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Alliance Carnival and Races, October 6, 7, 8 and 9. $4,000 in Purses.
The Alliance Herald.
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We Want...
Let us figure with you
on your haying bill.
Largest and most com
plete stock of GROCER
IES in Northwestern
Nebraska. Actually the
Lowest price and best
Quality. Your trade
solicited. Fresh baked
goods always on hand.
Yours for fair dealing.
I Alliance Grocery Go I
Minnesota High
Grade Fancy
Patent Flour,
The Best Flour on
Earth. Sold
Only by...
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house block.
Eight well furnished rooms over Tillot
son's drug store to rent. W. G. SImon
son. Will pay good price for three dczen hecs.
The editor is in receipt of a very pretty
little souvenir from Dr. Seymour", in the
form of a neat little book of Nebraska and
Dakota views, taken by him last spring,
He advises us that he has sent out over
fifteen hundred through the northwest just
to his patients, who no doubt appreciate
the doctor's remembrance very much, in.
which we join. Bring your kodak every
time, Doctor.
C. E. Clough, of Alliance came in this
morning with two loads of cows of his own
breeeding and raising that sold at $4,05.
Mr. Clough raises good grade cattle and
finds that it pays. He has one herd of
Folled-Angus stock which he keeps in a
separate pasture and a big herd of Short
horn and Hereford mixed. Mr. Clough
thinks that the Short-horn and Hereford
cross is about as good an animal as can be
obtained for range purposes. The White
faces are the best rustlers and the Short
horns acquire weight. Practically every
one who has tried this combination has
found it satisfactory. South Omaha
Journal Stockman Friday.
Many of our readers who have known
Dr. Seymour, the noted eye specialist, for
many years, will be glad to know that he
will bring with him on his fall trip, a not
ed specialist in ear nose and throat trou
bles. See them at Charters hotel October
g and 10. Consultation free.
Line of
Ladies', Misses',
and Children's un
derwear for fall
is the largest and
the values the best
ever shown for
j the money.
1L ?. CaSCKV.
rrerssrrrerrrrrcsYYSYiir) .
Call and see Norton's new clothing.
Milk cows wanted. J. R. VanBoskirk.
An elegant new line of hats at Mrs,
Father Galvin returned from Omaha
Sunday morning.
Dow Sweeney came down from Moor
croft, Wyoming, to take in the circus.
Nearly every resident of Hemingford
and vicinity attended the circus Monday.
FOR SALE Three houses in Alliance.
Inquito of E. W. Ray or R. B. Hamilton.
Look at that underwear window, at
Norton's. It's a fine selection.
Hon. F. M. Dorrington and Capt. W.
H. Corbin are attending the Bridgeport
Wm. Elmore of Pittsburg, Pa., hasbeen
visiting relatives in Alliance for several
Judge Moses P. Kinkaid stopped in Alli
ance yesterday on his way to the reunion
at Bridgeport.
LOST: A diamond and pearl breast pin.
Finder will be rewarded by returningsamo
to Miss Edith Phelan.
A C. Bingham goes to Hyannis this week
to play with the Hyannis band and orches
tra during the carnival.
Rev. Dr. Horn went to Chadron Wednes
day to attend M. E. conference which
is being held in that city.
H. S. Mondell and sister, Miss Daisy,
arrived Wednesday morning from Edgar
to make their home here.
Howard Johnson of Columbus city, Iowa,
bought ten car loads of steers in this vicin
ity this week for shipment east.
Mrs.Iodenceand son Gladstone returned
to Hemingford yesterday after a few
days' visit at the home of Judge Spacht.
Mrs. B. F. Gilman went to Heming
ford Wednesday to attend the missionary
dinner at the home of Mrs. McCandless.
John Messier arrived Monday from Har
vard to fill the position of cuttor in the Al
liance meat market. Messier comes high
ly r?comended to Mr. Wildy,
Editor G.A. Mark of the Mitchell Index
and his bride were in the city Monday on
their way home from their trip east, and
attended the Ringling circus.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Todd, of Kalamazoo,
Mich., arrived in Alliance Saturday for a
few days visit with Geo. Gadsby and fam
ily who are old time friends.
Engineer Peterson will soon commence
the erection of a brick house in the west
part of the city. Geo. Gadsby will do the
carpenter work.
Ellis Ray has sold his ice cream fixtures
and will close his short order restaurant.
The building he vacates will be occupied
by Orville Owens for a barber shop and
bath rooms.
Stanley Krajicek resigned his position
in the Alliance National and went to Lin
coln Tuesday to enter the State Univer
sity. Stanley is the sort of a young man
who will make a mark in the world.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will serve a chicken pie supper at the
courthouse Thursday evening, September
18, from 5 to 8 o'clock. Supper, 25 cents.
Everybody is most cordially invited to
An account of the accident which befell
William E. Burns by being thrown from a
train between Hemingford and Alliance
Tuesday may be seen in the Hemingford
department. Burns is a union boilermak-
er and a member of the K. of P. lodge.
L. W. Wilson, of the firm of Wilson
Bros., the well known grain dealers at
Broken Bow and other stations on the
B. & M., stopped in Alliance this morn
ing to transact some business with the
writer. Mr. Wilson was on his way to
Editor A. U. Wood of the Gering Cou
rier and F. O. Wisner of the Bayard Tran
script were among the delegation from the
Platte who came to see the show Monday,
Col. Wisner was distributing programs for
the Bayard reunion. The printing was
done at the Transcript office and the job
was very creditable,
Al Wiker this week placed three elegant
tombstones two granite and one marble
in position in Greenwood cemetery, to
mark the graves of Mrs. W, R. Akers,
Iddo Joder and Mrs. Sanford. He has al
so sold tombstones to S. M. Smyser,
Gregory Zurn, Ben Joder, F. Dismer and
Albert Johnson,
Sunday at the Baptist church G. C. Jef
fers pastor: Subject of morning sermon,
"The Penitent Thief;" evening discourse,
"The Last Prayer Meeting." Hourchangcd
to 7:30 o'clock. Sunday school at 10
o'clock. The Juniors resume work after
vacation at 3 o'clock. C. E, meeting at
6 45. Birdsall Carr, leader. Midweek
prayer service Thursday evening at 7:30.
A welcome to all services.
Passenger and Freight at Broken How nnd
Freights nt .Mullen Collide Sunday.
Sunday was rather an unfortunate day
for the Burlington, two wrecks, one at
Broken Bow and the other at Mullen, oc-
curihg on that day. The wreck at Broken
Bow happened about six o'clock in the
morning when the west bound passenger,
No. 41, and westbound freight, No, 47,
crashed into each other. The castastrophe
seems to have been duo to tho freight's
switching without having a flagman out.
A negro, Preston H. Higgins, who was
riding next the tender, was killed instantly.'
He was apparently about forty years old.
Two ladies on No. 41, were slightly injured,
also, and Fireman Charles Tubbs on
No, 47, was badly scalded nnd was taken
at once to tho Broken Bow hospital for
treatment. Tho engine drawing No. 41
was damaged too badly for use and a
freight car between the two engines was
smashed. The accident caused about
four hours delay. No. 41 was in charge of
Conductor Zollinger and Engineer Nolan,
Frank Hartson was engineer on No. 47.
Sunday afternoon at Mullen a head end
collision of two freight trains occurred,
the engines being telescoped and twelvo
cars of cattle being demolished. No lives
were lost, both crews seeing the crash that
was coming and jumping from the engines.
The trains came together with terrible,
forco. The tender of one of the engines
was thrown twenty-five feet high and such'
a mass of debris was heaped on the track
that it was several hours before it was
cleared for travel, although the whole
wrecking outfit was sent from hereto as-
sist in removing it.
.Money Will Not IJuy It All.
Money can buy many things, Wo admit.
It can buy place and power. It can cor
rupt courts and juries, it can oppress the,
weak and uphold the strong, it can bo the
means of enabling the rich to hold certain
places; but its purchasing power has a
limit, It cannot buy everything. It can
not buy an honest man, be he judge, juror
or hod carrier. It cannot buy a place that
will make an unworthy man honorable.
It may oppress the weak, but it cannot buy
tho wealth of ' virtue. It may purchase a
pew in a wealthy, church, but U "cannot
purchase a guiltless conseincc. It cannot
secure for broken hearts and sinful souls
the only balm that will soothe. It cannot
win the heart's affection of any woman or
child, it cannot buy a happy home, it can
not buy the dearest thing that life holds;
nor can it bribe death or buy a mansion in
heaven for the soul's eternal dwelling. No,
Nol Money cannot buy every thing. Be
not deceived . Do not make its pursuit the
chief end of life. That course leads to
worry and sorrow and disappointment
here and untold misery in the life to come.
Tho play, "Railroad Jack," given at the
opera house last Monday evening, was en
joyed very much by those who attended.
The play in it self was pretty fair and it
made an excellent setting for vaudeville
work, in which the company excels. The
house was not much more than half filled,
principally because a great many did not
know it was to be given that night. It
had been advertised for Wednesday night,
but the company gave up other dates,
thinking to catch the circus crowd here,
which they doubtless would have done had
the play been well advertised for that
People's Independent Representative Con
vention. The People's Independent electors of the
counties comprising the Fifty-third repre
sentative district of Nebraska are request
ed to send delegates to a convention to be
held in Alliance, Nebraska, on the 27th
day of September, 1902, at 2 o'clock p.m.
for the purpose of nominating a candidate
for representative for said district.
The various counties comprising the
district are entitled to representation as
Box Butte 6 Sheridan,,.,,.... 8
Dawes .8 Sioux, 3
The Piano and Organ dealer.
On account of an unprincipaled dealer
in Alliance endeavoring to make capital
for himself and injury to my business, by
reporting that I was going to quit the bus
iness and leave Alliance, I wish to state
that I have very flattering offers outside in
themining business, which I have been
considering and have had for the past year
but have concluded to remain in Alliance
and will in the near future add a line of
small musical instruments in a good loca
tion and a full stock of the wonderful and
famous New Royal sewing machines,
(Ball Bearing) for cash or on time that
will make you think of the past and re
member some of your so called second hand
A. C. Bingham.
George A. Phipps, editor of the Chad
ronian was married to Miss Bessie E. Bur
leigh at Gordon, September 3. They will
be at home at Chadron after September
15. The Herald extends congratulations
and wishes that they may live long and
Seo tho now line of Furs and Fur Jack
ets at Mrs. Regan's.
Mrs. C. R. Austin went to York Wednes
day to visit relatives.
Miss Fern Fielding is visiting near
Lakeside this week in a locality where she
formerly taught school.
John Pilkington has leased tho building
next to King's place which he will use for
an up town flour and feed offico,
See the new dress goods, waistings and
suitings, at Norton's.
Miss Elsie Darling left Tuesday morn
ing for St. Joseph, Mo., to resume her stud
ies in the convent she has been attending
for tho last three years.
James Smith and wife of Lincoln visited
a couplo of days this week with Mrs.
Smith's brother, C. Humphreys. Thoy
wero on a pleasure trip to Deadwood.
F. G. Simmons, of Seward, spent n
couple of days in the city this week. Mr.
Simmons is an old time newspaper man
and is now an organizer for tho A. O. U.
W. order.
Our new carpets,, mattings, rugs, lin
oleuns, curtains and portiers are in. W.
W. Norton.
E. P. Sweeney went to Moorcroft,
Wyo., today to make the acquaintance of
Mrs. Dow Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney says
that Dow was recently married to a
wealthy ranchman's daughter who resides
near Moorcroft.
Tho Herald learns from a reliable
source that a Seward man will erect a
brick block in this city to be occupied by
a large firm who will vacate their present
quarters on account of tho building being
considered unsafe.
B. W. Shonquest came up from Scotts
bluff Tuesday and after visiting a day with
his daughter, Mrs. Albert Johnson, left for
his home in Omaha. Mr. Shonquest spent
a few weeks with his son Fred in Mitchell
valley and says he enjoys ranch life,
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Rockcy and son
Emil and Mrs. C. W. Roberts, drove down
from Hemingford yesterday and did some
trading with our merchants. Mr. and
Mrs. Rockey expect to leave next Monday
for Claysvillc, Pa., to attend a family re
union. They will be gone a month.
It now behooves all mothers of boys to
keep a close watch upon their sons until
the attack of imitation the circus has in
oculated them with wears off. A padded
cell with no furnishings would be the
safest plaee for the average boy for three
months after attending one.
We make no attempt to mention the
names of those who were here from neigh
boring towns Monday. The task would
be too great. In fact, it would be far
easier to publish the names of those- who
stayed at home, as nearly everybody In
the country was here that day.
Judge Wes(over stopped in Alliance
Monday to "see the elephants." Tho
Judge had just returned home from Lin
coln Saturday when he received a message
that his son was ill at Mullen. He drove
across the country to Alliance arriving in
time to catch No. 42. The boy's condition
was not at all serious.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Young give a party
at their home this evening in honor of
their son, Fred, who leaves for Lincoln
tomorrow night to attend the State univer
sity the coming year. Ralph Smith and
Thomas Tillotson also leave for the same
place and purpose tomorrow evening.
And "Tho World and His Wife" Came Also
to See tho lllg Show.
Monday probably saw the biggest crowd
of people in Alliance that has ever been
here. It is estimated that there were
about 10,000 people in the city on that
day. Very low excursion rates were made
from all points on roads into this city and
every train arriving during the night and
Monday morning brought in crowds of
people. It was a holiday for all this sec
tion of country. Everybody had a good
time and seemed to desire that everybody
else should do likewise. It was an order
ly, good natured crowd, No special police
were appointed nor special regulations
made and only one arrest was made, that
being for disorderly conduct, and the of
fender was a stranger.
The show was all that the management
promised, too. Everything was given just
as they had -advertised and we "guess"
their claim to be the greatest show on
earth is well founded, perhaps abolutely
true. At any rate, all seemed to feel that
they got their money's worth, The show
is reported to have taken in about $7200,
which was not a very good day's business
for them, as their expenses are about $5000
daily and they also are obliged to make
enough during the show season to keep
them during the season of inactivity.
During the the time for the performance
in the afternoon all the business houses
were closed that everyone might attend.
Alliance merchants all report doing a good
business that day.
Wm. .Mitchell Renominated for Attomoy
nnd O. W. Eocr for Commissioner.
The democratic county convention held
nt the court house last Saturday was called
to order by County Chairman Mitchell.
L, A. Berry was mado temporary chair
man and S. M, Smyser, secretary. Wm.
Mitchell was placed in nomination for
county attorney by S. M. Smyser, who In
tho course of his remarks stated in sub
stance that tho administration of Mr.
Mitchell during tho past two years was
one to which tho party could point with
pride, that there havo been Boveral foul
murders committed in Box Butte county
since its organization and the only case
which was successfully prosecuted was by
the present county attorney, Mr. Mitchell
has collected through foreclosure, taxes
for tho county amounting to nearly $6,000.
He has always been ready to prosecute a
case where a warrant was issued nnd law
breakers realize that ho is not a "stick" In
offico capable only of drawing his salarj'i
After tho county convention adjourned
the delegates from tho second commission
er district met to nominate a commissioner,
Emory F. Abley of Nonpareil precinct
was made chairman and F. McCoy of
Wright, secretary. G. W. Loer was re
nominated by acclamation. Mr. Loor has
mado a splendid official, always working
for the best interests of the taxpayers of
the county. He Is an honest, conclcntious
man and tho record he has mado will bear
tho closest investigation, Mr. Loer will
succeed himself by a majority of more
than one hundred votes.
Collins & Morrison, saddles, always in
in stock at Clough & Collins,
General Barry came up from Bayard
today. He spoke at the soldiers' reunion
The eight-year-old girl of Valentino
Wright is seriously ill with neuralgia of
tho face.
Sheriff Reed went to Hemingford today
and will sell his cattle at auction there
Captain Culver will speak at the opera
house to night. His subject will bo the
'"Philippines:" "itt1- "v
Mrs. Volney Curtis returned to her
home near Canton today after a few days'
visit with Alliance friends.
Thirty-one now yearly cash subscribers
to the Hkrald during the last two
weeks. Not so bad, S3 it?
The Baptist church and Sunday school
will hold a picnic on the church lawn to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The Woman's Industrial Society of the
Baptist church meets with Mrs. D. C. Tay
lor next Weducsday afternoon.
Mr. Margravo and son, of Reservo,
Kan., who own ranch property east of Al
liance transacted business at tho land of
fico today.
Any stock of harness in stock or made
to order. Clough & Collins,
There will be no services in tho Episco
chunch Sunday, the rector holding ser
vices at Ellsworth on that day in tho home
of Mr. Bartlett Richards. '
The Women's Guild of the Episcopal
church will give a hop at the opera house,
Wednesday night. September 17. Re
freshments will be served. Music by
Moore's orchestra.
Mr. Bert Bctcbenner and Miss Myrtle
Berry were united in matrimony in this
city Monday evening by Rev. Geo, Ber
nard Clark at the residence of Conductor
G. W. Betebenner. Both are well known
young people of Reno.
Did you notice that Judge Berry is rap
idly reducing in avoirdupois? Well It's be
cause of his walking to the depot every
day in the hope of meeting Mrs. Berry
who has been visiting in Iowa. Sometimes
he forgets and goes to meet the freights.
The Judge says she will surely be home
Widows Gulorc.
In the month of August sixty-two sol
diers' widows' applications for homesteads
were filed at the Alliance land office.
Forty-five of these alleged ' widows give
their residence at Gordon in Sheridan
county. Last weeks' issue of the Gordon
Journal states that another consignment of
widows arrived there that week to file on
homesteads. It looks to us as if Gordon
is going to have more than her fair share
of widows more than she can possibly
expect to supply with husbands. We
don't quite see what inducements she held
out in order to get them there, nor how
she is going manage taking care of them,
but perhaps she does.
The Alliance meat market, one door
south of the opera house, 'phone 28. is now
open and ready to serve the public. They
keep fresh, complete lines of goods in their
buslnejw fresh and cured meats, poultry,
fish, oysters, canned goods, etc. They
will serve you well and promntlv. Your
patronage is respectfully solicited. Alli
ance Mbat Co., E.S. Wildy, Manager.
I'nmllv Groceries.
Try a $ack
of the
$1.15 per
Dr. Allen, dentist, opera house.
Clothing at cosl, at'the'Fair Store. '
Be sure U C C. & C. and see their
stock of saddles,
Those neckties are dandies, at Norton's.
Cash paid for hides. CLoimti & Col-
Death from Consumption.
Timothy Kennedy died at his home in
this city early yesterday morning from
consumption after an . illness of several
weeks. His father, H. C. Kennedy, died
from tho same disease about two months
ago. The deceased was only seventeen
years of age. He was a good boy, a favor
ite among his associates, and it seems sad.
indeed that a life that might have been so
full of good and of enjoyment was ended
so early.
The funeral services will be held tomor
row morning at 9 o'clock from the Catho
lic church, conducted by Rev. Father Gal
vin. The young man leaves a brother, Willis,
and sister, Miss May, to mourn his death,
to whom the Heralu extends its deepest
sympathy in their affliction.
Sheridan coal, Canon lump, nut and
Aker's coal W. Jambs.
Tuxes .Must Ho Paid.
Taxes for 1902 will be due October 1,
1902, and the county commissioners
havo ordered that 1901 and all previous
taxes be collected before that date.
Tho law does not require that any
notice "bo given, so if you would save,
costs and trouble of collection, call at
this office and settle.
Alex Mujrhuad, Co. Treas.
S -
A Happy
Medium I
Jf Means a neat waist-
g line. Get
one of I
s the new belts at
j -
K And you will be hap
k all over.