Dakota County herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1891-1965, April 21, 1911, Image 5

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i 7
Grocery Specials
for Friday and Saturday
Lettuce, por bunoli 5fr
Ridishcs, per bunch... 5$
Celery, por liuncli, lnrgo lOr)
Bananas, pur doz '-ili
Ornngcs, por doz....20o, JlOo iind UCki
Gano Apples, por pk C5(J
Winesnp Apples, por peok 0C-
Suit Pork, beat quality, por lb. . . 1.1t$
Best Sugar cured Bacon, porlb. . . .226
Lest Lard, por lb 14J
Pressed ITrttn, por lb 14!
California Ilnuis, por lb. . , llt
Bulk Coffee, per lb 20(f ami 3C$
Grape Fruit 2 for 2D$
Our Own Plo 3 for 2r
Brick cheese, per lb 20
Cheese, mild, pur lb 2()C
Any kind of Laundry Soap, Gbars, 25i
Agents for Chuso & Sanborn's Cot-
feo 2C6, JJOr;, af-v and tOo
Wn uro still paying the highest prico
for produce
Ejiks, per doz 15(J
Butter, per lb 23(f
Garden Seeds and Onion Sets
F linen, Rubbers aud Rubber Hoots.
All liinda of Dry Goods Notions.
A Pair of Roller Skates Frefortlic
Children Ask About Them
M. E. Knepper's Grocery
'Mado o bolld New Uuilnm. A trial will1
niako vou our nermauent customer.
Prize Collection SSJiHHJlSiW:1
11 the flnent : Toratp, 7 plend.d : Union, 8 bet varie
ties; 10 Barlnifllowrrl.il liolb. cj Tarletl!8 In Ml.
uuaiiantecd to pleaje.
Write to-day; Mention this Paper.
. srrrt poiUf an1 pickln nd recti this valuable
ii.ncci oi pwji pofMntuu. lOfMiwr wan tny bi
& jtiiruriicuio, rnninui 3Ca una l'iant iioou.
r wjiiu b?u& m urn varievift 01 ;eai. runtf m..
Si I!. W. Riinthon 01 BUMBH L SnET6
Lincoln Sanitariym
Suipho-SaSine Springs
Located ou our iraa promises and tHJ
lit ths
Natural Mineral NVator
Unnurpaised in the treatment o(
Heart, Btouiaoli, Kidney and Unr
Madtrit Cfaireti. Adlrtii
Oft. 0. W. EVtttETT, Mgr.. Lincoln, Hob.
GmJ Enter l:ln-
Theso aie tho lliliu j Willi li
r ill tiiil.i n man nl luur buv.
Komi re liia lt l'Iv Inter est nnd w liolo
come de olopTiem by Bh Inc lam
nilPd ttithflnn ivi'HtiK Hcb fajcinatcs liojj.
Ci.'clliil ttorlcs of O'lvriitiire. travel, lilslory
and current evenl j. ri'Olocrapl;;, fclai.ui , t'lcc
trlc.ty, carpentrr', roor3, 'janics. TclM loy? lurt
hat to Ji nnd now in do II,, rcautirully Ulu3
truted, ard ccn lina In harmony wlt.i rpflncd
hoint! training: tpdorfed hv cio.rO'ihoynntlllii'lr
liarpr.n. bemi 11. d) for a Jull yc:r. On pn In at
ell news-stands at la cent':,
The SPMGUc PU3USHIN5 CD. V!! f.'Jlesl's gld j , Dtiro I, Mi:,.
K'V. W. H. Wnrifii, l'nstor.
Sunleos at the Mtliiut Kolsoopul
church every Sunday ns folluwa: I'ruiioli
1 us ut II n in: Kuiidiiy school lit 10 u in; class
iiiuuUiik li in: Kpwortli I.i'iikui) T i in;
Diciiclilim H v in-
Ituv.S. h. Kplltif. I'nstoi.
Siiiuluy school uvery Suiicluy at UMSh m;
Kliiihuth S. IIiihsc, NiipoilutHiulent.
iiicacliliiK at 7::m i in. cvt'i-y Sunday.
I'lcaelilnif iivury humliiy ut 11 a in: Sun
day sulionl pioniptly at in it m. K. 1'. Oul
lii'i'tson. Hiipuilntondciit.
The piiblloUconll.tllj Invited to nil these
HS js iclffi&igSftHU
isra.- KKiifffi?s
rot." i ;tr.iTy?
size will do your work most economically, both in cost of fuel
and in the expenditure of your time as an engine too small to
do the work is not true economy, it is not economy to over
load your engine nor to run it at too high a speed. Again the
right size of engine will not give proper results unless the
pulley sizes are right and the hook up is correct. This is where
I can help you before you buy as well as look after you when
you have bought.
Once more let me offer my help and show you the Stickncy
Engine its outside igniter, its perfect cooling system, its auto
matic mixer, its ball bearing governor and Us three point
Local IlAems
Friday, April 21, ign
Trudo ut homo. You will ilnd n good
nsfortraent of luirdnnro and tinwuro ut
runsonable prices ut Sohriover Bros.
HrUen's coffeo its ntill in tlio lend.
Vim do Zeddu sella it.
John W Turnbull was n piBJciigerto
Omaha Tuesday evoniug.
'Tiny ball boy&"nnd buy your bnso
bulla ut the Dakota City Phrtrmnoy.
Gnst Stebner spoilt the p.int threo
weoKB at Luwtoti, Iowa, with relatives.
P S lloltzsinger nnd M O AyrcH
drove to Pouca ilonduj in tlio form
ei'fl auto.
Wonted houso-cleaning. washing
nnd ironing to do. Enquiro ot Mrs
Lizzie Yeater,
dins Knto and wifo cumodown from
Wayne 8uudny for i. short visit ut tho
S A IicikcH homo.
UmbrellaB, Kibbous, Lnen mid Em
broideries nt half price at S A San
son's Saturday, April 22nd.
Chas Adair and family worn over
fiom Sioux City Sunday, visitors ut
tlio Mrs Win Aduir home.
If you haven't got timo to do your
own Bhopjiiug cill up No 1. and ho
will deliver the goods promptly.
Ooorgo 0 'Vullwey orders his Her
ald changed from Cliutou, Minn, to
Sfoux City, vvheie ho is now located.
IS J Thomloy of Moville, Iowa, visit
ed over Haturdiiv in this phieo ut tho
homo of his biothor-in-law, trunk II
Rt member, for tea dayo, you can
buy n 50o package of Flock's Stock
Food or Poultry Powdnr, for'ijoat tho
Dakota City Pliiirmncy.
Word has been received by relatives
of tho brido in this phtco, that Mis
Nellie M Kiultaid was married in Chi
cago, February 22, to C A Woodward.
Evnn Wuy uu.I Harnoy Boylo were
down from near Wnterbury Monday
ou businetiH. Uoth renewed for, Hio
Herald for "all tho news while it is
news ."
The dance to bo given in the Ayres
hall next Tuesday evening, the 25th,
promises to bo n swell ufftiir. Collius
Bros orchestra lias beeu engaged for
tlio occaeion.
May Cth h tho date set by the school
bi aril of thi-j district for u special
meeting of the olectots of tho district
for tho purpose of selecting n sito for u
new school building.
Ollio Fisher, who undorvvent an
operation for appendicitis a fw weeks'
ago, has been iu a precarious condi
tion for the past week, but ia slowly
iinjiroving at tins writing.
Mis lien Newtomo and Mrs Louie
Arbock, mother and sister ot Mrs Louie
Larsen, came over fiom North River
side !uf.t Thuiftday and remained un
til Monday at the Larsen homo.
Chamberlain's Stoin.ich and Liver
Tablets assist nnliini in driving till
imputities out of the system, insuring
a free and legnlar condition and re
stoiiug the organs of the body to
health and strength. Sold by all
P S Holtzsiuger drove iu Sunday
fiom Omaha by Aulo, and spout it few
days hero looking uftor automobile
business lie i.s interested -villi his
brothel iu the business at, Omuhn, am)
was out on u tour estubliBliitig uen
cies fur tho Kissel car which thoy
bundle. "Bill" Mill has his drug store
ut Pleasauton, Neb.
Mr and Mrs Leotmid Lvtle, Mr and
Mm F O Ericlison, .lime Pi ice and 3
Laura Aiideisnu, of Sioux City; Ida
lit van of Fotuhi, Iowi; Mih Hurrv El
wimls of Mitchell, S D; mid ilr Dun
Dougherty of South Sit us City, eie
guests nt the D C Stinson nomo Sun
day paying a pitting visit to Mihn
I'eile Htinson on the evo of her de
parture for Europe.
Notices have bci'ii posted by U P
Matthews livinr just south of town,
that the road leading south between
his place and the liwr will be closed
to tlio public, the tivir .laving washed
the load iu at the southeast corner of
his farm. This will be qeitti mi in
eoiivienenco to thpen living south of
tlii- place, as tlmv will hnvo to go
wtst to tho old Dibble road to get to
Fiaiin. Liinisnn of Walthill, formerly
a resident of Uoimr, was run over by
the Bii'liuutoii pasaeiiu'er train at
Uehlmg, Neh, Tut sday evening, and
hud bo tli feet so badly mangled that
iiiiipiitntion vviiK necehsury. lie at
tempted to board the tiulii after it had
stnrb'll and was tlliowu nudnr the
conch, which pushed over both feet,
tin whs taken on hoard the tmiu and
taken to 8ioux City and conveyed to
iSt .loseph'i li(isiitii where the injured
feet, wne ainiutnted. He is rhting
eusy at thi- timn and may recover.
No. 4
Can Help You
You know that you should have a
Stickncy Engine but do you know what
Renze & Green
iKXCJLUblVli AUliiN 1 aa-i .v.--,rqtfa7Jt.a.tr.m.inai
.. . - .rt.nwiwHwrwia..wi'-M'jinRrTff
- Hubbard, Neb.
Fruit of nil kinds At Van do Zeddo'e.
W B Evans was down from Emoraon
Tuesday ou business,
Seth Wai'eman of Sioux Oity visited
frionda he.ru Friday ovening,
E H Cornell ami wife were Ponca
visitors several days last week.
Frank F Hanse of Emerson, visited
nt tho parental homo hero Sunday,
Chas Swunson shipped thrco cars' of
cattlo from here Wednesday morning.
II Zentmiro returned Inst Friday
from n couple of dnys visit nt Ounvva,
Frank Bioyhill was out to August
Wilkins' Monday installing a gasoline
Yon v ill ilnd n full assortment of
Enster post curds ut tho Dukotu City
Georgo Kirshbaum, of Sionx City,
is circulating a potition for a saloon in
this place.
Rev Luther Kiihns, of Omnlin, wne
11 guest at tho A T Ilanso homo Wed
nesday night.
Richard Twnmley, of Allen, Neb,
wns tnkon to 11 Sioux City hospital
Monday for nn operation.
Miss Ireno Hutzol and Clarence V1
sou of Sioux City, wore visitors ut tho
Ed EnBton homo Inst Sunduy.
Edith Tholo and Mnry Mathoiiy of
Sioux City, were Monday oveuing
guests at tho D O Stiusou homo.
D n't forget you can buy the finest
porfunies and toilet necessaries of all
kinds at tho Dakota Oity Pharmacy.
Scott Dnncan returned Saturday
from a months visit with his daughter,
Mrs Ernest Triggs, at Ft Dodge, la,
Mrs May Spurting and baby visited
the past week nt Wynot, Nob, nt tho
homo of Mrs Spnrling'a sister, Mrs E
Don't forgot tho coffee with tho dish
es nt Van do Zedde's he hits a nico
assortment. A nico (uuli with ench
Ulysis G Uiloman, of Clara City,
Minn, was a visitor at tho home of his
inoiher hero Wednesday. Lis i.s now
on the load soiling cigars.
Miss Mildred Burkott wout to Una
wa, Iowa, last Friday nnd visited over
Sunday with Miss MoCaskey, n touch
er ia tho Sioux Oity schools.
Van has somo of those fine Vonitiun
mirrors which ho is giving away with
coupon trade tickets. Call aud sec
thorn, it won't cost you anything.
Prompt relief iu nil cases of throat
ond lung trouble if you use Ohombor-
lain'fl Cough Remedy. Pleasant to
take, soothing aud healiug 111 offect.
Sold by till druggists,
All those indebted to mo pleaso
carno nnd pay part of what you owe
in", if you cannot pay it nil. Kindly
obligo mo for I need the money in my
business. VandeZedde. your grocer.
Every family mid especially thoso
who reside iu the country should be
provided nt all times with 11 bottlo of
Chnmberlaiu's Liniment. Thero is
no telling when it muy bo wanted in
case of nn accident or omorgoucy. It
is most oxcollent in all cases of rheu
matism, sprains nnd bruises. Sold by
all druggists.
Frod Culbertson of this precinct and
W K Breslinof St. John's precinct were
in last weok and ouch ordered a sup
ply of envelopes and letter heads bear
ing the nomo of their farm and post
olliee ttddress. Mr Oulbertson bus
adopted tho nuiiin of "Tho Duttou
Furm" for his stationery and Mr Bres
iiu's homo address is known us "Fitir
viow Farm." Both thoso fanners nro
up to date in business matters and
show their euterpiise by tho ctntitmery
they nso.
Your tongue is coated.
Your breath is foul.
Headaches come mid go.
These symptoms show that vonr
stomach is the trouble. To remove the
cnuse is tho lirst thing, and Chamber
laij'ri Stomach nnd Liver Tnblets will
to tlntt. Eusy to take m.d most of
ftctive. Sold by all diuggists.
Win W Armour cime over from
Sioux City Monday and will uiiiko his
home with his children iu this locality
fur the piet-ent,. His daughter, Mis
Sclby. with whom he hud been stuyiug,
moved to Dakotah, Iowa, the past
Diiirrhoea should be cured withont
Ions of time mid by a medicine which
like Chamberluiu'.s Colic, Chnleru aud
Diarrhoea Remedy rot only cures
promptly but pioduces no uupleasaut
alter eitects. it never fails mid is
pleasant and safo to take. Sold by all
If it is A 1 groceries you want, just
eliince over Vun de Zedde's stock. Uo
will sell just us clump as poHsible, mid
he handles nothing but lirst class
All kiudb of coal, feed and liny for
sulo at reasoiiuble prices.
i'lFLUK it Sl.AUOllTKU Co.
ThjkoE Blivkn, Munnger,
Dakota City, Nob.
Apptopriuto Easter seiviees weio
held ut the M E chinch Sunday even
ing. S P Birnes was up from Homer Sat
ttriMiy looking after insurance busi
ness. Fred Culbertson wim on tho Sioux
Oity market Monday with n cur of
Buy a good farm on tho Dukotu
county bottom. I hnvo it. Eimers.
S A Heikcs shipped u cur of fut cat
tle to nioux Oity Tuesday morning.
Sunday School Convention,
An interesting program is to bo ren
dered nt the County Suudny School
Convention ut Bouls M E church,
South Sioux Oity, April 20 und 27,
Tho county oilioors nro iinxious to
hnvo overy Sunduy school represented
ut overy session of the convention,
All schools thut have not attended to
the mutter of electing delcgutes should
do it this week,
II every Sunday school would bo
represented, und tho new methods rec
ommended would be introduced into
these schools, it would ceitiinly result
in lmger suiK ols, latter woiic, und
inor-t 11.JI n.nce of the school in the
local community,
Oatlo and horses to usture.
,' 1 J n- 1 J." , H' uicr, Nil .
Miss Porlo Stiusou departed Tues
day for Kansas City, Kns, whero she
joined MUs Ticra Furrow, n formor
schoolmnto at Gnrnott, Knns, and from
thero thoy start on a snmmor's tour of
Europe. Their itonernry t.ikes them
first to Washington, D C, nnd from
there to Now York, whon they sail tho
20th iust on tho stenmor Koonig Albort,
of tho North German Lloyd Hue.
Their trip will take them liiioiigh tho
Medileinncnn to Ituly, whoro they will
visit nil the places of interort in near
ly evor; country on tho oantorn hoinis
phiire. Thoy will bo in London for the cor
onation of King Georgo V, which im
portant event takes pluco Juno 22,
Germany, Franco. Irolund, Sootlntid,
Norvvny, Sweden mid Denmark nro on
their list. Their Inst stopping plnoo
abroad w'll bo Munich, whore Miss
Farrow expects to lemnin a year or
moro for the study of language. Miss
Furrow spent seveinl months abroad
last year and is well versed iu tho
wnys of foreign poople, which will bo
of value to them on this trip. Miss
Stiusou had partially decided to spend
somo tini'i in the study of leusio while
abroad, bjt will not delormiu upon
that until Inter. Their sight seeing
tiip will ei.d at Beilin, August 1st.
Thursdny und Fiiduy of this weok
tho second oighth grade exuiuinntion
will lin lii'lil
Tho Botany class has been supplied'
with hei bariums und ench member is
required to nnulyzo twenty-live speci
mens. This will nid materially iu
mnking plant study interesting aud
Tho sooner the grado pupils learn
that thoy must measuro up to the
htunduril the Minuer wo will have good
high school btudents. Over 7r)'u of
the frtilurea in high school are directly
duo to having been "slid tluough" tho
The two new 12 inch suspension
globes wore received this week und
placed in the inteimediute nnd second
primary departments. Thes- globes
will be a great help us most of the Ge
ography work for the remainder of the
year iu the -ltd, 5th mid Ctli grudts
will be map stuily.
Tho returns of the March eihlh
guide examination have been received
and while the adverse o'inditioiis un
der which tho vork has been preient
tul may excuse some of our pupils to 11
CHitmu exteut Ptill it is very apparent
that not nil of them have put foith an
honest effoit. Although vve would
liku to have a lcrgo ninth grade next
year under uo circumstances will any
one bo admitted who cannot puss the
required examination satisfactorily.
Many people make tlio fatal mistuko
of wauling their children to bo promot
ed whether thoy have met the require
ments or not. Right thero is wheie
the tionble begins. After a pupil bus
once "did through" he depends on that
process, llowmanyofns who have
never studied Greek even though we
have seen many Oicok books can lead
Xeiiophou Analnisis? So it is with the
student who lucks foundation, he ouli
uot grasp the subject though he put
foitii all honest etloit.
Curious Foods.
Man is tho only animal that laughs,
so the naturalists decline. To which
muy Do lidded, tuui no is annul mo
only animal Hint is an omuivoious feed
er; all-dovoniiug; swullowing tho ani
mul, vegetable and mineral kingdoms
iudisuiiinliiiitidy. Tliut ho puy h the
prico of his catholic appetite, the fuel
that eighty-live percout of I he diseases
that arise lo unlet him arise fiom the
digHslivo nrguns, go to prove.
There nro edibles whoso uso proba
bly beg ah with necessity, mid the tasto
for them so ncquiied, continued when
tho necessity for them disappeared.
Or, to put it in nnother wuy, hiingor
set the fashion mid the vogue survived
the buuger. Riw oysters, insects and
sea weeds are representatives of this
The use of other foods mny be traced
to palates thut have been vitiated by .
indulgence in epicurean pleasures,
mid whoso sense of tusto in couso
qiienoe only respond to food of u
strong, unusual or even abhorrent Hn
vo r. that is, ubhorieut to the normal
mouth. Some Russiun dishes und cer
tain cheeses are examples of this typo
of tumbles From Piijsieul Culture
for liny.
Haster Services.
Eustor services in both Sulom and
Emunuel Luthuiuu uhurohes wero en
joyable nnd inspiring. Muny express
ed themselves us being glad in the pri
vilege of celebrating Christ's undying
love for them.
Eleven young men und women mado
a public profession of their faith iu tho
risen Christ, mid were admitted to
fnll membership in the church.
The iiiusio of the trained choirs was
Noul-inspiring. Tho offerings to bo
duvotod to Synod m.uV Ohurcli Exten
sion amounted to li) 58.
o j K llir, Pastor.
.t., .V'.Vl ijrr - J M e JH
From the lleoord
John I. Hnxlcgrove entertained
v-NDunge Uub Snturdny evening.
WJ Manning nnd liunlly moved into
the lllivcn house ou Lincoln street M011
day nnd will occupy it until their own
home is vncntcd.
IJnrl Meeker returned this week Iroin
Tcxns. While gone Mr Meeker visited
the states of the southwest nnd saw
ninny new nnd interesting things.
Kcv li A Sclmllcr und fnmilv, 11 wife
nnd three boys, arrived from Primrose
Frldnv nnd will inula- this their home.
He will tnkc lipids wot kns pastor
ot the Preshytcrinu church at once
Flunk Hognu lies been couliiied to
his home this week with Uphold feve
He is recovering nt this writing, Mr
llognn hud been sick lor several dnvs
hut did not cull in the doctor. When la
took to ins brd it developed that he hud
been suffering from Walking Tvphoid.
The barn on the Poyclnrinon Wulkcrs
Island occupied by A W Hndlr wns
blown down during the storm of Wcdncs
day Tie- bain was n lnrgc one al
though (piitc old. While not u total
wicck, it parted iu the middle and broke
oil where tlio liny mow commenced.
ClerkjNMulliusofthc WO W lodge
here received wotd this week of the
denth ol Rudolph FinuctJc, a former
citizen here nnd a member of the locnl
ordtr. Dcnth took place at Onrncr,
Iovvn, Anril 3rd nt the age of fit) yeArs.
Death was due to nuoplcxy- He leaves a
wife and tlucc children. It has been
about 10 years since Mr I-inncttc nnd
family have lived here.
Budoro Lolgc No. I S3, A. 0. U W.
has tiiinnimuusly tclcctcd I, iKrvgcr ol
this city, as their choice lor the position
us member ol the Finance Committee, a
state office in that order. The South
hioux City lodge feels that iu Mr ICryger
thc.v have a good candidate. He has
been a member nl the order lor 1?7 yeais
wns n delegate to the organization of
N'cbtuRkii Jurisdiction from Missouri
During the heavy rain and thunder
storm Wednesday altcruoou the icehouse
nt D I. Fnirbnuk's residence wns struck
by lightning and a fit c resulted. The
heavy ruin prevented its getting n big
headway nnd the other huildidgs on the
pi nee from being iu any great danger.
The ice was not 11 total loss but sulfcrcd
considerable dmnnge. The loss is esti
mated nt 5100.
At their home iu Scurgcnt Hluffs on
Motidnv Mr and Mrs Hcurv Oehlerkintr
celebrated their golden weddinvr nuuivcr
snry. Those iioin here attending were
their sou Will Oehlerkiiiu and tuiuilv
and the following friends md relative;
Henry Hicrmnu and wile, John holm aud
wile of Brushy Hend; Ficd Iviuiuweidc,
Fted Heeriunn, Geo Hates and wife ol
Dakota; Win Ilccimnn of Buttle Creek
and Louis Dicrking nnd fnmily of South
Sioux City. They pri-MMiUd Mr and
Mrs Oehlerking with 2 rocking chairs
nnd a hitciictt cabinet. A plensnut tlav
wasenioved and they wished the old
rouplc main hnppv tctiirns id' she day.
0 Ii.Toy, iininariled, to U I) smiley,
lots s, li. hlk I. lots 11), 12. hlkS. lots II,
l'J, 111. ill, hlk I, lots in, lit, hlk A, lot il,
hlk II, lots 1. S.il. I.n.rt, 7, S, 11. 12, lit.
14, hlk l.-,ull In'.'ml mid to S S S
Killth K Wlnehrennor and Molvln N
Wlnulironnri- to T H Ulnrk, und '4
lot In mi 10 rods i.w'jmi'j nnd 11 In
mdR HWll SL'l4 SS-su-l)
luuiesM W'oodi-ock mid Della.M Wood
cock to II M Tolllinier. lot 1, hlk IT,
Second Hallway add SSO
(1 A Yoiinit and Mayiiia Youim to
David Wlcjit, k's swU :il-W-fl
Peter Johnson and I .aura Johnson to
Juns Voter Jensen, w'i nwLi l--s.
Martha Hlmne. widow, to W V Kurt,
tindlv 'J-il hvv ! rcS ss-'jy-u
Henry W Wtiod and Surah ,1 Wood,
to N K.lolinsoii and M U Johnson.
nfclot7, hlk 2, (IryHtnl heuuh
Henry W Wood and Siirnh J Wood to
W H lluiiKliiiiini, w lot 7 mill lilt of
lots, hlk 2, Crystal beach
M S linker and Albert I. HaltOftodliiiK
llSuVldlJe, lot II, hlk lil,(;eilt SSC.
Ivor Volson, widower, to llcrtliu I ver
son, und 'i lilt In pt hvv
se ; 2S-2U-II
Janu'H Heeney and Mar
Ileuuey to
swU HWl4
.Iniiies W Heeney,
Juiues Heeney mid Mary
Joseph 1' Heeney, nw
i uvvh.
iiwMiii-ise-iii-m-i ,..
WlllhiinUoidon, iitistna, ctal, toO V
Ciase.lntxlSmid IP, hlk IU, Joy Place.
ndd.H Sll
Deliuou lloydaud T.I..lu M lloyd to
llessln l'rlestly, n'a lots, hlk III, Clov-
luxtou iimie to.S SO,
ou reftits'
Tradi: Mahk?
opvrichtb &c.
..nmif 11 ekelili iiml dmciljitlun "in
mini our iinliiliia frue vfhellier nn
TUlekly 1191 v
,iuu.,ti.,n 14 Tir11l.nl, If ti'ilplitnble. (Nmiltailllcn
liiiis-trlctlrr'iiilliloiillal. HAN0B03K oiil'itonti
Hint tree V'I'le t iiiimicr lor bis urliix lmlonu.
I'lili'iila 111 nun tlirnueh .Mima li Cu. locelrl
tvrelttt iwllci-, vrllliout clinruo, 111 tlio
Scientific American,
A lmiiil-.iinclr Illii-lrnlPil vn-eklr. I.nreoit rlr.
riiliiilmi nf iinjr Kolciilllti) louriuil. 'I'orim, 13 a
-onri inurtimiilli. l. HolU Ujrull no"mlelera.
1V1UNN S Co.3C,D'6-a-Nevv York
u.- ii.- i' w pu Washlnmon, 1.U
"Ghe Hcr&ld Emnd
Now Idea Magazine $1
Sionx City Duily and Sunduy
Journal 5
without Sunduy
to rural mute patrons, 3
j Iowa Homestead 1
Poultry Gazotto (Liucoln) .... 1
Wnuinn's World 1
Hampton's " 1
Lippiucott's " 2
R R Time Table
C, St. P., M.A O.
Trains leave Dakota City at tho fol
lowing tiuio:
a:2&pm Omahu 7:58 am
10:0U nm Omahn t.53pm
li ;S8 pm Norfolk 8 rill am
i) :28 am Norfolk 4 :5 pm
7 :,'!8 am Newcastle 10 ;18 nm
1:15pm "' .......5:50 pm
l'J :1.1pm Omnbii 2:f)0nm
!l :!18 pm ...... Norfolk 8 :2!1 nm
1 0:28 am Norfolk 1 :5!l pm
c n& q
N'o. 1)1 Local Freight 7 :15 urn
17 " PiiBsongnr'.. 12 :57 pm
Sfo !)2 Local Ereight 2 :25 pm
HI Local Pusrtonger,..0: 0 pm
' daily. duily ox pt Sir '.n
wr -s. 'f VIvr -.-.-.vti-u
'W .
The Herald, $1 per
Copy of one of the many letters received on the 2f)lh
birthday of
"The Bank that ALWAYS treats you RIGHT"
Eftarvk. of Da.lc.ota. County & wuSr!10"
Mil Ed, T. Kkakney .
Diiah Sit:
Aa I understand it, todny is your Quarter Centonninl in tho
Bunking business, nnd I nm sure that you can look back upon thoso
twonty-flvo years (behind tlio Bnuking Guns) with plenBiiro find sat
isfaction. 1 honestly thiuk thut you, during thoso twonty-flvc years,
hnvo done much good to your followrnen, nnd this community gen
orally mid siucorcly hopes that Kind Providenco will givo you fifty
yenrs moro, happy, prosperous, successful business. I likoyour wny
ot doing business, your kind monthly ndvices to your patrons is ox
collonl and bound to do much good. Unfortunately very many just
need such ndvico, nnd coming from n man in jour position, it is sure
to bit the inugglnli spot in tho yellow fellow.
Yes, Mr. Kearney, I liko your wny of doing business. I wisli I
had moro money bo I could do moro bttsinoss with you, I thank you
for tho kindness you hnvo shown mo during thoso twonty-flvo yoius
1 have known you.
Sinooroly yours,
ifc jry -iiS r"
s Is the best insurance you
can put on your barn.
It is composed of Mineral Colors of the highest grade
obtainable, ground in pure Minnesota Linseed Oil, as
are all Minnesota Paints and is WARRANTED to be
as durable a paint as it is possible to manufacture.
Try it this season.
For S&Je by
Prize Offers from Leading Manufacturers
Book on patents. "Hints tourwentors." "Inventions needed;"
'Whv some inventors fail." Send rough sketch or model for
I search of Patent Office records.
I Acting Commissioner of Patents,
B the U. S. Patent Office.
tVT-JS tayaaa a. w
itttna wn.t u
Abstracts of Title
A $10,00(1 Surety Bond
IOnuriintcos tho acourooy of every
Abstruot I make
Spring and Summer Rettes
Special Excursion Rates to California; general basis SGO on cer
tain dates in April and May and daily from June to September;
still lower general basis of $50 on certain dates in June and
July. General excursion basis to Portland, Seattle, 860 on cer
tain dates in May and daily from June to September; still
lower general basis of S50 on certain dates in June and July;
S15 higher to include Shasta Route. Usual diverse routes and
stopover privileges. The tour of the Coast is the world's
greatest railroad journey.
Yellowstone Park: Plan now a summer tour of this wonderland.
All kinds of excursion rates through Gardiner and Yellowstone
gateways; also personally conducted camp tours through Cody.
Big Horn Mortmains: The resorts of this delightful region near
Sheridan and Thcrmopolis are attracting a large volume of
tourist patronge. Send for special publication.
Colorado and Rocky Mountains: Usual popular summer rates
to Colorado and Utah cities aud resorts.
Send for Kstes Park booklet.
mmmm ummm m mimm mmmm mmmmm m mmmm
Everything in the line of
Harness and Horse Goods
tflaukcts, Ely Nets and all seasonable Horse Goods.
KopiuT Work flivon Prompt Attention
Sole Agent for Baum's Hog Tonic, Best on the Market.
Millet Seed guaranteed to Grow, S1.00 per bushel.
F'reclrlck.sen fiSi Sosv
O C3S3BZ O &ZZZ& n
City, Neb.
OurJVtr., Greeley was formerly.
and as such had full charge.of
. - w - - m aaaaar tv
Lumber Co,
Successor to
! hi kola County Abstract Co;
Bonded Abstracter
if yoiiiiioiixiioctliiK to make any kind or n summer tour I shall
li Kind lo have you Ket In touch with me early,
VV. 13. Snethen, Agent, Dakota City, Nebr.
L. V. Wakklby, G P A, Onmhu, Nob
1004 Farnam street.
GZ'SZ - -55