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M0TT0A11 The News When It Is News.
AMI-JAP LAW, 48 TO 28.
Debaters Its Pnssnge All Day Discus
sion Is Opened by llie Father of the
Mrnmiro, Who Made a Vigorous Ef
fort In Its Behalf.
After a debate extending from 11
nVlnrk W.ilnftRrluv mornlnff until 6 T.
m. the California assembly by a vote
of 48 to 28 rejected the bill drawn by
A. M. Drew, barring aliens from own
ership of land In California. The bill
had been amended at the request of
President Roosevelt and Secretary
Root, so that the clause applying to
Japanese only was eliminated, making
the bill apply to all aliens, but the
measure aroused such a storm of oppo
sition that long before the debate was
closed by Mr. Drew it was apparent
the measure would be defeated.
In substance the objection to It was
that it would drive at least $1,000,
000,000 of foreign capital out of the
state and might Jeopardize the present
friendly commercial relations with Ja
pan, i .,;....
The supporters of the bill contended
that the state was being overrun with
thrifty Japanese who were gradually
gaining an impregnable position as
land owners, and whose government
was trying to dictate to California re
garding legislation.
Assemblyman Grove L. Johnson, of
Sacramento, ex-congressman and au
thor of four bills sesregatlng Japanese
in schools and residential districts, and
preventing aliens being members of
corporations, made an impassioned ap
peal for the enactment of the Drew
bill. At the climax of his sp'eech he
walked backward from his seat to the
lobby rail-and seizing In his arms a
golden haired girl of 3 years held her
aloft and said that he was "in favor
of this as opposed to the Japanese
menace to our Institutions."
Fred Walton Shot Twice nnd Killed by
John II. Cradlebaugh.
Fred Walton, former grand master
fthe Odd Fellows for the state of
Idaho, was shot twice by John H. Cra
dlebaugh at Denver, Colo., Wednesday
and died shortly after being removed
to the hospital. Both men are from
Wallace, Idaho, and Cradlebaugh also
Is a prominent Odd Fellow.
Walton was dying when the hospital
was reached, but gasped out: "That
man thought I stole his wife."
The shooting occurred on Sixteenth
street, the principal thoroughfare of
Denver, and was witnessed by hun
dreds of shoppers. A wild rush for
safety took place when the shots were
being fired. v-
Cradlebaugh, according to Chief of
Police Armstrong, called on the latter
at police headquarters and told him
that Walton had run away from Wal
lace with his wife.
He did not cause a disturbance, but
wished to recover his children, whom
their mother had taken with her. Cra
dlebaugh, who was arrested imme
diately after the shooting, refused tj
make any statement.
Los Angeles to Acquire and Operate
All Public Utilities. '
The reform element of Los Angeles
won a substantial victory in Tuesday's
election. Amendments to the city char
ter were adopted enabling the city to
acquire and operate all public utilities,
providing for consolidation of Los An
geles and adjoining cities, and enabling
the city to take important steps with
reference to a harbor.
All propositions for Increasing the
salaries of city officers were over
whelmingly voted down, as were also
a proposed amendment to extend the
life of franchises from twenty-one to
thirty-five years.
Women to Race in Autos.
Two entries have been received for
i woman's track automobile race,
scheduled for the Mardl Gras speed
carnival to be held in New Orleans
February 20, 21 and 22. They are Mrs.
Joann Newton Cunco, Richmond Hill,
N. Y.. and Mlaa Alice Porter, Elgin, 111.
Harvester TriiRt to Pay.
The International Harvester com
pany Is going to pay the fine of $12,
800 assessed against it by the district
court of Shawnee county and ap
proved by the Kansas supreme court
for violating the Kansas anti-trust
Sioux City live Stock Market.
Wednesday's quotations on the Sloux
City live stock market follow; Top
.beeves, $4.60. Top hogs, $.1.
"Dry" Bill Vetoed.
Gov. Patterson at Nashville, Tenn.,
Wednesday vetoed the bill prohibiting
the manufacture of Intoxicating liquors
after January 1, llo. It undoubtedly
will be passed over his veto.
"Lincoln Couch" Hums.
The historic "Lincoln coach." In
Which President Lincoln Is said to
,have ridden to Washington for hU In
auguration, was destroyed In a fire at
fShaxpsvilU, Pa.
Largo Crowd Attracted, to tlic PubllO
The public galleries in the duma
were crowded Tuesday, but the gov
ernment benches were empty when the
house resumed Its sessions after the
holidays, the attraction of the house
being the Interpellations on the sub
ject of government spies in connec
tion with the cases of Azef, the head
of the fighting Russian socialists, who
was recently declared to be In reality
a government spy, and Lopuklne, for
mer director of police In the depart
ment of the ministry of the Interior,
charged with higlt. treason.
M. Pergament, a noted lawyer, pre
sented the Interpellation of the con
stitutional democrats. He declared
that the "agents provocateurs" are
now the greatest power In Russia, and
Jecrled the system of sending out men
to Instigate crime as destructive to all
confidence and security. He accused
the government of being in the same
category as the revolutionary organ
izations and equally responsible for
the murders of Grand Dukes Sergius
and Von Plehve.
Other members made similar accu
sations, the laborlte bulat declaring
that high Russian personages were
plundered out of the state funds and
that It was the ancestors of the octo
berlsts who killed Paul I. and Peter
III. It was a curious fn.;t that Jn
spite of the tremendous Interest In the
affair these fiery denunciations caused
no scenes In the duma. The Interpel
lations were adopted, after which they
were referred to a committtee.
Captain of American Battleship Is Ac
cused. Capt. Edward F. Qualtrough, of the
Georgia, one of the ships composing
the fleet under Rear Admiral Sperry,
Is under arrest on board his own ves
sel and will be tried by courtmartlal
cm a charge, preferred by one of the
officers of the rear admiral's fleet, that j
he was under the influence of Intoxi-
cunts at the reception given on shore
a few days ago. The captain was re
lieved from duty by the rear admiral
Immediately after the reception and
and executive officer placed In com
mand, who brought the ship Into Gib
raltar. The captain's defense will be that
fatigue was responsible for his appear
ance; that he was under a heavy strain
during the last run of his vessel on ac
count of ruogh weather; that on the
day of the reception he had been on
the bridge since 4o'clock in the morn
ing; did not not drink anything dur
ing the day, partook sparingly of wine
at the dinner which preeeeded the re
Crooks Secure $1,000 .in .Randolph
Street Restaurant.
A daring daylight robbery was per
petrated in the downtown district of
Chicago, when a satchel containing
nearly $1,000 was stolen from behind
the cashier's desk in a restaurant at
77 Randolph street. R. S. Swain, au
ditor and collector of the restaurant,
which is one of the several conducted
under the same management had
made the rounds of the other places
and had stopped to eat luncheon be
fore depositing the money In the bank.
While he was eating a man diverted
his attention for a moment, and a sec
ond man, seizing the satchel, fled.
200 Negroes I'lidcr Arrest.
More than 200 negroes were arrest
ed Tuesday night in on effort by the
police to render the Herron hill resi
dence section of the city of Pittsburg.
Pa., Bafe. In the past few weeks ne
groes have made numerous attacks up
on young women. The police force was
Increased, but the attacks continued,
and a raid was made on the negro
quarter and every negro man who
could not show that he was employed
was arrested as a vagrant.
For Killing a Child.
James Watson, chauffeur for If.
Clay Pierce, of St. Louis, mUst serve
his sentence of twelve months' impris
onment and pay a fine of $1,000 for
the death of Christian Muslck, 12
years old, the sentence having been
approved by the Missouri supreme
court Tuesday according to speclul dis
patches from Jefferson City.
Sanitarium For Red Men.
The Hot Springs, Ark., lodge of Im
proved Order of Rod Men has pur
chased the Burlington hotel, which is
to be rebuilt and made n national san
itarium for the members of the order
In America. The national organization
has levied an assesssment aiding the
Texas Banker End Life.
F. M. Ecklcnberg. assistant cashier
of the Sealey National bank, at Seaiey,
Tex., Tuesday committed suicide by
shooting. No reason is shown for the
Malunout The Winner.
Yustiff llabmuut won from Raoul
de Rouen, the Frenchman, In a wrest
ling match Monday at Chicago in two
straight falls.
Given Death Penalty.
Ben and Wallace Jones, charged
with the murder of Conductor C. B.
Hall, of the Texas and Pacific railroud
on the night of January 2S, were found
guilty Tuesday at Port Allen, La., and
sentenced to death.
Fun-ht lire in Tffxas.
Forest fires are raging in southwest
Texas, near Houston. Heavy losses
are being Inflicted on lumber companies.
Turko-Uuluai'lun Question It Now
Settled Issue.
A dispatch to the London Times of
February 1 from Kt. Petersburg fays
that the powers have approved Bus
sla's plan ft r the payment of the Turk.
Ish claim against Bulgaria, which is to
cancel sufficient Installments of the
Turkish war Indemnity to enable Tur
key to borrow 12 5,000,000 francs
($26,000,000) demanded from Bulga
ria, Bulgaria undertaking to reim
burse Russia to the extent of $SI,000,
000 francs (($16,000,000) by the an
nual payment of G, 000, 000 francs for
interest and sinking fund. Thus In
stead of receiving 8.00'J,000 francs
yearly from Turkey, Russia will draw
6,000,000 francs from- Bulgaria.
The settlement of the Turko-Bul-garlan
dlficultles, it H stated In woll
Informed circles In St. Petersburg, in
volves recognition of Bulgaria, whose
proclamation of Independence precipi
tated the crisis. As soon as the details
of the airaugcment have been worked
out the protocols will bo signed. It Is
understood Turkey will lead In recog
nizing Emperor Ferdinand, not wait
ing for a conference of the powers. The
other powers like:y will follow this example.
Court Orders Receivers of Cleveland
Lines to Mukc tnerensc.
In accordance with Instructions re
cently Issued by Judge Taylor, of the
federal court, to the receivers of the
entire street railway system of Cleve
land the rate of fare was Increased
beginning Monday morning, on all
lines except upon those where the
franchise specifically provides a rate
of not more than 3 cents. Approxi
mately two-thirds of the street car pa
trons are now paying n straight 5-cent
fare or eleven tickets for T0 cents. Pu
trons of the 3-cent fare lines are com
pelled to pay 2 cents for a transfer.
, Judge Taylor ordered the rate of
fare increased because of the inability
of the company to pay running ex
penses and to liquidate accumulated
debts under the 3-cent fare, which
rate has been effective on all lines in
the city since April 29.
Slayer of New York Blucvonts Pays
Calvatore Oovernale was put to
death In the electric chair at Sing Sing
prison. New York, Monday for the
murder of two New York City police
men, George M. Sechier and Albert A.
Silleck, on Sunday afternoon, April
14, 1908; The double murder follow
ed a fight in Washington Square park,
during which Oovernale fired a re
volver at a fellow countryman. The
policemen interfered and chased Gov.
ernale Into a hallway, from which he
fired on the officers, shooting both fa.
Steamer Ten Bays Overdue at Phila
delphia. There is considerable anxiety over
the German steamship Maria Rlck
mers, now 31 duys out from Grenock,
Scotland, and more than ten days over
due. The anxiety is made all the
greater by the fact that terrific storms
have swept the Atlantic lately. The
ship Is under command of Capt. """A.
Rupp and carried a crew of thirty,
two men when she left Grenock.
Still Seeking a Jury.
With deputies summoning a new vt
nire of 600 to complete the Jury that
will try Col. Duncan Cooper, Robin
Cooper and John D. Sharpe for the
murder of former Senator Carmack,
Judge Hare Monday at Nashville,
Tenn., considered the request that
Juror J. M. Whiteworth be discharged
because of ill health.
Fire Destroys Fort Dodge Pluj house.
Fire at Fort Dodge, la., Monday
night destroyed the Midland theater
and contents valued at about $80,000.
The amount of the insurance has not
been announced. The cause of the
blaze Is unknown, although a boy who
sleeps in the basement of the building
has declared an explosion occurred
after which flumes spread rapidly.
Duel in the Street.
As a result of a street duel at Chick
asaw, Okla., Monday night, Emmett
Goodwin, chief of police, is dead, Joe
Earl Is seriously wounded and Will
iam Thomas, night chief of police, Is
in Jail charged with the double shoot
ing. The trouble occurred over a dis
pute regarding the crusade against
Two Hundred Cremated.
At least 200 lives were lost In a fire
which occurred Monday In a fleet of
flower boats at Canton, China. The
charred bodies o! 170 victims hr.ve
already been recovered, but many per.
sons are still missing.
For Law Eiiforcxvneiit Icaguc.
At a mass meeting held at Jackson,
Miss., Monday night plans were per
fected for the formation of a state law
enforcement league. Former Gov.
Longlns acted as chairman and among
thos who attended were Gov. NoeJ
and former Gov. Vardaman.
To Ieniand the Wireless.
The French government, as a result
of the use made of wireless telegraphy
following the sinking of the steamer
Republic off Nuntucket January 23,
Is studying the entire question of wire
less communication with the Idea of
Introducing a bill to compel French
navigation companies to Install wire
less telegraph apparatus on all their
ships above a certain tonnage.
a a
CAIRO i:ukis::ss m:i sr:s burn.
Early Mornlnsr BIa.:e Does Pimingc
Anu uv.tlst.r to "1'.0C(.
A. fire, (lii1"1; damnee to the extent
of about $3ii,000, visited Cairo early
Sunday m, ruing, completely destp y
Ing the hardware stcre i.f McAllister
Bros., the general merchandise store
of K. V.'. Goiu'ilch. Jr V.' C.-.r'nniVs
confectione: y and rodde'icv' i.iui. oc
cupied by J. S. Pickett, Charle? Omer
and Mrs. v'. Miller.
The Ore was discovered at about 3 a.
m. alio, upon Investigation it was found
that the entire sLTtk of F. W. Good
rich was .rblaso.' An alarm war Imme
diately sent in and evety nvarabie per
son lolned In the effort to extinguish
the fire.
bucket brigades prevented ths
spread of the flames to adjacent
buildings, though several of the larg
est business houi'cs suflYte.l some loss
from the effects of the lire.
The loss is estla.ated lit about $30,
000. being only partially covered by
insurance. J. F. Carland was serious
ly Injured while attempting to remove
same property frsm the burning bulld
IrVcguhirlty In Obtaining Money
Cutiwcs lhm Trouble.
The preliminary heating of Audrey
J. Heather on a charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses, was held
a. Oxford. Heather. Iast March, In
duced A. W. Vetter to sign a sight
draft with him on a Colorado tTwnslte
company, and drew $73 expense
money from the bank on the btrciigth
of the endorsement. The draft wu
protested nnd Mr. Vetter was held foi
the amount. Thj latter averred thai
he had not been repaid by Heathel,
who represented himself us being Ir.
the employ of the tovinsite company
when he obtained the money. After
hearing the arguments put up by thr
prosecution and rtTlsriEo, Justice
Briethaupt bound Heather over to dls
trlct' court, which convenas In Febru
ary at Beaver City. The defendanl
rr-as brought to Beaver ClLy from Pue
blo, Colo., a few weeks ago, siner
which time he has been an inmate ol
the county Jal!.
Explanation Offered by One CaiiKbt
StcnlbiK Metnl.
An unsuccessful effort to steal j
large dlf-k of bullion, mostly eoppc
with probably a little, gold in It, t .
suited In the capture of -one of th
tbieves, John Peto, and his being sent
to Jail in Omaha for fifteen days ot
the charge of petit larceny. The othe
man made his escape and it Is m '
known whether or not he took any o'
the metal. Neither of the men kna.
Just what he was stealing, and Pet
told the Judge In police court Salurda
morning that he stole because he wir
That the bullion was of great vahn
Is discounted by the fact" that in th
larceny complaint filed against Peto I7
the smelter officials, gave the valu
of the metal as $14.50, although no on
knows Its exact value, and It Is sali"
there was a percentage of gold In th
Colored .Mint at Holilrcjje Dixenvem'
Gery Gates, a colored porter In th
Palace barber shop In Holdrege, wa.
found at the foot of the stairs leadlr.f
to the room occupied by him over tin
shop at 3 o'clock Monday mornlnfr
,y the night watchman, dead. Phy
slcians were at once summoned am
eached him before his body was coir
and gave It as their opinion that tin
:ause of his death whs concussion ;'
:he brain, resulting from falling dowi
the stairs. He was found lying tla'
on his face, with bolh urins extendi
and there were bruises over both eye;
Indicating that he had struck his hear
on the way down. No inquest l deem
;d necessary and none will be held.
Farmer Scalded.
Henry Stull, a well known farmer
vtslding a few miles northwest of
riattsmouth, while attempting to scald
hog in a large vat of boiling water,
accidentally slipped nnd went Into
the steaming fluid himself.) His hired
man fished him out. The flesh on hh
left arm to the elbow was badly cooked
and his feet and lower limbs were
scalded. Fortunately Stull's head was
kept above the boiling water or he
would certainly have hist the sight of
both eyes.
Furin Hand Insane.
W. Rhodes, a farm hand, formerly
'Tom Wall Lake, la., who has been
"vorklng near Trumbull, returned from
Hastings and going to the farm of
James Campbell, tried to get a gun
with the avowed Intent of killing him
self. He finally wandered Into a draw
In a cornfield and went to Bleep, wher
was found. He will be taken before
the Insanity board, w he has pro
nounced symptoms of Insanity.
Students Threaten to Strlkft.
The board of trustees of the Grand
t'sland college held a long session ovti
.he threatened departure of some of
:he students, variously estimated from
ten upward. The students In question
have been making much complaint
gainst the management of President
Sutherland. It was the unanlmoui
feeling that President Sutherland war
entitled to the continued confidence of
the board.
Hot Brick Starts Fire.
' In trying to warm their bed Mr. and
klrs. Kovarlk. an aged couple living In
Schuyler, put a heated brick in their
bed. The brick was very hot and soon
nod the bed afire. The fire wus put
out by neighbor.
Deaf Mute Killed.
Word comes to Tocumseh that Jud
on Brown, the deaf mute who was
run down and knocked off the track
by a Burlington pabuenger train a mile
west of Tecumseh on January 20, died
at St. Elisabeth's hospital, Lincoln.
N"wly PurcliMKcd Flee ApMiratus Oniy
Fire broke out In ,T. Jennings' store
at Axtell, the store being located In the
extreme northwest corner of tho bus!-'
ness section of the village. Fof a while
It looked as If the business section of
the town would again be wiped out by
fire, ns the wind blew a gale from the
northwest, sending the flames over the
town. Tiie new gasoline engine and
thi newly organized fire department
were Initiated Into actual work. The
water is pumped from cisterns, as the
town has no regularly Installed water
mains. The fire was tinder great head
way before it was discovered and it
took hard work to get It under control
ronsldeiliijt the jjale which was blow
'.):,. However, in thirty minutes the
'Ire was aVoiute'y limited to the store
In which It was commenced. The stock
was worth about $;.ooo. with about
$4,000 Insurance. $:'.(i(ii) of which was
in the Aetna Insurance company and
$2, OilO In the Insurance Company of
N'oith Ann flea. The loss on building
will Ik- leva than $500. Sixteen months
ago the buslncH rectlon of that town
was wiped out by three flre and every
building has been replaced by fine new
brick blocks.
Close n Cum- Which lias Bern In
Courts for Yearn.
An agreement has been filed In the
register of deeds office at Beatrice to
which Kate S. Kelley and Thomas
r.yiuh of Kaclne, Wis., and the Right
Rev. Bishop Ponacum. of Lincoln,
Neb., are prutl:, whereby botJl par
ties are to collect, sell, convey and con
vert Into money nil of the real and per
sonal estate of Michael Lynch, de
ceased, at the earliest possible date.
As soon as the p.tnte has been con
verted Into money and after the costs
of the admlflltrnt!on have been paid,
the balance Is to be divided among the
parties to the agreement, as follows:
To Kate H. Kelley three-eighths of
the balance; to Thomas Lynch three
Ights, and to Bonncum tho remaining
ne-fourth. Each of the three partlei'
ir to pay out of their respective shares
ill- llt'.itiitlon connected with the suit:
This closes a case which hos been In
the courts for the lust few years. '.
Jink Well Tupping Vein Leading fron
Wyoiiiir;; to Kansas.
A move Is on foot at Callaway tt
make a test for oil In this locality. An
eastern firm has volunteered to sink
the test wells without expenses to the
Itlzenn, providing they can secure r.
ave-year. lease upon at least 4,000
acres of land. It Is said by expert
'hnt the oil vein, which Is found !
Colorado and Wyoming, and which ex
'ends to Kansas, passes under Calln
vay' territory, and the only thing nec
sBty In or?er to get oil there Is t'
Ink the well deep enough. Parties arc
mow trying to .lease the required
amount of land and many of th
'armers are willing to make the least
'n order to have the test made.
roinliicnl Llnc.'ii Business Man Wnn
1 tiers Away nnd SuicldfM.
Walter U. Rowan, 60 years eld,
imminent as a Lincoln business mar
ror twenty-eight years, killed himself
y shooting some time Saturday. He
cft his home nnd wandered four mile-
n the country, to the Lincoln brick
ards. There, In a clay pit, his denil
ody was found, with a revolver In hi;
hand. Ill health nnd fear of coming mental
inbalance la supposed to have prompt
ed the act. A widow and two children
urvive. Ills business affairs are do.
lared In good c ndltion.
liVHiiiilleld Land S;x eiilntor Expiree n.
Hallway Station In Ireland.
Hugh Murphy, of Blontnfleld, dleii
uiddenly Kuturdny at Glecgary rail
way station, in Ireland, w hile he wa i
nutting his bicycle on board a train.
Mr. Murphy was on a vitilt to Ireland.
Hugh Murphy is a retired farmer
tnO land speculator of Bloomfleld. He
vent for u tour of Ireland last April
md was probably on his way home
Mr. Murphy leaves n wife and tv
ons, James and Michael" A marrle "
daughter lives In Butte, Mont. 11
leaves an estate valued nt $60,000.
Damage at Ti U.inmn.
At Tekamah wind linoed the C
roof off the Wlxer furniture store,
brick structure, tore nway awnlnr
unroofed barns and blew down mn-y
chimneys, and the Elliott & Gill fee
store front was demolished and snrc
blown on the grain. Fisher's hsrne :
shop had the front doors blown In en-l
about a foot of snow sifted over tin
new harness and many trees wen
blown down and billboards sent flylnr
Into glass fronts of stores.
Lolonn Men In Trouble.
A revenue officer came to Nebr!--City
a few days since and caught f
number of the saloon men napplrr
They had been guilty of violating thr
revenue law by having bottled fond
which were not up to the requirement?
They were permitted to pay a fine er.c!;
and thus escape.
Job for a Doctor.
Governor hallenberger has ofare--o
Dr. H. F. llrende'l of Plattstnouth,
Hie position of head physician In th
Soldiers' home In Grand Island, or the
eeond place In the hospital for thf
'r.sane In Norfolk, each position pay
'n,T the same salary.
Receiver Asked for Hotel.
The ense of Mrs. Marie Colby, owr
if t"..e Pad nek block, at Beatrice
U.nliift the Kettner Hotel company
asking that a receiver be appointed for
the block was heard before Judgs
'taier at Pawnee City. The ease wa
rden under advisement.
Steum Plow I11 Dodge.
One of the largest steam plows nml
s In Hon. It. B. Schneider's farm iiva
rllugton. This plow Is used on ') i
i.rgo Schneider farm. So heavy '
'.he plows that steam Is used to iowe
ml lulse the gang upon which ore te
arge plows.
New Bunk ut Arlington.
The Western Banker, a publlcatioi.
levoted to banking and banker, has
announced thaUa new bank will be
rganlzeU in Arlington in the near fu
The tlnnnce committee of the senate
took up the proposition to appropri
ate $75,000 for nn agricultural school
at Cambridge, which is being urged
by Kelley, of Fnrras. I y a vote of
five to six It was decided to In definitely
postpone the bill. Mr. Kelley then
mi.de a counter pi e; tuition to amend
the 1)111 and have Its location to the
board of regents, provided It Is placed
In the western part ot the state, and
the committee wii withhold its report
for further consideration.
Tlbbets, of Adnms, offered a reso
lution for the holding of Lincoln day
services In the senate chamber at 2
p. m., February 12. under the aus.
pices of tho legislature and for a Joint
committee on program. The resolution
contained a lengthy eulogy of the life
of Lincoln.
Majlrs, of Nemnhn. said while he
was In sympathy with the resolution
to honor the greatest man the world
ever saw, a meeting had been ar
ranged by the Grand Army of the Re
public for the same hour In St. Paul's
church and nn invitation had been ex-
tpnripfl In fVlA MnatA rl.. 1 1
- - - - v. " . . oiiuuen-
berger was to preside. The senator '
rrora isemaha said a meeting should
be held and there should be no con
flict between the senate and the citi
zens of the state.
Nepotism will be n thing of the pant
in Nebraska officialdom, nhoud the bill
Introduced In the renate Wednesday
afternoon by Fuller become a law. This
bill makes It an offense for nny official
of the state, county, district, city or
other sua a, county, dltrlet, city of oth- J
r munclpai division to appoint or vote
for tho appointment of any person re
lated to him by affinity or consnnguln
fy with the third degree to any clerk
Hhlp, office or position In any depart
ment of the government of which such
executive, legislative, ministerial or
Judicial -officer may be a member.
Such officer Is also forbidden to em
ploy any such relrttlve or any other
officer In consideration of the second
officer giving employment to a rela
tive of tho first. Violation of the law
is to bo punished by a fine of from $100
to $1,000 and removal from office.
The following bills were read tho
third time and passed in the house
By Young of Madison Providing
that in cities and towns vlolttions of
the truancy law may be taken Into
J'tstlee and police courts instead of
n county courts as now'1 provided.
Vote: Yes, 89; no, 4.
By Humphrey of Lancaster Provid
ing the Oregan plan of popular elec
tion of United States senator iy pledg
ing, legislative candidates to vote for
the man having the highest popular
vote for senator. Vote: Yes, 68; no.
The following bills were introduced
In the house Wednesday:
By Rnper Authorizing cJttmty su
pervisors and commissioners to pro
cure metal markers for soldiers'
By Humphrey To prevent the
manufacture or sale of Improperly la
beled or mlsbranded pnlnt, white lead,
turpentine nnd linseed oil.
By Lawrence (by request) Provid
ing for vesting the title to a home
stead in minor children during their
Notice was Bent up to the house and
senate Wednesday of the signing of
appropriation bills Nos. 41 and 42
which allow the wages of members and
employes of the session. The an
nouncement of this fact brought forth
a short burst of applause from those
who have been waiting all this time
for some return on their labor.
Scheele withdrew his bill that pro
vided for the repeal of the direct pri
mary law. He made little explanation
of this action other than that he did
not want to repeal the law without
placing something In Its place. This
is the only house bill that has sought
to repeal the direct primary bodily al
though there Is considerable sentiment
in that direction manifest among the
Bygland's bill to change the election
of county commissioners from the
whole county to the districts from
which they are nominated was con
sidered and recommended by a heavy
The benate made no objection to the
report of a committee on a bill to re
peal the, Saekett law. The bill was
placed on tho general file. The Saek
ett law subjects the county, city and
other officers to removal from office
for wilful neglect to enforce laws
which It is their duty to enforce.
In the house Holmes, of Douglas, in
troduced a bill making It a felony for
telephone or telegraph companies to
furnish reports to bucket shops.
Representative Armstrong Is the au
thor of a bill declaring the South Oma
ha stock yards a public feeding static'
and giving the railway commission au
thority to fix rates.
The daylight closing bill champion,
ed by Senator King was slaughteied
by the senate committee.' The Meas
ure provided for the closing of sulo'.ns
except between the hours of 3 a. in.
and 7 p. m. '
A bill by Senator Ransom to estab
lish a state college of onteopathy wa
favorably reported.
Klein, of Gn Be. offered n ic-11. ''(!
fixing the pay of the po-t matter ' f the
senate at $5. Ollls. of Valley, objected
to giving the postmaster more than
any other employe, and us much us
members of the legislature and mov ed
to amend by making the pay $4 a 1.1 y
As amended the motion wus adupted.
Friends of other employe" tnr.ytnVe
similar steps to get yularies uiljuilcil
before the committee on emoloyc ot
itis committee 011 a-.coi.i:l. an. I ;:.
pendltures get bu y.
Wednesday afternoon --- v
the senate In committee f the vc'io'e
wrestling with King's game law. Whe-
it emerged from tho strMcsr'c the
was shorn of some of Iib prev'alopv
That portion preventing the shoctln? 1
of ducks from artificial blinds built In
the bed of streums by hunters or by
wading In the bed :I ititat;-; mo.- 10
Jecttfd by th eommlttee on fl.-h an
game and by tho committee of the
whole. The hme committee' repoH
was accepted with little chant;". Ran"
som, of Douglas, led the a -.nek on that
part of the bill to prevent t'io tine e(
blinds built In river beds wh.-i Klny
tried to get It restored In the Mil. The
committee of the whole n?rr il that It
should not go In the bill. Mye :i mady
an effort to kill the entire bill on the
ground that there Is no demand for
change In the game laws. Tlv bill aa
amended won ordered engrossed for
third reading. It closes the season o
chickens and quail for three years,
makes the open season for riucki ami
geese from i-'eptember .15 to April tfj
closes the snipe season May 1 ; takes
wild pigeons out of the protect ?d list,
nnd protects doves the entlr" year;
make an open season for snulrrols
from October 1 to November SC; blaol
bass, from June 1 to November 15:
prohibits the taking or pur ulng of
gome later than half an hour afteil
sunset and before daylight; permits thq
taking of lifii in any manner except
by seine from the Platte river or anj)
stream where tho water recedes of
stands in pools, The latter provision
will permit the lire of pitchforks of
scoop shovels, but not seines.
Swan and white crane are protected
the year round tinder the bill.
In the houe Mondny afternoon an
attempt to repeal the Saekett law
failed. This measure was passed two
years ago and 'permits the governef
to remove nil officers who fall to do
their duty. The bill to repeal this law;
was Indefinitely postponed.
Fer-taor Mil er Monday introduced
tho county option bill In the senate
which will be ohnpiploned by the tem
pernnoe. forces. 1
In the house Stoecker introduced aj
bill to make tho state railway com
mission mere'y a bureau of corpora
tions. Suit w stnrted Mondny In the su
preme court to settle tho judgeship
muddle. The iictlon, a quo warranto
..... r
case. Is to decide the eligibility
Judges OUIhsrr. and Sullivan, who
tho appointees of (fov. Khallenbergcr,
over it )Mc and Dean, selections madf
by Sheldon. The suit It brought la
the name of W. D. Oldham.
House turned down committee re
port and decided to Investigate prop-,
ositlon for binding twice factory a
penitentiary. 1
Banking committee of hou;e hai
waded through the Wilson bill and haj
begun to consider amendment.
A bill is Introduced to divide
patronage of the railway commissi!
In employes nnd to give the democratic
members some actual power on ruled
and plums. . ,
After an exciting session the house
of representatives Wednesday passed,
Sink's bill compelling hotel managers,
to furnish nine-foot sheets. The Ne
braska traveling men urged the pass
age of the measure, while the hofel
men fought It. A bitter contest Is ex-i
pectetf .t2,(tiift inate' .... . , '
The house saved a day's payby"ad
Jourr.lng -Wednesday morning after the
passage of the Sink bill and then imi
mediately reconvened.
Senator Miller's bill abolishing fra
ternitles In high schools was favora
bly reported, and It is expected that
the bill will pass both house.
The senate recommended that the
bill allowing Curnegle pensions for the
state university be passed.
Senator Runsom believes that the
husband who does not support nil
family should strike many an obstacle
here below. Accordingly he Introduce
a bill making it a felony for any mln
to be discharged, refuse employment
or quit working without the consent
of his wife.
In the house Humphrey. Introduced a
bill making Saturday afternoon a half,
Guy Green has prepared a monstel
petition and will seek to convince the
legislature that Sunday ball Is de
manded In Nebraska. He has had
thousands of signers.
The temperance enthusiasts Tuesday
hauled their petition to the state house.
In a dray wagon. It consists of lii
books and Includes 60,000 names. I
Senator King's bill to prohibit
sportsmen from shooting game from
uenmu uunus was Kiuea in me senate,
Barrett introduced a bill to classify -
all patent medicines containing .1 pel
cent of alcohol as Intoxicating liquors.
The senate passed the Tanner bll)
allowing the governor to designate
the paper In each county In which con
stitutional amendments are printed,
At present the secretary of state doeq
1111H. 1 oe inner oinciai is a repuut
llcan. The effect of the bill Is to give
the democratic editors all the political
patronage for tho next two years. Th
bill will pass the house by a strict par
ty vote.
T'ao IIosU-i-i ot Itojallr
It inut ut times, il: spite the lioee
lie a soniowlut tedla-.m function for
British Kiii.Ji'it to entertain the king,
for the house urd all tlu-n ln Is for the
time of the k:::':! vis-It royal property,
At lui'c'.noii tln ilhincr, t!u hosts aad,
tlu-ir (.'lo'st rc:i:it:i ;.ti:d:ug until roy.
Hlty uiivitr: then the host, If the
'.'l eu or 11 ! I:'yh be present, escorts
V -.' to t': t :'i!e. t.e hostess! following
v:.!i tiie kli.;: If the kl:ig Is alone, be
liuils v. !;') tiie u sr'i'HH. Neither liosl
t.or' cot-iiss c.-i it give tin si,;i!itl for
Ciiviiij; tin tr.ie. hut must nvvilt the
o.vul pl.-i-iire. if tiie queen or a prln-t:-ts
! e hroill, vv!h'!-. m'.ip rises she Is
Vlov. rd b .- C:i' Ivst. c: w'a for the
'I'net.r. Is l'.:: l,id -:u-vvi!ltl:ii-. As It
- ot jr-ia.- thing I;--,- n --.vatit
(ti '1 t-yt:ili! to a savereUn. v. ueu
.1 : 1 .'i j t -j n-jed,
. f,. 1. . .(,., , r?..--s ; to
Mr- or re cv Gil!,- eni!lll. fin--r
r'.i'"' ' i !;: h-v. vv'.ieu 4yjlty
,.,,, ,1 ... i -. r o;,;y. vhe:i the
. :' tin- ; wr.i-i tii svrVillit Is
1 v:ni"ii,t m 't'-i, t ;1 -uy ,,r to itlr-
!! t.- 11 ' - n.;.. ., jut
T then ! '! .v':i-; ? 1- in).y- coin
.1 fr-ri (' ! iinv t I on u unl
' ' t I-, (I,
.,;' ' - - . V I 'l the
"ill ( " ' ' 1 ' ' ' s u::d soaie
'no: t' : -. imI 11:1 Invl-
Voi ! t'l '- - iv ;i yal "tr.uui t nd.
:,-..(. ii--.. ;j,;iir. are nl'A'Tiv'K very
;:ii.:11 ur.d tt s t s v '" at s-.yi-.if. of
!io vorv suiart sit. IK-.n .-.diipUia Put
"3 Ledciv.