The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, August 29, 1902, Image 6

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A Nentnraa and n IlrlUlnncr That
Are Abaolntelr rntnful PerYtulo (he
Wltalo rincc nalcH Which (he In
fcftMtnntn Mast OJtatrvp.
Par up In northern Holland among
tfeo dikes nnd cnnnls of tho Uttto king
dom lies Brooci:, tho original Spotless
Town. Tho paliugs of tho forces of
Brocck aro sky blue. Tho streets arc
pared -with shining brloks of ninny col
ors. Tho houses nro rose colored,
black, gray, purple, light blue or pnlo
green. Tho doors aro painted and glid
ed. For hours you ntny not sco n soul
In tho streets or nt tho windows. Tho
streets and Iiouscb, bridges, -windows
and barns show a neatness and n bril
liancy thnt nro absolutely painful. At
every step a now effect Is disclosed, a
now scene Is beheld, ns If painted upon
tho drop curtain of n stage. Every
thing is minute, compact, painted,
spotless ami clean. In tho houses of
Broeck for cleaning purposes you will
And big brooms, little brooms, tooth
brushes, aqua fortls, whiting for tho
window panes, rottgo for the forks and
(moons, coal dust for tho coppor, emery
for tho Iron utensils, brick powdor for
tho floors and even Kinall splinters of
wood with which to pick out tho tiny
bits of straw in tho cracks between tho
bricks. Hero aro somo of tho rules of
this wonderful town:
Citizens must leave their Blioe.i at the
floor when entering a house.
Before or after eunant no ono Is allowed
to smolto excepting with a plpo having a
cover, bo thnt tho ashes will not b scat
tered upon tho street.
Any ono crossing tho village on horse
back must get out of tho saddle and lead
tho horse.
A cuspidor shall bo kept by the front
door of oach house, whero It may bo ac
cessible from tho window.
It Is forbidden to cross the village In a,
carriage or to drlvo animals through tho
In addition to theso established rulos
It Is tho custom for every citizen who
sees n lenf or a bit of Btrnw blown bo
foro his liouso by tho wind to pick It
up nnd throw It Into Hie canal. Tho
pcoplo go COO paces out of tho villa go
to dust their shoes. Dozens of boys
aro paid to blow tho dust from be
tween tho bricks In tho streets four
times an hour. In certain houses tho
jfUCBta nro carriod over tho threshold
so as not to soil tho pavements. At
ono tlmo tho mania for cleaning In
Brocck reached such n point that tho
bousowlvcs of tho village neglected
oven their religious duties for scrub
bing nnd washing. Tho village pastor,
after trying every Bort of persuasion,
preached a long sermon, in which ho
declared that overy Dutchwoman who
had faithfully fulfilled her duties to
ward God In this world would find in
tho next a house pneked full of furni
ture nnd stored with tho most various
and precious articles of use and orna
ment, which, not being dlstrnctcd by
other occupations, sho would bo nblo
to brush, wash and polish for nil eter
nity. The promise of this sublime
rccompenso and tho thought of this
extreme bnpplncss filled the women
with Buch fervor nnd piety that for
finqnths thereafter tho pastor had no
auso for complaint.
Around every houso In Brocck aro
buckets, benches, rakes, hoes ntid
stakes, nil colored red, blue, white or
yellow. Tho brilliancy nnd variety of
colors and tho cleanliness, brightness
and miniature pomp of tho placo aro
wonderful. At tho windows thero nro
embroidered curtains, with roso col
ored ribbons. Tho blades, bands and
nails of the gnyly painted windmills
shlno like silver. Tho houses nro
brightly varnished and surrounded
with red nnd whlto railings and fences.
Tho panes of glass In tho windows nro
bordered by many lines of different
hues, Tho trunks of nil tho trees nro
painted gray from root to branch.
Across tho streams aro many llttlo
wooden bridges, each painted ns whlto
ns snow. Tho gutters nro ornamented
.with n sort of wooden festoon, per
forated like lncc. Tho pointed fa
cades nro surmounted with a small
weathercock, a llttlo lunco or some
thing resembling a bunch of flowers.
Nearly every houso has two doors,
ono In frout nnd ono behind, tho Inst
for everyday cntranco and exit uud
tho former opened only on great occa
sions, such as births, deaths and mar
riages. Tho gardens nro us peculiar ns tho
houses. Tho paths aro hardly wide
enough to walk In. One could put
bis arm around tho flowerbeds. The
dainty arbors would barely hold two
persons Bitting close together. Tho llt
tlo myrtle hedges would scarcely reach
to the knees of a four-year-old child.
Between tho arbors and the flower
beds run llttlo canals which seem mado
to float paper bouts. They aro crossed
by mluluturo wooden bridges, with
colored pillars nnd parapets. Thero
nre ponds tho size of a bath, which
nro utmost concealed by lllllputlau
boats tied with red cords to bluo
stakes, tiny staircases and mlnlaturo
kitchen gardens. Everything could bo
measured with tho hand, crossed at a
leap, demolished by u blow. More
over, there are trees cut lu the Bhapo
of fans, plumes nnd disks, with their
trunks colored white and blue. At
every step oue discovers a new effect,
a fresh combination of hues, a novel
caprice, some new absurdity.
Tho rooms aro very tiny andTosom
bio bo many bazaars. There are porce
lain figures on tho cupboard, Chinese
cups and sugar bowls on and under
the tables, plates fastened on tho
walls, clocks, ostrich eggs, shells,
vases, plates, glasses, placed In every
corner nnd concealed In every nook,
cupboards full of hundreds of trifles
'and ornaments without name, o crowd
Ins disorder and utter confusion of
eokrs, Public Opinion.
Modern Honaen Vatstlr Different
'from (he Old Tine Jankshojss.
"Ono of tho curlouB nspocts of mod
em business conditions," said a philo
sophic business man, "Is tho growth of
what wo call tho secondhand business.
Thero aro noro secondhand houses
now than over boforo, nnd I nt tribute
It to tho changes in Btylo wWeh are,
constantly taking placo hi all things
which ontor Into tho Bocial life When
ono speaks of n secondhand store,
there nro many persons who will think,
simply of secondhand furniture, bu-,
rcnus, wardrobes, tables, beds nnd
things of that sort. But the business
has become so extensive thnt ono may
And almost anything In either tho use
ful or tho ornamental lino in these
"I am not speaking of tho curio
shops either, whoro you can find nny
thlng from an nntlquated penny to the
rarest and most elaborate thing In an
artistic way, old pictures and new
ones, old books, old anything you may
call for. I havo In mind tho regular
secondhand houses which do a com
plete nnd up to dnto secondhand busi
ness. Go Into ono of theso places nnd
sco for yourself tho changes which
havo boen wrought In tho business.
"Tlmo was when ono of tlicsc places
was u junkshop moroly, a sort of old
furniture hospital or almshouse, n
place for chairs with broken arms nnd
tables with brokeu lags nnd beds with
scarred bends and old clocks with
broken faces and missing hands nnd
all that sort of thing. But tho condi
tions nro different now. You sco, peo
plo want to keep up with the proces
sion. Styles nro nlwnys changing. A
new kind of furniture comeB in. Tho
furniture on band is good as new, but
ono must hnvo tho new thing, this new,
magnificent kind of sideboard or this
now colored bedroom suit or this latest
thing In something else. Tho old stuff
la sold and the now kind bought
"This is ono reason, and tho main rea
son, for tho growth of tho secondhand
business. Of courso tho change has
not affected merely furnlturo and
household goods. It has applied to all
tho utilities nnd all tho ornnments, and
henco a vast variety of things may bo
found in tho secondhand Btore." Now
Orleans Times-Democrat
Frnnlc Stockton and Poetry.
Frank Stockton never could write a
successful poom. In this connection
the novelist frequently told a good sto
ry on himself. In his youth In con
Junction with his brother John he
wrote many poems with which ho af
flicted tho editors of vnrlous Canadian
periodicals. Tho effusions always
camo back. The editor of one maga
zine was an especial target of tho
Stocktons, but ns nono of their poems
was ever accepted the brothers came
to tho conclusion that tho editor had
no conception of good poetry.
To prove their belief they hunted up
nnd dispatched to him an odo, llttlo
known, by Milton. Within two days
they received n check and n letter of
thanks. f,I camo to tho conclusion thnt
that editor know poetry when ho saw
it nfter nil," Mr. Stockton used to sny,
"rind gavo up trying to write it." Phil
adelphia Record.
Ono Womnu'H TV'ny of Fatnttasr.
Tho bright wlfo of a bright Philadel
phia newspuper man has to do some of
the housework herself, as her hus
band's Income does not justify tho lux
ury of employing help. Tho other day,
finding out that tho floor needed palnf
ing, sho procured tho necessary mate
rials and early In tho afternoon set to
When her husband returned In tho
early evening, he found her in tears in
tho center of tho room. Sho had paint
ed the floor all around herself, and
thero sho was, on a llttlo dry Island in
the middle, afraid of crosslug tho wet
pnlnt for fear of spoiling nil her work.
Her husband, Instead of imitating Sir
Walter Raleigh, procured a board and
released her from duranco vile. Then
ho meanly told tho story. Philadel
phia Telegraph.
A Former Predicament.
Tho cook In a southern family was
fat, black and sixty and a dovotcd
churchwoman. A "laboring brother"
in the sumo church, a widower with n
dozen children, was so assiduous In his
attentions thnt ho could bo seen haunt
ing tho kitchen at nil hours. Tho mis
tress of tho houso finally Bald to tho
"I do hope. you don't mean to marry
that old man, with all those children."
"No, ina'am," was the reply. "I done
been kotched In dat predicament once
nlready," which was the first intima
tion that hud been given In u long
service that sho was entitled to wear
tho weeds of widowhood. Detroit Free
ltnfro'a ISsoflain.
Victor Ilugo had a very exalted opin
ion of himself. Ono of his Intimates
called on him onco and found him
walking in his garden, apparently
thinking deeply. Tho visitor asked tho
great French poet what ho was medi
tating upon. "I was wondering," re
plied the poet "what I Bhould suy
to tho Creator when I meet 1dm. Can
you imaslne what I would say?"
"Yes," answered tho poet's friend.
"You would 6uy, 'My dear confrere.' "
Her Generosity.
Madge I hear you take your sister
to tho matineo every week.
Do Garry I do.
Madge If you'll tako me there as
often ub that. I'll promUo to b a sis
ter to you. New York Times.
It doesn't matter 60 much bow many
mistakes Moses made If we only fol
low up the advice he left us when ho
did hit the nail on the bead. American
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
The Best
Jas. Graham.
'PHONE 50.
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Is a good dog, but Hold- fc
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? Nelson, Pierce & Co., fc
4. &
tf V? tf K" K S J K JO tf tf" & & K" i?
II. & M. Tlmo Tabic
Alliance, Neb.
nnd nil points east
nnd nil points west nnd
Tuains Leavk as Follows, Mountain Time
II Passenger chilly. Dendwood,
lllllltiKS, ull points north nnd
42 Passenger dally, Lincoln,
Omalm. Ohlcuco nnd nil
iwlrits east l:40(
301 Vassengor dally, for Denvor
Ouden.hftU kuke, Han Tran
clsco and ull IntormOelluto
points, departs nt l:40n.m.
302 Passcninir dully from Denver
und all lnteruiedlnto poluts,
arrives nt 10:10a.m.
43 Uwal pnssetiRur dally from
Omaha, Lincoln nnd Inter
mediate points arrives at 0:5! n. ra.
41 1xnl pnssonitoi dully, for
Omalm, Lincoln nnd Interme
diate points, departs nt 4:00 n. m.
305 Dally, except Sunday, for
points south and west, do
parts. . . 8:20a.m.
300 Dally, except Sunday, from
houtfi and wust, arrives 3:30 p. m.
45 Krelftht, dally, Deadwooi.
DUUnKs and Intermediate
station 7:30 p.m.
4U Krulcht dally, for Lincoln
nnd Intermediate stntlons.. 6:30p.m.
47 KrulKhtdully.exeopt Sunday,
for Duudwood and ltllllnus . 10:50a. m
4S Freight dally for Lincoln
and Intermediate! fetation o;05n. m.
49 Kreljfht, for northwest liOOn. ru.
50 Freight from northwest, ur-
rlu :15n.m.
304 Denvor f rulnht, dally except
Monday, arrives at 9:15 am.
303 Denver freight, dally except
saiuruuy. leaves ut an u.m-
Sleeping, dining and rocllnlns chair can
(seats free) on through trains. Tlaliets sold
und hngKago checked to any point In tho
United Stntcsor Canada. Tor Information,
tlmo tahlea and tickets call on or write to J.
KiiUDEMUiHiu, Agent, or J. FnANOis, Oon
eral Passenger Agent, Omaha. Nebraska.
Nature's Remedies
For Kidney and Liver diseases, Dys
pepsia, Rheumatism, Cntarrh, Heart
disease, General Debility, and in fact
every disease tho human system is heir
to can bo cured by the Lewis Medicine
Company's remedies. Your money
will bo cheerfully refunded if a cure is
nnt. fPortrl Vf TfitTTl'tuHV. Acrent.
V J Jl '
I Box Butte, Neb.
v m Each FIorsl,e!m Sb0e '
Receiving Station
rCA H for the Invisible trammlttlon of
uA M comfort. They are faultleu
t$A " ,0 CnIh, itjrle and fit. M
,1 S Custom made in M
JJ jM everything but ml
i & COMMENCES & V.' - C
I J September 1st I
j jr and cloth- -J 3r
ING from .)
V "
'SlVW&wcfc "B-ecov&ei.
We now have the finest panoramic
birds's-eye photo of Alliance over pro
duced. There aro two views one
from the railroad water tank showing
everything north of tho tracks; the
other from the standpipo giving main
street and the principal residence por
tion of the city. We will bo pleased
to send either view, securely packed,
by prepaid express on receipt of $1.85.
Tho prints are 6x21 inches, mounted
on the finest i8-ply bevol edgeed car
bon molton.
Alliance, Neb.
Small loans on short
time. Bankable paper.
C. E. Marks & Co.
Molliing JBros. Talk Shoes.
For Two Weeks . . .
- '
We Will Make a
20 Per Cent Reduction
We carry none but the best
and guarantee you a dollar's
worth of wear for every dollar
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Don't Miss This Sale.
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If. If. Norton's latest Announcement.
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
EXTRA PALE and Other Popular Brands.
. . IFstzcm.Ilsr 1ra,a.e Solicited. . .
Goods Delivered to iny part of tho city. Come and See Us.
Phone 136
Dray and Transfer Line.
The only spring dray
Phone 139.
Mollring Bros.
YOU GO TO LEAVE TOWN, don't worry
..uuui nuui iu uo wiin your ttousenold Goods.
S. A. Miller will take charge of them; store them
in a nice, dry and cool place and pack and ship
them wherever desired. Charges reasonable.
InfT Hrnw linn in ,t.A .:,..
line in the city.
A. Miller.