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To Cure a Cold
in One Day
Bvomo &
Be sure its Bromo
The genuine bears this signature
Some classes arc like treadmills;
they're always moving .but never get
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from druggist
who are constantly in direct touch with
the public, there is one preparation that
has been very successful in overcoming
these conditions. The mild and healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
soon realized. It stands the highest for
its remarkable record of success.
An examining physician for one of the
prominent Life Insurance Companies, in
an interview on the subject, made the as
tonishing statement that, one reason why
eo many applicants for insurance are re
jected is because kidney trouble is so
common to the American people, and the
large majority or tnose wnosc applica
tions are declined do not even suspect
tlyat they have the disease. It is on sale
at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes,
medium and large.
However, if you wish first to test this
crcat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bittlc. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
Cold baths in winter ought to pro
mote the will-power; and they du pro
mote the yell power.
Watch Cutlcura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cutlcura Ointment.
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cutlcura Soap and hot water. It
Is wonderful sometimes what Cutlcura
will do for poor complexions, dnndruff,
Itching nnd red rough hands. Adv.
"Agnes thinks her husband Is deceiv
ing her. She smells a rat and Is go
ing to set a trap for him."
"Which, the rat or her husband?"
lloston Transcript.
80 Years Old
Was Sick
Now Feels Young After
Taking Eatonic for
Sour Stomach
"I had sour stomach ever since I had
the grip and it bothered me badly
Dave taken Eatonic only a week nnd
am much better. Am 80 years old,"
says Mrs. John Hill.
Eatonic quickly relieves sour stom
ach, Indigestion, heartburn, bloating
nnd distress after eating because It
takes up and carries out the excess
ncidlty and gases which cause most
stomach ailments. If you have "tried
everything" nnd still suffer, do npt give
up hope. Eatonic has brought relief to
tens of thousands like you. A big box
costs but a trifle with your druggist's
DEATH Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi
culty in urinating, often mean
eerioua disorders. The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder nnd uric acid troubles
bring quick relief and often ward oft
deadly diseases. Known oa the national
remedy of Holland for moro than 200
years. All druggists, in three sixes.
Look for the name Cold Medal on erarr box
and accept do lauiauon
li annoying and harmful. Relieve throat
irritation, tickling ond set rid of courfu,
colda and hoarscntei at once by taking
W. N. U.r SIOUX CITY, NO. 1-1921.
Condencatton by
Nathan Haskell Dole
MUuel de Cer
vnntea Snuvedrn,
drnruntiat nnd
novelist, vrna born
In 15-17, the aon of
n Spanish druggist
nnd surgeon, lie
died in Madrid In
1010, 10 days be
fore Shukcspeare'a
Aa a youth Cer
vnntea went to
Italy, Where he
served as a pri
vate In the army.
In n navnl battle
oft Greece he ytbb
thrice vrounded,
his right hand be
ing permanently
maimed. While
returning to Spain
he vrnn captured
by pirates and
taken to Algiers,
where he vrna held aa a slave for five
Alter his ransom he wrote many
plnys. They brought him more fame
thnn fortune, nnd he added to his re
sponsibilities by wedding, at the ngc
of thirty-seven, a girl of nineteen. It
was evidently n marriage of love, ns
her dowry consisted only of "five vines,
an orchard, some household furniture,
four beehives, 45 hens and chickens,
one cock and a crucible." As he could
not live by hla pen Cervantes secured
a minor government position ( but he
was In constant dlfllcultles becnuse of
pressing debts and his unbusinesslike
habits. Ige wna thrown into prison for
debt released, he sank Into abject pov
erty. Part of "Don Quixote" was probably
written In Jnil. This novel, a mnglc
mirror that reflects nobles and kitchen
wenches, barbers and Indies of high
degree, nil the varied life of a bril
liant period, la considered by many to be
the world's greatest humorous master
piece. The wonder of It is that tt was
written by a man ncarlng his sixtieth
year, who had all his life been poor, who
had known little except misfortune.
"Children turn Its pages, young people
rend It, grown men understand It, old
folk praise It."
IX THE sixteenth century romances
of chivalry, written In absurd, ex--nggcrated
style, were extremely
popular In Spain.
A dignified gentlemnn by the name
of Qulxada, who lived between Arngon
and Cnstlle, went crnzy over these
foolish books, which he spent all his
substance In buying. His brain was
stuffed with enchantments, quarrels,
battles, challenges, wounds, mnglc
salves, complaints, amours, torments,
giants, castles, captured maidens, gal
lant rescues, nnd all sorts of impossi
ble deeds of daring, which seemed to
him as true as the most authentic his
tory. Every Inn-keeper was a mag
nate; every mule-drlvor a cavalier.
He decided that for hla own honor
and for the service of tho world, he
must turn knight-errant nnd Jaunt
through the world, redressing wrongs,
rescuing captured princesses, nnd at
last winning the Imperial sceptre of
He changed his name to Don
Quixote de la Mancha, got himself
dubbed knight by a rascally publican,
whose Inn he thought was a castle
with four turrets crowned with pin
nacles of glistening silver. In order
to carry a full purse he sold one of
his houses, mortgaged another nnd
borrowed a goodly sum from a friend.
When his practical housekeeper and
his pretty niece, together with his
neighbors, the bnrber and tho curate,
thought to cure him by burning his
books, he was persuaded that his
library had been carried away by a
necromancer, and became crazier than
ever. He scoured up a rusty suit of
mall which had belonged to one of his
ancestors, mended tho broken helmet
with n pasteboard vizor, patched wltli
thin Iron plates, and thus nccoutered
set forth on his old hnck Itoclnnnte,
whose ribs stuck out like the skeleton
of a ship, accompanied by n rustic
nnmed Sancho Panzn, persuaded Into
serving ns his squire.
Their departure was a bravo spec
taclo: the tall, cadaverous, lantern
Jawed knight, mounted on his bony
nng, wielding his long lance and car
rying his sword, his eyes gleaming
with enthusiasm and dreaming of .his
beautiful mistress, whom ho called
Dulclnca del Toboso; the short, squat,
pnunch-bcllied, long-haunehcd servant
with a canvas wallet nnd a leathern
bottle, mounted on tho diminutive ass,
On the plains of Montlel stood a
score of big wind-mills. Don Quixote
took them for outrageous giants and
prepnred to do bottle against them,
and despite Snncho's protests that
their huge arms were only vanes, he
plunged the rowels Into Itoclnante's
thin flanks and with couched lance,
dashed off to the encounter. The wind
blew violently and the knight nnd his
steed were whlrlc'd nwav Into tho field.
where they lny motionless nnd ns If
' dead ; his lance was smashed to llln
i dcrs. Sancho hastened to tho aid of
. his master and found him unable to
stir; but he was soon ready to go on
' Their next ndventuro was with two
monks, riding on mules as big as
i dromedaries, in company with a conch
I In which sat a lady escorted by men
J on horseback. Don Quixote Imagined
that adventurers hud captured a
princess nnd In the uuv-ghtlcst terms
undo them release her. Then wltliotj
further pnrlcy he tlrovo against the
monks, one of whom ran nwny while
the other fell off his mule. Sancho
nimbly slipped from his ass nnd be
gan to strip tho luckless man; while
ho was engaged In this legitimate np
proprlatlon of the spoils of the battle,
two muletecers of tho train overset
him, tore out his beard by handfuls,
mauled him nad left him senseless.
Don Quixote engaged In n terrific com
bat with one of the lady's gunrd who
sliced off half of his helmet and one
of his cars. Undaunted the knight
pressed tho combnt to victory, but
Just ns be was about to give the finish
ing stroke, tho frightened lady begged
him to desist nnd he compiled on con
dition that the defeated opponent
should go and present himself beforo
the peerless Dulclnca, who was In
reality n buxom woman known
through nil la Mancha for bcr skill In
salting pork nnd who had never deign
ed to look nt her amorous neighbor.
A few days laterr bruised nnd bat
tered In untoward adventures, they
came upon n flock of sheep which Don
Qulxoto conceived tq bo n prodigious
army composed of an Infinite number
of nntlons led by mighty kings. He
spurred like a thunderbolt from the
top of a hillock, shouting his battle
challenge, putting tho hapless sheep
to flight and trampling both the living
and the slain. Impatient to meet tho
commander of the enemy he shouted:
"Where, where art thou, haughty
At that moment tho shepherds ral
lied In defenso of their flocks and
overwhelmed the unlucky knight first
with stones and then with cudgels,
leaving him In n desperate case, with
nearly nil of his teeth knocked out
or loosened, and his ribs half broken.
Did this ndventure discourage him?
Not nt all. It was all n part of chival
ry. He and Sancho rode on In dolor
ous discourse. They were overtaken
by night and had no shelter or food.
Suddenly nppenrcd a band of about
twenty horsemen, all In white robes,
with torches In their hands and fol
lowed by a hearse draped In black.
It was the funeral of a gentleman of
Segovia; Don Qulxoto took It to bo
the train of some knight either killed
or desperately wounded, and, assured
that It was his duty to avenge the
misfortunes of a brother-ln-arms,
halted the cortege and demanded an
explanation. The replies of the clergy
men failed to satisfy him and he flow
at them In high dudgeon. Encumbered
by their robes they became easy vic
tims and all took to flight.
They possessed themselves of the
edibles deserted by the clergymen, but,
unfortunately, had nothing to drink,
nor did they dare stir from the forest
because of the awful clamoi made by
a fulling-mill which Don Quixote sup
posed to be enchnntment.
The next morning they met a bnr
ber riding on an ass and wearing his
brass basin on his head to save his
hat from the rain. Don Quixote rec
ognized this ns tho. golden helmet of
Mambrlno and flew nt the enemy as
If he would grind him to powder. The
barber fled, lenvlng his helmet which
Sancho appropriated, though it seem
ed to him merely a common dish.
They came to another inn. In tho
night Don Quixote, while sound asleep
nnd dreaming, enjoyed the most fa
mous battle of his career. Dressed
In a short shirt which exposed his
lean, long, hairy shanks, and wearing
a greasy red nightcap, with a blanket
wrapped around his left arm for a
shield, ho was repeatedly plunging his
sword Into the plump bodies of sev
eral giants. Their blood flowed across
the floor In wide, crimson streams.
Imagine tho wrath of the worthy
Inn-keeper nt discovering that his
famous guest had disemboweled all
his wlne-sncks, which were mado of
goat-skins with the heads left on.
After this Don Quixote was got
home by the curate and the barber;
but he broke loose again. First ho
visited his Dulclnca, but came away
convinced thnt through moro enchunt
ment she had 'been changed into a
blubber-cheeked, flat-nosed country
wench, tho pearls of her eyes Into gall
nuts, her long golden locks Into a
cow's tall and her palaco Into a hut.
Ho had adventures with strolling
actors and lions; ho attended the
rich Cnmncho's wedding; he explored
tho deep cave of Monteslnos; he rode
on a magic bark and visited the name
less duke and duchess, through whose
complaisance Sancho was granted his
ambition to rule over an Island and
did It with wisdom worthy of Solo
mon. Mnny more adventures follow
ed, but at last Don Qulxoto returned
to his home and recovered his senses
an his death-bed, dying as a lovable,
high-minded, noble-hearted gentleman.
Cervantes masterpiece In not nil
sntlre. Don Quixote has lucid mo
ments; Sancho's simplicity veils com
mon sense, often expressed In witty
proverbs. There Is occasional coarse
ness, but not so much as in Shake
speare. Tho chief fault Is its trontment
of insanity, in Its author's fondness
for cruel and brutal, practical Jokes,
which may perhaps explain tho main
tenance of bull-flghting as the national
amusement of Spain.
Copyrlftht, 1919, by -the Post Publishing
Co. (The Boston Post). Copyright In tin
United Kingdom, tho Dominions, Its Col
oiiIps and dependencies, under the copy
right act, by the Post Publishing Co.,
DoBton, Mass., U. B. A. All rights re
served. Ml68 Fortune) Had Been There.
Editor (to unsuccessful artist)
None of theso drawings Milt mc bu
cheer up I Dame Fortune will comi
to your door one of theso flno days.
Artist She'll Jolly well have tt
knock, then. Her daughter, MUs Fop
tunc, has wrecked tho bell 1
Coloring Must B0 Selected According
to the Material on Which It Is
to Bo Used.
Paints and painting cost less thnn
repairs necessitated by decay or dis
integration. There Is no such thing ns an all
service paint. Paint should bo se
lected according to tho material to
bo painted nnd tho conditions under
which It must give service. The wenr
on n floor Is more severe than on a
wall, hence the floor calls for a tough
er, more clastic pnlnt.
Painting should not be done when tho
temperature is lower than GO degrees
Fahrenheit, as the paint will not flow
well. It Is Impractical to paint a hot
surface. The old painting maxim is:
In spring and fall follow tho sun; In
summer, follow tho shnde.
Outside painting should bo done In
dry weather. Surfnces should not bo
painted when wet.
Surfnces to bo painted should bo
gotten ns smooth and clean ns possi
ble. They should be free from grease.
If painting new wood, knots nnd sappy
surfaces should bo shellacked first.
If painting over previously painted sur
faces, all blisters and looso or peeled
spots should bo scraped or burned
clean. A brushing with a stiff wire
brush followed by sandpaper is good
A priming coat usually pays for Its
cost. A firm bnse for the final coats
Is very essential to Insure long serv
ice. The primer should bo thin enough
to penetrate tho lumber. It should
be well brushed In.
Only pure linseed oil or pure tur
pentine should be used to thin pnlnt.
Southern Magazine Has the Right Idea
That Communities Must Stand
or Fall Together.
Tho country town Is a part of tho
country. It Is one of the encourag
ing signs of the time that country
town business men are coming to
realize this fact It has not been so
long ngo that every little town thought
that Its business was to grow Into -a
city' Just ns soon ns possible. Some
towns and many town people still
think so. Mnny small-town people,
too, still think that their chief rela
tions ond Interests uro with tho cltlca
rather than the country. Tho most
far-seeing business men have come to
know better. They are seeing more
nnd more clenrly that tho town, the
small city, Is an Integral part of the
country, that It prospers only as the
country prospers, nnd that It has Its
place in tho scheno of tilings to be
the life center of tho country about
It. The town merchant who opposes
co-operntlvo buying or selling by the
farmers of his territory, tho town
banker who would hinder tho estab
lishment of farm loan associations In
his county, the town editor who neg
lects the interests of the back-country
districts, arc becoming more und more
out of date. Not until tho country
nnd the country town learn that they
are yoke fellows and must pull to
gether can either make the progress
It should. And both are learning.
Southern Agriculturist.
Easier to Build Homes Now.
A well-known building authority
states that the averago man Is better
able to build and own a homo today
than flvo yearn njjo. "Money vnlues,"
ho suys, "have been batted about, and
the condition has been aggravated by
lll-advlsed buying by workers with sud
denly acquired wage increases. Theso
wage Increases hnve gone lnrgely Into
the purchase of luxuries, resulting In
a bhortago of necessities. The reac
tion, however, has sturtcd In. Through
all this period of cxtravngancu and
recklessness the solid, substantial ele
ment of our people hnve kept their
heads. They have saved money.
Prices nre on n downward trend nnd
will reach a normal level In three or
four years. In spite of the high cost
of Inbor und materials prices can ho
maintained at a fairly reasonable level.
Homes can bo built now and the linnks
nre willing to help." New York Sun.
Need of Home Ownership.
Robert K. Simon told tho convention
of the Ileal Estate association of
tho state of New York held at Roches
ter, that every effort should be mado
to encourage homo ownership, 'wheth
er in the single or two-fnmlly house,
or by co-operative ownership In tho
multi-family house.
"The lurgo percentage of tenantry
Is one of the dangers in our country
toduy," snld Mr. Simon. "Whllo
France has 80 per cent of home own
ers, the United, Stntes census of 1S00
allowed 48 per cent, nnd 1010 only iiS
per cent; In 1020 it probably will bo
still less. This tide must he stopped
and turned ln tho opposite direction,"
All Forms of Public Wealth.
The shade trees and ornamental
Inntlngs of parks und streets,
grounds of health and plcasuro re
sorts, public Institutions and of city,
luburhaii, country and farm homes,
i (.-present a form of wealth which (he
people realize In health, recreation,
enjoyment of tho home, and tho In
rreiiacil vuluo of properly.
Mr Contents 15PluidDraoh
'WiajiiiiLi ,.
neither Oplum,MorpMnc :nl
feeble SijnBtnteft
"":":: -ir-
mrcw TriwaJ
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
The Result.
"1 told Brown those wero doubtful
"Did he raise anything on them?"
"Oh, yes; ho raised n smile."
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
TIiobo who nro ln a "run down" condi
tion will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much moro than when thoy are in
Rood health. ThlB fact proves that while
Catarrh is a local dlseaso, tt la greatly
influonced by constitutional conditions.
Tonic and Ulood Purifier, and acts through
the blood upon the mucous nurfacea ot
the body, thus reducing the Inflammation
and restoring normal condition!.
All druggists. Circulars free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Keep It Quiet.
Little .Tacky Look, mother I that
bulldog looks Just like Aunt Emily.
Mother Hush, child I Don't sny
such things.
Little .Tacky Well, mammn, tho dog
can't henr It
Cole's Cnrbollsnlre Qnlcklr Itelleyea
and heals burning1. Itchlnir and torturing
i ekln diseases. It Instantly stops tho pain
or Durns. iicais witnout scars, soo ana wo.
Ask your druggist, or send 30c to The J.
W. Colo Co., Hockford, III., for a pkg.Adv.
Tho man of grit carries, In. his very
presence, n power which controls nnd
Hotter bo driven out from among
men thnn to bo disliked by children.
VcOHOL-O PBK UBNT- . -U,,,M,fcW.Urtti0fl6fAs-I
A Wfl.Vff
Kill. That Cold With
Coldi, Coughi TQV La Gripfa
Neglected Colds arc Dangcroun
Take no chances. Koep this standard romody handy for the first sneeze.
Breaks up a cold in 24 hours Reliovea
Grippe in 3 days Excellent for Headacho
Quinino ln this form does not effect the head Cascarn is best Tonic
Laxative No Opiate in Hill's.
Organization, Responsibility, Integrity In Other Words the Reputation of
Cattle Live Stock Commission, Sioux City Stock Yards Cattle
Sheep A Reliable Firm to Ship to Stctf
Accurate market reports cludly furnished free. Write us. Also Chicago, 111., Sioux Folia, 8. IX
sands sf Happy Housewives
V Swm aABaBaSaBMJaaS.fe,B) Aa A aaa A
'smmKjPuZ3r dk
are Tiflnlntr fTiMi- fiiielirinrla tr nmna. -- i..i
they encoursBed them to
. u . "i. "","
could reach prosperity and
- - - W m '" " WSBS IllVf
Fertile Land at $15 to $30 an Acre
land similar to that which through many years has yielded from 20
rn4nH.bh"v,!,,l,n.?,HWl.h"t 1 ,ho. 'V' ""ndredsof xarmers In wSt?m
i A ihSffifSS wilS.M.;ni.B sIn8l oeawn worth more than the whole
r,.v : i i r.r ""Mi.ii.iui'MiiioiJiusiieriiy, inaepenaence, gooa
Homes, nnd oil the comforts und conveniences which make for happy living.
Farm Gardens Poultry Dairying
Good climate, good
c suuilcbi in inrnmn
.. litT """"
www vitiiiaici uuuu
opportunities of a
Lirai if
venlencca of old nettled
aaChoOII. rural tfnriAnM
roriiimnataui ttratura, rnapi, ilncrlptlon of
firmDDportunltlM In Manltolia.Uukitchewan.
and AlbarU, rjdocid railway rt, to., wrlto
Department c,f Immigration, Ottawa, Ctn.. or
C. A. COOK, Drawer 107, Water.
town. South OaU.iR. A. GARHETT,
JI1 Jackaon Street, St. I'aul, Minn,
Canadian Government AKents.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
A. M m
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Its Clncs.
"My cake Is dough 1" cried the
ruined backer of tho show.
"That Is what uiigel enko Is sup
posed to he," explained the malinger.
Affection makes and holds morel
friends than service; but you can't nW
ways evoke It.
f Bell-ans
Hot water
Surt Relief
Girls! Girls?!
Clear Your Skin
With Cuticura
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Tlcwn25c
Si Wit '
n Use
Mr M ifiii iMDiasnjl
go where they could make a home of their
im icuuco co oi uvinK where they
IndcDendcnce bv huvlnS n ....
- --". w..w .n.-M,0.wnM,tt tuWBWlft IU13I.11T. ,
nrrnnri nniv m crrnin rrrntuinn mir n.i hi.i.
iiriuiiixiiB. :
nfuj tiMi ti
murriiM- ... . .i...am.- i
new land with the con-
raJsaBrgaffiJMjfi '
? IT. Wi M'j.i-
1 1
-..n -&'