
else, too good to associate with those
who toil and made of a superior grade
of clay if that's what wo mean, then
Mr. Hitchcock is not an aristocrat.
He is a genial, wholcsoulcd, kindly,
considerate gentleman. He manages
a business that requires the payment
of over $250,000 n year in wages, and
he meets every one of his employes on
a common level. It will be a gloiious
day for this country when "aristocrats"
like Gilbert M. Hitchcock arc elected
to congress in place of the ' good fel
lows" who seem to have the inside
track now. It's time we sent some
brains and less ability to carry booze;
more thinkeis and fewer drinkers,
more men of affairs and fewer men
with pulls, to congress to make laws
for us. ,j.
Five thousand sheep wanted to winter.
Sec VanBoskirk.
Consider your own interests and buy
furniture of George Darling.
Window shades, all si?es upto sixty
three inches in width, always in stock.
We put thorn up for you if so desired.
Guo. Darling.
Wanted Five hundred head of cattle
to winter on tho McCarty place, twelve
miles southeast of town. The best of
care and attention guaranteed, 1- 1.
Montgomery, Alliance, Neb
M n njiTr"oTloTMTuiTn re .
Send me a two cent stamp and I will
mail you free a copy of Campbell's Soil
Culture Manual .1 valuable work that
every farmer ought to have
Oon'l Passenger Ag'l., Omaha.
Northwest in September and October.
Low rates every day via tho Burling
ton Route, to points in the Big Horn
Basin of Wyoming, in Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon and British Co
lumbia the Burlington will sell one way
tickets at uncommonly low rates every
day in September and October. Ask
tho nearest Burlington agent, or write
J. Fjiancis,
Qen'l Passenger Ag't., Omaha.
Hack to ttic Old Home.
The Burlington Route has authorized
the low rate of one fare plus $3 for
the round trip from all points on the
B. & M, R. R. to many points in Ohio
and Indiana. Tickets on sale Septem
ber 9, 1(5 and 23. Good returning for
30 days. Tickets sold via Chicago,
reoria or St. Louis. Ask the Burling
ton agent, or write
J. Francis,
Qen'l Passenger Ag't., Omaha.
Low Kates To California.
Every day in September and October
via the Burlington Route. To San
Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles,
San Diego and many points in Cali
fornia the Burlington Route has made
the extraordinarily low rates of 00. 75
from Alliance, Neb. Tourist sleeper
daily from Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings
and other main line points. Stopovers
allowed at many California poiuts.
Ask the Burlington ugeut, or'writo
J. Fhaxcih,
Gen'l Passenger Ag't., Omaha.
Choice Cattle For Sale.
Ten cows with calves.
Eight three-year-old heifors.
All thoroughbred Hcrefords.
At my residence five miles southwest
of Marsland Lko Buandle.
Sheep For Sale.
Three thousand one-, two-, three
and four-year-old ewes for sale. Large
sheep and will shear from 10 to 12
pounds. Tho band averaged q)4
pounds this yeai. Two hundred Ram
baulett bucks that will shear from 20 to
30 pounds. Address
II. A. Peti.ks, Moomaw, Neb.
Notice to Creditors.
In Count? CViurt lit ami for lto Ilutto conn
ty. XutiuibUi, 1MB In the Biuttrr of the eo-
unooi i renins uariKTHBr, din'uastHi.
To then1llirbif Mtltl eahiU"
oVou me hereby nmlflcvl thxt Twill sit nt tho
county courtroom In Allium In walil county
oti ilii' Jth diii of MhM-li, 1003, to receive nn
iixamliK' fl cUIiiik Hiralnst wild o.tnto with u
viuw lollieli udjiibiuitmi ami allowance Tho
tUm-Uiiiltuil firrtMttUutiniof'luluMajriUii!t
said RttaittiH&ix months from tlioind ilu of
buiiiDiuiMir, V.U l!Xi;, ami lliutlum llinlltnlfor
tlio ti)iiH.'iii of dohw W ono j oar from buld
IbiritUy of$ttidiii)er, 100!.'
S luitM my hural anil mhi! of atil eoiinty
court thlt ftid day of SanU'iiiber, IftK.
Atruocopy I). K. Sl'ACllT,
feEAi.j County Juilh'o
A. . V -
Nature AdJuntH Slattern mill Alwnr"
I'rciicrvcM nit Iiiinlllbrliiui.
Once n year the schools and colleges
of tho country harvest a crop of grad
uates, and once n year tho wlso men
of the land wiito essays for publica
tion on the HurphiB of men who nro
entering tho law, medlclno nnd other
callings that are open to tho newcom
ers If tho wlso men are to bo be
lieved, It would Bcein that nil tho oc
cupations wero filled and that tho
youne; man had arrived too Into.
Fortunately for tho tenderfoot, thn
wIbo men lune nhviiye boon wrons.
No philosopher has ever presented a
logical argument that did not leave
something to be Ktild on the other side.
Every year since tho world set up for
business n new crop of joung nion has
arrived, and that new crop has even
tually become the may of tho race.
What hns boon going on eternally will
continue. Tho young -eliupc will locale
themselves. It U no nigument that
lawyers 'linu thdr tlgns utrrhig at
you from every hillwny on h.-flf the
streets within Boveinl blockn of every
cpurthouse In tho country. The har
vest that Includes n now lot of law
yers also rnlfscn a lot of new litigants.
Nntiiru takes earo to preserve nn
equilibrium. If the fledgelings of the
medical schools do not find bones to
saw, some of thorn turn to sawing
wood. The boy who has gone through
college with thp Intention of becoming
president of the United States finds a
satisfactory Job as master cf ceremo
nies In a coalyard. A few Jostles and
tho new mnn adjusts himself to cir
cumstances, and then-ho has becomo a
part of tho machine, which runs on as
It is unnecessary to becomo alarmed
about tho surplus man. If he H hi law,
medicine, theology, horso trading, ped
dling mill: or anything else, ho finds
it out, nnd he arranges the matter in
some way without any upheaval In so
ciety, The surplus man Is surplus
only until ho gets his first Job. After
that ho Is one of the establishment
Pittsburg Times.
The sun's flumes spring at times to a
distance of 350,000 miles from Its Bur
faco. In dry air sound travels 1,412 feet
per second, In water 4,000 feet and in
iron 17,500 feet.
Tho amplitude of vibration of the
diaphragm of tho telephone receiver in
reproducing speech is about tho ono-twcnty-niillionth
of nn inch.
Fresh air contains nbout threo parts
of carbonic acid in 10,000, respired air
about 411 parts, and about flvo parts
will cause the air of a room to become
nolophano glass is a pressed glass
resembling cut glass, having vertical
pi Isms on the inside for diffusing tho
light and horizontal prisms on tho out
side for directing the light.
Tho following nre found to bo tho
densltlos of the planets, water being 1:
Mercury, 3; Venus, B.14; enrth, 5.50;
moon, 3.84; Mais, 4; Jupiter, 1.35; Sa
turn, 0.0S; Uinnus, 1.09; Neptune, 2.29.
The star Arcturus, tho hottest of ce
lestial bodies, gives us as much heat
as n standard candle six miles away.
This fact was ascertained by tho ra
diometer, an instrument whlou will
show the amount of heat given off
from a man's faco nt 2,000 feet dis
tance. Ho AVn "In tho Soap."
"Mon anil,' said tho Marquis do
Crolslc tfio other day, "the hotel keep
er's life Is nn unhappy one. If ho does
not look to tho lelist little detail, tho
wholo thing goes what do you call it?
Ah, yes, on the blink.
"Here Is cxnmplo of what I say.
When I had the LogoroL thero was
once a dinner there nt which Clinuncoy
Depow was u guest. I told tho chef to
put lu tho menu some dish In honor of
him, and I forgot to look at tho menu
before It vfoiit to tho print or.
"Whnt 0 you think that imbectlo of
a chef hod done? There"
And the mnrquls produced an old
menu card on which among the
"soupos" nppenred the following:
'Turee do marrons a la Dopew.'
M. L3Hx --. JL.
T MX assess
m t
I" ' w
Newberry' Hardware Establishment.
V M v J
EADQUARTERS for all kinds of Galvanized Steel, 1
Dip Supply and Water
Agent for Chloro Naptholcum. If your cat
tle have the Itch or Lice, try this disinfectant.
It is. a sure cure.
Carry a full line of Builders' and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves, Wagons, Buggies, Windmills, Pipe and Cylin
Two of Our Churches.
w..., .First
One Mack Wct and Tyto
Ulocks North of
Sviwu.aya SctvAccs.
Sunday School 10.00 a.m.
Preaching. ........... . ,11.00 a.m.
Junior McetiDg 3,00 p.m.
C. 1. Meeting 7.15 p.m.
Preaching 8,00 P.M.
PrayurSorvice.Thursday. 8,00 r.M.
t A Hearty Welcome & I
ire Insurance Agent.
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
North American of Philadelphia.
Phoenix of Hrooklyn, New York.
Continental of New York City,
Niagara Fire Insurance Co.
New York Underwriters, New York.
Cgmmcrcial Union Assurance Co.,
of Loudon.
Liverpool, London and Globe In
Office L'p-Stnlrs,
I'lctchcr lllock.
I 3'amons Watches,
Repairing in all its flail orders promptly
Branches. - "" attended to.
M. O. Barnes,
Jeweler and Optician.
$ratn, Jflour anb 3feeb.
The Aurora Milling Company.
A OtlC PlOUVy 500 pounds,"cash'. !'.!!'.
Leave Your Orders for Alfalfa.
The Herald has the best equipped Job Office in the
west, and turns out the best work.
Victor 1-oJtfe, rsiunbur 10, Utilclitti of
1 thins
If.ot.. iMiurv Tmicrlnv fvrtniiw at fi
' -.!... I. a. 11aIIu I.n11 Vtailinrr m.mlur.
IIVIWVB, 111 IJ5U3 IIUII 1 . .,....'t0
in t'io w.y cordially invitod to xttand,
C. A. Uankin. C. C.
J. T. O Strwart, K. of R, and S.
. fy
REV. E. C. HORN, Ph.D.
Sunday School 10.00 a.m.
Preaching. 1 1. 00 a.m.
Class Meeting. .......... 12,00 M.
Junior Epuorth League. . 3.00 r. m.
w Knwnrlh I.Mrriin... t.nn t. M
n f reaching
,.,..... n ..... ,. ......
8.00 1 M,
8.00 v. M.
0 PrayerSorvicc,Thurscl8y.
Everyone Is Welcomed to
All itenlcos.
.d crtlsctncnts.
surance Co.
German American Insurance Co.,
New York.
Fanners and Merchants Insurance
Co., of Lincoln.
Columbia Firo Insurance Co.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Insurance Co., of Hart
ford, Conn.
Alliance, Nebraska.
Gold Jewelry,
S 1. IP
.10 .50
Tho Hhkai-d has the best Job Office
in western Nebmska, and turns bat
the host work.
We are not I1k.. ks but we make nhetjj,
Ray & Petcfe '