Dakota County herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1891-1965, March 16, 1922, Image 2

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take Every fteat A
Tanlac Makes Each Bite
a New Delight
WI1EN your digestive system Is
working efficiently nnd smooth
ly, extracting from your food nbun
dnnt stores of vital energy nnd piling
up n reserve- fovco of vigor to meet
.any emergency, every blfo is eaten
with keen zest and appreciation.
If your meals aro not n real event,
If you do not approach the tabic
with tho most lively anticipa
tion of Its delights, then you
aro only half-living, becauso
you nro only half getting tho
valuo of your food
Lack of appetite, or distress
from Indulging tho nppcttte, nro
both duo to tho same cause
.falluro of tho digestive system
to properly do Its Important
work. Tho undigested food
remaining In tho alimentary
canal may merely causo a dis
taste for more food when It cannot
tako caro of what It has, or It may
undorgo chemical and putrlflcatlon
changes that causa acuto dlbense.
Besides, these chemical changes
produce poisonous substances that
aro carried to every cell and organ
of tho body nnd that causo all sorts
of distressing symptoms.
Tanlac, the famous dlge&tlvo tonic
and body builder, has achieved Its
wide success because It Is able to in
vigorate the entire digestive tract.
It acts to cause vigorous stomach
preparation of tho food, both through
tho muscular churning action of that
State of Washington.
Tho stnto of Washington wns for
merly a part of Oregon and was crc
utcd a territory in 1853. It wns ad
mitted to tho Union as u stnto Feb
ruary 22, 1889.
Sitting Tight.
"Whore's tho end Bent hog theso
days?" "Up ogulnst tho register."
Louisville, Courier-Journal.
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WARNING ! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Dandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of 2 1 und 100 Druggists.
Aiptttn li tho traJa mart ct Uaycr Uasufacturo of Uoaoacetlcaclilcjtcr or'SaUcjllcacltl
l&n t h& Children Wall f
During these day3 many children aro complaining of head
ache, feverishncss, stomach troubles, and irregular bowels.
If mothers only knew what
Will do for children no family would
wu&out tnem. inese powucrs aro so
asy and pleasant to fake and so ef
fective in their action that for over
30 wars mothers have used them
Md told otJws'about tfewn.SoW
jurvafmv evefywnwe.
M Hat kmu SaUHal la
mrvam skats
- -Tf4
organ and through ample secretion
of digestive fluids. It then promotes
energetic action of nil the bowel
muscles and glands and enables the
food to pass through the digestive
canal In tlio normal time. Each of
tho thousands of Jlttlo glands whose
duty It Is to pick up nourishment from
the food and send this to all parts
of the body aro stimulated to
their utmost. The wholo result
Is that food Is taken care of
without distress of any sort
in such manner as to dcrlvo
the utmost benefit from It.
If your appetite Is not keen,
If your food seems to dis
agree with you, If you are
underweight, nervous, Irrrlt
able and lack energy, give
Tanlac the chance to ehow you
that It can work a miracle
In your condition oa it has In so many
thousands of other cases.
If you aro despondent, gloomy,
with little taste for and enjoyment
of life, try Tanlac and no doubt you
will seo the clouds of gloom roll away
under the sunchlne of health.
You nro entitled to bo henlthy,
vigorous, efficient nnd happy. Give
ypurself tho chnnco to bocomo so as
thousands of others have, by taking
Get Tanlac from your druggist this
very day. Why wait for tomorrow
when Tanlac and health await you
When Loafer Becomes a Pest.
"A loafer," said Uncle Ebon, "don
do no special harm, 'ceptln' when he
tries to bo mistook for a worker an
lnslsscs on gettln' In do way."
How can n man's love grow cold
when his wife keeps him In hot water?
You havo doubtless observed that
scnslhlo peoplo agree with you.
'" ' -: HI
j&G.W' J I
ever he
A Grand Championship Prize
(Prepared br tho United State Qepartmont
of Agriculture.)
Recognizing the ndnptnblllty of sheep
to a wide range of territory, extension
workers of tho United States Depart
ment of Agriculture nnd tho stnto
agricultural colleges linvo' steadily en
couraged tho maintenance of a flock
of sheep In addition to other live
stock on the farm In sections where
farm flocks can bo profitably handled.
The Introduction of purebred stock
nnd the establishing of breeding flocks
hns been an important fenturo of ex
tension work In Connecticut and Penn
sylvania In the East, and In Utah,
Washington state, and New Mexico
In tho West,
Flam Club Cormprlscs Thres Flocks.
In Pennsylvania purebred ram clubs
hnve been organized and nro operating
successfully. Theso clubs consist of
three units of form flocks each. A ram
Is purchased for each unit. lie Is
used In each unit two years anil then
transferred from One unit to another
until he has been used In all three
units of tho club. Tho county ngent
In McICcnn county aided In organiz
ing three ram clubs during 1020, pro
viding nlno good rams of Shropshire
breeding for the flocks of members
of theso clubs. All of these rams are
grandsons of Mlnton's 51, one of the
greatest show rams at tho Interna
tional In the past few years. Rape
pasture Is being used to fatten lambs.
These clubs will nlso procure purebred
Shropshire ewes, so that each member
will eventually lwvo n purebred flock.
Through the assistance given by the
sheep specialist at the state agricul
tural college nine ram clubs were or
ganized Jn Pennsylvania during- 1020;
$.'1,000 worth of purebred sheep were
selected and purchased by farmers
In tho stnto In this connection. Sup
plementing tho organization of these
associations and the Introduction of
new stock, 35 shearing, docking, and
dipping demonstrations were held, at
tended by over 700 people.
Utah has tnado notablo progress In
making the farm flock a factor of im
portance In Its livestock production. In
Iron (ounty, where practically all the
rams nro now purebred, the sheep
breeders havo concentrated on tho
Ramboulllet and grow enough stock
of this breed to supply largely tho
demand In southern Utah for pure
bred animals An outgrowth of this
work Is tho Ramboulllet sheep show,
.which Is annually tho big feature of
A Ciub Member and His Pet.
tho county fair In Iron county nnd
nt which thu competition among sheep,
.breeders Is exceedingly keen. The
county agent In this county co-operates
actively with breeders In selecting inul
Improving tho management of the
breeding stock.
Market Wool In State Pool.
In n number of states county agents
havo urged successfully an Increase la
tho number of farm Hocks kept. John
son County, Neb., where the number of
farmers keeping sheej) was moro than
doubled In 1020, Is n notable example.
Although the condition of tho wool
market was discouraging, ono group
of 10 farmers In this county shipped
a total of 5,000 pounds of wool to tho
stuto wool pool. In Jasper County,
Mo., ft sheep breeders' association was
organized through tho activity of the
county agent to encourngo sheep grow
ing, to pool tho wool crop, and to fight
tho wolf menace. This organization
took steps to encourngo tho introduc
tion of purebred stock, uml held n co
operative ram Mile, at which nil tho
grado rains owned by members .of the
nssociutlon woro Bold and replaced by
Rpys and girls flub members have
been encouraged to form sheep clubs
nnd grow sheep, with inniketl success.
Local HnUs Jiev helped to llunu;
Winning Ramboulllet pam.
these clubs, accepting tho notes of club
members and letting them run from
2 to 2 years In order to enable
the club members to establish small
flocks and sell wool nnd surplus lambs
before settling their Indebtedness.
Representatives of theso banks have
shown much personal Interest In the
work nnd have co-operated with ex
tension workers In giving club members
encouragement and advice. In L'nke
County, Minn., the cashier of the local
stato bank made a personal visit dur
ing the year to every bOy nnd girl
to whom money had been lonned for
tho purchase of sheep.
Boys Raise Orphan Lambs.
Orphan lambs In Carbon county,
Utah, were taken care of lost year by
Boys and Girls Have Shown Unusual
Adaptability in Raising Sheep.
boys nnd girls who could not afford to
start flocks by purchasing sboep. Those
who could get milk or dried milk were
given tho lambs, and 10 boys and girls,
altogether, took "charge of 158 lambs.
Only nine of these were lost during tho
entlro season. Cows' milk was found
to bo tho most satisfactory food, but
dried milk was .very convenient for
uso on grazing fields. Ono boy kept
15 lnipbs at his -home, all of which
did well. Tho same problem was met
Jn a different fnshlon nt Padlllas, Ber
nalillo County, N. Mex., where Ave
club members secured from two to five
orphan lambs each and raised them
with n goat for a mother.
The outlook for an Increase In the
number of farm flocks -generally
throughout the United States Is promis
ing. Adult farmers and farm boys
nnd girls are finding tho breeding of
purebred sheep a profitable line of pro
duction, fitting In well with fnrni ac
tivities already established. Extension
workers generally should feel encour
aged In advocating the adding of (rocks
of sheep to live stock on farms where
conditions are reasonably favorable to
wool and mutton production.
Small-Growing Plants Are Bast Suited
for Average Garden Use While
Young and Tender.
Two distinct types of squashes nro
commonly grown In homo gardens
tho summer squnshes, tho fruits of
which nro used while they aro young
and tender, nnd tho fall and winter
squashes, which nro ripened ami used
during the winter months. The small
growing summer squnshes aro best
adapted to planting In tho nverngo sr
den. The larger, or standard, varie
ties are better adapted to Hold culture,
although one or two hills might be
planted In n coiier or along ono 3ido
of the garden. The. lulls In which sum
mer squashes nre grown should bo
fully four feet npart and a little ma
nuro and fertilizer should bo worked
into each hill as It Is bqlng jnatlc.
Seed May De Planted In Spring as
Soon as Soli Is Warm Use Well.
Rotted Manure.
Deep, rich Bandy lontn, with a 11b
cral supply of well rotted manure, la
best suited for growing globo arti
chokes. Plant tho seeds as soon ns the
soil is warm In the spring, nnd when
the plants hnve formed threo or four
lenves they mny be transplanted to
rows threo feet npart apd two feet
upart In thu row. The plants do not
produce until tho second s.enson, and
In cold localities some form of cover
ing will ))Q necessary during, tho win
ter. This crop Is not suited for cultl
vntlon north of tho lino of zero tem
perature, U. S, Department, of Agrl-
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from druggists
Who aro constantly in direct touch with
the public, there is one preparation that
has been very successful In overcoming
theso conditions. The mild and healing
Influenco of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
Boon realized. It stands tho highest for
its remarkable record of success.
An examining physician for ono of tho
prominent Life Insurance Companies, in
an interview on the subject, made the as
tonishing statement that one reason why
so many applicants for insurance are re
jected is because kidney trouble is so
common to the American people, and the
large majority of those whose applica
tions are declined do not even suspect
that they have the disease.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root Is on sala
at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes,
Jnedium and large. However, if you wish
first to test this great preparation send
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. When
writing be sure and mention this paper.
Try and 8ay It
An automobile In Belgium Is known
ns n "suelpnnrdelaoszontrnpoorvcgpe
trolcumrytulg." Literally translated, It
means "fast-horseless-wlthout-rnlls-pe-trol
A bright girl doesn't think herself
nn nngel just because some man tells
her she Is.
These Letters Recommending Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound Will Interest You
For Your Own Good Please Read Them
Yoongstown, Ohio. "Last fall I
began to feci mean and my back hurt
me and I could hardly do my little bit
of housework. I was played otrt
when I would just sweep ono room
and would have to rest I would havo
to put a cushion behind mo when I
would sit down and ntnightl could not
sleep unless I had something under
my back. I had awful cramps every
month and was just nearly all in.
Finallymy husband said to me one
day, 'Why don't you try Lydia E.
Pinkham's medicine?' and I said, 'I
am willing to take anything if I could
get well agaip.' So I took one bottlo
and a second ono and felt bottor and
the neighbors asked me what I was
doing and said, 'Surely It must bo do
ing you good all right' I have jUst
finished my eighth bottle and I can
not express to you how I feel, tho
way I would like to. If you can use
this letter you are welcome to it and
if any woman does not believe what I
have written to be true, she can write
to me and I will describe my condi
tion to her as I have to you." Mrs.
ELKCR HEA8LEY, 141 8. JackSOD St,
Youogstown, Ohio.
"I was very nervous and run
down." writes lira. L. E. Wiese of
706 Louisa St, New Orleans, Lai "I
Lydia E. Pinkliam's Private Toxt-Book nnon "Allmanta
Peculiar to Women" will be sent you free upon request. Write
to the JLydia E.v Pinkhsun Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts
An Old-Timer. m
"Senator," said tho master of cere
monies. "I'm sorry, but tho- sound am
plifier Is out of order, and I'm afraid
people In the rear of the hall won't bo
able to Hear you speak."
"Don't worry, sir," said Senator
Snortsworthy. "I'm not ono of your
modern weaklings. I was-brought up
in n rugged school of oratory where a
man developed his lung power before
he learned to think." Birmingham
Welwlsher I hear young Scnds
worlhy Is going to marry Miss Man
chester. Ho ought to look before he
Oldpal He did. Ho took n glance
over his shoulder nnd saw slia wns
rapidly closing In on hint. Then It wns
too late to leap.
About tho besi way to get along with
some people Is to got nlong without
Buy Alabaittne from your local dealer, white and a variety of tints,
ready to mix with cold water and apply with a suitable bruih.
Each D&ckaze has the cross and circle printed in red. Bv inter.
mixing Alabaitine tinti you can accurately match draperies and
rug and obtain individual treatment of each room.
fffiwM liU-ll
ltlreff Grfijifii. 34 Hd
ixcuvtppc tt a jpaus
in New Yorktlity alono from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking
Tho world's standard remedy for kidney,
Uxor, bladdor and uric acid troubles.
Holland's National Remedy since 1696.
All druggists, threo elzes.
Look for Uia nana Gold Medal on arery box
and accept no imitation
Ladies Let Cuticura
Keep Your Skin
Fresh and Young
Soap 2Sc, OiatMMt 25 tad 50c, Talcum 25c
W. N. I., SIOUX CITY, NO. 11-192
would often sit down and cry, and was
always blue nnd had no ambition. I
was this way for over a year nnd had
allowed myself to get into quite a
serious condition. One day I saw your
advertisement in the daily paper and
began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound at onco. I havo
improved ever since taking the third
bottle and find it 13 the best medicine
I have ever taken."
Benefited by First Bottle
"I was completely run down and
not ablo to do my housework. X just
dragged myself around and did not
have energy to get up when once I Bat
down. I read advertisements of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound in our paper The Indiana Daily
Times,' and teamed all about it 1 re
ceived results from the very first bot
tle and now I am doing all my own
work, even washing and ironing, and
I never felt better in my life. I tell
all my friends it is due to you." Mrs.
Elizabeth Reinbold, 403 N. Pino
St .Indianapolis, Indiana.
You should pay heed to the experi
ences of these women. They know
how they felt before taking the Veg
etable Compound, and afterwards,
too. Their words are true.
Mohammed In Court
It was in a court of law", and i
witness was being cross-exatpltjed.
Snld Counsel Why do you assert
that the plaintiff Is Insane?
Witness Because ho goes about do
clarlng ho is the prophet Mohammed
Counsel And do you contldcr thai
clear proof of his insanity?
Witness 1 dov
Counsel Why?
"Because," answered tho witness,
with a complacent smile, "I am tht
p.ophct Mohammed myself." Edin
burgh Scotsman.
Zero Count.
Minister "Yes, my hoy, even th
hnlrs on our heads are nunlbered."
Smnll Boy "Dad's ain't; he's bald
headed." Spare Moments.
It's dlfllcult for n tint n to keep cool
when he Is between two fires.
Wise Is tho mnn who agrees with his
wife rather- than nrgtie with her.
A SKyour local dealer to rec
" ommend a practical dec
orator. If you are unable to
secure one you can do the work
yourself, tinting and stenciling
your walls to give beautiful results.
Instead of Kahomine or Wall Paper
Write for tptclal suggestions and
latest color combinations
IMTCruJrUUAre. GnaA Rtpfe, Mictu
n n
r n